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by: Aurora Watson

Since PayPal’s decision to stop payouts to thousands of Models two months ago, we’ve been hustling to start the new year on a good note and offer you more options to make things a little easier. Curious? Keep on reading.



1. The first bit of good news is that we added USDT to your payout options. For those of you who may not know, USDT is a crypto currency that follows the US dollar, meaning one USDT token is equal to one US dollar. USDT transactions can be done globally within a few seconds and there are no fees.

Since USDT and TRON blockchain have partnered up, we can now pay Models securely through TRONlink, a cryptocurrency wallet. Here's how:

-Download the TronLink wallet app. (Apple Store) (Google Play)

- Create your account and give your wallet a name. Then pick a password and create a backup mnemonic phrase by clicking on “back up now.” Be sure you jot it down somewhere and then click on “I have saved it securely.” Follow the instructions to confirm your mnemonic phrase and once that’s done, click on “carry out” to complete the sign-up process.

-Once it’s all set up, click on “USDT” in the main home page to start sending and receiving payments. This is where you’ll see all your transactions.

-Click on “received” and then “copy the receipt address.” Then head over to your Model Settings page, select USDT under Payment Method, and paste the numerical sequence beside it.



2. You now also have the option to use Cosmo Payment. It's free, safe, and offers global access, meaning you can withdraw from your local ATM machine, make online and in-store purchases wherever debit and credit cards are accepted, and view your bank statements online or with the Cardportal app.

Start by filling out the registration form on their website and then submit the required documents to get verified. Once you’ve signed up, you could download the Cardportal mobile app and register your card so you’ll have access to your money and banking information anytime. (Apple Store) (Google Play).

Once you've registered, head over to your Model Settings, select Cosmo as your Payment Method, and enter the 9-digit SAN number you got from Cosmo. 



3. We've also added direct deposit for Australia and Puerto Rico. To set it up, head over to your Model Settings tab. This is where you’ll find all your personal information including your address and payment details. Scroll down to Payment Method and select Direct Deposit. This will only work if you have an Australian or Puerto Rican address and your bank account is in AUD or USD, respectively. (Reminder: In case you didn't already know, we also offer direct deposit for Canadians and have SEPA Direct Debit for European countries.)


** For this month can will use the exchange from the 6th of February at noon, which was one USD = 1 USDT

Moving forward we will using the exchange from the 5th of the month.


If you have any questions or concerns, comment below, reach out to our support team, or DM us on Twitter @PornhubHelp


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Ixcuina 8 months ago

Sweet! Now I just need to get money for my first payout 😂

Thedawgg44 6 months ago

Do yu no when yu get your first payment

big8kush 6 months ago

Same here

Norren Radd 6 months ago

Same same

DominicanSwagger 6 months ago

same here lol 😂

brooke haze 6 months ago


Miss ishy rose 7 months ago

Me too! 😂

Aurora Bella 7 months ago


Coreydagreat21 7 months ago

Hell yeah I know right

Tarico smooth 7 months ago

Watch my videos I’ll watch yours lol

raelynn btm slut 7 months ago

I know that's right. U funny

SpicyMelanin 7 months ago

Who you telling 😂😂

ibarbie 7 months ago

Wow cryptocyrrencies!

Mimi Boom 7 months ago

Same here!

MagicMike3X 7 months ago

Yes! Always nice to get paid for our work. Extra options appreciated.

Mydear19 7 months ago

Mee tooooo 😋😋

QueenOfDragonCream 8 months ago

Agreed, guess I need to put in more work lol

Halo and Gat 8 months ago

Same 👼

lovebunneexo 8 months ago

Same here !!

Trinibbc2018 8 months ago

Me too 😉

kittyfantasy 8 months ago

Lol me too, good luck yall!! Xoxo

Zack Fairr 8 months ago

Tell me about it...

spaceoddities 8 months ago

This comment is so relatable Hahahah

Mary Konopelka 8 months ago

Pornhub 🧡🧡🧡

MzWaterfallzAll4U 8 months ago

Feeling is mutual lol

King Brann 8 months ago

Check me out and subscribe my content is fire 🍆💦💦💦💦🔥🔥🔥😩

King Brann 8 months ago

Lol facts

Eva lullaby 8 months ago

Same love 😂

Mary Konopelka 8 months ago

Soakmyface 8 months ago

I was about to say the same thing 😭😂

Expressiya 8 months ago

It is wonderful! Great news, I was waiting for this!

RedsieRed 8 months ago

With that body you'll get there soon wow!!

ThatGuyBased 8 months ago

Subscribe 😋

horny1horny2 8 months ago

Same for me! Gotra work hard on our videos.

pattymelt07 8 months ago


Kiyimoii 8 months ago


huhuezo90 8 months ago


huhuezo90 8 months ago


Caressa Coatl 8 months ago

Your not even lying 😂

Jamie Christy 8 months ago


GeechieChocolate 8 months ago

Me and you both. 😔😖😔 https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5e287663bc21b

Cherry Lips 8 months ago

How have you done to have so many followers in a month? 😱

HilareeBee 8 months ago

Everybody on this thread add and boost each other‼😘

MissMally 8 months ago

Gotta work hard for it 😜 I've had a few payouts, but don't forget to try live streaming too.

Lust With Us 8 months ago


NickyFatale 8 months ago

Me too 😂

cpl4u2nv 8 months ago

We're waiting too!

unknown 8 months ago

Right lol

Lashay0 8 months ago

Never felt a comment so much in my life 😂

Alex Cum 8 months ago

The future in payment methods for Pornhub will undoubtedly be through cryptocurrencies

mike vazovski 8 months ago

Hehehe, we too

1PussyMouth 8 months ago


Michelle Dichelli 8 months ago

Word... trying to get the first 62 cents and then the bank will take some aaaaaaaaaaaand it's gone. :Đ

Alyssa Bloom 8 months ago

Me too girl 😂

germanqueen 8 months ago

I feel u 😂🙏🏼

MissMally 8 months ago

I've had a few now 😜

unknown 8 months ago

Man, I know those feels lol

MR BENGA OFFICIAL 8 months ago

Congratulations on the work of the entire PORNHUB team. Much success in this new phase.

papaxmama 7 months ago


Mimi Boom 7 months ago

Great Job!! 😋

monoLola 8 months ago

great news!

misssimran 8 months ago

From my opinion great

germanqueen 8 months ago

Yea !😊

AmateurAmb 8 months ago

Awesome! If only I could get enough views or fans to actually reach the payout amount... Whys it gotta be so high 😔

dirtymumanddad 3 months ago

Just keep uploading videos babe x x x

Thedawgg44 6 months ago

What’s the pay out amount

Norren Radd 6 months ago

If we all support each other it would help everybody 🤷🤷

crimsonrose13 7 months ago

@SpicyMelanin - Do you have a Twitter ? That has helped me out quite a bit... I am not able to show my face uncovered bc of my "day" job so I feel ya on trying to getting followers and other individuals to appreciate my differences and/or quarks!

