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by: Aurora Watson

This week on Model Citizens, we decided to put the spotlight on one of our favorite animators on Pornhub — Skudd. Read on to find out how he got started in porn animation, where he finds inspiration, and what his plans are for the future.


How did you get into animated porn?

It actually started out as a dare! A friend dared me to animate a “porn” version of a character he drew, so I did, but he liked it so much, he asked if he could share it online and credit me. Once he did, I got tons of messages asking if they could pay me to animate other characters in a similar way. After a few years, I was able to make a living off of animation alone!

What’s your long-term plan?

I am currently searching for a team of artists to help me create an animated hentai pilot. I’m not expecting much to come of it, but if it's successful, I could see myself doing that for the next few years.


What do you believe makes your work stand out? What do you accredit your success to?

I could never be able to tell you why I am successful; I will always just chalk it up to luck. I am very lucky and grateful to be in the position I am now with my work. But something I do not see often in 3D-animated porn is cel shading. I try to include cel shading in most of my work, and for that reason, I think it is easy to notice my work compared to someone else’s.


Courtesy of Skudd

Do you have a favorite character you like to include in your videos?

I have always had an attraction to Raven from Teen Titans. I enjoy any animation I do with her, even if the model and rig itself could use some major tweaking (at least in my opinion).


How do you come up with your video ideas? Where do you look for inspiration?

A lot of my animations are adaptions or collaborations of other people’s artwork, but usually, I will look at GIFs or videos of actual porn and self it if I can replicate those poses or movements with my own models.


Since you joined Pornhub and the industry, what has been the biggest surprise thus far?

The pay — most sites I have uploaded to either paid me a couple of cents or nothing at all. So thank you Pornhub! It does feel nice to be appreciated for the work I do.

Courtesy of Skudd

What do you think is the biggest misconception people have about animated porn?

I think a lot of people believe animated porn has the same sort of real-world impact as live porn, which I do not believe is true at all. With animated porn, it is usually just someone or a team of people sitting behind a desk, trying to make this drawing look somewhat similar to a human being. There is never anything really malicious about the things an animator makes; most of us are just trying to become better artists — if not to impress others, then to impress ourselves.


What have been some of the biggest lessons you learned so far?

Since becoming an animator and sharing my work online, the biggest lesson I have learned is to talk as little as you can online. There is no benefit to sharing every aspect of your life on the Internet, and in my opinion, if you are an artist, the best and easiest way to success is to just be quiet and share your work.


Courtesy of Skudd

What are some of the biggest struggles that come with being a porn animator?

Most of the struggles I experience are technical. Since I create everything from scratch, I am usually just struggling to make sure the characters I model look great in all angles and that the body functions exactly as a real human’s would. I still have a long way to go, but the more I create characters, the more I learn and the better and faster I become!


What sort of advice can you give to newbies?

Don’t rush your work! I see a lot of that with animated porn these days. If you would simply spend an extra day or two on each animation you create, your work would look much better than if you were to upload it the moment you thought to yourself, “Eh, it’s good enough.” You always have room to improve! You must try as hard as you can on each project.



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Morgpie 4 months ago

So glad Pornhub is interviewing animators as well!! Congrats! And thank you for your insights!

DavThot 4 months ago

γ€½βš˜Think if you real put time and qualty in yr animate drawings you really can produce art work so yes a do respect it a lot think it can present porn in a more pleasure fun and kind way so It's absolute positieve 🍾⚘🐧πŸ₯³πŸ’ŸπŸ˜‰

BlackMrqz94 3 months ago

Exactly does an excellent job for us to enjoy it πŸ‘πŸ½β€

ibarbie 4 months ago

I love anime! He doing a great work for us

mj_porn 4 months ago

Wow, beauty πŸ™‚

unknown 4 months ago

Thank you Pornhub! πŸ’‹

Cute Kissy 4 months ago

My lovely animation!!! Better than real video)

Candy Camille 4 months ago

Awesome work! Sexy and artistic

Duff Knight 4 months ago

um. Art? Did I just see a cartoon video you made of someone blowing a horse?

Mr. Big 4 months ago

This is art.

Shox4211 3 months ago

What's up

Devin and Brandy 4 months ago

Love it! As a horny lil boy growing up I loved anime and cartoon porn,it was always dope to me. Your work is amazing!

Chokobanana 3 months ago

This is just WOW! Compliments!

SexWithMilfStella 4 months ago

This is now one of my favorite interviews. I don't get animated porn. Does nothing for me. But it's amazing how good these artists are at making it so I can appreciate the final product even if it doesn't make me wet I always wondered why people get into that niche so very interesting to read this! Would like to see more on niche categories like this!

