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by: Andy

Pornhub is more fun with friends!

That's why we're launching our biggest referral contest ever.

As always, for any model you successfully refer to the Pornhub Model Program, you'll receive $50 added to your next payout.

But for the next month, all models who have successful referrals to the Pornhub Model Program will be entered in a contest with $3000 USD in prizes to be won.

You have until April 18th, 2019, to refer as many people to the Model Program as you can.

Your referrals can upload free content, paid content, or both!

You can find your referral link right here, and learn more about referrals on our helpdesk.

The model with the most referrals will receive $1500 added to their next payout!

Second place will receive $1000, and third will receive $500.

To be eligible, your referrals must complete the signup process and upload two videos.

Along with our three top referrers, three lucky referrers will be chosen at random to win a $100 prize.

Ready? The contest begins... NOW!


All Comments(215)

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FFMX 8 months ago

Register to win Nothing. many recruits send videos and earn a few cents. PORNHUB always features the same profiles. And they are still recruiting. It's a shame.

NorthWestCumShot 7 months ago

Not true, I make about $150 a month atm.

AylaEXPOSED 7 months ago

Making money on pornhub takes constant hard work and dedication. People seem to think you can just upload a video and become the next top pornstar-- this happens to some people, sure-- typically people who already bust their ass on other sites, but it's a very, very rare occurrence. If you want to make money, get featured, etc.. you'll have to upload more than 3 videos. The most important thing is to upload as often as possible.

FreckledRED 7 months ago

YO! We ALL started at the bottom. I've been here nearly four years and still struggle. I work daily as a single parent. You mustwant it so fucking bad that you will work even when everyone says your income proves you need to stop. It's frustrating seeing others win contests... trust me, I've been that jealous bitch a few times lol... The thing about PH still recruiting people?? AMAZING. It will benefit EVERYONE. We need the traffic! This site has huge potential. It's new. Stick with it.

Desireteen 7 months ago

We have good movies like the ones is futured all the time, but our income is half. So we stop shooting other movies. If we refer someone , the income of all in PH will be smaller and smaller..... So we will not refer anyone.

SexFitBody 7 months ago

exactly. Only a few accounts are developing on PH, only a few accounts have movies in featured. My movies in featured only appeared for the first half year. Now the account has died ...

alicatty 7 months ago

Why are people hating pornhub is amazing been on less than a year and it's amazing plus 80 percent of your tips are yours

NorthWestCumShot 7 months ago

I made $150 last month. About $80 this month.

FFMX 7 months ago

Featured profil: 3/4 minutes videos, only one position. all against the recommendation but a lot of featured. Why? https://www.pornhub.com/model/lindablond

brett 7 months ago

@Klassi you can read about it and other topics on our help desk https://help.pornhub.com/hc/en-us/articles/223721327-How-do-I-get-my-video-featured-

Klassi Kougar 8 months ago

They do feature the same profiles. Would benefit them also if others were to get some traffic... the featured videos are sometimes nothing special. Don't understand the criteria. March onward. ❤️❤️❤️

Snook da Coochie Crook 8 months ago


SweetCuddlyGuy 8 months ago

I finally made my first $20 ....took 6 months ffs lol

Chibi Marshmellow 8 months ago

Been on here 3 years, one video was featured like on a top whatever, but not for a contest. I think Pornhub premium is dumb, because a person is paying for that subscription, which takes away from us selling videos . Or who wants to pay for premium and pay for Fan Club. Pornhub takes too much out of monetizing considering they have premium or taking a percentage from else where.

ChrissyNastee 8 months ago

I always thought that. I’m like “damn when are they going to show new people”. It’s always the same 10 featured accounts.

TeenSerenety 8 months ago

Thank god someone said something, i have been thinking the same thing, and kinda lost hope of ever getting featured, 250+ videos and 10 Million+ Views later....

PrecumX 8 months ago

I couldn't agree more FFMX. Regarding the verified free videos, atop of that, once in a while there is SAME EXACT FAKE video of a blond girl from some chat session (I could easily go through first 10 pages of featured videos and paste them here, dear Brett), which takes someone else's featured place, plus it's not verified, PLUS it's fake (all the same 5K likes on the videos). And no one does nothing.

