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by: Aurora Watson


Welcome back to Model Citizens — our interview series where we pass the mic over to some of our models and have them share their behind-the-scenes secrets.

To change things up a bit this time around, we put the spotlight on one of our favorite couples, MySweetApple. If you haven’t already fallen for Kim and Paolo, keep on reading and we promise you’ll be totally smitten by these Italian world travelers. 



Photo by MySweetApple

How did you get started in the industry and with Pornhub?

We started in the porn industry about 4 years ago. We had always wanted to do porn and made a lot of homemade videos since the beginning of our relationship. We always enjoyed taking pictures and recording ourselves, and then watch the videos and masturbate together.

We’ve always been exhibitionists. We love having sex outdoors and in public, being naked, going to swinger clubs, and letting others watch us. Even when we’re home, we never close our curtains so our neighbors can watch everything we do.

When we moved from Argentina to Italy, we felt free being so far away from our families, like we could do everything we’d always dreamed of, and that was doing porn for everyone to watch!

In the beginning, we were doing webcam shows and selling custom videos to a smaller crowd. However, we wanted to be able to share them for free with everyone in the world so they wouldn’t have to pay to feel like they were part of our adventures and traveling with us. Luckily, that’s when Pornhub popped up with their Amateur Program and we jumped on it immediately.


Why the name MySweetApple?

Paolo wanted to highlight Kim’s booty (people relate ass with a peach, but for us, it’s an apple.) So it’s in the name since it’s what he loves the most. At first, all our videos were going to be POV, so it would feel as if the viewers were traveling with their girlfriend around the world. That’s why there’s a “my” in MySweetApple. In the end, everybody loved Paolo so much, we couldn’t keep him out of the picture for too long.

Photo by MySweetApple

What was your perception of the industry before you got started? How has it changed? Did anything about it surprise you?

To be honest, we didn’t think much about it. We didn’t want to compare ourselves with anyone or even think like we were entering an industry.

We were just a couple who loved having sex and wanted to share it with the world. I think it was later on that we realized we were part of a community and that there was a big distinction between amateur and professionals. But we still don’t care much about that. We’ve always watched porn and love both kinds.

The difference is the money invested, the production crew, and the relationship between the stars. But porn is porn. There are amateurs that are hired to make professional porn movies and big porn stars who are making amateur videos, too.

We’ve also made many friends, which we didn’t expect at all, and that was very nice because we do feel like we’re a part of something bigger now.

What did surprise us, in an awful way, is how much people don’t like sex workers. It’s something we’re always trying to fight by showing them we’re all just normal people, and the fact that we have sex for a living does not make us bad. In any case, it makes us smarter and more authentic because who on Earth wouldn’t want to do it?


How has it affected your relationship? Did you set ground rules?

Our only rule is we won’t do anything we don’t enjoy and we’ve respected that everyday since we started. Doing porn as a couple is the best thing that could have ever happened to us. We feel like we’re a team of friends, lovers, workmates — everything! If we don’t feel like having sex, just putting a camera in front of us makes us extra horny, so there’s not one day when we don’t want to be all over each other.

Whether we’re making a video or doing a photoshoot for Snapchat, our fan club, or just for ourselves, we’re always ready and happy to be lucky enough to be living this amazing life.

Porn has also made us healthier, sportier, and has encouraged us to travel more and try new things all the time. We wouldn’t trade all this for anything!

How do you use social media to your advantage? Which social media platforms do you prefer and why?

Twitter is our biggest friend. Our Instagram and Snapchat accounts have recently been shut down, so we’re starting over again with those. However, we’ve had our Twitter ever since we started and we really appreciate the fact that they allow us to be explicit and link to our Pornhub profile, our camsite, our website, etc.


How do you market yourself?

We like keeping our brand neat and pretty, so we try to make promo videos, GIFs, and photos for our new videos in order to promote them on social media and allow our followers to see exactly what they are going to watch. We’re also always open to interviews, sharing our experience, and collaborating with other models and companies, which is always fun for us and opens many new doors.

We spend time producing, not just the content, but also the design for every single pic and banner. We also make our own music and animations, photo editions, and recording and video edits, and we invest time and money in updating our technology, apps, and learning new programs.


How do you interact with your fans?

We answer all DMs, emails, and replies on all our social media and here on Pornhub. We love knowing what our followers want to see because it also gives us new ideas and these viewers have some really hot fantasies. We also make webcam shows because we love the real-time feedback and suggestions, we love the idea of letting people direct us — we enjoy feeling like their puppets.