Holly Halftone 4 months ago

Katja Miyatovich 3 months ago


Alex CUM 3 months ago

When there is creativity the sky is the limit

PinayBoobs 4 months ago

incredible art work! i admit i got horny looking at them 😈

DarkWetDreemz 4 months ago

This is so cool! Animation takes such skill and hard work. Thanks for sharing with usβ™₯

Allsexxxxx 3 months ago

Great interview !!! Tks

Saliva Bunny 3 months ago

What we imagine in our minds becomes our world.

vodole 4 months ago


Diana Daniels 4 months ago

"There is no benefit to sharing every aspect of your life on the Internet, and in my opinion, if you are an artist, the best and easiest way to success is to just be quiet and share your work" - loved it. Thanks for the interview ❀

redkittycat 4 months ago

pretty nice animation! love it!

MsStacy08 4 months ago


816Mafia 4 months ago

This really is art, keep up the good work.

Shante Blue 4 months ago

Awesome! I’m an artist as well, I would love to try to make animated porn! 😍

TheSweetestThing 4 months ago

Totally awesome πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—

Little Bitch 4 months ago


Kyutty 4 months ago

Omg he's so goodβ™₯ really love his art!!

LinoLola 4 months ago

Thais for sharing! Awesome art😍

cinnabum 4 months ago

What a talented artist! He must be great with his hands πŸ’–

Ariel loves anal 2 months ago


El cacique 3 months ago

Thank you pornhub!πŸ‘

ScottJami 3 months ago

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kurokihollow 3 months ago

big nice

Latia Del Riviero 3 months ago

There's more to it than people realize.

HighImMaryJane 3 months ago

This is amazing!!

ichie82 3 months ago

πŸ˜†... I don't eat swine

ichie82 3 months ago

Congrats Skudd... I'm a huge anime pork fan... Love your work

KinkyJamVideo 3 months ago

You are a great artist and you should be a producer with your ideas.😊 I wish you success in everything😘

Mittens McQueen 3 months ago

Great interview! It's nice to see animators being recognized for their hard work.

unknown 3 months ago


camille888 3 months ago

Love his work

HOTBOYHD 3 months ago


HOTBOYHD 3 months ago

Very nice

cb10gauge 3 months ago


Willowbiz 3 months ago

Very nice and sexy

lexyporter 3 months ago

Snap me yes_daddy469

BlondeAndDark 3 months ago

Interesantes aportes . Gracias PORNHUB por tu buena atencion a tu gente ! β™₯

LandLdiamond4034 3 months ago

how'd pornhub know i secretly watch hentai :o

lexyporter 3 months ago


BubbleSkrr 3 months ago

Good One

BaiMudan 3 months ago

Great! More spotlight on Hentai artist is great!

Ronny Stone 3 months ago

I love your work. High quality, original and really entertaining.

HoneyPot_69 3 months ago

You should offer avatars like bit emojis so porn hub user can create porn videos with fellow porn hub members

CannaCouple 3 months ago

mas realismo en los dibujos y tendrΓ‘n pajas seguras genial que le den importancia a los artistas as well

Poppy Daniel 3 months ago

Love this!

FreakHidden 3 months ago

Anime is great. Could you do some videos of me? I will have some amazing content comming soon

missanais 3 months ago


umatur 3 months ago

Wow... i love anime por

Dream4Angel 3 months ago

Great job!!!100% looove anime!!!πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

Lisasweet6 3 months ago


Lisasweet6 3 months ago

Thank you

jeffersonsairplain 3 months ago

Skudd? Like scud the disposable assassin?

2018luvtoeatm 3 months ago

Great imagination

pinky185 3 months ago

Great !!

Xxxhomamdecam 3 months ago

Follow me and subscribe for good videos

Tuyo en el Fondo 3 months ago

Que bueno que la ANIMACION PORNO sea un EXITO. En un futuro las tecnicas van a cambiar y mas y mas usaremos la tecnologia de realidad aumentada y 3D para nuestras aventuras sexuales.