FFMX 8 months ago

Not to mention all the videos featured illegally without verification. They have a huge amount of free video verified. it features the one that does not cost them anything. it is shameful

FFMX 8 months ago

Why Pornhub still features the same profiles? Because it is their advertising. These profiles are much worse than some others. but they have been chosen to attract new profile and have more and more free video. Algortithm, death of laughter, it is the director of the communication the Algorithm ...

Salixxx Katz 8 months ago

I also have a feeling the same profiles get featured and win prises all the time. Maybe PORBHUB need some live men check on good profiles (like mine, for example), to be featured, and not to leave it to blind, limitless algorithm! My profile is 500K without ever being featured, my FANS keep telling me I make content they weren't able to find on whole Pornhub and wider...I think I am worth some attention finally. Good luck to all!

QueenTweet 8 months ago

Very true

AemkeMagnus 8 months ago

At the moment for us is very difficult to get views. Our best video reached only 1.3k views, but sometimes one has to do a mea culpa. In fact I think that this dipends not on pornhub, but on the quality we share

Zilv Gudel 8 months ago

Wouldn’t agree with this. I’ve created my account only 3 months ago, the first month was starting off, and the last 2 months were massive for me. Winning Top newcomer of the month award, and one of top earners for every month too.

PrimalAttraction 8 months ago

Then lets all support each other as best we can!!

Dirty Minds 8 months ago

I can't confirm that yet, I will see it after 2 months

HourPorno 8 months ago

Less words and more business

Pixie Nixie 8 months ago

I agree makes no sense anymore...

JulieMayBae 8 months ago

Yes you are right! It is better to watch each other's video than to expect a miracle.

AugustaRoller 8 months ago

It is true they feature the same profiles and videos all the time

creamy-teens 8 months ago

Awesome contest Do you think you guys would ever be able to allow referrals to generate a lifetime revenue share % type deal instead of the $50 payout? Just an idea but think it would make all users, (not only models) to start referringpeople and could grow PH into the absolute dominator of amateur porn. No other site would ever be able to catch up. Kinda like how shopify or tons of other software companies blew up from their affiliate programs

Lonna87 8 months ago

They should do that. Manyvids does a 5% revenue with referrals. Its not just a set amount when someone signs up.

Jolly_Lust 8 months ago

lets go

GettingStrange 8 months ago


Arwen Datnoid 8 months ago

Omg I would be referring people on the street if they did this LOL manyvids does 5% of revenue and that shit adds upppppppppppppp

radicalpainslut 8 months ago

Hey.... complaining people... I just want to put it a bit in perspective.. if you’re not making money, please consider it might be that your content is not as interesting for your audience instead of blaming Pornhub. I started only 2 months ago and all my videos get to over 2000 views while I’m targeting a very specific niche (sadist/ masochists and related kinks). I take the time to think about how to be extraordinary and overdelivering. Maybe that helps. Just a thought.

radicalpainslut 7 months ago

agree @alicatty! and I'm gonna hit 100.000 views tonight I think epic

alicatty 7 months ago

Exactly that's what I been saying Do wish I had more views but I just need a big dick in my vids or something but still doing good but yeah pornhub is amazing especially with 80% of your tips go to you that's amazing and unheard of

Hardcorepassion69 8 months ago

Pornhub is suffering from the same disease as YouTube, Big youtubers will get all the attention while New Smallers youtubers will get their content buried to the bottom, it doesn’t matter if it’s better than the content made by bigger channels 4K resolution 60 FPS and good lighting New Smaller PornHub channels will suffer to reach at least 2000 views per video. Quite frustrating.

OmarTheThick 7 months ago

Yeah thats why I'm prying to perfect my videos...its hard out here

NorthWestCumShot 7 months ago

Not true, I got 22k in one day ! It is slightly lopsided here but not as bad as YouTube

Hardcorepassion69 7 months ago

I personally have watched great content that hasn’t been featured, therefore this kind of videos are buried down in popularity

DirtyLady 7 months ago

I do not agree with you, I have referrals who have achieved great popularity in just 2-3 months.You must understand that the viewer comes for content, not for 4k or 60 fps, but to see you. Most viewers watch your videos on mobile devices and they do not need too high quality. Just make good content, enjoy the process, get satisfaction creating a new video and you will succeed.

