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by: Aurora Watson

 “Exclusivity” has gotten such a bad rap over the years, and we totally get it. We’re feeling woozy just thinking about it. But being exclusive with Pornhub isn’t what you think — it’s about protecting your content from being used by other tubes sites without your permission.

Pornhub-exclusive models benefit from fully-automated copyright protection, meaning we scan free tube sites to see if they’re using any of your free and for-sale content without your consent. If so, we’ll remove them with a DCMA takedown notice. It’s automatic, so you wouldn’t have to worry about a thing! This only applies to free tubes sites, so feel free to sell your videos on other non-free sites or post them on your own website. 

In 2019 alone, we took down almost 250,000 infringing Model videos from free tube sites. And while this is a protective service we're offering for free to Models who opt-in for exclusivity, other similar protection plans could cost individuals roughly $200 a month.   

As an added bonus, we also offer a 5% payout increase for your free videos on Pornhub and all your content will be included in the Exclusive category.


Still debating? Let’s break it down.

- Pornhub-exclusive models can upload content on Pornhub, their own website, and other non-free sites.

- Free and for-sale videos will have copyright protection and will be removed from free tube sites with a takedown notice.

- Pornhub-exclusive models will receive an extra 5% payout on all free videos.

- Pornhub-exclusive models will have their content appear in the Exclusive category on Pornhub

- You keep ownership rights of all the content you upload to Pornhub. 

- If you change your mind, you can opt out. 

- Other similar protections plans cost about $200 a month.

If you want to give it a go and become exclusive, it’s as easy as checking off a box. The next time you’re on Pornhub, simply click on your profile photo and select “Model.” This is your profile page with all your details.

Scroll all the way down to where it says “Opt-In To Automatically Protect Your Copyrighted Videos On Other Websites.” Read through the paragraph about being exclusive and if you agree to the terms, simply check off the box, add your initials, and save. 


If you have any questions, send us a DM on Twitter @PornhubHelp , comment below, or click on the “Help” button at the bottom of your profile page.


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SecretCrush 2 weeks ago

We have always been exclusive but still find heaps of our content uploaded on here for free and other tube sites... would be good if they had a web crawler that automatically removed and sent out DMCA. It’s become a full time job sending threatening DMCA emails to websites, especially off shore hosted servers.

Lucio marave 2 weeks ago

they do, but it sucks, because i find MANY videos straight lifted from pornhub and on other sites (i know because they got the pornhub intro.. of course my verified profiles on other sites, that i load my own videos on, get take down notices, all the time from pornhubits a shame, because it they actually did what it was suppose to i wouldn't receive these dumb notices unless i (for some reason used the same video i put on porn hub, and it would then have the intro from pornhub).

SecretCrush 2 weeks ago

Great to know there is a crawler Brett, I’ll open a ticket when I get some time and link you some of our leaked content. Perhaps you can add those websites to your crawler. Cheers

brett 2 weeks ago

That's exactly what we do, we autoamtically crawl about 100 sites and issue DMCA's on your behalf. If there are new sites please open a support ticket so we can manually remove the content and see if we should add the website to be scanned.

Noelpornsex 2 weeks ago

New jerk my video https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5e737aad9f864

Bonnie Clyde 2 weeks ago

The same !! Only exclusive content for Pornhub ❤🔥😍

emmanuelmichael 2 weeks ago

all the best..DON'T CLICK on my profile

Succubus Sin 2 weeks ago

A web crawler would be amazing

SecretCrush 2 weeks ago

Thanks @illBeYourDaddy99 , we need to get on Netflix Protected level x

illBeYourDaddy99 2 weeks ago

Send me some sites and i'll report your vids for u

Anika Spring 2 weeks ago

Just slightly increase the chances of exclusive videos to get featured. That would dramatically increase the amount of models using this option.

Scandal Machine Official 1 week ago


Copuletto 2 weeks ago

That would be great!