Tell us about your camera and lighting setup? Any tech tips for our new models?

We change the setup every year, but we mainly have 2 setups. The outdoor one is a GoPro HERO7 Black with a custom case where we put an external microphone and neutral density filters. It’s tiny, easy to shoot, and the best choice to record in public. For indoor shoots, we use a Sony Alpha, a tripod, an external microphone, and an external monitor to control the image.

We also have different lenses according to the occasion — portrait, big angular, and pancake — and a variety of filters too. But the truth is, we never plan our videos. Sometimes, even with all that gear, we record with our iPhones because you never know when sex will happen, and when you film scenes outdoors and in public, sometimes, the world conspires and you get a perfect moment without people around and you have to use what you have. We love to invest in good quality equipment and produce good quality, but for us, the content is more important — showing people the real spontaneous stuff. We are not actors because we never act — we show our real life.


What do you accredit your success to?

This is going to sound corny, but we’re going to say love. Most of our DMs are filled with, “I love how much you love each other” or “I love how much passion you show in your videos,” and the truth is, none of our videos are staged or planned very much. We have our camera with us all the time because we know we’re always ready to shoot and we honestly love doing it. We love being together and having sex everywhere and anywhere. We’re absolutely crazy about each other and I think that shows.


What are your thoughts on ethics, inclusiveness, and politics in the industry?

We’re always discussing these topics because it seems like there’s always a war in the industry lately, whether it’s about some new law that prejudices us, or it’s amateurs versus professionals, or it’s simply one model against another.  

To be honest, you just can’t generalize and say “the industry is like this or that” because we are all just people doing the best we can and as amateurs, we’re not really in the industry anyways. We do wish people would be more understanding toward sex workers and that sex workers would be more considerate toward each other. There are a lot of big studios that have amazing videos and others that don’t care about anything other than money, make shitty content, and treat actors with no respect. It’s the same with amateurs — some create beautiful, original content, and others just steal or copy ideas all the time. It’s not about the profession, it’s about the people, their perspective, and how they decide to work.

Photo by MySweetApple

Tell us a bit about your upbringing and how you got to where you are in life?

We were born in Italy, raised in Argentina, and now we’re living in Spain (for now). We both studied, have a college degree, and have worked since we were 16 years old. I guess we started working so early because we always wanted to be independent and we’re pretty hyperactive, so we’ve been trying to figure out our future since we were very young. The truth is, we’ve both always jokingly said we wanted to do porn, even to our friends and family, way before starting in this business. Guess it wasn’t much of a joke after all. When we met while working at an office back in Buenos Aires, we realized we had met the right person to start working on our real-life plans. And that’s when we shot our very first porn video and started traveling around the world.


What fetishes have you experienced with?

Exhibitionism — we love having sex in public or outdoor places and in front of other people. We love being watched while having sex and sharing our passion with the world. When things get risky, it gets even more exciting for us because the fear of someone catching us makes it all the better!

I also love being tied up and letting Paolo take advantage of me, getting spanked, slapped, and being used by him is my favorite. Paolo is a big fan of blowjobs, so I take my time to give him all the pleasure he deserves, but only if I can decide when he cums. So I’m a bit of a torturer and he loves it. We also really enjoy doing 69.


If you could go back in time to when you first started on Pornhub, what’s one piece of advice you would give yourself?

Don’t overthink it! We opened our account about 2 years ago and only started posting videos a year ago, so we missed a full year of fun due to not wanting to post “normal” clips. The truth is, we’re here to show our real selves and that’s what people want to watch, so go ahead and post that clip shot with your phone — you can make it better the next time, but as long as you had fun, people will see that and will love it!


Is there anything else you’d like to share?

Do porn if you enjoy having sex and sharing it, don`t do it just for money — relax and enjoy! Growing in porn takes time, people sometimes start making porn videos and after one video, they start hating everybody else because they are not earning money or gaining followers. It seems like lately, nobody has patience and that`s because the media keeps saying that people become famous overnight, but they never tell you all the invested effort and time. If you are thinking of joining the Model Program, remember, it takes time, so never give up and be perseverant and original. Get inspired by others, but don’t copy. Create your own path and use porn to discover yourself and your own fetishes. Be a lover, never a hater.

Thank you and see you in the next video!

MySweetApple, YourSweetApple.


