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by: Aurora Watson

With the holidays around the corner, we’re tempted by discounts at every turn. And if there’s one thing we learned from our Black Friday event, it’s that people love a good sale! We broke records that weekend and it’s all because of you, so we decided now was the perfect time to launch our new Coupon Manager feature. 'Tis the season of giving and you’ll be surprised how far a small discount can go.

How to Create a Coupon

1. To get started, head over to your Model page and click on the More Stats & Tools tab. You’ll notice we’ve added a new tab here labeled Coupon Manager.

2. When you create a Coupon Name, keep in mind that you can only use letters, numbers, dashes, and underscores ( a1-_ ) and it must be at least three characters.

3. Once you fill out the discount percentage you’d like to offer, you could set a maximum number of times the discount can be used. For example, if you put 100 as your limit, once the coupon has been used 100 times, the coupon code will no longer work. This is completely optional. You could also keep track of how many times it’s been redeemed at the bottom of the page.

4. The next step is to decide on when you’d like to start your Campaign. You have the option to select an end date and time or make it an Ongoing Campaign.

5. Once you’ve completed each step, click on Create Coupon. All your coupons will appear at the bottom of the page so you could keep track of what’s Active, Scheduled, and Expired. You can ONLY edit and delete coupons that are Scheduled, not Active.

What’s to Come

You’ll notice there are a couple of boxes on this page you can’t fill out yet, but not to worry, it’s in the works! We just wanted to launch the coupon feature as soon as possible so you could take full advantage during the holidays.

Although coupons currently apply to all pay-to-download and for-sale videos, you’ll soon be able to select specific videos. We’ll also be updating Customer Eligibility so that you could pick and choose what kind of customers will have access to the coupon.

We’ll be updating this blog post and announcing any changes on our social media, so be sure to follow us and stay in the loop.

Twitter @PornhubHelp

Instagram @modelhub_ph


All Comments(241)

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CuteGirlfriend 1 month ago

Such a great idea! Happy holidays everyone and I hope this Coupon feature brings you joy 💕

Dxcombat 2 weeks ago

You too 3

You170 3 weeks ago


Elin Flame 1 month ago

thanks same to you!

GiocondaLisa 1 month ago

Thank you PornHub for taking care of us ❤

CumBouiVictoria 1 month ago

WOuld someone help a eager model find the link to fashion shw modelling underwear, deniem, and porn opportunity awaits us.

ibarbie 1 month ago

Awwww what a good news from PH!

Succubus Waifu 1 month ago

Aw man :C

orgasmextreme 1 month ago

Yeah, Pornhub is really innovative sometimes :-) ❤

Alex CUM 1 month ago

We no longer have to wait until next Black Friday to satisfy customers that good, every time this page surprises me more the commitment to their models.

LickMyLucy 1 month ago


challengher 1 month ago

Yay, this is awesome!

Mimi Boom 1 month ago

Gonna try it out and if possible i will give out to every subscriber ❤

Drilliroxxxxx 1 month ago

It's called GROOOTH such a beautiful thing kudos PH you rock!

Succubus Sin 1 month ago

The majority of your members treat models like trash. What are you doing to help your models? Update the block and report system. It’s 2020.

Emma Lust 1 month ago

Cool feature , rly nice .

Erlan Cum 1 month ago

Wow, great news. Thanks pornhub

Succubus Waifu 1 month ago

PH in almost 2020: "great news, paypal abandoned us, but at least now you can have COUPONS!" Come on guys, this is almost nothing... The plataform is really archaic at places, the technical quality around the entire website is okayish but should be at LEAST like youtube, if not better (you guys move SO MUCH MONEY around the website, and yet it is quite archaic and showing it's age).

Chibi Marshmellow 1 month ago

Wow, did my last post get deleted by pornhub? What a bunch of hypocrites.

Chibi Marshmellow 1 month ago

Ain't that the fucking truth.