Lor_ena 2 weeks ago

Featured video ara a good thing 😆

Mary Margarita 2 weeks ago

That would be nice

MarValStudio 2 weeks ago

This crap doesn't work (I meant be exclusive), our videos are available everywhere in over site, but pornhub doesn't do anything even when you send them direct links.. this is a sad experience for us..

Meghan Wood 2 weeks ago


MarValStudio 2 weeks ago

@brett Today I received this letter and it’s just an opportunity, since I already gave all the necessary links. Why else sarter? Where are these your transfer technologies?quote: "Hello,In order to send out a takedown request, we need the direct link to the stolen content, along with the corresponding link to your original video on Pornhub.Please reformat this list into the follow formatriginal video:Stolen video:--Aubrey"

brett 2 weeks ago

We use advanced technology to scan and issue takedowns on your behalf, we also have a team manually sending takedowns. Unfortunately not all websites follow the law, so we do our best to make them take action.

Bigtallman 2 weeks ago

i'm exclusive to pornhub. but pornhub only provides protection for some of your content! this is y i have a independent DMCA copyright agent protecting all of my content. the agent uses custom built servers and built in coding in my watermark to find my videos anywhere, including the dark web. the same company that took done the leaked onlyfans files containing thousands of paid videos!

Mars_X 2 weeks ago

I had the same problem with a previous channel. The content was all over the internet and Pornhub didn't do much to help.

Freya Stein 2 weeks ago

unfortunately this does not work

Freya Stein 2 weeks ago


brett 2 weeks ago

What doesn't work?

Ian Sanders 2 weeks ago

Anyways I clicked on yes, I'm an exclusive fag. 😜

Chokobanana 2 weeks ago

Sorry but i don't think 5% is enough.A good incentive to become exclusive would be 20-30% atleast, with some other features like more probability to be featured.

Succubus Sin 2 weeks ago

Thank you PornHub! I have been recommending this to many of my peers!

Succubus Sin 2 weeks ago

Anninha Souza 2 weeks ago

Thanks to protect us! =D Our contents are amazing to be copied!

Mimi Boom 2 weeks ago

Good move PH!! ❤

Vinnie ONeill 2 weeks ago

5% doesn't cover not being able to sell my content on other platforms. Not even close.

Lucio marave 2 weeks ago

They supposedly allow you to sale... But having a monetized page for the "free" videos ( like the YouTube model of sites) they don't want, and will give you takedown notices.. it's happened to me so much I lost my other pages.. pages that had tens of millions of views.. whilst here in 3 years I have accumulated a total of 150 thousand views... This is a huge problem to me.. cause in 3 years I have yet to be featured once.. but always see cell phone videos and ppl they like get featured repetedly

Lor_ena 2 weeks ago

I am not sure if it works. And if 5% is enought. I am using only pornhub to post my videos, and the profits ar not enought to compensate this exclusivity

Lucio marave 2 weeks ago

It's dumb as shit isn't it . How can I be on here for three years and poast over 20 videos and not even have 100k views together... @lor_ena

Stella Von Savage 2 weeks ago

Any time I've found a vid uploaded without permission, PHModels has been quick to take it down or transfer to my account if on PH, They are super nice and I've Never had any issues with the Exclusive program. Thank you PornHub!!

Meghan Wood 2 weeks ago

Pornhub is also racist af so of course you won’t have a problem. So many ebony models get scammed a

Cakes and Foxy 2 weeks ago

It is worth it you guys, no other site will give you as much, we tried other but pornhub is the best for amateur :3

Lucio marave 2 weeks ago


Ian Sanders 2 weeks ago

What about onlyfans? To be honest, I prefer to stay on pornhub. I just want to make my own videos and not to please fans all the time.

