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by: Aurora Watson

Our Black Friday Sale was one of the most successful events we’ve ever had and it’s all thanks to you! So as promised, we gathered the top 50 sellers from the 4-day event and picked 5 Models at random to win $1,000 each!

So without further ado, we want to congratulate Noelle Easton, Littlesubgirl, Zilv Gudel, CharlieBHustle, and Meana Wolf for winning our Black Friday Model prize of $1,000!

We’d also like to give a shout-out to the other 45 Models who made our top-sellers list.

Xev Bellringer          Forest Whore

LittleReislin             JackPlusJill

sextwoo                  Kate Truu

Danika Mori             Mini Diva

Asa Akira                LUNAxJAMES 

JUNE LIU                Lovely Lilith 

misslexa                 ImMeganLive

 Rae Lil Black          Wolf Hudson 

Korina Kova            Elles

Rai Blue                 FunAussieCouple

ZIAxBITE               Crystal Lust  

Kianna Dior            Emanuelly Raquel  

Purple Bitch           sexcouple69

Kylie NG                Catching Gold Diggers

Leolulu                  Alex Adams

Jay Bank               Little Puck 

NoFaceGirl             MikeDirty

Eva Elfie                LuxuryGirl

Johnny Sins           Fit Sid

Bunny Ratchet       Annabelle Rogers

LianaGood             ScarlettKnightley

Lovesanalxxx         TeenyGinger

Ohshititslele         Mark Rockwell  



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Rae Lil Black 9 months ago

I’m no.2 top earner for November but yet I’m not in these top 50... which means my fans buy my videos whenever right after I publish the videos♥♥ and I appreciate the fact the my fans love me

PHTH_FC 9 months ago

I falling love you when I first met

X unCut L 9 months ago

Why not loving u?? U are so hot cute and sexy we can't do anything else baby

unknown 9 months ago


Amazon Kayla 9 months ago

You are in the top 50 hun lol

Mimi Boom 9 months ago

😍😍 Love Rae Lil Black 😍😍

Lucy 9 months ago

Congratulations to everyone ❤

Luna Sky 9 months ago

That's awesome

Sliiikdee 9 months ago

All love from cali

Chokobanana 9 months ago

Loyal fans!

cebubluebunny 9 months ago

Love u lil

sexcouple69 9 months ago

It is a great honor for us to be among the top 50 sellers! Thanks to our fans who support us!! We love you!

Yung Yannah 9 months ago


Luna Sky 9 months ago

Awesome well done

Sasha Bikeyeva 9 months ago

Congratulations to all the winners !!!🥰🥰🥰🥰

Miss Ania 9 months ago

Congrats all models !💦💦💦💦💦

Molly The MILF 9 months ago

Wow. Congratulations. Great achievement and example to Target

ibarbie 9 months ago

Congrats for most popular sellers!

Analeasex 9 months ago

Hola, felicidades... Es el reflejo de un excelente trabajo! Los seguimos de cerca, nos encantan sus videos... Estamos cogiendo juiciosos para alcanzarlos algún dia 😂😂. Abrazos

Alex Cum 9 months ago

well deserved the prize congratulations

Mr. Big 9 months ago

Congratulations guys!

sexcouple69 9 months ago

Congratulations to all winners! 👍💖

MasqueradeLovers 9 months ago

Well done xx

Mimi Boom 9 months ago

Ohh got to try my best for December 💖💖💖

Cherry Lips 9 months ago

Congratulations to all the winners! 🎈Let's see when pornhub makes a contest where new models have any chance of winning 😉.

Luna Sky 9 months ago

Exactly. That would be awesome

Forest Whore 9 months ago

Meow ^_^

Cherry Lips 9 months ago


cinnabum 9 months ago


PinayBoobs 9 months ago


mysexymodel 9 months ago

Hey are there any couples that would like to have foursome with us? Just for fun, no vids 😉 dm us

Emma Lust 9 months ago


Luna Sky 9 months ago

If I was closer to you for sure. But I'd want vids lol x

Wet Kelly 9 months ago

We are here

unknown 9 months ago


hispanicpleaser 9 months ago

Well only if I'm lucky enough to be able to get the opportunity

MasqueradeLovers 9 months ago

If only yous are amazing :o

Chokobanana 9 months ago

Waiting for some other Xmas event!

Pornhub Nat 9 months ago

We're running our Advent Calendar on our twitter @pornhubhelp and instagram account @modelhub_ph

Willowbiz 9 months ago

Cool congrats

Kate Truu 9 months ago

Thank you for all our fans for supporting is not only in Black Friday. Thanks to you I have nomination for AVN Awards as a Indie Clips Creator and congratulation for all models.

Luna Sky 9 months ago


unknown 9 months ago

Congratulations to all the winners. Keep it up. 👏🎉🎊

AllieSxxx 9 months ago

Congrats to all of the winners!!!

horny69rabbits 9 months ago

and I didn't sell any videos at all!))))))))

horny69rabbits 9 months ago

congratulations to everyone!

