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by: Aurora Watson

Wonder why you ever stopped watching Saturday morning cartoons? Ever have a thing for Jessica Rabbit or Jasmine? Who hasn’t? Let’s be honest here.

Just when all of our favorite animated movies are getting live-action remakes to help introduce the classics to a whole new generation, our taste in cartoons seems to be, let’s say, maturing. In 2018, “hentai” moved up from 4th to 3rd place as most-searched term for both men and women. So it’s no wonder AnimeshinClub has gained momentum and have an impressive Fan Club since joining the Pornhub Model Program earlier this year.

Keep on reading to find out how AnimeshinClub creators Aaron and Mike got inspired to launch their Coming of Age series and what they have in store for their fans.

Is Coming of Age your first series? Can you tell me about on how it relates to your own personal lives?

Yes, Coming of Age is our first series. The show is about Grayson Hartwell, an 18-year old son of a preacher who runs a porn studio out of the basement of his dad's church. Grayson is kind of like a teenage Walter White. He starts off super Christian — always following the rules and listening to his dad — but he explores deeper and darker parts of himself that expose a completely different person than who his dad or the church is telling him to be. That part feels like it’s straight out of our autobiographies. The rest is a healthy dose of fantasy.


Did you base the characters on people you already know?

We originally built our characters one at a time for their own gonzo-style sex scenes. When we wanted to start a new series with more of a story, we had to choose: We could either spend another six months making new characters, or we could use the characters we already had and deepen their backstories and character relationships. We chose to deepen the story.

 Courtesy of AnimeshinClub

Where are you hoping the story will go? How many episodes/seasons can we expect from Coming of Age?

For us, this story just gets deeper and deeper as we go along. We are only five episodes in and we have so much going on. Not only do we have Grayson, who is building his own porn channel in his dad's church, but we also have Jazmine, who is a teacher banging students after class. Then there’s Mindy the MILF who is trapped in a sexless marriage and catches herself flirting with her daughter's boyfriend. Kelly just turned 18 and her sex drive is insatiable. And to top it all off, Derrik falls in love with an unavailable woman. It's a lot for only five episodes! We love stories that burn slow over multiple seasons, but still pack a lot of action in each episode. That is our goal for Coming of Age — bigger and better every episode.  


How many partners are you? How did you all meet?

It's just the two of us, Mike and Aaron. We're both animators. We met at a film festival a few years ago and hit it off.


You mention in your AVN interview that animation is a marathon. What’s your long-term plan? 

We just signed a 6-episode deal with Adult Time to produce the first season of their new Hentai Sex School series which is debuting this fall. Bree Mills will be directing, and we have an all-star cast lined up for voice work. It's going to be the first of its kind for audiences who are interested in animation, who love animation, or maybe are just intrigued enough to check it out. 

A nice 5-year goal would be to have a bigger studio space with more artists producing a combination of 2D and 3D content for AnimeshinClub.

Courtesy of AnimeshinClub

Do you have a favorite character? Scene? Why?

We love anything with Pastor Shane. His dialogue is by far the most fun to write. One of his anti-porn sermons sticks out. In episode 4, he says, "We will hunt down these companies engaged in this sinful activity. We will expose them wherever they may hide." And then the camera cuts to the basement floor with Grayson and his classmates making porn. It makes me laugh every time I think about it. 


Are you open with your family and friends about what you do?

Yes of course, our wives are incredibly understanding of our work. We talk very openly about what we do with them, along with other close friends and selective family members. It's funny, because you can't tell everyone, right? I (Aaron) just wrote a letter to my dad explaining everything about AnimeshinClub to him a month or two ago. I didn't want to hold back from him, even though, at the same time, I was so terrified he would destroy me for it. I wrote down everything I wanted to say to him and mailed it. I can't believe I was able to wait for 4 days while he got the letter, but it was worth it. He called me up and was actually super proud and supportive. I have felt better about our relationship now than I ever could have imagined. If nothing else, it definitely makes him laugh hearing about my work. 


What’s the biggest misconception people have about animated porn?

That we're somehow weirder than other people who make porn. 


Since you joined PH and the industry, what has been the biggest surprise thus far?

It's all still pretty surprising. We're so, so new. We just got started and we need to keep our heads on our shoulders.  

