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by: Aurora Watson

 “Exclusivity” has gotten such a bad rap over the years, and we totally get it. We’re feeling woozy just thinking about it. But being exclusive with Pornhub isn’t what you think — it’s about protecting your content from being used by other tubes sites without your permission.

Pornhub-exclusive models benefit from fully-automated copyright protection, meaning we scan free tube sites to see if they’re using any of your free and for-sale content without your consent. If so, we’ll remove them with a DCMA takedown notice. It’s automatic, so you wouldn’t have to worry about a thing!

This only applies to free tubes sites, so feel free to sell your videos on other non-free sites or post them on your own website.

As an added bonus, we also offer a 5% payout increase for your free videos on Pornhub and all your content will be included in the Exclusive category.

Still debating? Let’s break it down.

- Pornhub-exclusive models can upload content on Pornhub, their own website, and other non-free sites.

- Free and for-sale videos will have copyright protection and will be removed from free tube sites with a takedown notice.

- Pornhub-exclusive models will receive an extra 5% payout on all free videos.

- Pornhub-exclusive models will have their content appear in the Exclusive category on Pornhub

- You keep ownership rights of all the content you upload to Pornhub. 

- If you change your mind, you can opt out. 

If you want to give it a go and become exclusive, it’s as easy as checking off a box. The next time you’re on Pornhub, simply click on your profile photo and select “Model.” This is your profile page with all your details.

Scroll all the way down to where it says “Opt-In To Automatically Protect Your Copyrighted Videos On Other Websites.” Read through the paragraph about being exclusive and if you agree to the terms, simply check off the box, add your initials, and save. 


If you have any questions, send us a DM on Twitter @PornhubHelp , comment below, or click on the “Help” button at the bottom of your profile page.


All Comments(165)

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sexcouple69 3 months ago

extra 5% payout??? where?? this is a joke, 2017: 0,75RPM (no exclusive), 2018: 0,75RPM(exclusive), 2019:RPMunder 0,67 ... 1000 views is worth $0,67 .... we should switch to youtube.....

AugustaRoller 3 months ago

I just don't want my videos popping up somewhere else

Bryci 3 months ago

hey guys - We've been with PH for a while now, they've always treated us great. My husband and I have been in adult for over ten years (he's been in since 1997, me since 2006 but my site went live in 2009). We have a very active youtube following as well if you search my name or ourbellalife - point being.. DO BOTH. YT is crazy, CRAZY strict about what you can do, what you can say/show off and you can't link to. Like, way stricter than instagram. dm me - happy to help

brett 3 months ago

The average RPM in 2018 was $0.64 so you were way above it. Sure, switch to YouTube, their RPM is about $1. Different types of companies willing to advertise on non adult content

xxxloconueve 3 months ago

Omg no are you serious wtf

Sexy Jill 3 months ago

I agree I've found countless videos on other tube sites which have been on for weeks and months without pornhub doing anything about it and me having to take them down myself. Also no bonus payout that I can see. Not worth it.

Loren Love 3 months ago

You guy are doing great work though and getting recognized for it

Amateurcoupledc 3 months ago

totally agree bs

PrecumX 3 months ago

Great point, couldn't agree more.

Silvia Queen 3 months ago

We are indeed part of the "exclusive club", right from the start.

vanillachocolate69 3 months ago

We’re big on being exclusive! Can’t tell you how many times our videos pop up places that we didn’t post!

Jessica_jess 3 months ago

I want to be a model

SEXXYMEXICAN243 2 months ago

U are one silly your sexxy af

Holly Halftone 3 months ago

You can sign up for the model program right here https://www.pornhub.com/partners/mpp

MilaGrace 3 months ago

Wow nice, thx)

PoundPie3 3 months ago

Yes please, make me exclusive!

bxngxlx 3 months ago

Which software are you using? Some if us could make use it too. Thanks

PeterPounds 3 months ago

True Story.