SpicyMelanin 7 months ago

I’m feeling somewhat discouraged. As an ebony it’s so hard getting the exposure 🥺 it will come love. Stay with it ❤

unknown 7 months ago

Don't worry it will come keep at it

sassybigtits 7 months ago

What's the payment amount you need to reach?

santamariababy 7 months ago

I feel you😭😭

Mimi Boom 7 months ago

It will take time honey :*

QueenOfDragonCream 8 months ago

I think you’re doing great! You’ll make money in no time

unknown 8 months ago

I still use my iPhone too 🤣

Caramel Dlite 8 months ago

All you need is Marketing Skills... Get your videos out there so people will want to see.

Angeleyeddemon 8 months ago

You only have 3 video you need plenty more to start getting views up and try covering the hot trending topics it can boost your views

Keri Love 8 months ago

You don't need a good camera or to be a professional ... I still use my iPhone LOL

Skylar Shaye 8 months ago

They literally act like we're out of the womb professionals with good cameras SMH.

THE EVIL BBC 8 months ago

$100 is not that high Just make sure you make popular videos. One might gain traction

BigAndrew17 8 months ago

Who cares about quick money if you make videos and post them regardless of views you'd be surprised... I've only made 3 "for sale videos" at 5 dollars each... everything else is free videos. I only have 24 dollars but it will grow EVENTUALLY just have patience you got it

LusciousssssB 8 months ago

Righttttt smh

germanqueen 8 months ago

Same here ☹

SlugsOfCumGuy 8 months ago

Start your own crypto currency. Porncoins anyone?

StrokeBazaar 7 months ago

I don't feel good about a cryptocurrency that mirrors the value of the US dollar, which has been steadily dropping for decades.

Mimi Boom 7 months ago

Haha the future of Porn Currency !! PornHub Dollars !! 😋😋

Hotoregonwifeh 8 months ago

I’m in

PartTimeAmateurs 8 months ago


meliknox 8 months ago

Me in reataurant: do you accept porn coins as a payment option? Waiter: Yes! You worked your ass to pay your meals.

Kiyimoii 8 months ago

If they do that corporations gna start bullying em for bs

hotballsjuice 8 months ago

I bet you than in 12 months, it'll be worth more than Bitcoin if they do.

mike vazovski 8 months ago


NatSin8 8 months ago

It's not a bad idea!

germanqueen 8 months ago

U are funny 😂😂

MaxiLovers 8 months ago

Wow!!! Thank you 🤗♥

huhuezo90 8 months ago


Camm Sparks 8 months ago

I just got my first payout! Thank everyone so much 200K views!

BigAndrew17 7 months ago

@MZPRETTYPUSSYS no you can get tips, put out paid videos. There are multiple ways. Just have to be honest about what you put out you have to make videos original


So u have to reach 200k. In order to Gt the payout

goodpussy49 7 months ago

What do you use to receive your payment?

unknown 8 months ago

Congratulations 🎉🍾🎈

huhuezo90 8 months ago

Wow! Congratulations

Tiny Latina Teen 8 months ago

Let’s get this pornhub money 💪

2kworldwide 8 months ago

Any Solo Female Here?

Spicyselena 5 months ago


2kworldwide 8 months ago

DM Ari Hernandez

King Brann 8 months ago

I bet $100 I’ll make you cum to my videos 🍆💦💦💦💦💦💦💦 if you don’t dm me and I’ll pay you

Goldfapp 2 weeks ago

I need that $100 to hit Payout level

Expressiya 8 months ago

It is wonderful! Great news, I was waiting for this!

Chokobanana 8 months ago

Can we use also other addresses for USDT, or just this app?Thank you, finally!

young_strawberry 8 months ago

Technically shouldn't be a problem to use another wallet. But since there is no plenty of places that you can shop with cryptocurrency you probably have to sell it for real money and the different wallets charge different taxes for withdrall. So maybe this is the best options thats why they introduce it.

young_strawberry 8 months ago

Probably you have to check for yourself what is the best options. I personally prefer bitcoin and i use it for other sites with different wallets. All of my BTC wallets work the same way just the finale taxes are different. I'm not 100% sure, but should't be a much different for USDT. Sorry for the long answer. Wish you luck!

Alex Cum 8 months ago

You have to give the opportunity to cryptocurrencies as a payment method, without a doubt they are the future

Mia Marley 8 months ago

More crypto, nice!!

unknown 8 months ago

Nice! Soon our first payment so

Cockasian Sensation 8 months ago

Thank you PH team! Hope to hit my first $1,000 next month. Don't give up friends, just be yourself and keep at it!

darksilent0014 1 month ago

sir what payment method you use here in philippines

Cockasian Sensation 5 months ago

March I only uploaded one or two videos because I've been working on other things but still got almost a $600 payout. I'm not bragging, or "flexing" or whatever. It took a lot of work to get there, and when you break it down, there's definitely easier ways to make money. BUTTT it's not as fun, wholesome, and fulfilling as this

Cockasian Sensation 5 months ago

I'm not sure how many views but I think the average is about $.64 per 1000 views so I'd guess somewhere around 100,000 views. There's definitely a strategy to how you make, edit, and especially upload your videos. I plan to make some YouTube videos explaining my process. There's always gonna be haters, but here's the truth: the amount of work I put into my first 50 videos I think I averaged about 50 cents an hour the first couple months, but I have a system that I stuck with and it worked.

