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by: Aurora Watson

Whether you've met the charming Edith Ronne in person or recognize her from our how-to videos and Modelhub campaign, there's no forgetting that face! So when it came time to picking our next Pornhub Staff Citizens, Edith was at the top of our list. And since she's gotten to know some of you since joining the team, it's only fair Edith shares a little bit about herself with you!


How long have you been working at Pornhub?

I’ve been working at Pornhub for a year. Prior to this I was a porn script writer ⁠— I’ll often be on Pornhub and see an ad pop up for a script I wrote or have the scene come up on my homepage. At one point, I had deemed myself the “world’s most prolific food network porn parody writer,” a title I think I still hold!


What’s your position?

I’m the industry (performer) liaison and the “face” of Modelhub, Pornhub’s clip site. I’m also producing some video content for Pornhub; mostly how-to videos, education on cyber security, etc. Keep an eye out! 

What do you love most about your job?

The sex industry has been a pioneer in technology (check out our VR section), sexual education (sex workers are the best, most qualified sexual health educators out there), the entertainment industry (have you SEEN Caligula?). Working in the adult industry feels like I’m in the middle of all these fascinating, and sometimes ugly, aspects of our world and humanity. It’s very special.


What’s your work pet peeve?

Sometimes I hold the door open for people walking behind me and instead of just walking through, they stand over me and also hold the door, so we’re both playing this weird game of chicken, holding the same door open for each other. Canadian niceties at their worst.


When you’re not working, what could we find you doing?

I do stand-up comedy and recently have gotten really into toying with augmented reality software- building Instagram filters etc. I may be making some for PH brands soon.


How would your colleagues describe you?

Once a boss described me as “cunning” which is my favorite compliment I have ever received.


If you could only listen to one music artist/band the rest of your life, who would it be?

Erykah Badu


If you could be the opposite sex for just one day, what would you do?

I own a few male masturbator toys, it would be nice for them to get used finally! Also, I’d try all those gross “put jello in a ziploc bag and fuck it” tricks you hear about when you’re a kid.


If you could have the answer to any one question, what question would you want an answer to?

What am I doing?


What’s your favorite place you’ve ever visited?

The Museum of Everyday Life in Glover, Vermont

What was the last movie you cried to?

The Muppet Movie


What “childish” thing do you still do as an adult?

My lifestyle is very childish, to be honest. I watch a ton of cartoons and build marble runs, and have a running list ranking every item on every fast food restaurant’s dollar menu. The world is pretty fucked up and I believe there’s a lot of value in making space in your life for things that are fun.


Would you rather have more time or money? Why?

This is coming from a place of relative financial stability (thank you Pornhub), so it would be time, absolutely. I really wish I could live forever, just to watch everything happen or upload myself to the cloud, like in Serial Experiments Lain. If anyone reading this figures out how to map consciousness, DM me!


Check out Edith's Pornhub page for helpful how-to videos


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Nevminoze 8 months ago

Never doubted the mental and moral abilities of employees Pornhub, the best company in the world with the best team! forward to new heights!agree with me? press "like"

Lustful Lovers 8 months ago

Beautiful Model! congrats!

Candy Love 8 months ago


Lucky Macky 8 months ago

and so smart, I like her answers

Loren Love 8 months ago

Edith is cute AF! And she's an anime fan - what a catch. Also that smile...and those lips...and eyes...cant forget those juicy eyebrows...I mean, I think I want her for Christmas.

Candy Love 8 months ago

THIS! πŸ’–

KawaiCouple 8 months ago

You are beutiful !

Mark Rockwell 8 months ago

Edith! *drools*

edith 8 months ago

Ellie Idol 8 months ago

Right?! *__* She's cute!

PrecumX 8 months ago

An angel!

PlaySoft69 8 months ago

Very beautiful, love your vids ^^

milfingrid 8 months ago

She's cute & funny, cock & balls is the best graffiti ever. We are still waiting for that interview with the enigmatic Brett though. Next time perhaps?

brett 8 months ago

I don't exist!

