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by: Aurora Watson

Since joining the Pornhub Model Program, Reislin has made the Top-20 Earners list on Modelhub, was named Top Amateur Model of the Year, had some of the most-viewed videos on the site, and was nominated for a Pornhub Award. To say she's been slaying it is an understatement. So this week on Model Citizens, we are thrilled to share with you our Q&A with the enchanting Reislin.


What influenced you to join the industry?

I joined the industry about a year and a half ago thanks to Pornhub, and it was in that moment that the best time of life began! I knew at a young age that I’d somehow get involve in porn. I liked watching it, admiring the beautiful naked girls, and reading erotic stories. The first actress I saw in porn was Riley Reid. She captivated me with her charisma and became my idol. So when my husband suggested I try to shoot a video for Pornhub, I didn’t hesitate for a second.

Has your perception of the industry changed since joining? If so, how? Have you ever had any second thoughts?

My perception of the industry hasn’t changed because I always knew what was going on behind the scenes. This is difficult work, even for amateurs, but I’m happy to be a part of it. However, many people think differently and find shooting porn to be easy. I don’t agree with them. Maybe shooting something at home for yourself might be, but shooting it in such a way to make good money from it isn’t. This work requires a lot of time and effort. It’s not enough to just pick up a camera. I had some doubts at the beginning because I didn’t like the videos I shot. I understood that people would definitely recognize me, so I wanted to make my content as cool as possible so I wouldn’t be ashamed of what I was doing.

I’ve also being lucky to make new friends and I find they are kinder than most people I’ve met outside of the industry.

Courtesy of Reislin

What do you think is the biggest misconception people have about the industry you wish you could change?

I want people to understand that a porn actress will not have sex with just any person who writes to her. I constantly get messages like, “Let’s have sex,” “How much for the night,” “I’m your biggest fan, send me nudes.” We might shoot videos that go against people’s morals, but we do it because we like it. I only have sex with people I love.


How has joining the industry changed your life?

I’ve met some wonderful people around the world! It was surprising to learn that many open-minded and kind people work in an industry that sometimes society condemns. I meet much more hypocrisy and filth in other industries.


What has been one of the funniest filming moments?

When I was shooting a video with Mini Diva, I had to stand on a stack of books to look a bit taller — like Tom Cruise in Top Gun. While shooting an FFM scene, Sia Siberia got carried away by riding on my husband’s dick and when she stopped I said, “Hey, the rental time has already expired!” It was because it was time for us to finish the scene!

Courtesy of Reislin

Are there any fetishes on your bucket list you’d like to try but haven’t done yet?

I want my man to put on a harness!


Why the name LittleReislin? How is she different/similar to you?

I came up with the nickname Reislin when I was 10 years old. I was writing my own book about a witch and that was my character's name. Reislin sounds like a female version of the name Raistlin Majere from the Dragonlance book series.


Most of your videos are POV, why did you decide on that style?

POV helps the viewer feel closer to the sexual performance and it’s easier for them to immerse themselves in the atmosphere. We like to watch POV videos ourselves, and it turns us on more than shooting from the side in most cases. But shooting a POV as an amateur is much more difficult because my husband has to hold a large camera while shooting, which has various additional equipment attached to it, like lights, a microphone, etc.


What kind of scenes do you most enjoy shooting?

I like shooting blowjobs, double blowjobs, and doggy style. It’s a pity that it is difficult to find a girl for FFM.

Courtesy of Reislin

Tell us something about yourself your fans would be surprised to learn.

You’ll be surprised to learn that the stepbrother, neighbor, classmate, friend, courier and other male characters in my videos are actually all the same man — my husband. Also, I do porn to buy a dog!


When you’re not working, what could we find you doing?

I work on bulking the glutes, play with my ferrets, and kill you in World of Warcraft.


How did you feel when you found out you were named Pornhub’s Amateur Model of the Year? Did you have a feeling it was going to be you?

I experienced the greatest emotions when I won Amateur of the Month twice! These were my first awards and I was just starting out. When my friends and I were waiting for someone to be declared as the Amateur of the Year, I knew that I had a chance to get it. We worked a lot this year, and I believe we deserved this award. But unfortunately, on the day of the announcement, I was very sick and therefore couldn’t properly celebrate and enjoy it. I felt very bad. I hope this is not my last award. 

I was also very happy when I was nominated for a Pornhub Award! Unfortunately, last year, I wasn’t able to attend and was sad about it. This year, I hope I’m nominated again and plan to go! It would be such a pleasure to participate in such an event and meet all the great people who are shaping the industry. Plus, I might finally be able to take a photo with Riley Reid, and maybe even make a video with her — this is my dream.