Holly Halftone 1 month ago

The site is always being update and improved, a process which you can track in our blog posts. If you have any specific suggestions please bring them up on our suggestions forum! http://feedback.pornhub.com/forums/184663-pornhub-feedback-and-suggestions

Molly The MILF 1 month ago

Well let's see how deep it can go

Lucky Macky 1 month ago

Great news Thank you PornHub

Lucy 1 month ago

Not bad... 😂

Jamie Christy 1 month ago

This sounds awesome. I'm still learning to navigate, but I'd imagine this would help guys/women spend more

Dxcombat 1 month ago

So sweet,

SleepySasha 1 month ago


maryvincxxx 1 month ago

Great idea, thanks, pornhub

Bootydevine 1 month ago

Very Nice! Happy Sales & Happy Holiday Everyone! 🎅🏾🎄🧡🖤

Monetkitty 1 month ago

Yes!! I was waiting for a feature like this

Thugloc 2 weeks ago

Everyone add me!!!!

ALEXANDRA C 2 weeks ago

great news. Thanks pornhub😘😘😘😘

SweetNanaLove 3 weeks ago

This is awesome

Emma Lust 1 month ago

Pornhub is going crazy with discounts now, so nice

zemey 1 month ago

Awesome very cool thanks

kamatcho007 1 month ago


You170 1 month ago

Good news PH) *

mrmakehercome 1 month ago

Greatest idea of 2019 😩

Baby Christy 1 month ago

Very good tool💁‍♀👍💋 ✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅

Jessicajesschelsea 1 month ago

Thanks pornhub för the best modelhub models and the the best pornvideos

ispanpadre 1 month ago

super cool

JaynaLove69 1 month ago

Nice! Thank you

Dominant BBC 1 month ago

Anyone have any interesting Holiday ideas(New Year's or Christmas) they'd like to share with the class to help some of us smaller pages pull in a few more views. It'll be a great Christmas present and much appreciated.

AmatureHub 1 month ago

PornHub helps us reach more audiences! Thank you so much! 😍

PrettyBoyXav 1 month ago

Despite the fact that PH is pornography-based, the innovation and creativity coming from Pornhub to continue advancing interaction is incredible. Absolutely love it!

Olivia_NoFace 1 month ago

Thanks so much for the great opportunity.

Mia Marley 1 month ago

Amazing! Really nice Pornhub Thank you for this great feature ❤

Ninfetinhaa 1 month ago

i loved it 3

Victoria Valentine 1 month ago

Sweet! 💘 Happy holidays!! 💋

Gwen Adora 1 month ago

Lovely!! Thanks y'all!

Succubus Sin 1 month ago

What are you doing about the report/block system?

BeaYork 1 month ago

Yay!! This is really awesome news. I've been hoping for a more efficient way to handle special promos since I first uploaded everything to Modelhub. Thank you!!

TomaStevi 1 month ago

Interesting news for fans) Maybe I'll try this ♥

Anna Shpilman 1 month ago

Мы подготовили 100 купонов со скидкой 70% ❤❤❤

GamerGirl 1 month ago

This is ultra good !!! I wanted something like that, I didn't know how to thank some of my channel fans for their contributions ! :3

Alis y Bruno 1 month ago

👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 I Love that idea

vortexonline 1 month ago

Thanks PH. Discounts to all! who wants a coupon?

Africandicklord 1 month ago

Awesome!!! I love pornhub

KyngYosh 1 month ago

okay but who really buys videos though, ??? everyone tends to watch the free stuff!

KyngYosh 1 month ago

hmmmm, cool i guess

NattyCat 1 month ago

Not at all - tons of people buy content! Either to have the content to re-watch or to support their favorite models.

newxouple 1 month ago

Thats a great odea Pornhub

misterNmagnolia 1 month ago

Very cool feature!

Morgpie 1 month ago

What I've been waiting for! This is so awesome, thank you guys !

JeanneHDF 1 month ago

Great news!!! 👍😊

Sexy Gonzales 1 month ago

Great Thank you

SexySpunkyGirl 1 month ago

Great new feature!👍

mysexymodel 1 month ago

That's a great feature! Definitely gonna try 😉❤❤

Miss Terry 1 month ago

Lovely feature, thank you!

Naughty Adeline 1 month ago

This is just amazing! Great featured, will surely use it these Holidays!

