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by: Aurora Watson

In the last year, Eva Elfie was nominated for a Pornhub Award for Top Blowjob Performer, was named Amateur Model of the Month in September, and had the third most-viewed Pornhub video of 2019. Considering she joined the industry only a year and a half ago, Eva figured out what makes her stand out, uses it to her advantage, and managed to rack up over 197 million views and 546,000 subscribers. 

Intrigued by her overnight success, we decided to put to the spotlight on Eva this week and ask her about her fetishes, her successes, and the story behind her top video. 


What influenced you to join the industry?

I’ve been in industry for a year and a half already. I was always interested in nude modeling and because of that, I was invited to shoot some soft solos first and became completely addicted to it. So, I made a Pornhub page 2 months after I did my first scene. I realized I wanted to create something by myself and Pornhub was a perfect platform for this. 


Has your perception of the industry changed since joining? If so, how? Have you ever had any second thoughts?

Yes, it changed a lot. I didn’t watch porn before and I always thought it was really weird. Now that I can see the industry from the inside, I have a much more positive perception of it. I met some fantastic and open-minded people and am extremely grateful for it. 

Courtesy of Eva Elfie

What was your reaction when you saw “Young Busty Teen tried a Big Cock inside her Tight Pussy” was third most-watched video in 2019?

Although it wasn’t a complete surprise, it definitely was a cool feeling. Realizing that your work is appreciated is great. I really believe that porn is an art and every artist is looking for an admission. And if people like what I’m doing, then I feel satisfied.

This video also has a funny backstory. When I woke up that morning beside the guy who's in the video, he turned over and said to me, "Hey, maybe we can film something for your Pornhub channel? Something simple, like a blowjob for example. You don't even need to put on makeup." I agreed and after he came in my mouth, he told me that it was just the simplest way to get a free morning blowjob. Now his "free morning blowjob" has more than 50 million views. 


How did you feel when you found out you were nominated for Top Blowjob Queen at the Pornhub Awards?

It was funny and pleasant at the same time. Although it might not be something to tell your parents about to make them proud, it was very important to me. It was probably the most important thing that’s happened to my career so far. The feeling of being on a red carpet in front of cameras next to my favorite stars is indescribable. I think it made me feel more confident in what I’m doing. I also got to take a photo with Riley Reid (I touched her ass and it’s perfect. Don’t tell anybody).

Courtesy of Eva Elfie

You have over 195 million video views – what do you accredit your success to? What do you think makes you and your work stand out?

I think one of the main reasons for my success is my appearance. It is an unbelievable mix of innocence and lust — teen-looking girl with big, natural tits. It’s really hard to resist! I also believe that acting natural is very important. I have one video that has more than 10 million views and it wasn't even supposed to be uploaded anywhere because it was my personal homemade video I filmed for fun. That's why I never simulate pleasure or orgasms — real sex rules. 


Do you have a set routine when it comes to prepping for a scene?

It’s always different. If we’re talking about professional production, then there is more of a routine; you’re working every day and enthusiasm can quickly run out. As for my home videos, there’s more room for creativity. I try to make something special every time and get a little creative with the location, appearance, sex, etc. That’s why there aren’t as many on my page, but I can guarantee you that every scene was thought-out and made to be special. I also never perform if I’m in a bad mood. I’m trying to make my fantasies come to life, so why should I be upset during this amazing process?

Are there any fetishes on your bucket you’d like to try but haven’t done yet?

It seems like I have a foot fetish. There is something really special about it and I would like to feel a guy sucking and licking my toes. The thought of this turns me on. I’ve also never tried anal sex and although I feel like it’s kind of “forbidden” for me, I definitely want to try it.


Why the name Eva Elfie? 

The truth is, I was ashamed of the shape of my ears my whole life. They are a little bit bigger and sharper than average. So I decided to turn my “disadvantage” into my special something and now I’m an elf with cute, sexy ears.


