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by: Aurora Watson

December 17, 2019 will mark the 16th anniversary of the very first global vigil that was held to commemorate and honor the victims of the Green River Killer in Seattle. This memorial was hosted by Dr. Annie Sprinkle and the newly-formed Sex Workers Outreach Project-USA back in 2003, an event that inaugurated International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers. Since then, December 17 has helped unite sex workers, advocates, and allies around the world to show their support for one another, spread awareness of the stigma and violence that continues to exist, and promote equality, open-mindedness, and human rights.

“This event started out as a loud call for the recognition of sex workers’ human rights and dignity. We have made great strides in the past 16 years to bring the issues important to sex workers to the forefront, but we still have a long way to go,” said by Alex Corona, a SWOP-USA board member.

To honor International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers, Pornhub is donating $10,000 to SWOP-USA to help support their work in raising awareness of the issues that continue to cast a shadow over the community. We’ll also be altering our website logo on December 17 to include a red umbrella — the international symbol of the sex worker’s rights movement.

“It’s important to remember that sex workers’ rights are human rights and they deserve to be treated without prejudice,” said Blake White, VP, Pornhub. “The systematic discrimination against the community can be disheartening, but we remain dedicated to providing sex workers with the freedom to actively promote social and economic empowerment, equality, acceptance, and open-mindedness.”

Candlelight vigils, art installations, workshops, and marches will take place around the world on December 17 to show solidarity against discrimination and remember victims of violence. 


Click here if you'd like to Donate to SWOP and support their work. Every charitable donation helps! 

If you're looking for support or would like to take part in a local Sex Workers Outreach Project Chapter, please visit https://swopusa.org/

For more information on events behind held around the world on December 17, click here


We hope you’ll show your support and spread the word on social media.




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Danika Mori 9 months ago

People watch us, but they don't care! It would be a revolution to change common senses related to sex work and workers!

purefreak69 4 months ago

I watch n care

MrBTailor 9 months ago

Just know that there are people out here, like me, that love you guys and respect what you do. And to all, too many to mention, that do what y'all do. Keep it coming and keep up the bad ass work!!!

MrBTailor 9 months ago

My point in case like the comment made made just a few comments down someone saying, 'if you're offended, then get off the porn streaming site'! WTF!!! That's where I come in, these bastards get offended when I offend them 'cause I fucked up there mojo because they get off trying to make someone miserable with their idiotic comments. I don't think so Scotter!! Not here! Danika, you and several others are revolutionizing this industry in my opinion. Y'all keep doing your thing.

MrBTailor 9 months ago

I love calling these ignorant fools out. One thing I don't understand about these assholes, is why do they get mad at me and my wife when I call them out for something THEY are doing wrong??!! If I could, I would protect all of you. A lot of you guys out in some hard work on here and go that extra mile to make it look good as well. I'll continue to give the advice that's been given to me and my wife, and that stay true to yourselves and what you believe in....

MrBTailor 9 months ago

Danika, it's easier to respond to most of these comments that I'm in agreement with since you are at the top of the page here. I am known to not back down from much. I have been told by many to not respond to those that disregard or disrespect us as workers doing our work. I don't want to say I live for this moment, but I AM the slap in the face to those that come on mine and my wife's pages and start running their mouth and being disrespectful...

Danika Mori 9 months ago

@jmwillis20 Do you make the same question to the baker? Couse we are talking about respect not about money! However you forget this is a free site first!

MrBTailor 9 months ago

Well said Danika. There's not much else to say.

Alex Cum 9 months ago

they speak badly about us but when they are alone, all they do is watch porn

6097217761 9 months ago

I want

dickybadass 9 months ago

Thats right

Ruby singh 9 months ago

Power to u girl and please think about sharing that cock with me for a scene

Gag_Fan 9 months ago

Well said πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

Stripcraft 9 months ago


Danika Mori 9 months ago

I share my sexuality online! I'm just an atypical Pornstar but that doesn't change the feeling. We are all included. The way we manage our sexuality is not something that should involve in discrimination!That's it!