ChantyChrys 2 weeks ago

I chose from the beginning to be an exclusive PH model! great service ... thanks PH

horse2387 2 weeks ago

I would have done this if it wasn't so freaking hard to make money on PH. It literally takes about 2 or 3 months to make enough to be paid out. Now if Xtube had this option, I'd do it in a heartbeat. Oh well.

horse2387 2 weeks ago

As a model, my video views have gotten less. Use to get 1000s of views in vids within a week or two and now I can barely get a couple hundred, if that.

horse2387 2 weeks ago

I joined PH thinking since I had tons of views in my free videos and so many subscribers that I would be able to make easy money but I've literally been paid out only once. I'm about to get paid out again but it's taken around 3 months for this second payout. Not worth it. I make Bank on Xtube. Get paidout every 2 weeks and only have to make $50 to get paid out, even tho I make more than that. It's too hard here but I keep it open because, why not right. If ironic because ever since I joined...

Krystal Kummings 2 weeks ago

RIGHT , makes me want to start over and just do it myself lol big ass watermark across the screen😂

Succubus Sin 2 weeks ago

I hope everyone is staying safe in quarantine~ Don’t get carpal tunnel like me from watching so much porn.

King Cure 2 weeks ago

being that i make more from my content with other free sites, not much of an incentive to be exclusive

xlkyng 2 weeks ago

You have people coming to pornhub from other sites and reposting the same videos. Why would pornhub even allow this? Especially if its a competitor site. And then they got this ranking system which is soly based on subscribers not views. Which sucks because a model can have 100k subscribers but 50k of those are blank profiles with no avatar and no content themselves. Then you click the profile and they haven't logged in in 10months or 2yrs. A stagnated profile should automatically be deleted.

Lucio marave 2 weeks ago

Cause they still allow anyone to post any video without being verified.. it really is only a platform.. they are not a studio, or a producer , and should not get that type of power.. as they claim they are not claiming ownership.. but you can certainly fool the hell out of me @xlkyng

Meghan Wood 2 weeks ago

Whew Chile, lets talk about their Instagram and how that’s set up and only promotes a particular demographic 👀👀

MassageDoctor 2 weeks ago

I totally agree... inactive for more than 3 months should an automatic deletion...

SexwithMilfStella 2 weeks ago

For me this is worth it and we've be streaming exclusive on Pornhub since a year ago when we started and I've been very happy with this program. They don't catch every case of your stolen videos but they have issues DMCA takedowns on my behalf so it does work.

PrecumX 2 weeks ago

Can we opt-in and still upload videos on both PH and Manyvids?

Jess Ryan 2 weeks ago

yes, says so in the above article. You just can't post videos to any other FREE site. Like xvi***s or xhamster

Lucy 2 weeks ago

I appreciate it and I'm exclusive from the very beginning!😋🍬❤

thehouseofsteele 2 weeks ago

Thank You Very Much! This is the best Value add to say the least to content providers all over this world!

huhuezo90 2 weeks ago

Amazing Pornhub.

Sasha Grein 2 weeks ago

Hello, I have been sent DCMA report about my videos from fan club, but it still online and no deleting on that site who stolen my videos

Pornhub Nat 2 weeks ago

Please reach out to dmca@pornhub.com with the DMCA report.

Alex CUM 2 weeks ago

the party is over for all those who steal content from others

Mars_X 2 weeks ago

Nope. If you find your video online, there's little you can do to delete it. Pornhub won't help you.

CheynneLaPute 5 days ago

https://fr.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5dde8a9e4d204 Je me fais démonter par mon mec

kyoboku 1 week ago

already PAT PEND. so suck it!!

xfocus 2 weeks ago

How weird to hear talk about copyright protection! This site is subject to a high level of copyright infringement. I personally have reported a lot of such violations. The PornHub administration responds very sluggishly or is completely ignored.

Misiak67 2 weeks ago


littlemuscles 2 weeks ago

We got it!

