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by: Aurora Watson

If you missed the Pornhub Awards and didn’t get a chance to gawk over the pink-carpet looks, cheer on the winners, see Bella Thorne share her future plans with Pornhub, or watch Bad Bunny kickstart the event at the Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles,  we’ll try not to hold it against you!

In fact, we're feeling kind of generous today and decided to share the video of the awards and the list of the Second Annual Pornhub Awards Winners with you below. So show your support on their page and give them a shout on social. 

Once again, a big congratulations to all the winners, nominees, guests, friends, and models who have shown their support and love over the last year! All of this wouldn't have been possible without you. 


The People Have Spoken 


As for the Fan Voting categories, we'd like to congratulate all the winners and thank everyone who participated and showed their support for their favorite models. 

Best Instagram: Abella Danger

Best Twitter: Riley Reid

Best Dick: Johnny Sins

Nicest Pussy: Elsa Jean

Favorite MILF: Brandi Love

Nicest Tits: Dillian Harper

Hottest Inked Model: Karma Rx

Hottest Ass: Abella Danger

Favorite Fetish Model: Mandy Flores

Favorite Trans Model: Aubrey Kate

Favorite Gay Model: Zilv Gudel

Favorite BBW Model: Pinky

Favorite Channel: Blacked

Cam Performer of the Year: Jenny Blighe

Best Snapchat: Adriana Chechik

Favorite Newcomer: Autumn Falls

Favorite Cosplayer: Mykinkydope

Favorite Couple: Leolulu

Best Fan Club: Asa Akira

Best Modelhub: NoFaceGirl



All Comments(231)

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Cock Ninja 11 months ago

And yet, Alex Adams, the most viewed porn star on the entire fucking site with 2 billion views gets nothing. Makes sense. Lmfao 😂🤣🤷🏼‍♂💰

mbuakakak 11 months ago

2 Billions ? OMFG

unknown 11 months ago

Who votes?

FreakHidden 11 months ago

2 Billions. wow

Kyle Chaos 11 months ago

Crazy. Alex is a good dude and his content is huge on the hub.

Cock Ninja 11 months ago

Yes, HE did deserve at least one award.

Alex Cum 11 months ago

she deserved it better than anyone

DADDY ORGASM 11 months ago

its all fixed if you ask me

Target Girl 11 months ago

Alex my first love

ibarbie 11 months ago

Alex Adams is really cool

unknown 11 months ago


Chessie Rae 11 months ago


DADDY ORGASM 11 months ago

This was so crappy. First off these people have management, it's not like it's normal people like me that post. The "celebrity" performers sucked. Now I will say congrats to all that won but honestly it wasn't catered to people like me and other real amateur performers. I hope to win one of those awards one day.

VanessaLoveXXX 10 months ago

@Alex-cum Nah.. i believe it would take more than just hard work.. I come from the Netherlands, where "free" porn is normal, if a performer puts a video online with a price tag on it, "fans" from the netherlands aren't going to buy that video, because 'other free stuff is available so why would i buy that' I see it every day, dutch performers working there ass off but struggling to pay the rent, going in and out the industry bittered and frustrated, doing other stuff like escort and gangbangs

Ms_Wolf 11 months ago

Zilv Gudel (Zilv and Rourke) are amateurs, and they won two of their 7 nominations, but they weren't on stage for any of the prizes. Not even the Daddy Awards, as it was presented along with the Fan Voted awards, despite being a Performer category. They had to collect the award in another room after the show. But they were one of the few fully amateur nominees, so I agree with your point. It's hard for amateur models to compete with larger professional profiles.

DADDY ORGASM 11 months ago

@alex-cum That goes without, my point is wheres the recognition for amateurs. Those that won are not amateurs. I'm very happy for them because I always say porn is art, but most amateurs work very hard with nothing to show for the work. So it'snot just work hard, it's getting the proper recognition.

