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by: Aurora Watson

Heads up models, we’ve got another big sale event for you this year and you’re going to want to be a part of it!

We are offering viewers 15% off ALL FOR-SALE VIDEOS on Pornhub and Modelhub from Friday, November 29 to Monday, December 2, but don’t worry, IT’S ON US! Meaning you’ll still be getting your 65% cut off your original video price.

For example, if you set your video at $10, you’ll receive $6.50 with every purchase. During the Black Friday event, that video will be marked down to $8.50, but you’ll still receive $6.50 with every purchase (65% of the initial price).

So get a piece of the action, encourage your fans to support you, and let them know about the sale. As an added perk, viewers will also be entered into a draw to win a lifetime Pornhub Premium membership with every purchase they make.

As for our models, as a big thank you for participating in the event, we’ve got a little extra something planned for you. Our top 50 sellers of that weekend will also be entered into a draw where 5 models will be picked at random to win $1000!

Update your content and let your fans know! We’ve even made some layovers for your social media profile pics.

(If you need a quick photo editor, check out Pixlr.com - you can add your profile picture in it and then upload the layovers as a new layer to go on your photo!)

 Click Here for Social Media Profile Layovers 

Follow on social media for event update

Twitter @PornhubHelp

Instagram @modelhub_ph


All Comments(226)

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horny69rabbits 2 weeks ago

It sounds cool, really cool.)))))))))))))))))))))

Linna Orlova Young Shy Teen Girl 1 week ago

Nice of them

RoleplaysCouples 2 weeks ago


FemboyNerd 2 weeks ago

Yeah, with this, hopefully it'll pick up a bit. ❤

ibarbie 2 weeks ago

Ready! Steady!! Gooooo Great news for my followers

evakeksik 2 weeks ago

Today I bought your pizza video, its cool ****

RedPillGirl 2 weeks ago


Sabrina Kat 2 weeks ago

Your ass is so hot. ❤

Mirzabek91 2 weeks ago

now I'll buy all your videos

Mikel Prado 2 weeks ago

Sale porn, baby 😈

Target Girl 2 weeks ago

Ohh I will never sales any video xD

Eelet 2 weeks ago

I never know what to make to justify even a $1 pricetag 😅

Target Girl 2 weeks ago

I just kiding, but everyone love to watch free videos Not much people wanna download any videos for couple of $$$

FemboyNerd 2 weeks ago

I feel ya.. I've only had a couple sales. lol

SexyAlanaxxx 2 weeks ago

I hear you!

Alex CUM 2 weeks ago

It is not easy but not impossible

horny69rabbits 2 weeks ago

why not?

Lucky Macky 2 weeks ago

I agree with you

vanillachocolate69 2 weeks ago

Aw thank you guys! Always helping us out!

Bootydevine 2 weeks ago

This is so PH AWSOME!!!! Now NO excuse to not support your fav models that make you CUM! 💕💕💦💦💦

unknown 2 weeks ago

Thank you Pornhub! 💋💋💋

LinoLola 2 weeks ago

What a great news!! Welcome and enjoy 🥳

Chokobanana 2 weeks ago

Black Friday here we comeee!

Miss Fantasy 2 weeks ago

I love discounts

TheIndianCouple 2 weeks ago

It sounds cool, really cool. Aw thank you guys!

PinayBoobs 2 weeks ago

Would be better with paypal payouts for us models though 😢

TheIndianCouple 2 weeks ago

Use Paxum

NattyCat 2 weeks ago

☹ we’re sad about PayPal too - was not our choice, they banned us

kauliarhs1 2 weeks ago

Wow nice one!! let's go community :*

Alex CUM 2 weeks ago

this weekend I make Christmas with this news

foreskin19 2 weeks ago

Yeah baby!I ............I Love you guys!!!

cindy hot star 2 weeks ago

then we will upload some videos for sale

meliknox 2 weeks ago

Wheeeehaaa!!! Sales time!!!!

Jeff orellana 2 weeks ago


Randii Baby 2 weeks ago

Hey Y'all! Come Check out my vids(even CHEAP paid vids) message me if u need me virtually, live. Or wanna buy something. Also subscribe to me on onlyfans everything there is FREE. https://onlyfans.com/randiibaby19

DirtyD3V 1 week ago


anacondaandeva 1 week ago

so great idea! but sorry, i'm italian, i didnt understand how is possible be part of it, or every model automatically is part of it?ù

NattyCat 1 week ago

It's automatic.

DamnSheDrippin 2 weeks ago

Yayyyyyyy 💦

FitNSexi 2 weeks ago

Awesome! Might even add additional discounts to the mix

whisperingv 2 weeks ago

you should do this permanently. or monthly...