Apololeonardo 3 months ago


Stacy Dupont 3 months ago

I'm so horny right now!!πŸ’¦πŸ’¦

Lolla Blond 3 months ago


Eva Lux 3 months ago

Thank you πŸ’‹ )))))

Eva Lux 3 months ago

Thank you Pornhub! πŸ’‹

Baby Christy 3 months ago

Very interesting. There is a place to be. I think soon android robots will participate in porn films and it will be wow. Humanity is always looking for something extraordinary, something exciting. Thanks for the post, it was very useful and interesting.🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸

Baby Christy 3 months ago

I want to be like such a project. I think soon android robots will participate in porn films and it will be wow. Humanity is always looking for something extraordinary, something exciting. Thanks for the post, it was very useful and interesting. 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸

HotBoyK3 3 months ago

Nice job! I'm always want see my favourite anime after marry haha and the animations is really cool

Lewnoli 3 months ago

Ayee glad to see another animator on here !!

Bad_Mam 3 months ago

Thank you Pornhub!πŸ˜‹πŸ”

Zac Roc 3 months ago

I love porn and sex.. I'm. alittle old than most but I have a very strong sex drive and i enjoy licking suckin, sucking and filling every Hole a woman has to fill for pleasure. I love women all shapes forms and fashion.

coloradokandy 3 months ago


mindovermatter1230 3 months ago

Umm ok koo lol 😝

Allyourdreams 3 months ago

Welldone, amazing art drawing!!!

Rainah Elise 3 months ago

I love how diverse these awards are getting now!!! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» Definitely deserving πŸ–€πŸ–€πŸ–€

Uncle_Chris 3 months ago

I love seeing artist featured beside the Adult Actor,actress and couples.

kurosaki07123 3 months ago

Please continue to bless us with your creatio

Jake Johnson 3 months ago

Inspirational, hard work and dedication does pay off.

cityhoes 3 months ago

Wow, never thought anime porn would go super far. Cityhoes has our respect and support. Continue blessing our eyes

Bigmurkk 3 months ago

Anybody wanna make some videos hmu

kinky Jamaican 3 months ago

Nice AF LIT mon*****

BatGirlnThrobin 3 months ago


lovehospital2 3 months ago

To watch animation like in the chilhood again? I think it's too much even for us...)))

firefox5ives 3 months ago

Pretty cool

Stylez29 3 months ago

I wish I could be a animated porn star

Lu Girl 3 months ago

Fantastic work !

BrieBabe99 3 months ago

Aww good job!!

meowlora 3 months ago

I think I had a sexual awakening the first time I saw Raven from TT 🀀

Mz Cali 3 months ago

😍 Love it!!!! It’s Mz Cali aka ghetto SUPERHEAD!!!! Check out my page!

Bangaslangher23 3 months ago

I love anime

VelesovSon 3 months ago


Elisss93 3 months ago

It's nice to see the creation of cartoon scenes even in the art of porn! πŸ₯‚

CrazyDasy95 3 months ago

Very good!

CaliHeadQueen 3 months ago

Actually cool

LittleHer 4 months ago

Yes.. More Funny Anime :p

kurosaki07123 4 months ago

Nice work πŸ‘πŸ‘

HannahRhodes 4 months ago


Vicky Lust 4 months ago

As a girl ive always found drawings&animations really sexy, sometimes even sexier than real pics&videos. I guess we all have our own fantasy worlds

ChubbyDancer 4 months ago

Nice very creative

Mari_Saldy 4 months ago


Jessica Stardust 4 months ago

Pretty awesome

EvertRai 4 months ago

Thank you Pornhub!

Val RocHard 4 months ago

Hellz Yeah 😍

Ambar Westbrook 4 months ago

Thank you for sharing such a talented artist!

Mustafamnmnmnmn 4 months ago

Very cool πŸ‘Œ

Ivy McNea 4 months ago

I love the different things that you create! Keep up the amazing work!!

BuffBunnyGirl 4 months ago

90/100 chance i will pick animated to get off

cumslopp 4 months ago

Awesome great information about that world

Loren Love 4 months ago

Wow now this is awesome! I've always been drawn to hentai but have never drawn hentai XD

Abelbautist 4 months ago

This is a real art.

Priyalini 4 months ago

Thank you ❀

ElenaVolkova 4 months ago

Cool post =)

Rick Curvo 4 months ago


CreamPinay69 4 months ago

Great talent in this industry. πŸ‘

Arabiska 4 months ago

Merci 😍

penis021 4 months ago

ohhhh yea

Likajoi 4 months ago


Analpasion 4 months ago

all for the art πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹

Lolly Holly 4 months ago

Love that! Tank u PH

Yasmin Ray 4 months ago

Love thΓ€t shit

TomaStevi 4 months ago

This is a masterpiece, the content is very valuable. We support β™₯

Mwaarh 4 months ago

Amazing art !

sociocom 4 months ago

love this is art

Carly Curvy 4 months ago

Love it!

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