Spicyselena 5 months ago

How many views to get 1st payout? Been here almost a year. Have 5.7k views and 1.8k subscribers. Thanks spicyselena

Cherry Lips 8 months ago

are you going to charge $ 1000? you're rich, marry me 😍

Mars_X 8 months ago

Great! That's just in time for my first professional porn video ever next week! Thank you so much, Pornhub And guys, please come check my channel in a few days!

Mary Konopelka 8 months ago

Thank you Pornhub 😍 i love Pornhub ❤❤❤

PHXProductions 8 months ago

Best news ever, Paypal really need to stop blocking anything to do with the adult industry and start helping us a little more. At least we can always rely on Pornhub to come through with the goods. 3

MaryCandy 8 months ago

which network will you use for payouts in usdt? erc20 or tron or omni?

lilbabiekitten 8 months ago

Peep my profile babies

Goldfapp 2 weeks ago

Do Me Now

milfingrid 8 months ago

Good. PH has finally "discovered" Australia!

Nigerian Prince 8 months ago

Glad to see more crypto payment options 🙂

unknown 8 months ago

I will now row the money with a HUGE shovel

huhuezo90 8 months ago

Very funny comment. haha.

Ande Purrr 8 months ago

is it ironic to be paid “direct deposit” considering the number of deposits directed at us?? 😈

huhuezo90 8 months ago

you're right.

furystrikesback 8 months ago

Thanks for giving more options!

mike vazovski 8 months ago

Yes, is great!)

PinayBoobs 8 months ago

too bad paypal is gone... still miss it

Rebeu Beur 8 months ago

So many problems with PayPal because of porn

Maria Asiana 1 week ago

Need help. Don't know where to encash check in Philippines. Any Filipina who chose check for their payment method? Help.

Megachaf 1 week ago

do you accept google.pay as a payment? like so I wont have to use my card?

RolaKiki 7 months ago


California ID 7 months ago

Really trying to become a star so I can get the blessing from God to try to open up my own company so you can and give back to the world someone help my page out or let me do some scenes

jamaculent 7 months ago

So there's no direct deposit in the U.S.? Such as Chime, Netspend, etc???

XXIII Fantasies 7 months ago

Does direct deposit still work for US?

unknown 7 months ago

Cool! I just changed my payment method from xvg to usdt tron chain. I like verge but I prefer stable coin when it comes to receiving payout. Thank you Pornhub. 👍

Victoria Wet 7 months ago

super, I will try this method

BadAsswifey 7 months ago

How do I request my first payment, I did update my payment method to direct deposit

nher19 7 months ago

hello gud day. may i ask something.. how many viewers required to get payment from pornhub

KinkyHome 7 months ago

Wow!!! It's great🙌

ValeJoel 7 months ago

What type of USDT should I select in my wallet? TRX-USDT or USDT? I use the Atomic wallet. Thank you

Bbc7897 7 months ago

Just need some 💰💰

sessvids 7 months ago

I never liked PayPal anyway

unknown 7 months ago

PayPal, come back, pls!

Kris Tina Like 7 months ago

thank you))) just now the last thing is get so much money and become rich))))

MagicMike3X 7 months ago

Always nice to get paid.

Kinky_Czechgirl 7 months ago

Sweet ! Crypto is the way best solution i think

afriilguci 8 months ago

I am a newcomer from Indonesia. ask for advice, use what is a good method for payment. thanks

Maud9 8 months ago

Good !

ZoeProduction 8 months ago

Perfect let's go !!

SexualfantasyLand 8 months ago

Do you do Direct Deposit for other countrys? Im in Guatemala and with out paypal none of this options work for me. There are NO Bitcoin ATMs in Guatemaa. The only one we had close about 8 years ago.

EvaLola 8 months ago

good news😍😊

AmateurPOV 8 months ago

Add ePayments service plz

fallinslo 8 months ago

Bag time...

SuperDrogo 8 months ago

Muy bien, algún día deposito directo para República Dominicana 🇩🇴 😘😘😘

Sasha Grein 8 months ago

Oh start your own currency (somebody said) can be nice idea)) Something like bitporn or porncoin))) or hubcoin, Bithub could be nice too)

sex9240 8 months ago

I'm not getting the money, can someone help me?

Holly Halftone 8 months ago

Your IDs were declined. Please contact models@pornhub.com

Rebeu Beur 8 months ago

Hello, You have uploaded videos and you are not in the videos.

HawtCock 8 months ago

Now I just need to make enough money to get my first pay. Lol so far I still have a long way to go. Any suggestions?

unknown 7 months ago

Promote your pornhub page on your other social media if u can also make ur content titles eye catching and allow pornhub to export your vids to there sister sites

Rebeu Beur 8 months ago

Make more attractive titles

Africanladies 8 months ago

So interesting. I love it.

Hotoregonwifeh 8 months ago

Oh cool that’s awesome you’re using crypto currencies Can you send the USDT to my Coinbase wallet address?

AutumnXXJordan 8 months ago

Go to our page and Subscribe 🧡🧡 Great Lesbian content from a real couple🤪

You170 8 months ago

Ооо, новые способы, это хорошо, спасибо Pornhub) *

KoskaetLeska 8 months ago

Thank you PH ♥♥♥

King Brann 8 months ago

lol How about cash app being a payment method ???

PriestessLuna 8 months ago

Not adult friendly

young_strawberry 8 months ago

That was fast, since the paypal thing happen. Thank you for the great work!

BeautifulSexyGirl 8 months ago


Jesse_Maserati 8 months ago

Buena información muchas gracias familia Pornhub.

husband-fist-wife 8 months ago

If you like fisting and streched pussy check us out and help us make some money. Thanks PH for more options.

MrsReddd 8 months ago

Check us out everyone 😝

unknown 8 months ago

yeah...i don't know. seems like a -check- payout seems the most feasible this far

unknown 8 months ago

Nice 🍫🍫

meliknox 8 months ago

Great! Can we use Atomic Wallet with USDT? I used Verge for the last payment and started loving crypto currency. I even made my first restaurant payment using my wallet!

huhuezo90 8 months ago

Good idea!

Sir Dig Bick Fcker 8 months ago

awesome still no have minimum for my First payout haha :/ GJ team PH great works

huhuezo90 8 months ago

Great thanks.

