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by: Aurora Watson

The holidays are around the corner and with everyone’s credit cards out and tapping away, there’s no better time to revamp your library and launch some festive campaigns. So we thought, why not add a new feature to help you boost video sales?

For those of you who enjoy being a tease, you'll be happy to hear that you can now create and add a teaser video to your For-Sale videos to encourage your fans to click on and purchase the full-length video. This means when someone views the trailer you've set up, there will be an ad for the full-length video underneath it that viewers could click on. On PC there will also be a banner ad when users pause the video and the download links will link to the full video to purchase. 

Intrigued? Keep reading to learn how to set it up in just a few steps. 

1. To get started, upload your trailer like any other video.

2. Then head over to your Video Manager page and click on the Edit button of that specific video.

3. Click on the Settings tab and make sure your video’s Privacy Settings is Public. If you’re certain you want to make this video a trailer and click on Yes, it's important to remember that you’ll make up to 30% less  in ad revenue on this specific trailer video because we’ll be giving you a space to advertise your For-Sale video. 

4. To link the trailer to the matching full-length video, simply type in the title in the designated box and click on Save. Once that’s done, it could take up to 24 hours for the changes to take effect.

Normally videos with paid downloads will show on your Modelhub profile. When a video is set as a trailer, the download link now goes to the paid video you linked, which also means trailers will not show up on your Modelhub profile to sell. 

Please keep in mind that this feature is OPTIONAL and you're in full control. You decide what videos you want to set as trailers and have ads going to the paid videos. You can also try it out for a few days, weeks, or months and then switch it as you please. If you have any questions, include them in the comment section below or contact our Support team.



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SpicyBooty 7 months ago

Well, I think it’s a really good idea but I’m not quite sure if it’s 100% fair. Because I can upload a trailer as a normal video and then write a comment saying that the entire video is available at my paid video section. Or even put a banner in the video saying that. As I said, it’s a great idea but I don’t know if it’s worth it. Keep up the good work and thank u for trying to improve some new features 👏👏💋💋

Cedeh 6 months ago

Is against tos to comment video links, I did the same not knowing such and they nearly banned me randomly after years....

KissMyHips 7 months ago

I'd started doing what SpicyBooty said about a week ago and I'm hesitant to change so soon. Some people having been uploading free previews as normal videos for years, and I agree the drop in adrev doesn't seem worth it. But I can't knock it entirely until I've tried it, which I might do in the later future Best of luck to everyone trying out this feature! And thank you PH for giving us the option to choose for ourselves, not for***g the change on anyone.

mremmanuel1 7 months ago

Hi am Immanuel how can I get paid I don't want to be payed from PayPal how can I add my account number

Onehundredway 7 months ago

I agree

ibarbie 7 months ago

Thank PH for all new functions for US!!!!

Pornhub Nat 7 months ago

The purpose is to redirect the client to directly buy instead of them spending time searching for it. It gives you extra visibility as well as to encourage purchase.

RoleplaysCouples 7 months ago

Всё новое нужно сначала испытать, и только потом будет понятно: работает это или нет, стоит оно того или нет! 😊

radicalpainslut 7 months ago

I’d say try it out- do some A/B testing, I think it’s definitely worth it! Comments are a lot less read, that’s not what people come for in the end, and in a banner you can’t put a link and most viewers are too lazy to look it up themselves. Nope- I am expecting a lot of this feature!

SwedishDick1 7 months ago

I just wanna say hi😘

Sia Soon 7 months ago

Agreed. We will have to see if the percentage discounted from free as revenue is fair over time. I do both of those things already that you mentioned to push people to my full length ModelHub videos. I will test out the new feature to see if it leads to more model hub purchases.

