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by: Aurora Watson

We've got a special treat for your this time around on Model Citizens. We put the spotlight on one of our top models, Xev Bellringer — you might have seen her totally killing it on Modelhub's Top Trending Models page for some time now. So when Bellringher agreed to let us pick her brain, we just couldn't pass up the opportunity to chat her up and share her secrets to success. 

Read on to find out how the lovely Xev Bellringer got started, markets herself, and how she's planning on upping her game. 

Photo by Xev Bellringer 

How did you get started in the industry?

It’s perhaps a little cliché, but I was going to school for my master’s and needed to pay for it. I’ve always been very drawn to all things sexual, so I naturally gravitated toward this industry. I heard of webcamming before and began watching models perform. I learned successful strategies and later applied them myself when I started camming. It was a mind-blowing, eye-opening experience; I loved it.

Plus, it laid the perfect foundation for what would later become my pornography filming career. I couldn’t imagine a more effective way to learn about different kinks, my customer base, and performance than by directly interacting with people interested in me fulfilling their fantasies. I was in a good position to make mistakes, learn from them, and adjust my approach to role-play to better suit my customers. I really miss the intensity and the raw sexual energy of live performance, but there is definitely more flexibility and control with filming now.


How do you use social media to your advantage?

Social media is something I’m really starting to engage with. Until recently, I did not realize the commitment needed to garner the kind of loyal following that results in more sales. I believe pumping up my brand with a mix of posts like new video promos and retweeting content from fans or store sites works very well. But the thing that really seems to boost interest is fun, personal posts – behind-the-scenes or glimpses of my personal life.

Photos by Xev Bellringer 

How do you interact with fans?

Since my content is so intimate, interfacing with my fans is important to foster an ongoing relationship and maintain the fantasy. When the camera isn’t rolling, I try to offer email correspondence and comments on social media as a way to interact. And if a fan is particularly lucky, they can work with me to produce their own custom video. That is, by far, the most personal experience a fan can have with me.  


How do you market yourself?

I offer my content on a number of pay sites, a big one being Modelhub. I found that as I diversified platforms, I saw a lot of perks from the various sources of traffic. Certain genres of content will sell differently depending on the website. And of course, social media is a great way to push my brand out into the world, with clip-release announcements being a big one. Making links to my online storefronts available on my social media profiles is also very important. My goal with that is to make it very easy for curious fans to become potential customers with just a quick click that redirects them to a pay site. Links can also be found in the end credits of all my videos, that way in case they are pirated and leaked, there is still a way back to my stores if a viewer is interested in more content – so pirates can function as a marketing team.

I have also discovered that releasing a free video once in a while is a fantastic way to gain fans and interest. Countless paying customers have sent me messages relaying how they stumbled upon my free content and were compelled to buy my entire catalogue of work.

Courtsey of Xev Bellringer 

Tell us about your camera and lighting setup. Any tech tips for new models?

My current setup is quite simple — a high-quality DSLR 4k camera with an inexpensive microphone mounted to it. If it came down to it, I could shoot my content with just those two items. Things that make filming easier include a good tripod and another higher quality XLR shotgun microphone on a stand with a professional audio recorder. I consider this to be my primary audio and the onboard mic secondary. This setup has saved my butt dozens of times when I accidentally knocked the primary mic and needed to replace the audio.

I once used professional-grade studio LED lights, but found that I personally favored natural light to reinforce the realism in my scenes. Diffused sunlight through a window shade is great! My tech tip for new models — make sure you always have good light in your scenes. And for more flattering results, I found that the light source should come from the same direction as the camera lens (or very close to it).


You’ve been at the top for some time now, how does it feel? How has it changed your outlook/approach to your content?

There is so much amazing content on Modelhub that is offered by so many talented producers. I’m just honored to be considered as one of their peers. So when I saw I was number one, it blew my mind and boosted my confidence in my own work, which encouraged me to make even better content. I think it is important to always be ready to move with the tide if necessary. Be ready to make modifications to your production strategy based on demand.  


Why do you think you’ve been so successful? What do you accredit it to?

 I’m always looking for inspiration and ways to better my brand through the authenticity of my performance and the creativity of my scenes. I believe the real value of my content lies in how invigorated I am by the storyline and how much it thrills me to excite my fans with an emotional curveball. Whether it’s the roles I play, the sexy camera angles I use, or the interesting power dynamics, it all comes together to create a unique, immersive experience. It really is an art and I just love to keep it interesting.


If you could go back in time to when you first started with Pornhub, what’s one piece of advice you would give yourself?