What has been your biggest success and biggest struggle thus far?

I cannot single out the biggest success. Step by step, I improve my content, eliminate the flaws, and introduce new things. Our shooting has become more professional, but we cease to be amateurs.

Courtesy of Reislin

How do you use social media to promote your work?

Since Twitter is the only platform I can post my content on, I tweet my videos there. It’s more difficult on other platforms, even though non-porn models post their almost-nude photos and it’s okay. I once got a warning for a photo of a dinosaur! They said it was sexual content.


How do you deal with online criticism?

I laugh at it. It doesn't touch me. Only angry and sad people criticize — I feel a little sorry for them.


What kind of advice can you give to new Models?

Don’t spam under the videos of other models! It doesn’t help. Watch successful videos and think about why they are successful, and buy good lighting.


Where do you hope to see your career in the next 5 years?

I don’t know yet. I plan to continue to shoot videos for Pornhub and perhaps try studio shooting in the future. Maybe I will create my own studio, but I’m not sure yet.


Follow Reislin on Twitter and Instagram for photos, videos, and updates on her next project.

Twitter @Littlereislin_

Instagram @ph_little_reislin


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Succubus Sin 3 weeks ago

Thank you for mentioning that porn actresses don’t want to have sex with just anyone. Just because you’re a fan doesn’t mean we’re entitled to fuck you.

horse2387 3 weeks ago

Yes. That part. Loved that part most 100% and trust me, it happens alot to the gay amateurs as well. Like this person said but a bit different, just because you're a fan doesn't mean you're entitled to fuck us. 😉 We do it for you to fantasize, for us to make money, and because it's fun to do with who we want.

Target Girl 3 weeks ago

I know her videos from the beginning.. she really deserved her place in top ph amateur list with all her great work

bill1211 5 days ago

Sup beautiful

youngmacdon 3 weeks ago

Hit me up brandon007sparks@hotmail.com

Reislin 3 weeks ago

Thank you dear 💜

Lilusadick 3 weeks ago

Ey, hello Target you want a video with me?

Virginia Woolf 3 weeks ago


Succubus Sin 3 weeks ago

Agreed! I enjoy her videos!

Alex CUM 3 weeks ago

I love that she's smart and focused on her project as a model

Lucky Macky 3 weeks ago


Alex CUM 3 weeks ago

The good thing about being a model is undoubtedly that it gives you the opportunity to meet many interesting people.

Flame_Jade 3 weeks ago

That os true! I meet so many cool people because of porn

Shaiden Rogue 3 weeks ago


ashavindi 3 weeks ago

Thanks for sharing. We love you.

horny69rabbits 3 weeks ago

Mmm, your videos are fantastic!

huhuezo90 3 weeks ago

Brooklyn Rivers 3 weeks ago

Great Read! Love your work, Erotica @ its best! 👄

LickMyLucy 3 weeks ago

Thank you for this Pornhub 3 Great article! I find the part about the lighting interesting. What would be considered as good lighting? xoxo, Lucy

MarieKlaire 3 weeks ago

"I meet much more hypocrisy and filth in other industries." I was surprised and at first waited trick !!!

Anna Shpilman 3 weeks ago

As always, a very decent choice! Cool movies! There is something to draw on and what to apply in your films. Thanks for what you do! ❤❤❤

San4es13 3 weeks ago

I ❤ your vids

Cakes and Foxy 3 weeks ago

Congratulations !! You're a big source of inspiration :3

shely81 3 weeks ago

she doesn't need to be introduced, 🔥🔥🔥❤❤❤

LonelyMeow 3 weeks ago

I wonder if she has same problem as me that to get the money I make every month, I need to fight to get it from PH. Very disappointed. Fee super high and payment when they remember.. pff

Succubus Sin 3 weeks ago

I have still yet to receive 2 past payments from PornHub, only received one payment through PayPal when it was a thing

Chessie Rae 3 weeks ago

Yesss I've been waiting for a little reislin article! Great read and keep up the good work hun 😍

FemBoyElla 3 weeks ago

Wow congratulations girl! What an inspiration! I’m trying to work towards that right now and I hope I can achieve some of what reislin has! 🥰❤

IncredibleGymCouple 3 weeks ago

Such an amazing and inspiring model. Thank you so much for sharing this with us, we hope to create remotely amazing content as you eventually. Keep it up! You give us all hope of making this into a career

Banana and Peach 3 weeks ago

it is!