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Nevminoze 3 months ago

good job.... prior to their level, grow and grow

jardbas 3 months ago

They are amazing!

SexyBustyGirl 3 months ago

Yes, It is right Kiss

AugustaRoller 3 months ago

I'm sure I will never be featured, I'm not a model citizen

YingTakingYang 3 months ago

You’re not alone in this feelin, we’re just fillers for the preferred stars lol

Leolulu 3 months ago

Always a pleasure to read more about you! You guys are the BEST ❤ We want to say don't change but we know you will and you'll stay true to yourself and always more amazing We looked up to you before starting our adventure and it's an honour for us to have shared this moment with you can't wait to see you again soon!!! ❤ ONE LOVE ❤

MySweetApple 3 months ago

Thank you so much guys, it was our pleasure having you in our home and can't wait to see you again! (The BBQ is sooo ready for us )

Ms Utopia 3 months ago

One of the best couple

JustUsSexy 3 months ago

Totally agree.

MySweetApple 3 months ago

Thank you!!

kisankanna 3 months ago

What a great licking ass in the comments)) Guys well done, but that's amazing, not the first time in the blog. Maybe some more articles about MySweetApple? Just do not try to write a blog about Kisankanna!Guys really attaboy, one of the few who honestly earns views and subscribers! And not as some upstarts for 2 months have 150 thousand subscribers!

MilaGrace 3 months ago

Very beautiful couple! You inspire us to make new videos!)))

MySweetApple 3 months ago

Thank you!! Biggest compliment

cocopumpum 3 months ago

We LOVE MySweetApple so much! They're huge inspiration for us! They seem to be the realest, most fun and loving couple out here We hope to get more famous so we could meet them one day ahhaha

MySweetApple 3 months ago

Thank you, guys! We're always up for meeting fellow porn couples

Sweet Bunny 3 months ago

You are one of the hottest couple and I admire you very much!! ❤

Saliva Bunny 3 months ago

We are also a couple and today we published our first video With hope that one day we'll reach your heights

Chelsea Wolf 3 months ago

Trying to become a model citizen

JustUsSexy 3 months ago

You guys are a true inspiration! Really fun to read

MadamIvana 3 months ago

Keep a good job

Salixxx Katz 3 months ago

This was the best interview I red since now here, and we have been here for 9 months. Thank you guys, be the best ever, you are such an inspiration ❤❤

MySweetApple 3 months ago

Thank you so much!!

Alex CUM 3 months ago

Great message that you leave in the end, I would like a girl who likes sex as much as I do and who travels around the world.

Naughtysoulmates 3 months ago

We love this couple! Thanks for sharing!

SlugsOfCumGuy 3 months ago

Some of the hottest public videos I've ever seen. Love these two!

Master cumshot 3 months ago

very good couple ????

YingTakingYang 3 months ago

IKR ????????

MySweetApple 3 months ago

Thank you so much for this oportunity, Pornhub and thank you @Aurora for your help! Hope this can be helpful to all the new couples starting in this awesome porn path and thanks to all the models here who are so awesome, supportive and inspiring! Best community ever! Happy Weekend!!

Danika Mori 3 months ago

My compliments for the achievements and good luck for the future goals. You seems to have great energy in life! Let us know if you ll ever come back in Tenerife

MySweetApple 3 months ago

Thank you, Danika!! We'll deffinitely travel to Tenerife soon and will be asking you for lots of advise on anal Kisses!!

BrooklynRivers 3 months ago

great interview! Loved the open vibe and incredible love story intertwined with making amateur erotic content, Bravo!!!

MySweetApple 3 months ago

Thank you!

xlkyng 3 months ago

Wheres the toilet paper??

Lana Cocker 3 months ago

I love your videos and wanna be featured too!!!

Rockit30 1 month ago

I love big tits

simapriya 3 months ago


TheConfiguration 3 months ago

Any one here personally won anything here?

NattyCat 3 months ago

We run tons of different contests every month: from themed contests that have physical prizes and surprises to monthly ranking contests based on search results, sales and trends. Keep an eye on the blog for more info. Our current contest:https://www.pornhub.com/blog/7761

Korina Kova 3 months ago

Love your guys love for all you do and each other its so beautiful

LustTaste 3 months ago

Amazing ❤

ArcaneEyeAm 3 months ago


Horny Bunny 3 months ago

You are so hot couple!