Tania James 2 weeks ago

Nice 🤩

Amoreli 2 weeks ago

Thank you

Angel Lust 2 weeks ago

Cum check me out I’m new💕

Madeline Roux 2 weeks ago

Nice!! Thanks for the promo banners too!

YoungEuphoria 2 weeks ago

Ready, thanks

Erlan Cum 2 weeks ago

Great news😁

Diana Wolf 2 weeks ago

Все пишут по английски, а я напишу по Русски: С Новым Годом вас, товарищи! Счастья, любви и здоровья!)

NattyCat 2 weeks ago

немного рановато для новогодних поздравлений??

Manllulu 2 weeks ago

Awesome!! Thank you so much

SujataShinha 2 weeks ago

What a great news!! Welcome and enjoy..Awesome! Thank you guys for helping us out!

DeepKris 2 weeks ago

Hey guys❤ hope someone will buy my vid😚

ScottishFaerie 2 weeks ago

Awesome! Thank you guys for helping us out!

Drilliroxxxxx 2 weeks ago


Sabrina Kat 2 weeks ago

What a nice surprise! ❤

MoonCouple 2 weeks ago

Yuppiiiiiiie 😘

Luckyasshole 2 weeks ago

Thanks! This will help us sell our videos

Jessi Jami 2 weeks ago

We're for it!!

SexWithMilfStella 2 weeks ago

Very cool, love this!

Couple cumsx 2 weeks ago

Ooo! Hope everyone gets a lot of sales! 😘😘

laikaanal 2 weeks ago


Tyler Kyson Yesterday

I'm checking this out meantime go check me out follow me!! https://www.pornhubpremium.com/model/tyler-kyson

Littleladybigguy 3 days ago


Littleladybigguy 3 days ago

Watch my videos !!!

nixatnite 6 days ago

Everyone loves a sale

Cattie Candescent 6 days ago

Absolutely love this! Great for members

domtop99 6 days ago

Wow I need to get more people to make video with for this Black Friday!

sweetone19 1 week ago


Ghost JToTheG 1 week ago

Super news!

CeeCeeNicole 1 week ago

Looking forward to it

PrettyBoyXav 1 week ago

So basically you’re offering the 15% discount but you’re paying us for the difference? That’s incredible!

Trinity243 1 week ago

Sounds super exciting!!! I'm in!!

bigdickypinoy 1 week ago

Sound pretty cool

Linna Orlova Young Shy Teen Girl 1 week ago

Great and very NICE of YOU ,,, )))))))

SoSexySexySo 1 week ago


mindovermatter1230 1 week ago

Yay 😀

The Girl Next Door 1 week ago

Great promotion!

SavageHouseTV 1 week ago

This is really awesome.

HotMilfSexyPussy 1 week ago

Any way you all can help me out with penis enlargement

sister and big sissy brother 1 week ago

This sounds great thanks hopefully i can try my first contest

phbigcoupleatl 1 week ago


MykGrace 1 week ago

Awesome!! Just started so I’m waiting for my first sale

Hazel bby 1 week ago

So exciting 😍😍

Victor Bellchior 1 week ago


Stacy Dupont 1 week ago

Groooovvvvyyyy baby‼‼‼

MistressMD 1 week ago


TinaJamesXXX 1 week ago

I loooove it!

babyygirlx 1 week ago


ChaitongYingpeant 2 weeks ago

If you guys want to know Thai couple, you can follow us.

CKproduction 2 weeks ago

Super excited!💦💋

Mwaarh 2 weeks ago


Onehundredway 2 weeks ago

Wow; I'm lifted..

Finesse213 2 weeks ago

Let’s work?

POV_BOSS 2 weeks ago


slaveBC 2 weeks ago

You guys and girls are awesome!!

GoodGirlSi 2 weeks ago

Yay!! Can’t wait to make some extra content for my fans 💋

krystal-gem 2 weeks ago

Thanks so much! 😊

KinkyJamVideo 2 weeks ago

Awesome!!!👍🙌Thanks PornoHub!!!😘💝

Mustafamnmnmnmn 2 weeks ago


Softpuddles 2 weeks ago

About to get ready for it now ❤

Pussytight99 2 weeks ago

💦💦 go cheack it out https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5dcaea0baba83 You can call me mimi and I need to fuck!! I'm 20 that loves pussy and dicks 🤤😉😈 add me and subscribe, and message me on snapchat 👻pussytight99 I need someone desperately to be naughty with😏😈🤤

misterNmagnolia 2 weeks ago

What!? That’s amazing! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

PartTimeAmateurs 2 weeks ago

Any word on a Christmas contest?

foryourpleasure420 2 weeks ago

Are the short videos uploaded on our channel too short for paid download..? There only a few minutes 😬😜

Nevenka Karmin 2 weeks ago

So nice

Kassandra Quinn 2 weeks ago


Jennyfer And Tony 2 weeks ago


money3001 2 weeks ago

Yes i joinedat the perfect timein

Flash Gordon 2 weeks ago

Xoxo that’s a great idea

tourturecouple 2 weeks ago


Pettit_Looloo 2 weeks ago

This is fun! 😘😘😘

KassMonday 2 weeks ago

amazing! great idea to get us models promoting harder too! I'll be sure to put up a bunch of new for-sale clips at that time then!

