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by: Aurora Watson

For those of you who haven’t yet come across this blue-eyed voluptuous vixen on Pornhub, then you’re missing out.

After being in the industry for almost a decade and rising to the top as one of our top BBW performers, it’s no wonder Harmony Reigns was nominated this year for a Pornhub Award. So keep on reading to find out what fetish she wants to cross off her bucket list, why she decided to join the industry, and why she loves Modelhub.

How did you get started in the industry?

I started dancing in a strip club in London when I met a porn star who also danced. She’s the one who told me all about it. I was always into women, so I thought to myself, “So, I can get paid to fuck sexy women? Yes please! Where do I sign up?” At the time, I was seeing a man, so I asked him what he thought about it and, of course, he had no issues!

I already had a porn star profile created for me, but I didn’t realize I could take control of it until I found out about Modelhub. I believe I found out about it through Twitter, and a couple of my fellow performers were already signed up.

Courtesy of Harmony Reigns

How do you come up with ideas for your videos?

Most of the time, I get awesome ideas from my fans. I'm always asking them what they want to see, and some of them have even sent me full scripts ⁠— they are just brilliant!
Other times, I just throw on an outfit and do whatever comes naturally ⁠— I'm pretty good at improv.

You’ve been nominated for a Pornhub Award, how does that feel?

I still don’t believe it’s real to be honest. It's just crazy to think that after all this time, people are still rooting for me and I'm still current. It’s amazing, I never imagined I'd get this far or do so well, and I just feel so blessed and privileged to be in this position. I’m very grateful.

What do you accredit your success to?

Honestly, when I started, I was told to mimic someone else: “Don’t get any more ink. Change your hair colour. Lose weight. Adjust your voice. Don’t talk so much. Do this. Do that.” So, I told everyone to eff themselves. I’m going to be me, and if it doesn’t work, then this industry just isn't for me.

I was just myself and did whatever felt natural to me. I do believe that staying true to myself and my personality is the reason I’m still here. It works for me, and my fans love the weirdo, nutty, loud-mouth, crazy woman that I am, and I’m so thankful for that.

What do you think is the biggest misconception people have about porn?

That it's the same as sex at home, but it's not. It’s very different from your personal sex life, and it's way more than just sex, it's a complete business. Anyone can have sex, but not everyone can be a porn star. It takes skill, talent, and hard work to do what we do.

Do you think people’s perception of the industry has evolved in a positive way over the years?

I believe that it has become more acceptable, and more people are able to differentiate between the fact that it is just another profession. There’s still stigma attached to porn, but it's getting better, and more people are starting to see it in a much more positive light.

What has been your biggest success thus far?

I was put on a box cover for Evil Angel I nearly died. I couldn't believe they chose me! That was pretty awesome. 

Courtesy of Harmony Reigns

Are there any fetishes on your bucket list you’d like to try that you haven’t done yet?


How do you deal with criticism online?

Thankfully, I don’t really get any. If there was any negativity or bad energy being thrown my way, I just wouldn’t bite. Some people want to fight, they want the attention. They get a thrill out of it. So I just wouldn’t entertain it.

Why the name Harmony Reigns?

I was nicknamed Harmony at a younger age since I could sing, and it just stuck with me. As for Reigns, I thought about what being a porn star meant for me, and personally, porn is empowering. I’m taking control of my body. I’m in charge, and I’m taking the reigns.

Courtesy of Harmony Reigns

How would you describe Harmony Reigns? How is she different/similar to you?

I am genuinely myself on set and in scenes unless I'm doing cosplay or playing a specific character.

However, what I will say is that the “me” in civilian life would not be getting banged under a bridged, flashing on highways, sucking dicks under water, or swinging from a tree onto a penis ⁠— you have to pay me to do that!


How do you decide what to sell and what to post for free?

I tend to sell the full-length videos and take pieces and cuts to post for free as a way of promoting the longer videos. However, sometimes, if I've had a video for a while or if I'm just feeling generous, I will post the whole thing up for free.