JayBlkBoii 8 months ago

Awesome! Thank you guys for constantly finding ways to keep us happy

PassionThriller 8 months ago


Debby Desire 8 months ago

Thats very good.Nice job

BitLoki 8 months ago

I don't suggest to use mobile wallets if you don't want to lose your funds over time.

zarinaaaa 8 months ago


huhuezo90 8 months ago


unknown 8 months ago

Check out my videos

PrecumX 8 months ago

Yeah, right. Just... some of the Europian countries are doomed and bound to Paxum, which charges 40 euros / 50 US dollars PER transactions. Yeah, great job. Thanks

PrecumX 7 months ago

@NattyCat SEPA is for the members of the Europian Union, not all europian countries are in it. Not all of us are interested in crypto currencies. And why checks when we had Paypal which was the CHEAPEST sollution...

Pornhub Nat 7 months ago

European countries have the option of SEPA, check, crypto or paxum.

Lucy 8 months ago

I'm really Happy for COSMO! Thank you!❤

JellyFilledGirls 8 months ago

Thanks PH!

huhuezo90 8 months ago

Carly Curvy 8 months ago

Love it

BulletBullet1777 8 months ago

Revolut can be good for payments

germanqueen 8 months ago

Yes !

Piskiply 8 months ago

Thank you, pornhub!

unknown 8 months ago

Coolest thing ever getting that extra $500 a month sometimes more

Ms_Wolf 8 months ago

@Total Fucking Awesomeness .. the views on here is not what counts the most. I'm not saying you're wrong, but the biggest earnings usually comes from video sales and Fan Club members. I looked at you profiles, and Benji82g has had good views (possibly sales) on videos that are higher priced than yours are. Who knows, Benji82g might do other things like webcams or something, to earn money as well. I don't know. I do know you can't tell the earnings from number of free views.

faniello 8 months ago

how on earth do you make 500?! or even 200-300 a month?

Total Fucking Awesomeness 8 months ago

No way you make that much a month on here. I call bullshit. We have way more views and make barely $100 in a month sometimes.

RedPillGirl 8 months ago


huhuezo90 8 months ago

lustful_anal_girl 8 months ago

Great, nice to know that the team does not stand still)Поделитесь своими мыслями

Devin and Brandy 8 months ago

Always keeping up to help everyone! Wonderful staff! PH

Dexripoff 8 months ago

Cool! More options is always better

germanqueen 8 months ago

Thats very nice but what about germany ? And feel Free to Check out my new Video #germanqueen 😘

Aurora Watson 8 months ago

Check out the blog on SEPA https://www.modelhub.com/blog/9112

Aurora Watson 8 months ago

We also have SEPA Direct Debit for European models! https://help.pornhub.com/hc/en-us/articles/227726527-What-type-of-payment-method-is-offered

JaimeTss 8 months ago


MadonnaMashed 8 months ago


Viva La Viva 8 months ago

Thank you my lovely Team!

Princesskim6 8 months ago

So cool !

HitoShippy 8 months ago


cuckcakedream 8 months ago

Awesome job guys!

Loco jojo 7 months ago

This is awesome we're excited let's go have sex

SexwithMilfStella 8 months ago

Buh-bye you PayPal bastards Great job Pornhub!

Sofi Queen 8 months ago


helena_ken_stormy 7 months ago

to fuck to get my first payment. Lol

Colorado Springs soco fun 14 hours ago

Wish Colorado would open up and stop hiding all the sexy lady's we could make good money.

BabyandBigDaddy Yesterday

What does everyone use for payout?? I’m stil trying to decide which to set up as. But yes!!! Everyone go subscribe to one another, I’m subscribing now to everyone

jpjuegos93 1 month ago

What app for Philippines to cash out?

MistersSinn 1 month ago

how to get money on check please help me

vashton 1 month ago

how do I update my payment details

Bigtittybit2198 1 month ago

Do yall accept cashapp

teenIYOT 2 months ago

Laban Pilipinas 🇵🇭

Maria Asiana 3 weeks ago

Hi sis, ask ko lang, anong payment method gamit mo?

Maria Asiana 3 weeks ago

Hi sis, ask ko lang, anong payment method gamit mo?

KampungBooys 2 months ago

which type of payment should i choose? i live in malaysia

darkestpornn 2 months ago

Guys anyone knows witch type of payment should i choose , i live in iran

Seidel20777 2 months ago

Wheres my winnings...lol

pollitocalientito 3 months ago

Para los amigos de latinoamerica aquí les dejo un tutorial para recibir sus pagos! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=imyES-1zim4

soficake 3 months ago

Hi! Can someone answer me if the payment is automatically? I already upload 2 videos but how can see the rank? The videos already have adds? It’s not the clear for me I already chose pay method and verified.

Curvedickjay 3 months ago

What about persons in Jamaica?

sanboymx 3 months ago


sanboymx 3 months ago

SOMEONE WHO CAN EXPLAIN HOW TO CHARGE WITH USDT? I already made my registration I already have my wallet ID, but I don't know how I would send it to my bank account.

sanboymx 3 months ago

ALGUIEN QUE PUEDE EXPLICAR CÓMO CARGAR CON USDT? Ya hice mi registro, ya tengo mi identificación de billetera, pero no sé cómo enviarla a mi cuenta bancaria.

dirtymumanddad 3 months ago

So close to getting my 1st payment hehe cabt wait x x x

Lonnie blaze 3 months ago

Has anyone else not been to do direct deposit? Its not allowing more than 9 numbers.

Bronx6ix 3 months ago

Soooo.. Um what about those who live in the Caribbean how will we get pay?

zjwd97 3 months ago

So I’ve made a decent amount of money on the model hub program.. how do I direct deposit the money in my bank account. I already have it set up through settings I just need to transfer the money. Can anyone help with this?

os22548 3 months ago

Hl que tal intente vincular mi cuenta pero no me deja xq ni poner mi numero de telefono o estado a que se debe eso

Ledyia 3 months ago


Charlie Troubles 4 months ago

so can people in the united states still receive payment??

