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by: Aurora Watson

Ever wonder how our ranking systems work? What that number at the corner of your profile page actually means? And how to make your way up to that number-one spot? Keep on reading — we broke it down for you!


Model Rank

In case you haven’t noticed, if you're an Amateur Model, we added a new Model Rank at the top of your profile. If you scroll to it, you’ll see a breakdown of your weekly, monthly, last month, and yearly rank which are based on how well your videos do and other metrics. Therefore, as your overall video performance increases, so does your rank. 

Pornstar Rank

If you're a Professional Model, meaning you've done studio work, you'll have a Pornstar Rank at the top of your profile page. Similar to Model Rank, the Pornstar Rank will be based on the performance of all your videos and other metrics, so you may notice changes to your Pornstar Rank in the following weeks. We'll be announcing it on Twitter (@PornhubHelp), so keep your eyes peeled! 



For those of you who sell videos, here are the two ranking systems we have in place.

Modelhub Rank

Ever notice that number at the top left corner of your profile page right under photo? That’s your Modelhub Rank. It’s calculated daily by an algorithm that takes your performance and engagement on the site into account. So once you start selling content, you’ll see a number pop up on your profile page. For more information on the Modelhub Rank, check out our Pornhub Help page. 

Top 20 Earners

We post the Top 20 Earners every month and it is based purely on sales for that month and is totally separate from the Modelhub Rank. For example, the Top 20 Earners in July are those who made the most sales in dollars during the month of July. Once the list is finalized at the end of the month, the Top 20 will get a monetary prize ranging from $100 to $1,000.

If you’d like see your Top Earner status, check out your Modelhub Settings page.


If you're curious about your Modelhub Ranking and want to keep a close eye on where you stand, you can also view all this information on your Pornhub Model page. Scroll down to Model under your profile pic, click on More Stats & Tools, and then click on Settings. Here you'll find your Daily and Monthly Ranking annd if you're eligible for the Monthly Contest. 


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fulloffantasies 1 month ago

Hate it. We're coworkers, not competition. We can't market our individuality and also compare ourselves against each other like this, it's plain dehumanizing. $0.02

Rainbow Peach 2 weeks ago

It's not a competition it's just stats. If you want you can look at it like challenge but nothing more

PrettyBoyXav 3 weeks ago

It'd be better if in model setting there was a drop-down section that says "who can see my rank" and we can check/uncheck the different boxes -- subscribers, friends, fans, my subscriptions. That would be so much more convenient and way less intimidating!

AnnieEnby 3 weeks ago

I agree, I think the video views speak for themselves

SuperDrogo 3 weeks ago


Nora Nocturne 3 weeks ago

Completely agree girls!! Kinda hard to judge someone from transgender porn, to straight porn to milf or whatever else may be!! 💖

HiddenMilf 3 weeks ago

you are right were a big community like a big familly not in competition

ThotUniversity 3 weeks ago

What’s the $0.02 about?

ReallyXMedia 1 month ago

I dont like it at all too. for some people it might be some kind of motivation, but to went from a kinda good rank to a worse, for no seeable reason,is not quite a motivation for me.

anacondaandeva 1 month ago

i think the same....

PlaySoft69 1 month ago

I think you're absolutely right, the best thing is to enjoy each one with what we do without having to compare ourselves to each other.

batang_ilongot 1 month ago

pls help me on hub traffic?

Anika Spring 1 month ago

Totally agree, we don't want to compete... We just want to have sex and film it for our fans...

Dexripoff 1 month ago

this is capitalism. get over it😊

Baby Christy 1 month ago


SexyBustyGirl 1 month ago


bigboyy06 1 month ago

I want to fuck your pussy

fulloffantasies 1 month ago

holy crap I didn't expect this many responses. If you like/want the competition aspect good for u. Not everyone can do competition healthily. "Competition exists regardless" is a shitty excuse, sorry, lots of things exist that shouldn't and just existing doesn't mean it should be encouraged. As I said before we ought to be able to opt out. Also some of you are plain dumb "it's not competition it's just to see where we are in reference to each other" yeah that's literally the def of comparison.

Elsie Rose 1 month ago

I like it! When I see someone that is ranked higher than me it makes me look at them like something I can achieve one day. No one is better than another person, we just gotta make videos that appeal to the fans!

mrfreecsss 1 month ago

for me i just want to fuck and video it! then cr8 things that my mind want too 😘👌

FemboyNerd 1 month ago

That said, the competition doesn't hurt. There's a such thing as healthy competition.

FemboyNerd 1 month ago

I don't mind the number... just wish there were more reasonable ways to get more subscribers, views. Virtiually none of the site is "Latest videos" by default. Most users aren't technically inclined enough to set vague filter settings and see the latest content, so the site overwhelmingly promotes a select few videos that are noteworthy but ALSO really lucky to had gotten a rush of views and positive feedback shortly after upload.

Choko-Banana 1 month ago

Honestly, i like competition. And ranking is a perfect tool.

Miss Fantasy 1 month ago

The reality is that there is competition in any area of our lives, it’s not so bad, for us models, I think that it will help to conduct our channel more efficiently, but, I'm afraid that this rating may negatively affect the views of our fans, now we can be evaluated not only by our content, but also by numbers, which may not be objective, time will tell..