Alex Cum 11 months ago

work hard and you will win someday

unknown 11 months ago

Yes the buying public loved amateur Content thats wat keep porn so interesting because it's non scripted everyday sex , please gives us more categories because are followers from social media follow us to pornhub not just the industry porn stars not being a hater im happy for them but my million of views came from my hustle with no help or management..can i get a honorable mention atleast 😂😂

Rainah Elise 11 months ago

Why are the favorite Models all pornstars except for Zilv? I thought the pornstars weren’t able to be in the Amateur Model program???? I was nominated for Favorite BBW Model but Pinky won, I am a true amateur and she is a Pornstar, how is that fair? We should not even be in the same category. I’m just so confused

Sins_of_Xavier 11 months ago

This is also a great point. I do believe I read somewhere that verifies pornstars aren’t able to compete in amateur programs/competitions. I hope I’m right about that. Going up against amateur girls is tough enough for amateur guys; let alone verified female pornstars. If I’m wrong than us amateur guys have no fucking chance 😂

DADDY ORGASM 11 months ago

When I made my comment I wasn't being bitter. But real sex needs to be recognized, amateur porn is NOT giving the proper acknowledgement. The house wives, mothers, stay at home dads, real college students that post. Real Twitter, Facebook and Instagram followers that love our work. We promote ourselves, we push the numbers for the site as well with no backing. There is way better amateur performers on here i personally feel deserves awards. Unsigned talent need recognition too Pornhub........

VanessaLoveXXX 10 months ago


GamerGirl 11 months ago

Belle Delphine? seriously?

kurosaki07123 11 months ago

She doesnt even post sex videos 😂

MoonCouple 11 months ago

Belle Delphine: a (sexy) genius

KawaiCouple 11 months ago


Succubus Waifu 11 months ago

Again. She doesn't even produce porn. She and her incel followers...

TrevorWong 11 months ago

I have a cumtrbute video for e Belle Delphine😝

unknown 11 months ago

Why not?

Jessi Jami 11 months ago

Lol. She is so funny

Elin Flame 11 months ago

Lol why not? She is rewarded for best prank

PrecumX 11 months ago


milfingrid 11 months ago


Sins_of_Xavier 11 months ago


GiocondaLisa 11 months ago

Yea lol

Sins_of_Xavier 11 months ago

Once again, the amount of males being showcased against females is underwhelmingly frustrating. Categories should al have a mal winner and a female winner to give men a better chance by making them competing within themselves as opposed to pitting them against females. But as always, congratulations to all the winners!

Sins_of_Xavier 11 months ago

@horse2387 it’s not about amateur vs professional, that’s irrelevant to what I’m saying. I’m saying the big categories should have two winners, male and female. Like “most popular newcomer” or “top commenter” and s**t like that. I understand completely that it’ll get tricky with trans, nonbinary, and other LGTBQ+ categories but I have faith that @Pornhub will figure it out, just as they always have. They always want feedback on how to make the porn experience better; this is a

Sins_of_Xavier 11 months ago

@SexWithMilfStella that’s exactly my point. If there’s so many few guy models, amateur or not (compared to girls) why dint we get our own category? I mean I’m not asking for the world here; I’m simply saying that for some guys like me, I like to think I do a decent job. My vids are the perfect emulation of amateur homemade porn and yet where do I stand? Nowhere because I have to fucking go up against people like Belle Delphine and Riley Reid and other famous GIRLS. So how is that fair?

horse2387 11 months ago

Some of us, myself for instance, are not interested in getting signed to real porn. I've gotten offered and have turned them down because I like being amateur. Just saying.

horse2387 11 months ago

Very true. Which is why even though I'm trying here on PH, I stick with Xtube. Takes forever to make a freaking dollar and that ranking crap, not loving it so far. To each their own favorite site I guess. But I think I'll stick to being a popular amateur model over there better. Congratulations to the winners, which btw are pretty much all featured famous pornstars in itself. Regular people like you and I will not be winning anything unless we get signed.

SexwithMilfStella 11 months ago

Fair point but I think girls outnumber guys like a zillion to one on her so that could be why there are more girl categories than guys but totally see your point.

PrecumX 11 months ago

All in all, everything changed here when certain persons came on the board. Earlier, you could see solo male videos on a main PH page. So, we need to bend the knee and be quiet.