SlugsOfCumGuy 8 months ago

Funny how accurate her thoughts are if she was a guy for a day xD

AshleyjDaFreak 8 months ago

Seem very cool down to earth would love to meet and work with her

Vivian Rose 8 months ago

Pornhub seems like such an awesome place to work full of awesome people!!

SonictheheadDog 8 months ago

That's wassup cool😎 keep up the good work.

SHeyla ts 8 months ago


Mz Cali 8 months ago

Love your work!!!

Alex CUM 8 months ago

You just gave me an idea, I will make a video of how to masturbate with jelly in a ziploc bag

lovehospital2 8 months ago

Pornhub -- a job of dream!

Sireah 8 months ago

All round that was a great read. Had quite a few laughs in there. "What am i doing," lol. Definitly the new, "what is the meaning to life," question most of us are asking. Nice to see an article on the face of Modelhub . I'll have to go watch all the porn parody you have written XD.

Lucy 8 months ago

Pretty woman!😊🀩

PBittyB 8 months ago

You sound like such a out going fun person ❀

Red Fox 8 months ago

Oh my God! what a beautiful girl! her smile is just charming, just like mine

Topcockott 7 months ago

Ok well instead of writing some sort of shit lol you inspire me really.....I only want to see my family happy πŸ˜ƒ

Anittalima 8 months ago


unknown 8 months ago

Amazing soul

unknown 8 months ago


JONELB 8 months ago

Congrats dude!

MrSicBoy 8 months ago

One of my fav citizen reads thus far.

triggatrev 8 months ago

Damn dude she can get it

Mei Amai 8 months ago

Nice. I love her!

JXXHXXN 8 months ago


Ernestoalchemy 8 months ago


The Impaler 8 months ago

Damn she’s beautiful

PsEyEko 8 months ago


unknown 8 months ago


BatGirlnThrobin 8 months ago


handsomeasiangay 8 months ago

very cute and lovely

PrettyAfricana 8 months ago

I need more subscribers so I can be great like her

frankshaban1 8 months ago


GucciDomi 8 months ago

Xx congratulations

HannahRhodes 8 months ago

Beautiful girl!

HannahRhodes 8 months ago


Stacy Dupont 8 months ago

Congrats hun!

Allyourdreams 8 months ago

Congratulation! Welldone!

unknown 8 months ago

Edith is cute AF! And she's an anime fan

MsStacy08 8 months ago

Wow nice

fantasiasexual4 8 months ago


unknown 8 months ago

Beautiful! Congrats

SK_stories 8 months ago

Beautiful model

MrGoodBar100 8 months ago

Great advice, thank you.

336BBBJFUN 8 months ago

Check out my page n hmu 336 looking for partners

BehindTheMaskk 8 months ago


Holly Halftone 8 months ago

Ambar Westbrook 8 months ago

Edith, love your helpful how to videos!! Thanks a million babe xoxo

edith 8 months ago

yay so glad to hear!

Leolulu 8 months ago

Nice to hear about you Edith!!!!! "The world is pretty fucked up and I believe there’s a lot of value in making space in your life for things that are fun" YESSSSS

edith 8 months ago

ahh thank you haha 3

Leolulu 8 months ago


KimDesire 2 months ago

Where do i find those "how to" videos?

unknown 7 months ago

Who ever heard of Glover fucking Vermont? Good piece! I think Elon Musk is doing big things with NeuraLink, human brain to AI stuff. Interesting to know though that either the porn industry or healthcare will get to it soon enough. Then multi faceted developments will occur in other private sectors because of the technological advances.imagine the possibilities! Love you Edith call me back!