GiocondaLisa 1 month ago

It's good to see how you are going.🤔

Babe Eva 1 month ago

i know how you are feeling about this

Kyutty 1 month ago

i dont see like that~ we're still coworkers and there's a place to everyone in porn~ your ranking is higher than mine but i'm not comparing myself to you and i dont want to 'take your place' or anything, think about the rank as something personal like "i want to do better than i already am!". If you compare yourself because of ranking so you're also comparing yourself to people who has more viewers or subs than you because the numbers will always be there x__x no one need to stress over it~

Angeleyeddemon 1 month ago

This is something I'm going to ignore and just keep making vids with no pressure I dont wanna be judged if I want to team up with a female costar I dont wanna be judged by rank

Skylar Shaye 1 month ago

True. Makes me stress out even more than I already am

Succubus Sin 1 month ago

Agreed, not here to fight everyone for scraps. I liked the idea of the ranking just being our ranking in the Porn world, if that makes sense.

fulloffantasies 1 month ago

What reason is there to rank each other if not to compare each other? Adding "objective" measurements to things which ought to be subjective devalues them. If I don't care about how I'm doing compared to everyone else I ought to be able to opt out of the rank entirely so I don't have to see it and be affected by it.

SexWithMilfStella 1 month ago

Feel your pain but I don't think it has to be about competition at all, or at least I don't see it that way. It's more about transparency so we can all see how things are working and how we're doing relative to each other. This won't really change what we do or how we do it but it's one more helpful bit of data to gauge how we're doing. Forget the others, just focus on your account and content and keep on trucking

Pornstarr vonni 1 month ago

When i search pornhub top models i never saw my page im at 389 but now i see that was only for professional porn stars wish we had a list for amateurs so the public could search us

Poppy Daniel 3 weeks ago

This would be really nice.

Mr Lustful 3 weeks ago

Definitely a list for just amateurs is needed

Lana SlutWife 1 month ago

OMG i want your hard dick deep in my mouth😍😍👌👌❤❤💋💋

Baby Christy 1 month ago

yeah now u can see hot Amayeur Couples))))

Loserlexxx 1 month ago

theres a list of top amateurs on modelhub it says that in the article. also there’s plenty of lists of top amateurs online most just don’t usually list 400 people

DuBarry 1 month ago

Fine! The competition keeps me awake ... ) I wish you a high rating for all sex lovers!

Mr Lustful 3 weeks ago

Thanks I'm trying

Lady WOW 1 month ago


iamnotacook 1 month ago

work = progress = enjoy соло девочка мы ищем тебя.... Для Беллы...

Lucky Macky 1 month ago

Wish me lucky

Lexa Lite 1 month ago

Great Idea Love it!

Eva and Silas 1 month ago

I like the numbering aspect of it... What I don't like is the massive down or up arrow. That gives me horrible anxiety 🤣 That was one reason I liked being amateur and not rated as a pornstar 😬

Poppy Daniel 3 weeks ago

Absolutely agree with this. We can see we are down or up thru the graph or just the number themselves. Don’t really need the bright red visual.

Eva and Silas 3 weeks ago

@MsShynie that's frustrating for sure and seeing the down arrow is just salt in the wound 😩

MsShynie 3 weeks ago

Agreed mine literally NEVER goes up and though my numbers continue to rise. It's frustrating as hell.

Mr Lustful 3 weeks ago

I totally agree the fun of being an amateur was not being rated like the professionals

ReallyXMedia 1 month ago

exactly my thoughts on this

Mister Lee 1 month ago

Thank you so much for this explanation now to keep grinding

Lana SlutWife 1 month ago

I wanna your big hard cock on my mouth and holes...

MaleModels 1 month ago

Is there a link for viewers to see the top 50 or 100 verified amateurs? And for hopefully increased traffic to the pages?

Mrs Mischief 3 weeks ago

I'm not competing with anyone, especially myself. Score me, rank me, what the fuck ever. I don't make porn because I'm trying to win a green arrow contest. Y'all come watch my porno, jerk off, and forget all this algorithmic poo. xoxo, Dana

flacohh 3 weeks ago

I do watch you and I do jerk off. Mission Accomplished Mrs. Mischief!!

CharmAssault 3 weeks ago

Well put!

Dirty Desire 1 month ago

Nice! Thank you for this feature

PassionDessire 1 month ago

It's just a busines, nothing personal guys. I like this rating)

Baby Christy 1 month ago

lol))) I think all models like this Ratings)))) kissss kisss

Killer__Queen 1 month ago

Honestly I like this. It helps me gage my reach and the progress I'm making on the site. I don't see it as competitive. I see it as motivation to grind harder.

ElenaVolkova 1 month ago

I'm agree!! its a personal challenge =)

Morgpie 1 month ago

I absolutely love the updates this platform gives. Most creator-friendly site on the internet 💖

ZIAxBITE 1 month ago

Is there a Ranking Page? Like a page that shows all Top 100?

MaleModels 1 month ago

Thats what i just was wondering also.

brett 1 month ago

Don't tell anyone but we're working on that next.

Chessie Rae 1 month ago

Would be helpful to see this

GreekBooty 1 month ago

I’m still amazed that so many people ask for so much and still don’t tip lol

vortexonline 1 month ago

nice Now I know I'm 415. Damn...

Sweet Bunny 1 month ago

Thank you Pornhub! Despite what users say, I think it creates healthy competition between models which is cool.

Shaveh Metzitza 1 month ago

There's a flaw in this ranking system. I mean, I like it and it's good for keeping track but we each have our special niche we fill and we address different audience. Racing the ranks will compel more models to follow a mainstream and be less creative.

ThePornchitect 3 weeks ago

I think it's great, I'm sure it will make me try to be better and get better

DarkWetDreemz 1 month ago

I don’t think that’s the case, that’s what searches, different categories and creative production of videos is for. Me and my boyfriend have a niche and there’s no way a ranking system can change that because we created a fan base that don’t care about ranking but our work. A ranking will not change your fans, potential for income and work ethic.

