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by: Aurora Watson

Courtesy of HandsomeBen 

It’s been only a year since HandsomeBen joined Pornhub’s Model Program, and he already has a devoted fanbase who want more from him than just his solo vids.

After getting a list of personal questions on social from his curious followers, HandsomeBen decided to tackle them the best way he knew how — on camera. Among his “daddy” wanking videos, HandsomeBen’s got Q&As where he answers his fans’ questions on his sex life, his relationships, and his thoughts on the porn industry as honestly and candidly as possible — which is exactly what he did here on Model Citizens.

You mention in one of your videos that you don’t see this as a job. How would you describe it?

Well I do make most of my living from porn, so it would be easy to label it as a job because of that. But I just personally have such a negative connotation to jobs because of the jobs I've had in the past, so I prefer to think of it as something else. I guess a side hustle could be one way of putting it instead.


What is it that motivates you to make videos?

The lifestyle I live now is one of freedom, and is therefore perfect for me. I get to do whatever I want whenever I want. Right now, I'm able to live that lifestyle because of porn. Being able to maintain this lifestyle is more than enough to motivate me to make videos.


How do you usually get ready and pumped up before pressing record?

Most of the time, I'll just watch some porn to turn me on before filming. Sometimes, if I'm making a video that has a specific roleplay or fantasy, I'll kind of close my eyes and imagine it as vividly as possible to get myself in that headspace. Other times, I'll try to think about it as little as possible because sometimes, the more I think about doing it, the more effort it seems it would take. So if I just get started on a video, I can improvise while I'm filming.

Courtesy of HandsomeBen 

Are there any fetishes on your bucket list you’d like to try that you haven’t done yet?

I've had a lot of interesting sexual experiences, but weirdly enough, I've never had a threesome before. I would love to have a threesome with two girls in a daddy-daughters situation. It would be so hot!


Why the name HandsomeBen? How would you describe HandsomeBen? How is he different and/or similar to you?

Handsome Ben was my nickname in college. I thought it had a nice ring to it and it popped in my head when thinking about what I wanted to call my channel. HandsomeBen isn't really a separate persona or alter ego or anything. HandsomeBen is a genuine representation of me. I guess it's a representation of only specific parts of me and sides of my personality. Obviously I get to choose what people see, so it's not necessarily all of me, but none of it is fake.


Your solo videos do really well and you’re rising the ranks on PH – what sort of advice can you give to male performers?

Well I think not caring what people think is very helpful in many aspects of life, including porn. When I started, I had no problem showing my face and getting my voice out there. You could argue that my voice is something that sets me apart from many solo males; that and other factors. I think that’s important — you don't want to seem like just another dick on Pornhub.

Courtesy of HandsomeBen 

What has been your biggest success so far? Biggest struggle?

My biggest success is definitely the fact that I have been able to make a living off of porn. But I could also easily say that the biggest struggle has been to maintain my level of income; it gets quite stressful when you get really caught up with the numbers.


What gave you the idea to do Q&A videos? Why do you think people enjoy them so much?

Well a lot of fans on my Snapchat (handsomeben19) and Instagram (_benr9898_) ask me random questions all the time, and I'm always looking to turn things I did on a regular basis into something productive. So figured I might as well answer them in video form and address a few thousand at a time rather than just one. A lot of people say that they get the sense I'm a nice person from watching my Q&A videos. I guess it makes me more likeable, which many people find very attractive.


What kind of impact has joining the industry had on your life?

It's had a massive impact — like I said, my whole lifestyle has changed from having to work a standard job. Now I get to do whatever I want whenever I want. It's true freedom and I love it. 


Follow HandsomeBen on Instagram 

Instagram @_benr9898_


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WetMikka 7 months ago

Great interview!

PinayBoobs 7 months ago

agreed! πŸ™Œ

ibarbie 7 months ago

This guy will be superpopular, he have very handsome face and perfect body, aaand he is blonde mmm

Miss Fantasy 7 months ago

Handsome Ben , your nickname justifies you 100%. I hope your dream of threesome comes true and we will see this video soon

LinoLola 7 months ago

Omg what a cutie one! Love yaπŸ’™πŸ’¦

LittleMaryLollipop 7 months ago

I love him!πŸ’–This is a terrific guy! 😘πŸ₯°πŸ˜ Do you agree? πŸ‘πŸ‘„πŸ”ž

SHeyla ts 7 months ago


unknown 7 months ago

He's so cute, Thank you Pornhub!

SexwithMilfStella 7 months ago

Biggest struggle = caught up in the numbers. Well said. I keep getting wrapped up in numbers and have to remember to forget about that nonsense and just get back to having fun and making porn while having fun Congrats Ben!

Delilah Delicate 6 months ago

awh sweet

Target Girl 7 months ago

Mmm nice guy I wish him all luck here ❀

shave_metzitza 7 months ago

Truly handsome great interview and thanks for sharing!

GiocondaLisa 7 months ago

We need more like him 😁

Thaiger Lee 7 months ago

Wow, I love this! Check out my page! Come watch me shower!

