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by: Aurora Watson


Welcome back to Model Citizens, our weekly model spotlight series. This time around, we got the chance to chat up RaeLilBlack about her rise to the top. While she might still feel like a newbie, RaeLilBlack believes figuring out what makes her unique and not shying away from it is what's helped her become one of our top-trending models. 

Somehow, this metalhead's found a way to balance her passion for sex and music, build relationships with her fans, launch new projects, and still find the time to study law and politics. If you're just as in awe of this beauty as we are, keep on reading and find out what got RaeLilBlack started, what turns her on, and what she's got planned for her fans this year. 

How did you get started in the industry? With Pornhub?

I actually don’t know how I get started! I was always curious about this industry, and I’ve been so naughty since I was a little kid. First time I saw the Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee sex tape, I was like, “Okay, this is so cool and they look super happy. I want to do this in life!” Since then, I’ve dreamed about being part of the porn industry.

I’ve been filming for years and always enjoyed watching my videos. I did some Japanese adult videos (JAV) right after graduating from high school and I did some escorting, too. So I guess I’ve been in the sex industry since I was 18, just not always as Rae.

I started my career as RaeLilBlack after I moved to Europe when I was 21. I was finally living by myself, away from my family, so I had a lot of free time. I got to travel more, meet a ton of different people, and, of course, had a lot of time to watch porn!

Then, one day, I saw a Pornhub payment program ad and thought to myself, “Why not? It’s time to make my dream come true!” And that’s how I got here.


Why the name RaeLilBlack?

I didn’t think much about it actually. I wanted to start as soon as possible and figured I could always change it if I wanted to. So I included my favorite name, “Rae,” which means cold, cool, and beautiful in Japanese. I put “Lil” because I’m short, and “Black” because I love the color. It kind of sounds like a rapper, right?

Photo courtesy of RaeLilBlack

What was your perception of the industry before you got started? How has it changed? Did anything about it surprise you?

I always had the impression that this industry is fun, but also a little scary. I still think that. However, I don’t know much about it and I don’t have many friends in the industry. As far as I know, all the people I’ve worked with so far are kind and friendly. However, I’m in Japan, so I feel a bit isolated at times.


How do you use social media to your advantage?]

I try to engage with my fans as much as possible. I usually use Instagram and Twitter to update my followers on my daily life. I also have a backup Instagram account where I only post about music and my CD and vinyl collections.

I know I’m not super beautiful or in great shape — I’m normal — but I bet I love music more than any other porn performer. Thanks to this backup account, it’s so much easier to connect with music fans. We exchange information about festivals, new releases, good gigs, and other random music-related stuff.

I also try to reply and comment to every nice and funny message I receive in all of my accounts. This way, I can develop a relationship with my followers. I love it and I hope they do, too!

Of course I use social media to promote content and profiles, but I use it more to interact with fans and other adult performers.

Photo courtesy of RaeLilBlack

How do you market yourself?

I identify my niche and build a community. There aren’t many Japanese performers who have tattoos and piercings. The Japanese stereotype is “kawaii,” meaning “cute,” but I wanted to show people that we can be hardcore inside and out!

Also, there aren’t many performers who are also metalheads out there. So I guess that’s one of the things that makes me unique.


How do you interact with your fans?

I usually interact with fans through Twitter and Instagram. I also communicate with them through Pornhub. For example, when I get a tip, I try to send a friend request to that person on Pornhub and send them a thank you message.

Right now, I’ve got a ton of ideas and plans for my YouTube channel. This was actually a request from some of my fans. I got so many people messaging me saying, “I want to see you talking,” “I want you to do an album review,” “I want to see what your life is like in Japan.” So I’ve got some upcoming projects and I’m trying to give my fans what they want to see.

I think it’s actually really cool that my fans are trying to get to know me and my personality rather than only care about my naked body!

Photo courtesy of RaeLilBlack

Tell us about your camera and lighting setup? Any tech tips for our new models?

My camera is just a normal Handycam with 4K quality. I recently started using a ring light. As you can see, my videos have that homemade, amateur look to them. I’m still learning.


Tell us a bit about your upbringing and how you got to where you are in life?

I was born and raised in Japan. I lived in Germany for one year when I was about 20 years old. I’m still studying at a Japanese university and I'm majoring in law and politics. (I love being smart and also slutty. It’s really sexy, isn’t it?) 

I love music and I love sex. My life might be a roller coaster, but those two things never change. That’s why I’m here on Pornhub as a metalhead!


What fetishes have you experienced with?

I can actually enjoy anything! However, one of my biggest fetishes is sweat and the smell of it. I can literally get instantly horny by just looking at a sweaty T-shirt. Dick pics don’t do it for me, but photos of sweat gets me really excited!

Watching someone pee also does it for me. I often go to the washroom with my friends and just watch them pee!

Photo courtesy of RaeLilBlack

If you could go back in time to when you first started on Pornhub, what’s one piece of advice you would give yourself?