Courtesy of AnimeshinClub

Has your perception of the industry changed since joining?

Making one great episode or one great scene is not enough. You have to know how to keep the ball rolling.


What are some of the biggest struggles that come with being a porn animator?

The biggest struggle is the time it takes to animate. It takes somewhere between 10 and 20 hours of work at a computer to produce 1 minute of our animation. And that's with no interruptions and all computer systems running perfectly. When we write a story, we really have to commit to it because it takes so long to create. As our Fan Club has grown, we have been able to make significant investments in our technical side in order to produce more.


Why do you think “cartoon” and “hentai” are some of the most-searched words on Pornhub?

Unfortunately for people like me who crave the certainty of knowing things, I think every person has their own reason. Some find the artwork appealing, others like the unique scenarios. A few of our fans have told me that watching adult animation helps them get in the mood for harder content. There are all kinds of reasons to watch and enjoy it.


What it is that makes your work stand out? What do you accredit your success to?

We embrace being different. We provide original characters. We don't do cheap knock-off animations of other popular characters that some artists do to become popular. Everything we do is authentically us. 


Follow AnimeshinClub on Twitter and Instagram for photos, videos, and updates on her next project.

Twitter @AnimeshinClub

Instagram @ClubAnimeshin


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Succubus Sin 11 months ago

I’ll definitely check out their work. Anime and cartoon porn is right up my alley.

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SexyBustyGirl 11 months ago

Mee too

PlaySoft69 11 months ago

I love your cosplay videos

Succubus Sin 11 months ago

If you love Hentai/anime themed porn~ Check out our videos. It’s what we do~

Morliana 11 months ago

That is cool and original🍭

vanillachocolate69 11 months ago

Definitely a different niche, but it makes fun seeing that there’s literally something out there for everyone! Bravo!

Succubus Sin 11 months ago


Mikel Prado 11 months ago

Rise of the Machines😀😈

Dexripoff 11 months ago

maybe its a conspiracy

Naughtysoulmates 11 months ago

That is cool! Thanks for sharing

Poppy Daniel 11 months ago

This totally changed my perspective on animated porn. Very enjoyable interview and tons of good luck!

Manny Thrust 11 months ago

Looks like something this Otaku need check out!

KawaiCouple 11 months ago

Love this kind of things!!

machippy 11 months ago

Cool. Think I’m a fan

HoneyBravo 11 months ago

I really like cartoons with dark humor.The scripts of these cartoons cause cringe.

Alli KaT 11 months ago

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That is cool💋

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unknown 11 months ago

Anybody know when checks deposit?

Pornhub Nat 11 months ago

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Alex Cum 11 months ago

I never thought this niche would make me so hot

LinoLola 11 months ago

So unique and so interesting! Nice to read this 👌🏼

BUMPKINSSS 11 months ago

Crazy how cartoons change when you grow up haha 😂😂

Lucky Macky 11 months ago

It's interesting, and I like it a lot. The imagination is a miracle of nature

PlaySoft69 11 months ago

Very original, i love it

silasj15 11 months ago

Lola bunny (space jam)🤤🤤,,,,judging other's is a deflection over own insecurities..sad cause they have the dirtiest (funest) closests. WERE ALL PERVS🖕

Miss Fantasy 11 months ago

I have been a member of pornhab for a long time, but I have never met such channels and participants . Cartoons for adults in your performance look very interesting. Subscribed and definitely want to read your stuff You guys, because I worked a great deal done.

AniKong and Pussy 11 months ago

this is a very cool thing) a new niche of porn🤤 the main thing is beautiful 😍🤤😋

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MassLegend 11 months ago

Toys are for women, cartoons are for chil***n. Let's stay in our lanes perverts! Lol

Slimthiccie97 6 months ago

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Mister Lee 10 months ago

Glad all genres are getting shown love I’ll definitely be checking this out

kawaiichubnugget 10 months ago

I totally agree that watching cartoons/hentai animation is a good start before getting into the harder (pun intended) content. glad that there's so many supportive people behind this!

jayz0077 11 months ago

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As a huge fan of anime I’ll always support this lmao

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EastRok 11 months ago

Some anime is ok only if there real

Mlovers 11 months ago

Cool !!!!!

reby123456 11 months ago

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unknown 11 months ago

Дуже файно

Sunny Jessica 11 months ago

I like it, I think it is very sexy

DonnaDeep 11 months ago

Anime is funny but reality is more sexy 😘

Mrslowcums 11 months ago

Check me out. New to this, gonna have a lot for yall. Can post on my wall and tell what we should do next. Follow for follow💯

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Honey Chocolate Bunny 11 months ago

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saltyx 11 months ago

Now we just need some cartoon step siblings to take over.