PoundPie3 3 months ago

At first, I was skeptical about letting people pay to download, especially when most of the payees are abandoned accounts or fake profiles? I use software to monitor piracy and haven't had an issue like some of my friends. PH caught some pirating on xvi***s so thankful it works.

ScarlettKnightley 3 months ago

The Pornhub model staff has been extra good to me with removing my content from other websites. Idk about automatic... but whenever I contacted them about a video popping up somewhere, they were swift and professional.

Salixxx Katz 3 months ago

I will try this too

milfingrid 3 months ago

Be careful about signing away your rights people. If PH was to go belly-up for some reason (Heaven forbid) you may have trouble getting your intellectual property back. PH is potentially 1 celebrity lawsuit away from the event horizon, so to speak. Too big to fail? Remember Hulk Hogan vs Gawker? I rest my case.

NattyCat 3 months ago

We do not take your rights - you retain your video rights. What you agree to is that we will issue DMCA take downs on YOUR behalf - aka we will send legal notices to people saying we REPRESENT you but do not OWN your rights.

milfingrid 3 months ago

@AylaEXPOSED Even after the CEO waves a white flag & the administrators/liquidators move in?

AylaEXPOSED 3 months ago

You can opt out at any time.

Harlowe Blue 3 months ago

Comparing pornhub to hulk hogan is pretty funny imo lol

AugustaRoller 3 months ago

I went and did it. Is there some kind of confirmation I get? How Will I Know It is taken effect?

AugustaRoller 3 months ago

I just did it!

Wirtoly 3 months ago


Lana Cocker 3 months ago

Cool stuff!

Missy Dutch 3 months ago

I'm happy to be exclusive Thanks for the info! X

doobiecakes 3 months ago

New to all this, I thought hey exclusive sounds good right? After reading some comments here I did a super quick google search to realize my videos are on countless random websites.... so I call BS.

brett 3 months ago

I did a search for your content and only see embed sites send traffic to your videos here. If you have any examples please send them to models@pornhub.com so we can remove them.

Lonna87 3 months ago

I have mine set to exclusive. I've noticed a change in my earnings and everyone is amazingly fast about getting my content taken down from other sites. Support is always fast and everyone is so sweet and patient. Thank you Pornhub for continuing to be awesome and for always changing and helping us!

Lonna87 3 months ago

it's not as bad as everyone is thinking. There's so many catfish accounts going on and people using others content to make money. I'm glad I signed up when I first started.

LayLayTheGoddess 3 months ago

Gr8 2 hear

pattymelt07 3 months ago

I didnt realize that i wasnt exclusive. We are now.

SexWithMilfStella 3 months ago

Overall this seems like a good thing which is why we chose it. But if we stop being exclusive at some point in the future it sounds like all old videos we have still are considered exclusive forever and can't be posted on free sites even when exclusivity ends. Correct?

SexWithMilfStella 3 months ago

Thank you for clarifying that @NattyCat (love that you actually reply to people here!) Going exclusive really is the way to go for us then.

NattyCat 3 months ago

Nope - you can opt out whenever you want.

Alex CUM 3 months ago

This was what I was looking forward to for a long time, thank you for that work.

daisiesandhalos 3 months ago

I’m exclusive! I love the extra 5% payout and I love working with PornHub!

Morgpie 3 months ago

Just changed my settings!

Mask Porn 3 months ago

We are already exclusive!We Love Pornhub!!

Jess Ryan 3 months ago

I've been seriously thinking about this. I'm also on xvi***s and do really well there too. And I have no complaints about XV or their support. Hmmmmm...this is like that dangling carrot

brett 3 months ago

Do it

BlackxRose 3 months ago

Choosing to be exclusive with Pornhub was the best career decision I've ever made! It increased my sales everywhere immediately and substantially. LOVE IT!!!!

BossDonPleasure 3 months ago

This is exactly what we needed I never felt like my content was safe cause there is always someone hating, trolling and stealing peoples videos just to make them self's look better thanks for protecting our videos! ????????❤????

Nought and Cross 3 months ago

Glad to see you're doing what you can to protect your users and their content!