Chokobanana 7 months ago

Didn't know you. It is always nice to discover new things

Mikel Prado 7 months ago

Wow) Do they write about guys too? Interesting interview

shave_metzitza 7 months ago

They did RyanCreamer 2 months ago https://www.pornhub.com/blog/8471

Mikel Prado 7 months ago

@MaleModels then not everything is lost yet)

Mikel Prado 7 months ago

@shave_metzitza just never seen before

shave_metzitza 7 months ago

Not the first time they do

MaleModels 7 months ago

Hi Mikel! I thought the same thing! ❀

Allsexxxxx 7 months ago

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Allsexxxxx 7 months ago

I like it...so its real great interview!

pirojok80 7 months ago

Cool! Super? Yes!

pirojok80 7 months ago


SlugsOfCumGuy 7 months ago

The solo male struggle. This has given me such a boost! Well done!

Lustful Lovers 7 months ago

Cute guy, we hope one day we can also make it into the "model citizen" list.

Alex CUM 7 months ago

All of us who make solo videos have to get ahead and have Pornhub watch us too.

vanillachocolate69 7 months ago

Great interview! We hope to feel that freedom soon!

Kyutty 7 months ago

Oh it's a guy this time~ he's so cool, nice interview, thanks phβ™₯

MaleModels 7 months ago

Thanks. Interesting. Congrats Handsome Ben. ❀

Nicky bella 7 months ago

Nice thank

Kate Utopia 7 months ago

Thanks for interviewing

Danny Labito 7 months ago

Good job bro! Love to see you winning !

rocky1234a 7 months ago

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2country 3 months ago

Pretty handsome too

2country 3 months ago


topgayman85 5 months ago

sorry but you and your pics well you look so gay and the name well it does not fit you you are so regulr regular looking.

Bishop BigDick 6 months ago

Good shit bro!! Thanks for the positive words. πŸ’°πŸ’ΈπŸ’°

FreakHidden 6 months ago

Awesome interesting interview!!

Latia Del Riviero 6 months ago

Keep up the good work young man!

Egyptian2020 6 months ago

How Can I become pornstar

pinkmzb 6 months ago

Well done!

oxx-johnson 6 months ago

Aww your awesome !!! You look great and you said it best... Not just another dick on pornhub... Keep it up

JeffCalifornia 6 months ago

Great interview =

Sid Vicious 7 months ago

That’s hot ! Keep it up

radikysha 7 months ago

great interview

lovehospital2 7 months ago

Of course he is popular with so big apparatus)))!

CassyXXDoll 7 months ago

I'd love to see you go to town on my audio πŸ˜‰

triggatrev 7 months ago

Omfg you’re a true inspiration

Marriedcouplefun45 7 months ago

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Elfy Biscuits 7 months ago

Hell yea.

FreakHidden 7 months ago

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Nickycky 7 months ago

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Max Poundwell 7 months ago

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unknown 7 months ago

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Apololeonardo 7 months ago

Chico lindo!!

Onyx Fox 7 months ago

Yes he is

TabloidCouple 7 months ago

Good for you handsome Ben!!😁

radikysha 7 months ago

good job man

Cherry reaper 7 months ago

Keep it up .you well find your dearm

Creamofthepot 7 months ago

Great interview You are very handsome😊

RedHead1519 7 months ago

Cutie πŸ˜†

DavThot 7 months ago

⚘🍾Class style bro, top interview think this is realy a nr1 example to repesent man acteurs in porn in a positieve daylight ,so this is realy great motivation to keep working and learning to make the best of it in this lovely work πŸΎβš˜πŸ’ŸπŸ™ƒπŸš€πŸ’¦

Alina2449 7 months ago

Cool! Keep up the great work

Rebecca lim 7 months ago

This gay ?

cinnabum 7 months ago

Great interview! One day everyone will know this dude!

unknown 7 months ago


Mustafamnmnmnmn 7 months ago


HawtCock 7 months ago

Very exciting post. Loved reading it and I feel like it has helped me even just a little.

The_Slurpsxxx 7 months ago

Love it!

mbuakakak 7 months ago

Welcome Justin Bieber

KinkyHome 7 months ago

Interesting answers from an interesting person. 😘Well done BenπŸ˜‰πŸ˜˜

Salemvonxxx 7 months ago

He’s adorable! I need more of these interviews!

AquafynaEnt 7 months ago

Any tips for inspiring artist

Rainah Elise 7 months ago

So nice to see a guy actually win one of these!!! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

lov11 7 months ago

I need help doing this

shave_metzitza 7 months ago

Hold on! I'm cuming for you

Allyourdreams 7 months ago


Playomi 7 months ago

Such a cutie

Little Bitch 7 months ago


Amanda Johnson 7 months ago

Great interview

CreamPinay69 7 months ago

Interesting, informative and inspiring. Thanks for sharing this 😍

Erina Kha 7 months ago

Ben is handsome

Curious nymphet 7 months ago


ontimesex 7 months ago

You are great.

TEAMDARKSKINx 7 months ago


Skidmarxx 7 months ago


Lexi Banks 7 months ago

So amazing 😍

unknown 7 months ago

Down to earth and genuine. Fair play Ben!

AlifieKush 7 months ago


Mustafamnmnmnmn 7 months ago

It is truly wonderful and its content is beautiful and the chasm has all the ingredients for success and development

Carly Curvy 7 months ago


BatGirlnThrobin 7 months ago

I'll drain his cock down my throat anytime

lilly bloom 7 months ago

in some pics u look like a young james McAvoy

Jesse Dudek 7 months ago

Awesome to see male models getting some recognition from pornhub.. Great interview!

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