TheSophieJames 9 months ago

Absolutely agree on this the attitude of alot of viewers is appalling x

SavageOne1 9 months ago

You're not a sex worker, are you DanikaMori?

Succubus Sin 9 months ago

PornHub please update your blocking feature/report system.

PinayBoobs 9 months ago

Agreed, PH needs to prioritize this feature.

assbal 9 months ago

They help us beat our dicks so let's help them not get beat!

Succubus Sin 9 months ago

Unfortunately, a lot of members on this site don’t show much respect for sex workers either. So thanks I guess.

moviegirl01 9 months ago

Yup, I really see what you mean

Succubus Sin 9 months ago

I rest my case.

husband-fist-wife 9 months ago

Seems some people that watch forget that we are all just normal people like eveyone else.

LanaVixxxxen 9 months ago

That's where PH should begin with if they truly want to end the stigma.

TheGoddessOfLust 9 months ago

I have noticed by the comments and their unwillingness to actually support our work.

TheSophieJames 9 months ago

Absolutely and the comments section gives them a chance to show this lack of respect

Couple cumsx 9 months ago

Very nice donation guys! πŸ’– #SupportSexWorkers

SarahLombardi 9 months ago


Alex Cum 9 months ago

I would have liked South America to participate in the event.

Mimi Boom 9 months ago

I should go buy a red umbrella ❀❀❀

Skylar Jayde 9 months ago

This is Awesome! We consider sex workers/porn stars as objects, why?? When We wouldn't treat mainstream actors and actresses like that. In fact when it comes to acting. We put actresses such as Jennifer Aniston high up on a pedestal, while putting down Adult stars who in my opinion probably work a little bit harder than most mainstream actors do. It can't be easy to stay camera ready while being in the middle of a huge gangbang. Adult Stars Work Hard, Sex Worker's work Hard!

uebertoast 9 months ago

yo demigod you fucking speak like a no fapper but youre still on this site you fucking goober

TeenBrat 9 months ago

If you’d like to help incarcerated sex workers please check SWOP behind bars website. They have amazon wishlists for the women who are locked up so we can help them during this time and show our support.

MrBTailor 9 months ago

Who the fuck is this DemiGodLeo1? He keeps talking about exploiting men. Wouldn't be more the women are basically exploiting themselves in order to make ends meet? The guys have a choice to 'exploit' themselves. Not the woman lol. Has something happened to this "DemiGodLeo1" in his hidden past that he's not sharing with us? Lol. I like what you've had to say this far. Sorry you had to go through what you did. Seems like you're in a good place now.

TeenBrat 9 months ago

Sex work was my ONLY option when I was faced with death. My johns saved my life. If you want me to go to prision you better be ready to risk your life to take mine.

TeenBrat 9 months ago

Sex workers do not deserve incarceration due to their occupation. Educate yourself you sick piece of S**T

ThatMissQuin24 9 months ago

Now maybe consider only allowing content to be uploaded by verified models that have given their consent for their content to be posted. That would be the best thing you as a team could do for sex workers.Just an idea.

sixtytwosbackseat 5 months ago

That is a good idea, but I’m one of the dumb people that can’t figure out how to get verified

Sophia Bellini 9 months ago

Thank you!! I must live my life hidden from others because they judge me. But i am happy and proud to be a pornstar! πŸ”₯πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹

TeenBrat 9 months ago

Demigodleo is a fucking moron who doesnt comprehend sex workers also contribute to providing a fantasy. Also has NO idea what it takes to actually be successful. A stupid ass broke joke.

atkfan 9 months ago

I'm sure there are open minded people like most in the community here next to you that are feeling ok with your job/hobby keep doing what makes you happy, babe

Satans Sex Doll 9 months ago

Wish the blocking feature was more prominent and the comment sections a bit less abrasive but right on !

horny69rabbits 9 months ago

make LOVE not violence!