Alis y Bruno 7 months ago

I think 30% commission is too much.I have opened a feedback thread to try to download it, please vote it to see if we get that commission down http://feedback.pornhub.com/forums/184663-pornhub-feedback-and-suggestions/suggestions/39061615-too-expensive-the-commission-for-video-advance

Alis y Bruno 7 months ago

a lot of money ). I really love you and I love the idea. I feel such a long message 😅

Alis y Bruno 7 months ago

Perhaps the only thing that worries me is that in the things that do not do of help.pornhub.com puts that to do trailer is a prohibited practice and that XD could be penalized. In any case, I would not want to offend anyone or let anyone think that I don't like the idea. I think the idea is great and I really appreciate it from the heart. the only thing that I like to comply with the rules and if I comply with them, I suppose a lot of money (maybe 1 $ XD but considering that I am new it is a

Alis y Bruno 7 months ago

In my case, I do the 10-minute “trailers” so that people who do not have money can enjoy and have their cum and the “trailer” takes as much post-production work as the length, maybe I would have to rethink the way to do trailer and make them 1 minute cut anyway, but I don't think I have too many premium subscribers capable of watching paid videos either. but hey, in any case it is optional, so in each one's hand it is activated or not. Continue...

brett 7 months ago

It's not us taking 30%. It's models losing 30% of the ad revenue they usually make on a video view, because now 30% of the ads go to the full video to purchase.

BhalaSada 7 months ago

30% seems reasonable to be honest.Lets put it this way, pornhub has millions of views that it has built up.Running costs of pornhub is huge.If you run your own site, you have to pay for hosting and other factors, plus the payment firm takes a %. If you then have an affiliate system, this would be 50% (setting it to less, and no affiliate would promote you).So 30% seems fine.The 30% pornhub takes is to cover some costs. Such as hosting, all the staff at pornhub promotion, payment system...

Alis y Bruno 7 months ago

@cakesandfoxy I would not like to convince you or offend anyone of porn hub, if you want to see it working enter from a mobile to this video, that I have this feature active for two days https://es.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5dc47c68ad3d5 If you look it is just a link that is the same thing we have always done in the first comment. and the worst part is that it does not sell the video at a discount (I guess it will be a temporary failure).

Cakes and Foxy 7 months ago

I think it's fair, the 30% you lose make you more chance of a video purchase ^^ i think the rest is for us to figure out how to market ourself correctly for us and our fans :3

Alis y Bruno 7 months ago

The idea is very good, but 30%? really? I activated it yesterday and you really only put a link to the paid video at the bottom of a video trailer. I think 10% would be more fair

Pornhub Nat 7 months ago

We are removing our ad revenue sources that we use to pay you to feature your own videos. The cut is how much we lose in ad revenue.

Couple cumsx 7 months ago

Good news for some people! Thanks pornhub! 💓

Alex CUM 7 months ago

yes, the truth is that it is not for all models

SexwithMilfStella 7 months ago

Was wondering about this type of feature yesterday and then ...BAM... today it's here! Love that

Hotmommakris 7 months ago

Where are you located. In interested in 3sum

GiocondaLisa 7 months ago

This is great ❤

milfingrid 7 months ago

Yeah, nah!

milfingrid 7 months ago

Ads masquerading as content.

Burbujja 7 months ago

I will try to take advantage of this proposal would be good 5%

mremmanuel1 7 months ago

Hi am Immanuel how can I get paid I don't want to be payed from PayPal how can I add my account number pls help

Holly Halftone 7 months ago

PayPal is not a payment option - you can be paid through Paxum, Verge or cheque. Note you must upload ID to be in the model program. Please reach out to models@pornhub.com for further assistance

Diana Wolf 7 months ago

И снова русских нет в комментах, Душа же жаждит речи нашей Сниму я ролик безупречный, А из поста я ничего не понимать...

lustkatze 7 months ago

Шикарно 😄😄😄

Cakes and Foxy 7 months ago

Я знаю, это отстой, но вы должны попробовать Google Translate, это не делает лучшую работу, но это работает, если вам нужно понять справедливость сообщения

Mia Marley 7 months ago

Thank you Pornhub. Amazing new update! ❤

Devin and Brandy 7 months ago

Amazing help as always. Thank you!