BUMPKINSSS 11 months ago

Very cool idea! Wonder if they could animate me 😂

HiddenMilf 11 months ago

there is porn for everybody's taste!

SexiLexi5153 11 months ago

Jianna Lust 11 months ago

this feels like you spent such a lot of time and hard work to make it to the screen. The animation looks good to me, and an interesting storyline . What amazed me is the voice recording is so realistic and synced perfectly with the characters. You did a great job, love it.

Pettit_Looloo 11 months ago

I like that! 🐩🦄🐶🧸

bigboi23888 11 months ago

Honestly anime is really hot

EmmaMonroe69 11 months ago

Que rico que lo pongan de cuatro y que le den sin piedad!! Sígueme sí a ti te pasa!!

Marquell01 11 months ago


unknown 11 months ago

Love the authenticity, somehow having it in a church basement adds to the taboo 🤤🔥 Super into it!

Triboulet 11 months ago

Really interesting story

BigHeroes1999 11 months ago

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Dream4Angel 11 months ago

Love anime❤❤💞💞💞💞💞💞💞

KristinaSlut 11 months ago

I think it's worth a look and evaluate

KristinaSlut 11 months ago

отличная новость!

Cassywet 11 months ago

Exciting ! I love masturbating to hentai 😍

dreamscum2 11 months ago

I’m certainly looking foreword to enjoying!

Carly Curvy 11 months ago

Love it

ElenaVolkova 11 months ago

Interesting work =)

Cigarettesmalls 11 months ago

If you’re in Denver, Colorado. Message me!

unknown 11 months ago

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BatGirlnThrobin 11 months ago


AlifieKush 11 months ago

They made me so horny when I was younger... oh, but wait... they still do! xD

theamazingKJ 11 months ago

Oh that sounds awesome

unknown 11 months ago

I love how there’s something for everyone

MemeDealerLmao 11 months ago

Lmao back ti gulag

Sophie and Jon 11 months ago

Muito legal, alguém me indica algum bem legal para poder me satisfazer 🤤😍💋 obrigada 💋

bigbacondick420 11 months ago

Ya each has there own

Calientita12 11 months ago

Muy interesante es muy increible.

SuperDrogo 11 months ago

Suena bien, 🥰🥰 me gusta

Chessie Rae 11 months ago

Ok this is honetly cool as hell. Never seen something quite like this. Have a feeling it wont be the last either. Such potential on making this big here guys. Goodluck on your Pornhub journey. And if you ever need a voiceover from someone else in the industry message me. I'd love to take part in this

Rebeu Beur 11 months ago

Original hard work so 👏

Jessica Stardust 11 months ago

Pretty cool

Miss Jenni P 11 months ago

I once wanted to make animated porn - I just did not have the patience in me! Well fucking done!

SexwithMilfStella 11 months ago

I never understood animated porn like this but am amazed at how good the quality is. Pretty incredible!

MsShynie 11 months ago

Love it but they coming for our jobs lol hahahaha

Anika Spring 11 months ago

Wooow, something interesting 😍 Thanks for sharing.

Candy Camille 11 months ago

Love their work! So sexy and realistic

imqhost 11 months ago

Great article! Looking forward to seeing more from Animeshinclub

Cute Kissy 11 months ago

The most interesting thing is that you can make in cartoon everything that you can’t make in real life, and you don’t need to find actors, just your imagination! I like porn cartoons!

Kate Utopia 11 months ago

wow, great work.

BBWQueenOfficial 11 months ago

That's hot. I actually love hentai so checking out something new would be cool

Bi-planet 11 months ago


DADDY ORGASM 11 months ago

this looks interesting.

BamaD_ixon 11 months ago

Yesssssss 😍😍😍😍

cortadoconleche 11 months ago

Genius 🔥

hentaimasterart 11 months ago

Awesome stuff =D

Succubus Sin 11 months ago


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