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by: Aurora Watson

It takes someone quirky, creative, and straight up special to film a gang bang scene with “ghosts” and make it believable. Then again, if you’re as much of a fan of Arwen Datnoid as we are, then you know this chameleon is anything but ordinary.

This week on Model Citizens, the lovely Canadian cosplayer opens up about her past, how she taps into her inner geek to rise to Modelhub’s Top 100, and what inspires her videos. Keep reading and get to know Arwen Datnoid just a little more.


Tell us about your upbringing and it influenced your attitude and approach toward your work?

Well growing up was difficult for me; I definitely didn’t have it easy. My autism was undiagnosed and I was bullied pretty intensely. I also had a lot of health problems and spent most of my time home alone, so I discovered video games. Sci-fi and fantasy became a big part of my life.

My grandmother had Alzheimer's and the house fell into disarray. I was living in a hoarding situation which made it hard on my health. I ended up being passed around from family member to family member until eventually, my stepmother abandoned me in another country and I had to come back to Canada to be adopted by the family of one of the few friends I had growing up. I was 16 at the time. I spent most of my time playing games and staying away from people and was very fond of the trades like welding and other machine jobs. I sort of just kept to myself.

I’m shocked I am so okay with being so publicly nude on the Internet, but I guess we all figure things out in the end, right? I still have major anxiety issues and rarely leave the house, but I’ve managed to make it work for me. I have always been a hard worker and very dedicated to the things I love, so work became an obsession. I think that all of this led me to this work where I can be whoever I want and can easily ignore anyone who hates it. I think being independent for most of my life helped me succeed as an entrepreneur. 

Courtesy of Arwen Datnoid

How did you get started in the industry?

I’ve been in the industry for nearly 6 years now. I started in December of 2013 by camming on MyFreeCams to see if I could make some spare change to be able to afford food while living in Toronto working two other jobs. I first started Pornhub in 2015, but didn’t really think too much of it at the time and didn’t take it seriously until at least 2017.  


You’re in our top 100 on Modelhub, why do you think you’ve been so successful? 

I think it’s because I have a strong connection with geeky, nerdy stuff and it's helped immensely. Most people who produce porn do just that — produce porn. I like to cosplay, add story elements, use special effects sometimes, and use bright colours that pop out. Also, I had a few viral videos, so I imagine that drew some attention to me at one point. I also seem to have a relatively dedicated fan base so that helps. Us geeks have to stay together, right?! 

Courtesy of Arwen Datnoid 

Since you love being so experimental, what has been your favorite video you've filmed so far? What has surprised you the most and did extremely well?  

Funny thing, actually, I really love to be candid or very fantasy/sci-fi, so it leads to some interesting concepts in my head. One video I really loved making was my alien abduction video — from finding the right horror music to getting the camera right to making a creepy scenario that felt as real as I could make it. I love horror and wanted to make it as uncomfortable as possible using elements I see in movies.

One that really surprised me, though, was the video where I pretend to have sex with ghosts — my "Invisible Ghost Gang Bang" video. That one got hundreds of thousands of views and people keep begging me to make a second one. Another video that unexpectedly did insanely well was my Bad Dragon unboxing video — it got 3.4 million views really quick.

Then of course, there’s the time I fisted myself on a train. For the first time, I wasn’t expecting to be able to fist, but I guess the excitement from potentially being caught is now a fetish of mine, so that’s where the “Oops” comes from for those of you who were curious. 


What has been your favorite cosplay character so far and why?  

This is a tough one because I have so many cosplays, probably close to 40 or 50, and I haven’t even used all of them in videos. So far, I would probably have to say Elf. I just feel right as an elf, maybe it has something to do with the fact that I was the elf of MFC for 2014. It just fits right with me.

Courtesy of Arwen Datnoid

Why the name Arwen Datnoid? How would you describe Arwen Datnoid? How is she different and similar to you? 

Well, I am a big fan of Tolkien’s work and Arwen was one of my favorite characters growing up. She just had this elegance I loved and was so strong, but not too strong like Galadriel.