What kind of scenes do you most enjoy shooting?

I really like blowjob scenes. I enjoy the process very much and I can do it for hours! It also makes me very horny!


What does a typical day look like for you?

I wake up at noon or even later and start my day chilling in bed and doing some routine work such as checking emails, social channels, and other sites. After that, I do some cooking or cleaning. Gym or yoga are on my list everyday. When I finish exercising, I chat with my fans, post some Snapchat stories, and play some video games — I can’t live without them. Right now, I’m playing God of War and it’s a challenge for me. Nothing special as you can see, typical day of a pornstar.

Courtesy of Eva Elfie

What do you think is the biggest misconception people have about the industry you wish you could change?

I still have people thinking that we are real step-siblings having sex in the videos. Maybe it’s time to tell the truth!


How has joining the industry changed your life?

It changed everything for me. It bettered my quality of life, and I’m not just talking about money. Aside from traveling all around the world, I feel like I've figured out who I am and have become a better person. I've also become more positive and sexually open-minded. I feel like I found my place in life. 


What have you learned about yourself since joining the industry?

I realized that I’m bisexual and I can very much enjoy another woman’s body. The industry has also helped me discover my true personality and what makes me special.

Courtesy of Eva Elfie

How do you deal with online criticism?

It actually does hurt sometimes. Criticism is good, but not when it’s just plain bullying. I try to ignore offensive stuff, but thankfully, Pornhub has a very kind and friendly community. Most of the comments are positive, funny, and inspiring. Thank you guys for being cool!


Where do you hope to see your career in the next 5 years?

I’d love to see myself at the Pornhub Awards. I got a Brazzers collar as a gift and since then, I’ve been dreaming about shooting with them. I hope I’ll be able to within the next 5 years. And of course, I want to continue making some hot stuff for my Pornhub channel till I’m 50 or 60 — I haven’t decide yet.


Follow Eva Elfie on Twitter and Instagram for photos, videos, and updates on her next project.

Twitter @EvaElfie

Instagram @theevaelfie


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Eva Elfie 2 weeks ago

Awesome! Big thanks to Pornhub for this interview and for the opportunity to tell everybode the truth about Riley's ass ^_^ Kisses!

TowerOpoweR 1 week ago

Sexy and classy. A perfect woman. Keep up the good work darlin.

Sasha Grein 1 week ago

Cool! Congrats!

Hotoregonwifeh 1 week ago

Big thanks to you for being so awesome

SrilankanPornClub 2 weeks ago

Kiss 🤭😘

ScottishFaerie 2 weeks ago

Congrats! You are awesome!

Purple Vayda 2 weeks ago


Leolulu 2 weeks ago

Great to read more about you Eva you're very sweet! Congrats for everything and all the best to you two ❤ it was great meeting you at the pornhub awards 😄

Nick and Nicole 2 weeks ago

It's great to hear your story Keep smashing it!

huhuezo90 2 weeks ago

Wow! Riley Reid, you touched her ass, amazing hahaha. Congratulations on your nomination. Good luck hope you win, awesome news, congratulations.

CK Road 2 weeks ago

Nice work !! We want to follow your path !

Alex CUM 2 weeks ago

you deserve that and much more, you are one of the best

SexyBustyGirl 2 weeks ago

Great job Kiss

Elin Flame 2 weeks ago

But u told dont tell anyone 😹 well, now we knows whose ass we would like to touch 😉

BehindTheFace 2 weeks ago

This is amazing, i love it;3

Chanelllsss 2 weeks ago

I agree, Pornhub is the largest and powerful instrument for sharing our emotions and sexuality. My body wants to show myself and it is the best way. Thank you Pornhub😘

Tropicalskin 2 weeks ago

You're gorgeous and humble what great gifts! Wish you lots of success!