Loren Love 1 month ago

Anyone willing disclose how their Modelhub ranking relates to the amount of $ earned? Would be a nice way set a goal or even see what's possible on here. Even Pornhub ranking to $ would be helpful.

Loren Love 1 week ago

We all have to start somewhere hun. 9000 bucks in your future

VanessaLoveXXX 1 week ago

9 bucks... pretty sad actually..

Loren Love 1 month ago

Thanks for the explanation, I'm sure it will be helpful to all those whom come across it I do know how the ranking system works - I just wanted to start a forum where other models indicated what their earnings range was and where they were ranked so we have some sort of standard. I started off with loads of free videos and now I push my content on Modelhub - I am currently ranked 50 on Modelhub. For foot fetish content I think that is pretty high but I wonder what the top 10 are earning.

DarkWetDreemz 1 month ago

There’s no way to really explain this, the ranking system on Modelhub goes by models who sell the most videos and this is monthly. The regular amateur ranking they just added has nothing to do with how much money is earned. Depending on the content created and the fan base someone ranked in any number can make different amounts. Free videos will always pay the least so some people focus on Modelhub at the same time or more.

The Masked Devils 1 month ago

All i know is we making money thanks to PH! We love you guys!!!

Sugar bb 1 month ago

It’s cool 😍

Natalissa 1 month ago

Great update! Thank you so much!

NotSoAmateur 1 month ago

Ahh makes way more sense, thanks PH!

Poly-amory 2 days ago

And I can make a lot of good video, but not sell it and because of this I will be at the bottom of your rank. This is not fair.

Poly-amory 2 days ago

These numbers do not tell anyone anything. Those who watch the video here need good content, not statistics. Please remove it from my cover; nobody needs it on the cover. And if you want to take into account the rank then you will make it simpler and more understandable for everyone and take into account all views and likes, photos and gifs, subscribers and how quickly the model rises to the top, and not just the sale of video. Sure that most visitors do not understand what these numbers mean.

SimplySexxx 2 weeks ago

Rankings were already in effect before for professionals so why are we as amateurs complaining? I like the idea, it makes me feel more professional and it also shows where I stand compared to other people in the industry which is really cool. I’m also really glad they made consistency play a role in impacting your rank, so that a consistent amateur on the rise may surpass someone with a million views but inactive for months.

ThePornchitect 3 weeks ago

I think everyone should look at themselves and just try to be better regardless of the number that appears there but a little competition is always a good thing

SuperDrogo 3 weeks ago


BlacknWhite80 3 weeks ago

Well $0.02 stacks up to make $0.10 and they can stack up to make them $$$$ roll in

JXXHXXN 3 weeks ago


MikeandJennifer 1 month ago


NikkieRae 1 month ago

I just wanna know why my rank is showing N/A?

NattyCat 3 weeks ago

There is a system bug for certain profiles where the information is not complete. We're working for it to show up regardless of incorrect/missing info. Hang tight and you'll see it soon!

Miss Sweet 3 weeks ago


ninaandtina 1 month ago

forgive this dumb question... but is your rank BETTER the lower the number or higher...?? HELP?? Mines like 650.. im a trying to get to 1 or 10,000 ?????

nbnabunny 1 month ago

@fulloffantasies is pointing straight to the point, hierarchical assessment and comparison to each other objectifying and depriving personality. Individuality and personal tastes can’t be ranked. This is one of the stages which forces amateurs to change perspective and become actors and do it as a purely business way, rather than enjoying a personal non-professional sex life and simply sharing it. @pornhub team I’m craving for your ability to do cool creative things and perceive reality

Loserlexxx 1 month ago

so all i got from this was “if ur videos do well your rank gets higher” which was already common since. i really thought i would get some info on algorithms here or at least like know if comments or something is a factor in “video performance” not my favorite read

Alex CUM 1 month ago

I had always wondered why the stars had that option and we the models did not, I'm glad that changed

Bunz Bunny 1 month ago

Stop trying to compete with Manyvids you guys are ruining a perfectly good site!

Roshana888 1 month ago


Jess Ryan 1 month ago

Thank you for explaining this. Well, I may never win anything, but I do rank every month as #1 in loving my fans/subscribers and they love me back xoxox

atkfan 1 month ago

You're absolutely right my lovely Jess! It's not the most important thing to win the prize, but to win the fans' hearts

OrgyForTwo 1 month ago

I love it. Always want to know how our work stacks up with the fans. Makes the effort seem less like a one way street.

sexxxerciseph 1 month ago


denysa and alex 1 month ago


ValeJoel 1 month ago

It is a good tool to know how well we are doing our job. 👍

Vivians_secrets 1 month ago

Is this something the public can see to? or just models? Im all for a little competition but I worry that people will decide not to watch a persons videos or subscribe to their channel unless their ranked high. That would make it even harder for us that are just starting out to get views.

ReallyXMedia 1 month ago

I'm worried about the same, wich would be really bad if the public could see this, for the reason you named. and it would be kinda unfair to single models like me, couples will have the more easy way to get a high rank, they can produce videos everytime, i do not have this luxury.

Kitten Aurora 1 month ago

We all should work together

Lovelythickbabe 1 month ago

Some people might not like it, but it's kinda fun tryna compete

littlelaces 1 month ago

That's not much to read

ExXotic Couple 1 month ago


mindovermatter1230 1 month ago

Hey pornhub your pay out was much appreciated 🙏🏾💦

unknown 1 month ago

Awesome loving this !!! 👏🏾

peachemojibooty 1 month ago

@majiindaddy Lol side note. Can you unblock Canada so I can see your content 😭🥰🤗

vanillachocolate69 1 month ago

I personally enjoy the rankings! I think they’re a fun way to try and push ourselves! But to each their own!