Mirzabek91 9 months ago

Make PORN baby

Chokobanana 9 months ago

Thank you for let us know. Today i know something new!

unknown 9 months ago

Thank you pornhub for always looking out for us! Real s**t. I feel safe here lol. You give enough ways to earn money without having to be on the block lol.

Grbanzo 9 months ago

My girlfriend was an escort(its how me met) and she told me this story of a regular who liked to choke her and she likes that stuff but after a few more visits he choked her too hard and she kinda shoved him to loosen up his grip. I don't remember if she let him finish or not but after that she stopped taking his calls. I guess where I'm getting at is I'm glad to know there are people besides me who want my girlfriend to be safe

MrBTailor 9 months ago

Absolutely man, I want your girlfriend and many other girlfriends and wives to be safe here, there, and everywhere. I would like for at least one day on this planet, that it could live in some kind of harmony.

Luna Petite 9 months ago

Hopefully a lot people read that

LeoCreampie 9 months ago

ok, time for self blowjob

vince_wt 9 months ago

Im glad somebody cares GO PORNHUB FUCKING GO

Kassandra Quinn 9 months ago

PornHub i love you πŸ˜πŸ˜ˆπŸ‘„β€β€

Analeasex 9 months ago

Excellent that the porn industry extends its help to these causes. 😘

Millk29 BEGGER 9 months ago

Very nice πŸ‘ πŸ˜‡

ALEXANDRA C 8 months ago

Thank for all PORNHUB πŸ‘„

TeamChaos1977 8 months ago

Personally I think each and every one that works in the industry are the only people in the entire entertainment world that put them selves out there every day that are %100 vulnerable, day after day, shoot after shoot, scene after scene, and yet in the year 2020 are still looked at and talked about, like they are doing something simply terrible, not in my eyes and heart and my danger zone!! I will ramble on, just know I support what you do, love to watch and learn!! One Love, NadJakk

kamatcho007 8 months ago

I have very many sex videos But I want help, I don't know Is there a profit on this site or not and how the way to profit. who can help me blzz

sessvids 8 months ago

Where do I sign?

Azoz135791 9 months ago


eljagiri 9 months ago

hy what news my babes

FarikoW 9 months ago

The vocal Majority of douchebags will always seem louder than supporters and clearly it's working as that's all that they're noticing. They're just louder most people that wouldn't hurt anyone likely just kept scrolling or have no account. It's understandable to not know what to even say about this . In comparison to trash humans that say anything their feeble minds can conjure up. Wether or not in your fucked ideology you view someone as a slut or a virgin abusing them proves your worthlessnes

FrenchTeenAss 9 months ago

Thanks PH for highlighting this cause.Sex workers are workers like others, so they need to have the same respect and rights like others.For French users, if you support this cause you can also support or donate for the STRASS (Syndicat du travailleur sexuel).Respect your neighbor, peace, love and then enjoy guys.

elio123451 9 months ago

Well said, so now can someone send me buses on snap? elit54

Dexevian 9 months ago

Its called being human, not every person stops or cares when it see a homeless person even if it's not right, but there are also people who care, i just donated and i don't even live in usa or spend any money on ph, and im sure im not the only one who did it, u guys/girls aren't alone! #FapForTheRevolution! xD

KepticalK 9 months ago

Thank You PH

Morgana Stardust 9 months ago

Sex work is real work! πŸ’œ I hope soon comes a day when most people can see us with the respect we deserve, like everyone else.

samuelandsienna 9 months ago

Yes! We deserve love and respect πŸ’–

VrenaLove 9 months ago

I know it has nothing to do with it but PornHub when will news come up about payment methods? Thank You!

VrenaLove 9 months ago

So, I'm from Brazil and it's complicated for us to withdraw money

Holly Halftone 9 months ago

What info are you looking for specifically?

