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by: Aurora Watson

If there's one Model who gets turned on by a change of scenery and a little outdoor cardio, it's Molly Pills. If you've ever come across her Pornhub page, then you know what I mean. And since we're hiding away from snowstorms and brutal winter winds, we decided to put the spotlight on Molly Pills and live vicariously through her till spring comes around. As aventurous as Molly Pills may be in the great outdoors, you'll be suprised to learn she wasn't always this bold. Keep on reading and get to know Molly Pills a little more. 


What influenced you to join the industry?

Two years ago, I attended the AVN expo and it literally rocked my world. I was so shy and apprehensive back then — I didn’t have very much confidence in myself or what I had to say. I knew something had to change or I wouldn’t live a very happy life. So over the next year, I took some huge leaps, got out of my comfort zone, and put myself out there. Doing porn helped me become more comfortable with my body and myself in general. It was the best thing I could have done for myself. I have officially been in the industry for just over 1 year and have been on PornHub for about the same amount of time.


Has your perception of the industry changed since joining? If so, how? Have you ever had any second thoughts?

Before I joined the industry, I barely watched any porn or had any kind of experience with it. The only pornstar I even knew by name before I started was Kimmy Granger (spoiler alert, she’s awesome). Fortunately, I have never had any second thoughts because the positives of being in the industry have far outweighed any negatives. 

Courtesy of Molly Pills

What do you think is the biggest misconception people have about the industry you wish you could change?

Some people seem to think amateur and professional pornstars would automatically consent to someone's desires because they film porn, but that is such a dangerous and scary assumption. People think it’s okay to send me lewd photos or push their fantasies onto me. I want a basic understanding that exhibitionism is not an invitation. I suggest to fellow content creators to not push your explicit videos or photos onto people upfront ⁠— make them available and promote that you have them. Consent is a two-way street.


How has joining the industry changed your life?

Before joining the adult industry, I didn’t feel as though I had a clear path for my future. I felt stuck doing things I didn’t enjoy just to get by. Through producing my own content, I have gained total freedom and confidence. I’m very thankful to work for myself. We built our businesses around a lifestyle we feel passionate about like adventuring outdoors, positivity, and respect. Now I spend every day doing exactly what I want to do. I’d also like to mention, in terms of the community within the adult industry, we have befriended some of the kindest and most helpful humans ever. Our peers tend to be very informative and encouraging and actually want us to succeed.


How do you prep before shooting?

We mostly shoot outdoor content, so before we leave, I always get camera-ready by showering, shaving, and doing my makeup and hair. Then we pack the hike bags with water, toys, lube, wipes, extra panties, camera equipment, blankets, and snacks to take with us. Being prepared is the key to a great scene.

Courtesy of Molly Pills

Are there any fetishes on your bucket you’d like to try but haven’t done yet?

I want to get really good at anal! I have always been interested in making a hardcore anal video because it is the type of porn I enjoy watching. However, my booty hole isn’t quite ready to take it yet. I’ve been working my way up to it with toys and plugs. I’m hopeful that I’ll be ready to film it soon because I feel like it’s going to be super hot. 


Why the name Molly Pills? How is she different and similar to you?

I wanted a playful nod to ecstasy. When it comes to who Molly Pills is, she is a genuine representation of me. I don’t change my personality at all for any of the content that I make, whether it be live, recorded, in person, or on social media. Molly Pills is a manifestation of me just living my best life. 


What kind of scenes do you most enjoy shooting?

I definitely prefer shooting in nature the most! Since I exclusively create amateur content with my husband and friends, it’s very easy to shoot everything exactly the way we like. In my opinion, shooting outside is the best because the beautiful sceneries add a lot to the experience. Also, hiking is a passion of mine, so that enjoyment you see on screen is 100% authentic. 


Tell us something about yourself your fans would be surprised to learn.

I don’t do molly! I haven’t done any drugs in quite a few years. Also, I’m a huge Star Trek nerd. I’ve seen every episode of every series multiple times. 


What does a typical day look like for you?