SlugsOfCumGuy 7 months ago

Nice work. I also noticed you can now arrange the order of videos on your profile? Another new feature?

SlugsOfCumGuy 7 months ago

Awesome! I'm going to go check that out. Thanks

PinayBoobs 7 months ago

This is great and all but we'd much rather have more convenient payment options for Asians. We really miss PayPal and Paxum has bad service

cherrybunnyss 7 months ago


Target Girl 7 months ago


Lucky Macky 7 months ago

This is gonna be nice

Target Girl 7 months ago

o yea

radicalpainslut 7 months ago

I think this is fantastic! I create a trailer for all my paid videos, but there was never a proper connection and now there is. Thanks a million!

LickMyLucy 7 months ago

Interesting feature. As it is what. many people do already.

Cartoon Zone 7 months ago

The Pornhub is a new hope for Me! ❤😍❤

PrecumX 7 months ago

Thank you!!!

framuga666 7 months ago

this is SO next level! Thank you guys! 😘

SexyLyah 7 months ago


GiocondaLisa 7 months ago

Thank you PornHub 😍

Nik Arab 7 months ago

Thanks guys

MarValStudio 7 months ago

It is very good news, thank you 🥳

Jamie Stone 5 days ago

Just uploaded my first Trailer. I feel like such a Newb. https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5f067ad7c63f0

Jamie Stone 5 days ago

Cool option. Thank you Pornhub!

CapellaHot 2 weeks ago

nice news 💋💋😍😍😍😍

SecretCrush 6 months ago

Not too sure if this will be worth the conversion to a sale or not... hmm

Eva and Silas 7 months ago

I just wish you would let us upload smaller quality clips, my teaser's aren't very large so now I have to go re-export all of them to make the file large enough to upload...

Pornhub Nat 7 months ago

the minimum is 11MB - photos nowadays are bigger size!

Amber Skye 7 months ago

I love this!!! This makes it so much easier to cut down a long video for people to get a good sample of the full video without having to upload two videos and confuse people or clog my video upload list. Thank you!

BhalaSada 7 months ago

cool idea

Sia Soon 7 months ago

For those thar want to see how it works I did it for this video I already uploaded previously as a teaser. I love this new feature! https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5d9e0d06a5c74

Montsita 7 months ago

Lo siento pero no he entendido nada de nada!

Alis y Bruno 7 months ago

Que ahora puedes activar un enlace a los vídeos de pago para los trailer que hagas, pero que de momento solo funciona con los móviles y que no todo el mundo tiene esta característica ya que se está implementando poco a poco 😉 merezco un premio por la traducción, me gustaría un yate gigante como pone en mi biografía 😉. Si tienes más dudas escríbeme un privado y te cuento todo lo que quieras 😉

Burbujja 7 months ago

Hello, am I new any advice from you? Do you agree with this idea?

Burbujja 7 months ago

Hello, am I new any advice from you?

LinoLola 7 months ago

Such a great news!

Camran Mac 7 months ago

i tried nowю did everything right but writes Invalid video trailer value

Alex CUM 7 months ago

The idea is very good, I will try and see what happens.

Lucy 7 months ago

It's a really good update!❤

LovellyGirll 7 months ago

Good tool

Kyutty 7 months ago

that sounds great!! Thank you~! ^^

unknown 7 months ago

This sounds amazing. Way better than just a few second preview of the videos when you scroll passed them. Thank you pornhub and modelhub for everything you do for us.

MileyMike 7 months ago

Thanks you 💜

Nevminoze 7 months ago

looks cool and not usual) cool thing, worth a try)

orgasmextreme 7 months ago

Handy feature 😎

La La Lapin 7 months ago

The Video Manager freezes often using pornhub in a mobile device. Is there a pornhub mobile app that works slightly better?

xlkyng 7 months ago

No. The app is worst.

