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by: Aurora Watson

Want to share you work with the world but wish you could be a little picky about who’s lucky enough to see your profile? We totally get it, we don’t even want grandma snooping around our IG account!

Good news is, you can be as selective as you’d like and it’s easier than you think.

Once you’ve become a Verified Model on Pornhub, you have the option to block certain countries, American states, and Canadian provinces from viewing your Pornhub and Modelhub profile and videos. Not sure how? Here’s a refresher course on Geo Blocking.

To take advantage of this feature, click on your login menu and scroll down to where it says “Model.” Once you’re on your Model Settings page, click on the tab labelled “Geo Blocking.”

This is where you can select which country(ies) you’d like to prevent from seeing your content. You’ll also notice that the United States and Canada have a +; if you click on it, you can pick and choose which state/province you want to block specifically. The geo blocker works by looking at the user’s IP address to see which part of the world they’re using sites from. While IP addresses can be modified and changed, Geo Blocking is still a useful tool when it comes to privacy.  

 Remember, it could take up to 8 hours for it to take effect once you click Save.


All Comments(196)

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James Deen PMV 2 months ago

Thx for explaining to us how to select a country and click the save button. With all seriousness though, would you guys mind fixing your website first? I don't know if you're aware but right now pornhub is getting flooded with thousands of bots that promote this one site. It's really nerve wrecking to constantly ban them, yet nobody is doing anything to stop it. It's quite disturbing that we haven't seen a fix on this issue so far!

Salixxx Katz 2 months ago

Nice to read from you, although I don’t know what ya all r talking about, apparently I don’t spend enough time on here Kiss 😘

Nevminoze 2 months ago

I agree) the same bot text to comment for a week (the automatic spam filter on the site does not work - although I already clicked about 100 times (complain) and I'm not the only one. PH solve the problem! please

Penny Scott 2 months ago

Yes! So irritating!

kittygirlmeowxoxo 2 months ago

You right.

DonnaDeep 2 months ago

How do you recognize the bots which promote their sites?

NoTabuu 2 months ago

Totally agree! I delete that like every hour! And not only that.Your playlists are messed up again! When I add new video, it is not always shown as the last added... sometimes it shows there older video... with some playlists it is instant.... it shows only some old video as the latest. It looks like PH chooses which videos should be promote more and more visible to everyone...

Vivian_Rose 2 months ago


James Deen PMV 2 months ago

@Dirtyduchess "pornhubgirlsaroundyou" Go to any high views video, the're all over the place by now. Banning their accounts doesn't help because they reproduce and upvote themselves faster than you can ban them. On any normal site this would have been fixed day one. However, it seems like the staff here is more worried about us "spamming" them with user reports. Obviously, we do that to raise awareness for the issue. This needs a fast fix!

saltyx 2 months ago

The bots are a serious issue!

Moanahh Lisa 2 months ago

What site?

Legohub 2 months ago

I've noticed that, the same annoying comment in so many videos.

James Deen PMV 2 months ago

@Unknown We'll keep sending user reports as long as we're getting harassed by this bot army, it's that simple. This is ridiculous and has to stop. What about putting that link these bots promote on the blacklist? It's not rocket science.

brett 2 months ago

Stop spamming us Gem🤷

Lucy 2 months ago

That's right!

ZaddySnap 2 months ago

Seriously I’ve deleted over 100 comments in the last 24 hours

Red Fox 2 months ago

I don’t need to block countries anymore, my relatives are already aware that I am making porn lol

hotcouple3031 1 month ago


XxFresh_79xX 2 months ago

I was worried about my moms.. she offered me a camera lmdao

jardbas 2 months ago

Been there. But its weird when pappa knows😳

SweCougar 2 months ago

Same.. 🙈

Sassymehh 2 months ago

Actually, mine too.

radicalpainslut 2 months ago

Wish I could say the same. Angry ex-husband might screw up my life. I’m happy with geoblocking. Pity though that it means my friends here also can’t see it. Would be nice if I could give specific people access despite the geoblocking, but I guess that’s a bit too sophisticated

AIMAZING AMY 2 months ago


MsShynie 2 months ago

Thought the same thing. If you're going to try to be a star they going to find out eventually anyways.

bbyeevee 2 months ago

Yep much easier when everyone already knows 😂🤷🏼‍♀

alicatty 2 months ago

Exactly, so much easier after I open up about it

unknown 2 months ago

Geo blocking is not 100% safe anyway. People in my country saw my videos in playslists

GreekBooty 2 months ago

Hahahah !!!

