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by: Aurora Watson

The moment is finally here! You’ve been patiently waiting and helping us grow our Pornhub community, but now it’s time to announce the winners for the biggest referral contest we’ve ever had!

It was a tight race, but alas, it came down to numbers. Some of you really outdid yourselves, got the word out there, and had some friends join our Model Program. There’s clearly something to be said about word of mouth.

And in case you’ve forgotten, along with our top three winners, we also chose three lucky referrers at random to win $100 prize.

So without further ado… our winners!

3rd Place - $500

Third prize goes to New2Spying

2nd Place - $1000

Our second place winner is MySwedishOrgasm

1st Place - $1500

And finally, our grand prize winner is OutfallingSex!

Nicely done! 

As for our three random lucky referrers who will receive $100, we want to give a shoutout to KisskissnyaPetite Alexis, and TheBeautyTheBeast.

Remember, even if you didn't make the top three, don't fret, we've got some good news for you, too. As always, an extra $50 will be added to your next payout for any model you successfully referred to the Pornhub Model Program. 

Thank you so much and congratulations to everyone who participated! 


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AugustaRoller 6 months ago

I still need more $$$ in my account before I can get my first cash out and start referring people.

xfilthygamergirlx 4 months ago

i am new to this and have uploaded some content i cant refer any one yet as i haven't had a cash out yet!

XoxoSavannah 5 months ago

How much do you have to make for that to happen?

pattymelt07 5 months ago

Featured videos are automatically generated based on popularity

Kinky Ranked Duo 5 months ago

We are grinding for months aswell.. dayym

AugustaRoller 5 months ago

Also what do you have to do to get featured videos? It's always the same ones and same people over and over and over

Cherry_Fairy 5 months ago

You will succeed! Great account!

LunaLaney 5 months ago

Keep at it You will get there!

Naughty princess 6 months ago

How u do that need some info on checking money and doing referals

LittleSlvt 6 months ago

Follow Me. I Follow Back

OutfallingSex 6 months ago

Thanks to the community! Lets all be friends and make love! lol

blkpck 5 months ago


Aceandboo 5 months ago

Great work!!

Cherry_Fairy 5 months ago

Congratulations, honey! You deserve it!

LittleSlvt 6 months ago

Follow Me. I Follow Back

Nicky Mist 6 months ago

Congrulation Guys , we love our community. Good luck to all amateur models❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

LunaLaney 5 months ago

So true

SlugsOfCumGuy 6 months ago

Yeeaah, if you could just go ahead and refer your friends to my profile, that'd be greeeaaat.☕

AylaEXPOSED 5 months ago

xD I see what you did there

Mikilarsonne 6 months ago


unknown 4 months ago


Dagga master 5 months ago

Only a few determine souls will ever earned some cash from pornhub

Bigdaddyyang 5 months ago

Damn I need to start referring ppl

LolyMaybe 5 months ago

why I found out about it just now ((((

Myhub1800 5 months ago

I need money in my account

Macho y Hembra 5 months ago

oohh si. nosotros tambien queremos. estamos haciendolo

AugustaRoller 5 months ago

I wish PornHub would allow you to refer people even before your first cash out. Other sites do this

PinkMangos 5 months ago

Congratulations everyone!!

Cherry_Fairy 5 months ago

Congratulations to the winners! They did a great job!

YourCuteEvil 5 months ago

When will 4K work? All our videos began to play a maximum of 1440p

NattyCat 5 months ago

4K works on for sale videos, not for stream on Pornhub. It also functions for Pornhub Premium.

BamaD_ixon 5 months ago

PornHub would be doing some if it made a way for famous porn stars to shout out amateurs if they watch a vid and like it

NattyCat 5 months ago

All videos already have a share button so people can share what they love

8villians 5 months ago

I just need some solid tips to start my page

JulieMayBae 6 months ago

Congratulations to all competitors

BeverlyyBare 6 months ago


JustUsSexy 6 months ago

Spread the love!

lolyamateur 6 months ago


JessicagreyXx 6 months ago

Lol my friends would be like, girl you better come back to Jesus!!!

kinglouiexD 6 months ago

Great! Thank you to the community spread love and enjoy all the moments!