JoleenLindero 2 weeks ago

Wow, this really touched me!! i really relate to her and this article is SUPER encouraging!! i've been doing this for less than a year, and it's great to hear that someone with similar tastes (and even backstory) can do so well! and girl, you are SUPER hot! thank you for being so wonderful and empowering, YOU might just be my new Role Model!!

Alex CUM 2 weeks ago

despite being a man there are a couple of things that identify me to her, it's a very beautiful story

Sasha Bikeyeva 2 weeks ago

I wish her even more success and life and creative victories! Детка, ты милый Эльф самородок из России!!! 😍👍👍👍

Eva Elfie 2 weeks ago


Nice Foxy 2 weeks ago

Nice Eva! I like that you're so real. You inspire me!

Minx and Lynx 2 weeks ago

Really awesome to see someone so new have such success! We hope to be there some day ❤

cb10gauge 2 weeks ago

really nice body

KingBlackPoppa 2 weeks ago

i jus wanna be next for my blowjob. ha ha.

mjk0362 2 weeks ago

Great interview, being natural and genuine is the most important thing, and you exemplify that in full. You are truly lovely

Daniel1montoya 2 weeks ago

Eres increíble mi amor daría lo que fuera por ti me encantas mamasita hermosa eres perfecta grabamos juntos

Phattie89 2 weeks ago


Allyourdreams 2 weeks ago

Welldone girl! Congratulations. Your videos are amazing! Waiting for your new videos!

Chokobanana 2 weeks ago

She is wonderful!

Pink Milk 2 weeks ago

you do a great job, sweetie

Alex CUM 2 weeks ago

The anecdote was very curious about how the video of the blowjob with that boy emerged.

Leolinus836 2 weeks ago

Meet uup

The Masked Devils 2 weeks ago

Beautiful!!! Blessings

RoleplaysCouples 2 weeks ago

Perhaps this is exactly so!😁 Well, agree that it is impossible to resist a hot, female, slim, sexy body. This is incredibly difficult! Ahaha ...😁 We wish you all that you conceived to come true and that good, kind people are always with you!💋

RoleplaysCouples 2 weeks ago

Awesome article! It was very interesting to read! But as for the girl and the girl ... I am sure that every girl in the world wants a different girl! And for it does not have to be bisexual😉

Adelmen2005 2 weeks ago


Wick john 2 weeks ago

Anyone in chicago wanna share this hottie for valentine's? We are planning for a threesome https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5e33e762ba43c

Eva Elfie 2 weeks ago

Maybe it means that all girls are bisexual?)

Little angelt 2 weeks ago

She inspired us

TerraAmuria 2 weeks ago


BeautifulSexyGirl 2 weeks ago

she is very hot

SexWithMilfStella 2 weeks ago

She's one of our favorites, amazing performer!

SlikkSlow 5 days ago


ALEXANDRA C 1 week ago

Beautiful EVA....great😘😍😘😍😘

Eva Lux 2 weeks ago


sessvids 2 weeks ago

LaMinaLuv 2 weeks ago

Name of the moment in this community Eve Eldie.much tespect

LonelyMeow 2 weeks ago

Awww 🥰 so pretty

big-mike7414 2 weeks ago

I can't wait for an anal video

Vic Alouqua 2 weeks ago

so pretty congrats for the model of the month

Nikita Drummer 2 weeks ago

Cant wait to be in your position one day!!! I read the whole thing I feel like I can relate to you so much! If you dont mind me asking, how did you come about telling your family?

LucaWMia 2 weeks ago

Nice work enjoy

HotAussiePorn 2 weeks ago

Congradulations on your success we hope to someday be successful

MistressLia 2 weeks ago

Nice personality. I am aspiring to become a well known amateur, (lol) being 48 has its draw backs though. I like what you said about knowing who you are. It takes most people a long time to find that. I found it at a later age and ever since, I have started down the porn path. This is my first REAL connection to the industry. Learning as I go. I enjoyed your story. It gave me even more inspiration.

huhuezo90 2 weeks ago

Good luck Eva Elfie, and congratulations.