TheLazyGuy3 2 months ago

Ahaha you win

TinyTeenBigTitties 2 months ago

Ty for the info PH and who helps me out now ? Im horny..

TheLazyGuy3 2 months ago

Here I am!!

Target Girl 2 months ago

Thank you PornHub We appreciate your help and understanding for us :*

Couple cumsx 2 months ago

Thanks for another good Blog post Aurora

LunaLaney 2 months ago


Angela Amore 2 months ago

But GEO Blocking is STILL NoT available for Caribbean islands and countries who are engaging in Copyright Infringement Violations and Internet piracy due to the number of free websites which as a model we are supposed to be protected by Pornhub but instead being harassed and abused because there is NO GEO Blocking for these areas like Dominican Republic And other locations in the West Indies ( Caribbean)

meliknox 1 month ago

Yup, some south and cenral america countries are not geo-blocked either

Mikel Prado 2 months ago

But what about VPN?

unknown 2 months ago

Even people without a VPN can watch your vids if they are shared on playlists. Geo blocking is not 100% safe unfortunately.

TwoGeminis 2 months ago

It does not stop users who are using that.

Lucky Macky 2 months ago

Thx dear PH❤

Dexripoff 2 months ago

you don't include all countries but you can even choose states for the US and Canada? mm..ok..

brett 2 months ago

What country do you need that is missing?

HeyBabeLetsDoPorn 2 months ago

This was the first thing I did when I made my account so that my parents don’t accidentally see me getting my pussy and throat fucked

MoonCouple 2 months ago

@misslina69 you have right, i verified this fact. They can see the videos thumbnails on the playlists.. PH, FIX THIS!

unknown 2 months ago

They can see your videos if they are shared in playlists...

Lucy 2 months ago

I need it yet... Unless... it all got out somehow 😂

Nevminoze 2 months ago

press "like" if you are not afraid of worldwide popularity and ready for it

Bryci 1 month ago

For some reason, I thought you guys were introducing a tool for creators so when someone spammed our channel with links to their channel or outside site, trying to leech the traffic we've worked for.. they'd be reported or something?

Mz Cali 2 months ago

WOW!!!! Good to know this lol!!! MZ CALI AKA GHETTO SUPER HEAD!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥

emmanuelmichael 2 months ago

Any chance to come up with a FEATURED VIDEOS MODELS ONLY category ??? Please please Thanks pornhub. we love you

saltyx 2 months ago

Really happy with the Geoblocking feature. We don't want our family seeing us here

LinoLola 2 months ago

vpn cancels any geo block)once you here, they'll find you for sure!

MsShynie 2 months ago

Tbh people just be open & honest with others about your career they will find out eventually anyways. It's almost impossible not to especially if you plan to do this on a bigger level. If you want to do this secretly I'd suggest smaller for sale sites. Placing your porn on the biggest platform in the world with hopes noone you know will see it is like walking around naked & not expecting attention. Be apart of the community that fights the negative stigma of the adult industry. #EmpowerEachother

MsShynie 2 months ago

And what's funny?!

Joshua7in 2 months ago

Lol 😂

JONELB 2 months ago

Thanks for the info, Thanks for everything you have Pornhub Community my life now is change. Before I'm lonely, now I'm always with somebody.

Alex CUM 2 months ago

I think I better risk my family realizing that I am a porn actor

The Magdalena 2 months ago

I used to use geo block... until one of my fans let me know that it was useless, you can see the blocked pages fine with the Opera browser or in google translate :/

Jennyfer And Tony 2 months ago

not only opera,posibile to use vpn extension in all browser or to use proxy sites. i use the geo blok for 10 mounts,not 100% safe becouse wen somewane hu qnow you find a video will share wit all friends and me facebook imbox get from zero mesage to 1000 ))

brett 2 months ago

As with any proxy or VPN, it changes you IP address to appear as if you are in a different location. Fortunately very few people use Opera browser.

Ada Sweet 2 months ago

Thanks good i can avoid some college partners....

pattymelt07 2 months ago

We have it for our state. We didnt want any weirdos coming up to us in a store. One guy that knows us (and wont identify himself) went out of state and found us. Luckily, he was cool and has ordered a few videos, so it worked out

alicatty 2 months ago

So much easier when you are just open to it lol, either way your video pops up on feeds they just can't watch it... And everyone has Vpns now Now what pornhub really needs to work on is a analytics menu for us like YouTube.. that and a way to deal with spammers and people who dislike your video over and over again

milfingrid 2 months ago

Why just for model program?