I generally have a relaxed daily schedule. I usually wake up at around 7:30 and drink coffee in bed with Conor. Then I shower and head downstairs to check my emails and do admin work on the computer like post on social. I work on the Molly Pills blog and channel, as well as our couple channel, Horny Hiking.  Around 12:30, I take a break and have brunch. If we are filming that day, I will get camera ready and we will head to whatever location we are exploring. We spend a lot of time taking in the sights and sounds of the world. I have dinner at around 6 and after I’m done, I’ll begin fasting again until the next day. After that, I usually work on the computer a little more and do some editing or video promoting. When I’m done with work, I’ll chill and watch TV or read until it’s time for bed.

Courtesy of Molly Pills 

When you’re not working, what could we find you doing?

I built my brand around what I love to do, traveling, adventuring and exploring. Work doesn’t really feel like work because I enjoy it so much! So other than that, I hang out with Conor, chill with Amigato my cat, and read.


You’re always travelling; what have been some of your favorite spots and why?

That’s a tough one! This world is really cool and we want to see and share it all. So far, Bacalar, Mexico is my favorite place on Earth, but Tulum is a very close second. Other than that, I have a lot of love for the American Southwest — it’s my favorite region. We are very much looking forward to our international travels in 2020.


What has been your biggest success and struggle thus far?

My biggest success so far has been being able to make a living off producing our own porn. That, and winning the PornHub back-to-school contest! That win was a pivotal point in my career and I took it as a sign that I could really do this.

My biggest struggle has probably just been transitioning into producing amateur content full time. Filming, editing, uploading, marketing, and all the other admin work is done by us alone and, at first, it was hard to navigate. Now that all our income comes from the Molly Pills and Horny Hiking brands, there were some growing pains where we weren’t sure if we could make it, but I’m so glad we stuck it out and stayed consistent. 


How do you use social media to promote your work? How do you use it to grow your fan base?

Social media connects me with my friends and fans and helps them get to know me outside of my porn videos. I post on my blog (mollypills.com) as though it’s my diary. On Instagram, I post SFW photos and stories about my day. I like using Twitter because it’s more adult-friendly and I’m able to share a real representation of what I’m up to. My OnlyFans (Onlyfans.com/mollypills) is where I spend time chatting  back and forth with fans as well as post daily photos and videos so there is a constant stream of naughty content. My public Snapchat is where I announce any new videos I’m releasing or special promotions I have going on. I also have a private Snapchat for people that like real-time BTS of some of my adventures. If you are an amateur producer, social media is the key to stay connected and grow your reach.


How do you deal with online criticism?

 I honestly don’t get much criticism. The majority of people have been so kind and encouraging! Most of the time, trolls on the Internet are cruel just for the sake of being cruel. When that happens, I simply don’t engage and try not to read it at all. If I do read it, I don’t take it to heart and try and stay positive. However, I really appreciate valid constructive criticism. I’ve gotten lots of great advice and capitalize on thoughtful input. 

Courtesy of Molly Pills

How do you use the features on Pornhub and ModelHub to your advantage?

I put my full-length videos on Modelhub and cut shorter clips out of those videos to post for free on Pornhub so everyone gets a taste. If they end up wanting more, they can join my membership site or enjoy the videos I have on Pornhub Premium. I use Fan Club to post a lot of the stuff that I used to post on Snapchat, like a sneak peek into my everyday life, behind-the-scenes pictures and stuff like that. However, my favorite thing to do is post on my wall so I can directly hear from my fans and keep everyone up to date with what I have going on.


What kind of advice can you give to new Models?

Stay positive; nothing worth having happens overnight. Take the time to plan your brand. Diversify your income streams and be consistent. Don’t do anything you’re uncomfortable with and if you don’t like something, don’t feel obligated to say yes. Always go over any contracts you’re considering signing with your lawyer to make sure you don’t get taken advantage of. 


If you could go back in time to when you started, what kind of advice would you give yourself?

 I would tell myself to stay positive, this takes lots of work and time. You can do this! 


Where do you hope to see your career in the next 5 years?

In the next 5 years, I would like to fully transition into living internationally and make lots of content all over the world. I would like to be nominated and possibly even win an award for our efforts. I want to spend the next 5 years promoting happiness and inspiring others to live their best life. This is a mission of growth and positivity. 


Follow Molly Pills on Twitter and Instagram for photos, videos, and updates on her next project.