PrecumX 11 months ago

as a straight solo male performer, which, again, is by the someone from the board, the 'lower race' here. (2) Solo male videos' algorithm selects videos in range from 1 month to 1 week ago, so, I don't know if PH is aware of that or not, will cause over-production of the solo male performers so they can compete to get featured. PH staff, don't tell me that algorithm is random, please check the numbers, I have the arguments. Btw, why don't you put solo female videos under the gay category too?

PrecumX 11 months ago

Couldn't agree more. Ok, gay performers got they place, if they didn't - LGBT pressure will probably be too high. But, *straight solo male* (I am using the asterisk sign to emulate bold letters) performers are deliberately put under the carpet. Our gifs from the videos are put under the gay category (1), our videos does NOT come up in the search unless they were featured at one point (2), and so on. Now, let me explain the points. 1 - I am not phomophobic at all, I just want to be acknowledged

Sins_of_Xavier 11 months ago

@The_Shadow_God the amount of mistakes I made is also overwhelmingly frustrating lmaooo but glad people still understood the point I was tryna get across.

The_Shadow_God 11 months ago


JustinConrad 11 months ago

Working hard to make it here someday! Congrats to all!

Target Girl 11 months ago

Congrats all ❤❤❤ Hope I will here in some categori like " Top Cute Girl "

Succubus Waifu 11 months ago

Showing tits in public, yeah, really cute. Why the hell we forget that this is a crime?

PinayBoobs 11 months ago

Agreed 😂💕

shely81 11 months ago

congratulations to all the winners, some will have won by luck and others for hard work ...❤❤❤

Rainah Elise 11 months ago

I just don’t get why the Professional Models are categorized in the same voting with Amateur Models?

Red Fox 11 months ago

The one that started selling water for fun? Fuck ... water in a jar? In which she did not even swim. Plain water, bitch. For what. This does not apply to porn. I am glad for other models, they deserve this award, but this young lady - a clown - damn ...

TrevorWong 11 months ago


Anika Spring 11 months ago

Leolulu the queen, once again! ❤❤❤

Jessi Jami 11 months ago

Congratulations to all the categories winners!!😘😘

Jessi Jami 11 months ago

@milaluv that could be an amazing idea. Mind brain is spinning wheels on how we could orchestrate that🤯🥰😘

Milaluv 11 months ago

Would love to make a porn holiday camp with all of you guys!

Felix Eden 11 months ago

Hopefully cya next year ^^

unknown 11 months ago

Congratulations everyone!!!!!

IriskaSlut 11 months ago

Congrats all ❤❤❤

unknown 11 months ago

Congratulations to all on their victory and wish them continued success! 🎁💲🔞 These people are the best motivation for us!💙💚😍👍💋

Alex Cum 11 months ago

Working hard for some day being with them

Marina Maya 11 months ago

hopefully il be there next year

unknown 11 months ago


Roxxy Boomerang 11 months ago

😘💋🤞 Congratulations ladies and gentlemen.. hard work plays off 💯

Molly Pills 11 months ago

Fucking AMAZING!! Ugh I’m going to work so hard to get there next year. Congrats to all you beautiful people! You deserve this and so much more!

Horny Hiking 11 months ago

Time for more adventures!

Danika Mori 11 months ago

It was amazing experience to stay behind the scenes and present and than also Win! Congrqtulations to all the winners and a big hug to my co-presenter @raelilblack

FitBeasts 11 months ago

No FitBeasts Maybe next year...

Sins_of_Xavier 11 months ago


Ms_Wolf 11 months ago

Congrats to all winners. Fedback: it was dissapointing that not even all the Performer categories were presented on stage, but instead listed in with the Fan Voted winners - who also didn't get to go on stage, but had to collect their awards in a back room. For those categories, you could at least have gotten them all on stage at once, to get their award, but no speeches. When you make an Awards show, at least show the winners more recognition than listing them off on a screen for 5 secs.

