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by: Aurora Watson

DarkWetDreemz may have called it quits after only a couple of months, but once they decided to give it another go and change things up, they quickly rose the ranks on Pornhub. So this week on Model Citizens, Asia and Aaron gave us the inside scoop on what it’s like to work as a couple, how they use their titles to grow their fan base, and what they’ve got planned for us in the near future. 


What inspired you both to join the industry?

We’ve been doing amateur porn and been on Pornhub for almost a year now. We started because the idea of others watching us have sex was exciting, but we hardly got any views, so we just quit and deleted the profile. But then months later, after tons of research, my boyfriend said, “What if we actually tried! Skip just turning on the camera — lets put in some work. Like do skits and silly roleplaying and get some equipment. After all, people do make a decent living doing this sort of thing and we’re both sick of our jobs.” 

So we did! We started doing corny skits and posted the videos on a few different platforms. After about two months, everything seemed to really take off. The next month, we were being featured on Pornhub.


What has been your biggest success thus far? Biggest struggle?

Being able to quit our jobs in two months. I still can’t believe we did it as quickly as we did, but things were going well so we figured, why not? Our success came very unexpectedly, so the biggest struggle thereafter was keeping the momentum.

When we started out, we thought it was as simple as making a video and posting it, but we learned the hard way and realized if you want this to be your job, then you have to know it takes more work than that. 

Courtesy of DarkWetDreemz

How do you come up with ideas for your videos? Do you have a favorite one?

Generally, we try to do things we haven’t seen people like us doing. There are some fans out there who really want to see a black couple who loves each other and shows it on camera. So we try to show our chemistry. We also watch a lot of goofy roleplay porn in our private lives. So we really tried to incorporate some of those silly ideas into our own videos. 

Recently, we’ve been experimenting with editing tricks where there are two of me and our fans seem to really love it. As of right now, my favorite video is the “Out-of-Body Experience” video because it gave us a chance to flex some editing muscle and have fun at the same time. Aaron had the idea in his head but had no idea how to do it. He watched a few tutorials on YouTube on how to create a double and voila! It was done. 


How do you use the features on Modelhub and Pornhub to your advantage? How do you decide what to sell and what to post for free? 

Not many people talk about how important it is to make your title relevant to your video. Pornhub does a great job with recommendations, so our content shows up on quite a few recommended lists. It’s much easier to understand this than trying to get featured because it targets viewers who already have a preference for people like us and that helps build our fan base. Although we can’t control it, we can put thought into our video titles without using spam trigger words.

The bulk of our income comes from free content on multiple platforms so that’s usually the route we go. We tend to sell videos that took longer and were more difficult to shoot.

What kind of helpful advice would you give to new models?

Being featured seems to be a main concern for many Models. While it could help you, it shouldn’t be your main focus. You can make a living without ever being featured. Your fans are much more important. Great fans will support you and that will financially propel you in the direction you want to go. Your goal should always be to make content you are proud of and your fans love. If all you did was turn on a camera and bust a nut, then you didn’t do enough. Take time to be creative and don’t worry about anyone else’s success but your own. This industry presents many challenges, but the greatest will ultimately be your ability to roll with the punches. This porn industry, in truth, does favor a certain look over the other, but you cannot let that stop you. Find your lane and give it 110%. 


How is it working together? How has it affected your relationship?

It’s fantastic! It’s greatly improved our sex life. We’re acting out our fantasies and not anyone else’s, which is why we decided to go the more independent route. 

Courtesy of DarkWetDreemz

What do you think is the biggest misconception people have about porn? How could we change it?

Aaron and I talk about this almost every single day. I would say the biggest misconception is that the people who do this aren’t people. The idea that you can’t be sexy and intelligent or classy are still very prevalent ideas in our society. Sex work is often associated with a lack of education, but if only people understood just how smart you need to be to succeed at this job. This is coming from two people that had very corporate jobs. 

I think we have a while to go before that ideology changes, but I’m absolutely loving the fact that people are starting to accept more darker-skinned, plus-size women in porn and plus-sized people in general. That was my biggest concern when I started. I was afraid of being too dark or too fat. I would tell Aaron that all the time and he would smile and say, “Baby, trust me. People are going to love you.”

