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by: Aurora Watson

Heads up Models — we’ve made some much-needed tweaks and are happy to announce that you now have total control over the order of your videos!


Start by heading over to your login menu and scroll down to where it says Model. You’ll now notice that we added another tab at the top labelled Rearrange Videos; right next to Geoblocking. This is where you can change the order of your videos, both paid and free, no matter when you uploaded them, and decide which videos you’d like to position at the top of your profile page. Just click on the up-and-down arrows and notice how the Order number changes. You could also rearrange your content by clicking the side of the video with the four mini squares and dragging and dropping it wherever you'd like. Once you’re done and are happy with the order, click Save Changes.


If ever you change your mind and would like to reposition your videos in the original order, simply click Reset. As for your new uploads, they will always appear 1st unless you go in and change their order.


Take note that your Free Videos are the ones you have on your Pornhub page and your Paid Videos are the ones on Modelhub and Pornhub. However, if you have pay-to-dowload videos, they'll appear under both Paid Videos and Free Videos because they can be found on both your Pornhub and Modelhub page. So for example, if you have a pay-to-download video, you could put it as #4 under Paid Videos so it appears as the 4th video on your MH account, but also have the option to put it as #8 under Free Videos and have it set as the 8th video on your PH page.


So give it a go, play around with it, and let us know what you think!


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xlkyng 11 months ago

Very useful. Love how pornhub is giving more control to the users. Now they need a verified user/ verified model chat board or room. Where we can all chat live.

Akdrew99 11 months ago

Who cares , if you watch them all😻Cummmmm watch me fuck my girlfriends tight pussy ! IM POSTING OUR FIRST FULL LENGTH VIDEO WITHIN THE HOUR . I want you to be dripping cum waiting to see the upload . 💦💦💦

MsShynie 11 months ago

Facts I suggested this a few yrs back a chat room and groups on here would keep retention up. All the social media aspects need a revamp really if we want to keep customers coming back constantly.

SinfulJade 11 months ago

Anyone have a link to the verified model Discord?

TeddyVnTwitch 11 months ago

Awesome sauce

Allyourdreams 11 months ago

Chat or forum for talking must be previousely for PH users...

Larkin Love 11 months ago

There's a PH verified model Discord.

curiouscutie 11 months ago

Yessss agreed!

xlkyng 11 months ago

@Brett will do. Thanks for the response. The platform sounds great. But. The thought of just being able to click a drop tab would be nice. And. Way more accessible. But. I will check that out.

brett 11 months ago

Come join our official discord, there are model only roomshttps://www.pornhub.com/blog/7651

Khloe Show 11 months ago

another great idea 💯

Rebeu Beur 11 months ago

Nice idea 💡

Nevminoze 11 months ago

agree guys! cool function

Bella X 11 months ago

Nice! 💃🏼

Lucy 11 months ago

Good idea! Thanks Pornhub!❤

hotvideoshere 11 months ago

10+ inch cock is here !!!

Elecaniks 11 months ago

This is a great addition. It's very encouraging that feedback is being considered and addressed. Keep up the good work

belleandbill25 11 months ago

Great update, been wanting to rearrange for a while now!

yummmylicious 11 months ago

Everything is made for us to share our yummy content💖

Nancy Girl 11 months ago

Very cool! =)

shave_metzitza 11 months ago

Awesome! I can now rearrange my videos to make a continuous story telling

RockyMtnKink 11 months ago

Super helpful! Love being able to put my videos in the order that I want!

Brooklyn Rivers 11 months ago

Love ❤ being able to arrange our content more effectively, so simple & needed! Thank You💋

Xxxresbxxx 11 months ago

Yeah very good

MrPanandSyrinx 11 months ago

Thanks this was helpful 🦹🏿‍♂🦹🏼‍♀

unknown 11 months ago

Enjoyed playing with this feature. Thanks Pornhub!

Larkin Love 11 months ago

This is exactly what I've been waiting for.

unknown 11 months ago


sexxxerciseph 11 months ago


unknown 11 months ago

Awesome update guys! You are the best, and I love your customer service to bits!

unknown 11 months ago

That’s an amazingly useful update, thank you Pornhub team!!!!

unknown 11 months ago

More self-control over our profiles - Yes, that is exactly what we needed. Thank you for such a useful tool

HeyBabeLetsDoPorn 11 months ago


SexwithMilfStella 11 months ago

This is a great feature for sure, thank you!