Analpasion 7 months ago

interesting proposal

Lydia Luxy 7 months ago

I like it!

unknown 7 months ago

Amazing New Update! Prefect 👍

Curious nymphet 7 months ago


screamjngghost65 1 month ago

What I don't like is that the links (even from outside of pornhub) are displaying the full movie's run time as the preview's runtime. You see something like 1:06:57 and you think, "Whoah, they're showing the whole thing!?!" Then you click on it and it's a five-minute teaser. Isn't that false advertising? I think the site needs to make a ruling on this and force people who do teasers to accurately display its runtime so it's obvious before you click that you're getting a teaser.

lips_on_hips 4 months ago

hi im trying to use this feature but it keeps telling me invalid video trailer value

Brum420 4 months ago

Very good article, I take the opportunity to send everyone to visit our profile. We are new and we are learning.

TheChiefKief 5 months ago

Here is my tease check it out!!! https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5e367d722325b

johannesgaming 6 months ago

im getting an error when i try to use the function Invalid video trailer value

onlyforyougirl 6 months ago

Check out my new video. https://www.modelhub.com/video/ph5e08cc56d6914

LonelyMeow 6 months ago

Ok I don’t like trailers... 😀

nymphomansex 7 months ago

Ayy with that being said let me drop some vids friend and subscribe people 💵💵💵

milk-peach 7 months ago


Tyler Kyson 7 months ago

I'm checking this out meantime go check me out follow me!! https://www.pornhubpremium.com/model/tyler-kyson

Kat Saturday 7 months ago

I'm free on Christmas who wants to sneak to the bathroom on Christmas and let me get you off

Cookie Lee 7 months ago

I think it's a great idea but uploading videos is what improves our ranking.! So thank you but you guys should definitely keep up the work, the website and layout is great.

Lifesex86 7 months ago


Redneck2123 7 months ago

If any woman around Cleveland GA arae want some one to be in a video with them hit me up

LONG YELLA 7 months ago

Check me out and tell me what you think .....every woman loves a long dick

nixatnite 7 months ago

Keep trying new thing! Love it

Stacy Dupont 7 months ago


RavenBigAss 7 months ago

i try but doesent work lol, whyyy? "Invalid video trailer value"

Pornhub Nat 7 months ago

If it's a fan club video, it would not work. If it's under 11MB it won't work either. If it's neither of those things, reach out and let me know.

Pro Amateur 7 months ago


Mister Lee 7 months ago

I wondered about this being a thing since I would just do what SpicyBooty does , however after seeing it in action I really like the presentation. It’s simple , effective and it doesn’t really hurt you unless your previews were your big money earners. Otherwise I’m satisfied with this addition to pornhub and all I ask now is for us as models to start networking and connecting more

Dirty Down South 7 months ago

I think I like it. Sure, there is a slight drop in ad revenue, but it is nice to have a direct link front and center to the paid video. We will see how it goes, but I am hopeful!

casal_mineiro 7 months ago

Geat! Thanks!

You170 7 months ago


Eva and Silas 7 months ago

Love this! Thanks so much! Xo, Eva

Fetishss 7 months ago

increase the payout for advertising and help us make money and so we'll all create a lot of videos

Fetishss 7 months ago


TabooRoom 7 months ago

Ребята, подскажите когда происходит выплата..... У меня деньги уже месяц весят в ожидании..... Я еще не разу не получал..... Кто подскажет!?)))

QueenJulieDS 7 months ago


BBCKASHES 7 months ago

Hhhmmm who wants to make a video let's do it and we can do a lily something and call it just a tease

cherrybunnyss 7 months ago

Please have other payment options for non US/EU users!

Stacy Dupont 7 months ago

I will try this! Thanks‼💫

Dream4Angel 7 months ago

Oh! Great feature!!!!!🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

KinkyHome 7 months ago

Thanks PornoHub💝😘You are getting better and more comfortable every day. It is very nice to work with you.👍😉

William Olano Deras 7 months ago

Need support

Holly Halftone 7 months ago

Please e-mail models@pornhub.com or DM @pornhubhelp on Twitter

MissTease 7 months ago

Worth a try I guess? Xx

Therockwithacock 7 months ago

Come check me out 😉lets talk

Indian sins 7 months ago

helloooo cunts nd cocks 😁

Tionna Tease 7 months ago

Thank you!!