Dirty Desire 2 weeks ago

can please someone explain me how it works? do I have to update the price manually or will it be updated automatically? ) thaaank you, kisses

NattyCat 2 weeks ago

automatically updates

kinky Jamaican 2 weeks ago

Lit mon tanks

You170 2 weeks ago

Cool 😎😎😎

HawtCock 2 weeks ago

Awesome!!! Can't wait!

Officialbeerus 2 weeks ago

So would I call talk cowoorkers or competition 🤣🤣🤣

MissTease 2 weeks ago

Time to get the outfits out! X

Officialbeerus 2 weeks ago

Shit who tryna fuck real quick and make a rack each lmfao

BrieBabe99 2 weeks ago

Awesome!! Good luck guys!!

BtheFreak69 2 weeks ago

Man this is great 😈

Gilgino 2 weeks ago


casal_mineiro 2 weeks ago


dorisstar 2 weeks ago

great...but models need do some for it?

Xay xay 2 weeks ago


Miss Kandy Starr 2 weeks ago

Sounds like a great idea I hope I get some sells

Mariascookie 2 weeks ago


LILBR0WNGHURL 2 weeks ago

Can I get some tips on how people can buy my videos?

Cucurina 2 weeks ago

Wow, amazing, lets go to view my sale videos!

dottagang 2 weeks ago

Anybody wanna shoot a scene ? And try to win this money 💰

Latin Porn 2 weeks ago

Suena muy bien me encanta

Marmar02 2 weeks ago

I really need a partner now. I’m a lightskin athletic built nd bbc. Message me

ZoraMonroe 2 weeks ago

I was looking through your site and I can't find one video of a raging inferno... *sad pyromaniac sounds*

LA FAM 2 weeks ago

Yes can't wait

Lordfucker29 2 weeks ago


Horny Kira 2 weeks ago

wowow) i love black friday!))

Pussy Monster T 2 weeks ago

Word I like that

CutieBlonde 2 weeks ago

Awesome ! its on my Birthday

makipotako 2 weeks ago

im glad to heared that im newbie here but i love it..

Hotmama89 2 weeks ago

What a great news!! Welcome and enjoy

Pretty Lit Kitty 2 weeks ago


BamaD_ixon 2 weeks ago

Lol 😂 I’ll support myself lol 😂 cause i kno i won’t be selling any video

James Yalch 2 weeks ago

Looks good!

ttFREAKY 2 weeks ago


Naughty Adeline 2 weeks ago

Yesss.. This is amazing!

CaliHeadQueen 2 weeks ago

"wink, wink"

Vicky Lust 2 weeks ago

You guys are the best! Now even more people have the chance to see me getting cum in&on me

peace and sex 2 weeks ago

super) I feel will be hot days) I think we will not be bored)

Kate Shadow 2 weeks ago

This sounds great!

ShyYetNaughty 2 weeks ago

Sounds like fun, hopefully can upgrade camera's and lighting after

Sexy_NK 2 weeks ago


spiderrohit 2 weeks ago

That was good🥰

Nymphomaniac Milf N BBC 2 weeks ago


MsShynie 2 weeks ago

Yay come visit my page and see why over 20 MILLION people have chosen me for their porn needs!!

Ebony Haze 2 weeks ago

Great news I guess. Guys please go check out and support my page. I m a new model o here if you haven’t seen my recent video go check it out. Feel free to leave a thumbs up and comment in the comment section

Stage couple69 2 weeks ago

Hey everyone we're trying to be the most famous porn couple around can everyone please add like subscribe and share please and thank you xoxo

Filthy Milfy 2 weeks ago

Sounds like a plan.

husband-fist-wife 2 weeks ago

Never thought internet porn would get in on black Friday. Awesome.

therealdealfam 2 weeks ago

That's cool

Stage couple69 2 weeks ago

Everyone please like and subscribe to my page trying to be the first biggest porn couple..also light share and comment on my videos.thanks xoxo

JoshandLeena 2 weeks ago

Bring it on!$$$$

Rain drop 2 weeks ago

Sounds like a great opportunity 😘🥰😍

CleavageQueen69 2 weeks ago

This is so fun being on here 😘

Freyya Goddx 2 weeks ago


MRnMRSV 2 weeks ago


AnnShpilman 2 weeks ago

What if my videos are all free? =)

Kyutty 2 weeks ago

Aaahhh that's so cool, thank you very much!!! I was already planning a black friday event~! xD

Maominvshen 2 weeks ago

Great news!!!