Fiamurr 2 months ago

thanks pornhub, now my grandfather will not masturbate on my videos 😀❤

nixatnite 2 months ago

I will!

unknown 2 months ago

Poor him

Followthecult 2 months ago

Im good the whole world need to see my BBC

unknown 2 months ago

I should watch BBC World more often!

PlaySoft69 2 months ago

It was a little obvious but not bad to remember, thanks PH

Felicia Vixon 2 months ago

Thank you PH for explaining this!

LustTaste 2 months ago

Hmmm! Thank you so much!

Baby jai 2 months ago


SexWithMilfStella 2 months ago

This is a great feature! But I bet many would love to geo block a 1 mile or less square to make sure friends and family never find us on here (and, yes, I know how impossible that actually is)....muahahahahahah

Mandy Foxxx 2 months ago

I LOVE this option! Thank you!!!

Toystest 2 months ago

Your VPNHub solve this problem)) but seriously.... How does geoblock work with VPNHub??? Or geoblock doesnt work if user use vpn?

oneofnone 2 months ago

For non-phones, likely the other end of the VPN will be the location. For most of mine, that's on the opposite coast (US) from me.

ThePornchitect 2 months ago

good to know

KallariLips 2 months ago

Pay attention! I have experienced deselection of previously selected countries when adding new one. Just check after "save" if all correct.

Mask Porn 2 months ago

Quick question. Does it effect the chances of being featured if you have blocked some counteries? Many thanks x

VictoriaJustice69 2 months ago

Thank you pornhub.

morbidlyfeeling 2 months ago

Wow that’s really awesome thanks the developers

CockDogg 2 months ago

I am totally into the idea of blocking South Carolina, and Nebraska. Fuck Nebraska lol

GeekChick 2 months ago

Thanks. ❤

vanillachocolate69 2 months ago

Geo blocking was always useful on cam! Thanks for explaining it!

unknown 2 months ago

What they failed to mention is that your videos will still be available for anyone to see in the playlists and anyone with a link to your video can watch it, regardless of the country they are in. So geo blocking doesn't make you safe if you are expecting that nobody in your country will watch your videos.

brett 2 months ago

They aren't playable in playlists or with a direct video url. It will say "This video is not available in your country"

Empress876 1 month ago

What if you dont see your country? Jamaica wasn't there the last time i checked it

Kittys Pipas 1 month ago

Nice and thank you!

MimizDaddy 1 month ago

If someone looks up your page name specifically, does geo blocking still work in that instance?

LaidbyLoda 1 month ago

" Wish you could connect with other Models, Share Tips and Tricks Equipment Recommendations or Just Ideas in General in a Simpler Way. Well I Do too so I Created a Facebook Group Just For Us. You must be apart of Pornhub Model Program to join doesn't have to be your personal Fb page but you will need to provide your Pornhub Page Name to Be Added. " Search Facebook for "PORNHUB MODELS" to find the group

OblivionsMazze969 1 month ago

This is a great post very informative. Bumb for OP.,

Fall Out Girl 1 month ago

so my dumb ass mad this account with my real name my page, i thought it was private! i need to block my city ASAP but the block button is not working. I click on the USA + and nothing happened!should i just delete my page and start over? do i need a verify again? is it a way to scrub everything?

NattyCat 1 month ago

We don't have capacity to do a city block, only state. Message me - you currently have a different country geoblocked, not the USA.

TS Dimes 1 month ago

Thanks. This feature is incredibly helpful

Fetwall 1 month ago

Thanks for another good Blog Post

MrandMrs GY 1 month ago

My country is not on the list to block 🤬🤬🤬

MrandMrs GY 1 month ago

Guyana. I have emailed PH and asked them to add my country to the list but got no reply. I have been going through people from our country and blocking them individually but its way too much people... because of this we cant upload videos with our faces

NattyCat 1 month ago

what's the country you are looking to block? We can always add it to the list for our programmers to check out

TinyLoveMia 1 month ago

Great tool 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

quizerking 2 months ago

It would be nice if we could block just certain counties in a state. People are gonna lose views blocking a whole state, let alone a whole country.