Pornhub Nat 9 months ago

we over cryptocurrency, direct deposit in 36 countries, and bank check!

xxxnyxxx 9 months ago

Peace ✌️

Necroionutwiz 9 months ago

Hearts and Minds man ...

Emma Goodhead 9 months ago

Just imagine how much violence against sex workers could be avoided in the first place if they were paid for their content

Diana Wolf 9 months ago


TalkingRockStud 9 months ago

Sex workers are out there to make a living just like the rest of society. It's a rotten shame and sad that animals, thanks to P.E.T.A., people for the ethical treatment of animals, and other groups like them, have more rights and treated better by people than they treat our fellow/female humankind. I've known prostitutes who do/did become a sex worker just to scrape by paying their bills and feeding their chil***n. Our country let alone the rest of the world best remember, they are still human.

yummyie 9 months ago


jstar2019 9 months ago

Good work as they should. Now I wonder if Pornhub can donate more 10000 since they make so much money.

handjobmen 9 months ago

wow cool)πŸ’₯

RedPillGirl 9 months ago


Alex Cum 9 months ago

The rights of sex workers are human rights and the one who does not agree with this phrase is because it is immersed in prehistory

Nikki Rose 9 months ago

As I am trying to get into the industry myself, i am glad to see this kind of support in the community

TomaStevi 9 months ago

will support each other

Saliva Bunny 9 months ago


PervertCoupleUA 9 months ago

Great. We join to the wishes for all sex workers always to stay safe and healthy... ...but what is really make us worrying now - already 4th week begun (formality... 1st week had only one day but anyway...) and still no Payout in Verge (XVG) for November. All last months in same period of month we already had it on wallet. But now still Zero. It is like Mental Violance... prior NY holidays... oh

Holly Halftone 9 months ago

Unfortunately the payout day is not specific, only the week is. Payout has been and always will be processed the third week of the month. So, this being the third week of the month, everything is on schedule. Happy Holidays and if there are any issues please don't hesitate to get in touch!

PervertCoupleUA 9 months ago

No doubts... just last month it arrived on 14th, before on 15th... earlier was 16th, and so on. So are not complaining but just upset because our (and we sure not only our) wish to get last payout in 2019 as earlier (especially considering soon Christmas Holidays) as possible - pretty well to understood. Yeap? Anyway thank u for reply.

Holly Halftone 9 months ago

Once payout is reached earnings are sent the third week of the following month - this is the third week of the month so you will see your November earnings this week If you did not receive your October earnings last month, please contact models@pornhub.com to get it sorted out.

Target Girl 9 months ago

Nice of Pornhub to share with us thiese important things We all one community and need to be united πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

Shyla Nervous 9 months ago

Love this! I am Canadian and this is a huge issue here as it is throughout every country. Many of these incidents are still largely ignored not only in the general population but at the government level too. Thank you Pornhub for continuously shining a light onto this while promoting equality, open-mindedness and human rights!

Jetsfan1983 9 months ago

Thank you PH for supporting this great cause.

Ivy McNea 9 months ago

Thank you for your support to a wonderful movement! We are a long way away from where we should be, but we can all make a difference!

Ninfetinhaa 9 months ago

Awesome 3

nofacenofake 9 months ago


Karyme Kummz 9 months ago

What’s the point of buying a whore if you can’t beat that whore?

unknown 9 months ago

I genuinely don’t understand the stigma around sex workers. Everyone is doing some form of sexual act, why would I do it for free?

purefreak69 4 months ago

Love my pornhub.. I need to makes some vids n take some pics

jermargarita76 6 months ago

I just have a curious question about the VR porn. Why is it that it seems it primarily caters to white men . I mean all I see is mostly white dicks in the VR section. The customer would feel more engaged if at least there’s a cock that somewhat resembles his .

Brandonw85 7 months ago

Hello ladies,lol,hit me up

Rick and Cristy 7 months ago

Thank you, you are doing a great job! For all of us, this is very important, in fact! It is a pity that many do not understand this, because this is art, and, probably, therefore, not everyone is given to understand and appreciate art. Thank you again!