 Finish the sign-up process sooner! It was kind of embarrassing how long it took me to finally pull the trigger on Pornhub, but I’m glad that I finally did. I was venturing into new territory; I knew nothing about ad revenue, but then Modelhub fired up and it resulted in even better revenue. Caution has played a valuable role in the success of my brand, but it was also important for me to take a well-educated leap of faith.



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EveryFlavorLover 2 weeks ago

if you are not making pornhub big money you will not be featured on any of these blogs or featured videos either

Big JuD 2 weeks ago

I've only just got verification an also only just got divorced. Had no sexual activity for two years. Been focusing on boxing. Now wanna have some fun. Please help me unload my gun X

EveryFlavorLover 2 weeks ago

Alex, practically every one of your videos has been featured. That certainly helps your views and money for you and PH. I'm not hating on you, but it would be nice if someone else could be featured. Are you successful because you're featured or are you featured because you are successful. I'm sure you could do a 5 minute video where you aim the camera at your dick and do nothing not even touch it, and you would get views and be featured by PH.

msutopia 2 weeks ago

If u not do videos with pleasure u will not earn big money. U also need buy some light, outfits, camera and etc for doing great video

Tenisha Slimz and D'Sean 2 weeks ago

What's porn hub big money? One of my videos has 90000 views and I yet to get a feature or anything and the money is absolute crap under less than a hundred a month. Luckily we love our fans and they love us back

mj_porn 2 weeks ago

sexy girls

Mrs Kitty 2 weeks ago

Or if you're not the sociataly acceptable idea of sexy....

Amazon Kayla 2 weeks ago

I have been on here one month. Literally. And I have had some kind of luck or something then....

KinkyCatVelvet 2 weeks ago

just letting you know it is possible and you can get featured as a small account!

KinkyCatVelvet 2 weeks ago

well, I’d agree, but one of my videos got featured when it had around 300 or so views about 2 weeks after making my account :3

Lady WOW 2 weeks ago

Do not give up Sweetheart! xoxo

EveryFlavorLover 2 weeks ago

And no I'm not hating on the young lady! I hope she continues to have great success. It would be nice if some of us other little people would be given the chance to become big

Nevminoze 2 weeks ago

interesting. I have not seen one of her videos) will need to look

Big JuD 2 weeks ago

Can we fuck babe

MrBTailor 2 weeks ago

Oh, she is good, and hot! Hope you checked her out already

SexWithMilfStella 2 weeks ago

Thank you so much for sharing Xev, inspiring stuff and great tips for us newbies here

Alex CUM 2 weeks ago

The vast majority of us start making videos out of necessity, then you fall too much in love with your work, which is hard to stop.

Tenisha Slimz and D'Sean 2 weeks ago

Really I've got more views than some of these features so what's it take to get noticed by porn hub. Smh

Tenisha Slimz and D'Sean 2 weeks ago

Yes Ellie Idol there's is a reason why she is featured. my comment was not about her.

Ellie Idol 2 weeks ago

Check her pornstar profile rank. It's like...#47 overall. There's a reason she's been featured.

EveryFlavorLover 2 weeks ago

That was the point I was making. There are a lot of people out here making great videos, but PornHub has their favorites that they feature over and over and over. It's the same with their Twitter account, they RT the same people over and over and over again, and hardly ever retweet anyone who isn't Lily white

submissivekitty_69 2 weeks ago

Well, anyone who is a Lexx fan is automatically awesome

Alita69 2 weeks ago

Nice, thanks

Dominant BBC 2 weeks ago

Anything is possible guys, I just got my first feature a few days ago???? check it out https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5c30ed5041a6e

misangelina25 2 weeks ago


vanillachocolate69 2 weeks ago

Always love some Xev! ????????

SexyBustyGirl 2 weeks ago

Thank you so much! You are my master Kiss

laikaanal 2 weeks ago

She is perfect

Geek Fairy 2 weeks ago

Very interesting. My boyfriend and I will also want to improve the quality of our videos. Subscribe and watch us. : 3

bemikk 2 weeks ago

Nice profile, sure, but I never heard of this girl, or seen her, here on PH. It seems to be "editor's choice". Whatever.

Ellie Idol 2 weeks ago

NOT TO MENTION she's #47 pornstar on Pornhub!! She's popular. Just because you haven't heard of her doesn't mean anything.

Ellie Idol 2 weeks ago

Really? THAT'S odd since she's pretty huge on Clips4sale and other websites. Almost always in the top 50 out of THOUSANDS of studios...

Molly Pills 2 weeks ago

Dang girl nice boobies! You are beautiful.

Molly Pills 2 weeks ago

It’s my BIRTHDAY woot wooooot! Going camping so excited!!