What kind of helpful advice would you give to new models?

Never feel pressured into extending your comfort zone or levels no matter what anyone says. It's your body. You are allowed to decide what you do with it. Hold your ground and know your worth.
Find what works for you. It's great to look to others for inspiration and tips, but never mimic. You can be successful just by being yourself and embracing your own style and personal beauty.


Follow Harmony Reigns on Twitter and Instagram for photos, videos, and updates on her next project.

Twitter @xharmonyreignsx

Instagram @harmonyreigns/


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Nevminoze 8 months ago

agree with you! "I was just myself and did whatever feels natural to me." a do you agree? then, press "Like"

ShantelDee 8 months ago

Great tips for someone starting!

mj_porn 8 months ago

Wow, beautiful 😏

Olivia NoFace 8 months ago

I will be grateful to all of you if you look at my page) I hope we can please you)

SexwithMilfStella 8 months ago

Delicious curves. Amazing girl. What's not to like?

SlugsOfCumGuy 8 months ago

Something very sexy about an awesome confident woman. Congrats

Alex CUM 8 months ago

Those eyes inspire sex

Mz Cali 8 months ago

Hott!!! Congratulations beautiful!!! See us BBW got it too!!!! It’s MZ CALI AKA GHETTO SUPERHEAD

unknown 8 months ago


Candy Camille 8 months ago

Good luck sweetie! Ypu are amazing, hope you win!

Devin and Brandy 8 months ago

Love all your content harmony!! 😘

ClitGrabber 8 months ago

Great job I’m inspired by her I’ll get a pornhub award here soon mark my works fellow actors

ibarbie 8 months ago

It should be illegal how horny she put us🔥🔥🔥🤤🤤🤤

PrecumX 8 months ago

Congrats, gorgeous!

unknown 8 months ago

Thanks for giving some ideas . Love it!

Shelby Sinzzz 8 months ago

This was great

Sasha Bikeyeva 8 months ago


Misissex Qeenorgasm 7 months ago


PONCHYPI 7 months ago

о да

unknown 8 months ago

Congratulations to her

Mz Cali 8 months ago

MS kali

Mz Cali 8 months ago


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GiocondaLisa 8 months ago

Those curves are delicious 😍

ChanelFrost 8 months ago

loved this article 💖👽

Dexripoff 8 months ago

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Petite Fountain 8 months ago

Thanks for the advices, interesting article!

Movesfordayz 8 months ago

Beautiful 😍

mattluvsggs 6 days ago

Beautiful stunning lady 😍😍

Ferrowjay 5 months ago

I like to sex with you . love you.

fuckyouand12 5 months ago

Come check out my channel!

Mylittlellama 7 months ago

Totally agree with this

Sexii Swiss 7 months ago

Sexy af.. them titties.. I’d moterboay the fuck outta those

NikolaS9269 7 months ago


Vivian Rose 7 months ago

So glad that things have evolved to a point where no one has to fit a certain criteria to be successful! Pornhub is largely to thank for our ability to express ourselves however we want and to have control over our own content... its great. Harmony, I am so stoked you told all those people to eff themselves, cause clearly just being your natural self worked out to be the best choice! Awesome! Keep killin it girl.

corybbc00 7 months ago

Good how about it

StaciSwallowsYou 7 months ago

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AnthonyRocha666 7 months ago

If any girl is willing to send some pictures or chat let’s talk

Dominickmore 7 months ago


UnforgettableNYC 7 months ago

Harmony - thanks for the great advice. I’m new and was getting some advice to change and it’s good to have a successful star reinforce how important it is to stay true to yourself. Thank you. Stay beautiful and stay you. 😘

ReignOfFire 7 months ago

I found this article via notification now you have a new fan 😍

TheRealHotLavender 7 months ago

Love her name!!!-Harmoney

Natalia Kapretti 7 months ago

A Delightful Model.Very feminine and very depraved

Natalia Kapretti 7 months ago

Восхитительная Модель.Очень женственная и очень развратная

jalexander37 7 months ago

Same here.. please look at mypage!