Sweet Dick in Wet Pussy 1 week ago

Reislin,you are so beatiful!) It's a pleasure to watch you in your videos)💋💋💋

Jamie Christy 2 weeks ago

These articles are so helpful. Alot to learn each time. Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!!

Emma Lust 3 weeks ago

I want a blog about how pornhub helps with corona virus.

Jinyiweii 3 weeks ago

Why is the video only a few seconds?

horse2387 3 weeks ago

I couldn't agree anymore about the biggest misconception. Sometimes, some people are too much. I find it funny when they get mad because you tell them no. I also only film with my husband, if I were interested in filming with other men, you'd see other men in my videos. Also agree with her reply about new models. I absolutely hate when people post their videos on my profile just to get views through my subscribers. I quickly delete whatever they post. And it's not only new models.

horse2387 3 weeks ago

It's older models as well that spam. Trust me, if we want to watch your vids, we will. No need to spam other people's accounts with your stuff because we're all in it for the same reason, to get our own content viewed. But anyway, congrats to the pretty girl. Keep doing your thing and as long as your head is still in it, people will keep watching.

derbret 3 weeks ago

Congratulations Reislin that you entered this industry, many positive energies and that the successes continue because you deserve it. 😍

Britney Mistress 3 weeks ago

Gorgeous girl and I love her content! 🥰 Thank you for introducing us closer!!! It was very interesting! 🤗😍

Wonder Wife 3 weeks ago

The girl’s role is more suitable for youth romantic films))) Although the body is very sexy.

Liloostich 3 weeks ago

one of the best representatives of amateur porn ♡ ♡ ♡

couple_nougat 3 weeks ago

Her work is an example what modern porn should be like. Well done ;-*

sammumia 3 weeks ago


BeautifulSexyGirl 3 weeks ago

beautiful girl!

NoVirginNoCry 3 weeks ago

Love your videos!

Bryanjonrs08 3 weeks ago


Ambar Westbrook 3 weeks ago

OMG ! I’ve always admired her work

LittleMaryLollipop 3 weeks ago

We Love You 💋💞💖❤🔞

LosAngelesCouple 3 weeks ago

So inspiring

KittyBeGood 3 weeks ago


Mr. Big 3 weeks ago

Hot AF

Red Fox 3 weeks ago

The funny thing is that we started making videos almost at the same time and much to my surprise, with my cool and high-quality content, I still have not received the same attention! Sad

Miss Fantasy 3 weeks ago

Finally, we found out more closely the most charming model of Pornhub, which won the love of a huge audience. Reislin really deserves the rewards she receives for her wonderful work. Congratulations on posting.

Banana and Peach 3 weeks ago

great model! we want to be same

GuessWhoX2 3 weeks ago

She’s amazing! Thanks for sharing with us @Reislin ♥♥♥

MrSicBoy 3 weeks ago

Buy good lighting, that hit me so hard.

32sonny210 12 hours ago

Dream gurl🤤🤤🤤🤤😜

bill1211 5 days ago

Hit me up on my sight

xxxlovesick 1 week ago

I’d love to do a ffm with you! I have the same problem with trying to find someone to play with on cam or for content. Congratulations!

ashanlaka7 1 week ago

I like to fuck you

Lady Lunafreya 1 week ago

Ugh why can't I be this pretty lmao, but great job!

Andy Kiara 2 weeks ago

This couple is Amazing

MadamFox 2 weeks ago

I really like your work, continue in the same spirit))

Lor_ena 2 weeks ago

Keep it up

XMortem 2 weeks ago

Ella es muy hermosa! 😍

young2925 3 weeks ago

she is one of the best actress here on pornhub she deserves it the place i am very happy for her

Diegote4625 3 weeks ago

My friend sell packs https://www.facebook.com/mica.ramirez.96780671 4 fotos y 1 video 8 dolares 16 anitos

Ian Sanders 3 weeks ago

I just became a "model". So happy.

CreamPinay69 3 weeks ago

Thank you for sharing your journey with us dear. Very informative and inspiring. 😘 😍 💕

AKingNeedsAQueen 3 weeks ago

Just starting on here its nice to see what im trying to acheive 🤷‍♀👍

roxyoksy 3 weeks ago

mmm hey,it’s fantastic😘💋

AnDoTaTa 3 weeks ago

How do I go live

Moe Liu 3 weeks ago


Cute21teen 3 weeks ago

The most of the videos that make me horny its you reislin amazing body a girl that many man dream keep it up good job

unknown 3 weeks ago

vary inspirational

couplediaries 3 weeks ago


Zexon223 3 weeks ago


Kate Pie 3 weeks ago

I'd looooove to see a video of you and Riley Reid 🤤

Shyla Nervous 3 weeks ago

Only in porn for a year and a half... Don't worry Reislin, you are going to have an amazing time filming with Riley Reid! It is reassuring to know that even someone as beautiful as her even has a hard time finding female talent to perform with.

