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by: Aurora Watson

Whether you’re feeling spontaneous, don’t have access to a computer, or want to put together something quick for your fans, you should have all the tools you need to create and upload the best content you can. When it comes to editing, there’s no lack of apps you could use, but if you’re not sure which ones to give a try or want to change things up, we put together some of our favorite mobile video editing apps for when you're on the move.

Splice for On-The-Go Editing

Aside from the fact that it’s free, we’ve got a whole list of reasons why Splice is one of our go-to editing apps when we want to customize and create a professional-looking video within minutes. For one, whether you want to put together a video, a montage, a slideshow, or a collage, it’s super easy to use. You could have multiple projects going on at once and even have the option to export to Facebook and Instagram.

Our favorite feature is Splice's huge library of free sound effects and music of different genres you could choose from. You could even overlay tracks in case you want to get fancy with it or add your own narration.

As for the visuals, you could add filters so you look your best, slow it way down or speed it up, add text, trim and crop, spice it up with some animation, and get creative with different types of transitions.

Image courtesy of Splice 

Magisto for Marketing

If you’re in need of a little help in putting together a short, creative, and noteworthy video, we’re going to suggest Magisto. Compared to other video editing apps, Magisto focuses on using videos as a marketing tool. Whether you’re looking to download it for personal use or to grow your business and fanbase, Magisto can help you create the most impactful video by using Emotion Sense, their patent-pending artificial intelligence technology.

Once you upload and select the images and video clips you want to use for your movie, all you have to do is pick the editing style and soundtrack you think would fit your story best and then leave it up to Magisto to edit it. Their AI video maker analyzes the visual and audio aspects of the footage, picks the most exciting parts, constructs a storyline, and puts together a stunning, share-worthy video. 

Although there is a membership fee depending on how you want to use it, it's definitely worth looking into. 

Image courtesy of Magisto 

Quik for Sharing

Much like Splice, Quik is easy to edit and customize your videos no matter where you are or how little time you have. What stands out most about this GoPro app is that it takes social media into account a little more than other editing apps. For starters, aside from giving you access to your personal library, it also allows you to import from your Facebook and Instagram accounts and it has the option to switch format from cinema to square.

As for audio, for those of you who prefer to make your videos a little more personal, Quik lets you add your own songs and syncs your footage to the beat of the music.

Although we love the fact that it’s free, if you sign up for GoPro Plus, you have access to an expanded soundtrack library and can upload your images and videos to your cloud.

Image courtesy of Quik


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SexWithMilfStella 6 months ago

We love Davinci Resolve. They have a free version that has everything you need for pro level editing and even their paid version is cheap (but totally not needed for porn). We use it on all of our videos and can't recommend it enough.

Xavy1428 6 months ago

Thanks Stella! You answered my question. Now to get the app, get longterm sex partner roommates in my studio home, and enjoy excellent fun while making money$$$: Only on Pornhub!

Kate Utopia 6 months ago

я edit my videos by iMove it free and easy

TheConfiguration 6 months ago

Where can I get it?

LazyCookies 6 months ago

What about Vegas Pro?It is also a very powerful and convenient tool

hotseajock 6 months ago

I recently switched from Cyberlink PowerDirector to Davinci Resolve 15. RESOLVE ROCKS!

DarkWetDreemz 6 months ago

Davinci is perfect for Color Correcting!!

SexyBustyGirl 6 months ago

Davinci a really good editor, but a little bit difficult. I use Adobe premiere pro

Blue Bunny 6 months ago

Love Resolve, couldn't reccomend it more! Xxx

Ghara Xela 6 months ago

i bet these companies didn't see their apps as something to be put to such a noble cause

yourMiss 6 months ago

Noble indeed

Hornyboy Alex 6 months ago

Premiere Pro is the best paid app IMO, but Splice is my go to free app.

Nevminoze 6 months ago

You check that app Adobe Premiere Rush CC?

cloudy_dfw 6 months ago

I agree with you Nev… for a mobile editor Rush has it going on… but for the recording you should try... Filmic Pro

shave_metzitza 6 months ago

I'm using Inshot but I'll give those a try

runnerbean87 6 months ago

I use splice. Excellent app to use x

LunaLaney 6 months ago

Very easy editing

Alex CUM 6 months ago

As always Pornhub worrying about showing useful things that help us models to improve every day.