Datnoid is one of my favorite fish and they have the most interesting name to me, so when I said Arwen Datnoid, it stuck with me. I knew it was a name that I could live with, and almost 6 years later, I really feel it, almost more than my real name.

However, I don’t put on any sort of persona — I don’t have the mental energy to fake anything, so I’m really just me. I just sort of melded with it — it’s just me I guess. I wouldn’t want to pretend to be someone else. My birthday is real, my hobbies are real, my cooking is very real, and my love for fantasy/sci-fi is also real. Everything about me is just me with a fake name. I also figured that when people saw the name Arwen Datnoid, they would think it’s different and maybe become curious about me. So far I think I have succeeded in that. I didn’t want to give myself a normal name like Emily Rae (No offence to any Emily Rae out there, I bet you rock) because it just didn’t feel like me. Plus, it isn’t as memorable as Arwen Datnoid.


Where do you look for inspiration for your videos? 

Most of the time, I look at the stories the characters were in for inspiration and put them in realistic scenarios, or maybe change a scene to make it a bit more XXX than it was intended to be. Or I just completely make something up in my head. I do have some videos that were inspired by games and movies, like "Yes Magistrate 2" with Ex Machina


How do you use the features on Modelhub and Pornhub to your advantage? How do you decide what to sell and what to post for free? 

I use my fan club to gives discounts on my for-sale videos which is super handy. I’ve noticed some fans buy in and then go ham on my store which is really cool to see. Deciding what to post for free and what to sell can be hard sometimes, but I think I figured out a good formula. I also make separate teasers for full-length videos that run roughly 2 to 7 minutes long so people can get a feel for the video before they buy it, or maybe they can just fap to some hot scenes and then move on. It’s really up to the viewer; if they want the full experience, they have to buy it. I do post some full-length videos, though, and they’re mainly older videos or one that never really sold, but I am still super proud of them and wanted the world to see. I produce a lot of content, so sometimes some videos get overlooked which is a real shame because I want to share my art.  

Courtesy of Arwen Datnoid

If you could go back in time to when you started, what would you change? 

I would dump that shitty dude I was with so he wouldn’t have stolen so much from me. I wouldn't have drank as much alcohol on cam (it can be a problem with cam models). I would have made myself see a doctor about my weight (I was 85 pounds. I’m 125 now, thank goodness). There is a lot of changes I would make, but then I wouldn’t be the me I am today, so I am not so sure. Hindsight is 20/20, right?  


What kind of tech advice can you give to new models?  

You don’t need to spend a million dollars on equipment — you can get away with a good webcam and good lighting to begin with. Use light backgrounds so it bounces light around and that will increase the quality tenfold. Open Broadcaster Softaware (OBS) is free so learn how to use it, and YouTube is a valuable resource. Put in the time to save yourself money, it’s worth it. If you feel you want a more professional feel, do your research before you buying equipment; some cameras are thousands of dollars and may be as good as an $800 camera by a different company. Don’t get suckered by brands that you see top models producing with. A lot of them make 5 or 6 digits a month, so they can afford to drop that kind of money. This industry is rocky, so be prepared and just keep plugging.  


What kind of supportive advice would you give to new models?  

Work smart, not hard. Base your business off things you love, and customers will love you for it. I built my world around escapism, sci-fi, fantasy, taboo, and other things that are sort of niche and I have a pretty strong fan base for it. Plus, people will see you are legitimately enjoying yourself and they will be that much more into it. You also don’t want to get trapped into doing something you hate just because you think it will make you money.

Test the waters, try different things, dabble in different parts of the industry. My favorite bit of advice I give is don’t be afraid to try something new or to admit when something isn’t working. Also, to change your life, you have to change your priorities. Take care of yourself, eat healthy, work out, drink water, develop a skin care routine. Be kind to yourself but be critical; the adult industry is flooded with gorgeous people who all want to do well. You have to be the best you!


Follow Arwen Datnoid on Twitter for photos, videos, and updates on her next project.

Twitter @Arwen_Datnoid


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Nevminoze 2 weeks ago

do what you love, and your efforts will be rewarded. Do you agree with my life position? press "like"

NicoleAustin 1 week ago

Without a doubt!