As for porn being less taboo, I believe it really starts with the viewer. Viewers need to see porn as entertainment like a film or a song instead of just this shameful thing you watch when your significant other is asleep. How often do you still hear the term “porn star” used as an insult? Many don’t realize that these amateur performers are shooting their own videos, learning how to edit them, editing photos, coming up with new ideas, networking, marketing, and answering every fan's comment and message.


Why the name DarkWetDreemz? How does it represent you as a couple?

We were originally going to go with Aaron and Asia, but truth be told, we have no intention of stopping with the two of us. We intend to shoot more models and become a studio for those non-traditional-looking people out there who are sexy as hell and don’t get displayed as much as they should. We wanted to sound like an entity, not just a couple, so we settled on this name. 

Courtesy of DarkWetDreemz

You mention on your profile that you don’t have IG or Snapchat, however, you do have Twitter. Why do you prefer one social media platform over the others?

I tend to gravitate toward more sex-worker-friendly sites. Instagram was an honest waste of time and I don’t have the patience for Snapchat. Twitter really helps drive traffic to wherever my content is and helps me reach out to fans and others in the industry. Truth be told, you don’t need social media to be successful, but I do like to connect with fans.


How do you deal with criticism online?

When we get actual criticism, it's usually useful. You sometimes have to decide what you’ll implement and what you’ll ignore. In fact, many fan suggestions we’ve gotten in our custom video orders have really helped propel our videos.  


Has your perception of the community changed since you started?

We had no idea that there is a world for amateur porn beforehand. There’s a lot of support that we would’ve never gotten had we done any other job. I have so much respect for those who have made this a career because it’s not easy. 


If you could go back in time to when you started, would you have gone about differently?

The first official time we started posting anything on Pornhub was back in May of 2018. We posted two videos and got a couple of hundred views. We saw that as some sort of sign, so we gave up. I would love to go back and slap us and tell us to keep going. We could’ve quit our jobs much sooner. 


Follow DarkWetDreemz on Twitter for photos, videos, and updates on her next project.

Twitter @TheAsiaDrake


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Saliva Bunny 11 months ago

Make a living without beeing featured is somewhat hot. Thumbs up if you think so too))

Mary Margarita 10 months ago

That's awesome!

Asian Deepthroat 11 months ago

Yeah, that's pretty cool. Congratulations to them

petitfreak69 11 months ago

Im really new at this so I wouldn't know, is it very hard to get featured?

Loren Love 11 months ago

They are right though - focus on your niche and fans. When I shift focus to my Modelhub store videos, I rose up the ranks to 37 and make decent $ here and on other platforms. It's unfortunate that I no longer post as much free content anymore but I'm glad I did - you need to realise what gets featured and as a fetish model I realised that I would not get featured. I did try though until I learnt what I did.

Kate Utopia 11 months ago

Interesting couple. Thanks for sharing

DarkWetDreemz 11 months ago

There are tons of ways to use Pornhub to get your brand across and make a nice living, trust me being featured is hard and you don’t hardly know if you are. Keep working hard you got this!

Flash Gordon 11 months ago

Yes we’re trying to get there

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Nevminoze 11 months ago

in any case, the are right! - it has significantly improved sex life of all site members Pornhub. Agree with me? press "like"

Lucky Macky 11 months ago

Beautiful couple

RussianNerdGerl 11 months ago

a lovely couple, adore you!

unknown 11 months ago

It’s MZ CALI AKA GHETTO SUPER HEAD!!!! Thanks for the inspiration! Now I am feeling much more determined! Please everybody show some love and support to my new page as well❤❤❤🔥🔥🔥

Eva and Silas 11 months ago

So much of what was said here resonated with me. Loved this article, Insta subscriber! Xo, Eva

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QueenTweet 11 months ago

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QueenTweet 11 months ago

And I will ALWAYS support. Love you guys ❤❤❤

DarkWetDreemz 11 months ago

Omg thank you so much, you are literally a day one supporter and it makes us both feel great when you watch us progress🤗

unknown 11 months ago

Thanks for this, very informative and inspiring. Keep it up. 😊

400god 11 months ago

Great interview defintely needed those tips .. You guys keep doing your thing

DarkWetDreemz 11 months ago

Thank you so much and definitely appreciate the support on our videos😘

Lustful Lovers 11 months ago

2 months is incredible! we have over 9 months, 60 videos in very nice locations, with outfits and have never been feature. We just love sex and will continue hoping one day we can make it too! :-)

SexwithMilfStella 11 months ago

Congrats on this post! Love this quote of yours:Find your lane and give it 110%.

unknown 11 months ago

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unknown 11 months ago

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AniKong and Pussy 11 months ago

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DarkWetDreemz 11 months ago

Thank you Aurora and the whole Pornhub team for featuring us this week!