Alex Cum 9 months ago

I want there to be another Black Friday please

X unCut L 9 months ago

Pls can anyone tell me how can I be a cam model.. Making some nasty shows?? Thankzzz

Dexripoff 9 months ago

I want something sweet right now...

BatGirlnThrobin 9 months ago


A_eazzy 9 months ago


MrAndMrsHall 9 months ago

I love Pornhub and all the models on here💯💯💯thank you.

unknown 9 months ago

Nice Congratulations!

shely81 9 months ago

congratulations to all, this is not an easy job so you deserve your success❤❤❤

CuteGirlfriend 9 months ago

So many talented creators on this site, congratulations and keep up the great work 💖

Lilbango2019 9 months ago

Hi y'all jus looking for more friends check me out @Lilbango2019

PTBLAXE 9 months ago

Great work out there

Jakky5 9 months ago

New model here my videos are free with dowload price should i change this this buy only?

Elin Flame 9 months ago

That's awesome! Congratulations to best models on pornhub! ❤🎉🎊

SuperDrogo 9 months ago

Este 2020 prepárense... porque venimos por todo 🔥🔥🔥

SallyandScott 9 months ago


Anna Shpilman 9 months ago

We 💖💖💖 you!

Chassidy Lynn 9 months ago

Good job guys

unknown 9 months ago

Congrats loves!!!!

monoLola 9 months ago

Congratulations 🥳

Devin and Brandy 9 months ago

Congratulations all! We’re getting there-we’re gonna be up there!

MrBTailor 9 months ago

Good luck to you guys. Keep grinding... Brandy lol

Sabrina Kat 9 months ago

Well deserved! Congrats! ❤

Dominant BBC 9 months ago

I was black on Friday, I just happened to not be on sale, does that count for something?

BitLoki 9 months ago

Congratulations to the winners, i hope there will be more events like this

BitLoki 9 months ago

Luna Sky 9 months ago

Those abs tho

CollegeAdventures 9 months ago

Congratulations everyone! 😊😊 you deserve it 👍

candycherry7 9 months ago

Congratulations at all the winners !🎉 But i'm sad, I never won anything ...😭

cebubluebunny 9 months ago

Dont be sad my lady, just try even hard, lets hope for ur success I read some where that hope is a good thing and no good thing never die😊😊

TomaStevi 9 months ago

Congratulate everyone. good mood to you all♥♥♥

RedPillGirl 9 months ago

Congratulations! 🎊🍾🎈

Lucky Macky 9 months ago

Congratulations to all winners 🥳❤

Target Girl 9 months ago


ourdirtylilsecret 9 months ago

Amazing everyone!!!!

Yung Yannah 9 months ago

Im not trying to be rude but non of these people have a good model rank nor is it green...people like me work-harder than they do using social media as a way of intresrest most of these girls just stay on pornhub SMH DO BETTER PORNHUB

Pornhub Nat 9 months ago

These models sold the most over the Black Friday weekend, promoting their content on social and pushing their fans to purchase more. Contest was about the top 50 sellers, giving an advantage to models who aren't in the top to win.

SissyBookstoreSlut 9 months ago

Congrats sluts!

misterNmagnolia 9 months ago

Yay!! Congrats to the winners! You are all super sexy! 😍😍

lovegay294 6 months ago

Wao great

TokyoDiary 7 months ago

thank you guys

Phatyellapussy 8 months ago

New Verified here Subscribe 😜

Pinkysexx 8 months ago

Watch my new hot couples video at look https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5e239cc79dc85

JoeLiteress 8 months ago

Guys tell me how to participate here?) The rule of the game? Tell me please!)

Devil and angel 8 months ago


Slimthiccie97 8 months ago

Add me, and my fans out there don’t get to naughty let’s reach these sexy sales

TherapyGirl 8 months ago

CONGRATS to all as in my eyes you are all winners 🔥❤

smoothassboy 8 months ago

Need help getting more attention

nymphomansex 8 months ago

I’m still trying to find a Woman or women that can handle high sex drive And are equal or more freakier than I am if it’s you can feel free to message me let’s see how wild we can be😜

chocolateboy75 8 months ago

Like, follow, share fam https://fr.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5e02a6f764012

BerMarc 9 months ago


Morgana Stardust 9 months ago

Amazing. Congratulations everyone! 💯🥰

Lilbango2019 9 months ago

Add Mee pppllzzz thxxx

shycouple6969 9 months ago

See my sexy wife

unknown 9 months ago


LexEvenstar 9 months ago

Congratulations 🥰🥰🥰

jmanrealvids 9 months ago

All pros amateur porn is where it's at real over fake anyday

Hotmommakris 9 months ago

Congratulations everyone

Meegan Hart 9 months ago

Thank you for all the great porn and dedication that goes into creating it...Let’s not forget the FUN we have too!!! ❌⭕❌⭕💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

Hotoregonwifeh 9 months ago

Congrats to all of you you all rock!

