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by: Aurora Watson

This week on Model Citizens — our weekly interview series where we get a chance to chat with your favourite Models  — we put the spotlight on one of our top couples on Pornhub. Since joining the Model Program a couple of years ago, Miss Banana has been nominated twice for a Pornhub Award and won Top Blowjob Performer in 2018. 

Read on and get to know Miss and Mr. Banana a little more. 


Hello! We are Miss and Mr. Banana! We joined the industry in 2015 as a way to add a little a fun to the relationship and explore new things. At the beginning, we only had Snapchat and then started doing some blowjob videos, but ot was actually Amadani who convinced us to try out Pornhub in 2017.


How has joining the industry changed your life?

Miss: Doing porn has enabled us to work from home, be our own bosses, and do what we love.


Has your relationship changed since joining the industry? How has it affected it?

Miss: It’s made us more comfortable with one another, especially when we try new things.


How did you two meet?

Miss: We "met" at school. I always saw him in the cafeteria and thought he was so cute. Then I was on Facebook one day with my friends and saw him, but I casually ignored it so my friends wouldn't know. As soon as I came home, I sent him a friend request and he accepted. So I messaged him and we started talking, and after a few weeks of Skype calls and texts, we met up and went to a movie.

Courtesy of Miss Banana

What have you learned about yourselves since joining the industry?

Miss: I’ve learned how to like myself and my body much more. I also leared how to suck a dick better!
Mr.: I guess I learned that I don't care what people think about me.


Have you ever had any second thoughts about joining?

Miss: The only time I had second thoughts was when my family harassed me about it.


Are there any fetishes on your bucket list you’d like to try but haven’t done yet?

Miss: I want to watch my boyfriend have sex with another girl!


Why the name Miss Banana? How does it represent you two?

Miss: It comes from a username I had when I was younger — I always had "banana" in all my usernames one way or another, so it came naturally to me. And "banana" can be used to suggest "penis," so why not? So I'm Miss and Mr. is the banana.


What kind of scenes do you most enjoy shooting?

Miss: I like blowjob and facial scenes the best since I have something to play with.
Mr.: I prefer blowjob scenes — they are easier to film and they feel pretty good!

Courtesy of Miss Banana

Tell us something about yourselves your fans would be surprised to learn.

We eat tofu and noodles almost every night!


What does a typical day look like for you?

Miss: I wake up, make tea, and sit at my computer and watch YouTube and Twitch all day or until we film a video.
Mr.: Pretty much the same as Miss, plus videogames. We also recently started going to the gym!


What has been your biggest success and struggle thus far?

Our biggest success was winning the Blowjob Queen Pornhub Award in 2018 and our biggest struggle has been getting too lazy to film anything!


How did you feel when you were nominated for Top Blowjob Performer again at the Pornhub Awards? What do you accredit your success to?

Miss: It feels good to be recognized for something I'm apparantly good at! I have to give some credit to my boyfriend, though, because he told me what he likes so I could get better at it.

Courtesy of Miss Banana

How do you deal with online criticism?

Miss: I bitch about it to my boyfriend and he tells me not to care so much.
Mr.: I just ignore it or laugh about it.


What kind of advice can you give to new Models?

Miss: Have fun! Don't care about what people think.


If you could go back in time to when you started, what kind of advice would you give yourself?

Miss: I would tell myself not to stress as much as I did back then.


Where do you hope to see your career in the next 5 years?

Miss: We want to still be doing this, but hopefully produce higher quality videos and in more fun places than our apartment.


Follow Miss Banana on Twitter and Instagram for photos, videos, and updates on her next project.

Twitter @RealMissBanana

Instagram @Real_missbanana1


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TinyTeenBigTitties 7 months ago

I love this girl !!! Like if you do aswell ❤️

BeckyWhyte 7 months ago

This is an epic interview! xoxo

Sasha Grein 7 months ago

she is reaslly nice) yeah

Anninha Souza 7 months ago

Wow.. i love her too! =D

huhuezo90 7 months ago

SecretCrush 7 months ago

Such a cutie!!!

Miss Fantasy 7 months ago

WOW. Miss and Mr. Banana . How nice it was to see and read this fascinating article about you. After all, your videos on pornhub the very first I watched when I just joined the community. I am sure that you are very funny guys. Waiting for new creative victories and new videos

Mimi Boom 7 months ago

Big Wow. Best Influencer 😍

vanillachocolate69 7 months ago

Great article! I love the part about it bringing y’all closer because it has done the same for us!