Meghan Wood 2 weeks ago

I’ve lost out on more than 5% of money made off of MY content that i uploaded HERE thinking it was safe under your “optional service” that I’ve signed and signed and signed again before you all posted this and was still stolen and posted on other websites like tastyblacks and X**x and even Xvi***s. I’ve been a member since 2017 and I’ve had copyright infringement happen on so many levels. This isn’t enough. 1M video views and less than $1000 made the whole time I’ve even worked

horse2387 1 week ago

Or a bit more, but, I'd rather take the 5k and they stay with their cut. Especially if you've only made less than 1k in a few number of years. Definitely try it of you haven't yet. I'm a top model there but I've noticed that newer members tend to get paid easier as well as get views easier. Good luck 😆

horse2387 1 week ago

Damn that's insane Meghan. I agree tho with the amount take we get. It's definitely ridiculous. You should try Xtube Let me tell you, I've been a model here for about 3 or 4 months and have only made one payout of $137 and I'm now going for a 2nd PO of probably $100. I've had pretty ok views but I had better views when my vids where free before I became a model. Which is weird. Anyway, in less than a year on Xtube I've made about 5k. Of course they stay with their cut which had been around 6k

Booty_Hole_lover 2 weeks ago

Sorry for your lost...

Ebony swingers stories 2 weeks ago

Raise the percentage

Meghan Wood 2 weeks ago

TO 30%

EvaLola 2 weeks ago

Oh yes I'm protected by pornhub 😎😎😎

Cateyes0812 2 weeks ago

Im so agree with that !!! Kisses @pornhub

ALEXANDRA C 2 weeks ago

❤Excellent option .... when will you give us the opportunity to create the preview clips of our videos ....? ❤

Pornstarr vonni 2 weeks ago

If u have ever been Catfished like me then you will love wat pornhub exculsive offers they helped me get several fake Twitters deleted as well as a fake onlyfans who was selling my content yes it works ive had over 13 fake pages deleted all over the web

CrazyMilfa 2 weeks ago


DaddyUseMe69 2 weeks ago

or maybe just increase pay for models. you guys pay pennies.

horse2387 1 week ago


DuoLeos 2 weeks ago

Exclusive since we joined, would rather focus on creating quality content than posting to a ton of different free sites🙃!

Chessie Rae 2 weeks ago

My loyalty to Pornhub will remain forever. I'm all for that exclusively and the 5% bonus tops it off. Dont get greedy guys and have respect for yourself but making your videos only available to watch on here. Its sexier and people will find your videos more special

MassageDoctor 2 weeks ago

After reaching almost 100 million in jus a year with the same or less amount of content as most of us, why wouldn’t u be loyal to them forever... they play a huge advantage in ur favor and it’s not because ur exclusive...

Drilliroxxxxx 2 weeks ago

Cool Bean$ - @DRILLIROXXXXX is def a part of that Exclusive club

emmanuelmichael 2 weeks ago

free protection from video thiefs thanks Pornhub

vortexonline 2 weeks ago

good news

BambiJean 2 weeks ago

I dig it! Happy with the program

Britney Mistress 2 weeks ago

Thank you for your protection! This is very important for us !!! And from the beginning, we only upload exclusive videos!!! 🤗🤩🙏🏼❤️❤️❤️

Sins_of_Xavier 2 weeks ago

I’ve opted I. To be Pornhub exclusive since day one and I will always continue to do so! Thanks again for being the best pornsite out there!!

Dirty Dasha 2 weeks ago

Kerching! 🤑

huhuezo90 2 weeks ago

Thank you PornHub!

BeautifulSexyGirl 2 weeks ago

Thanks PornHub!!!!

Lukowitzz Yesterday

Good move PH!

dasichanu 3 days ago

https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5e8575f74feba# Lankawe wala balanna enna

Cutecamila 4 days ago

Sigan mi perfil 🌹

Mr hill 5 days ago

Yes, I agree

jmanrealvids 1 week ago

Question for the group should I keep my exclusive status or should I post my vids all over the other sites so far I've only used pornhub but the profit share is a joke

FabulousCouple7 1 week ago

Check our page or check the girl out here https://onlyfans.com/animesendpics

Gayagadir 1 week ago

Hello friends You and my family have been quarantined because of the Corona virus. That has caused a severe financial crisis. I haven't received any money from Pornhub even though I did everything I could and now I ask for help even a little bit. Your friend from Morocco Lovelygay708@gmail.com

XCadency 1 week ago


Melanin Godesss 1 week ago


Melanin Godesss 1 week ago


Hot Pasik 1 week ago


Sireah 1 week ago

The worst thing about it, is that even when you opt out of it, they dont remove your videos from the backlog of their DMCA. So you can't upload your stuff to new platforms. I had to go through a vigorous process of sending emails back and forth and threatening Pornhub with legal action to get the DMCA removed on my prior videos. It's just rediculous. I waited a few weeks thinking it might take them a few days to remove it, but they never did automatically. Pornhub doesn't own my content. Rude.