Onehundredway 7 months ago

It's alot of money involved with this; if we focus to much we'll over state what's already been stated. 30% is alot because we are already being taxed for the regular uploads we use to market. After you take even more we really only see like 1.00 an maybe even some change. If you think pennies you get pennies; if tlyou think dollars you get dollars.

Pornhub Nat 7 months ago

Glad you like the feature! It's not us taking 30%. It's models losing 30% of the ad revenue they usually make on a video view, because now 30% of the ads go to the full video to purchase.

cinnabum 7 months ago

Awesome news for some of us, bummers for others, but thank you always for the hard work, PH 💖

slaveBC 7 months ago

Another nice feature would be to get email notifications anytime we sell a video!! Love you guys and girl at PH!

slaveBC 7 months ago

Love this! Thank you so much!!!

Longway1208 7 months ago

Thanks 🙏

HawtCock 7 months ago

Great idea!!

Sugar coo 7 months ago

You guys never fail at improving this site making it easy for us models

dorisstar 7 months ago

perfect for models and porstars who preffer selling movies

Lucy Swan 7 months ago

Thanks for the tips I’m going to follow hopefully I become popular 🖤

daisiesandhalos 7 months ago

Interesting! Might have to try it out!

dickherdowndaily 7 months ago

30% seems pretty high just to have a redirect link to your own video.

dickherdowndaily 7 months ago

@nattycat I didn't think you were taking anything, but we both understand that models are LOSING 30% by using utilizing this feature. The ad revenue on a free video is guaranteed, a video purchase is not. It's a cool feature, but i think it can be further optimized to benefit you, us, and the sponsors.

Pornhub Nat 7 months ago

It's not us taking 30%. It's models losing 30% of the ad revenue they usually make on a video view, because now 30% of the ads go to the full video to purchase.

dickherdowndaily 7 months ago

@Holly Halftone I gave it a try and from the looks of it, I think there is enough room to have that thin text bar for our own video as well as room for your own ad revenue sources. Hopefully pornhub considers this. Help maximize benefits for independent pornstars.

Holly Halftone 7 months ago

With trailers we are removing our ad revenue sources that we use to pay you to feature your own videos. The 30% is how much we lose in ad revenue.

RavenBigAss 7 months ago

oh that is a great idea!

Anna Shpilman 7 months ago

это хорошая новость

MsFriday5 7 months ago

Awesome thank u

Stella Bianca 7 months ago

I will try 😘

Mustafamnmnmnmn 7 months ago


Pussytight99 7 months ago


Anika Spring 7 months ago

Anyone else can't add custom thumbnails to new videos?

misterNmagnolia 7 months ago

That’s a really great option! Thank Pornhub!

Kimmys feet 7 months ago

good business for both sides

Aforsex 7 months ago

Good job porn hub!👍

Casper Quartz 7 months ago

extra features for extra options ! a really good idea for if i ever get any vids up for sale lol

LoreleynPazik 7 months ago

Modelos latinas que deseen generar más visitas por favor escribir por inbox

Chessie Rae 7 months ago

I'm a little confused. Is it only 30% less if you use the trailer option? Also where would someone gonto veiw the trailer? In the paid video section or on your regular free video section?

Chessie Rae 7 months ago

Ah ok that seems fair. Thanks!

Pornhub Nat 7 months ago

The trailer is only in free video section. It looks like a regular video however, it redirects clients to watch the full movie with banners and ads. The actual trailer it'self will give you 30% less ad revenue than usual since we have to remove one of the ad revenue spots you would normally get paid for.

Thaiger Lee 7 months ago

Please come check out my videos! Im trying to get to 20k views!