I would tell myself, “Only care about people who care about RaeLilBlack.” You get criticized a lot. People can be mean and racist sometimes, but you have to remember that so many others support you. Do what you want for yourself and for the people who love you. It’s still difficult at times, but we got this!

Side note: Care about lighting a little more!


Is there anything else you’d like to share with your fans?

Thank you so much for reading this interview, for supporting me in every way, and showing me respect! I couldn’t keep doing this without my fans, my friends, colleagues, and the Pornhub team.

If you want to start producing porn, ask for help and advice either from me, other performers, or the Pornhub team. I might bite, but others won’t!




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Rae Lil Black 6 months ago

Thank you so much for reaching my article everyone! It was such an honor to finally be one one Model citizens here! Without your support, I couldn’t do anything. Thank you all the fans, every models, friends and pornhub team!

pattymelt07 6 months ago

Just so that you know, you actually are super beautiful

Cocoalooks 6 months ago

thanks for the advice

Real XXX Freaks 6 months ago


JulieMayBae 6 months ago

Rae you are beautiful! Love your vids and your body. Keep filming such a good amateur videos. And thank you for really useful information . Much love for you. Good luck in future videos❤

kinky-needs 6 months ago

I am a BIG fan of you and it feels so good to read about you! Girls are often treated badly when they love sex, and you make me feel normal. Also you are wrong saying your are not “super beautiful or in good shape”... you actually are GORGEOUS!!! Good luck Rae and Thank You!!! ❤❤❤

AugustaRoller 6 months ago

You are one of the hottest sexiest women on here. You should have lots of success

ArcaneEyeAm 6 months ago


Loren Love 6 months ago

Represent girl! Love your look and porn persona Mwah!!

unknown 6 months ago

It was great to read it. I hope I can shoot with you some day once my channel gets bigger!

realJamesFrost 6 months ago


Alex CUM 6 months ago

Since we are not hurting anyone we have to be proud of our work as models Pornhub

JulieMayBae 6 months ago

Yeah, you are right!

KinkyDogs 6 months ago

Totally right

unknown 6 months ago

I agree!

SexWithMilfStella 6 months ago

I love her comment "care about lighting a little more" ...probably the best advise any newbie can have is to get better lighting

deepandy 6 months ago

wow, amazing girl

slhydog21 5 months ago

I'm so needing attention..

Sweet Bunny 6 months ago

Great article! I've been following RaeLilBlack for a while now, her videos are amazing

MySweetApple 6 months ago

Loved reading more about you and love your work!!

Rae Lil Black 6 months ago

Thank you so much!!

Danika Mori 6 months ago

Isn't possible to don't notice her deep look! Don't want to compare but she reminds me of Asa Akira which was already in my fav stars! Wish you good luck beauty!

Rae Lil Black 6 months ago

I’m so proud haha thank you so much!♥

Real XXX Freaks 6 months ago

Thought the same

Kate Utopia 6 months ago

One of my favorite girl! She motivate me a lot.

BeeandMe 6 months ago

Me too ☺

vanillachocolate69 6 months ago

Another great article! It’s always fun to see the different ways people get involved and come up!

Nini_Divine 6 months ago

Very cute girl !

LittleDevil4You 6 months ago


Dominant BBC 6 months ago

I absolutely love your blowjob videos, you're are one sexy Asian. The piercings and tattoos are wonderful, much love❤.

BeeandMe 6 months ago

Such a babe! Well deserved , girl!! ????????☺

laikaanal 6 months ago

she very nice

unknown 6 months ago

Amazing!! I love her n.n

CreamyDanielle 6 months ago

You're amazing Rae!

Axel Truu 6 months ago

Unforgetable time with Rae Cannot wait for next time

Rae Lil Black 6 months ago

Can’t wait either!!

cocopumpum 6 months ago

She's gorgeous! I love the fact, that she's studying university. Like she said, being smart and slutty is really hot! ❤

Chi-Girl 6 months ago

dynamic duo haha

ChanelFrost 2 months ago


AnOunceofMilk 4 months ago

Nice candid blog review. Like your style and verse, RaeLiBlack.

TheeRealDevilsDick 5 months ago

https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5cf4a4dab00df Subscribe to my stream beautiful 😘 and please if you like what you see refer a friend

LyzaLoveless 5 months ago

Just started my profile. Alot of fun happening in the near future. Dont miss it 😘😘

vickmo 5 months ago

Great work Rae 😘

HunkyBoyBen 5 months ago

Your welcome your very wonderful I believe your hip personality and smartness shows a lot and I’m amateur but I’m finding my room to grow right now. Your hair health is a turn on like all the way up on my 1-100% your a %95 and a high.