Kane420691 4 months ago

Same here

palande001 4 months ago

i am from india, wat i need to do for the payment? which is best options for me.. plese tell me, if anybody knw

Aria Quinn 4 months ago


SL-Bhashi 4 months ago

Hi, I'm in Srilanka. So is there any preferred payment method to get paid?

Thexbadboy 4 months ago

What payment method should I choose if I am from Colombia?

Andy_Ben 4 months ago

El método de pago a Través de PAXUM me parece excelente, así puedo transferir a la cuenta que prefiera

sanboymx 3 months ago

ami como mexicano me cobra una comision de 50 dlls,

nerdyhornygirl 4 months ago

Does anyone know which method would be best for someone who lives in Switzerland? I have seen pretty bad comments for Paxum and Cosmo.. 🥺🥺thanks ❤

jusanig 5 months ago

So does the USA get direct deposit

Dicknonimus 5 months ago


SEXXXMOMMY 6 months ago

add me sexyyyyyys

Mastermeat1 6 months ago

Can we get higher payouts per 1000 views?? This will really help many maintain while building their career

Abby Grey 6 months ago

Which method do you guys recomend? i cant have a direc deposit so i what the people say in the comunity?

Bust_on_you19 6 months ago

Man I need to step my game up so I can get paid out. Dont forget to watch me yall.

Culeon82 6 months ago

No hay muchos latinos por aca

Spicyselena 6 months ago

Did you get to read my post on my stream. On Monday someone broke in and stole my laptop and camcorder

Ashleigh summers 6 months ago

When I couple gets paid do they send a 1099 to both parties or just one

Rosey Rhodolite 6 months ago

Hopefully I can reach minimum payout soon like everyone else lol 😂 would be nice if it was lower because it takes a long time with veiwshare for a newer model to make much on here 😬

Kill Bill2319 6 months ago


Miss ishy rose 7 months ago

Awsome work PH 💋

helena_ken_stormy 7 months ago

I need advice to make money.

wellhung1976 7 months ago

Me too

TeenBodySex 7 months ago

I tried to withdraw usdt tron ​​to a poloniex wallet. No withdrawal was made this month. (apparently I will have to put the verde method back. There were no problems with it)

sanboymx 3 months ago

and when your money is on poloniex, how do you transfer it to your bank account? Were you able to do it?

j_adeleee 7 months ago

What can I use payment method here in the Philippines?

Indiancoupless 7 months ago

I want to sell my second pornhub account anybody interest?

Teen Amateur 7 months ago

TronLink suks !!!

Teen Amateur 7 months ago

Can't deposit and withdrawals.

prettyevil666 7 months ago


KasiPlayboi 7 months ago

Guess i should try Cosmo as an African.

Psdabest 7 months ago

How I do know it I got money

Tarico smooth 7 months ago

Check out my videos so I can make this money 😂🙏

Ariana Skyy 7 months ago

Around when exactly does US direct deposit hit?

raelynn btm slut 7 months ago

I love it. It sounds really good.

Chubbylicious Pinay 7 months ago

Ph..team ...why my payment..on january are still.pending...gudday

Gaydogpig 7 months ago

Na dann kann es gerne losgehen.

SEXXXMOMMY 7 months ago

Add me !

xkluz7v1 7 months ago

Awesome way to improve payment services within this platform 👍

JavaStrokez 7 months ago

Still Never Got First Pay Out I'm Filing A Lawsuit

Taffetaspark 7 months ago

this was very helpful , thank you pornhub team.

matey_red 7 months ago

matey_red follow me on insta for more photo

Ashley Styles 7 months ago

Dobu still have to wait foe payouy

Ally Rider 7 months ago

Exciting news, time to make more videos

pain flame 7 months ago

Finally. This better work

Naughty Doll 7 months ago

Cashapp $Kash4Xita23

MemphMack 7 months ago

Ok now I can be payed directly for videos of me getting laid. I love it

Liljrm159 7 months ago

Let’s all just watch each others videos run them views up yuuuuuur😂

Master Aleem 7 months ago

Nice! Anyone from Mi here?

dgirlxxx 7 months ago

admireme.vip/Dgirlxxx/ Hey! I’ve just got admire me if you’d like to subscribe to me for daily content of pictures and videos 😜 guarantee to make you cum all day and all night! I do custom videos aswell as custom pics. Sell panties, and my toys 💦 I do cam calls and anal plays, I use my sex machine alot😈😈 hope to hear from you soon. Xx

HARLEY P 7 months ago

any girls around Sydney Australia interested in filming please hit me

Koyss 7 months ago

Yeppey! my first payout is lit 😍😘 Thank you Pornhub and gals ❤

Mastermeat1 7 months ago

What about payoneer?

Mastermeat1 7 months ago

So awesome I love you guys

360omar 7 months ago

How do I get paid for my videos

Katherinevonpussy 7 months ago

Is there an option better for New Zealand users?

Petite2 7 months ago

I love the app

Jade Alexa 7 months ago

That's if I ever get paid.... doubtful

W3ttkitty69 7 months ago

Only If A freak can get sum Tips😂😂🤣

Gtimegspot 7 months ago

Need down bad not basic bitches in Austin Texas to come turn up and help get this fetti

Dirtybhabie29 7 months ago


Longan Teak 7 months ago

Never been paid

Deseos Eroticos 7 months ago

Es seguro?😎

ElenaVolkova 7 months ago

Thank you so much!! I lost my last payment because VERGE is really hard to use

starsexysma 7 months ago

New to all this, just see this site as a why for people to scam eachother. Already lost over three hundred to a model called sinfulbeauty.

AmeliaGracy 7 months ago

Visit my page and give me ideas for new hot videos😌😏

PetiteAndOrgasmic 7 months ago

Just joined the PH family! Super excited to share with you amazing people! Wet wet kisses for ya'll!!