Callmivanity 1 week ago

I dont get it

kenyanlicker 1 week ago

Never got any pay someone show me around

mrbone25 1 week ago

Watch my vids plz! 3 https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5e7a62641e50c

mikenara420 1 week ago


Ned bigsby 1 week ago

If you put your tags in the video you wouldn’t have that problem of free video leaks

Lady Lunafreya 1 week ago


casal_mineiro 1 week ago

We agree. 5% isn't enough.

Meghan Wood 1 week ago


Meghan Wood 1 week ago

LOL so my video got stole the same day I uploaded it. 😂 IS THIS NOT WHAT YOU SAID OPTING IN WOULD ASSIST? They removed my watermark and uploaded it to ShesFreaky.com. AND YALL DID NOTHING, YET AGAIN. Piss poor service on your behalf of protecting peoples content. I STG I’m documenting everything with a lawyer because this is such bullshit. Literally THE SAME DAY I UPLOADED. STOLEN. THE SAME PERSON I REPORTED ON BEFORE. YOU ALL HAVE DONE NOTHING. I STG I hate Pornhub. I’ll be on Onlyfans.

sancho7money 1 week ago

Ladies help me I wanna get famous and get these views up I just wanna do something better with my life so I can get my son back

sancho7money 1 week ago

I just wanna get famous so I can get my son back 💯

kex8714 1 week ago


Jazminebad 1 week ago


RavenBigAss 1 week ago

i join too

HerLittleSecret 2 weeks ago

Well I don’t know what I takes to make videos get featured. My videos always get small views quantity and 5% of it is almost nothing. =/

unknown 2 weeks ago

Can we get 30 percent and features every month

Sexcandyhair1 2 weeks ago

En veces necesitsa Alguien

LittleMissTasty 2 weeks ago

does it cost money to do this?

lips_on_hips 2 weeks ago

im exclusive and still after reporting my videos are still everywhere how can this be fixed

Meghan Wood 2 weeks ago

Raise the percentage to 30% or 50% and then it’s a FAIR deal. Other than that, Pornhub is a online pimp that doesn’t want anybody else to profit from your content.

Booty_Hole_lover 2 weeks ago

Im sad for you

Azer12bf 2 weeks ago

My black dikk is hott

couplekaa 2 weeks ago

hi iam from india

DeeNtae 2 weeks ago

I agree with Jess Ryan 👇🏾

Lyrik Allure 2 weeks ago

I'm exclusive with Pornhub but it does get exhausting putting in so much work and my shit never gets featured. I may not be #1 but Fuck i have enough views to be deemed popular. My name is a search term... Why do I get ignored?

Scottybbc3 2 weeks ago

Looking for any business models in The Las Vegas area . Must be willing to shoot some vids & take pics

TheRedKing214 2 weeks ago

Visit My Page For Great Vids

joejoe385 2 weeks ago

How do I join

FlyLikeNasa 2 weeks ago

I’ve opted into being exclusive this whole time, specially for the protection, but my videos keep getting stolen. I contact PH and they say they can’t do anything about videos on other sites. 😒

Lor_ena 2 weeks ago

Great protection 😂

HotCumChallenge 2 weeks ago


Sexycelly 2 weeks ago

Niceeee to meet you Hihi Sexycelly98 kiss

SANKA OFFICIEL 2 weeks ago

Hey good

Noelpornsex 2 weeks ago

İ cum new https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5e73cf8c63ebe

Mz Cali 2 weeks ago


Mz Cali 2 weeks ago

The Head Doctor is in!!!! Please show love to my page! Thanks!