Santa Lucia 8 months ago

The situation. My friend bought workout clothes on Pornhub Shop and went to the gym in Paris. Nobody paid any attention, except her trainer. He said β€œcool, are an amateur?” Same thing in Moscow. She wearer this clothes and went in a Moscow gym. She had to leave the gym in 20 minutes because she was absolutely abused by men’s stupid words and shouts. They called her a whore, a bitch and stuff like this.... Even tho she is not a amateur, she just liked this wear....

AlaskaSkyy 8 months ago


Blended O 8 months ago

Wow, I never knew there was even such a thing as a sex worker abuse.

6097217761 8 months ago

I want some pussy Ánd make some porn

Ava Carter 8 months ago

I want to say first off we are amateurs. We had no ideal this was in effect and for 16years woe. We will be on time for the 17th annual and to all folks who share concern for all sex workers we say thanks .Thank you all these performers are Humans,with lives off of camera and they deal with pain we can't see. Im very happy to know this is gaining attention of others so a change can take place..We help you all get off .Now you can give back and support the workers that share Art for you 2 get off

unknown 8 months ago

Love You AllπŸ’– With the utmost respect for all and you can always HMU IF you need a shoulder to cry on FACTS Everyone.

atotak 8 months ago

Jest tu ktoΕ› ze Szczecina panie zapraszam

Choppasoda 8 months ago

Add My Snap To Have Fun looking for big dicks @ Apodunk

ialreadypassedyou 8 months ago


Malajna 8 months ago

I should post here one of my new photo? No! Im gona say only "Good Job PornHub!❀"

chocolateboy75 9 months ago

No violence just love and sex https://fr.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5e02a6f764012

chadcopeland92 9 months ago

I’m trying to start my endeavors into the sex worker world does anyone have any insights for me?

Syndicate BlueCandy 9 months ago


Skylar Shaye 9 months ago

Deck them in the fucking trachea then. What're they gonna do? Call the cops? It's self defense.

VACouple757 9 months ago

Its sad how things of this sort has to be acknowledged. The world should be so much better these days.

chriss_montess 9 months ago


Skylar Shaye 9 months ago

Self violence?

unknown 9 months ago


BatGirlnThrobin 9 months ago


CletusAndQueesha 9 months ago

Wish you would pay when you say you will. But thanks for the support.

HawaiianOrgasm 9 months ago

The thing is, I know the guy who defends the green river killer. He doesn’t choose because he has to defend bad people.

mxanic 9 months ago


PornIsOkXD 9 months ago

Hotta like and share this. Spread the awareness

100kgphysiqueuncut 9 months ago

Warm Luv

jdmcars90 9 months ago


Lukaniuszek 9 months ago

Jesteście wspaniali dziękuję Wam za tą stronę. A zarazem mam prośbę cholera mam problem z poznaniem jakiejś głównej sexi laski...co robić oprócz bicia kapucyna

James Felps 9 months ago

We bring them pleasure and diversity to their lives, but they do not appreciate it. People, we are all the same, we are all equal.

UnTayken 9 months ago

I support this and all, but it's just hard to take this seriously when everybody's profile picture contains some kind of genitalia. Been a while since I've had a good laugh.

SkyWarsIsBetter 9 months ago

this is a wonderfull thing, a day to "celebrate" the end of violence against sex workers, im so proud with this community, so lets celebrate, cheers!

Ashley Vega 9 months ago

Maybe y'all should hire some lobbyists to push better laws (or repeal bad ones) with all that money of y'alls. If other big businesses do it, why not yall?