StonerBeckii 7 months ago

For the love💋💋💯❤

FaceLessOfficial 7 months ago

She is sexy 😍😍😍😍

unknown 7 months ago

Absolutely do not be afraid of the new, sex is unlimited, do not push yourself into the framework of inadmissibility, just send everything to fuck

Naughtysoulmates 7 months ago

You guys rock! Keep it up

AmateurEggplant 7 months ago


Sweet Bunny 7 months ago

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us! It's really nice finding out new stuff about models!

Ixcuina 7 months ago

You are doing great! Best couple on PH by far! Skål!

Cherry Lips 7 months ago

Congratulations is a great couple but I do not agree, I am the best blowjober in the world we should make a face to face to see who does it better. 😈

unknown 7 months ago

Боевая пара, как пулемет

Target Girl 7 months ago

Great sucking skills MissBanana one of the best "blowjobs scenes here congratulations :*

SelenaRyan 7 months ago

Great read, Miss Banana! Yay for vegan meals! 🍌 ❤😘

MaxiLovers 7 months ago

Mmmmm it was interesting 😍🙏🔥 Miss Banana thank you for great advice 🔥😋😘😘😘 Oh yes, don't care .... How we could do it? 😂😂😂

TinyTaya 7 months ago

watching them since first time watching porn haha - would love to reach what they did! amazing couple - amazing content! Thx for sharing !

SexwithMilfStella 7 months ago

She is so cute, congrats on being featured here!

maggiemay6 7 months ago

She’s awesome 💕

MsFriday5 7 months ago


Richard_Ardiente 7 months ago

Amazing girl

ElenaVolkova 7 months ago

She has one of the most sexiest way to give a blowjob

Retev 7 months ago

This is a sweet girl banana , like like We also love it and will experiment. On our page you will find an interesting huge strapon with Russian models, as well as prostate fisting, conversations in Russian, all videos in HD quality, welcome!

chefboyardee2000 7 months ago

Go queen! 💕💕

AnGelya G 7 months ago

Check my Profile) LIKE me)

Ella St Roman 7 months ago

Very inspiring! I love these interviews

LittleMaryLove 7 months ago

))О, это круто! 👍💋С вашего видео началась моя карьера на PornHub. 😍Спасибо! Вы выучили миньету))☺💕🔥

FitCoupleLust 7 months ago

Such a cute couple!

Cakes and Foxy 7 months ago

Congratulation!!! Wish even more success !! :3

Melissa_Burn 7 months ago

Congratulations! You're good girl🔥👍🏽

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Alex Cum 7 months ago

That a woman of the first step when conquering is to admire. Good story.

BeautifulSexyGirl 7 months ago

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derbret 7 months ago

great, you have all admiration

Sabrina Kat 7 months ago

What an inspiration! Wished it had more detailed answers, tho. I love these interviews! ❤❤❤

Aza Elise 7 months ago

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Jessica Stardust 7 months ago

Just gorgeous

GiocondaLisa 7 months ago

My favourite blowjob performer 😍

OutfallingSex 7 months ago

great couple

unknown 7 months ago

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Hottie2Naughty 7 months ago

Love your work guys!!!

huhuezo90 7 months ago

Congratulations, Miss Banana. interesting interview.

Chokobanana 7 months ago

When i read "BANANA" i had an heart attack, but then no.. it's not me ahah By the way, she is an awesome model, inspiring!

Da Horny Master 7 months ago

Well done wow

Shyla Nervous 7 months ago

Oh I do love Miss Banana!!! And she wakes up, makes tea just like me Congratulations to you both! You deserve to shine in the spotlight! xox

BunnyLovesYou 7 months ago

As a fellow swedish couple you are a great inspiration for me and my boyfriend ❤️Vi älskar det ni gör! 😘

RedPillGirl 7 months ago


Always Massive 7 months ago

Awesome interview, pleasure to read! Basically living the live you 'wanna live by doing what you love! ^_^

txld6969 7 months ago


Kate Utopia 7 months ago

love that couple

M0nster5 3 months ago

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Positive and inspiring interview.😁👍 Great couple💝😘

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Ivy Skye 7 months ago

She made big work to become famous! Respect.