Callisto Morgan 1 month ago

I love this feature! Thank you! ❤

Esteban y Anna 1 month ago

Merry Christmas

SexWithMilfStella 1 month ago

Finally, love it!

The Masked Devils 1 month ago


Horny Kira 1 month ago

wow) very good

CreamPinay69 1 month ago

Thanks for this new feature. Happy holidays. 😘 😍 💕

Saliva Bunny 1 month ago

Wow... sounds interesting!🐰❣️

ISLA SUMMER 1 month ago


Tiffany Taboo 1 month ago

Best idea ever

lilflash1313 2 days ago

Wena los k

ians152 4 days ago

You want me to something ! Anything that makes you happy! I will do it on camera, no matter.what it is, i will do it. Just go to my inbox and msg me.

CockDogg 5 days ago

How soon until we can apply coupons to specific videos?

missniagra 6 days ago

Wow, I’m ready to check this out!

tayoshola 1 week ago

Seeking top

letsmasturbatebabe 1 week ago

Add my Snapchat for my big cock!! mannyaguayo21

The Johnny Rocket 1 week ago

Hey guys! We are a new couple to the scene! Please check out our new stuff and we will love to love back 🤤

DC Supathroat 1 week ago

I love the idea looking forwards to giving my Supastars a great discount!!! Tw: DcSupathroat 😘

molixofun 1 week ago

Mi verga quiere pussy

dipankarroy 2 weeks ago

So beautiful👌

TOM_SANDER 2 weeks ago


Agemini23 2 weeks ago

2020 big things happening

Leena Hope 2 weeks ago


AngieLoveBBW 2 weeks ago

Come show support to help me achieve my goals ❤💋

Nikolajev00 3 weeks ago

Tak mě pod vošukat mam stojku jako Bejk!.Pořadně tě vymrdam do prdele a dame si 69 ok.

RandaRyan 3 weeks ago

Hot,but not as hot as my wife( my Mrs gives the best blow jobs EVER!!!)

Znafus 3 weeks ago

Happy New Year to all and May it bring many squirting memories

Rikki Mongoose 3 weeks ago

This is amazing.

Pussy Gaga 3 weeks ago

Yay!!!! This is perfect for sharing promos on social media!

lovegay294 3 weeks ago

Great idea

Aresno 3 weeks ago


romaindian 3 weeks ago

Great im also waiting for my profile to be approved

xxxbrolyV 3 weeks ago


big_dick216 3 weeks ago

Follow me

cb10gauge 1 month ago

oh ill give you something!

Raymond134 1 month ago

I think the more the merrier I am in 100 10%

EastRok 1 month ago

Give me credit to ty pornhub

Naughty Marie 1 month ago

This is an awesome idea!!! I wish I would’ve seen this sooner 😩❤

mrprettydick36 1 month ago

very good thinkin

sessvids 1 month ago

Hey cool 👍

Ezikial 1 month ago


Blondeebabe92 1 month ago

Blyde Connie 1 month ago

Nice idea

Ftm papi 1 month ago

New here. Posted my first video today. Check me out.

sessvids 1 month ago

pawill1306 1 month ago

I want too eat some pussy

Gracie Ann 1 month ago

Thank You Porn Hub

Gracie Ann 1 month ago

Merry Christmas !!!!!! I want to thank all my friends and fans for making it possible to be on PORN HUB

kimk9208 1 month ago

Im a premium snapchat member eho got told to make account on here to get paid well i got accepted but i was eondering how to get started and how i get money from selling private content ?

