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by: Aurora Watson

When it comes to growing your fanbase, don’t underestimate the power of social media. It might feel tedious to edit and tweak your content, but a little effort can go a long when curating your page and posting professional-looking pics and videos. The good news is, there a ton of helpful apps, and to make things even easier for you, we’ve listed some of our faves in this month's At Your Fingertips post. 


If you’re looking to curate your social media page and have a cohesive theme in mind to reflect your brand, message, and vibe, then we’d like to introduce you to Over. Warning: You might become totally obsessed with this app, so we suggest reserving an afternoon to really get to know Over and benefit from everything it has to offer.

Once you sign up and choose between “Personal” and “Brand,” you’ll have a huge library of hand-curated templates and layouts to choose from, with the option to upload your own fonts and logos. You’ll also have access to stock photography websites like Google Images, Unsplash, and Pixabay. Personally, we love the fact that you can get really creative by layering, masking, and blending your photos.  ($9.99)

Photo by Over


The automatic camera functions on our phone can be convenient, but admit it, they’re not always making us look our best, no matter how many filters we layer on. So we’re suggesting going manual…literally. It might take a few more seconds to set it up before you actually snap the shot, but it’s worth it if you want to look flawless. We’d like to introduce you to Manual.

It allows you to adjust and control exposure, shutter speed, white balance, focus, and ISO and capture images in both JPEG and RAW format. It also offers light and dark themes so you could really get the shot you want. It’s a no-frills kind of app with a simple and easy-to-use interface. ($3.99)

Photo by Manual


If you’re as much of a fan of social media stories as we are, then Story Slicer is a must. Whether you prefer shooting directly with Story Slicer or want to use a video you already have saved, Story Slicer allows you to cut and edit videos with smooth transitions. It also lets you post stories on your Facebook, Instagram, VK, and Whatsapp without length limitation. ($1.99)

Photo by Story Slicer

For more useful apps to help with creating content, check out last month's At Your Fingertips post on video editing apps. 


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SexWithMilfStella 3 months ago

I love posts like this. Stuff that helps us grow our channel and brand. Keep this stuff cumming...er...coming

Aurora Watson 3 months ago

Hi! I appreciate your comments and have definitely taken them into consideration. Pornhub doesn't have any affiliation with these apps. I was just sharing my personal favorites. I've done research in the past to see what big social media influencers use, tried out a ton myself, and narrowed it down to these 3. They're just personal suggestions. However, am I happy to write a blog post next month on only FREE apps that could help with your social media accounts if you'd like!

SexWithMilfStella 3 months ago

@Brandynette I totally understand your frustration on that but at the same time they are a business and trying to make money like the rest of us. If the apps are good then what's wrong with supporting that? That said, I don't know if they're good but I like that these aren't the usual nonsense tips so many other businesses offer like "create a twitter account". At least they're trying

Brandynette 3 months ago

yeah right! if they really cared for us they would have shown us apps that dont cost anything but have a tip option. There is an ecnomic interest behind it since pornhub is affiliated to the apps so it will get a share of the sales.

Bella theblessing 3 months ago

Whats the name of the app

DNAcouplexxx 3 months ago

It’s hard work trying to build my brand. What are some other stuff we can do to get more views.

IsaiahVault 3 months ago

A polished, professional, grammar checked, vacation of the century photo albums, Doppelgänger “front man” active profile on linked in and glass door

AugustaRoller 3 months ago

I use my Twitter for promotion. It would be good if the up and Cumming models like us would support each other on Twitter and retweet each others postsposts.

AugustaRoller 3 months ago

I'm always looking for new things to improve

DarkWetDreemz 3 months ago

Reddit is very good for that, I have seen an increase in fans. There are subreddit channels you can post NSFW gifs, photos and video clips to. You can check it out or make your own.

GreekBooty 3 months ago

Me 2 girl

Miss Fantasy 3 months ago

Definitely try

Succubus Sin 3 months ago

Useful post~

MsShynie 3 months ago

I LOVE the Over app ... I will say apps help but ladies invest in lighting & some real video editing software as well in the long run you'll end up needing both for content you create on your phone and with your webcams. Good luck!