BobCobbx420 3 months ago

Oh, we're exclusive ????

BobCobbx420 3 months ago

I didn't post that with the "????" Wtf.

KinkyJamVideo 3 months ago

It's a great! We are use it!

flemingjfavoney 3 months ago

That’s so awesome it makes me feel more comfortable so cool to be exclusive

Raven Railey 3 months ago

Fantastic guys! I love being exclusive to Pornhub and that my fans can only find me here! I love them!

XxxHomeMadeVideos 3 months ago

Hey loves, do y'all mind checking out my content? I'll return the support!❤❤❤❤

LIL21LUZ 1 month ago

Well, it is obvious that you put the sword and the wall instead of helping you. The "extra payment" is a mockery and they know it, we all know it but on the other hand we need that "copyright protection" ... we will see that this costs us in the future.


It is a pleasure to now be an exclusive Pornhub artist. I am very happy with the decision I made. Thanks Pornhub, you are my family now.

BossFreak74 1 month ago

I want to make money

kingdonp1 2 months ago

Watch ny videos

TheeRealDevilsDick 2 months ago

https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5cf4a4dab00df Subscribe to my stream beautiful 😘 and please if you like what you see refer a friend

TrevorWong 2 months ago

2019 RPM IS 0.43

LyzaLoveless 2 months ago

Just started my profile. Alot of fun happening in the near future. Dont miss it 😘😘

Sexodution 2 months ago

Alguém em Lisboa!?

Luisortiz1 2 months ago


suerte3333 3 months ago


volodtor 3 months ago

want in porn.I have exclusive very good porno story.

ArcaneEyeAm 3 months ago

How do you become exclusive?

Caoticcc 3 months ago

Sweet! pornhub confirmed that I have been approved !! time to have fun

stewco 3 months ago

Haw do I get started with my own blog then

Battman6 3 months ago

Keep up the good work

Stonyasfred19xx 3 months ago

How much will I make

AugustaRoller 3 months ago

So does it begin from when you sign up?

Mar Man 3 months ago

Holly,Help me.i sent you a message and emailed PH

jadesexcrets 3 months ago

I like this

unknown 3 months ago

I’m an executive from the first upload video I did but not for the extra earnings ( very low end way) I did that for my personal property protection of Ben shares

lips_on_hips 3 months ago

i must say we have delt with so many people using our vids claiming to be us on other channels i an all for this cause its been a real problem

MsStacy08 3 months ago


Gilgino 3 months ago

Obviously youtube is where it’s at. Learn how to maximize on all platforms to Ben successful in this business. 10.7 million pornhub views and counting !

Hot Latin Pinay POV XXX Couple 3 months ago

Were exclusive as only trust PH however have not seen really much payouts..

Remi Reagan 3 months ago

While I was on that page I added My Twitter too! Thanks for the info. I hope everyone is having a great week!

himwithdabbc 3 months ago


NorthWestCumShot 3 months ago

Is there a way to un exclusive? Because I dont see any benefit numbers and I'd rather spread out my free content.

Holly Halftone 3 months ago

You can opt in or out of exclusivity at any time in your settings right here:https://www.pornhub.com/model/settings

SlayherTray 3 months ago

I haven’t even been paid yet

Bigtallman 3 months ago

Just sign with DMCA512.us, he uses facial, and genital recognition programs to find your content!

stewco 3 months ago

Yes I love to be exclusive

CurvyTT 3 months ago

Thanks for the info!

GreekBooty 3 months ago

Sometimes I wonder if it’s worth it but to late now

Holly Halftone 3 months ago

Can you please clarify what you mean by "too late now" ? You can opt in or out of exclusivity at any time in your settings right herehttps://www.pornhub.com/model/settings

Carly Curvy 3 months ago

Great information!