Holly Halftone 3 weeks ago

Once you've signed up for the model program you can upload free videos that are paid through ad revenue, or you can sell clips through Modelhub. I recommend checking out our help desk here: https://help.pornhub.com/hc/en-us/categories/202715537-Model-Payment-Program Minimum payout is $100, once reached payment is sent the third week of the following month.

chadlmt1 1 month ago

good idea

HandOfFaith 1 month ago

Happy holidays

el19870305 1 month ago

Thank you PornHub❤️

Red Mistress 1 month ago

Cool! the sooner you go to my page there are a limited number of coupons for all my videos😈

Jose_Fucckedyou 1 month ago

I need models for my videos

Jose_Fucckedyou 1 month ago

Great idea

The Fetish Fairy Godmother 1 month ago

Love this idea¡ This is very helpful for us¡

Lilbango2019 1 month ago

Looking for friends add me if interested thx. ,😘😜

lovegay294 1 month ago

Share what you thinknice

TenFifteen 1 month ago

I was wondering about creating a coupon for custom videos. I think that would be an interesting thing to give out.

jaydeco 1 month ago

Great idea

Hudent21 1 month ago


Syndicate BlueCandy 1 month ago


ZAYLAA 1 month ago

Love it!!!!

babyygirlx 1 month ago


CumBouiVictoria 1 month ago

New video out on my page so have a wonderful holiday to all happy, sexy, pleasure this holiday season!

Skylar Shaye 1 month ago

I just want my God damn serotonin and will to live.

VACouple757 1 month ago


Ruby Sinclaire 1 month ago

this option has def been needed thank you

dannydll 1 month ago

Thank you PH

JavaStrokez 1 month ago


roxyoksy 1 month ago

Tnx you girl g

sallyomalley39 1 month ago

Thank you so much, Much Love xoxoxoo SallyOMalley39

gokudragon111 1 month ago

Somebody Wants to be my friend?

unknown 1 month ago

this fantastic!

kolobok18Z 1 month ago

Thank you pornhub

TEAMDARKSKINx 1 month ago

Pornhub GOAT

BatGirlnThrobin 1 month ago


Doris Dawn 1 month ago

Excellent idea. Already created my first coupon, for next week. 50% off. Outstanding. Merry Christmas to the entire PH team!!! xo

danpod123 1 month ago

Rezygnuję z pornhub premium.

Marcosfuentesx2500 1 month ago

Cool that interest! 👍

NemiBDesire 1 month ago

wow lovely idea!

Doshik Gasai 1 month ago

We love you all, and are waiting on our channel :3

BrieBabe99 1 month ago

Thank you!!!

AnalSlave4BigDick 1 month ago

Nice one

Mommadinkly 1 month ago

Hey everyone! Go check out my profile 😘

swedishtits 1 month ago

Another awesome feature

SWAGGZ0454 1 month ago


sexyrockstar617 1 month ago

Love it would also like to see a holiday bonus for models in the upcoming future thanks still the best sight for Amature models

ILOVEHEAD33 1 month ago


KinkyJamVideo 1 month ago

It's awesome. Thank you, PornoHub.💝😘

ffmtravel 1 month ago

Awesome pornhub

Jack Fire 1 month ago

Amazing new feature! It will be super useful

Mr and Mrs Fun 1 month ago

Thanks ❤

Angelic Blue 1 month ago

Hey guys! Anyone wants to fuck my ass so hard?

SweetdiccWillie20 1 month ago


HerLittleSecret 1 month ago

I wanna make use of this

Elin Flame 1 month ago

Thanks for new feature it really helped me increase my sales! Love you, Pornhub 🧡

KassMonday 1 month ago

great idea!

Latin Porn 1 month ago

Gracias Pornhub por todo

Chokobanana 1 month ago


Boricua_King 1 month ago

Happy Holidays everyone! Great idea!

Casper Quartz 1 month ago

this is the coolest feature i've seen thus far !!! so excited

Brittney Azalea 1 month ago


Domina Muffintop 1 month ago

Amazing! Thanks!

Big Boss Q 1 month ago


OmarTheThick 1 month ago

I love this!

Pettit_Looloo 1 month ago


cinnabum 1 month ago

Aww I love this! Thank you pornhub 🥰💖

Anna Tenshi 1 month ago


Marco alvad 1 month ago

Thanks! Nice for a christmas gift

Amazon Kayla 1 month ago

Love this!

Cucurina 1 month ago

Thanks PH! Good news

Wet Kelly 1 month ago

What a brilliant idea. Lot of love.:*

mydesirata 1 month ago

Yay! I just created one!