Twitter @mollypills_

Instagram @mollypills_


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Molly Pills 7 months ago

Thank you all for the kind words. Thanks to Pornhub for taking this time on me. Hope you guys like it!

Dirty Dasha 6 months ago

Hot content πŸ˜›

Latin Kat 7 months ago

Cool article. I'll check your page out. Check out mine if you have some time. πŸ™‚

TokyoDiary 7 months ago

good job!

Sabrina Kat 7 months ago

Just love how honest you are about yourself! I really love your positive personality, it's so inspiring!

Horny Hiking 7 months ago

This is going to be our best year yet babe. I am so proud of you. You are amazing!

BeckyTailor 7 months ago

We do and thank you. Thank you for sharing with us about pushing and promoting the content we have and produce, not what people are wanting to fulfill a desire. It is rare that we do requests anyway. We just don't like to step out of our comfort zone. Thank you.πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‰

BeautifulSexyGirl 7 months ago

Molly Pills , just a goddess

Mimi Boom 7 months ago

Wowww im in love with u 😍

monoLola 7 months ago

awesome girl!!

Dexripoff 7 months ago

we all need molly 😊😊

Anna Shpilman 7 months ago

Hi Molly! Thanks to this article, we became acquainted with your work. And fo***d to admit that you and your films are pretty darn good! We are really glad that you stumbled on your page! It is likely that we will take some of your ideas for our movies. You are really cool! Thanks for what you do!

jocarAmore 7 months ago

Can only agree β™₯😍 good stuff, especially the outdoor component. Can't wait with see more of you. We'll be doing some hiking vids soon as well πŸ˜› you're inspiring!

horny69rabbits 7 months ago

DAMN ! She's fucking hot !

Sasha Grein 7 months ago

Yes)) do you like girls too?)

MarySlava 7 months ago


OxygeN-O2 7 months ago


ibarbie 7 months ago

Beautiful body ❀️

sugarbabysam 7 months ago

complete babeeeeee i love her!

Alex Cum 7 months ago

How rich that you also like to do crazy things in nature, it is certainly one of the best experiences a person can have.

Jujulea 7 months ago

Great feedback! Thanks Molly

Sabrina Kat 7 months ago

This is pure inspiration! Thank you so much for that interview, Molly Pills and Pornhub! This is such a nice message of positiveness for us; starting models! And not just inspirational for the view on the industry but for life in general! You can see how honest with herself and positive she actually is! Can't thank you enough, girl! ❀

Alex Cum 7 months ago

How did I not know about the existence of this woman, my God?

ourdirtylilsecret 7 months ago

We love you Molly!!! Keep doing you!!! And come visit again soon!!

Molly Pills 7 months ago

I love you too guys. What a year right?!

daisiesandhalos 7 months ago

I love Molly and Conor! It's good to see them here!

Fuccxbud 7 months ago

One of the best tits I've seen and one of the best ass I've seen on a white chick. Perfect frame.

SexwithMilfStella 7 months ago

Excellent read, well said!

Naughtysoulmates 7 months ago

Molly you are so hot! We really enjoy watching you πŸ’‹

You170 7 months ago

Molly you are so hot!😘😘😘😘

Ixcuina 7 months ago

Allways good content from Molly! Some day I will be there.. 😁

Brooklyn Rivers 5 months ago

Great interview! β™₯ Your content! Brooklyn & LanceπŸ™

EvaLola 7 months ago

beautiful girl, I wish her success

The Masked Devils 7 months ago

Anyone trying the Wim Hof Method?

sessvids 7 months ago

Oh my I have been watching Mollypills for a long time now.. Glad to see this blog.

Nice Foxy 7 months ago

How great that thanks to porn, people's dreams come true!

ALEXANDRA C 7 months ago

Thank Molly ❀❀you are buautiful😍😍

Sweetmiss18 7 months ago

Very cool models

Lexi Anne Garza 7 months ago

Congrats Molly! love your Content! My husband and I met Molly pills and her husband at AVN and they’re an awesome couple!

huhuezo90 7 months ago


Sasha Grein 7 months ago

She look like some actriss, who is he?

