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by: Aurora Watson

This week on Model Citizens, inspred by her latest achievement, we decided to put the spotlight on the lovely Texas Patti.

Since joining the industry over a decade ago, Texas Patti has become one of the most successful performers. In October alone, she was named Greatest MILF for the 2nd time at the Venus Berlin Awards, adding a 10th trophy to her collection which include Best Actress and Best Producer. So of course, we had to reach out to her and figure out her secret to success. 

Keep on reading and get to know Texas Patti a little more.


Tell us about your upbringing? Has it influenced your work and your approach to being a performer and entrepreneur?

 My parents and grandparents are very nice and openminded, but in general, my unbringing didn’t influence my decision to be a part of the adult industry. I joined because love sex.


Your profile mentions that you have a passion for rockabilly. What is it about rockabilly that inspires you?

My husband, Patrick, and I grew up in the rockabilly scene in Germany. We love the music and the that ‘50s lifestyle. I am very romantic and love the attitude and mentality of the people during that era. Some people wonder why I have a fascination with that era considering men were more conservative, but that was the case for grandparents!

Courtesy of Texas Patti

What does a typical day look like for you?

My team and I are very German and have a strict work plan. This is what a typical day looks like for us.

0530 am          Breakfast

0600 am          Workout 1

0730 am          Shower

0830 am          Webcam

1200 pm          Office time and lunch

0200 pm          Social media content

0400 pm          Lunch 2

0500 pm          Workout 2

0700 pm          Livestream Twitch and social media (Instagram, too, but not every day)

0900 pm          Fun time


When you’re not working, what could we find you doing?

As you can see, we schedule in “fun time” after 9 pm. We’ll either meet up with swinger couples, hike in the mountains, play football, visit museums since we’re such history buffs, or go dancing at a rock and roll club. However, we love what we do, so our hobby is our work.


Are there any fetishes on your bucket list you’d like to try you haven’t done yet?

Yes! I would love to have an anal orgy with a whole football team. I also have thing for bisexual men.  

Courtesy of Texas Patti

Where do you look for inspiration for your videos?

We’ll brainstorm some ideas, play out some of Patrick’s fantasies, or we’ll look online for inspiration.


How do you deal with criticism online?

I’m happy to receive criticism, but I prefer using the word “feedback.” It helps us improve and we’re always striving to be the best. We tell our team, “Try to be better and reinvent yourself every day.”


What do you accredit your success to?

I believe it comes down to the fact that I love my job, how hard I work, how I don't give up, I set goals and work toward my dreams, I try to always keep a positive mindset, I'm courageous, and I have a great team. 


Why the name Texas Patti? How would you describe Texas Patti? How is she different/similar to you?

The most important letters in our industry are in the name “Texas” — think about it. And “Patti” is a Betti and Patrick combined. Texas Patti and Betti are more alike than you think. We both love sex and that porn lifestyle. Patrick, who’s produced more than 1,000 porn scenes, feels the same way.


Has your perception of the community changed since you started?

When I started in 2008, DVDs were a big deal. It was important to have your content on a DVD and the highest goal was to get a contract. It’s definitely changed since then, and right now, I feel like you should be your own producer and think like a big studio. However, it’s still a dream of mine to get a contract with Brazzers.

Courtesy of Texas Patti

If you could go back in time to when you started, would you change anything?

 No, I don’t think so. A philosophy I live by is you either go with the times or you will disappear with time.


What has been your biggest success thus far? Biggest struggle?

That’s difficult to say because every step in building my career has been great. However, winning my 10th Venus Award in Germany was amazing because I am currently the only one who has 10.


Tell us a fun fact about yourself your fans would be surprised to learn.

 For starters, I am terrified of spiders and rollercoasters and I have a 20-year-old teddy bear.


Coming from Germany, how would you say their perception of the porn industry differs from North America?

 I feel like the industry in the United States is like Champions League in football. The sets are bigger and the video quality is better, more film-like. There also seems to be more opportunities and greater respect for this kind of job.


Follow Texas Patti on Twitter and Instagram for photos, videos, and updates on her next project.

Twitter @texas_patti

Instagram @texaspatti


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MarieKlaire 7 months ago

the daily routine is impressive, not for the lazy))

CASEYandCJ 7 months ago

Ikr, I Wonder How Much Sleep She Gets

ibarbie 7 months ago

Workout is my daily routine too 💦

huhuezo90 7 months ago

BeautifulSexyGirl 7 months ago


Cherry Lips 7 months ago

But what time do you get up? At that time in Spain the streets are not on 😱

Cherry Lips 7 months ago

@hardsexwork don't have me with the intrigue, what do you want to tell me?

hardsexwork 7 months ago

Oh i wanna texte u

Blackredfox 7 months ago

Cool, inspires the development of the same lovers of sex and porn😍

SexwithMilfStella 7 months ago

I LOVE the detailed daily plan, organization gets me wet as fuck! No joke.

Victoria Wet 7 months ago

Im not lesbian, but she is very nice

TeenBodySex 7 months ago

"you either go with the times or you will disappear with time" perfectly said! 😊👍 I think so too!))