Chessie Rae 2 weeks ago

Such a great and interesting read. I've always wondered eva elfies story (as I feel we are very similar) keep up the good work hun! You seem like a real chick

Drilliroxxxxx 2 weeks ago

she issa sexy elf! nice lil ass too!

Wick john 2 weeks ago

Anyone in chicago wanna share this hottie for valentine's? We are planning for a threesome https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5e33e762ba43c

Anna Shpilman 2 weeks ago

Beautiful and talented girl! Nice to watch your videos! 💋💋

Capran 2 weeks ago

She is the perfect mix of sweet and sexy! :-o

Mustafamnmnmnmn 2 weeks ago


Wick john 2 weeks ago

Anyone in chicago wanna share this hottie for valentine's? We are planning for a threesome https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5e33e762ba43c

BehindTheFace 2 weeks ago

Если ты это прочтешь, то попрошу тебя, просто будь такой же замечательной как и всегда:3

1perverts1 2 weeks ago

Wow,it’s perfect)

Miss Fantasy 2 weeks ago

Beautiful and very interesting girl Eva you rightfully occupy the high ranks of popular models PornHub

SuperDrogo 2 weeks ago


queen-light 2 weeks ago

Hooot 🔥 🔥

LinoLola 2 weeks ago

Eva is the cutest little sexy creature!)

ToddyTodd98 2 weeks ago

https://www.pornhub.com/model/toddytodd98 subscribe too my channel 🥰 & my Youtube ToddyTodd98 Promotional use only❣️

Cute Kissy 2 weeks ago

Eva elfie marry me!

AndreaRandom 2 weeks ago

she is the best

2country 2 weeks ago


Chanelllsss 2 weeks ago

Very interesting. Nice model)

Pettit_Looloo 2 weeks ago

Hot as hell!!!🤘🤘🤘

Romeodaddy 2 weeks ago

This inspired me honestly

Timbigboos 2 weeks ago

Trying to get approved for p****** can someone help

Holly Halftone 2 weeks ago

Your verification was declined, you'll have received an e-mail with info on what it was missing and how to resubmit it

Alis y Bruno 2 weeks ago

you just have to send the form to be a model that you have in the menu of the pornhub page and send the photo with your identification

BhabhiorDevar 2 weeks ago

Nice work !! We want to follow your path ! Congratulations❤

JT4U 23 hours ago

Please feel free to view our videos. We are just starting but have much to come. Also I am a writer so if you need anything scripted go to jtadorations4u@gmail.com and I will be happy to help.

JT4U 23 hours ago

You are a lovely young lady. Go and get yours and don't let anyone stand in your way. JT

mealone2235 1 week ago


goblues314 1 week ago

Hey now

Sasha Grein 1 week ago

Super sexy photos

Smilme 1 week ago


Mwaarh 1 week ago

Great Congrats! Very Beautiful Eva! Are you Awesome!

Morgana Stardust 1 week ago

Awesome! 💜🥰

BigClitMcGee 1 week ago

\(°o°)/ .。*♡amazing!

Estie Kay 1 week ago

She's so beautiful, i can't believe person like this could exist, omg😍

BunnyLovesYou 1 week ago

Love Eva Elfie! She is a true beauty! 💓

Nikson121 2 weeks ago

Хочу увидеть тебя

xNoFaceLust 2 weeks ago

It was interesting , Eva Elfie thank you!

nastybaby08 2 weeks ago


Kevin_Oregon 2 weeks ago


Nina Quinn 2 weeks ago

SwagRussianPanda 2 weeks ago

Very interesting Interview

jfox69 2 weeks ago

Love your story

Funboy833 2 weeks ago


Johnne Deep 2 weeks ago

Wow amazing . Congratulations!!! Xoxo

ahmadllove 2 weeks ago

جميلة جدا

White lightning 2 weeks ago

Love your videos, I’d like to shoot a scene w you, don’t lose sleep over your ears, they are sexy af. I enjoy watching u sucking dick. That’s also my fav. I love watching my dick getting sucked n choked on as they all try to take it all, but it does feel so good when they pop down the last inch or two. So tight in throat!! By sexy!!