Alex Cum 11 months ago

I would like you to take more into account the not so old models in the awards that are made, those that are seen that make a great effort to excel. And with respect to this publication is one more proof that Pornhub works every day to improve on the platform.

vanillachocolate69 11 months ago

I like this a lot! Thank you!!

Rainah Elise 11 months ago

I love this!!! Been waiting years for this feature to become available 👏🏻

AkellaMonsterCock 11 months ago

Idk how it help me but thanks for opportunity

LeoKleo 11 months ago

Cool idea. I’m love PH 💕

KLSFilms 11 months ago

Sweet been wanting to do that. Like being able to show off my favorite videos first

Aimee Waves 11 months ago

Great to see this feature being added!

DarkWetDreemz 11 months ago

What a cool feature! More control of the order was definitely needed.

Sweet Bunny 11 months ago

Thank you Pornhub for this amazing addition! This is great!

Bootydevine 11 months ago

Yay this feature is amazing! Thanks PH! 🧡🖤

Contraband Crystine 11 months ago

hellz yah! c:

LolaDaniel 11 months ago

nice thanks

Sassymehh 11 months ago


Toystest 11 months ago

ambiguous function. losing the history of development. each page and its authors are unique and interesting to see the path to becoming

Aurora Watson 11 months ago

Sometimes Models want to prioritize one video over another and this feature allows them to do if it they want to.

SouzanHalabi 11 months ago

I love this feature! Thanks PH

Cherry_Al 11 months ago


420doejohn 11 months ago

Thanks everybody for helping me get to 100k views in under 2 months! 🎉 I hope everybody is having a great week! Cum check out my page for wild time😜

Spicyselena 4 months ago

How did you get that many views?How many views to get 1st payout? Been here almost a year. Have 5.7k views and 1.8k subscribers. Thanks spicyselena

Eva and Silas 11 months ago

Yaaaas! Now if only I could get someone from model support to actually email me back about my video that just *Poofed* 😭

Eva and Silas 11 months ago

I did, it's an on going thing I hope, it's been over a week since I've gotten a reply.

Pornhub Nat 11 months ago

did you reach out to models@pornhub.com ? their timing is 36 hours from the last email you send, so give them sometime and they will get to it

bigb00tywhitegirl 4 months ago

Very Useful. Thanks ❤️

Brum420 5 months ago

Very good article, I take the opportunity to send everyone to visit our profile. We are new and we are learning.

Sweethoneysm 9 months ago

Hola soy nueva en model hub me ayudarían a encontrar suscriptores?

Jelly-Joy 9 months ago

Thank you Team !Is there the same cool option for the photos album ?

Maquis of Justice 10 months ago

It's useful but buggy

Lolla Blond 10 months ago


January 10 months ago

Please check out all my new videos 😘

Mr Diccem Down 10 months ago


Brittw10 10 months ago

I need help. I just got verified and signed up for modelhub. It shows that i should be able to click a link "for sale" but I don't see it. I have tons of stuff but don't want to do it for free..... Someone help please!? 🤗

MissMariie 10 months ago


Jollapr 11 months ago

I would love to have the option for my fan club members to watch my new content before anyone else. That wod make fan clubs even more enticing.

OfficialHPcouple 11 months ago

https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5d711a76a3e4b Please like comment

xxxikongxxx 11 months ago

RANDOM GIRLS IN MANILA PHILIPPINES? https://t.hrtya.com/i61nishlmo?url_id=0&aff_id=105078&offer_id=3640&bo=668,910,912

Ashton Rhodes 11 months ago

What about moving from free to paid and vice versa?

Pornhub Nat 11 months ago

You can move Paid to Free at any point. Currently the system doesn't allow for free to go to paid.

Dread Hot 11 months ago

Niiiicee update!

baldandblond 11 months ago

give me money !!

unknown 11 months ago

It’s MZ CALI here!!! Aka GHETTO Super Head!!! Just wanted to say cool idea! Everyone please show love to my page!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

MissLawanda 11 months ago

Great! Finally! Thank you PH! Kisses!

super1990a 11 months ago

This was helpful

Akdrew99 11 months ago

Who cares , if you watch them all😻Cummmmm watch me fuck my girlfriends tight pussy ! IM POSTING OUR FIRST FULL LENGTH VIDEO WITHIN THE HOUR . I want you to be dripping cum waiting to see the upload . 💦💦💦

BatGirlnThrobin 11 months ago


Hattabi4ik 11 months ago

PrincessKawaii 11 months ago

Thank you. Good news.