HourPorno 8 months ago


ZEcat 8 months ago


WWorkinKK 8 months ago


MattieDoll 8 months ago

This sounds.... scammy.

OmarTheThick 7 months ago


Hardcorepassion69 7 months ago

Don’t know Rick...

MattieDoll 7 months ago


brett 8 months ago


OutfallingSex 8 months ago

how many referrals do you guys already have?

Salixxx Katz 8 months ago


Epimp 8 months ago

Awesome! But, unfortunately, I am not eligible for the referral program because I have not received a payout yet. I think it should be lowered to anyone who has uploaded 5 videos is eligible for the referral program. Something like that.

AugustaRoller 8 months ago

Most other sites payout is $50 or less

Jack Fire 8 months ago

You’ll get there eventually! I also think it could be lower though

Naboobabyx 8 months ago

You can’t just expect to upload a video and get thousands. It’s a job. You gotta work and most importantly love what you are doing. I’m here to have fun and enjoy interaction with all you horny, pervy people!

GettingStrange 8 months ago

You should update and make clear to people that even if you clearly refer someone and can prove it you will no longer pay the person referring unless the user uses the code on sign up.... So theirs a chance of referring 10 people and not earning anything or getting entered (thats about how many i've had sign up from me and not use my link for some reason since this change) Just people should know - Make sure they use your link and arent dicks xD

Holly Halftone 8 months ago

As long as this is not over-used/abused we are happy to add a forgotten referral code to a new account - however the person who created the new account must contact us to get the code added.

unknown 8 months ago


AugustaRoller 8 months ago

I haven't had my first pay out yet

OmarTheThick 7 months ago

I don't see how you haven't...good lawd

7kitten7 8 months ago

You just gotta build your brand and interact and be passionate about what you are doing. If you're just doing it for the dosh then people kind of sense that. & I imagine it is a lot more difficult for dudes @Epimp and thats lame but it's the way shit goes. Get creative and weird with it, views will soon follow. And maybe collaborate with someone.

MissAssAssassin 8 months ago

Me either. Seems like so much work for a little of nothing. Put pay videos up and no one views them just preview bs!

PoundPie3 8 months ago

I know right @Epimp I got a sex change to get more views!

Epimp 8 months ago

Yup this sucks because it is so much harder for guys to get views even if we work really hard. If your profile = male, you have to work 100X as hard to get a payout.

Sexy Lexxxi 7 months ago

Need more contests for the newbies

OutfallingSex 7 months ago

Use the link in our Profile

OutfallingSex 7 months ago

Do it ! ❤

Ruby singh 7 months ago

Anybody interested in doing a collab

hotcp 6 months ago

what exactly?

Birthday Suit and Ty 7 months ago

I’m down.

alicatty 7 months ago

Pornhub your amazing don't listen to the haters lol This place is amazing been on 9 months great side money, and since I started you guys have been adding more items where I can just do everything off of here. Custom vids, fan page and 80 percent of my tips make it cheaper on my followers too

laura_logan 7 months ago

mmmm... i will see that

Salixxx Katz 7 months ago

I know I cannot “please” everyone, but I do communicate with my followers about what they like to be able to make content that fits their taste. I like to talk to people watching my videos, and I Believe I have found my own niche of expertise to develop. Hopefully, it brings me closer to being featured, although I know that next to all of my efforts to be featured there is always that secret ingredient” called LUCK! If you are curious about what I do to make a difference feel free visit m

CHERRY--666 8 months ago

Pornhub doesn't pay well at all I mean a few cents here and there and the guys don't want to pay or even tip it's like omg

dmedia910 8 months ago

Great! I like

Jolly_Lust 8 months ago

Well, let's try!

Linna Orlova Young Shy Teen Girl 8 months ago

AMAZING CONTEST Always something new from PH BIG LIKE !!!!