SexyBabe in Love 1 month ago

Nice good job ❤👍👌

couple_nougat 1 month ago

This is a great idea and decision of you PH, thank you and well done ♥

Caroline-X 1 month ago

Thanks pornhub ♡♡

QzdSk 1 month ago


TheHotChocolate 1 month ago

Big thanks, this is great

Beata Tomczyk 1 month ago

Great 😉 many thanks 😊 😘

Kristina Sweetz 1 month ago

Great idea im sure the fans are going to love this nice PornHub

Vivian_Rose 1 month ago

Great news thanks a lot

xlkyng 1 month ago

This is very innovative. Now we need a feature for or customers who hit the thumbs up on our videos to be abke to give them automatic discounts on for sale/paid/ and paid subscriptions

LonelyMeow 1 month ago

Sound good... a bit like a supermarket... haha...” woman,collect coupons, you will get a brand new microwave” 😍😀 ( cold joke) 💋

Aceandboo 1 month ago

Awesome idea guys

ThekingRah 1 month ago

Yeah pornhub do be clutch

Lacy D Rider 1 month ago

Yay how awesome thank you pornhub :*

ALEXANDRA C 1 month ago

Bellissima idea... Siete davvero bravi!❤❤

Curious nymphet 1 month ago

Love thanks 🙏👏💖😍

Diana Daniels 1 month ago

Interesting feature. Will use it for sure someday Great work guys!

James Felps 1 month ago

Good work, guys

Danda196911 1 month ago

Wow. Too cool 😎

Jarzy Baby 1 month ago

Love it. Time to start promoting even more

MsStacy08 1 month ago

Wow nice❤

Honey_Birdette 1 month ago

Une idée très interessante, merci PornHub ♥

Kyutty 1 month ago

OMG that's an awesooooooome new feature!!! Thank you sooooo much!! I just love it! *-*♥

quade0305 1 month ago

Sweeeeet!! Happy holidays everyone!

bigfrontline 1 month ago

I love it

Luna Petite 1 month ago


Morgana Stardust 1 month ago

First of all I need fans. Lol. But this is really cool. 💜

MsShynie 1 month ago

Love it! Thanks!

Vegan Dick 1 month ago

Great idea!!! Thanks from Germany ;-)

Effi-cace 1 month ago

awesome ...

Lonna87 1 month ago

This is pretty neat!!! Now I can give to everyone on special holidays ❤ now, when is our payout for this month coming lol

Analeasex 1 month ago

great idea, thanks for providing tools aimed at benefiting our work! Kisses

dreichwe 1 month ago

wow thx Pornhub

WetPinayOverload 1 month ago

Thank you so much!

Alexis_Marie_0250 1 month ago

I suck dick lick balls swallow cum love being ass fuck choke slaped called a slut. Cum in an on

Alexis_Marie_0250 1 month ago

I need guys in fort worth wanna do gang bang

MRDONELLO 1 month ago


Carly Curvy 1 month ago


JPrettykitty24 1 month ago

Anybody received they monthly payment yet tho lol 😂

NattyCat 1 month ago

If you've hit your minimum for the month, payments normally go out on the 3rd week of the month - depending on your payment processor it should arrive by next week.

Lonna87 1 month ago

Still haven't lol

Sh3rry666 1 month ago

Very good

Kate Utopia 1 month ago

Thanks. Really good update for holidays 👍🏻

AliCha89 1 month ago

Notice me pornhub mods

Holly Halftone 1 month ago


HawtCock 1 month ago

Nice new feature😉

Devin and Brandy 1 month ago

As always amazing help for all of us!

jrkhan77 1 month ago

That will will great to help each out work as a team

Candy Camille 1 month ago


Daddymademeawhore 1 month ago

I’m waiting for the market place so I change sell some cool stuff!

Rope_Bunny19 1 month ago

Wow this is going to be cool! #happycouponing

SexyLyah 1 month ago


Maud9 1 month ago

Cool !

bddismyname 1 month ago

Come subscribe and help us grow please we have over 1.1 million video views. Road to 1000 subs it's a grind

howtwosex 1 month ago

Love it! Anyone bored and want to chat? 😉

Schumibaby 1 month ago

Awsome! ♥

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