PlaySoft69 2 weeks ago

That's the secret

MarVal8788 2 weeks ago

Ohh.. yes it is totally truth!!! πŸ’“

Miss Fantasy 2 weeks ago

This girl went through so many things in her life, so when I reached the point in history when she really found what she likes, I breathed a sigh of relief !! I’m glad for you, baby, that now you have what you value and that brings you not only pleasure, but also financial stability. Aurora, thank you for another amazing acquaintance

Succubus Sin 2 weeks ago

WOoO ARWEN! Represent us cosplayers!! (PornHub should show more love to nerdy cosplay porn! Lol )

Succubus Sin 1 week ago


Succubus Sin 2 weeks ago

No thanks.

Elizabethcalum 2 weeks ago

wow great model! want here

mylifexxx 2 weeks ago

We also love cosplay

Succubus Sin 2 weeks ago

Agreed~ Arwen! We will definitely be contributing more cosplay videos in the future(currently on a hiatus)! When we first joined PornHub we loved seeing your work in the cosplay section. Keep up the great work and don’t overwork yourself!! And right?! O___O people are so much kinder on PornHub comments these days~ We hope to join you in PornHub cosplay greatness! Again WOoO and congrats! Worthy feature! ~Sin

DADDY ORGASM 2 weeks ago

YES, your so right. I haven't did anything cosplay YET but I will. I'm still grown in this even though I started late in the game. lol

Arwen Datnoid 2 weeks ago

If I can I will!!! And I think we will be seeing a shift, we just need more people cosplaying and posting quality content People WANT cosplay porn! Keep at it and you will get results The more you post the more likely you will be seen and featured etc~ I want 1000 videos one day xD It's gonna be hard but heck that ad revenue keeps adding up and honestly Pornhub comments are so much more wholesome than YouTube.

Stacy Rice 2 weeks ago

Very interesting article and helpful advices. Thanks author 😌

AniKong and Pussy 2 weeks ago

cosplay is so cool) I also want to try myself in different images!

Mz Cali 1 week ago

It’s MZ CALI aka GHETTO SUPER HEAD here! I just wanna say love your work!!! You rock!!!

Amber Westbrook 2 weeks ago

Arwen Datnoid, your name is so unique, just like you. Keep up the great work!! I love the creativity you put into your porn. It inspires me to not hold back . Thank you πŸ™πŸ½β™₯

SlavicFun 2 weeks ago

Another very interesting model on PH! Great videos! kisses Arwen :*

Korina Kova 1 week ago

you are so amazing I loved reading this xoxox

Mz Cali 1 week ago

And also, show love to my page β™₯β™₯β™₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

Gween Black 2 weeks ago

Arwen fucking rocks! So happy to know this girl since MFC days. Sparks Fucking Joy!

Arwen Datnoid 2 weeks ago

Bawwwww Gween you're gonna make Me tear up and stuff!!! I'm really happy I can still call you friend β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘

CarnalHolidays 2 weeks ago

Great read and good advice from an awesome, hardworking chick!

unknown 2 weeks ago

How do you not read this after viewing that header photo? Wonderful creator

S1uice 2 weeks ago

No shoutouts to Odin? Arwen, I am disappoint. (real talk: I've known her over 5 years. She's a very chill invidual, and Odin is an adorable cat she adopted who was bullied by other kittens and had a damaged eye; she's taken in a number of rescue animals over the years)

Dmitriy PorndreaM 2 weeks ago

HEU, these stories are very motivating !!! well done guys that shared their experience with us! Thank you very much! and of course thanks to the porn hub!

Lana Bee 2 weeks ago

hell yeah! I love Arwen, she's such a gem!

Mz Cali 2 weeks ago

Great advice! I'm new here to pornhub as a model, and I am just starting to get a feel for things. Loving this work already! Thanks for the inspiration!

GiocondaLisa 2 weeks ago

Much love ❀

DarkWetDreemz 2 weeks ago

Great article! Love how Arwen has chose to make content that she loves and fits her personality. Keep making your nice and unique content.