Sexii Swiss 3 months ago


Cocoalooks 3 months ago

thanks for the advice

unknown 3 months ago

Awww ❤

joket11111 3 months ago

Здесь украинцы есть

PinkMangos 3 months ago

Yess you guys are awesome! Its alot i can learn from you guys!

creamyberry 3 months ago

Hello everyone you guys should go check out my hot sexy delicious videos hope you enjoy

Selene Siren 3 months ago

I love MySweetApple!! So happy I finally got to read more about their story. Their love and genuine souls is so encouraging.

MySweetApple 3 months ago

Thank you!!

KinkyPrimals 3 months ago

Very inspiring! I love that you are so open with each other and the world. 3

The Blesser 3 months ago


DNAcouplexxx 3 months ago

I love their content

MySweetApple 3 months ago


Bree Hart 3 months ago

They are amazing

Ohshititslele 3 months ago

WORD!!!! You guys are such a great example for humanity! Peace, love AND sex on you forever. I feel lucky to have shared some pizza cheese with you Much love, Lele

MySweetApple 3 months ago

Thank you, Lele!! I also don't forget that delicious Thai food we had in that awfully cold night

Princess_Poppy 3 months ago

I absolutely love you guys, you are so inspiring

MySweetApple 3 months ago

Thank you!!

Amy Delaney 3 months ago

Everyone says the same thing about Twitter being key...so I started one...I'm very much ignorant of the platform though. It was hella easy to gain insta/snap following, what an I missing about growing my Twitter?

MySweetApple 3 months ago

If your account is new, try not to post many nudes or NSFW content, engage with your audience and other accounts. Be active and you'll see how it starts growing Hope this helps!

Reina Mysterious 3 months ago

Congrats guys

ZIAxBITE 3 months ago

You guys are really made for this

thatvideoplace 3 months ago


Diana cu de Melancia 3 months ago

I dont understand why my intagram profile every years get blocked and i dont put nothing special, now i see this profiles with nudes and sexualy sugestive and nothing appens XD

MySweetApple 3 months ago

We all get banned and deleted, you're not alone We got 3 accounts closed, shit happens.

vANALik 3 months ago


Mikestiffxxx 3 months ago

Great job, keep at it.

redishfoxy 3 months ago

you guys are the best! EVER

MySweetApple 3 months ago

Thank you so much!!

Dick n Daisy 3 months ago

This was such a great interview! Thank you for your insight. We are new to couples porn and after reading this confirms that we are on the right path. Love and Peace to you! ❤

MySweetApple 3 months ago

Love and the best of luck in this new path

Nicky Mist 3 months ago

We are also glad for you guys , you are inlove and make a really nice content!❤❤❤❤❤❤

Mwaarh 3 months ago

Beautiful... best couple! Congrats

vins6009 3 months ago

Très sympa !

Jayzdamaster 3 months ago

cant wait til their next video!

teacher_of_magic 3 months ago

Thank you for this wonderful article about @MySweetApple ! You guys are so cool! I admire your love, what really shows in all your videos. I like your sincerity, passion and your attitude for the "business You promote the right approach to Amateur video

MySweetApple 3 months ago

Thank you so much, gorgeous!

Ginni Wylde 3 months ago

You guys are doing awesome work! Love it! Muah!

BonnieYClyde 3 months ago

Thank you guys, you are a good motivation for the new models like us.!

CreamyDanielle 3 months ago

Great job guys!

Ada Candee 3 months ago

Great read! I'm gonna check them out

MiDju_Show 3 months ago

Gorgeous couple. Thank you for sharing this energy with us!

unknown 3 months ago

That's a great story. Good for you both,and stay adventurous!

vanillachocolate69 3 months ago

Another great spotlight! Good job guys! ????????

evastive 3 months ago


CasalAventura 3 months ago

We loved!!! Beatifull words...."Be a lover, never a hater."

thicknhard4uandme 3 months ago

Awesome. Which I'm new to this. I am a Pornhub Model. I used my Galaxy Note 9 For recording the first few I posted on here. I just bought a webcam but clueless on how to set it up right now. Keep ya posted. Keep up the Awesomeness vids. Thank you.... Alvin Kunze

TrevorWong 3 months ago

Do porn if you enjoy having sex and sharing it, don`t do it just for money

BeckyTailor 3 months ago

Very nice couple. You guys look so good together. Thank you for keeping it real and spontaneous ❤????