Elena bon 7 months ago

Nice idea

Duke1nuke 7 months ago

Awe s**t I can do it sexyblackducgci

Thaiger Lee 7 months ago

Go check out my newest videos!

unknown 7 months ago

Awesome,pornhub the best.👍👍💪💪😘😘

ShesSoSexxxy 7 months ago

Cripto coin 👌🏼

Sweetmiss18 7 months ago

Thank you so much, now i can buy a new camera)

Dimitris NastyMind 7 months ago

Great news! thank you!

littlelaces 7 months ago

Good to know

Lisa Fox 7 months ago

What about ePayments?

unknown 7 months ago

Lol I’m right along with you guys 😂 checkout my vids tho

ariba707 7 months ago

help me friends

unknown 7 months ago

How do I see the money I earned

Maksimboy 7 months ago

New payment methods, of course, new

Luxurylully 7 months ago

Same here

secretmix 7 months ago

Yay!! Love our pH money🥰

unknown 7 months ago

Why not cashapp

Chloe cum queen 7 months ago

Thats awsome, thanks so much pornhub

MikeTheAce 7 months ago

i think you should add paysafe, its fast and easy

unknown 7 months ago

Pornhub has raised the Bar once again ..Thanks Team ❤ for Helping us sex workers be successful

babyygirlx 7 months ago


HeyAlexa 7 months ago

Very happy to see you guys are taking care of us !

Bree lee 7 months ago

Great not to actually get some money!!

Ninja Shaft 7 months ago

Great news

JadedaShade 7 months ago

Add Bahamas to the direct deposit

PatchDaddyD 7 months ago


Peegasus_PH 7 months ago

When i can get the money ?


Damn PH moving up we don’t need PayPal 😭

StonerBeckii 7 months ago

😎 Sweet

AxelDigger 7 months ago


Santa Lucia 7 months ago

I use Paxum now, it’s way better than Paypal. Paypal never replied on help requests...

Lovely Natalie 7 months ago

For Russia, nothing again...

Jossy500 7 months ago

Just need money for my post


All I gotta do is make more money for my payout 😛😍😍😘😘😘😘😘

NemiBDesire 7 months ago

USDT is better than verge, there are less fee to change and withdraw money

sanboymx 3 months ago

and when your money is on poloniex, how do you transfer it to your bank account?

unknown 7 months ago

Cool, thanks for these additional payment methods. Perhaps, I'll still stick with paxum. 😘 😍

Lukas Santino 7 months ago

Big thanks to all the team on PornHub searching for new payment methods, I would love to see in the future a Direct Deposit option for Mexico, that would make things a lot easier! Good day everyone!

sanboymx 3 months ago

como has cobrado tu? tambien soy mexicano y no tuve buena experiecnia con mi primer pago por medio de paxum

chenjie12 7 months ago

Waiting for my payout

ValeJoel 7 months ago

Por lo que leo este nuevo método de pago es más conveniente para los latinos. Ahora, se puede usar otra wallet? Supongo que si... Y la USDT es tipo ERC20 o tipo Omni layer?

Goya Gargles 7 months ago

hopefully soon!! I can get that first check

iKandyy 7 months ago

great now all i need is to get more traffic to my page

Carlos Lopez 7 months ago

Ohhh I just need $15 to get my first payout!!! Almost there🤑

Serene Siren 7 months ago


Estie Kay 7 months ago

Great news! Now it's gonna be so much easier 😍

AlanNMoMo 7 months ago

Almost there for first time getting money. Sitting on $80... just $20 more lol

ians152 7 months ago

You want me to something ! Anything that makes you happy! I will do it on camera, no matter.what it is, i will do it. Just go to my inbox and msg me.

FantasticAdventure 7 months ago

а как на счет России , можно ли пользоваться COSMO ????? кто пробовал ?

Winterlover1987 7 months ago

How to get money from here

Mimi Boom 7 months ago

Dear PornHub. Have you considered making your own global currency? PornHub Dollars!!

KyngYosh 7 months ago

Sweet ! Still sad at the PayPal decision 😓 but it's okay! 😁 Have you Guys Tried partnering with Cashapp ?? That would be a real game changer to how models get paid. Speedy, and secure.

Mandingo Blanco 7 months ago

Alguien sabe como se puede cobrar en Argentina..?

sex9240 7 months ago

I already posted 2 videos of mine, how many do you earn money with?

emmanuel_macron_fr 7 months ago

BCH please.

dreamg6969 7 months ago

w9ow its great news

Sydcloudin 7 months ago

Finally Australia got what it needs to get paid easily! Thank You Pornhub!

LittleMissLara 7 months ago

its cool. we have been waiting for this for a long time

idontfuck4free 7 months ago

No thanks I rather you buy my content directly by messaging on Kik bossybeebad.

DC Supathroat 8 months ago

All we need now is a CASH APP payout option. TW: @DCSUPATHROAT

Bailey Love 8 months ago

So I guess I didn’t realize cashing out was so rare around here?

18Cloud 8 months ago

Hi guys. Im new here. Can anyone help me out in doing a porn video pls?

ALEXANDRA C 8 months ago

Sempre i migliori PORNHUB..!😘😘😘

zephirotsex 8 months ago

Yea! 😁😁

Grand Papi 8 months ago

Good too know

Tuyo en el Fondo 8 months ago

Gracias por darnos diferentes opciones

mother50 8 months ago

Thank you for the info.

DarkWetDreemz 8 months ago

These are some great options! I use cosmo on another site and it’s really convenient.

abitchneedsmoney 8 months ago

I'm at 0.50 right now ... I am A Long Way From reaching my payout method

Cucurina 8 months ago

Amazing! I want to get 100 dolars now for my first payout,🤤

Candy Camille 8 months ago

TUSD is the same as USDT?

SFSUCameraGuy 8 months ago

Any Bay Area models in need a camera man? I'm in film school and I have my own cinema gear.

Devil and angel 8 months ago

That's cool and everyone please check my profile out

The Naughty Haru 8 months ago

Woot cant wait to make those extra pennies😂 but for real glad to hear ppl will be able to get what they earned✌

supercurvystoner 8 months ago


Casper Quartz 8 months ago

awesome news !! can't wait to get to my first payout

kinkykatlive 8 months ago


couple_nougat 8 months ago

We feel very welcome here on this platform since you pornhub staff guys are caring about your creators. Thank you!

Piskiply 8 months ago

How do I get more views? At this rate, I will not make my first withdrawal of funds soon

WeRsomeFreaks 8 months ago


sharoncd 8 months ago

Awesome stuff pornhub,. direct deposit for us Australians will be so much better.

