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by: Aurora Watson

See all entries here: 


Pride Month is around the corner and this year, we’re going all out! We decided to share the joy and partner up with some LGBT studios and offer three of the biggest prizes we've ever given. Trust us, you'll want to bring your A game for this contest. 

This is a Model Program Contest, meaning For-Sale and Free-to-View videos are eligible to win (click here for instructions). We'll be picking one winner from each category. 




This time around, we're loooking for Summer-Celebration, LGBT content — so get hot, get sweaty, get creative. Think popsicles, beaches, ice cream trucks, water fights, and Daisy Dukes. There’s a reason why people get hornier in the summer. 




Two Grand Prize Winners

We'll be picking a winner from the For-Sale and the Free-to-View categories. Each winner (solo or couple) will receive a weekend getaway for two to New York City for the LGBT Pride March. 


- Flights for two people to and from New York City

- A Studio King room for two at the Refinery Hotel in Manhattan from Friday, June 28 to Sunday, June 30. The hotel is in the heart of the Fashion Disctrict, two blocks away from Bryant Park and a 15-minute walk from the NYC Pride March starting location. 


One Runner-Up Winner

The runner-up will win a paid professional studio shoot with Men.com, TransAngels.com, or WhyNotBi.com (terms and conditions apply). 


Runner-Up Participants

We'll also be giving away swag bags to several runner-up winners for participating. 




- Winners are chosen by a panel of Pornhub judges, based on quality and creativity

- New uploads only (cannot re-use old videos)

- Multiples entries allowed

- If you choose to upload a For-Sale and a Free-to-View video, they must be different and original 

- Must contain the tag PRIDE2019

- Inaccurately titled, tagged and/or categorized videos are not eligible for the contest

- Contest runs from May 1 to May 15, 2019

- Be sure you’re free to travel from Friday, June 28 to Sunday, June 30, 2019

- Must be able to travel to the United States



All Comments(100)

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Lindsey Love 6 months ago

This is a Pride contest, the prize is to go to a Pride convention. Straight couples: get off your fucking high horse. You don't have to enter every contest. A couple years ago we didn't enter the 3some contest because we weren't open yet. Sometimes you gotta wait things out because they don't apply to you. But to bash an LGBT contest? Pornhub is being inclusive for the minority who don't get seen or represented, and you're complaining that you can't capitalize on it. That's disgusting & harmful.

radicalpainslut 6 months ago

And besides- what’s wrong with a little bi or gay action for straight ones???? might be fun! I’m kinda sorry that there’s no nice girl around to shoot something with????

hotseajock 6 months ago

Thank you for speaking a little reality, Lindsey! It isn't like every other contest on PornHub and every other tube site is solely geared toward straight (women models specifically). 90% of the categories don't even coorelate where gay guys COULD enter, much less be considered as a finalist.

unknown 6 months ago

I guess cats owners who can't join a canine show are all anti-dogs in the imaginary hateful world you live in.

Ginni Wylde 6 months ago

Your awesome girl! Thank you

LunaLaney 6 months ago

Well this got heated very quickly!

milfingrid 6 months ago

This is gold, more please people!

Emma Snow 6 months ago

I'm bisexual and agree completely. My boyfriend and I make videos (tho I wish we had a girlfriend) so we will be sitting this one out. Happy pride y'all ????

unknown 6 months ago

Lindsey Love, how is it anti-LGBT? You're one of those people who is like "If you are not one of us, you are against us". I don't mind a gay contest but then advertise it on the gay PH. Your comment is as weird are saying "PH hates aninals cause they are not allowed on their videos". You're the one who needs toget off your fucking high horse, darling Peace

Lindsey Love 6 months ago

Straight couples have been complaining that they can't capitalize on this & that it's not fair since they can't win. That's pretty anti-LGBT.

Succubus Sin 6 months ago

No one has been rude or on a high horse in the comments, this honestly was just comment to “set the record straight ” against straight couples. Nobody: Y’all: STOP BASHING LGBT! *Eye rolls*

cocopumpum 6 months ago

Love the idea of supporting LGBT in this way! We obviously won’t compete, but wish good luck to everyone who does

unknown 6 months ago

If you are straight couple, how can you shoot for a gay studio?

wavyfluid 6 months ago

Watch us!!!!

LunaLaney 6 months ago

Just pass that part of the prize on to someone local to the shoot I guess

Ghara Xela 6 months ago

Neil Patrick Harris plays straight Roles while acting so why not xD

Dirty Minds 6 months ago

good question

Kate Utopia 6 months ago

Have no idea what upload But good lick everybody

PoundPie3 6 months ago

Just strap it on and peg your man! Great Prizes! You do it for him, now's his chance to say Thank you!

LITOGCOUPLE 6 months ago

???????????? how do we capitalize on this and what’s the incentive for us straight peeps?!

AugustaRoller 6 months ago


Chessie Rae 6 months ago

Or i will just have to find another female to film with.....

Salixxx Katz 6 months ago

I love to see models helping each other ❤❤

squirtqueen_69 6 months ago

babe, let`s make a lesbian porn:-)

MsShynie 6 months ago

Being a Bi-Sexual woman myself! I'm happy to see the community in full support of sexual freedom! Ill be uploading several!

JustUsSexy 6 months ago

Like it, good luck and love to you all. ❤

Alex CUM 6 months ago

How big this contest is, it's a great prize they went with all this time, very good very well.

donnyglover 6 months ago

Need a partner

J Swiift 6 months ago

Just need more views

xlkyng 6 months ago

So next yr in the month of Feb. Is pornhub going to have a black/ebony contest?? Is so inbox us for ideas for prizes and contest guidelines.