GamerGirl 1 month ago

Nice !

Manaconda7 1 month ago

I'm brand new and don't mind supporting anyone with views! Let's all watch each other's content.

SuperDrogo 1 month ago


keeponcumming95 1 month ago

oki doki

runnerbean87 1 month ago

Love it! Thanks ph x


Gotta step it up lol I need more actors lmfao

Miss Loula 1 month ago

I think I better get working on that number pretty soon! I think this will be a fun game to play 😈

Lovita Lynn 1 month ago

Let the games begin

Texas Secrets 1 month ago

Love it !! Hmm what to post next !?

Hardcorepassion69 1 month ago

Let the hunger games begin

JayBlkBoii 1 month ago

Nice these new features are pretty cool, being in the Top 3000 is pretty cool tbh

PlaySoft69 1 month ago

Good info, thanks

SlavicFun 1 month ago

Thank You PH Our destination: place number 1! haha

Kyutty 1 month ago

It's so cool💖 I really love this "update" and I think it's going to encourage our work ❤

Ezada Sinn 1 month ago

Thank you, this is very useful

HotSexHaven 1 month ago

Thanks for explaining, I had many doubts

Sophie James 1 month ago

Awesome wondered what this meant when I saw it yesterday just be the best you can be not everyone can be at the top or rise to it as long as my viewers are happy it is all good xx

NattyCat 1 month ago

That's right! For models who like a little competition, now they can compete. Otherwise do your thing and your fans will love you!

AemkeMagnus 1 month ago

Thank you for the upgrade! For us it will be an other reason to keep on fucking our brains out

KennedyChanning 1 month ago

Thanks Sweeties!

SelinaSugar 1 month ago

This is very helpful to know.

Vivian_Rose 1 month ago

very cool!

kidblazemeshell 1 month ago

Thank you for explaining. Wasnt sure what was up lol

King Kock 1 month ago

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Sub_Lizzie 3 days ago

I agree with you fulloffantasies. I also agree with you prettyboyxav.

MissMariie 4 days ago


daddyswetfreak 5 days ago


BigMattAndMiss 5 days ago

Just wondering how much top earners making monthly

ArcaneEyeAm 5 days ago

Makes sense now!

silverstud40 1 week ago

I want to fuck for all u horny girls and kinky couples out there. Joined last week need more fuck buddies to share vids with. Add me sexy people 😛

princessnasty 1 week ago

I hate it,I rather be for our personal visual

Dirk diggler jr 1 week ago

hey check out my videos lol

Real XXX Freaks 2 weeks ago

If you're in need of an extra hand, man or dick inbox me Los Angeles Area.

HellaaBroke 2 weeks ago

Sounds easy enough and not a bad deal at all!

J Lovely 2 weeks ago

We need a search page for amateurs pornstars that would be nice

LeannaNyto 2 weeks ago

To my mind, the most unfair thing is that re-uploaded copyrighted video has more views than quality amateur content.

MlovesJ2018 2 weeks ago

@Aurora this just simply sucks😒 how about you come suck on these ballz and see if I go up in the ranks🤔ijs

Mz Cali 2 weeks ago

MZ CALI AKA GHETTO SUPER HEAD!!! Please show love to my new page!! Thanks ❤❤❤🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

super1990a 2 weeks ago


Hattabi4ik 2 weeks ago


Bianca Rose 2 weeks ago

Hey everyone , hope you can help me . I got two questions. The first one , when I click@ my new upload video it changes to another side http://cm.phncdn.com its say it's a virus ? I don't understand ? I thought I was uploading to my pornhub page ? Also my pictures I upload from my gallery but when I see someone comments it say html ..... please let me know I'm afraid that someone is playing with me

RomanticTingles 2 weeks ago

Its not the worst thing ..kinda keeps me wanting to make more and on my toes to post

Chibi Marshmellow 2 weeks ago

I'm confused: like if I am 881 with a red arrow and someone is 4,000 with a green arrow?

Mister Lee 2 weeks ago

I just want to know is there we can see more frequent traffic times so we can schedule our videos to get the maximum amount of views .

SuperDdave 2 weeks ago

We've been trying to work on are rank for a while now. But Everytime we do something naughty and dirty we forget to video it happening. It just happens lol we will work on taking more videos an even pics

TinyLoveMia 2 weeks ago

Thank you for the info, I like it. I'm new here but wanna be a top Model. I hope you like my work 😋

JayAndL 3 weeks ago

Love it....I think it's motivating

Jakobod 3 weeks ago

“Hot dog Hot dog Hot diggity dog, it’s a brand new day, whatcha waiting for?”

adrilove 3 weeks ago

I definitely think its a nice thought to have the ability to see our rank, it can act as a motivating factor for sure, but i also believe that it can be very bad on mentality with how easy it is for the algorithim to fuck us amateur models over already. Before this it already felt like a competition for viewers without seeing where we rank eith everyone else, now it kinda just feels dehumanizing to have to be compared to every other model.

nixatnite 3 weeks ago

I keep rising! Watch my videos and help me rise some more

quarthedwig01 3 weeks ago

https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5d648ed84c02f I post Asian Interracial porn. Just started my PH Channel. Hope you like my videos guys. :-)

aa4aa2017 3 weeks ago

I personally don't care for the new ranking system. I just find this a good place to share my videos so they are not censored. Have a great day everyone

Ryder1226 3 weeks ago

Nice to know ☺

xprettyguardianx 3 weeks ago

Quite frankly I don't even think the system works, or the criteria is too dubious to be relevant. Take the feedback from your community and fix it or get rid of it.

brett 2 weeks ago

It's one of the most well received changes we've done. Bridging pro vs amateur is important.

mrpleasure16 3 weeks ago

could i get a add and some views on my chanell just started out and want some opinions

ansera_dupree_jr 3 weeks ago

@Unknown BBC

ansera_dupree_jr 3 weeks ago

Check my page, all companies, Pornstar's, and Amateurs welcome @Tana Lea

Red Fred 3 weeks ago

Everyone has their own preferences choosing what to upload on their channel the ranking system in my opinion ruins the reason we express ourselves here and adds a level of competitiveness most of us never asked for.