DForteaby87 5 months ago

Studying law and politics? Tell me more about internet bullying...

jesu93 5 months ago

Podrían ayudarme porn hup me pide 2 identificaciones pero no entiendo cuál es la 2 da identificación x que quiero entrar al programa de model hup Could you help me porn hup asks me for 2 IDs but I do not understand what is the 2 ID ID that I want to enter the model program hup

stewco 6 months ago

Love your blog can I join in

Apple_punch 6 months ago


brittdoll 6 months ago

I agree better lighting is a must, your beautiful by the way 😘 keep doing you! I admire how you continue to study law and politics, your the whole package girl 😍

Swarlord 6 months ago

Excellent! I am also metalhead! and play Techical Death Metal

ashikokiking 6 months ago

I'm in Tokyo if you wanna link up.

69RainDrops 6 months ago

I’m super new to PH sooooo Thank you so much for the advice,????????????

fallenHira 6 months ago


Jaysosaucy 6 months ago


Eva and Silas 6 months ago

Great article! Can I ask a question? I'm relatively new to pornhub, how long did it take you to either get featured or where a video went viral? Was it shortly after or did you have to work at it for awhile? Just curious, thanks so much!

kashhead 6 months ago

I need help jumping my page off

24sevenSex 6 months ago

Wow really nice interview! I never thought about it but I love sweat too, Crazy!

sun-flowerbabe 6 months ago

mmundoiii 6 months ago

Wow! You say you're "not super beautiful or in great shape" but I highly disagree! Not since Asia Carrera has there been such a smokin' hot asian in porn and you blow her away with each scene you do. Your combination of nasty and sexy is unamatched. I see legendary status in your future!

Nofaceman11 6 months ago

Top amazing girl !!

Leolulu 6 months ago

Great interview of a great girl! We love your work we love your style and it was a real pleasure meeting with you!!! We both had a great feeling with you and we can't wait for you be back in Europe Much love! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Tentakiel 6 months ago

Definitely lookin forward to the YouTube channel. Videos from Japanese people are rare already and content by someone with such unique perspective is going to be a real gem.

Amithyst Rose 6 months ago

Thank you for the tips and the inspiration to follow through on my naughty dreams!!

JulieMayBae 6 months ago

Such a great article with much useful information. ❤ think it can help noobe amateurs who want to be famous rich to the top( especially me : )

hotcp 6 months ago

Amazing!!!!!! One of my favorites...

MantarliPizza 6 months ago

We Will support you Rae, Take Care ????!

yahoosupportnumber 6 months ago

Norton Support number +1 877-839-9982 http://nortontollfreenumbers.com

Tommy Lee Bones 6 months ago


NinjaXXX59 6 months ago

You inspired Me 3 I need to go Hard . Your a new idol

Mwaarh 6 months ago

Cute Model ! Love itsweet

Leo1253 6 months ago

You are cool, I love hardcore too

96selena69 6 months ago

I can’t believe you don’t think you’re super beautiful/in shape you’re gorgeous!! Also great interview ❤

Sweety star 6 months ago


bucknasty167 6 months ago

Anyone know what name she used for her JAV videos? I'd like to check those out.

Dirty nikki 6 months ago

your eyes are beautif

randybobanders 6 months ago

"I know I’m not super beautiful or in great shape..."I'm sorry, in what reality? You always look amazing.

unknown 6 months ago

Such an interesting woman. Loved the read, Rae!

Linda del Sol 6 months ago


Ada Candee 6 months ago

Love her!!

D0CM4K 6 months ago

Good stuff, shes just the hottest one. And my soulmate too I also have a thing for sweat lmao. Looking forward to your yt channel ????♥

Mikestiffxxx 6 months ago

Always good to see different models point of view

ezhuzarskiM92 6 months ago

Beautiful ????????????

casualbang 6 months ago


DNAcouplexxx 6 months ago

Oh she’s sexy.

Morgpie 6 months ago

Love reading these. Thanks for sharing!!

Mrjaymaker 6 months ago

Sounds like a Winner!

Carly Curvy 6 months ago


Twinkgods 6 months ago

Excellent piece. She Rocks????????????????⚓

Real XXX Freaks 6 months ago

I haven't been able to get content created yet still deciding how to move on that but any promos any of you can do thanks ill do the some plus as i finish up my playlist. Everybody has a story you might like mine when it gets to this point ????

Daddi Dii 6 months ago


Lady WOW 6 months ago

Amazing girl! She is one of the best here! P.S. Thanks PH for this article, support and help for models! We truly appreciate it.

OxygeN-O2 6 months ago


Real XXX Freaks 6 months ago

She flooding the net good quality content straight to business from beginning to end.

MihaNika69 6 months ago

Wow! That's real cool

HDGames 6 months ago

I love her XD

Alita69 6 months ago

Nice girl☺

evexadam 6 months ago

Very hot girl!!!))

ANnALiX 6 months ago

mmm cool slut

Kinky Ranked Duo 6 months ago

why not! thats right ))

unknown 6 months ago

sweet teen

DimassiKissMe 6 months ago


Amy Delaney 6 months ago

So beautiful! I can't wait to recover from surgery so I can get back to filming, reading these always inspires me to do more!

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