Dae Dream 6 months ago

First thing white people would do is find a black partner so they can capitalize on being “interracial”

unknown 6 months ago

Can't wait to see the lovely creativity that comes from the LGBT community We're obviously sitting this one out, good luck to all the contestants!!

CollegeTwinks 6 months ago

Omg we are so so excited to enter!!! Sounds like alot of fun and the prizes are ridiculous

unknown 6 months ago

Wow, this contest is great. We most likely won't be entering, but good luck to everyone who does!

Jack Fire 6 months ago

Super excited about this one

casmol93 6 months ago


Callisto Morgan 6 months ago

I’m pansexual and my boyfriend is bisexual. Love this contest!

unknown 6 months ago

Are you into pans?

Nellie B Bad 6 months ago

This is fantastic! Thank you for supporting LGBT and Pride!!

Dominant BBC 6 months ago

I'll show you what a super soaker is with my new solo video????

unknown 6 months ago

Who wants an ass to fuck ? Like y'all I need to win this

Nellie B Bad 6 months ago

I’ll paint a rainbow with my lips on that cock! Haha.

vanillachocolate69 6 months ago

Still fun for those that can compete! No complaints here!

daisiesandhalos 6 months ago

I love this idea! I can't wait to see all the videos!

unknown 6 months ago

I don't get it... is the contest for gay couples only?

unknown 6 months ago

Why so many letters? hahaha

Dae Dream 6 months ago

LGBTQIA+ members only

Cherry_Fairy 6 months ago

rishav899 4 months ago


BossDonPleasure 6 months ago

So when do we find out who won lol n if a straight couple wins this shit this shit is all setup n everyone can just give up on trying for these contest that the same people keep winning lol

Nikki Redd 6 months ago

Great idea Pornhub. Wish I could find a partner in time for this.

SensualTouchNigga 6 months ago

Check out new vids #Anal

NataSweet 6 months ago

I love this IDEA~ Lets creat contenet!

Lion John 6 months ago


Leila Lahey 6 months ago

Already have a solo idea, I really hope I can film with WhyNotBi ????

ChinaExclux 6 months ago

I need a feminine woman and man

mindovermatter1230 6 months ago

Kooool ok ???????? ????????????????

Dae Dream 6 months ago

What’s funnier is straight couples assuming strap-on sex is gonna automatically make it gay. IF A WOMAN is strapping A MAN; it’s HETEROSEXUAL ACTIVITY; PERIODT.

NinjaXXX59 6 months ago

So Guess I Need Me Two SnowFlakes ???? Hmu ????

Arlan Kurt 6 months ago

Already uploaded a new video! It was a great blowjob in a perfect forest. This competition is already so much fun!

CollegeTwinks 6 months ago

Already uploading our first submission! Had an amazing threesome on the perfect beach. This contest is already so much fun!

dicktobig87 6 months ago

I’m trying to deactivate my page pornhub want let

unknown 6 months ago

Good luck everyone! ????❤

MasterKingg 6 months ago

LGBT ????‍???? We Rock !!

Vivifbabyxxx 6 months ago

I need a girl to have fun with and make videos

LatinaPlay 6 months ago

I amHeterosexual but it is an important oportunity for LGBTI thank you pornhub

Ginger Banks 6 months ago

I literally just asked someone for the email to shoot for WhyNotBi Ahhhhhhh!

unknown 6 months ago

Good luck queens !????

wavyfluid 6 months ago

All contest matter let the lgtbq community live!

mrmrscumzalot 6 months ago

Yay a new contest!! We ????????????????

evanjohn101 6 months ago

gonna try this????

Sweety star 6 months ago


mindovermatter1230 6 months ago

mindovermatter1230 6 months ago


krazymaw 6 months ago

nice i love it

MsStacy08 6 months ago


Boningbitches 6 months ago

Who's from ny???

hannha23 6 months ago


knutzo daddy 6 months ago

Can we have a challenge focused on the ebonys

SuperDrogo 6 months ago

i love ittribbing is comming

Carly Curvy 6 months ago

Good luck everyone!

Nick and Nicole 6 months ago

Lets go!!!

Rawnbare 6 months ago

Want to do it

Kinky Ranked Duo 6 months ago

Love anal, but not gay :/

Molly Pills 6 months ago

ALSO i just hit 10k subscribers so YAY ME. (lol sorry I'm just really excited.)

Molly Pills 6 months ago

WElll hmmmmmmm time to get creative with my secret pocket pussy that nobody knows that I have I wonder if that will count.

BossDonPleasure 6 months ago

Let's get it ❤????????????????????

Chessie Rae 6 months ago

Would like to see a contest in the near future where straight couples would have a chance to win

CreamPinay69 6 months ago

How about straight couples like us? ????

TeddyVnTwitch 6 months ago

I’m down lol

PoundPie3 6 months ago

Damn wish I was more gay. Does pegging count? Hell yes I'm in!

AugustaRoller 6 months ago

Maybe they will have a contest for Straight individuals as well. The price could be a trip to Orlando maybe. Hint hint Aurora

shave_metzitza 6 months ago

Ah damn. I just gave away my waterguns! Must find some new ideas now

unknown 6 months ago

I need a girl's solo

Ruby singh 6 months ago

Girls interested?

J Swiift 6 months ago

We have some to add.

creamyberry 6 months ago

Me and my husband would love to win hope everybody loves r videos

unknown 6 months ago

Nice videos!

JoshandLeena 6 months ago

I'll see you NY!

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