Black pleasure 3 weeks ago

Professional pornstars r in the model program to I'm looking at a few right now an I'll ask again how can we compete with them......ik they got they're promotion profiles but they got personal profiles too in the model program ijs how hard it's gonna be for us who works a 9-5 that don't get paid big dollars for have sex..... Most professional pornstars are in the model program

NattyCat 3 weeks ago

Yes they are in model program however they have a pornstar rank, not a model rank. Ranking does not impact how much you get paid either.

Sweety Sub 3 weeks ago

I've noticed.. Competition will keep me active

Red Studio X 3 weeks ago

Well let's see how this goes

riorahulxxx 3 weeks ago

Its an amazing

BUMPKINSSS 3 weeks ago

Being an amateur is so so difficult. Especially when starting out. It’s impossible to get views.

TheLifeOfBeingBo 3 weeks ago

Vent lige et sekund.........

TheLifeOfBeingBo 3 weeks ago

Hahahahah, det der ligner min kæreste på en prik

MisKitten 3 weeks ago

Great news everyone 🤪

KittyandMizu 3 weeks ago

How to see a list of the rankings? We wanna see all competitors and people to subscribe to

SexiLexi5153 3 weeks ago

Fullforcefull 3 weeks ago

It should be about views and likes, not sales

NattyCat 3 weeks ago

There are 4 different ranks for 4 different purposes. Not all of them are sales based.

Black pleasure 3 weeks ago

Then this should be for us only. pornstar already getting paid an what not this should be for ppl who's NOT in the industry give us a chance to shine otherwise this will be pointless almost every pornstar has a page one here so what u think is gonna happen when u put them vs us? We not gonna get noticed

NattyCat 3 weeks ago

The model rank is only for models, not for professionals.

Mr Lustful 3 weeks ago

The competention is great motivation only when there's enough participation. Don't ask for support if you're not support, don't solicit comments if you're not commenting. Lets network and support each truly and we all can watch our ratings jump

Kinkyeve 3 weeks ago

The rewards system should be buy category,facial fetish ect.that way everyone has a chance to win.as it is it is very hard for most amateurs to ever compete with the ken and barbie body types that most ppl enjoy watching.still a great site to work with and i have been enjoying the work that the pornhub staff have put it making this a safer and better earning site for the models.👍

Miss Sweet 3 weeks ago

What if you don't have a rating?

NattyCat 3 weeks ago

There is a system bug for certain profiles where the information is not complete. We're working for it to show up regardless of incorrect/missing info. Hang tight and you'll see it soon!

Suro Sempoek 3 weeks ago


CreamPinay69 3 weeks ago

Thanks for the explanations. 😉

Sexyasskitty 1 month ago

Hey I'm new here

Dreamer XXX 1 month ago

And I really liked it. You can clearly see your progress and take measures if the rating falls.

Vicky Lust 1 month ago

I guess I got to fuck my way all the way up to the top! Cum to one of my videos and help a girl out

Carly Curvy 1 month ago

King Kock 1 month ago

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Rhaelith 1 month ago

Love to see rank easly, can be useful to know how ur doing recently

nympho710 1 month ago

love it

Toriiann 1 month ago

All PH blogs are awesome but I wouldnt mind a video or two being featured. Will that ever be an amaetur model upgrade?

NattyCat 3 weeks ago

We already feature 26 amateur model videos on the front page daily.

Maximum Power 1 month ago


Theamazingjarmond 1 month ago

I new to this how this work!

sakurapurs 1 month ago

I wish everyone good luck in their journey

perfectalmond 1 month ago

I think this is interesting, let’s keep grinding

XMortem 1 month ago


BUMPKINSSS 1 month ago

It’s so difficult when you are starting to get views though. Comparing yourself to others is no way to go though. One step at a time ☺

Lana SlutWife 1 month ago

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ExXotic Couple 1 month ago


Dysfun_booty 1 month ago

I guess I have to start making videos again lol

candybooty458 1 month ago

ion like this lol it’s dumb not everyone likes the same things

Kai Taylor 1 month ago

I love bringing the goods and watching people’s views go up and up

Ricaviro 1 month ago

I hope some day have great rank

Esteban y Anna 1 month ago

I wish there was a way to see which videos are hot that day without have to go through all of the video manager stats. Like most viewed in last 24 -48 hours or something.

saltyx 1 month ago

Thanks for the info

Baby jai 1 month ago


HawtCock 1 month ago

Thank you so much very helpful post!!

Driftin J 1 month ago

I'm just getting started on so hopefully things take off into the right direction

Beauty Contis 1 month ago

hokay ! let's have sex overnight 😘

Brandon smiles 1 month ago

You'll lucky because you have girlfriends and boyfriend's were us solo people have a hard time getting views and subscribers. It toke me nearly a year to get to 1.2k...

Yahweh777555 1 month ago

I will be number 1

EACARporn 1 month ago

ou yeah

Amazon Kayla 1 month ago

Like seeing this broken down. ❤ thanks!

Ashley19 1 month ago

it's a little confusing all around but i think i can manage with it

TheRealLilmar 1 month ago

Thanks for the explanation!

