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by: Aurora Watson

Welcome back to our monthly trend report! Cuffing season is officially over and we’ve got all this pent-up energy to release. 

Thankfully, spring is here and believe it or not, but people are hornier than ever. It’s true, they’ve done studies on it and everything — we won’t bore you with those stats this time around, though. We did, however, crunch up the numbers and compile the top 20 tags and categories people searched last month. While some of these might be obvious, others are pretty specific. It’s all in the details, right?


  1. Young
  2. Big Boobs
  3. Teenager
  4. Big Cock
  5. Point of View
  6. Butt
  7. Amateur
  8. Kink
  9. Blowjob
  10. POV
  11. Teen
  12. Ass Fuck
  13. Rough
  14. Petite
  15. Masturbate
  16. Adult Toys
  17. Big Ass
  18. Cumshot
  19. Mother
  20. Creampie


  1. Exclusive
  2. Verified Amateur
  3. Amateur
  4. Verified Models
  5. Blowjob
  6. Teen
  7. Pornstar
  8. Babe
  9. Big Tits
  10. Big Ass
  11. Big Dick
  12. POV
  13. Cumshot
  14. Brunette
  15. Fetish
  16. Creampie
  17. Hardcore
  18. 60FPS
  19. Masturbation
  20. Anal


Is It Actually The End?

If you haven’t jumped on the Avengers bandwagon yet, not to worry, it’s never too late to get on board. It hasn't even been a month since the release of Avengers: Endgame. 

You might have your own list of favorite superheroes and villains, but we took a look at the numbers and ranked the ladies and men in neat little charts just for you. The people have spoken and they’ve been very honest about their infatuation with Captain Marvel, Black Widow, Spiderman, and Captain America.

A Whole New World

If we had to rank the hottest Disney princesses and princes, Jasmine and Aladdin would 100% be in our top three. We might even throw in Jafar for good measure — he was a sultan for about a minute after all. The live-action remake of the classic Disney movie comes out May 24, and whether or not people will like Will Smith’s take on our beloved Genie, we’re expecting a spike in Disney searches nonetheless. So get creative and fish out those old Disney Halloween costumes — it’s time to play dress-up again. Here are some of our most-searched female Disney characters.

  1. Tinkerbell
  2. Rapunzel
  3. Moana
  4. Ariel
  5. Frozen
  6. Mulan
  7. Jasmine
  8. Sofia
  9. Pocahontas
  10. Jessie

Courtesy of Amirah Adara


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SexWithMilfStella 1 week ago

Would love to see a report that shows top search terms. Would also love to see a similar report that shows how people found MY videos (what search terms or category paths). On that note, I'd love to see a report that shows my total views/mins watched/subs by day. Actually, just go copy the YouTube analytics system so we have data like that

Teencatwife 4 days ago


21nosavage 6 days ago

Come sub to profile, I stay active.. vids dropping soon

velvetveronica 1 week ago

Yes, seeing what leads to our content would be huge!

SWAmateurCouple 1 week ago

we only can see 3 lines of text!

codefuck 1 week ago

now everything fine! Thanks for fix it fast)

realwifefucker 1 week ago

same mine

laikaanal 1 week ago


Aurora Watson 1 week ago

yes sorry, it's now fixed!

Cedeh 1 week ago

"they’ve done studies on it and everything — we won’t bore you with those" *Ends entire post to not bore us* haha

msutopia 1 week ago

The same by computer. But it opened by phone

Danika Mori 1 week ago

me two!

Girlincap 1 week ago


Abrahel666 1 week ago


Kimberly Kane 1 week ago


vikzin 1 week ago

Analytics would make me cum... Literally, knowing my analytics would assist me in making more targeted content, which means more hits & more revenue for all! Hell, even allowing embedding so I could run my own analytics would be massively useful and not that unsecure as long as you support the program directly by limiting what analytics would be permitted (google, for example).

YingTakingYang 2 days ago

one can hope !!!

Alex CUM 1 week ago

Very good statistics serves a lot for the titles in my videos

Nevminoze 1 week ago

guys fix! not working

Aurora Watson 1 week ago

fixed now...sorry about the glitch

KinkyJamVideo 1 week ago

Thanks! Need to find spiderman's suit. He's on first place at latest month.

EbonyCelt 1 week ago

thanks 🤗🤗

LA FAM 1 week ago

POSITIVE vibes lol freaked out ones , come vibe .