MsShynie 3 months ago

Trust me WE ALL ARE! Take time to learn your best angles & lightening it helps but mostly love yourself! Confidence outweighs any flaw! EVERYTIME!

GreekBooty 3 months ago

I am always shy of my imperfections

Hot Mommy 3 months ago

It looks great but it's nothing against PC (:

Raven Railey 3 months ago

I could never find decent apps to use. Thanks for this fact! It is very helpful!

Elcapomedellin1 3 months ago

I asked the Technical Support of Pornhub to inform me why I can not see you. We're on touch.

Elcapomedellin1 3 months ago

Maybe you blocked your profile for a South American country? ... I can not see you. I will accept your friend request, please send me a message by inbox to be in contact with you

Raven Railey 3 months ago

Mmm I dont know. I do not have it hidden.

Elcapomedellin1 3 months ago

Hi, I can not see you, why is your profile hidden?

TOTOZERMA 2 months ago


Thick Dread 3 months ago

Thank you. Im new to this so i need major help

Red Fox 3 months ago

wow! very good app! thank a lot!

unknown 3 months ago


Alex CUM 3 months ago

Aurora looks interesting I'm going to try the app to see if I like it, thanks for the information

Carly Curvy 3 months ago

Great information!

squirtqueen_69 3 months ago


AceandBeck 3 months ago

Love the helpful tips always!

sfsb217 3 months ago

Good Stuff!!!

LoveITfromBehind90 3 months ago

Thanks!! Very interesting.

Lena Squirt 3 months ago

Nice post !!

Baron and Baroness 3 months ago

Thankss great stuff,my girlfriend will love this! 🙏❤

Buddah Luv 3 months ago

fucking awesome!! come thru PH!!!

Miss-Alise 3 months ago

This is awesome thank you guys

vanillachocolate69 3 months ago

Always good to have some extra apps in line! Thank you!!!

indi69 3 months ago

This can boost your channel 🔥

montsita 3 months ago

Muy interesante! Gracias

Honey Chocolate Bunny 3 months ago

Love this!

JennyPinkSquirt 3 months ago

Ahahahah only shit❤

Nini_Divine 3 months ago

Nice !

unknown 3 months ago

This is Great! Nice job! /J

Rockit30 1 month ago

How do I more views or do web can videos

Bang Boogie 2 months ago

Good stuff

FuckinUpGutz 2 months ago


Chilleee 3 months ago

great info, good to know

virginiaclark 3 months ago


Spacebabestargazer 3 months ago

Ok I’ll check them out

Real XXX Freaks 3 months ago

thanks again team 😘

shapril69 3 months ago

I have some amazing ideas for films m just from ms so the industry is not that big here.

ArcaneEyeAm 3 months ago


LolyMaybe 3 months ago

I really like this topic, I discover a lot of new things to make cool content

ABCAndres 3 months ago

No hay en español?

kinkyasiangirl69 3 months ago


Pleaseyou691 3 months ago

Thanks so much! Really needed new ways to get ourselves out there thanks again!

1LuckySin 3 months ago

Thanks so much for writing this, it really helped.

RNBprince 3 months ago

I’m glad y’all care about us trying to glo up 💰🙏🏽

Honey Chocolate Bunny 3 months ago

Subscribe 🍯🍫🐰💋♥

Honey Chocolate Bunny 3 months ago

Subscribe 🍯🍫🐰💋♥

MagicMintCouple 3 months ago

Do you like our branding?!

Honey Chocolate Bunny 3 months ago

Subscribe 💋🍯🍫🐰

Honey Chocolate Bunny 3 months ago

Subscribe 🍯🍫🐰💋

allcum2easy 3 months ago

Follow me 😝

Jamie Drips 3 months ago

Thankyou for posting this!

Diggingutts_vi 3 months ago

Oh shit. Thanks for the tips

Mia Rae 3 months ago

Good to check them out!!! Thanks

BatGirlnThrobin 3 months ago

Hot info.... Ta

Shaveh Metzitza 3 months ago

Very useful apps. Thank you! ❤

King Ray 3 months ago

Thanks Pornhub.

HeartandAce 3 months ago

Thanks for the post!