Eelet 1 month ago

I think it shouldn't be viewed as competition. It just shows where you're at. For instance, I started in may. I don't expect the #1 spot. I never do. But it's nice to see where I'm at and it's cool to see the number rise

montsita 1 month ago

En mi caso esto me sirve para que sepa que voy de mal a peor!

Baby Christy 1 month ago

VERY GOOD)))Step by step towards the goal, it is very motivating)))

unknown 1 month ago

that is so cool

triggatrev 1 month ago

Yeah turns out I actually suck lmao

BatGirlnThrobin 1 month ago


JazzyRedd 1 month ago

It is what it is

mrmrscumzalot 1 month ago

I think this feature. It motivates to keep going

Mikel Prado 1 month ago

Now I can watch me swing down the rating😂

CrazyPornFamily 1 month ago

help us with my wife, check out our videos🙏) and we have a desire for you in the videos, write wishes in the messages)🥰💋😚🧸

Kisao 1 month ago


W3ttkitty69 1 month ago

It's frustrating but okk tryin to find the rite support team. Trying my best

The Impaler 1 month ago

Add me for bbc fun

MarryShop 1 month ago

This perfect news!!!!!

vampirecouple666 1 month ago

Pretty exciting for Dark Valentine and I =D

Valerie Dee 1 month ago

Thanks for explanation

Hinata Kabuto 1 month ago

Хм, полезно)

Tim Ellington 1 month ago

I think it's a cool feature, thanks!

Btomalex 1 month ago

Follow me New Videos DROPPING SOON

unknown 1 month ago

Mm i am 10890 🤔🤔

kateena18 1 month ago


leomax418 1 month ago

Yeeeeah 😈

TeenyGinger 1 month ago

Is there somewhere to see a list of the top profiles? Who are the top 20 models?

C NBA 1 month ago

This shit is too much we exposing ourselfs and this cash ain't flowing

secretmix 1 month ago

Love all competition. Bring it.

Mastermeat1 1 month ago

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Dread Hot 1 month ago

together we are strong... here we have space for all models =)

Lizzy and Joe 1 month ago

I like knowing where we stand. Motivates us!

ChillingFairy 1 month ago

Pretty cool thanks for the explaining

Bunz Bunny 1 month ago

One of the reason I joined Pornhub because there wasn’t any pressure to make sales!

Bunz Bunny 1 month ago

Right why are you guys doing this! It shouldn’t be a competition!

Coco Reese 1 month ago


TeddyVnTwitch 1 month ago

For TeddyV and I it is not about the money so I am excited to see the rankings on our page now. TeddyV said it is just another way to make us put up more videos lol. Either way I love posting our videos and to now see how far we’ve come by numbers is aweeesomee!

THEYY55 1 month ago

I love this, makes a challenge ) SUBSCRIBE N LIKE 😍🤤💦🖤

liluguang 1 month ago


Pettit_Looloo 1 month ago

It is cool!!! 🤪😉😊😘

Blasian08 1 month ago

Happy porn hubbing 😂

pattymelt07 1 month ago

Thanks for explaining it

LatinaSucia 1 month ago

I wish there was a way to hide it! I’m just starting out so it’s not a very high rank yet. 😕

OmarTheThick 1 month ago

The competition makes me randy

LeoKleo 1 month ago

Good competition and we would like to participate in it, but we just recently joined the PH and we still have little popularity for such videos ;(

Marco alvad 1 month ago

Check our gay footjob and feet fucking videos to help us climb the ranks ❤

unknown 1 month ago

Rising star 😜💋

AlifieKush 1 month ago

Ah so that's what the ranking is. Nice! I like competition, but my ranking is so bad... xD need to pump those numbers up

Katerina Pirs 1 month ago

It's so coolI really love this update ❤❤❤

CocoaVSvanilla 1 month ago

Love it!

Pretty Lit Kitty 1 month ago

Let’s help each other climb the ranks!! Follow us and we will follow back! We are very active watchers and commenters 😘

Lucky Macky 1 month ago

Wish me luck

les_gourmands 1 month ago

I am mixed on this system. I'm happy to know where I am but I'm not so happy that fans can look for better rated models. we should also have a scale and know about how many people and our ranking

kinkycouple111 1 month ago

Thanks PH! Reading the comments though, I really think there should be an option to hide the ranking as a lot of people don’t seem to like it (we do) xx

LadyBreakall 1 month ago

Don't like these rankings either but its whatever 🤷🏽

Red Fox 1 month ago

I stably stay in the first hundred. although I refresh my page with cool and hot videos very often! What could be the reason? 🤔

FemboyNerd 1 month ago

52,571...!? Am I really THAT cool?

AniKong and Pussy 1 month ago

We need to raise the rating of our hot videos, we need to make the video even hotter, who are interested, go to our profile and get enough)

hannybelle 1 month ago

nice, thanks for the info

Pedro Mendez 1 month ago

Sounds fun to me x

Toyfucker87 1 month ago

Hmmmm. I'm a gay model. It seems weird to lump me with all of the other Amateur Models when 80-90% of Pornhub's visitors are looking for straight porn. How can I "make my way to the #1 spot" when that is undoubtedly impossible for a gay (male) model?

NattyCat 3 weeks ago

If your videos go onto pornhubgay.com you are ranked vs other self categorized gay models. You are not ranked vs straight models.

FemboyNerd 1 month ago

I was thinking the same thing. On the other hand, you like you're doing awesome from my perspective. xD

TfNaughtybee 1 month ago

It’s a nice incentive to keep improving! Great addition

Choko-Banana 1 month ago

I always like competition, and ranking is a perfect tool! Thanks!

imqhost 1 month ago

Let's see how this goes. Good luck, all! 😘😘

OxygeN-O2 1 month ago

It's fine.