SleepySasha 9 months ago


kremacmoan 9 months ago

This is sad! Nothing wrong with working in the sex trade as long as you are doing it willingly and it your own choice! We love to entertain we need love and respect to.

jonyfalon 9 months ago


hornyslut8282 9 months ago

People jack off with one hand and hit with the other.

pforfree123 9 months ago

δ»₯ζ‹˜η¦εŠη½šζ¬Ύηš„ε½’εΌε€„η½šζ€§ε·₯δ½œθ€…οΌŒθΏ™ε°±ζ˜―ε―Ήζ€§ε·₯δ½œθ€…ηš„ζš΄εŠ›θ‘ŒδΈΊγ€‚The punishment of sex workers in the form of detention and fines is violence against sex workers

unknown 9 months ago

Which...i...guess goes into the making us very happy category

unknown 9 months ago

Its very respectable to be a sex worker i mean they make alot of people including myself very happy and they make us feel good

Gwen Adora 9 months ago

This is a start, but I'd like to challenge you to donate more money. PornHub should be donating at least 10k *a month* to organizations like SWOP.

Dimaggino 9 months ago


Texas Secrets 9 months ago

I get so many rude message from people who watch my videos and speak badly of me.

Teduise 9 months ago


bmax1107 9 months ago

suck my dick

stefflisa 9 months ago

Hey guys Steff&Lisa here for the support

NoFaceCBSex 9 months ago

Nice donation now let’s get back to Fucking

Dooooooodooooo 9 months ago

sex work is real work!

denamka 9 months ago

no sex allowed

toonstuff 9 months ago

Amazing cause, good to see people unite for a common and just goal.

early30sm 9 months ago

There should be more protection globally tbh

Luna Rodriguez 9 months ago

This is lovely

CNetfree 9 months ago


MED12345678910 9 months ago


MsFriday5 9 months ago

Awesome Post!

MelaninQueen512 9 months ago

Ijs we all deserve the same respect Kim k gets πŸ’πŸΎβ€β™€

Eddie94969 9 months ago

Ain’t that the truth

MrDean116 9 months ago

Can’t donate, but I’m completely with you on this!

Syndicate BlueCandy 9 months ago


monseieurfetisch 9 months ago


FeliciaFray 9 months ago

I am quite small but people have been quite nice to me on here. I am sure I will eventually experience some of thses things but it hasn'y been all bad so as far as feeling welcome...I'd give it 10/10. Still, this is something that needs more awareness!

FeliciaFray 9 months ago

Stay strong everyone, don't let anyone put you down xxx

InnocentChurchGirl 9 months ago

Preach !!

iblurry 9 months ago

Work is work.

quade0305 9 months ago

Truly love this stay safe πŸ’‹

m0xxx0r 9 months ago

love this β€πŸ•Š be safe guys!!

Erica Sins 9 months ago

Haters love to hate....just got to stop the hate..in every direction...life is too short to be hating any one for any thing...

Perdolino MeZokh 9 months ago

Not a single word for DtEVASW here in Russia :-(

JordieBunnie 9 months ago

I See You πŸ’ŒβœŒοΈ

Sonia Harcourt 9 months ago

Commenting so this hopefully ends up in my stream.

starsexysma 9 months ago

Everyone on here no matter it be amanture or professional is beautiful to me. This is like family to me everyone working to live and fun together. I have the utmost respect for everyone. Thank you.

Celia Hot 9 months ago


zzghc123 9 months ago

I respect and honor people who work to make other people happy.

Loserlexxx 9 months ago

glad you guys are promoting this hope you also use it as a day to think abkht improving the site in ways that can protect us sex workers and listen to people’s suggestions

Wank Club 9 months ago


Rico2Heartless 9 months ago

I’d love to be a sex worker honestly it something I’ve never tried and it’s different you have to have a lot of heart to do that on camera nothing but respect from me

MoonLovers4L 9 months ago

Safe sex is the best sex

MaksikSadist 9 months ago


ryannouvel 9 months ago

Awesome initiative, Pornhub! Please help end SESTA/FOSTA too.

starks105 9 months ago

I love this

UniverseLoveSolo 9 months ago

Good idea

killer_bob 9 months ago

О да

sexypolarbears 9 months ago

Do you need to be taught a lesson? And stop editing my words!