DreamyCreame 8 months ago

How much was your first payout guys ? I’m just waiting to reach 100$ I’m at 51$ now

Official Pineapple on Pizza 8 months ago

Best news ever! Now I can get out my mothers basement 😂

princess stephanie ts 8 months ago

Thank you for your hard work @pornhub.

meerf10 8 months ago

Hay más gente que habla inglés 🤔

Andrii_Lover 8 months ago


lustkatze 8 months ago

thanks Pornhub))

Alexandenysa 8 months ago


unknown 8 months ago

Lets make some money, so i have something to pay out

foryourpleasure420 8 months ago

Yeah.. if I can get enough views for the payout I can decide on which service to use!!😋🥰

Maroc_vip 8 months ago

Missing Secondary ID Veuillez renvoyer les bonnes pièces d'identité via votre onglet de paramètres.

Holly Halftone 8 months ago

The required IDs can be uploaded here: https://www.pornhub.com/model/settings if you need further assistance please write to models@pornhub.com

ZIAxBITE 8 months ago

How about creating an own payment system without restriction for people from certain nationalities?

German Sex 8 months ago

Great news! Horny greetings from Germany. :-)

bjanelle89 8 months ago

Great news

Caramel Boob Bae 8 months ago

Thanks PH 💕

unknown 8 months ago

Lol I guess I’ll download the first option 🥺

Fetishss 8 months ago

but should you can back the payment method I canbia a month ago ?

Holly Halftone 8 months ago

Can you please clarify?

DeniseXX 8 months ago

Good job @pornhub! Thx 👍❤

BBCKASHES 8 months ago

So like and subscribed my work I Will do the same for u

610JUAN 8 months ago

Soy de El Salvador, CentroAmerica, donde me puedo registrar para recibir mi pago?

ilovelickingpussya 8 months ago


AliCha89 8 months ago

I just wanna say good morning and everyone have a good day.

Black_In_Action 8 months ago

👐 that's the stuff I like to hear!

TheThuthh2020 8 months ago


KinkyDogs 8 months ago

Thank you so much PH!❤

greeksfuckbetter 8 months ago


FeelsGoodDude 8 months ago


Lanar Hoades 8 months ago

Want yo Be My friend?

Official Nayy 8 months ago

Great News!!! Now I Just Gotta Figure Out How To Get My First Payout😩😩

bangcentral 8 months ago

Super excited ! Only if I was getting paid 😂

avvhoe 8 months ago


Hotmommakris 8 months ago


prettyevil 8 months ago

Great news! 😊

TenoriTaiga 8 months ago

Good new

unknown 8 months ago

Subscribe and show love on my videos.. good amateur ebony vids

Emily Solano 8 months ago


unknown 8 months ago

My Payout is coming soon 🥰🙏🏼

Rebeu Beur 8 months ago

Good for the crypto lovers like me ♥ thank you

Skylar Shaye 8 months ago

I just need that concert money 😭 I don't feel like messing with a bank account tho. But it would be easier to just pay for the ticket online then spend a whole process waiting for the check and have to discreetly cash it. But I'm willing to do whatever it takes to see my first Rammstein concert! SAN ANTONIO BABY! WOOOO! even if I gotta suck off the entire world, it'd be worth it 😂

unknown 8 months ago

Wow! Great effort Pornhub! To all please subscribe to my channel!

unknown 8 months ago

now to get that first 100$ 🤔😂

Ami Queen 8 months ago

It's a good thing for models outside the country, like me

2kworldwide 8 months ago

U from?

Skylar Shaye 8 months ago

I only have $39. And theres a Kmfdm concert coming to San Antonio in July. How would that work since tickets are sold online? Why is the payout a minimum of $100? Id understand if I was popular but I'm not obviously. Also will this cost ME money? Idk how to do this online payment mumbo jumbo

Skylar Shaye 8 months ago

Ok so I tried doing Cosmo and it doesn't show the US. Just European countries.

omadskie890 8 months ago

Follow my content.

2kworldwide 8 months ago

what option is best for African Coutries...?

cherrybunnyss 8 months ago

Finally!! Thank you jizzus!

Mira Lime 8 months ago

USDT on TRON blockchain?

Archiemr 8 months ago


Peegasus_PH 8 months ago

Start now or not ?

Gio janeiro 8 months ago

This sound nice

OutfallingSex 8 months ago

Good job! Nice to have options.

SydneyJack 8 months ago

😂payment methode its not probl3m but money to first payout

unknown 8 months ago

Nice thanks pornhub

Eva lullaby 8 months ago

Cum check me out. I'm new to PH and loving it so far. All feedback and support welcome. X

TerraAmuria 8 months ago

Oh, so good news!🔥

MattVanWylder 8 months ago

Right on 🤘

unknown 8 months ago

Thanks! I'll definitely try USDT =)

Soakmyface 8 months ago

This is a great idea, I love to have multiple options. THANK YOU!!!!

Tahlia Raven 8 months ago


Steve Oh 8 months ago

Add me so we could fuuuuck

igotta6inch 8 months ago

Does it not work in the U.S.?

cindy hot star 8 months ago

Y para peru por cuando buscarán una solución los latinos como ,argentina ,colombia ,ecuador , chile... etc también merecemos una solución más factible

Autumn Willow 8 months ago

also why is it ive been emailing since dec on questions and never get replies back?! like i make barely nothing i thought pornhub shared my vids automatically to other places,think ill have to do this manually myself?

Pornhub Nat 7 months ago

please email models@pornhub.com and wait for a response, otherwise the system will bump you out of the wait line. Our affiliates only pick certain amount of videos per day with specific content search. It may be months or days before your content is picked, it's just based on content and luck. If you manually share elsewhere, we do not pay for that content.

Manllulu 8 months ago

Is the cryptocurrency payment method worth it?

RedsieRed 8 months ago


Tierra Dimples 8 months ago

Can we use Paxum for payment method?

Holly Halftone 8 months ago

Yep, Paxum is a payout method

Rudy Bones 8 months ago

Thank you PornHub, I wanted to shoot a new video to test the system

mike_monkey 8 months ago

this is great news guys, thanks.