Eva Lux 2 weeks ago

ARWEN is so cool !!!

Lucy 2 weeks ago

What a beautiful girl and great cosplays!

LinoLola 2 weeks ago

wow, you're so nice, thanx for these words!😍

vanillachocolate69 2 weeks ago

Good advice Arwen! And congrats on your success!

Mikel Prado 2 weeks ago

great work guys)))) cosplay is so cool)

Alex CUM 2 weeks ago

After the storm comes calm, I liked your story

Remina_Helstaar 2 weeks ago

Heck yeah, you are gonna take the site by storm~! Can't wait to see

Arwen Datnoid 2 weeks ago

Thank you Remina! You're always so kind to Me.

MsBigBootyBaby 2 weeks ago

This is awesome!

DADDY ORGASM 2 weeks ago

I want to further myself with being creative but it's so hard without a co star. I'm at the point I want to film now and explore with new faces. I do porn so I can save for a car and travel to film other people and watch my ideas hit the XXX screen. Don't get me wrong I LOVE what I do, this is a beautiful art and I'm so happy and proud to have done it.....well tried lol. But I will work hard to get these views and go on to help others. I have so much respect for everyone in this ART field

Arwen Datnoid 2 weeks ago

I only have a few videos posted with My boyfriend, the VAST majority of My content is with dildos You definitely don't need a co star to do well. If you want to check out My profile and see what I do feel free to! The great thing about this industry is that you have the chance to do whatever you want and you can still profit off of it if you just work smart! I believe in you! If anything, not having a co-star makes you be even more creative because it's 100% your own creative control.

CreamPinay69 2 weeks ago

Very inspiring! Love your ideas and works. Keep it up. 😘

cocksure720 1 week ago

Amazing read Arwen I can only say I'm very proud of you after all you have gone through to achieve what you have and how far you have come and wish you health and success for the future god bless 😍😍

xxxikongxxx 1 week ago

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NicoleAustin 1 week ago

Love the last part about work smart not hard!

LadyFireRose 1 week ago

Cool girl

jbee6886 1 week ago


Nicky Mist 1 week ago

Hello all! Do you really enjoy PORNHUB?

LeannaNyto 1 week ago

Best supportive advice ever, thanks for it!

WetNWildFun 1 week ago

Also, go add my premium snap @soulsnatch1

WetNWildFun 1 week ago

Y’all go show my page some love

HawtCock 1 week ago

I think this has been one of the greatest articles that I have read so far. Arwen datnoid your doing an amazing job.

super1990a 1 week ago


VACouple757 2 weeks ago

Wow im new to this pornhub thing. I need to read into this stuff.

BatGirlnThrobin 2 weeks ago


Mexdoller 2 weeks ago

I like your videos, and your creativity! excellent content!

Contraband Crystine 2 weeks ago

This was very insightful and super sweet! Thank you so much for being you 3

Hattabi4ik 2 weeks ago

DonnaDeep 2 weeks ago

Well we beg some more time for the next β€œInvisible Ghost Gang Bang" video. Keep on😘

AlifieKush 2 weeks ago

Awesome!! KIU!

sessvids 2 weeks ago

Very nice

Siren SaintSin 2 weeks ago

Such a wonderful interview with a great creator. I'm so proud of you Arwen! Keep kicking ass!

Arwen Datnoid 2 weeks ago

Thank you Siren! I intend to do just that!!! And you too! Love what you have been putting out you've been radiating elegance and it's otherworldly!

Berenice moon 2 weeks ago


Mika1225 2 weeks ago

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papiiandmamii209 2 weeks ago

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TinyLoveMia 2 weeks ago

Cosplay FTW πŸ’‹πŸ‘πŸ”₯

Mwaarh 2 weeks ago

Sweet Cosplay

DonnaDeep 2 weeks ago

Keep on doing your own thing 😘 we are on your side πŸ’‹

Rain drop 2 weeks ago

Yessss I love it ❀πŸ₯°

Allyourdreams 2 weeks ago

Great model. Glad for you.