VikVyper 2 months ago

My only other request would be allowing us to put geo-blocking on certain videos as opposed to the whole profile

AnalSlave4BigDick 2 months ago

Never been a fan of the"tool". Everyone is welcomed to see my content and if it's someone I know... Oh well. As long as they don't expose my personal info I couldn't care less lol

MissMariie 2 months ago

Happy I read all this

Georgia JJ Dang 2 months ago

What’s going go on and why can’t I logon

ArcaneEyeAm 2 months ago

Didn't know what this was

secretmix 2 months ago

No need to block...if they see us they were watching! love to all!!

Salixxx Katz 2 months ago

Lucky me, i don need to block any of US States 😅 I am more worried about minors. As I heard, some minors broke into one parent’s PH account and they are only 12! It seems that these days there’s nothing you can hide. I’m still struggling to get discovered though...🎈

Rogue0257 2 months ago

so thats why....it is annoying for us members though

perfectalmond 2 months ago

Interesting read

im9fuckboy 2 months ago


mysticmuffin 2 months ago

Sorry mom

KinkyCunt26 2 months ago


tsuptsup100 2 months ago

Does the geoblocking apply also for the videos that are being exported to Youporn, Redtube etc too....?It's not working perfectly, but I appreciate the initiative and chance to try to "limit the damage" if one wants so.

VACouple757 2 months ago

Good information... we'll be sure to keep that in mind

Mustafamnmnmnmn 2 months ago

CallaCueshe 2 months ago


Nicky Mist 2 months ago

Guys shy my videos dont have enoght views?

FatDongWillTravel 2 months ago

Would also love to see state-by-state blocking.

AlifieKush 2 months ago

Hehe.. nice tutorial

amberrutty1 2 months ago

Oh thanks

Spexxx 2 months ago

Thanks for this!

Roshana888 2 months ago

thank you PornHub

Roshana888 2 months ago

hank you PornHub

unknown 2 months ago

Fuck me

unknown 2 months ago


MiissV 2 months ago

It's a good function even though I won't use it

rubandlickmi 2 months ago

Any suggested countries to block for US users? Just curious if spam is more likely from certain places.

lu366666 2 months ago

$lux153 hmu on cashapp

lu366666 2 months ago


Stacy Dupont 2 months ago

Thanks for the info! My parents already know I share my goodies with the world!!! Great feature tho!!!⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

triggatrev 2 months ago

Please fix bots. I’m tired of scrolling through some nice wholesome comments and seeing a “come check out my profile and meet singles” link

Red Fox 2 months ago

And yes, dear PornHub, the girl @James Deen PMV above in the comments wrote correctly - already solve the problem with attacking bots! I'm tired of deleting this spam under my videos, instead of reading wonderful comments from my fans - I see this damn spam. P.S. geo blocking will not help anyone, there is a VPN for this and all users use this function to bypass the blocking.

tsuptsup100 2 months ago

Hi Red Fox! Love your videos. I think this geoblocking is good thing anyway, it needs a bit of "effort" to arrange VPN - if somebody wants to see some certain film, for sure they will find a way though. But for random normal pornsurfer, it will be just "next clip then, please" type of case, and in my opinion this is a reasonable way to avoid 80% of non-wanted views. I dont use VPN, and if something is not visible, I just click the next one then and the previous one is totatlly forgotten.

Dream4Angel 2 months ago

Thanks for a good post!!!

Allyourdreams 2 months ago

Thx! This is useful option.

Dream4Angel 2 months ago

Relax and......💚💚💚💚💚💚💚

Dream4Angel 2 months ago

No worries!!!😆😆😆😉😉😉😉😉

xxxSophia 2 months ago

Thanks PH.. question; if we geo block a country or state, what about fan club members from there, will they be affected?

fdk The MAG 2 months ago

Where can I find out which countries my video is available in? I have a couple of videos blocked in some countries.

Anaise Claes 2 months ago

anyway, one can use a vpn and easily bypass this geo-blocking

MarVal-HomeStudio 2 months ago

A year ago I applied for you to add my country (Lithuania). It is very sad that you ignore my request.Is it that hard to make?

SpiceNova 2 months ago

Appreciate the news! Thank you.

BatGirlnThrobin 2 months ago


alexiannaametza 2 months ago

thank you, best regards

Mov Royal 2 months ago


Mexdoller 2 months ago

Don´t need it! But its good to know!