Red Fox 2 weeks ago

Black Friday, guys! ❤❤❤

Total Fucking Awesomeness 2 weeks ago

Damn, still waiting for someone to purchase a video of ours...

Betty Frank 2 weeks ago


spuncpl 2 weeks ago

This is why PornHub will always be number 1

Lena Squirt 2 weeks ago

Thank you Pornhub! 💋💋💋

Juanitoshy 2 weeks ago

working with tips??

ThirstyStrawberry 2 weeks ago

My videos are new, I am with my boyfriend but he doesn’t want to do more videos idk why. I don’t want to do it with anyone else cause I want to stay loyal you get me but I urgently need the money I know how to get more views and likes but can’t with anyone else other then him cause that’s just how loyal I am.

RonSuave 2 weeks ago

Need to get some content posted, please dm if interested. Serious inquires only

naaimad 2 weeks ago

Buy my dick vids now

Candy Camille 2 weeks ago


Fitbabexx 2 weeks ago

Sounds legit!!!

Casper Quartz 2 weeks ago

yay!!! maybe i'll have to post some exclusive vids for sale love black friday !

ourdirtylilsecret 2 weeks ago

Yay thank you!! Love the photo overlays!!

Stephanie_xo_69 2 weeks ago

That’s great news!

SydneyJack 2 weeks ago

Check my new vid its super hot and mystery

AryaLove22 2 weeks ago

Awesome 👏 💦

BehindTheFace 2 weeks ago

Very good news

alisaxxxy 2 weeks ago


Lekabi 2 weeks ago


Lonna87 2 weeks ago

Happy Holidays everyone!!!

Nena Canela 2 weeks ago

Hi friends!😏 I have videos in veery very low cost 😏

Big Boss Q 2 weeks ago


AquaEmeraldGem 2 weeks ago

awesome sauce

Lisasweet6 2 weeks ago

Nice surprise

mies9503 2 weeks ago

very good procion to make good videos

hrmhrm087 2 weeks ago

Sounds great

modeloanonimo 2 weeks ago


Carly Curvy 2 weeks ago


Sam Summer 2 weeks ago

Follow me, I should have some new videos uploaded to preparefor the black friday =)

MyFellowAssociate 2 weeks ago

I'm in. 😊

kinderfan 2 weeks ago

That's nice, but I just let my videos be free for all

Nini_Divine 2 weeks ago

Nice !!!!!

swetechekes26 2 weeks ago

Okay then!!!

runnerbean87 2 weeks ago

Good news for everyone ! Thanks pornhub

sallyomalley39 2 weeks ago

Thank you so much xoxoox SallyOMalley39

Noelpornsex 2 weeks ago

Girls add me my penis horny

framuga666 2 weeks ago

Sound like pornhub gives a duodildo to all of us, models and customers. That's awesome, i like that!

Luckyasshole 2 weeks ago

It's really great!!!!!!

SimoneBeaver 2 weeks ago


ZorgeVidz 2 weeks ago

That’s awesome. More vidz coming !

JPrettykitty24 2 weeks ago

Thanks for 166k views on my page guys ❤🍆🍑 comment like & add me for more... I sell videos i do customs also 😝

viperberri 2 weeks ago


Mr. Big 2 weeks ago


SoulTaker414 2 weeks ago

Check out my profile

TomaStevi 2 weeks ago

We only have free videos. Please rate. Thanks 💖

Succubus Sin 2 weeks ago

Have you guys figured out how thousands of models will be paid without PayPal?

NattyCat 2 weeks ago

Those models have all been emailed and asked to choose other payment methods.

Mister Lee 2 weeks ago

I’m excited I’ll have two videos posting around then anyone so even better 👍🏾❣

Lynn walker 2 weeks ago


MaryCandy 2 weeks ago


MarValStudio 2 weeks ago

Oh yes! sales sales sales!

Anika Spring 2 weeks ago

Oh, wow! Thats cool! Thank you for that! ❤❤❤

GuessWhoX2 2 weeks ago

Love this idea!!! So excited to tell our fans and use those perfect layovers! 🤩 Thanks Pornhub, killin it for us per usual🥰

Princess danyza 2 weeks ago

I want to participate

llkezll 2 weeks ago

An interesting event! I will participate !

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