Jamie Stone 7 months ago

Awesome interview about a beautiful businesswoman. I really enjoyed reading the questions and answers. Pretty cool to have written scripts in porn movies! Cunning is the perfect word to describe Edith!

orgasmextreme 7 months ago

Tell me more about those "male masturbator toys" 😈

Ddicaprio 7 months ago

Thanks for sharing a little part of your life, congratulations! PD: You're hot 😏

SPEEDY6936 7 months ago

Good stuff Edith top class such a nice lady I like her

BROTHERMAN14 8 months ago

she's so cute and she loves anime!!! (i didnΒ΄t knew)

Songopaul 8 months ago

Sexi baby

Kittys Pipas 8 months ago

Welcum doll would love to watch some of your work you wrote for.

Kinky Ranked Duo 8 months ago

So interesting to read what are you doing there.. on the other side

KinkyHome 8 months ago

Very open and fun. Cool!!!

kiddybig 8 months ago


Wettest Daye 8 months ago

" Wish you could connect with other Models, Share Tips and Tricks Equipment Recommendations or Just Ideas in General in a Simpler Way. Well I Do too so I Created a Facebook Group Just For Us. You must be apart of Pornhub Model Program to join doesn't have to be your personal Fb page but you will need to provide your Pornhub Page Name to Be Added. " Search Facebook for "PORNHUB MODELS" to find the group

MissMariie 8 months ago


nixatnite 8 months ago

She’s a cutie!

Eva Lux 8 months ago

Very beautiful ))))))πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

Oroszo 8 months ago


Jessica Stardust 8 months ago

Yay! Good job

Gelashvili 8 months ago


DarkWetDreemz 8 months ago

Wonderful Model Citizens article! Thank you Edith for all that you do at Pornhub. Such a delightful read.

gucciscobar 8 months ago


MrRudeBoi69 8 months ago

Congrats babygirl, I hope we link 1 day...really cool ppls

perlamaria 8 months ago


Vicky Lust 8 months ago

Such a sexy, beautiful girl, and smart too! You are a perfect package babe and anyone would be lucky to have you as their girlfriend

Princess_Poppy 8 months ago

I love this blog. I love meeting the staff so much

thebestbdsm 8 months ago

Beautiful Model!

unknown 8 months ago


The Fetish Fairy Godmother 8 months ago

That glitter picπŸ’œπŸ’™πŸ’œ

leovin69 8 months ago

So cute and so smart

LustTaste 8 months ago


Wet Kelly 8 months ago

Beautiful and smart.:* Kisses

LinoLola 8 months ago

what a cutie!!!πŸ–€

BossManrose 8 months ago

Congratulations πŸŽ‰

BossManrose 8 months ago


mindovermatter1230 8 months ago


Chokobanana 8 months ago

She looks so sweet

DanielSweat 8 months ago

That’s an inspiring story I hope that one day I can ascend to this level off being myself

unknown 8 months ago


Jessi Jami 8 months ago


Sweet_Sammy 8 months ago

Wow! So nice face!

mehdi1234567 8 months ago


alicatty 8 months ago


unknown 8 months ago

Best model πŸ‘Œβ€

Devin and Brandy 8 months ago

Amazing interview! So glad to meet you and get to meet you Edith!!

jusjay74 8 months ago

Beautiful looking and beautiful inside

Bi-planet 8 months ago


MsFriday5 8 months ago


desibdsm 8 months ago

beutiful !

hippiegoddess666 8 months ago

Welldone Edith !!!😊

Jamaican1999 8 months ago

Beautiful congratulations

TattedandTight 8 months ago

Congrats !

unknown 8 months ago

wow so gorgeous

Liam Bonser 8 months ago

Well done on your success keep flying

Carly Curvy 8 months ago

Love this

DADDY ORGASM 8 months ago

Congrats miss gorgeous.

TinyLoveMia 8 months ago

Beauty Model, GJ hunny 😘

Analbelle69 8 months ago


Haitianmami 8 months ago


shinyfun 8 months ago

Love your attitude

tribexxl 8 months ago

Beauty and clever

Paul Mehoff 8 months ago

Nice work

PrettyAnalPrincess 8 months ago


HiddenMilf 8 months ago


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