Kaya Way 8 months ago

Это конечно здорово, но лучше бы помогли с просмотрами.

HaydeDaGreat 8 months ago

You can do it !

Sophie James 8 months ago

Have referred alot of people problem is then they have to upload 2 verified videos and this is the hurdle alot fall at but I love your referral scheme ph and I actually offer help and promotion to anyone who signs up through my link with 300K twitter followers that is some awesome promo x

MiaBSins 8 months ago

Let's go!

BEN in CHLOE 8 months ago

Great idea

Princess_Poppy 8 months ago

I won't win this one, but cool idea to get people on board. I love pornhub, and I love my fans and followers on here. DOn't get angry at Pornhub , if you aren't doing well on here, build followers on other sites, and people will find your stuff everywhere. Not everyone get featured, there are thousands of porn models, you can't blame pornhub if your videos aren't being watched.Best of luck to everyone. We all work hard and it sucks when you don't make money. You got this though! x

TheCockofSteel 8 months ago

I havent been featured once or even received a check from my first video like how many views do i have to get to get paid?

Epimp 8 months ago

As a solo male, I would estimate based on my earnings, that you need over 300,000 video views to get a minimum payout.

shneyhmm 8 months ago

How about you check out my channel before reffering? I upload very consistently

guccigod305 3 months ago

I also am growing monthly I am around $30 a month right now would love if u guys checked some of my videos

Scarlett Love 7 months ago

Subscribe to us we post constantly and would love your feedback!https://www.pornhubpremium.com/model/scarlett-ortiz

unknown 7 months ago

I'm almost to my first payout, it's been slow going but with so many people on here it's not practical to believe that you'll be an instant success. Takes time and consistency.

widelatinboy 7 months ago

I am looking for a beautiful woman who needs a partner and wants to sharemoney and fame

FreckledRED 7 months ago

Hi, Modelhub! I'm a bit confused... when I click the hyperlink I don't see my specific link for referrals? I want to bring in a larger hub fam! Thanks for this platform and for listening to our suggestions.

davidemma19 7 months ago

please visit our videos in ❤ https://es.pornhub.com/model/davidemma19

unknown 7 months ago

Please subscribe my channel and watch my hot desi sexy videos Thanks

OmarTheThick 7 months ago

Hmmm let me assemble the team....DICKNADOS UNITE!!!!

Abub367 7 months ago

আপন ক

Cashyronn 7 months ago

Anybody in Detroit tryna make some money (females only )

nymphomansex 7 months ago

Hello to all the beautiful ladies of ph I am new here and I’m trying to make as many friends as I can so if you ladies don’t mind send me some requests and I will follow you back

minttale 7 months ago

it will be fun

Lizzy and Joe 7 months ago

We just figure if we keep trying we may get featured and start making some money, then we would really recommend ph to our kinky friends. Till then, it is just our dirty secret.

LDaddy55 7 months ago

Add me

Carmelbutterfly 7 months ago

I need some sexy lady friends

Sexy Lexxxi 7 months ago

i got this!

Irene reign 7 months ago

Refer me ‼‼‼‼‼‼‼❗❗❗

Carmelbutterfly 7 months ago

Hello my new ph family I’m new here and I’m looking for friends to share my sexy body with so Ladies and gentlemen please send me your request and don’t forget to subscribe and follow

SuperorgasmGirl 7 months ago

We will teach any girl as much cum as I do

mrmrscumzalot 7 months ago

Wow this is awesome!

unknown 7 months ago


unknown 7 months ago

Who will explain to me what to do? understood nothing

Andy 7 months ago

hi eliza! just share your referral link, which you can find here:https://www.pornhub.com/model/referrals if you have the most people who sign up, you'll win a prize

unknown 7 months ago

Message me girls for partnership and 50% earning share

caseynjosh 7 months ago

Come check out our videos and give us your feedback and request a custom video we would love to make your fantasies become reality

Retev 7 months ago

150K for 3 month, Good or bad?