610JUAN 3 weeks ago

Solo bellezas de mujer

ArmRoz 3 weeks ago

You are super💋

ArmRoz 3 weeks ago


xxxpovcouple 3 weeks ago


SWAGGZ0454 3 weeks ago

LOVE YOUR STUFF, LOVE YOUR LOOK AND YOUR VIBE! UGH wish you only could collab! Lol

LITOGCOUPLE 3 weeks ago

"Happy NewYear 2020 Great job!

nixatnite 3 weeks ago


TBoneOnRye 3 weeks ago

Damn.. So sexy. I just want to offer all you girls my service as a co-star if you need one, I'd be one happy guy.. I mean prop. Stay sweet, stay sexy and stay happy.. Thanks everyone for sharing.

Chokobanana 3 weeks ago

I admire you! Thank you for the interview!

Red Studio X 3 weeks ago

she is really pretty the best videos i have seen in a while!

Jewels541 3 weeks ago

I love that all your videos are with your husband! You are such an inspiration! I lovenyour philosophy on it all and enjoyed reading these unterview questions. Thank you for being real and true. ♡

Duke1nuke 3 weeks ago

Im love it she good look nice body yes baby keep doing ur this

Sexy bitch 13 3 weeks ago

Congrats I need your advice on what I’m doing wrong I haven’t made anything and our videos are awesome could you please message me

Shyla Nervous 3 weeks ago

I have seen your videos. It takes time to make a good video. I still haven't really made a successful one yet. Your videos are too close up. Some people like that, but I have found through experience that most people don't. I hope you don't mind me saying that as I am a huge supporter of BBW Performers and Canadians. Best of luck to you! xox

Black Rose 3 weeks ago


SalliEnjoy 3 weeks ago

There is an opinion that it’s easy to make money on PornHub, you just record a video and upload it ... But no! To get something, you need to give something. This is hard work, both physical and mental. Reislin really to work a lot and puts his soul into it. Deserves respect!P.S.About lighting in the video - exactly! Thx.

LonelyMeow 3 weeks ago

Hhhhh 🥰 lets shoot a video together 🔥

Mars_X 3 weeks ago

She's got some of the best videos on PH, together with Fiamurr. I'm a male performer and I'd be happy if my channel reached the top 1,000!

yinyleon 3 weeks ago


Duolove 3 weeks ago

She is hot

Jyxxxx 3 weeks ago

Es hermosa

ChubbyTwinkBoy 3 weeks ago

Wooow very nice!

Blyde Connie 3 weeks ago

I said it before; you are my idol. You're my Riley Reid🥰

Dropdick69 3 weeks ago

Who in the North Carolina area dm me

cuckcakedream 3 weeks ago

Great job!

XXEMILY69 3 weeks ago

I really hot riley comments on this

MsStacy08 3 weeks ago


TeenDesire18 3 weeks ago

You're one of the Girls that got me Inspired to do this! Kisses

Sexchris 3 weeks ago

Very well done! I love your videos, and you should really keep going. Congrats!

KawaiCouple 3 weeks ago

Reislin my idol!

TomaStevi 3 weeks ago

Lovely model, I like her ass ♥

Carly Curvy 3 weeks ago


FuckForeverEver 3 weeks ago

Interesting read!

Nymphclitmilf 3 weeks ago


DNAcouplexxx 3 weeks ago

Nice body!!!

Melissa_Burn 3 weeks ago

Thanks for the advice!

Vet1805 3 weeks ago

She’s so beautiful! ❤

Tall Dark and Nerdy 3 weeks ago

All of this is awesome. I just started my account yesterday. Waiting on verification. I heard PornHub is very accepting of visual artists so I figured I’d try something new. I’m a collage artist from Cleveland, OH. I primarily take damaged comic books and upcycle them into my favorite fictional and non fictional characters. Recently I’ve gotten into cutting up damaged playboy mags. Taking the skin tones and other various clippings to create life size portraits. Hoping 2 bring something ne

Sweet Bunny 3 weeks ago

Her content is always spot-on and sexy!

tiny_toon 3 weeks ago


SexwithMilfStella 3 weeks ago

Love your way way to handle criticism, well said!!!

WolkLisa 3 weeks ago

good job

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