Candy Kitty 2 weeks ago

Thank you, incredible advices! =)

Princess_Poppy 2 weeks ago

You are amazing Arwen, and although our styles are very different, your dedication and commitment is an inspiration. It's was great to read your story

NSEKA MAVAMBU 2 weeks ago

I am very happy to be here, I have never worked in my life. I am 28 years old with good qualification in Web Design but no job. Been living pay cheque to pay cheque. When I found PornHub everything changed for me. I have to say it was hard at first but now I am getting more confident in myself. I really pray things change for me by being here!! Blessings to all the members for your amazing support for one another!!

Dream4Angel 2 weeks ago

Wow!!!!!! Great model!!!πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

HannahRhodes 2 weeks ago


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Codecodypiper 2 weeks ago

Im down

Loli54pussy 2 weeks ago

Бosplay is so cool😘. Nice!!

BananaLadyy 2 weeks ago

Great !

ElenaVolkova 2 weeks ago

Pretty sexy work! I love it

perfectalmond 2 weeks ago

Great advice! Thanks for sharing!😘

VACouple757 2 weeks ago


Carly Curvy 2 weeks ago


savannah savage 2 weeks ago

An amazing wonderful gal 3 I love Arwen and all the content she makes. AMAZINGGG

Fernando_alzate 2 weeks ago

Wooh muy hermosa

MissLina69 2 weeks ago

Why play with plastic toys when there are so many dicks dying to be sucked out there?

Arwen Datnoid 2 weeks ago

I only fuck My boyfriend.

ChanelFrost 2 weeks ago

perfect blog post, i appreciate the amount of information & helpful tips included in this article... thank you!!!!!!

Kra kra 2 weeks ago

Great article ❀ very helpful

mylifexxx 2 weeks ago

Ib good luck. For your careers. If you want unirty to our community we are here.

spoopyboobs 2 weeks ago

You’re an absolute gem and I just adore you

vtx1300couple 2 weeks ago

Great advice Arwen. We are just starting out so your advice gave me some ideas for future shows. You're sooo cute. too.. Can't wait to see what you come up with next.

ColossusStrokes 2 weeks ago

Rock on

SexWithMilfStella 2 weeks ago

Love the different looks this girl creates. Gorgeous!

Drilliroxxxxx 2 weeks ago

'' Told you ya HOTT! babe - see ZADDY @DRILLIROXXXXX knows BEST!

mariinasnap 2 weeks ago

Les photos sont tellement belle. J'adore❀

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LiljaSwitch 2 weeks ago

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OxygeN-O2 2 weeks ago

Π‘osplay is so cool. Nice!

Chessie Rae 2 weeks ago

Hun your ghost gangbang vid tho 😍 such a great idea. Def a memorable video. Keep up the good work. I checked out your page you really deserve to go far here on Pornhub ❀❀

ImMeganLive 2 weeks ago

Very good interview xxx

Shyla Nervous 2 weeks ago

As someone who is older and not very technical with computer apps and video recording/production, I appreciated this article very much. I honestly would have never thought to check out YouTube for assistance in improving the quality of my videos. Thanks Arwen and congratulations!

MarVal8788 2 weeks ago

Cosplay it is always very sexy and awesome stuff! We want some time make cosplay video! πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“

Rebeu Beur 2 weeks ago

Hello, she is a good performer and love her videos β™₯ I'm new in here and this article help me.

GreekBooty 2 weeks ago

Good advice .... funny thing is , as I started pornhub i started working out ! Taking care of my skin . So at least pornhub was a good motivation to take Care of myself ... most of us just make sure everyone else is good .. again thanks pornhub . 😝

MisterMcMister 2 weeks ago

Congrats Arwen, great to see a featured article with you!

sleazyGz 2 weeks ago

Very interesting baby good author tooβ€Ό

Candy Camille 2 weeks ago

She is sooo amazing! I love her tattoos!

Arwen Datnoid 2 weeks ago

Thank you so much ;_; *insert hearts*

LongDskinny 2 weeks ago

Big goals and all πŸ’―

dick11597 2 weeks ago

Never give up and keep going, ThanksπŸ’‹

Hattabi4ik 2 weeks ago


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