BeautyandtheCocks 3 months ago

How sweet xoxo

Loren Love 3 months ago

Awesome story! We really enjoy doing this on here as well One thing though -we wish Pornhub would be more open to featuring foot fetishism.

Morgpie 3 months ago

Thanks for the inspiring thoughts! As a new aspiring amateur channel we really appreciate it ????

BamaD_ixon 3 months ago


Baby Christy 3 months ago

How nice it is to be here in the PornoHub community to read and even watch the wonderful videos of this couple who really love what they do I can definitely say this is sincerity, because I know from myself and I feel this energy. We are a young sports couple who know about them and even more, we fucked very well with the included video, and this is an amazing orgasm. Squirt flowed like a river, and this is a sign of great well-being, passion and pleasure. Removing our porn videos, we absorb

Audrick Gringo 3 months ago

“Do porn if you enjoy having sex and sharing it, don`t do it just for money ” Words that speak to me. I wish to share my Person for my and others pleasure. Please pm me ;-)

squirtqueen_69 3 months ago

great, great job!!! We love your vids!

SexySpunkyGirl 3 months ago

It’s great to see you two doing so well on Pornhub. You are a solid, fun-loving couple who obviously love each other & what you do, we can relate! We wish you all the best in the future, Kim & Paolo from one couple to another. ????

suerte3333 3 months ago


Sixiemesens 3 months ago

When watching your videos, it is obvious you show what you are, and you enjoy it ! It is not so common and makes the difference. Spontaneity, game, modesty, real life sex, are the recipe of your well deserved success. How not to love your couple, Our SweetApple !!

casualbang 3 months ago

Im so jealous!

wavyfluid 3 months ago


Queen Ann 3 months ago

Wow wow

daisiesandhalos 3 months ago

Thank you for sharing!

lynnex01 3 months ago

I love your pics and videos, your an inspiration for any one trying to feel the freedom of expression through one self. thank you for your story.

PrincessPetite_x 3 months ago

One of my most favorite couples on pornhub big inspiration and amazing videos! Can't wait for more!❤❤❤

Ginger Ale 3 months ago

Amazing truthful interview! So great to know there are people who put fun, beauty and excitement above money! Totally support every word said here!

Cumtonic 3 months ago

Noi vi amiamo e vi seguiamo da quando avete iniziato ci piacerebbe un giorno incontrarvi... Adesso, per colpa vostra ci siamo dentro anche noi

Shaveh Metzitza 3 months ago

Love you guys, your passion truly shows Thank you for sharing

JackieWingdings 3 months ago

interesting, gotta check them out! these are some hot photos too.

Ourdirtylilsecret 3 months ago

We love these two !! Great read????

PinkHex 3 months ago

Amazing interview! Thanks for sharing! Huge inspiration for all here!

Mpcouple 3 months ago

Super sweet couple. Super videos. One of two couples that inspired us . My sweet Apple and leolulu are great. Wish the best for you guys. Wish we could meet in the future. ????????

SexyHippies 3 months ago

Hurray! Congrats guys!

SWAmateurCouple 3 months ago

one of ours favorites!

MySweetApple 3 months ago

Thank you so much!

HawtCock 3 months ago

Amazing job and amazing content! Who else would love to be a model citizen one day?

NemiBDesire 3 months ago

wonderful couple

LolyMaybe 3 months ago

Everything is very well said, we are also just starting our way into porn, I hope that everything will work out because we do not want to stop

Huge tits steph 3 months ago


Scarlett Love 3 months ago

I love how sweet this is! We are a couple page too! Follow us and subscribe to our page! View our videos!https://www.pornhubpremium.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5cbaafe5f21c9

Carly Curvy 3 months ago


unknown 3 months ago

We are all happy for you

Eduardosatanista61 3 months ago

Greathh I Will loved

EmmaMay 3 months ago

wow, this is really motivative

Devin and Brandy 3 months ago

We love all your content!!! The biggest advice we ever took from you was have fun and in a year we have!! Big fans and love it all! Thnk you!

MySweetApple 3 months ago

SO happy to read this, guys!! Having fun is always the most important part!

DNAcouplexxx 3 months ago

They have some great content.

Deepkittyhole 3 months ago


Lady WOW 3 months ago

MySweetApple is always an inspiration for us! Thank you! xoxo

Kitty Baby 3 months ago

would love to see newer amateurs featured.. hopefully soon!

horny_cousins 3 months ago

Nice :3

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