Pixie Nixie 6 months ago


juicehead20000 2 months ago

I’m a new account

Mr AppendageKE 4 months ago

heres a link to my page. visit and subscribe www.modelhub.com/Joj254

Finesse G 4 months ago

Let's go

Rain drop 4 months ago

Need more subscribers

Caramel Freak 5 months ago

I’m a few bucks away from my first payout and I can’t wait to start referring people. Congrats winners

TheConfiguration 5 months ago

I was reccomend. But they didn't get anything. Why?

Ashley Diamond and Diamond King 5 months ago

i was told by ph through emial the payout for referrals is actually 25 not 50, correct me if wrong please.

Dicky Spreadums 5 months ago

The winners are beautiful females. It would seem that the more popular you are, the more popular you stay. There should be a way for the little guy to get more visibility. Like, random user videos on the homepage that do NOT use existing popularity as a factor. A video with 0 views for example could randomly show up in that section.

Sweety star 5 months ago


ibarbie 5 months ago

yahooo! congratulations =))) my next goal is to be on a 1st place=)

MsAndMrUndercover 5 months ago

Go check my videos out

Horny Bunny 5 months ago


therealDC 5 months ago

Follow me i follow back

ABadBitch25 5 months ago

I just got my first payout and still trying to figure out how to generate more views and money.

JayyNaztiiiMagnum 5 months ago

I need that mula in my bank accounts ASAP!!!!!

Scarlet Hurricane 5 months ago

Do they do this each month or was it a one time thing?

PopAJayJay 5 months ago

First and Foremost congrats are in order for all those who were winners and also to who didnt yall are all winners! I wanna say as a model at the bottom of the totem pole that i am honored to even be a around y'all as colleges. Amateur and Professional alike Im just happy i can actually say im apart of what i always wanted to do but was always afraid to do so if anyone has any suggestions knowledge wisdom they wanna give i would like that. very much thanks for ya time___ PopAJayJay69

astrew 5 months ago


suerte3333 5 months ago


TrafficCamShield 5 months ago

Porn-Star-Lotto.com is looking for a sexy porn star for those of you who are looking to make some big cash.

loreemoni 5 months ago


Mrs Throw it Back 5 months ago

Add me

mariBigdick 5 months ago

Shit it’s hard trying get features I want get my name up

Max Cummins 5 months ago

Looking to make some videos

Pettit_Looloo 5 months ago

3 fabulous girls!

BatGirlnThrobin 5 months ago

Congratulations.... Now tell EVERYONE about this British Puerto Rican SLUT...

DNAcouplexxx 5 months ago

Everybody with great content, add me.

Lion John 5 months ago

add me guys.

Cashyronn 5 months ago

Anybody tryna link

bluetube03 5 months ago

check out bluetube , watch a year from now .

XXXExotic2017 5 months ago

good job

nicholi100 5 months ago

All day and night lady’s time to fuck you like the sexy babes you are

SissybabyandMommy 5 months ago

Check out my new page

Beckybut4real 5 months ago

How do I refer?

unknown 5 months ago

Is this contest is every month?

TheRedHeadNextDoor 5 months ago

Well done 3

IsheS 5 months ago

Congratulations for the winnings Welcome to the PornHuba family

kinkyasiangirl69 5 months ago

Nice going to start getting my friends to sign up

BigDaddyLucas210 5 months ago

Damn some info would be great! Congratulations tho!????❤

Kinky Ranked Duo 5 months ago

Add me if You like anal!

momentsnc 5 months ago

Follow me ❤

Vivifbabyxxx 5 months ago

I need more video views xoxox

babalingoz 5 months ago

I NEED $$$

BonnieYClyde 5 months ago

Congratulations to the winners! ????

