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by: Aurora Watson

Welcome back to Pornhub Staff Citizens where we put the spotlight on one of our team members. This time around, we got the lovely NattyCat to share some personal deets and embarrassing stories with all of you!


How long have you been working at Pornhub?

I’ve been at Pornhub for under a year now — still a newbie!


What’s your position?

I’m the marketing manager of the Pornhub Model Program and Modelhub.


What do you love most about your job?

I love the excitement and passion that everyone has for their jobs, for the industry, and for the community — it’s contagious and makes it easy to get completely immersed in it.


What’s your work pet peeve?

The fact that I can’t seem to remember which doors are “pull” and which are “push” (I swear they switch them daily and that’s why I can’t open them).

Courtesy of Farside 

When you’re not working, what could we find you doing?

I like weird hobbies — I do silversmithing, aerial silks, and a bunch of different art forms (needle felting, watercolors, etc).


How would your colleagues describe you?

Kooky with a very dark (and inappropriate) sense of humor.


If you could pick any super power, what would it be?

To stop time — I can finally Marie Kondo my goddamn house.


What’s your most cringe-worthy dating story?

I was having spicy noodles on a date when I noticed my date had a drop of soup on his face. I was trying to be flirtatious and went to wipe it off with my finger, only to realize it was snot when it stretched from his face to my finger as I pulled back. It still makes me laugh to this day. 


If you could be the opposite sex for just one day, what would you do?

Besides the obvious ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) , I’d want to do physical activities to see how different my body would be (Can I climb better? Run better? Does spicy food taste better? Do sweets not taste as good? Can I actually find the vegetables in the back of the fridge?).


Are you the kind of person who squeezes the toothpaste from the middle or the end?

End — I’m one of those people who has a toothpaste squeezing tool. Middle squeezers make my blood pressure shoot through the roof. 


What’s your favorite place you’ve ever visited?

Hawaii is my favorite by far. I’ve been 4 times now and it’s a spectacular place if you love being in nature — hiking, swimming, snorkeling, surfing, and even skiing, you can do it all.


What’s the best advice you’ve ever heard?

My mom always says this when things go wrong: “Life is like a tiger, you’ll have one stripe orange, one stripe black. No matter what, each stripe follows another and things will change.” It always grounds me to remember that things will get better even when everything seems to have gone to hell in a handbasket.


What’s your favorite breakfast cereal?

I don’t eat cereal anymore, but Cookie Crisp is the dumbest, but most delicious, cereal ever. Who thought making miniature chocolate chip cookies was a good children’s breakfast item?


What was the last movie you cried to?

I’m a big sucker and a romantic at heart. I cried last weekend to Crazy Rich Asians. I love me a good love story.


What is the scariest/stupidest thing you’ve done and actually lived to tell the tale?

When I was in summer camp, we went to the waterpark. It had one of those massive drop chutes where you lie on your back with hands over chest with your legs crossed and you slide down at almost 90 degrees. Classic early ‘90s, it didn’t have safety nets and it was one of those open water slides. I was terrified, but was dared to go. I sat down, pushed off, and then blacked out; I have no memory of the slide except when I woke up at the bottom of the slide. I remember being on my stomach and facing the other way. From what onlookers told me, I apparently went ass over teakettle and tumbled down the whole 30-foot drop. I heard that several years later, they shut it down because another kid died. Lucky me.


Who was your first celeb crush as a kid?

Brendan Frasier. I wanted to grow up to be Rachel Weisz just so I could kiss Frasier in The Mummy.


What “childish” thing do you still do as an adult?

My boyfriend and I still build pillow forts, then we hunker down with wine and food and watch movies from it all night.


If you could retire today, what would you?

I would open an art studio and spend winters travelling to warmer continents. I’d also start a blog about eating doughnuts around the world. Send me your best doughnut recommendations (shout-out to Beignet City Market in Kansas City, Missouri — best doughnuts I have eaten across 3 continents so far).


If you were the 8th Dwarf, what would your name be?

I’m actually just Sleepy. I can nap twice a day and still be tired by 8 pm. My birthday gift from my friends last year was that they threw a party for me and let me go to bed by 11.



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Danika Mori 3 months ago

Ahahahahah here we have a technical toothpaste sqeezer.Let's gift one of these tools to Aurora! Nice to meet you Natty!

Danika Mori 3 months ago

very nice to meet you too! I'm also a lover of aerial arts

NattyCat 3 months ago

It was going to be her birthday gift from me Nice to meet you too Danika!

PrecumX 3 months ago

She is gorgeous!

BellaRides 3 months ago

I cried my eyes out at Crazy Rich Asians too. I cried out to God “WHERE IS MY LOVE STORY?” 😭😂

SexWithMilfStella 3 months ago

Haha. Those darn middle squeezers

cocopumpum 3 months ago

What an interesting person! ) You got me with a toothpaste Nice to meet you!

NattyCat 3 months ago

end squeezers unite!! Nice to meet you too

LIDNAILS 3 months ago

heart eyes!!!

hornedhank 1 month ago

Pretty good answers like sleepy one the best cause a girl always ready for bed I would call you sexy

daisiesandhalos 3 months ago

I really wanna see the watercolors! Y'all should post some on the Modelhub Instagram one of these days!

NattyCat 3 months ago

Not that good yet - but maybe I'll do something for Modelhub!

Esteban y Anna 3 months ago

Why can't people read the toothpaste instructions,lol.

husband-fist-wife 3 months ago

I kinda like these kind of post. It makes pornhub seem a little more personal.

MsShynie 3 months ago

Welcome 💯

Alex CUM 3 months ago

I open the toothpaste with the knife to make sure there is nothing left

vanillachocolate69 3 months ago

Still the biggest fan of these profiles!