ChanelFrost 11 months ago

loved this blog post 💖

sexkitenn19 11 months ago

Awesome this helps me alot I'm just in the beginning and deciding on how to ask someone to make a porn with me. Male or female.

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Flash Gordon 11 months ago

Pure love is the best, no matter the color xoxo

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sweet couple)))

DarkWetDreemz 11 months ago

Thank you, means a lot☺

vanillachocolate69 11 months ago

Great article! And agreed on people not seeing you as a real person if your do porn! I’m glad you all opened up about it!

koreecBK 1 month ago

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MixedFlavorSlut 8 months ago

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RJstrains 9 months ago

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MrSicBoy 10 months ago

My main partner and I have been discussing the idea of uploading our time together. This put some great insight to the situation. As well as a heart warming and motivating story!

SophiaB 10 months ago

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BlakNasty 10 months ago

Great way to market yourselves. Everybody should check out my page and let me know what you think

Poppy Daniel 10 months ago

I love the picture of your two spooning. So sweet and so sexy. Congrats and great article Ms. Watson.

unknown 10 months ago

This is a good motivator for new amateur couples like us. Thank you!!!

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PornPlayers1 11 months ago

Love It 🔥Congratz Guys 🙂

ALEXANDRA C 11 months ago

Bel articolo....BRAVI !

unknown 11 months ago

They are right about learning your niche and keeping momentum. I thought I was gonna get chased off of here because of my content but Ive seen nothing but love and support from the administration as well as the community. I do what I enjoy and what Im good at so its easy to give more effort when you are passionate about it.The main thing Ive seen is diligence works.Nothing happens over night but it will happen if you stay passionate and positive about it.

Alice Redlips 11 months ago

free people, without stereotypes! Thanks for the article, and a couple for the wonderful videos)

unknown 11 months ago


unknown 11 months ago


MissTease 11 months ago

Gives us all something to aspire to x

420doejohn 11 months ago

Hey can somebody help out? How long does it usually take to get your first payment? Hope everyone’s doing great!

Agatha Dolly 11 months ago

Hermosa pareja.

Bangaslangher23 11 months ago

Had work pays off

James Felps 11 months ago

A very inspiring article, in my opinion. Very interesting facts and details. Very helpful information. Thank you very much, now it’s clear how to become better and more successful in our work

Morgpie 11 months ago

Very insightful! Thanks for sharing

SatansSexyBitch 11 months ago

What does being featured mean?

Wether92 11 months ago

It means that video appears on the main page or pages of Pornhub videos, which where people see the most.

KinkyHome 11 months ago

They are so cute!

Remi Reagan 11 months ago

Wow this is honestly the best interview I’ve read on here. This couple is so inspiring on so many levels!!! Subbed and followed on Twitter! This was genuinely great

DarkWetDreemz 11 months ago

Aww thanks so much! That means a lot!

JoeLiteress 11 months ago


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Great interview!! Congrats and more success!!!!

DarkWetDreemz 11 months ago

Thank you I appreciate the support!

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610JUAN 11 months ago

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Succubus Sin 11 months ago

And Instagram and most social media is a waste of time. Twitter is the only useful one.

Succubus Sin 11 months ago

Congrats on the the feature~ Ebony needs more love in general.

DarkWetDreemz 11 months ago

Thanks, I agree and it’s getting there for sure.

Summer Toye 11 months ago


Asian Deepthroat 11 months ago

This was a good & interesting story. Thanks.

Flash Gordon 11 months ago

That’s awesomeness you guys are an amazing story. I hope one day. There asking about us and my husband and how we came into the business. This is awesome! Good luck guys! I can’t wait to watch more of your videos

Ashton Rhodes 11 months ago

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TattooSlutWife 11 months ago

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