Mz Cali 2 weeks ago

All we want is shine and benefits for everyone!!!!!

KittyandMizu 2 weeks ago

Works for us. Been featured 5 times and was taken off X**X. I wonder, if you opt out and someone does post your content elsewhwere will those people come check out your channel?

BehindTheFace 2 weeks ago

PornHub is the best!

KAYxJAY 2 weeks ago

We love having our content exclusive to PornHub! Thanks for all you guys do for us models. 💕 We got to remember that combing through the internet for video copyrights is not an easy task!

ShowMeYouStyle 2 weeks ago

my videos haven't been deleted for more than a month. this program doesn't work well.

Adultexpozes 2 weeks ago

5% really.....

Noelpornsex 2 weeks ago

New video jerk cumshot https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5e737aad9f864

imakehercumm 2 weeks ago

Milwaukee area 414 get at me ladies

gman95757 2 weeks ago

We are exclusive but have not seen or got much earnings.. and can’t figure out how to transfers funds to our account..

CreamPinay69 2 weeks ago

I am only making videos exclusively for Pornhub. 😘 😍 💕

Hyi91838919e 2 weeks ago

Та норм чикса

xlkyng 2 weeks ago

We have bewn exclusive from the beginning. 5% can be a lot depending on how much your earning. We only post on pornhub. But. Our videos have and still end up on multiple sites. I do the Dmca myself. We have well over 350 videos we all should get a hire increase. 10% to 20% based on how exclusive you are. Those with Pornhub watermarked videos should be paid more. Becuase that video will only be posted on pornhub and if it is posted anywhere else its free promo for the model and the site.

ZIAxBITE 2 weeks ago

Pornhubs exclusivity option helped me a often. My contnet is especially in Asia copied in an extreme scale. Pornhubs staff helped me a lot. But there is room for improvements, like dropbox similar apps are untouchable. That's where most people share nowdays copied porn. I see illegal Chinese websites have more paid downloads for my videos than all my videos on PH combined. From which I don't get anything. Those are often untouchable as well.Maybe offer streaming only paid content would help.

Monkeynutz223 2 weeks ago

Let's sayyy 20%

Keri Love 2 weeks ago

I have been exclusive from the beginning but still find my stuff ALL over other sites. I remain exclusive in case I ever decide to do all the work and send PH a message every time I find something on other free sites LOL I also continue to upload my content to other payed sites and on Modelhub. It's almost imperative to exposure bc PH does pick and choose who to feature according to who gets the most views. The more you get featured, the better chance you have at getting featured. LOL

Valyrie Lux 2 weeks ago

Perhaps as a way to give back during a difficult time, a higher payout percentage across the board would be a nice way to give back to your content providers.

dorisstar 2 weeks ago

so easy,anddone...thank you Pornhub


I'm exclusive, because Pornhub is the best! 👏❤🔥

unknown 2 weeks ago

Ill already experience cheating here of my vid, badly u am tge one who accusing cheaters,why Hope theyll find out the best counter measure for that problem,, We are xclusive here so ,we want good service and protection, Love you PH Mwuaaaahh

Chrysalis of Talon 2 weeks ago


teensl 2 weeks ago


mufasadick 2 weeks ago

I'd like to make content and have it be exclusive I just have nobody to create said content with 🤣

zero_minds 2 weeks ago

Its hard to make nice and sweet videos if u know, that even 15sec bad quality videos can take more views than yours( its very dispirit(

Candy Camille 2 weeks ago

We have always been exclusive but still find heaps of our content uploaded on here for free and other tube sites... would be good if they had a web crawler that automatically removed and sent out DMCA. It’s become a full time job sending threatening DMCA emails to websites, especially off shore hosted servers.

WolkLisa 2 weeks ago


MADISON DDD 2 weeks ago

Like my video guys please I'm new could us some love!!