Allsexxxxx 11 months ago


badusachini 11 months ago

Congrats to all..love you guyd

molodoi_tolik 11 months ago


Cherry Lips 11 months ago

No Alis y Bruno 😢 maybe next time

Mila Loves 11 months ago

where do we see pictures of the red carpet? I want to see my photos so badly~

BatGirlnThrobin 11 months ago


Allyourdreams 11 months ago


TrevorWong 11 months ago

I have a cumtrbute video for e Belle Delphine😝

CanvasGirl 11 months ago

Congrats to all winners! ♥ And good luck to everyone else, we'll climb up there someday!

unknown 11 months ago

We will be here soon!

unknown 11 months ago

Thank you so much I really hope so

chris2Charming 11 months ago

You are gonna be winning tons of awards one day. Ur amazing

RedPillGirl 11 months ago

Bella Thorne?

vickmo 11 months ago

Congrats to all

Menoalu 11 months ago

Congratulation )

Dexripoff 11 months ago

Congratulations to all♥♥

Asswurx 11 months ago

Kind of disappointed that the ones that won the fetish categories are not very fetish like at all! But hey Congrats!

ModernWitch 11 months ago

I agree with you. Let's say it's very light fetish.

sexcouple69 11 months ago

Congratulation to all the winners!!! Next time with me!?!

laikaanal 11 months ago

Well, there is only one thing to say, the best is immediately visible! high-quality content is visible, beautiful blowers and guys, I wish you all good luck!

BehindTheMaskk 11 months ago


MassageDoctor 11 months ago

You deserve an award too!!

Mari_Saldy 11 months ago

Love PH❤😍

wildsidecali 11 months ago

Yea congratulations

Thaiger Lee 11 months ago

I hope I can make it next year! Congrats to all the winners! Come check out my page! 😜

unknown 11 months ago

So much congratulations for all winners❤❤❤ You’re the best, guys!)

GiocondaLisa 11 months ago

Congratulations everyone ♥

LeoKleo 11 months ago

It’s really AMAZING 🔥💋❤

Cum_Panties 11 months ago


bemikk 11 months ago

Same persons as always. Either it's only North Americans that vote, or that vote is fake news and the prizes reserved for North Americans anyway.

SexwithMilfStella 11 months ago

Odd categories for sure but congrats to the winners which are essentially all of the people that are already super popular

Elin Flame 11 months ago

Congratulations to all winners! You deserve the prize! You are so cool,guys!😊😉

MaleModels 11 months ago

Congrats to all. You're ALL winners! ❤🎉🎉🎉

unknown 11 months ago

Congratulations!!! Kisses in the pussy😘😘😘

rmac171 7 months ago

Mannnn, Misslexa and Yinyleon are the best you have right now.

Lando Ryder 8 months ago

Nicest tits got Darcia/Darce Lee, sadly she ain't well-known as much as Dillion... yet.

Sugar Girl 9 months ago

I like Leolulu

Gianaaaa 9 months ago


FreakHidden 10 months ago

I am sure I will be there next year with My amazing videos 🙈☺☺

wirzwei2016 10 months ago


Kitsune Girl 10 months ago

Screw that bathwater, cringe culture, cunt... 🙄

Nena Canela 10 months ago

Congratulations 🎊

SexxVidz 10 months ago

Link. http://sexxvidz.com/

SexxVidz 10 months ago

Hey Guys Check Out This New Pornsite I Made Its A Work In Process But Would Yall Mind Checking It Out? Link. www.sexxvidz.com

giffdog69 10 months ago

sSasha foxx

giffdog69 10 months ago

Congrats to all the winners they all are deserving. Mia malkova is my favorite pornstar but blowjob quenn is

SuperCalin 10 months ago

Anna Blossom, Miss Banana, Teacher of Magic... we can mention several amateurs who would have deserved the title of Blowjob Queen

giffdog69 10 months ago

Sasha Foxxx Sasha Foxxx is the blowjob quenn. Watch her videos. It's impossible to suck better dick then her

lexyporter 10 months ago

Snap me yes_daddy469

BlondeAndDark 10 months ago

Excelente gente, cada dia modelos muy hermosos/as , PORNHUB segui asi que la gente esta muy contenta con todo . Gracias a todos tambien por su Buen material. ♥