sexypolarbears 9 months ago

If you openly have sex workers legally open a store there is an opinion about it because; not only are the clients demanding; the service people are demanding as well. But if you do it behind closed doors it is even worse and unimaginable.... Why should I like this when you censor it? All the fucking time and not that the everyone fucking alien on this planet want to teach you what is fucking pleasurable even aliens for another think they should teach about sex and production; don’t question o

Duroinpiedi 9 months ago


msSakura 9 months ago

pornhub i love you

mrmugga 9 months ago

Good s**t

Thick Chubb 9 months ago

Thank you Pornhub

Good43roundz 9 months ago

Wow pornhub is amazing for this

2WrongsGirl 9 months ago


Dominicaking 9 months ago

Right on

thatboynasty 9 months ago

I appreciate this site

AlexRenteria 9 months ago

I love You Porn hub β™₯

Yamisohard 9 months ago

Thanks for caring so much pornhub. I'm always happy to have u.

unknown 9 months ago

Pornhub is best ❀ I Love Pornhub ❀

xepicx 9 months ago

Pornhub is better than most other media's lolπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

GreyAlpha 9 months ago

Great job Ph team #SupportSexWorkers

Jace970 9 months ago


PabloTory 9 months ago


The Hearts 9 months ago

Very proud of you PH! Hats off to you.

dieaos 9 months ago


datiegun 9 months ago

Pornhub,you're right!

DeeluxObsession 9 months ago


Toby Caff 9 months ago

Didn't even know this existed. I love how pornhub does things like this, its so nice to see

Grrlish 9 months ago

This is excellent. It’s great that you’ve brought attention to such an important issue.

onlyseks 9 months ago


JuicyyThickkCockk69 9 months ago


happynesssss 9 months ago

Nice of the site to do that

dani california 9 months ago


Horny Kira 9 months ago

wow! very good!

kingcrab11 9 months ago

Can I get a sex worker for Xmas!

Toriiann 9 months ago

This is amazing. I’m also with a few others in the comments the blocking feature isn’t so great. You can block a user but they can still see you, that can be dangerous. Geo Blocking is awesome on the other hand.

KinkyHome 9 months ago

It is wonderful that there is such a day. πŸ™ŒπŸ‘I hope this day helps our society take a different look at the sex industry. After all, only this industry of positive and true pleasure!πŸ’πŸ˜˜

Curious nymphet 9 months ago


Jsext0820 9 months ago


CbForU 9 months ago

I had no idea this was a thing.

TalkingRockStud 9 months ago

One other thing, I know religion isn't everyone's thing but I myself do believe in God and that His word says " thou shalt not judge lest you be judged". If in the end and God does exist, those who judged and hated and mistreated with violence, sex workers and others as well, it's not a court, the one's done wrong, they don't have to answer to them for their actions BUT they will have to answer to God and I dang sure wouldn't wanna be in their shoes. Thank You Pornhub for supporting them.

Messmakingduo 9 months ago

This is good that pornhub cares πŸ’“

Rabindrajangam 9 months ago


losdada 9 months ago


Stripcraft 9 months ago


Miss Ania 9 months ago

Pornhub it’s WOW ❀❀❀

sexath 9 months ago


unknown 9 months ago

Very nice staff, much love.

BREATH TAKER 9 months ago


securelife 9 months ago

Good job pornhub. Supported πŸ‘

Scarlet_and_Xavier 9 months ago

PornHub is one of the select few who really talks about these kind of issues. Kudos to PornHub! -S

spmontay 9 months ago

Good job Phub Stuff like this happens a lot on Law&Order svu so it must be an issue

mccola 9 months ago


unknown 9 months ago

Applause ! ! ! Raise awareness and be good people. Kisses and Hugs everyone XOXO Cheers PornHub.