Pornstarr vonni 11 months ago

Also if your using a mobile phone use Desktop function to view the page

Pornstarr vonni 11 months ago

Thanks for this option it will help the pages appear fresh for new fans now you can move ur older most viewed to the front

TinyLoveMia 11 months ago

Its great! Yay!! For Total control over the orders...

Realfuns 11 months ago

I agree👍

Gwen Adora 11 months ago

Yes yes yes!! I've been wanting this!! 💕

Rain drop 11 months ago

Thanks 😍🥰

Sugar coo 11 months ago

First we can delete our own videos now this...... keep on making things easier for us models thanks

Tionna Tease 11 months ago

Nice can we get the cammodel store?

LustyBustyLark 11 months ago

Wow this is fantastic!

unknown 11 months ago

Everyone go subscribe to my channel and watch some videos and add me please and thanks

MsShynie 11 months ago

Facts LOVE it! Now revamp the social media aspect of pornhub & won't be anything but smooth sailing. It's so hard for us models to maintain social media pages long term which cost us fans & funds Everytime we lose a page. Pornhub needs to be the 1st to make a adult Facebook. The money would be endless. We're already half way there now. Take the leap. Help us help you.

TheRealLilmar 11 months ago

Thank you, this is a very cool and useful feature. Would love to be able to do this with playlists as well.

Yna_noel 11 months ago

Pinay bifem pls

Sweet Kelly 11 months ago

Very useful)

Lion John 11 months ago


Delicious Delilah 11 months ago

Thanks, yo. 😘

ChanelFrost 11 months ago


DavThot 11 months ago

⭐⚘absolutely agreed and indeed a chatroom for verified models would be interesting 💗

SinfulJade 11 months ago

Love this new feature! Thank you!

Nicky bella 11 months ago

I agreed mi to my girl

Nicky bella 11 months ago

I am a rich hot teen eager to fuck and show you my pussy and my wet ass

Nicky bella 11 months ago

Hello community we have more hot videos ready to upload. we visited our page nicolebella98

Remi Reagan 11 months ago

Yay thank you! Much needed! xoxo

Lydia Luxy 11 months ago

I would also like to see it possible to upload multiple pics from phone in one action. Now that tumblr sucks, along with our videos, we would love an easy photo uploader. You guys are the best!

Jessica Stardust 11 months ago

Very nice

BeckyTailor 11 months ago

This is awesome. Thank you Pornhub.❤😘😉

Eva Lux 11 months ago

Good idea! Thanks !!!!

unknown 11 months ago

I like how we’re being given more control over the layout of our pages! Thank you!

sexybigclito 11 months ago

Very nice option thank you guys

DonnaDeep 11 months ago

Very useful function. Thanks PH

MsStacy08 11 months ago


nixatnite 11 months ago

I’d love to see some more options but this is a great start!

unknown 11 months ago

thumbnails are suddenly broken plz fix

unknown 11 months ago

That's great to know!!!

Devin and Brandy 11 months ago


Mister Lazy 11 months ago

So nice💕❤good looking out! I’m new but I’ll be Slow n fun to fun exhibitions in voyeur always look forward to new friends

January 11 months ago

Follow me

dick11597 11 months ago

Yaaaaa I appreciate

dick11597 11 months ago

Homemade dick

Angela Amore 11 months ago

Awesome! So excited about this

itpoek 11 months ago

No Successful

unknown 11 months ago


CasalAventura 11 months ago

Wow that’s exactly we want!!!

unknown 11 months ago

These new features are actually good!! https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5d648ed84c02f I post Asian Interracial porn. Just started my PH Channel. Hope you like my videos guys. :-)

FUXNKISSEZ 11 months ago

Love it!!!

HawtCock 11 months ago

I just love this!!!!

nextdoornurs3 11 months ago

Maybe in one day will be a push button in model account to be Featured

Kylie Drink 11 months ago

Thanks for the very useful feature! =)

MaleModels 11 months ago

Im confused- i just tried to rearrange my videos but it looks the same on my pornhub page. Is this for pornhub to rearrange or modelhub? Thank you its a great option! I rearranged and hit save but theyre looking in same order unless it takes time to kick in?!

MaleModels 11 months ago

Thank you @aurorawatson it worked for my modelhub page but not my pornhub page. It still looks the same order as before.

Aurora Watson 11 months ago

Once you move the videos around and are happy with the way it looks, be sure to click Save Changes. Give it a few minutes and then refresh the page. Let me know if you're still have issues.