Rebellious Barbie 7 months ago

Its FREE to Join Pornhub Model Program Im Trying to Afford Kickboxing and Stripper Classes So For Anyone Thinking About Signing Up for Pornhub Model Program. Please Use My Referral Code. The Money I Earn from My Referral Codes will Go Towards My Kickboxing and Stripper Pole Classes Sign Up to Pornhub Model Program Today Use My Referral Code: 47452091 To Sign Up to Be Apart of Pornhub Model Program. Get Paid to Upload Videos https://www.pornhub.com/model/referrals?referral=47452091

Rocket slut 7 months ago

Comment me

naughtymind1 7 months ago

How can I get my referral link?

Carmelbutterfly 7 months ago

New here sexy ladies and gentlemen send me requests and I’ll be sure to make it happen for you

Finesse G 7 months ago

I need help on making $$$

Veronica Reid 7 months ago

Very good idea!

heysexydeehere 7 months ago

The world's biggest porno tube that dont pay cheapskates

Kinkyeve 7 months ago

I think it all works quite well myself.you make a vid,post it and get paid for views.some vids do well some fail.i would like to see a fetish home screen so more fetish stuff gets featured..pornhub has done a lot for the content makers in the last year tips,security, better payouts .there support team is second to none.all in all it a great site to work for..

DurkAndDej 7 months ago

Any females in Atlanta wanna collab hmu

Lizzy and Joe 7 months ago

I need help from ph staff immediately, please message me!

DirtyLady 7 months ago

Do you count the total number of approved referrals?For example, in two years I have 86 approved referrals, does it count?

NattyCat 7 months ago

This is a new contest so we're only counting referrals made since March 18th to April 18th.

SkiiMask Chris 7 months ago

Sounds like a great idea

LuxuryAlice 8 months ago

good news)

Alex CUM 8 months ago

to compete to see if I finally win some

radicalpainslut 8 months ago

it’s a matter of a bit of patience I think, and taking the time to tweak if you want to make money. And don’t forget to have fun in the meantime.

unknown 8 months ago


Nini_Divine 8 months ago

Nice !

Cum_Panties 8 months ago

Need to make a new section to show all the new videos by category as soon as the person uploaded it at once appeared there so will be visible all the new videos and so can be all views

PixxxieDust 8 months ago

3 first contest I'm gonna try harder in!

handjobz77 8 months ago

subscribe to me

Duke Wayne 8 months ago

https://www.pornhub.com/model/duke-wayne Check me out, looking for some feedback and improvements

BossDonPleasure 8 months ago

Am I the only one who can’t find the referral code ??!!

NattyCat 8 months ago

Once you reach your first payout it will be activated

downforwhatyouwant 8 months ago

We need to just start tryna make the same people get featured and share some love lol

agasaselfsuck 8 months ago

Evvai ottimo

Fullforcefull 8 months ago

No videos to create and upload? This contest sux....

royalltee 8 months ago

Needa just pick me &&’ be done with it let some new comers get something

vanillachocolate69 8 months ago

Ah! If only we were eligible for referrals already!

unknown 8 months ago


dolly_blow 8 months ago

cooooool )

kayoputinho 8 months ago


HennesseyBaby 8 months ago

Let’s be real I just want money !!!!

unknown 8 months ago

It would be nice if pornhub actually worked and did not delete verified models videos

Griegrobert10 8 months ago

Hello there

MoistFeet 8 months ago

Great idea!

XXXGRIMEYDAN 8 months ago

Maybe I'll get lucky although i'm not #wellbad

SexySuArt 8 months ago

Where to advertise your video for growth of views? Who will do a good deed and tell you? Write me I will be

Candy Seductive 8 months ago

Sign me up

BriannaBane 8 months ago

Can somebody DM me? I’m having issues activating the tip button on my page.

unknown 7 months ago

You should be able to see it if you view your profile while you're signed out. When you're logged in looking at your page it won't show up.

Holly Halftone 8 months ago

Hey You've got it! You just can't see it because you can't tip yourself.