CASEYandCJ 7 months ago

That Daily Routine Is Just...Wow, I Wonder What Time She Finally Goes To Sleep

AMG-69 7 months ago


Rhix4U 7 months ago

very interesting and active routine. What a first-class role model!

huhuezo90 7 months ago


lustful_anal_girl 7 months ago

Вот это да, в такую рань сознательно встаешь, молодец)Я просыпаюсь еле-еле к 8.00 AM)))

unknown 7 months ago


Shyla Nervous 7 months ago

Wow! She has an entire team... And Germany has it's own porn awards!?!? She doesn't really need Brazzers. She seems extremely successful on her own. Best of luck to you Texas Patti!! xox

Ixcuina 7 months ago

🔥 🔥 🔥

MaxiLovers 7 months ago

Mmmmm You are Amazing!!!! Thank you!!!! It was really interesting

TheRareRabbit 7 months ago

So much motavation from her story. Thats beautiful! Thank you for sharing! 🐰

couple_nougat 7 months ago

That's where success comes from: working diligently, having a plan, sticking to it and having fun at the same time!

Dexripoff 7 months ago

Loved it♥♥just a comment: She mentioned that USA porn industry is like champion league in football. Well that's right👍👍 but football in the USA is different and has other things for entertainment. JUST LIKE PORN IN EUROPE AND OTHER PLACES ON EARTH♥♥🥰🥰

RickyBobby013 7 months ago

Shes a total babe! Id love to get as involved as she & her husband are! I need to find a partner haha

koreecBK 3 months ago

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Freaknasty799 7 months ago

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PiinkPerll 7 months ago

Subscribe to me!!!!

Katpr0 7 months ago


yoonjay123 7 months ago

Masterbating is my daily routine

Fawna Fuller 7 months ago

So lovely meeting you and your husband at the AVNs

The Masked Devils 7 months ago

She’s badass 333

Chelly Green 7 months ago

Fuckin Sexy ass MILF!

Santa Lucia 7 months ago

The info about American porn is quit interesting 🧐

Biggrizzly20 7 months ago

Cool 😎

Sweetmiss18 7 months ago

Wow, i want it too)

TandCAdult 7 months ago


2country 7 months ago

I work out alot

2country 7 months ago


backshotLAV 7 months ago

Check my pinned post

Franchy Lily Rose 7 months ago

Wow I like how hard she works on her dreams. I can deffinately see why she is so successful.

sessvids 7 months ago

One of the best 👍

Arame333 7 months ago


2kworldwide 7 months ago

Damn inspiring!

2kworldwide 7 months ago

any solo females...? Add me

Sp33dyqu33n 7 months ago

Not much sleep at all! My real life has me hit the clock at 5amto 3pm Monday through Friday...alarm goes off at 330 am.

Mychyna 7 months ago

Hi to ph trying it out please view me

Mychyna 7 months ago

I’m new everyone

Maksimboy 7 months ago


chinablaque 7 months ago


KinkyHome 7 months ago

You are and your team amazing💝😘

Luxurylully 7 months ago

Wow!! 😍

Luchy main 1 7 months ago


Blyde Connie 7 months ago

Be cool

Morgana Stardust 7 months ago

Ffs, I hope I was as committed with those healthy habits, working out and stuff. Anywayz, great read 🥰

King pornohub 7 months ago

хочу попробовать себя на порно кастинге?!

cb10gauge 7 months ago

a pro

RozaKhmer 7 months ago


DonnaDeep 7 months ago

You're a real hot girl, after reading your daily routine i know why your body is so good in shape 😍😘

MsShynie 7 months ago

Congratulations hun

BBCKASHES 7 months ago


SpunFun4One 7 months ago

You seem down to earth and REAL♡♡♡ much respect

papito1426 7 months ago


MsFriday5 7 months ago


Ninfetinhaa 7 months ago

Cool ^^

papaxmama 7 months ago

Awesome 🔥🔥🔥

Reychapito 7 months ago

Es una delisia

RedPillGirl 7 months ago

Sexy milf

Sabrina Kat 7 months ago

Such an inspiration! ❤❤

unknown 7 months ago

Hot Milf 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Jamaica porn Service 7 months ago


unknown 7 months ago

Thanks for sharing your routine. Very helpful and inspiring. Keep it up dear. 😍 😘 💕

Red Head Foxy 7 months ago

You are the best!:3

Santa Lucia 7 months ago

Wow! Two workout during a day - pretty strong woman 👩🏻 👍🏼

unknown 7 months ago

You are fabulous!

Crisbit 7 months ago


RedsieRed 7 months ago

She's not on the lazy side!

unknown 7 months ago


Tattoo Sven 7 months ago

Is good for testosteron 👌✌👊💯

BatgirlTx 7 months ago

Very beautiful and sexy congratulations

husband-fist-wife 7 months ago

I got tired just reading the daily routine lol. Congrats

QKmomma03 7 months ago

Impressive and inspiring

LexEvenstar 7 months ago

Thank you for letting us get to know you more! It was super awesome 🥰

Bad bishiop 7 months ago


jamiecain 7 months ago


Godivasnow 7 months ago

Congratulations can't wait till it's my turn ♥♥♥

unknown 7 months ago


Contraband Crystine 7 months ago

The daily routine is a testament to how hard we all work to be successful. Cheers xo

California ID 7 months ago


Sweetie_Fox 7 months ago

It's will be Great

Ellie Idol 7 months ago

I admire your work ethic! Nice!

TerraAmuria 7 months ago


shely81 7 months ago

Beautiful woman... 🔥

wildcouple16 7 months ago

very sexy

Andrii_Lover 7 months ago


Devin and Brandy 7 months ago

You’re amazing!!

Piskiply 7 months ago

Interesting interesting

Nina Quinn 7 months ago


misssuzy26 7 months ago


TinyTeenBigTitties 7 months ago

She is fire

The Sex Creator 7 months ago


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