WolkLisa 2 weeks ago

Mutual likes

Alexxxa Jones 2 weeks ago

I will definitely consider it!

LittleMaryLollipop 2 weeks ago

Yes, it's all great! Only I constantly see my and my colleagues videos on other sites. Good job PornHub! Good job.... 🤔🤨

WillyDStud 2 weeks ago

I want sign up truly support you have my email could you send me a link or information please thank you sincerely willy

Mars_X 2 weeks ago

I don't share my videos on other websites owned by Pornhub because I had a channel before and I deleted it and after one year I realized that my videos were still online on RedTube, YouPorn and other websites. Be careful, guys!

couplesexfuck 2 weeks ago

5% isn’t much tbh. Make it worth it Pornhub! 👍👍

Bmwadim 2 weeks ago

Super deals) must have everybody

Devin and Brandy 2 weeks ago

love being known as a pornhub ONLY model!

Morgpie 2 weeks ago

Always exclusive! Love this platform and community

TheSubtleLife 2 weeks ago

Been exclusive since day one. No regrets, we posted only a short clip from one of our videos on a different site and it was taken down in less than 24 hours!

KissRo 2 weeks ago

Thank you! Good news for everyone😁

Jade_Zeke 2 weeks ago

Be Safe Everyone

Piumi99 2 weeks ago

This is important ❤❤

SoleilFR Gall 2 weeks ago

I love the idea, being professional must be rewarded

Carly Curvy 2 weeks ago

Thank you!

Lil Taste 2 weeks ago

Anyone have any details (preferably with a source cited and/or a person of staff to answer this) about being allowed to upload to both Pornhub and Chaturbate (videos for sale section)???? I realize it says non-free sites are "acceptable", but Chaturbate is a free membership and free to browse and watch, just content like videos etc are required to be placed at a price (albeit tokens bought with $$, Dinero, Yen, or whatever the local monetary form a user has is, this is the confusing part for me.

Lil Taste 2 weeks ago

@krystal kummings gladly will be getting you anything I find out.

Krystal Kummings 2 weeks ago

I would love to know when you find out, because that’s my concern also

murstar 2 weeks ago

Thanks PH!

Monanto 2 weeks ago

questo significa che diventando esclusivi non possiamo pubblicare gli stessi video di pornhub su youporn, redtube, e tube 8?

18bisexy 2 weeks ago


povcutie 2 weeks ago

That´s why we chose PH! Thanks!

Arianna Rose 2 weeks ago

I love pornhub 💕😘😍

Spicy x Rice 2 weeks ago

as people have already been stealing our videos and PH QUICKLY took them down. I can fully recommend this

LittleMissLara 2 weeks ago

nice news

pureSASSINESS 2 weeks ago

So just by enabling it you will protect our vids for free? We dont pay anything for that service?

TheSubtleLife 2 weeks ago

Not only do you not pay, you get more money for your free videos on PH!

Sweetmxo 2 weeks ago

We started off doing this , thanks PH

NinaKript 2 weeks ago

Thanks PornHub!

NinaKript 2 weeks ago

thanks PornHub <3

NinaKript 2 weeks ago

thanks PornHub <3

Jacob Brooke 2 weeks ago

Love It, Love Pornhub! Keep my stuff safe for FREE and Get A Bonus! You Guys Are The BEST! Much Love And #Exclusive !! For Life!

Natalia Kapretti 2 weeks ago

Thank you for taking care of our copyright, Pornhub)))

Natalia Kapretti 2 weeks ago

Tranks PornHub!

Alexandramayo 2 weeks ago

Thanks ☺

Queen Dom 2 weeks ago

You guys should all be exclusive! There's nothing to lose here!

unknown 2 weeks ago

I'm in😊

miniblondie 2 weeks ago

Always exclusive with Pornhub

Jetsfan1983 2 weeks ago

Thank You Pornhub.

Sassymehh 2 weeks ago


PriestessLuna 2 weeks ago

I never seen any difference and I been part of this program for 3 years

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