ExoticCpl 5 months ago

Hi like this

santexme 5 months ago


S3xGod 5 months ago

People add me and check out my videos

MaxnRudy 5 months ago

Congrats ????????

mixedbreedhtx 5 months ago

Congrats on the winners

paraplegicpussy 5 months ago

I just wanted to put myself out there and say I'd love to have you follow/subscribe to my page! Come on over and take a look. I guarantee you will find something you like with my wide variety of videos!

paraplegicpussy 5 months ago

Just wanted to put myself out there and say I'd love to have you follow/subscribe to my page! Come on over and take a look. I guarantee you will find something you like with my wide variety of videos!

Aphrodysia 5 months ago

Congrats guys. Soon it'd be me

LucaWMia 5 months ago

Congrulations !

Carpeficam 5 months ago

many compliments to the winners...I'm still dreaming to improve my videos

HDGames 5 months ago


JEMWELL60 5 months ago

Plss I need money

NattyCat 5 months ago

to make money you need to just follow the verification steps and upload your own original content: www.pornhubmodels.com

JEMWELL60 5 months ago

How to make money

VelesovSon 5 months ago

Good luck❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Ninja Shaft 5 months ago

Congratulations to all great work xxx

unknown 5 months ago

Come and see us)

Wiley king 5 months ago

Sexy af great job

hornyshanaya 5 months ago


TonyStrokes25 5 months ago

Need someone to help make content before even applying

Xavier Haze 5 months ago

Take a look at my page lit videos plus more content coming real soon add me and subscribe I'll return the love.

evastive 5 months ago

Поздравляю всех

Twisters Productions 5 months ago


unknown 5 months ago

Congratulations! ❤❤❤

DNAcouplexxx 5 months ago

I can’t wait until I can refer people.

FrankNewbieSpanker 5 months ago

Some people don’t mind that their friends know where to see their naughty side...guess I didn’t win cause I’m still in the porn closet

vanillachocolate69 5 months ago

Congrats to all the winners! Got our first payout so we can’t wait for some referrals!

BigGirlMagic465 6 months ago


Mwaarh 6 months ago


unknown 6 months ago

Congrats everyone!

Vivifbabyxxx 6 months ago

Hey everyone I hooe I can refer a lot of people. Come watch my sexy videos.:*

anthonywilliams33 6 months ago

Wow thanks

SexFitBody 6 months ago


Baby Christy 6 months ago

Congratulations on your victory

OnyxGaud 6 months ago

All white women.... of course.

AmateurEbonyGirl 6 months ago

Congrats to the winners!

King Dragon 6 months ago

Haven’t even heard about this

Kellie Hunter 6 months ago

Still getting started follow me loves I follow back and contribute likes and comments !!

OMGitZuma 6 months ago

How do I join to win

Mine4you2 6 months ago


Baron and Baroness 6 months ago


Cassey Deimos 6 months ago


MrC_MrsL3313 6 months ago

Still need our first pay out not earned enough to refer people yet

duunsde 6 months ago

Congratulations to all of you :

24sevenSex 6 months ago

This is going to be so much fun!

VeronikavonK 6 months ago

wow too lucky! that's enough money

SexWithMilfStella 6 months ago

Congrats to the winners!

CasalAventura 6 months ago

Congrats!!! PH always making your community happy!

rud3freak 6 months ago

Yeess)) Baby's come on! 8)

LittleSlvt 6 months ago

Follow Me. Really Hot Videos. Lots Of Cum

NotSoAmateur 6 months ago

Congratulations to the winners!

Ivy McNea 6 months ago

Excellent work! Keep it up, always looking to grow the family and to see new content!!

Hottie2Naughty 6 months ago


Candy Seductive 6 months ago

How do you refer friends? I refer people all the time... if you are talking about directing them to my profile

NattyCat 6 months ago

you can refer models to the model program using your link (which activates once you hit your first payout)https://www.pornhub.com/model/referrals?_ga=2.202399313.1971025662.1555938262-1025304376.1541451983

JoshandLeena 6 months ago

Happy Monday everyone!

Collegecouple6996 6 months ago

Check out my new video I just posted xoxoxo

unknown 6 months ago

I love these new options that help us a lot in our growth.

J_y 6 months ago


Kate Utopia 6 months ago


Jellytina 6 months ago

Congratulations to the winners

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