BoundGirlXO 3 months ago

over 25k views & less than $20.

luismoralo 3 months ago

Blessed so perhaps all theme based named xoxox ???? Like something me and a gf would do hmmm ou like what an achievement that would be

PervertCoupleUA 3 months ago

We switched on this option from start. For few months we riched 1million views and total earning for whole our Modeling period a little bit over 1thousand USD (but it also include income from viewshare videos, videos for sale *maybe 20% of all income* and some tips). Generally we satisfied Keep walking...

dominatordick 3 months ago

My friends come to me saying hey i seen you on youporn or xxn. I be like how though ive never even had an account there

NattyCat 3 months ago

If you chose to allow affiliate export, some videos would go to our affiliates, which you get paid for. If you find videos on other tube sites however, please send to models@pornhub.com so we can send out DMCA takedowns

Joseph davidowski 3 months ago


NattyCat 3 months ago

did you need help with something?

Dirty_Couple_X 3 months ago

This is a step forward towards a more structured porn uploading environment!

cody2525 3 months ago

Very good

Gab and Jay 3 months ago

I plan to make my own website with my content, since it would be exclusive, would I have any problem in the future to upload my content to my channel?

NattyCat 3 months ago

Not an issue, we only review tube sites for pirated content.

LanaSweetyLana 3 months ago

Not cool ????

Miss Liss 3 months ago

is getting harder and harder especially for amateurs like the ones we just started to win so we thought we would split twice because of this we are generally earning around 2 dollars a day for almost 4,000 views and we are exclusive !!! OMG

Enivrence 3 months ago

Bonjour, en ce qui me concerne, j'ai pu constater que l'une de mes vidéos exclusive a été téléchargé frauduleusement via pornhub et ensuite elle a été publiéillégalement sur deux sites de rencontre (dans la section vidéos publiques et gratuites). J'ai réussi à faire supprimer la vidéo en prouvant qu'elle m'appartenait, seulement, le faux profil a réitérer, avez-vous d'autres moyens de pressions pour nous aider dans ce type de cas ? En vous remerciant.

Holly Halftone 3 months ago

En tant qu'interprète exclusif, nous pouvons émettre des takedowns en votre nom, contactez-nous à l'adresse models@pornhub.com avec les liens correspondants

BigTittyTusky 3 months ago

Heck yee

YoungAaron 3 months ago

Make me exclusive people need real gay porn not totally wack gay porn and I love to get down such a good sex drive

Holly Halftone 3 months ago

You can opt in or out of exclusivity at any time in your model settings here -https://www.pornhub.com/model/settings

Salixxx Katz 3 months ago

I am not worried about Tube8, ResPorn and YouPorn, but what about the other sites not mentioned here? How can we prevent our stuff to be linked there without our consent and knowledge?

NattyCat 3 months ago

We monitor the top 50 tube sites for illegal content

ArcaneEyeAm 3 months ago

I don't know

ArcaneEyeAm 3 months ago

I'm honestly not believing all that other

Holly Halftone 3 months ago

Do you need clarification on something?

Purple Vayda 3 months ago

We are giving it a go as we start, but doubt we will stay exclusive with PH. As we have plans to roll our own website out, the RPM seem minimal and the exclusive tag seems like a gimmick. But will continue for the "extra 5%" since we have nothing better to do at the moment.

NattyCat 3 months ago

Being exclusive doesn't block you from having your own site, it just protects your content by become digitally fingerprinted and we monitor free tube sites in case someone ripped it and placed it there.

CreamyCreationz 3 months ago

Can someone give an example of a “free tube site.” Are sites like porn hub considered a free tube site? People can watch videos for free, but we get paid based on views.? They have to be on sites that require you to pay to watch anything? Please explain...

NattyCat 3 months ago

a free tube site is a site that is like Pornhub or Youtube in that users can upload content on it.

MsShynie 3 months ago

I'm already exclusive been that way. Didn't see much if any increase in income. But appreciate the option. Now ... When are we going to discuss the featuring & platform issues thousands of us have?

MsShynie 3 months ago


NattyCat 3 months ago

We've been working on different topics relevant to models. Features is in the pipeline.