AugustaRoller 6 months ago

When the video doesn't go as planned, I don't worry about editing, I just go back and do it again!!!

Dominant BBC 6 months ago

https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5c30ed5041a6e This video was edited with Inshot, it's free to use, has transitions, lots of different aspect ratios, import own audio clips/images, a few filters and effects, slow thing down and speed then up, upload to Facebook and Instagram, I think it's worth a look

Eva Lux 6 months ago

Davinci is perfect

Bryci 6 months ago

If you are on Apple comp or laptop, FCPX is the fastest editor by far, we've been using it for years and we love it. Premiere is slower,, where as FCPX is made for the apple system so it is native. Check youtube for vs videos, FCPX never loses in exporting tests etc. It's insanely quick. When you look at movie production companies, they use Avid ($$$$$$) or FCPX. Davinci is the best color editor and their new tools for video editing have made them one of the best as well.

ButterBeerCouple 6 months ago


AkellaMonsterCock 6 months ago

Idk for us best of all is inShot app

BigHeroes1999 6 months ago

i use final cut on mac, it's to difficult with app

Miss Fantasy 6 months ago

Someday be sure to use!

MaleModels 6 months ago

Thanks! ???? just posted a new one today!

HaydeDaGreat 6 months ago

They giving us all the tools to make them rich ????????????????????

Lee Zard 6 months ago

Would you rather they didn’t and you both lose?

QueenTweet 6 months ago


DNAcouplexxx 6 months ago

I use luma fusion. I love it.

alicatty 6 months ago

Definitely be giving this a try

suerte3333 5 months ago


Lonna87 6 months ago

I never really edit mine. I do a lot of camming and then my fans always call me out if they can tell that it's edited lol I only have edits when I shoot for a company. If I mess up, I start over. Then I use my phone to trim some things. I use what comes installed. Now, I have a huge knack for photogrid for pictures because I love the artistic feel of b&w and I'm obsessed with Halloween. But.... I honestly love just watching natural people without airbrushing, filtering, or smoothing.

dominatordick 6 months ago

Wow now i can actually get some work done

BBcumBoi 6 months ago

Here is the link: https://rexdl.com/android/cyberlink-powerdirector-video-editor-apk-download.html/

BBcumBoi 6 months ago

My video editing app has become Powerdirector all the way. They have the PC version and the Android app.Ive tried and tested quite a few apps and PowerDirector has become my favorite. It's easy to edit videos and do it quick. Dozens of creative options and you can get the app for free at Rexdl.com...enjoy.????

Mallory G 6 months ago

???????????????? nice!!

ChinaExclux 6 months ago

Look at what I have on my finger tips

Flavaboi713 6 months ago

Who else is from Houston inbox me

AuroraOfTheNorth 6 months ago

where can i download it? I can't find it.

TheConfiguration 6 months ago

I used Power Director for the video I just uploaded. I'm trying to get some pointers. I'm new.

Aubrey Allan 6 months ago

My videos are about to get so much better lol they kinda suck rn

Bellatrixxxy 6 months ago

Lol I'm bad I guess. I use Windows Movie Maker lol

HunkyBoyBen 6 months ago


kinkyasiangirl69 6 months ago


Twisted_Jiku 6 months ago

I just have my wife do all the post-production in Davinci Resolver 16. Planning when you're going to upload cuts out any reason to upload on the go. set an upload schedule with deadlines you can meet and stick to it

MissJayi 6 months ago

So what apps do u guys prefer for best video making

Celluli 6 months ago

I'm considering going live. This was helpful thank you.

Maxik32 6 months ago

Круто: Спасибо Вы Супер????????????

Little Sofi Di 6 months ago

Final Cut X, and Splice is best!

Hardcorepassion69 6 months ago

If these can stand 4K 60 FPS would be awesome ????????????✊????????????

MisKitten 6 months ago

I use Sony Vegas

ArcaneEyeAm 6 months ago

Good to know

ShayMilf 6 months ago

I use inshot but might try these apps.

HawtCock 6 months ago

Love love love this post!! Thank you. I hope to have fun with this.

Love couple 6 months ago

We use iPhone and iMovie only

black swan 6 months ago

it looks good

TristanLovelle 6 months ago

I made mine with InShot https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5cc9177dd14a9&showDuration=1

vanillachocolate69 6 months ago

Very good resources! Our best advice is keep it cheap until you can afford to step up!

kinkyasiangirl69 6 months ago


Carly Curvy 6 months ago

Great information!