Huztlemonroe 2 weeks ago

Congrats! Very Deserving ❤

Pornstarr vonni 2 weeks ago

Them view numbers are bananas..congrats!!!!!

Luxurylully 2 weeks ago


Koyss 2 weeks ago

She’s so lit ❤

couple_nougat 2 weeks ago

Congratulations and thanks to getting more insight from our stars here! ♥

chinablaque 2 weeks ago


Sugar coo 2 weeks ago

Congratulations 🍾

DonnaDeep 2 weeks ago

Eva you've got the hottest ideas and a beautiful body. Keep on flashing us 😉😘😍😘

Z Punisher 2 weeks ago


LatinaBabee92 2 weeks ago


Africanladies 2 weeks ago


Bigluvns 2 weeks ago


Pinkysexx 2 weeks ago

EvaElfie I wrote this script.

papaxmama 2 weeks ago

My favorite model 😘❤

19daddy89 2 weeks ago

Girl crush?

NikkyBad 2 weeks ago

Sexy gal ow ow!!! You might have to teach me some tricks next time congrats babe!

Retev 2 weeks ago

Congratulations on the victory

karlakole17 2 weeks ago

Wow, good for your growth on the page. I hope to have this success too. Great. Congratulations

TherapyGirl 2 weeks ago

Eva you are a Fabulous angel of sexual light ❤🔥😘 would love to co-create with you one day soon 🎁🙏🏻🎥🎆 Also check out my #VDAY2020 video. Have you submitted yet? https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5e33bc89c0aab

innocentdemon 2 weeks ago


horny69rabbits 2 weeks ago


Charley714 2 weeks ago

Wow! What a lovely interview, you are truly the #1 Superstar of the World!

husband-fist-wife 2 weeks ago

Wish we could get another women to join us. My wife wants to try it.

CarreraCouple 2 weeks ago

We love your videos! We sure have some inspiration from you on the videos we are shooting for our channel! Hope you see them when they will be uploaded 😘❤

Lustbaby 2 weeks ago

more love to you Eva

CreamPinay69 2 weeks ago

Thanks for sharing your thoughts Eva. Very interesting and inspiring. Love lots. 😘 😍 💕

Pink Milk 2 weeks ago

Я обожаю тебя, дорогая!

MsStacy08 2 weeks ago


BreiderDavid 2 weeks ago

Hi, I'm all new. I just joined today. I only have one compliment and it's being a porn actor.

Wick john 2 weeks ago

Anyone in chicago wanna share this hottie for valentine's? We are planning for a threesome https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5e33e762ba43c

Blyde Connie 2 weeks ago

Love this

Carly Curvy 2 weeks ago


ScarXXXJones 2 weeks ago


rhllor699 2 weeks ago

Eva is awsome!!! Such a cutie and so hot 😍🤩😘 Deserves all the success!!! Nice interview btw😉

Shaiden Rogue 2 weeks ago


PrincessHaze 2 weeks ago

Love this Q&A and I can also relate to her. Uploaded by first video October of Last Year and I cant wait to see where I find myself in this a year and a half from now. vous souhaite plus de succès.

Daki Mura 2 weeks ago

This level of self-fulfillment is my goal. Good job, Eva!

2country 2 weeks ago

She beautiful

Shyla Nervous 2 weeks ago

Wow! Damn she really is pretty with a nice spirit. I hate to admit that I normally get frustrated with these types of high quality performers with perfection always getting the spotlight but only being on PH a year and a half and already getting the views, following and attention that every performer would dream of is extremely impressive and is deserving of a model spotlight.

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