Tntix 9 months ago

We respect them !

aaditya846 9 months ago

Sex workers? Seriously? I thought it's all just entertainment industry. And if someone doesn't liked it, he/she is free to do whatever the hell they like. What's so wrong?

lbl2002 9 months ago

That’s good of you

Stuart309 9 months ago

That's nice of you guys and gals

LilChillin 9 months ago

Bruh I just wanted to beat my dick

HawtCock 9 months ago

Amazing article and even more amazing for showing support!!

Darkness-Inclined 9 months ago

Not seeing any of the rude or abrasive comments that other comments are talking about (maybe they were reported, deleted, or just buried), but I agree with the sentiment all the same! I personally wouldn't consider myself a sex worker because I'm just a small-fry who gets a kick out of posting my privates online for free, but who knows what the future holds in what I'd be willing to share? Treat others as you'd like to be treated, as the saying goes. We all deserve respect.

chicago323 9 months ago

Omg good s**t love you pornhub ❀

Sia Soon 9 months ago


MochaFrappe87 9 months ago

Honestly, this is great. Sex workers have been around forever and deserve care like any other job. If you don’t believe so delete your Pornhub account.

unknown 9 months ago

This is amazing. Thank you, pornhub πŸ’•

ryan2h4l 9 months ago


atkfan 9 months ago

Big respect to this cause PH! The incredible community here seems so united!

MookFromThe4 9 months ago

Shout out to PH for this

unknown 9 months ago

Very cool. One other reason to support this amazing website. Amazing cause.

Catpaws 9 months ago

Thank you for your donation. β™₯

Savina Siren 9 months ago

AMAZING!!!!!!! The podcast Mu***r Squad does an excellent job bringing attention to this!

stargeneral29 9 months ago

It's a good iniative, love that pornhub

Mustafamnmnmnmn 9 months ago


Olivia Cooper 9 months ago

This is amazing, and inspiring.

unknown 9 months ago

Thanks for doing an event to recognize sex workers. Good job. 😘 😍 πŸ’•

GIRLPOWERSEX 9 months ago

come see my new video

19daddy89 9 months ago

This is legit of PH.

TheSophieJames 9 months ago

Great to bring awareness to this most guys see us as a commodity and that is the words of professionals who have helped me pick up the pieces of violence towards me !

TotemBlack 9 months ago

Support this cause!

EdenExile 9 months ago

Lovely to see such a big platform bringing light to an important issue! πŸ–€

James Thee Soul Snatcher 9 months ago

I’m so thankful for people like this! Thanks Pornhub for Shedding a light on this issue people face all around the world

Nicky Mist 9 months ago

Love you!

Laura Squirts 9 months ago

Thank u for letting us know.

Carly Curvy 9 months ago

DarkWetDreemz 9 months ago

Great blog! I recently found out about my local SWOP chapter, great organization.

Allisonxmaston 9 months ago

love love love

Leah Messina 9 months ago


JacDickHart 9 months ago

Excelent donation, love pornhub ❀

Ganjah Goddess 9 months ago

Nothing in TN .....WHAT is this all about ???? Is sex not allowed in the Bible Belt ???

misterNmagnolia 9 months ago


JuicyGem28 9 months ago


Boricua_King 9 months ago

Much love πŸ™πŸ½

Blyde Connie 9 months ago

Love it!

Olivia Ink 9 months ago


Candy Camille 9 months ago

Its nice of pornhub to bring attention to this kind of stuff to.

Morgpie 9 months ago

Such a wonderful cause, thank you guys ❀❀❀

goodpussy49 9 months ago


FlyLikeNasa 9 months ago

Great work!

daisiesandhalos 9 months ago

Hell yeah! ❀

Effi-cace 9 months ago


SINcerely Yours 9 months ago

An awesome movement! We can make a difference!

SedeBoys 9 months ago

Cool !!!

unknown 9 months ago


Isabelle And Me 9 months ago

Done !

Greek Booty 9 months ago

Love pornhub

Stella Bianca 9 months ago

Nice ! πŸ™‚

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