Nikki Rose 9 months ago

Such amazing models, i'm trying to work my way up to top models myself. Is there any advice you guys can give me? Also check out my content and let me know what you think.

Allyourdreams 9 months ago

Congratulations to all models! You're best of the best !

Boricua_King 9 months ago


AdalynnX 9 months ago


SlikkSlow 9 months ago


vidicats 9 months ago

Я дико извиняюсь, что пишу не по теме! Но! Обращаюсь к моделям из России: кто знает, как вывести деньги с Паксум? Ответьте пожалуйста в личку! Спасибо!

trill700 9 months ago

I'm happy for everyone who in Dallas wanna shoot a video dm me

fuckyouand12 9 months ago

Check out my new channel!!!

fuckyouand12 9 months ago

Come check out my channel

Luna Sky 9 months ago

Congrats to all the winners 👏👏💋

Hugh richards 9 months ago

So how big do I have to get it to get attention?

secretmix 9 months ago

Congratulations guys 😍

Raba Erre 9 months ago

Sasha Wild 9 months ago

Congratulations to the winning girls and the work they've put into their content!

mulemandick 9 months ago

When am I going to win some money

Mustafamnmnmnmn 9 months ago

Beautiful models deserve to win congratulations to all

YoungDumbAnBroke 9 months ago

Congratulations to all the winners ! Xo

DNAcouplexxx 9 months ago

I can’t wait to make this list.

KinkyHome 9 months ago

Congrats all winners🙌😘You are awesome💝👍

MsFriday5 9 months ago


6ft8BBC 9 months ago

Congrats to all👍🏾

alisaxxxy 9 months ago

Congratulations to all

JacDickHart 9 months ago

Congratulations for the winners ❤✨

hentaimasterart 9 months ago

Congrats all

Cattie Candescent 9 months ago

Congrats all! I hope next year I'll make this list!

Sally jane 9 months ago

congrats 3

LonelyMeow 9 months ago

Congratulations hotties 💋

Sliiikdee 9 months ago

Congrats !

squirtqueen_69 9 months ago

good job guys!

AlexDantal 9 months ago

Wow!! 👍)

strangerpussylips 9 months ago

and what about me? (((

icedapipe 9 months ago

Anyone want to make vids hmu

icedapipe 9 months ago

Congrats to you all 💪🏾💪🏾

SavageOne1 9 months ago


Mask Porn 9 months ago

Well done everyone

MrBTailor 9 months ago

Congrats to all of you winners. Excellent content you guys put out

420doejohn 9 months ago

Congrats everyone! Help me get to 400k views my goal is to reach a million views!

Candy Camille 9 months ago

Congrats to everyone

pinkmzb 9 months ago

congratulations to the winners

unknown 9 months ago

Check out my videos

cebubluebunny 9 months ago

Congrats bitches, love u all, anyone from cebu philippines

poegel96 9 months ago


Curious nymphet 9 months ago


Red Fox 9 months ago


LustyCheeks 9 months ago

If any other content creators open to work with each other feel free to Message Me & congrats to all winners☺

CodieMorehead 9 months ago

Congrats to all of the lovely people that won an award. Keep up the great work, and always remember to smile.

unknown 9 months ago

Congratulations to you all!!!😍👌

Juicy_Nymph 9 months ago

Well done guys! Congratulations!

Analeasex 9 months ago

Felicidades a los que integran ese selecto grupo! Gran trabajo. Abrazos a todos 💦🍆😈🥰😘

Justin Philpott 9 months ago

Congrats everyone 😋

Carly Curvy 9 months ago


LustyCheeks 9 months ago

Any Content creators interested in creating content together Message Me ❤🥰 All Love & Support here .

MassageDoctor 9 months ago

Great to see my girl Charlie B hustle up in the list... Happy for her

Goodtowatch 9 months ago

gz to all

Thaiger Lee 9 months ago

Help me get to 50k views! Thanks everybody!

Jennifer Juggs 9 months ago


unknown 9 months ago

Congratulations to all the winners! Can’t wait to be among you one day! XOXO

Jizzonyou218 9 months ago

I wish I had someone to make videos with to be in the top 50

nofacenofake 9 months ago

Nice Job 😍

Jamaica porn Service 9 months ago

Congratulations to all winners and content creators 💕🔥

lovegay294 9 months ago


unknown 9 months ago

Congrats to all the winners!!!!! We already watch all your amazing videos so cant wait to see more with the prizes

Lucy Licks 9 months ago

That is AWESOME. Congratulations to all the winners! Now you can by more Lube, Camera Gear and Sexy Outfits!

newxouple 9 months ago

Way to go congrats everyone!!!

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