Chokobanana 11 months ago

finally, thank you so much!

Hezdo Xy 11 months ago

Hi im starting un this Worlds. Help me

LittleHer 11 months ago

It will be useful! Thxs

Sasha_Garson 11 months ago


PassionBunny 11 months ago

Great news! THanks for this information

Couple-1870 11 months ago


DaisyMargo 11 months ago


Vivian Rose 11 months ago

Love this!!

Diana Daniels 11 months ago

Useful feature, thank you!

VACouple757 11 months ago

Oh yea.... definitely will help create better content 🤤

veroniwashere 11 months ago

Hi everyone! ☺

VACouple757 11 months ago


curiouscutie 11 months ago

Pretty cool Pornhub!

Landon220 11 months ago

Brand new ready to go stud let’s collaborate and make some money girls!

unknown 11 months ago

Love pronhub

EastRok 11 months ago

Sounds good

unknown 11 months ago

Thanks for this new feature. This would be a big help. 😘

CockDogg 11 months ago

Can this be done from smartphones as well?

Sins_of_Xavier 11 months ago

Is this not working for anyone else? I tried it three times and it hasn’t seemed to work at all

gman95757 11 months ago

Coolio! 😎

Mlovers 11 months ago


AlifieKush 11 months ago

Greate and very usefull! Thank you staff people

Ackiz 11 months ago

Good change! Lucky me, my channel is only a few months old ;p

imqhost 11 months ago

Incredible feature!

Daisea 11 months ago

I saw this and I thought it was so cool!

DADDY ORGASM 11 months ago

This is perfect, going to try right now.

Carly Curvy 11 months ago

Love it!

Vivian_Rose 11 months ago

Love it! Really cool

amberrutty1 11 months ago

Africa, Tanzania. I love you people.

Kyutty 11 months ago

Omg this is very nice, thank you~!! 💖

Honey Chocolate Bunny 11 months ago

Subscribe 🤤

MissTease 11 months ago

Oooo something new to start playing with : x

GreekBooty 11 months ago

That’s cool ! Noticed that ! The program is getting better !! Thanks ❤️

Stephanie Vixen 11 months ago

This is great Pornhub! Please make it possible to geoblock major cities instead of entire states 🙏🏼

Dirty Desire 11 months ago

That feature is very useful! I'm trying to figure out what happened to the algorithm tho. Since the big crash one month ago it is impossible to accumulate views (not speaking of being listed in categories and being featured!)

TeenDesire18 11 months ago

Nice, thanks!

Kassandra Quinn 11 months ago

Not bad)

unknown 11 months ago

That helps!!

Ryder1226 11 months ago

Love this

GiocondaLisa 11 months ago

This is really helpful. Thank you ❤

Elfy Biscuits 11 months ago

Good change! Lucky me, my channel is only a few months old ;p

Remy Chaw 11 months ago


unknown 11 months ago


King Ray 11 months ago

Nice, definitely a useful feature!

Chessie Rae 11 months ago

Yasss thanks pornhub

wong812 11 months ago

i love you mommy)

Poppy Daniel 11 months ago

Love this! Thank you so much. This satisfies my inner need to have organization haha.

Stacy Rice 11 months ago

That’s really helpful! Thanks Pornhub 😘

BadHoleQueen 11 months ago

It's nice!!!

Sophia B Santos 11 months ago

Aww gee thankyou pornhub! But being able to edit our tags to would be awesome❤

Khloe Show 11 months ago

love this thank you PH 😍

Jessica monzer 11 months ago


MelGunna 11 months ago

Natalissa is 100% on point! It would also be cool if we can tag our friends in videos it would be awesome for doing video requests!!

Babe Eva 11 months ago

reallly helped me thanks PH!! *-*

Morgpie 11 months ago

Wow, awesome feature! Thanks!

unknown 11 months ago

Wow Cool !

Psy High 11 months ago


LustTaste 11 months ago

We need more analytical tools!!

Pornhub Nat 11 months ago

We're working on things on back end

runnerbean87 11 months ago

Sounds cool. Thanks ph x

Miss Jenni P 11 months ago


Christian Blue 11 months ago

good job 3

unknown 11 months ago

berry berry interesting...

Cute Kissy 11 months ago

Good idea!

DNAcouplexxx 11 months ago

Been waiting for this.

LucaXMia 11 months ago

very good

Scorpio00freakes 11 months ago


laikaanal 11 months ago

Nice news

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