MaxiLovers 7 months ago

Amazing girl! Great article! Thank you so much!!! 😍😘

tezzomoney 7 months ago


cuckcakedream 7 months ago

Gorgeous and seems like she knows her goals.

dirtysnowqueen 7 months ago

Sexy ass

Tarico smooth 7 months ago

Damn I gotta get outside more

merk777u 7 months ago


RedPillGirl 7 months ago


Molly Montana 7 months ago

What a beautiful article about this amazing person!

TheLazyGuy3 7 months ago

You have her same name! What a coincidence

Hunter Largo 7 months ago

awesome advice

Unknown 3 months ago

Hey me and the gf are kinda new to this but if we get enough likes we will start filming check us out here: https://www.pornhubpremium.com/album/60712001

6097217761 5 months ago

Some Milf for me girls ????

supernaturalteddy 6 months ago


PinkNanny 6 months ago

Eres Hermosa

DulceBotiin 7 months ago

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ThatGuyKutty 7 months ago

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ariba707 7 months ago

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The Masked Devils 7 months ago

Molly you’re gorgeous mami! Blessings to you!

mzansiporns 7 months ago

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Honey Pot 7 months ago

Amazing, I'd love to shoot some outdoor videos and I love travel! Such an interesting read =)

DaSexAddicts 7 months ago


Dosshoover 7 months ago

Words cannot describe how humbling it was reading your bio. Keep up the good work.

guillecortes 7 months ago

Thanks to Pornhub for everything!

King T Raww 7 months ago


LikeWater20 7 months ago

Really like your style....I'm into the outdoors kink

LITOGCOUPLE 7 months ago


Jack Sob 7 months ago

that was very insightful, much appreciated!

Rhyder Rivers 7 months ago

Thanks for sharing that for us newbies that needed to hear it

TruStori3zEnt 7 months ago

We Love you Boo Boo!!! Awesome article and the information you share is of a scholar! Thank you so much.

California ID 7 months ago

I'm down

Moonlightdaisy 7 months ago

So simplistic and enthralling. I love your freedom with showing us the true you.

Little foot 7 months ago

These are great I'm new trying to get started any tips ?

MilaJoyce69 7 months ago

So gorgeous!

JaynaLove69 7 months ago

Fabulous! Such Beauty!

gladbahamot 7 months ago

Wow so pretty 😍😍

Kembrija 7 months ago

Sexy Baby

Luxurylully 7 months ago


Natalia Kapretti 7 months ago

Beautiful girl.So innocent, and inside-the fire.Very sexy!!!

unknown 7 months ago

Congrats Beautiful! @Molly Pills

keifbigcock 7 months ago

Very beautiful and sexy

Always Massive 7 months ago

Wow, that's really rare! Molly are so beautiful and so natural! I miss that in today's world ... everyone is so artificial and full of makeup and silicone ...

couple_nougat 7 months ago

Great interview with a hot girl! *__*

unknown 7 months ago

Very interesting dear. Thanks for sharing. 😘 😍 πŸ’•

Cockasian Sensation 7 months ago

Great read, let's get after it!

HawtCock 7 months ago

Great read. Inspiring

bubbarollup 7 months ago

nice overall

LonelyMeow 7 months ago

nice boobs

Feodorrr 7 months ago


nofacenofake 7 months ago


Pretty Lilly 7 months ago

very nice XOXO

unknown 7 months ago

may you good sale

unknown 7 months ago


Reychapito 7 months ago

Ermosa and perfect kisses

walker3439 7 months ago

I Like this.

stylle001 7 months ago

How can I get him

Milana2020 7 months ago


Milana2020 7 months ago

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JanePie 7 months ago

Molly you are so hotπŸ”₯

Jessica Stardust 7 months ago

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Sweetie_Fox 7 months ago

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Baby Molly! 😍

BambiJean 7 months ago

Well deserved. Congrats @Molly Pills πŸ˜ƒ

TheLazyGuy3 7 months ago

I can't believe she has dinner at 6 pm ahaha like old people! In Spain dinner is at 9.30-10 pm ahah

Curious nymphet 7 months ago

Love , love , love great beautiful goddess

610JUAN 7 months ago

very nice

Candy Camille 7 months ago

Sooooo sexy!

TheLazyGuy3 7 months ago

You too!!

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