Lolla Blond 7 months ago


gaybronco 7 months ago

Thank you again. Duane Eric Roper .

gaybronco 7 months ago

I was not allotted enough characters to express myself. WTF Pornhub🤩! Harmony, I love them. I'm sure you do as well. Interesting, though. I've never had to reboot, edit a solid thought to something less or recharge when I'm in my element... honoring God's second greatest gift. I used to think my sexuality was the #1 but I now know the birth of a c***d is the gift of all gifts. Like you are a gift. If you hadn't been born, well... do you see why I've asked you out for a very long evening?

gaybronco 7 months ago

Can we please meet in the coming days? It took me the most recent 10 minutes of my evening reading your wonderful Pornhub interview. I'm a fan! I'm also so, so very much of the same mindset as you. We have to have a long evening together. Please. My life is soon to become the very best kind of chaotic. It will be, in the big picture, fleeting. When I am settled I will be in touch and here's an idea as well. I will do my best to maintain my presence on Pornhub so you can come my way also.

JavaStrokez 8 months ago

Just started check me out

DayZeeDay 8 months ago

Thank you I just started so this is so helpful !

Lickmelow95 8 months ago

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Allyourdreams 8 months ago

Congratulations!!! Glad for you)

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I’m gay but she is fine as hell

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KinkyHome 8 months ago

You are amazing!!!❤

Jessica Stardust 8 months ago

Congrats girly

MrDominant21 8 months ago

Hey harmony you think we can shoot a video together??

FALLEN ANGEL 8 months ago

Baby you are very cool! I also adhere to the principle everywhere and always be myself!) This is our highlight

rakek2008 8 months ago

sexy hot

Navydaddy 8 months ago

Very hot and natural beauty

MsFriday5 8 months ago

Very sexy!!

Succubus Waifu 8 months ago

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Thaiger Lee 8 months ago

Come check out my page everyone! I’m gonna be posting my first video soon! I love harmony reigns! She’s so sexy!

unknown 8 months ago

Keep up with my work. Thank you.

Mei Amai 8 months ago

Big words "I’m going to be me, and if it doesn’t work, then this industry just isn't for me." ❤️

CreamPinay69 8 months ago

Thanks for sharing your journey. Very informative, interesting and inspiring. 😘 😍

BROTHERMAN14 8 months ago

i love her story and her she's so sexy!

Dirty Johnson 8 months ago

Simply amazing!

Lalekan 8 months ago

Really nice Congrats reigns

ElenaVolkova 8 months ago

She's lovely

Dre The Leo 8 months ago

You the best baby. You were the first I subscribed to and I haven't been disappointed. I fell in love with those eyes though. Hopefully I can get to your level and collaborate (if you single)

BambiJean 8 months ago

Congrats! Thanks for sharing!

MsStacy08 8 months ago


Bianca love 8 months ago


SexyBustyGirl 8 months ago

Thank you Harmony

Blyde Connie 8 months ago

Amazing girl.

machippy 8 months ago

I’ll definitely check her out

Carly Curvy 8 months ago


Lena Squirt 8 months ago

You are Beautyful

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Miss Kate 8 months ago

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Body catcher 8 months ago

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firefox5ives 8 months ago

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I just adore Harmony Reigns and wish that I could have a successful long career like she has!!! Thank you for featuring her in this spotlight.

GrandHarwest 8 months ago

Успехов и вдохновения этой девушке!!! Она молодец😍

georgenmissy 8 months ago

beautiful! sweet read keep it up!

DarkWetDreemz 8 months ago

Such a beautiful performer and great blog!

LucaXMia 8 months ago

Great model! congrats

Asian Deepthroat 8 months ago

Congratulations, great woman ++++

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Amazing babe

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gorgeous woman! wow 😍😍😍

Luna2331 8 months ago

you are a cutie wish you all the best

XxFresh_79xX 8 months ago


Cleo8 8 months ago

You're so hot babe 🔥💞

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