Salixxx Katz 8 months ago

I have a feeling the same profiles get featured and win prises all the time. Maybe PORBHUB need some live men check on good profiles (like mine, for example), to be featured, and not to leave it to blind, limitless algorithm! My profile is 500K without ever being featured, my FANS keep telling me I make content they weren't able to find on whole Pornhub and wider...I think I am worth some attention finally. Good luck to all! KISS, Salix

Salixxx Katz 8 months ago

Sure I am ready, I was waiting for it

RavenBigAss 8 months ago

Very interesting :p

Prince Luke 8 months ago

Nice 3

shave_metzitza 8 months ago

I don't have areferral link Where do I get it?

Holly Halftone 8 months ago

Once you reach your first payout it will be activated

Alisa Lovely 8 months ago

That's good news! Everyone loves contests!

evastive 8 months ago

Хорошая акция, но участвовать в ней я конечно же не буду

unknown 8 months ago

NovaBaee 8 months ago

I’m sorry where’s the link I can’t seem to find out which one

Holly Halftone 8 months ago

Your referral tab will appear once you have been sent your first payout.

My Latina Crush 8 months ago

We shall see how this goes...

unknown 8 months ago

wow I wish I had a person I could refer

Carly Curvy 8 months ago

Love it!

gysot468 8 months ago

Guys cant really make any money on here it seems.

Cock Ninja 8 months ago

Well, I'm not going broke on the hub so...yeah, guys can make money on here if you market yourself the right way.

NattyCat 8 months ago

Not true at all, our #1 MH star is a man, and so is #4. We constantly have 3-4 men accounts in the top 20 month over month.https://www.modelhub.com/contests

Cumbackst0ry 8 months ago

Follow me

mrmrscumzalot 8 months ago


JulieMayBae 8 months ago

Agree to all of the following! better watch our videos!

Ivy McNea 8 months ago

Can they be paid videos from the referral or must they be free?

NattyCat 8 months ago

The referral can put up paid or free or premium. What matters is that they are verified. Hope that helps.

The Girl Next Door 8 months ago

I also would like to see the terms of eligibility for the referral bonus program change to help us that would like to recruit but still have not become eligible for the referral program.

AugustaRoller 8 months ago

I am certainly not arguing with you, I agree there should be other ways not just your first payout. I have 6 Twitter account with approximately 200K followers and I am constantly tweeting my videos. Pornhub is getting plenty of publicity from me

The Girl Next Door 8 months ago

@EveryFlavorLover... That could be true but what would the harm of having people just recruit if that is what they choose to do? Why limit the potential of revenue for everyone involved including Pornhub? Just imagine how much greater the pool of talent to sign up would be if they were to open that up to those in the program that have had earnings but haven't reached the payout. Maybe it should be automatic as soon as you have any earnings. I have over 4K subscribers I cannot recru

AugustaRoller 8 months ago

I think they want to make sure you were committed to actually loading videos not just recruiting

kisankanna 8 months ago

Офигенная новость

Miss Russia Natasha 8 months ago

Oh, go to the views quickly, then you can invite. Tell me how to get to the recommendations?

Tori Scream 8 months ago


ballsdeepinsideu 8 months ago

I wish i had friends!

daisiesandhalos 8 months ago

If I reach my first payout in March, will I be elligible for the contest?

NattyCat 8 months ago

Hey! Just checked your profile, and you should be able to see your referral code here:https://www.pornhub.com/model/referrals

OutfallingSex 8 months ago

good luck!!

Steve Awesome 8 months ago

Fuck yeah!

evexadam 8 months ago

Great news!)

Secret Muffin 8 months ago


Kate Utopia 8 months ago

Nice contest, but i not have friends Anyway good luck babies

LittleCakes 8 months ago

Wow! I think it's great

ElMatadorN 8 months ago

I referred a jessikat96

PoundPie3 8 months ago

What are we going to do today Brain? The same thing we do every day Pinky try and take over the world!!! We won't stop until every one uploads their private porn to pornhub. Heh Heh hehheh

Victor y Alberto 8 months ago

Good luck to you all!!

Ezada Sinn 8 months ago


couplesexfuck 8 months ago

Can you refer yourself?

NattyCat 8 months ago

Nope - only to new models.

MihaNika69 8 months ago

What a difficult competition(

Alexa_Prime 8 months ago

Let’s do it !

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