Baby Christy 6 months ago

????.....Teen............................................................................Amateur..............................................................................Couple.........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................????with Vegas ????Pro✅..............

Horny Bunny 6 months ago

App for DJI Go is also easy to use And allows you to make good videos

NataSweet 6 months ago

I allways use computer... My phone is not good

therealDC 6 months ago

Follow me so i can follow you back.

AntiAA 6 months ago

????I’m a imovie Typa Guy

unknown 6 months ago

Good to know! Thanks

MurderDa Cat 6 months ago

Next vid will be lit....

Falcores 6 months ago

im try to edit on pc instead . i do edit somewhat while it on phone but id like to work on pc more .. any sugestions ? thanks

Keri Love 6 months ago

Right now I use iMovie and it has worked GREAT but I'm looking for a new app to get some different sounds and filters for my movies. I can't wait to try these out! I'm like a creative editing junkie! Thanks for the tips guys!!! xx

Dominant Gene 6 months ago

Kinemaster is one not mentioned. It's really easy to use an updated on a regular.

unknown 6 months ago

I'll check splice out

Princess_Poppy 6 months ago

I personally use Premiere to edit my videos on my PC, and Splice on my phone.

TheConfiguration 6 months ago

I have Adobe premier pro CC but I am concerned about whether they will flag adult content since it is the online software? Anyone have any input? Thanks.

millennialpussy 6 months ago

i also use premiere pro cc and no they will not flag your videos

11b1pTx 6 months ago

I use Splice allot

LolyMaybe 6 months ago

I used to use inshot now try these programs, thanks for the advice

just_zhenya 6 months ago

I'm using Magisto and Splice!

Alleta dicksin 6 months ago

Can't wait to try it. recording Time ????

sexybigclito 6 months ago

I'm using filmora and quik and I'm more than satisfied.

daddyslilsecret 6 months ago

My phone came with iMovie And we also use video shop and Photofox for still picks

luv_king 6 months ago

I like quik

Lizzy and Joe 6 months ago

We are trying to switch to unedited uncut real sex here lately. More fun, less hassle.

Eric and Bastion Hendrix 6 months ago

Thank you for the wonderful tips! Thanks for sharing ????

ourdirtylilsecret 6 months ago

InShot is amazing as well

Mwaarh 6 months ago

Great Quik!

Lana Cocker 6 months ago


Jessi Jami 6 months ago

This is great! Been toying with one but we will see how this one goes

Dex Durango 6 months ago

Splice is great if you’re working solely from your phone. I’m an Adobe Premier slut though.

MsShynie 6 months ago

These are great I use quik on my phone & Wondershare Filmora on my laptop for longer videos.

Passmethelighter 6 months ago

Love it

ZaddieBabyy 6 months ago

CAMEO since day one . Free and easy no nonsense all mobile.

JackieWingdings 6 months ago

this is awesome! thank you so much for the tip!

wavyfluid 6 months ago


Stephanoxxx 6 months ago

I use 2, adobe premiere clip and filmora go ... They are very easy

EmmaMay 6 months ago

Premier Pro probably is one of the best options for us

IsheS 6 months ago

the most important thing is that the film should be of the right quality, because as the quality is poor it will not help, I have a problem with the sound in my movies; (

IsheS 6 months ago

What programs do you use for editing movies?

Bunz Bunny 6 months ago

Thank you!!

BonnieYClyde 6 months ago

We’ll try it for our thousands videos on the phone ????

Stefff Lisa 6 months ago

We use VivaVideo premium

FetishJob 6 months ago

Kinemaster for Android ????

bedroomsXabroad 6 months ago

I can highly recommend quick ! Just try it out its the best for short edits on the phone.

PinkMangos 6 months ago

Ill definitely be trying splice the next video I post.

littlelaces 6 months ago

Davinci Resolve - There is nothing better for free

kingbun22 6 months ago

Cool might have to download a few of these apps

Jellytina 6 months ago

Thanks for the ideas!

Vityysha666 6 months ago


Devin and Brandy 6 months ago

Love it!

daisiesandhalos 6 months ago

Oh dang! Thank you, Aurora! Was thinking about this recently, so this is really helpful!

StraightBaitTV 6 months ago

Great advice. I will try these on my next videos.

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