Carmelasmallcock 1 month ago

Carmela wants to make Vids worshiping her small cock please send tips

Moaning myrtle 1 month ago

Idk how to go about this🤔

CraigbigD 1 month ago

You ladies wanna see good body and cock just subscribe

madsthicck 1 month ago

Newly model and loving being able to post my sex videos for women/men to see makes me sooo horny! Hope everyone is having a great day!

Remi Reagan 1 month ago

Cool! Thanks for all the info! I find these as a great personal tool to try to be MY best.

Thanos Steve 1 month ago

Shiiiet I’ll easily sacrifice this exposure for one Hundo ya dig

Lilithh Morningstar 1 month ago

This is a difficult road for new models.

Long Stroke Chris 1 month ago

Everyone keep working hard we will make it to top

Candy Camille 1 month ago

Just make vids with no pressure , its not a competition.

Legohub 1 month ago

We are here for the fun, not for the competition!

KIMxCHI 1 month ago

yasss we can finally track our progress!!!

ExXotic Couple 1 month ago

awesome!!! 485!!!!

xlkyng 1 month ago

Hey anybody got any toilet paper ????

Purple Vayda 1 month ago

Would rather work with other Amateur Models and help promote vs being against each other. Oh well, wish everyone success!

weseek14fun 1 month ago

I enjoy the competition, and understanding where our profile stands! People enjoy what they enjoy! However, can I ask PORNHUB ADMINS why there isn't a Polynesian Category? I feel like an outsider because that's my category but it's not listed at all in the main Category. I get a lot of traction "newbie here" so think there's a huge search for videos like this so it would be great to have a Polynesian Category. Any object to this?? Speaking for Samoan's and Polynesians out there lol.

Lola Linwood 1 month ago

Idk it kinda boosted my confidence a little

Mary Jane Margarita 1 month ago

Interesting, good way to try to do better

LustTaste 1 month ago

Great update!

Jarzy Baby 1 month ago


Devin Nash 1 month ago


ChockclitNastii 1 month ago

Check my nice ass booty riding dick😁

JakeGreenmanXXX 1 month ago

This is great

PowerTopGuy 1 month ago

Everyone at pornhub is amazing always on top

KeithSlay 1 month ago

I don't care about all that, I want the peso! So how I get paid.

BlakNasty 1 month ago

Everybody check my page out and send me a subscribe! I'm gonna start giving yall some good videos but I have some up now. Go like and watch

JPrettykitty24 1 month ago

I dont expect a high amount of money i just started dumb ass, im just curious as to understanding why things arent showing up like it should in my model earnings. Is it just me or?

Kalibabe 1 month ago

I love this ❤

elloisedunkan 1 month ago

My competitive ass is confused lol

Mk Stroke Her 1 month ago

Anyone who wanna win those rankings in Florida add me ladies let’s do this 😊

Moaning Angel 1 month ago

This is a great motivation for my depraved holes.🥰🥰🥰

ItsClitty420 1 month ago

I was wondering what this was all about! It’s nice having a goal =

DarkWetDreemz 1 month ago

Great feature! I think it’s really cool to see analytics like that on our individual page. Like all entertainment porn is a competitive business but I don’t it’s as scary as some might think. The rank is there for information on how you are doing for your brand and not to compare for others. To other models I say make your content without pressure and your numbers will improve based on your marketing and work ethic.

AnthoneeRai 1 month ago

Sooooo now we’re being ranked for what we do? Hmmm ok well that’s a shit show than, bad enough we see what views we get now it’s our ranking smh. Let’s us just be and express our desire for sex and share to the world w/o the ranking and views and who’s popular. Sex is supposed too be fun and entertaining not who’s the best at it or who gets all the views.

Leya Falcon 1 month ago

Sounds like a good plan

cigarettesmalls 1 month ago

I’m in Denver Colorado, message me

420doejohn 1 month ago

Hey everybody help get me to 50k videos views! Thanks everybody! I love everyone on here! I hope everyone’s having a great day! If anybody ever needs anybody to talk to I’m always here for ya! 😉

Indulgents 1 month ago

We just gonna keep doing what we love ranking or no ranking.

Drilliroxxxxx 1 month ago

COOL BEANS - errone go watch @DRILLIROXXXXX vids - help a bro grooOw!

toodrencmorgrente 1 month ago

n/a menz rele gd, rit?

Facho7 1 month ago

Hi, I'm new here. I need help to be an Amateur Payment Program .. I have a series of homemade videos

NattyCat 1 month ago

to join go to www.pornhubmodels.com and follow the steps.

Ivy McNea 1 month ago

Thank you for explaining! May I ask for one request, could you bring back the view count for mobile view. I want to be able to see the actual video views without having to go into desktop site view. I like watching my numbers move daily and now it has become a pain. Thank you XOXOX!

buckford-babe 1 month ago

I just suck my husbands cock on cam. I don’t really need this shit in my life.

caramelluscious 1 month ago

Ima just ignore lol

Cakylynn 1 month ago


dmarcushammond 1 month ago

Nice love the ranking system

sleezballs666 1 month ago

Collaboration over Competition!

honeyhip 1 month ago

Hmmm interesting still all new to me but Iam just an observer

curiouscutie 1 month ago

I'll just keep making vids because it's something that I enjoy. As for the ranking, it'll matter when it matters....at least in my case.

Naked Unicorn 1 month ago

I understand but I’ll never be close to the top because I won’t do the videos that are the most popular. Sucks for me I guess.

ElenaVolkova 1 month ago

Cool update! one step to the top everyday

Gwen Adora 1 month ago

Yes! Thank you for allowing us to see these stats!