Indicboi45 11 months ago

My question is why are some categories such as Solo Female and Lesbian Performer includes nominees who have done b/g scenes in the past? That sounds kind of counter-intuitive when you think about it. Why do you think I've subscribed to pornstars and content creators who mainly do solo and/or lesbian content? I don't know, it just bothers me a little. I feel like those sort of categories should only center on performers who ONLY perform mainly those sort of content.

unknown 11 months ago

Oh, yeaaaaah! So much familiar faces)

kurosaki07123 11 months ago

Congrats to everyone

Allsexxxxx 11 months ago

guys i'm just getting started. who can please support me Научиться произносить

BaronessVonPorn 11 months ago

Well done❤

Marieluofficiel 11 months ago


Cherry reaper 11 months ago


Jadan Snow 11 months ago

Always interesting !!

Yrafart777 11 months ago

Привет всем кто хочет онлайн

MagicMike3X 11 months ago

Congratulations to everyone who won or were even considered. A lot of great competition in here and we're all on the same team. Let's just keep making great entertainment for people to enjoy. Working on my next video tonight.

msdtrj 11 months ago

How tf did Elsa Jean get 'Nicest Pussy'?? Do whaaaaat

Juicy and King 11 months ago

Check out me and my wife's flicks for the ones who are into squirting or just some great shots. Show some love and hopefully we get the recognition we deserve.

MoonCouple 11 months ago

We are so happy for Elles!! 😘

KinkyHome 11 months ago

Congrats you all😘🙌😘I wish you further success, do not stop there💝

cartell 11 months ago


Little Bitch 11 months ago

Congrats all ❤🔥

CurvyPinay 11 months ago

I hope one day I will be on that list 3 Good day Philippines 3

CeceLuca 11 months ago

Congrats everyone!

therealdealfam 11 months ago

I gotta step my s**t up to get an award

dallasminx 11 months ago

Congrats to all the winners

asap7504 11 months ago

Hell ya! What did I win!?!!!!

HardcoreBuddy 11 months ago

Subscribe me

SoSexySexySo 11 months ago

wow, gratulations💕

magnolia2017 11 months ago

Good morning !

Semon Qing 11 months ago


Pleasure Fields 11 months ago

where is rae?

unknown 11 months ago

Congrats All!

Stacy Dupont 11 months ago

Congratulations to all🌈🌟❤

FreakHidden 11 months ago

so great!! Congratulations to all the winners. I hope I be there next year!!!! support is very much appreciate it!! come and subscribe for amazing coming videos

unknown 11 months ago

Congrats everyone!! You all are amazing! Huge congrats to my fairy porn mother @Jade Jordan Well deserved!!!!

Nicky Mist 11 months ago

Forgot about Nicky Mist ! hmmm,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Gsr-xxx 11 months ago

Of course the actual pornstars win everything loll

unknown 11 months ago

no one better than johnny sins

KarenKevin 11 months ago

Riley Reid twice yeah

LustTaste 11 months ago

congratulations to all! who knows maybe one day I can meet you all! :-*

wtbfootjobs 11 months ago

Natalie Mars, seriously? The only reason to watch her is to see the other talent. All of her scenes would he better without her.

KinkyWaffles 11 months ago

Belle Delphine ? alright then

unknown 11 months ago

Almost at 15 million views geesh it takes alot getting up there but its a grind to be done , more categories please for us under the 900 ranking system

MIKE STIX 11 months ago

Can you all check my page out? I would b greatly appreciated

Ikmnjuy78 11 months ago

Киев девушки не стесняемся пишите. 🥂🍺

Gelashvili 11 months ago


unknown 11 months ago

So just fuck Sarah Banks then

Fetishss 11 months ago

iwwil be the one

AsianGoodGirl 11 months ago

Congratulations everyone Wish I could have been there and had some fun!

unknown 11 months ago

Congrats all ❤️

MissTease 11 months ago

One day I'll hopefully be on that list 💜

Blagodatj 11 months ago


DanielSweat 11 months ago

I didn’t even get mentioned .... wow

XMichaelArrowsX 11 months ago


Ninja Shaft 11 months ago

congratulationsto my boo jade jordan 👅

Horny Kira 11 months ago

very good!

unknown 11 months ago

Go check out my vids please

ParrotGirl 11 months ago

Congrats, these girls not having a headache )

lilly bloom 11 months ago

fuck yea Riley

firefox5ives 11 months ago

Congratulations PINKY!!!! MY BABY! ♥🔥💯

unknown 11 months ago

Congrats y'all!!