Big JuD 2 weeks ago

I wanna make a video with this woman

Bunz Bunni 2 weeks ago

Good for her

NataSweet 2 weeks ago

Oh! She is good! Why you did not post blog with non star, like me. Like normal model, but not so famos?

ChinaExclux 2 weeks ago

I will make them lots of money

TherealG1no 2 weeks ago

Slightly interesting

KinkyDogs 2 weeks ago

I like her content

TulsaFreak53 2 weeks ago

I just started on actually looking for advice

Bambi Araki 2 weeks ago

Xev is such a mega-babe! I love the videos with her an Leia together! ????????????

belleandbill25 2 weeks ago

We've been a fan for years!! Good to read things about Xev, inspires is to do more!

razdvigay1488 2 weeks ago

Х. з

MasterRojas 2 weeks ago

I think the key is to be yourself, it is true that you need things, light, cameras etc .. but nobody starts with all that, said this, if your content is unique, you are nice, you will be well.

primalways31 2 weeks ago

really super sexy girl

perfect_cock 2 weeks ago

What a babe

Rain Dear 2 weeks ago


Christianwillrock 2 weeks ago


HeartandAce 2 weeks ago

Congratulations! Me & my boyfriend just started a channel check us out if you like big asses

Christopher cummings 2 weeks ago

Hot ass you turn me on. If ya ever want to work together let me know????

dicktobig87 2 weeks ago

I’m trying to deactivate this page pornhub want let me but want pay me

NattyCat 2 weeks ago

Hi there- sent you a message.

Maxik32 2 weeks ago

nice )))

Frecklezlikespots 2 weeks ago

Pettit_Looloo 2 weeks ago

Anybody who do what they do with pansion and from heart, does it right, and the effort will be recognized by others. Congratulations to Xev! ????????????

MrBTailor 2 weeks ago

Sexy Xev!! You're doing a great job. Keep em, and us, cumming!!

unknown 2 weeks ago


Miss Fantasy 2 weeks ago

In fact, a juicy girl and her video interesting. I think men like it very much)

Purple Vayda 2 weeks ago

Much love 3

Girlincap 2 weeks ago

Thank you)

FuckingLautrec 2 weeks ago

Great interview for a great performer!

cute4elf 2 weeks ago

Love it ????

Mercè Palau 2 weeks ago

Thank you very much for your comments and help.

Drilliroxxxxx 2 weeks ago

Cool she issa hottie thoo!!! see n quite a few of her vids!Lok out for ''DRILLIROXXXXX '' _----(SUBSCRIBE)- I got next!

Loren Love 2 weeks ago

I would have never known about her if not for this blog post! Thanks Reading sometimes does help you find better porn XD

husband-fist-wife 2 weeks ago

Another thing that helps get attention from people. Posting on things like this also watching and commenting on others videos. Don't just spam the video comments as that gets annoying to the uploaders.

BellaDoes69 2 weeks ago

I had one video get 30k views in 2 days.. I'd like for them to all get that.

Jajabinxx 2 weeks ago

Beautiful ????

Amazon Kayla 2 weeks ago

I’m just starting month two on pornhub and can’t wait to see what’s next for me. Thanks for letting them pick your brain! Lots of good info

Carly Curvy 2 weeks ago


DNAcouplexxx 2 weeks ago

Me an my wife we check her out when we get home.

FLboy10 2 weeks ago

I AM TRYING TO MAKE SOME MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

georgenmissy 2 weeks ago

awesome content!!

Nicky Mist 2 weeks ago

Good luck to all models of Pornhub !

RockerFP 2 weeks ago


MistressKatt 2 weeks ago


Dana Santo 2 weeks ago

Amazing work

realJamesFrost 2 weeks ago

What a smart Lady she is!

MrJAE 2 weeks ago

She does great work, salute

TheConfiguration 2 weeks ago


Juicy_Nymph 2 weeks ago

Amazing work! Congratulations ♥

DimassiKissMe 2 weeks ago

Почитаем самую важную запись!!!

SuperDrogo 2 weeks ago


Big Swiz 2 weeks ago

I just want to eat some ass and get paid

LittleDevil4You 2 weeks ago


Nova Starr 2 weeks ago


HawtCock 2 weeks ago

Amazing job these always inspire me to do more and work harder

Yummy Couple 2 weeks ago

Thank you (on many levels !

LolyMaybe 2 weeks ago

very informative post

Devin and Brandy 2 weeks ago

You’re amazing love we love and watch a lot of your work!

daisiesandhalos 2 weeks ago

Thank you for sharing!

Mwaarh 2 weeks ago

Congrats Love❤

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