Mwaarh 1 month ago

Very Good! Great Job

Bangaslangher23 1 month ago

Like the idea

JPrettykitty24 1 month ago

I just made my account, decent amount of views in just 2 days but only made $0.18 cent... Wtf is up with this? Anyone know?

unknown 1 month ago

1) it’s been two days. What did you expect? A million dollars? 2) you need to “tag” your videos better as to what’s going on in said video. As well as use catchy titles

Succubus Sin 1 month ago


DADDY ORGASM 1 month ago

Don't think I'll be a top seller any time soon. But this is great to know.

Mario Williamson 1 month ago

Rank going up and down

Gladiatored 1 month ago

Too easy.

Seattle Ganja Goddess 1 month ago

I am so glad this article was posted. Thanks!

SexWithMilfStella 1 month ago

Yes! Yes! Yes! More of this kind of stuff please! More data, more analytics, more transparency like this blog post that explains how stuff works. Love this, keep it up Pornhub!

lovehospital2 1 month ago

Understood,Thank you !

Bambi Araki 1 month ago

Thanks for explaining 😘😘😘 hope everyone watches me get fucked so I can climb the ranks 💦💦💦

Dream4Angel 1 month ago

Thanks!!! Very clear explanation....thnks!!!


Thanks for explaining. Now go watch our videos so we can make top 20 😘😉

MsStacy08 1 month ago


Porn Cake 1 month ago


Bi-planet 1 month ago

Lets do this

Asswurx 1 month ago

Nice that you did that. Ours is currently not working as it just says N/A all the way across (Sent service request) That said rather than a ranking how about better metrics and tracking for the Pornhub side! Not really interested in the completion as much as the performance of our own stuff and how it's trending. Downloading a spread sheet every day to get accurate counts is annoying Things like a total of daily video and profile views. Thanks!

myst-us 1 month ago

OK so we Just have to be here and Enjoy !!! 😜

Mandy Foxxx 1 month ago

Love the ranking display!! Thank y'all so much for always making improvements for us!!!

Piglet_Peter 1 month ago


Lovita Lynn 1 month ago

Exactly my thoughts!

Shaveh Metzitza 1 month ago

My current rank is 8120 good to know

JaynaLove69 1 month ago

Very nice Thank you!

KinkyJamVideo 1 month ago

Greate work! I wish a high rating for all models! Making world better!🙌

Cumdump-sub 1 month ago

High rating and good luck to all you horny guys out here 💪😚

GreekBooty 1 month ago

Good luck to everyone !! 🍀

Mastermeat1 1 month ago

Awesome stuff

CasalAventura 1 month ago

Great! We never imagined having such a good rank !!! Now it's working to get even better!

Bodygoldxxx 1 month ago


2Smooth_Ny 1 month ago

Ima be top 1000 one day watch me

unknown 1 month ago

About time

Trishbunny 1 month ago

Really liking the update

Diane Andrews 1 month ago


daisiesandhalos 1 month ago

never really paid attention to this before! thanks for the info!

CoyWilder 1 month ago

I see girls with very high model ranks with not many view and my rank is down with 13m views 🤔. Is the matrix broken?

CasalAventura 1 month ago

I think that more down is better! The top have rank like 1, 2...

OutfallingSex 1 month ago

lets start the race

Amber Westbrook 1 month ago

I appreciate the update! My key take away is that modelhub rank accounts for performance and engagement on the site

Sweede And Nord 1 month ago


SavageHouseTV 1 month ago

This is great! Thanks 😊

Talon Queen 1 month ago

Oh shit - i have a rank now. HOW BOW DAh

Becca baby 1 month ago

Love the ranking system. Shows me when I’m improving. Thanks for explaining xx

kinkykouple420 1 month ago

Thank you for your explanations on these things

Crown_usnation 1 month ago

Check out my recent videos 😍😊

Nikole69 1 month ago


NoFaceEx 1 month ago

So how do you get featured on the main page?

Yo Bestie Dre 1 month ago


SexyAlanaxxx 1 month ago

So the top 20 earners get an additional bonus check... Hmm capitalism at work I guess! 💕

NoAccount2019 1 month ago


MissTease 1 month ago

Looks like I have a bit of work to do x

ass_omg 1 month ago


Mask Porn 1 month ago

Amazing! Thanks for the update!

TeenyGinger 1 month ago

Is "top 20 earners" the only category with a monetary prize?

Aurora Watson 1 month ago

At the beginning of every month, we announce the Models of the Month who win monetary prizeshttps://www.pornhub.com/blog/8491

NattyCat 1 month ago

The pornhub monthly awards also offer monetary prizes.

LittleHer 1 month ago

Yes, go it... still we do it for our Good Fun and the Happiness of Sharing!

Belleniko 1 month ago


SexyWolfster 1 month ago

Sweet !

adventurecouple204 1 month ago

Love it! Stay thirsty 😉

oscar1463 1 month ago


morningporn 1 month ago


n301_XXX 1 month ago


rich_forever313 1 month ago

I like it

Kassy_Kage 1 month ago

Interesting :3

Rain drop 1 month ago

Thank u I like it 😘🥰

Dot Ostara 1 month ago

Thank you for the clarification!

PinayAtabsCreamy 1 month ago

Thankyou so much for this ! Love from PH

KLSFilms 1 month ago


Devin and Brandy 1 month ago

Amazing help as always Ms Watson! 😘

shely81 1 month ago

thanks for the information... 😘

Nini_Divine 1 month ago


sallyomalley39 1 month ago

Thank You XOXOXOOX SallyOMalley39

LittleDevil4You 1 month ago


Hattabi4ik 1 month ago


kateena18 1 month ago


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