Guru and Divine 8 months ago

Ohh yeah

parejasexy88 8 months ago

Nice! Thank you ❤👍🏻

ChaitongYingpeant 8 months ago

We received 2000$ for the first time. Thank you for everything. Please subscribe to us. ^^

ChaitongYingpeant 8 months ago

Thank you for everything Pornhub!

Otf Monk 8 months ago

Ouuu a new option

Niki Rose 8 months ago

Thank You PH 3

Hotboymarcc 8 months ago


Big_BootieJudy 8 months ago

Ayyyyyye 🔥 🔥 🔥 Say no mo fam 😘😳😜

superdick_32 8 months ago


stormiknights 8 months ago

Got to make this money!

huhuezo90 8 months ago

me too

unknown 8 months ago

Congratulations to everyone!! Now I just need to get money for my first payout 😂 ..

snowbunny2331 8 months ago

I'm new to this and don't understand how it works can someone message me?? Think i chose check for payment 😒😒😂😂

huhuezo90 8 months ago

Here you must change it.https://es.pornhub.com/model/settings

rockincock93 8 months ago

Watch my videos so I can get my first payout.

kimswallows 8 months ago

Great can't wait for my next big payout

huhuezo90 8 months ago

How incredible, I hope you do well.

StellaRaven 8 months ago

Now I just need to get more than 100 bucks to cash out..maybe next year! 😂

Sassy Pearl 8 months ago

Cosmo payment account registration is only available for European citizens. These new payment methods still doesn’t favor we African models

Panda Cakes 8 months ago

Just send me a check

Holly Halftone 8 months ago

Check is a payout method. But you need to reach minimum payout first ($100)

mydirtyslut 8 months ago


kingchocolate86 8 months ago

Amazing thank you

Codiiigay 8 months ago

Add me an boost me

Jamie Christy 8 months ago

Paypal permanently terminated me years ago. I didnt know models were still using it. Smh. They really stopped my money at that time.

The Masked Devils 8 months ago

Love you GUYS!!!!

Miss E 8 months ago

Psh I’m still trying to get money for a my first payout

Ninfetinhaa 8 months ago

Cool, thanks Pornhub ^^

misssimran 8 months ago

If possible i wish pornhub start live stream on it that will be great

Holly Halftone 8 months ago

If you sign up through Streamate you can link your account to your Ph account, then your fans will get a notification every time you go live

theritefeet 8 months ago

Awesome, great to have more options!

Ssaddy 8 months ago

Thanks you so much ❤

XoSweetness69 8 months ago


QKmomma03 8 months ago

Super neat. So how are we able to earn money faster?

ladiesluvej 8 months ago


JQ Videos 8 months ago

Add And Subscribe To Our Page!

Little Tina 8 months ago

Que bueno, Paxum para los que vivimos en LAT es realmente malo. Me pidieron documentos de identidad hasta por las orejas y todavía no me verifican. Creo que voy a optar por Cosmo o USDT.

Rennae Robins 8 months ago

Yess thank you PH🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

huhuezo90 8 months ago


Fetishss 8 months ago

but really pornohub pay hahahaha

Holly Halftone 8 months ago

Minimum payout is $100, once reached payment is sent the third week of the following month. It looks like not all of your IDs are accepted - please email models@pornhub.com to make sure your account is in order so you can receive payout when you reach it.

Mysteriousbabex 8 months ago

Even better perfect!🙃

MissMally 8 months ago

Come check out my profile, loves! Almost 14k views 😜

huhuezo90 8 months ago


phbigcoupleatl 8 months ago


southphilthyxxx 8 months ago

They should allow you to withdraw less than $100!!!!

Kyutty 8 months ago

Oh that's so good!! I started using Verge and I really like it so i dont think i'm gonna change anytime soon, but since they added Direct Payment option for Puerto Rico i hope some South America countries are added next!! Pornhub is the best♥

FaceLessOfficial 8 months ago

Ooh woow cosmo payment cool.

MiGia 8 months ago

I've got cosmo, but i found ridiculous that I can't transfer $ to my credit card. So if you give it a chance you'll get 2 possibilities: 1. buy a plastic card to get money via ATM (maybe its the first time that the meaning isnt ass to mouth) 2. Pay in webshops by using your cosmo card. Thanks for your care, PornHub

LusciousssssB 8 months ago

How long do it take for your first payout

Cockasian Sensation 8 months ago

You just need $100 to get a payout

Jamaica porn Service 8 months ago

How do I connect youporn, redtube and tube8 to my pornhub revenue?

Holly Halftone 8 months ago

You can opt in for exports in your settings tab right here: https://www.pornhub.com/model/settings

Candy Camille 8 months ago


unknown 8 months ago

Call it whatever you want clowns thanks PH

afriilguci 8 months ago

Thank you for the information

Deliciosa Diosa 8 months ago


dirtysnowqueen 8 months ago

We appreciate u 😘😘😘

huhuezo90 8 months ago


Imyourgirl2020 8 months ago


huhuezo90 8 months ago

nympho710 8 months ago

many new ways to get paid!

Beast and the Harlot 8 months ago


GothCouple69 8 months ago

Halfway to my first payout hehe thanks Pornhub! Xx

unknown 8 months ago


huhuezo90 8 months ago

Kaylani Monroe 8 months ago

Good i need to grind more lol 😂😈

Sasha Grein 8 months ago

Thats very nice news! Maybe try to add Epayments too?

misssuzy26 8 months ago

Thats nice

mRnMrshyde 8 months ago

I'm still waiting on my direct deposit for this month

cinnabum 8 months ago

Thank you for keeping us updated, Phub! 💖💦

substevie02 8 months ago

Can anyone tell me where to find a referral link for models?

substevie02 8 months ago

Thank you all!!!

Aurora Watson 8 months ago

Check out the support page on the Referral Program https://help.pornhub.com/hc/en-us/articles/115015722128-Referral-Program

MissMally 8 months ago

Have to get your first payout for it

LovellyGirll 8 months ago

It's available after the first payout

ModelNahas 8 months ago


LovellyGirll 8 months ago

Thank you guys!

huhuezo90 8 months ago

LovellyGirll 8 months ago

Also, if u want to be part of the model program, feel free to register with my link: https://es.pornhub.com/model/referrals?referral=792926541 And I'll help you grow!

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