LittleMissLara 7 months ago

cool model 💯🍓🔥

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unknown 7 months ago

She's a badass....love it

atotak 7 months ago

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DNAcouplexxx 7 months ago

She is so sexy.

MASSIVE D 7 months ago

Great interview, mr. And Miss banana! Thoroughly educational!

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King Showout 7 months ago

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She is absolutely gorgeous 😍

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i love you

Sasha Grein 7 months ago

Nice giel, she remind me my friend from scholl. Anna, is it you?)

No Facade 7 months ago

awesome read! who doesn't like a good blowjob?! My type of girl! Keep grinding!

LexEvenstar 7 months ago

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PetiteAndOrgasmic 7 months ago

One of our favorite couples!

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HawtCock 7 months ago

Great little read. If only I could get my gf aboard and join me

Natalia Kapretti 7 months ago

Очень красивая пара и фантастический Спасибо Вам за ваши видеоролики и за радость эмоций!

Natalia Kapretti 7 months ago

Good afternoon.Very beautiful couple and fantastic sex.Thank you for your videos and for the joy of emotions!

Nick and Nicole 7 months ago

Great to hear your story, Maybe one day we could meet x

unknown 7 months ago


RedsieRed 7 months ago

Love miss banana! She's helped me alot, always friendly

Biggrizzly20 7 months ago

It’s always helped us in are sex life

xMassageLovex 7 months ago

I love this girl

Kate Pie 7 months ago

This was such a great Q&A from one of the great. Definitely has given me a lot to think about and aspire to 😍

indiansexvideos 7 months ago

Mmmmm it was interesting 😍🙏🔥 Miss Banana thank you for great advice 🔥😋😘😘😘 Oh yes, don't care .... How we could do it? Love you 💋💋

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babylesbians 7 months ago

so sweet 💕

Devin and Brandy 7 months ago

Love everything you do!!

unknown 7 months ago

Thanks for sharing, I learned something from this. Very informative. Love you both. 😘 😍 💕

evastive 7 months ago

отлично сработано

Nathaniel Stone 7 months ago

Great read! Very happy for the Bananas! 🤓

Blyde Connie 7 months ago

So Hot ❤

FireSerpent 7 months ago

Great interview. I've been a fan of their work for a while. Looking forward to even better BJ videos in the future!

nofacenofake 7 months ago


Marv0007 7 months ago

New to the just want my videos to get some traction

JohnKarter1988 7 months ago

Most beautiful pair, you are great!!!

lemod6 7 months ago

amazing female!

sallyomalley39 7 months ago

Cute XOXOXOO SallyOMalley39 Trying to working my way up there lol

couple_nougat 7 months ago

Great interview, very insightful - much can be learned from it, thanks PH for it ;-*

ISEEME 7 months ago

nice interview!

JanePie 7 months ago

Nice article) thank you guys

California ID 7 months ago

Ok yes

FLJohnGee 7 months ago

Work of Art!!!

Chessie Rae 7 months ago

Great article hun!

Pound Game 7 months ago

That's a cool story . Happy for you guys ,awesome content

mynewexperiment 7 months ago

Please do an anal video!!

shave_metzitza 7 months ago

tofu and noodles?! NO WAY!

TheLazyGuy3 7 months ago

He is so lucky, I need a cute gf like her

kinkyt33n 7 months ago

I love them! 3

JaynaLove69 7 months ago

Very Nice!

PapiLoco777 7 months ago


unknown 7 months ago

Great Congrats! Are you Awesome! Beautiful love ❤

prettyevil 7 months ago

Good article 😊

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TerraAmuria 7 months ago


Greek Booty 7 months ago

I feel the same way ! Congratulations

vampirecouple666 7 months ago

So inspiring to my bf and I!!! U two rock and keep up the vids!! I hope i can be a bj queen one day (;

AngelicaRosey 7 months ago

Love this! Thank you for sharing your experience with us!

unknown 7 months ago

Love love love ❤

txld6969 7 months ago


AsiaLin 7 months ago

amazing couple, hope you guys more success and happiness to come will learn to suck like you do :*

MrandMrsD Love 7 months ago

Awesome, hopefully one day we will be at their level xx

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