The-spartiate 3 months ago

No its mi (no it's me) these biggest fan

Carly Curvy 3 months ago

Great interview!

KatyaPlisetsky 3 months ago

Just a relatable softie. I love it!

unknown 3 months ago

hahaha absolutely love that you have a toothpaste tool. I'm pretty anal about it myself.

anitaliciperu 3 months ago

very charming

Jojobaby1995 3 months ago

Nice to meet you

NattyCat 3 months ago

Nice meeting you too

Chessie Rae 3 months ago

Me and my boyfriend actually use 2 diffrent toothpaste tubes because he can't stand the fact that i twist it in order to get toothpaste out and he squeezes from bottom up

NattyCat 3 months ago

AHHH! A twister!!! You've given me new stressors to think about!!

Chessie Rae 3 months ago

Interesting read! Loved the random questions asked haha

Raven Railey 3 months ago

I accompany you in the feeling with being the sleeping dwarf haha

littlelaces 3 months ago

Nice to read about your team

Holly Halftone 3 months ago

That snot story... that's one for a four panel comic page lolol

NattyCat 3 months ago

True story. If it wasn't so funny in the moment it would be absolutely gag-worthy

Snizort 3 months ago

Ahahaha!! The toothpaste part is what life is about...

Shaveh Metzitza 3 months ago

Love you NattyCat Thank you for sharing

Drilliroxxxxx 3 months ago

UUUGH SNOT? HA HA funny shixt!all you sexy people go subscribe to '' DRILLIROXXXXX '' channel

Miss Fantasy 3 months ago

Very nice to meet another interesting person pornhub teamNow this is definitely one of my favorite headings

georgenmissy 3 months ago

nice read! thanks for sharing with us!!

pinky185 3 months ago


Cherry_Fairy 3 months ago

Very fun and interesting interview) I also like to sleep a lot) Nice to meet you

NattyCat 3 months ago

nice meeting you too

J and K 3 months ago

Very open and down to earth, we enjoyed the read 😊

maduraCachonda 3 months ago

heart eyes

blackirishmafia 3 months ago


edith 3 months ago

heart eyes!!!

Hndhulk99 2 months ago

My Dwarf name would be low hanging Cock

Fenix_Black 2 months ago

Nice to meet you Natty!

Fenix_Black 2 months ago

Good stories)

CharlieKing1211 2 months ago

Nice to meet you Natty. You seem like a very nice person. And you're very beautiful as well. You have a nice day.

TBoneOnRye 2 months ago

Super cute. Thanks for helping with the best adult entertainment site out there.. And to everyone who helps make porn hub what it is, thanks for sharing.. Everyone's body is beautiful, you are appreciated.

jfox69 3 months ago

Your awesome

dillinger696969 3 months ago


Vivians_secrets 3 months ago

I love these questions and all your answers! I almost feel like these questions would be cool to have on our profiles (or at least some of them) you sound like a wicked awesome person! nice to meet you

Amateur18Clips 3 months ago

Super interesting!

Honey Chocolate Bunny 3 months ago

Subscribe 🍫🍯

Sugar coo 3 months ago

Nice to meet you ! Haha I'm a sleepy person too if I'm not working im sleeping !

Honey Chocolate Bunny 3 months ago

Subscribe 🍯🍫

FuckinUpGutz 3 months ago

Nice to meet you

Honey Chocolate Bunny 3 months ago

Subscribe 🍯🍫

Honey Chocolate Bunny 3 months ago

Subscribe 💛🍯🍫

FrankNewbieSpanker 3 months ago

Cool. I know someone who teaches aerial silks in Las Vegas, and she spends all her time with Christy Mack, she might be able to get you an autographed hat if you take a class with her. And, I would have to agree with you about the Cookie Crisp not being the best for growing brains first thing in the morning. They must be in bed with the pharmaceutical companies.

Krimsonskye 3 months ago

Very nice to meet you. I’m a brand newbie here!

Princess_Poppy 3 months ago

Good to meet you Natty! You sound like a whole lot of fun!

NattyCat 3 months ago

Nice meeting you too

loreemoni 3 months ago


acid_burn666 3 months ago


unknown 3 months ago

Oh Yeahh.

HarrisonDong 3 months ago

What's up NattyCat!!!!

Jessis Smiles 3 months ago

I love the read!!! I have to agree i be the same dwarf I'm ALWAY SLEEPY!! Haha

Honey Chocolate Bunny 3 months ago


Fiamurr 3 months ago

Great interview!

Perdolino MeZokh 3 months ago

( ° ʖ °) Doughnuts are for sausages... right?

Missblossom 3 months ago

Nice to meet you!!!

Trixi Evol 3 months ago

Hello I'm Trixi. I'm brand new here, i just got approved

NattyCat 3 months ago

Welcome to the PH Community Trixi!

Dougsaucy 3 months ago

Is there a way to boost my profile ?

Akins135 3 months ago

Lol very funny

NadiaCole 3 months ago

Nice to meet you, Im new to PornHub and absolutely love it so far!!

NattyCat 3 months ago

Nice to meet you and welcome to the PH community!

Arabboy7 3 months ago

I have onequestion how can I know how much I earn on the settings I mean Pornhub* Videos earn Ad RevenueI have about 700K views

NattyCat 3 months ago

You can see your earnings here:https://www.pornhub.com/model/payments and for more information on the earnings:https://help.pornhub.com/hc/en-us/articles/360018978393

Red7210 3 months ago

I want to be you!

LittleDevil4You 3 months ago


bjttjb 3 months ago

Soy una zorra

pinky185 3 months ago

😍😍💋 Cum Watch My Videos

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