1PussyMouth 11 months ago

Congrats to all the winners- I love it Sex SEX sex L*L!!!

unknown 11 months ago

Congratulations to all the winners. Wish to be on the list someday. 🙏 😇

Odderon 11 months ago

Need more anal categories!

unknown 11 months ago

Congratulations to everybody ❤👅 would love to be here one day.. please check out my page 😘

Jessica Stardust 11 months ago


cityhoes 11 months ago

Looking foward for next year. Come an apply for the hottes hoes.

unknown 11 months ago


Dunta Amazin 11 months ago


Bangaslangher23 11 months ago


Lrgwood24 11 months ago

Congrats to all

Maxx Long and Olivia Lust 11 months ago

Fuck all this. Brandi love? Bullshit

demian vidal 11 months ago

Congratulations someday I will be a famous porn actor to fuck many asses

Chessie Rae 11 months ago

Congratulations to all the winners and even all the nominees. Few names I would like to see up there that I didn't 💕 Hard work pays off

Nik Arab 11 months ago

Add me

unknown 11 months ago


CocoaVSvanilla 11 months ago

Congrats everyone!!

Dream4Angel 11 months ago


sexytimeinparadise 11 months ago

Nice!! 🎉

Ivy McNea 11 months ago

Congratulations to all the amazing winners! Keep making wonderful content, we love it!!

unknown 11 months ago


Chubbylicious Pinay 11 months ago

Congrats.. to all i wish someday.. i will be featured here

Aceandboo 11 months ago

You guys rock!!

Candy Camille 11 months ago

Congrats to everyone!!! Hope i can be there someday!

Ginger White 11 months ago

Congrats to all the winners!!!! Sexy Sexy!!! Stay HOT and HORNY my loves!!! ❤❤💋💋👩🏻‍🦰👩🏻‍🦰

Greek Booty 11 months ago


unknown 11 months ago

Congratulations!!! ❤❤❤

unknown 11 months ago

So hot! Congrats everyone! Hope to be a part of it all soon!! 😘😘 Keep on making those sexy videos!!

Carly Curvy 11 months ago


ttFREAKY 11 months ago

♥ inspiration

Analpasion 11 months ago

congratulations to all winners

CaliHeadQueen 11 months ago

Wow Jade jordan is doing amazing

Aayda Heart 11 months ago

I really felt like Asa Akira seemed a bit passive aggressive and the backhanded comments were on fire, but I would hate to stand next to her and have her roast me like that. There was way too much sarcasm in her voice to think she was actually complimenting them, maybe she was jealous?

DarkWetDreemz 11 months ago

Congrats to all the Nominees and the Winners especially Jade Jordan!! What a great performer!

Luis Fercho 11 months ago

Harper os the best! 👌

unknown 11 months ago


unknown 11 months ago

Congratulations winners keep it up

Devin and Brandy 11 months ago

Congratulations everyone!!

Mask Porn 11 months ago

Amazing! Congratulations to all the winners!!

ArmRoz 11 months ago

Congratulations to all with a victory

IsheS 11 months ago

congratulations to winnings, mainly amateur ones 👍😘 @NoFaceGirl good job 👍

Dum Dums 11 months ago

Guys watch my video❤ im new model)

Hotwife702 11 months ago

I want on this list.

Rebecca lim 11 months ago

I can yeah

HumpinHannah 11 months ago


unknown 11 months ago

Congratulations to all the winners

MrPanandSyrinx 11 months ago

That’s what’s up people I love it 🥰💯💯💯

orgasmextreme 11 months ago

Nice job guys 🔥

unknown 11 months ago

Hey everyone take a look at my profile!

XxFresh_79xX 11 months ago

Congratulations to all the winners! Hope to get there some day hopefully sooner than later!

SuperDrogo 11 months ago


unknown 11 months ago

Leolulu тащит!

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