Eva and Silas 3 months ago

I was so confused by this in the beginning. Of course you would wrote am article about it right when I finally figured out ????

Chessie Rae 3 months ago

Also if i sign up exclusive can i ever take my vid down?

NattyCat 3 months ago

Yup - it doesn't impact your control over your videos, it just allows us to monitor other sites for your content.

Chessie Rae 3 months ago

Can we appear in other categories to? Or just exclusive only?

NattyCat 3 months ago

Yup if you tag other categories it will pop up there too

blackandHung 3 months ago

Any one from PHILADELPHIA ?

vesper lynd 3 months ago

hmmm im not sure if this is good or bad

Bunz Bunny 3 months ago


Cocoalooks 3 months ago

thanks for the info but already exclusive. how does extra 5% works?

NattyCat 3 months ago

then it's automatically calculated in your payouts

Windy Lu 3 months ago

Where's the extra 5% tho

NattyCat 3 months ago

if you are exclusive,then it's automatically calculated in your payouts for ad revenue

stevenson85 3 months ago


Succubus Sin 3 months ago

I believed we’re already signed up, but we have to even get payed (PornHub said they would resend) or even receive our code.

Holly Halftone 3 months ago

Your reissue was marked complete on Monday if you're referring to your referral code, your referral tab is in your model settings herehttps://www.pornhub.com/model/settings

MeAndMyKinkyGF 3 months ago

ok clear

MaleModels 3 months ago

Im confused! Isn't being a verified amateur on PH already an exclusivity?I don't see where to click the option unless thats because I already have a verified page? Thanks.

NattyCat 3 months ago

Check the blog out it shows how to get to exclusive section. Being verified does NOT mean exclusive - it just means your IDs have been checked and you are part of the model program.

Sweede And Nord 3 months ago

How do I know I'm Exclusive?

Aurora Watson 3 months ago

If you go to to your model page and scroll down to where it says "Optional Services," if the little box is checked off and your initials are there, then you're exclusive. It'll look like the photo in the blog post.

GreekBooty 3 months ago

Just give a 1$ ! 0,67$ is fucked up lol

RoyalFlesh311 3 months ago

I like how exclusive sounds!

Alice Redlips 3 months ago


RICAN DADDYY 3 months ago


NattyCat 3 months ago

Protect your content with DMCA takedowns + get paid more

KinkyDogs 3 months ago


RICAN DADDYY 3 months ago


CasalAventura 3 months ago

We arePornhub-exclusive models !!!

nonopetra 3 months ago


Mwaarh 3 months ago


kinkyasiangirl69 3 months ago

Pretty cool!

Alisa Lovely 3 months ago

Great news! Good luck with your exclusive videos!

LA FAM 3 months ago


BlondePussyCat 3 months ago

I'm still trying to get my ID approved . Theres a constant issue with my second ID . And I feel like I'm not getting any help on here .

NattyCat 3 months ago

Hi there, check your inbox

LayLayTheGoddess 3 months ago

This is great because i was really on the fence... My only thing is what if one day i decide to take down everything. PH has all the rights to my footage so will they really REALLY take it down if i request them to? (Ive crossed a new line becoming publicly sexual) im still nervous.. hahaha. This blog article really helped clear things up though... Thanks

brett 3 months ago

We don't have any additional rights when you opt in to be exclusive

Drilliroxxxxx 3 months ago

COOL BEAN$- DRILLIROXXXXX - has always been exclusiveAlways on top babe! as we ROCK on

Claudia Class 3 months ago

Exclusive, or die!

Candy Camille 3 months ago

Thats awesome! Thnks so much!

Mikel Prado 3 months ago


Novios calientes x 3 months ago

Exclusive jiji

Cock of Eugene 3 months ago

Thanks for the advice

SWAmateurCouple 3 months ago

People use it ? What’s is the business of ph in this ?

Holly Halftone 3 months ago

Tons of people are exclusive as explained in the article it's a great way to protect your content and earn more $ on ad revenue.

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