SweetOsiris 1 week ago

useful info actually thanks for sharing~

vanillachocolate69 1 week ago

Looks like we found our new buzz words 😏

Eastboundkieb 1 week ago


LolyMaybe 3 hours ago

Thank you for teaching us.

Capriithagoat Yesterday

Thanks! Come check me out guys!

kaiamills 2 days ago

Just found out about this “verified amateur” feature on PornHub. I can’t wait to start making sexy vids for the site. Omgosh pure freedom. Thank goodness. come follow if you want to see some of these top searches! Brunette, amateur, big tits, young, exclusive, big boobs, kink ok I’ll stop there, for now. I love PornHub, thanks for the platform for amateurs. Also, thanks for all the great additions like this blog post.

Shortcakestephi 2 days ago

Thanks! Xx

Baby Christy 3 days ago


Spotliite 5 days ago

Up and coming new guy!! I love this cite come check me out

SpideyThePornstar 5 days ago


silkysmooth77 6 days ago

I have found using 2 or 3 tag words helps. Ive done my own testing

NemiBDesire 6 days ago

funny statistics with avengers XD

OmarTheThick 6 days ago

Good to know! Ill get on it

shy_Bi_butt_Vergin 6 days ago

I love pussy but still a V to the D but some reason wanna try it out and then at the same time I don't...

21nosavage 6 days ago

👍🏾 come check my page and sub 💦

Kinky Ranked Duo 6 days ago

wow! this is interesting af

BracePlace 6 days ago


Rarity Rose 6 days ago

What about Lara Croft? Lolol

stewco 6 days ago

Nice lovely

Menoalu 1 week ago


sextina 1 week ago

Hmm the hulk would be really fun to see

Nicky Mist 1 week ago

Thanks POrnhub for posting that

kokalii 1 week ago

This was really helpful

JessaJensen 1 week ago

Yaaaaaas I need to do an avenger video

Sweety star 1 week ago


wingxzero88 1 week ago

I love aladin now even more😍😍

Chessie Rae 1 week ago

Thanks pornhub!

HD7HD7 1 week ago


Ivy Aura 1 week ago

tinkerbell porn is coming now thank u

KinkyDogs 1 week ago


Ruby singh 1 week ago

We’ll I’m down to role playing if someone can be my dark knight

Mwaarh 1 week ago


Loren Love 1 week ago

If Gamora and the Hulk had a k*d?

Drilliroxxxxx 1 week ago

Cool beans, errbody should go subscribe + add DRILLIROXXXXX(Black-spiderman, BBC! like Tors hammer! )

realwifefucker 1 week ago

very nice

Buck Naked 1 week ago

Good to know!

MsPerfectPussy 1 week ago

These tags make sense!

Gem Stoned 1 week ago

Great statistics, I was actually making my videos to film list and majority of these categories are there, including a few of these cosplay characters. I guess great minds do think alike.

Jehr 1 week ago


kingz_hearts7 1 week ago

Anyone want to write me some advice how to make good videos?

Devin and Brandy 1 week ago

Awesome info!

Molly Pills 1 week ago

Awesome. Thanks for the insights. we do outdoor adventure porn. Mostly POV b/g. Would it be wise to incorporate some of the bigger searches into our titles and tags? or change what we are doing entirely within the video?

MsShynie 1 week ago

Make sure your subscribing to your fellow models as well! We must support each other! 3

AnastasiaSweet 1 week ago

Perfect costume and beautiful woman!

IsheS 1 week ago

And wherever the titfuck category!?🤔🤔

Ivy McNea 1 week ago

Thank you for the lists! Helps tagging the videos easier and hopefully gets them seen more!

Shaveh Metzitza 1 week ago

I can't read it Something funny with the layout of this page

24sevenSex 1 week ago

TOP TAGSYoungBig BoobsTeenagerBig CockPoint of ViewButtAmateurKinkBlowjobPOVTeenAss FuckRoughPetiteMasturbateAdult ToysBig AssCumshotMotherCreampie

Aymen Steven 1 week ago

Great ❤

Bunz Bunni 1 week ago

Thanks ❤

KatKoR 1 week ago

Everyone loves the avengers❤

britt klark 1 week ago

I didn't know pornhub look out this!!! Thank you

IdeallyNaked 1 week ago

Cool, these are always handy to have. =)

Jajabinxx 1 week ago

Thank you for sharing

Callisto Morgan 1 week ago

I want to do a Tinkerbell & Frozen cosplay!

Emmalee18 1 week ago

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