Curtis LonggWayy 3 months ago

Awesome, as a newbie I appreciate any suggestions

Latexglovegirl 3 months ago

Really I like posts like this. Awesome 😘

Bella theblessing 3 months ago

Whats the name of the ap

NiLaaWillDoIt 3 months ago

I learned a lot from this post thank you

Mr Ford 3 months ago

Splice won my heart

LilySecret 3 months ago

Hello everyone. Kisses

stewco 3 months ago

Looks good to mee

OTISOTTO 3 months ago

I attempt to use social media as well still pretty challenging though. Follow me on twitter (@xDouble07xx) and let’s support each other

Mister Lee 3 months ago

This was amazing I’ve started promoting on my snap and twitter and it definitely has helped

SEXXYMEXICAN243 3 months ago

Hey yall

bemikk 3 months ago

Is there any corresponding app like StorySlicer for Android?

Cute Mary 3 months ago


BossDonPleasure 3 months ago

Hey new up and coming follow like and subscribe plz and plz share me if u can ❤😘🥰

unknown 3 months ago

Yes, guys just love what you do and like they say.. Build it and they will come . God bless!

Sweety star 3 months ago


Bree loves 3 months ago

What about droids?

Bree loves 3 months ago


NattyCat 3 months ago

we can do some research into Android systems - this was just a post on personal experience and since the staff has had only iPhone experience we couldn't give personal experience post on that.

Tiguita & Tucan 3 months ago

Great post thanks guys!

Zamm Zaddy 3 months ago

Thanks everyone should sub to each other

Amelia Lay 3 months ago

Now if only I had an iPhone...

DamienLongXXX 3 months ago

Thanks for the advice! Helps the amateurs like myself out a bunch

Amelia Lay 3 months ago

Thank you for tips! 😍

cannabliss2 3 months ago

😉 thank you for the tip I mean tips

Cleo Patra 3 months ago

Thanks for this im sure it will come in handy

MissDee Nicotine 3 months ago


GreekBooty 3 months ago

I’m learning ! Still new at this hahaha

Coco Rodz 3 months ago

Great suggestions!!! Thanks PH!!!! 💋

Loren Love 3 months ago

Imagine a world where I could take snaps with my eyes. Would make this marketing life a breeze. What do you guys do to increase your Twitter and IG following?

oonlyhigh 3 months ago

niiice! great things to know. :3

Bigdaddykeey 3 months ago

Check out my videos 😚

Ricks D 3 months ago

Check my page view my vids connect to my social media everything you need is on my profile please don’t forget to leave a small tip #please

anitaliciperu 3 months ago

Gracias por la información..besos

Esteban y Anna 3 months ago

Any good downloads for my shitty old computer. It is so full of porn it barely works anymore. Have 10 videos that I can't even get to, lol.

blendedxxxcouple 3 months ago

We'll have to check it out (AZ)

Nicholas_Wonder 3 months ago

I want to participate also !

Drilliroxxxxx 3 months ago

On point! ya know how Facebook, Twitter, + Instagram are about racy material!!!I know ya tired of getting pages flagged & locked!!! sumtimez ya gotta tone it down!GO ADD & SUBSCRIBE TO DRILLIROXXXXX!

CasalAventura 3 months ago

Wow.... great tips!!!

Sexii Swiss 3 months ago


Allison Leah 3 months ago

Definetly going to play around with the branding one, thanks!

Nicky Mist 3 months ago

So, how works Pornhub guys if you know ? Why my videos have less views?👍❤

MrWizzzle876 3 months ago

Gonna try this out

CollegeFreshMeat 3 months ago

This is awesome!

KittenDaddy 3 months ago

These will be fun to try

Wett-N-hard 3 months ago

Gonna look into it

69lesbo 3 months ago

Good pornhub ! I already have a lot of ideas, but an app is always welcome.I love creating, I take hours to get ideas for videos

IsThatPapi 3 months ago

Might have to check it out

TheAdultComps 3 months ago

This is awesome

Candy Camille 3 months ago

Nice! Thnks for that

Sasha Dark 3 months ago

Thanks for the tip ❤

NorthWestCumShot 3 months ago

Another good app is Adobe's app called Spark or sparkpost

NorthWestCumShot 3 months ago

Not a bad little segment!

KinkyJamVideo 3 months ago

Nice 😊

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