CreamPinay69 7 months ago

Thanks for this new feature. Gotta check on this. 😘

PartTimeAmateurs 7 months ago


Luna Sky 7 months ago

Yay I'm excited

GreekBooty 7 months ago

Cool !

KassMonday 7 months ago

not a feature I'm interested in but I'm sure some people will use it and love it how about channel trailers like they have on youtube to introduce new viewers and encourage them to subscribe?

Sonali Shinha 7 months ago

Thank you Pornhub. Amazing new update

Otf Monk 7 months ago


CockDogg 7 months ago

complaining about ad revenue losses on a trailer is kinda dumb, unless you're giving away too much in your teasers.......

Daisea 7 months ago

yikes I just read the 30% part D:

Faceless Couple 7 months ago


Sins_of_Xavier 7 months ago


El cacique 7 months ago

Oh ok lo voy a intentar

unknown 7 months ago

Hmmm might have to try it

Carly Curvy 7 months ago


Bi-planet 7 months ago

Thanks for doing this

Amari Anne 7 months ago


unknown 7 months ago

Nice Feature

Victor Footfucker 7 months ago

I did it for one of my short previews. If there is an increase in sales, I will do it for more of them!

realandystarr 7 months ago


viperberri 7 months ago

Thank you hubby 💖

TeenBodySex 7 months ago

That's cool. But we ran into a problem. We provided an ID and accepted them. But in the settings of the model the inscription "missing ID" is still. The rank has disappeared and the withdrawal of funds has been refused. We have deleted all our videos. We downloaded only one. (because we are afraid that they will not even pay for him now) I wanted to continue to cooperate with your service, but the support service cannot help us. It is very sad.

TeenBodySex 7 months ago

thank you very much for the answers!) but my problem is not even in the long answer, but in the absence of an answer. My tickets just close the "resolved". I then open a new one and all over again ... Many thanks for your messages! 🙂🙂

Holly Halftone 7 months ago

Please note that sending multiple messages will not increase response speed - in addition if you continue to bump a thread (responding to your own message) it will push you back in the queue. Responses are sent within 48 hours of receipt in the order in which they're received. Due to the recent PayPal issue response time is delayed but just be patient please and you will receive a response.

TeenBodySex 7 months ago

we have written many times in support. but there is no result. They don’t even respond and just close the request as “resolved”. It's a shame that they spent so much time in vain. As a result, we were simply deceived and paid nothing ...

Pornhub Nat 7 months ago

Please discuss this with support by email.

xlkyng 7 months ago

So we pay yall to do something we can do ourselves ? Ive been making my own trailers for months now. And on the trailer I simply put a link to the full video in the description box. Thanks. I might use it. Might not.

brett 7 months ago

You might would want some removed to link to your for-sale video, or you might not. Our ads are CPM based.

xlkyng 7 months ago

Why would i want ads removed? We get paid off the ads right? What's the PPC ? OR THE PPA ? Just curious.

brett 7 months ago

You aren't paying Pornhub. You are removing ads on your video and replacing them with links to the full video. It's optional, it's up to you to use it.

Ryder1226 7 months ago

So amazing thank you 💕

Meghan Wood 7 months ago

This should be nice.

Candy Camille 7 months ago

Yeah great news!

Mr. Big 7 months ago

Great news! Thsnks PH

TokyoDiary 7 months ago


Agatha Dolly 7 months ago

Es genial 😊

cuckcakedream 7 months ago

Can't add it to old previews?

Pornhub Nat 7 months ago

You can edit old previews and turn them into trailers too. Just go straight into video manager setting and pick the video to edit

MsStacy08 7 months ago

Nice po

unknown 7 months ago


wickedlove4565 7 months ago


Maxx Nisen 7 months ago

Hell yaaa

lustkatze 7 months ago

The best pornsite ever

Alt_Goddess 7 months ago

Amazing 😍 Ty Pornhub 😘

laikaanal 7 months ago

Поделитесь тем, что... вы думаете

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