Zeus8Zeus 2 months ago

I’m considering. Not sure yet.

evastive 2 months ago

вся эта блокировка обходится в одно нажатие клавишей)))

James Felps 2 months ago

Very usefull function, thanks =)

Carly Curvy 2 months ago

Great information!

36lobos 2 months ago

I haven’t been able to use the site at all on computer for almost a month. Literally all of the buttons are dead, I can open a video in separate tab but nothing ever plays.

Holy Sinners 2 months ago

It's great that there is such a function. Add more possible country blocking in your account profile. Some use VPN, but from the information on the page you can find out where they come from. Thank!

GreekBooty 2 months ago

I got recognized ! By my country and to be honest I responded with . Send a tip . 😆

unknown 2 months ago

At some point, everybody got recognized. There is nothing such as anonymity in porn

MassageDoctor 2 months ago

Dear PH, is there a reason why I don’t see more details about myself and others when I hit the “see more” button on their profile??

Holly Halftone 2 months ago

If the "see more" function isn't working can you please send screenshots to models@pornhub.com so they can look into it?

SapphiresSecret 2 months ago

Thanks for the update. Recieved no problem

Mlovers 2 months ago


Anarkotrafikantti 2 months ago

no sabía que existía esa opción, muy bueno saberlo ya que muchas mujeres se niegan a hacer vídeos por temor a ser descubiertas por sus familiares

DirtyOrgasm 2 months ago

useful but i'm not shy😃😍💕👌

kateena18 2 months ago


MoonCouple 2 months ago

I have a question. Are video thumbnails also invisible?

Holly Halftone 2 months ago

They can't watch your videos if they are shared in playlists of if they have the URL link. They may be able to see thumbnails but the video will not play.

unknown 2 months ago

They can still watch your videos if they are shared in playlists or if they have the URL link.

Chokobanana 2 months ago

Please convince IG too to implement this feature!

HannahRhodes 2 months ago

perfect for many of us

unknown 2 months ago

But not 100% safe, be careful.They can watch your videos if they are shared in playlists or if they have the URL link.

callmemasterjp 2 months ago

Respect !

lovehospital2 2 months ago

This feature exists more than 1 year. Why does it appear only now?

unknown 2 months ago

Thank you

AngeLoveBabe 2 months ago

Good news, now with my girlfriend we worry less XX

Holly Halftone 2 months ago

They cannot watch your videos if they are shared in playlists of if they have the URL.

unknown 2 months ago

It's not 100% safe, be careful.They can watch your videos if they are shared in playlists or if they have the URL link.

BabyYouDontKnow 2 months ago

useful information

Hattabi4ik 2 months ago


Succubus Sin 2 months ago

This is extremely helpful~ I prefer our fan base from certain areas.

myst-us 2 months ago

Thank's 😘

CreamPinay69 2 months ago

Thanks for this new feature. Very informative and helpful 😉

KinkyJamVideo 2 months ago

If our society got rid of stereotypes, taboos, and if people would become kinder, then GEO Blocking would not be needed. And while we live in such a world, this is a cool feature, thanks PornHub! 😘

Amazon Kayla 2 months ago

Love this

runnerbean87 2 months ago

Love it. Thanks ph x

DarkWetDreemz 2 months ago

Great post and this feature is pretty cool, I already used it to block my home state, thanks Pornhub!

Candy Camille 2 months ago

Thanks for the useful info! =)

ThotUniversity 2 months ago

Yeaaa I like it but it doesn’t work for mobile devices

Mindy Synns 2 months ago

Thank you! Way easier to understand now.

Bangaslangher23 2 months ago


nixatnite 2 months ago

I’m blocked in FL because one of the girls I work with asked me to... I’d love it if I could only geo block those videos and keep the rest open

unknown 2 months ago

That would be a great option to block countries only for a few videos!

RhyderRae 2 months ago

I had to find out the hard way......photos are not geoblocked

Holly Halftone 2 months ago

They cannot watch your videos if they are shared in playlists of if they have the URL.

unknown 2 months ago

True. And videos are not blocked neither if they appear in playlists or if someone has their URL link. I got recognized and that fucked up my channel. Starting all over from scratch now

Christian LadaLe 2 months ago


Holly Halftone 2 months ago

They cannot watch your videos if they are shared in playlists of if they have the URL.

unknown 2 months ago

But not 100% safe, be careful.They can watch your videos if they are shared in playlists or if they have the URL link.

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