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by: Andy

Custom Videos have been enabled on Pornhub and Modelhub for three months.

How are they working out for you so far?

Now that we’ve collected some data, it’s time to find out what’s working, what’s not, who’s making the most money, and how they’re doing it.

We did some research, and now we’re going to break you off some tips and tricks for maximizing your Custom Video revenue.

Ok, ready? Let’s go:

Setting It Up


First things first – if you haven’t already, go set up your Custom Video form (detailed instructions right here).

You can’t accept custom video requests until you’ve set it up.

You can set a base price for your custom videos, then add upcharges for anything else you want, like film duration, extras, exclusivity, and more.

Make sure to check out this blog post for the basics.


Direct linking


To save interested buyers a step, don’t just link to your Pornhub or Modelhub profile – link directly to the Custom Video Order Form.

To do this, just add ?customvideo=1 to the end of your url, like this:



Driving traffic


For fans to buy your custom videos, they have to get to your order form.

That means custom video sales start by driving traffic to your profile, and your custom video order form.

So first thing you wanna do is identify where you have the most traffic – where your fans come from. That might be your social media, or it might be your Pornhub profile, or maybe somewhere else altogether.

Basically, you’re looking for where your best customers and fans hang out. Then you wanna get the order form in front of them as soon as possible.

Some of our top Custom Video sellers are seeing amazing results from linking to their order form on Twitter. (Don’t link from Instagram or Facebook, as your account might get deactivated. Twitter should be safe, though.)

Consider tweeting once a day, or every couple of days, with a link to your order form. (Remember the direct link we showed you up there ^^?)

You should also consider adding this link as your website link in your Twitter bio.

As for Pornhub and Modelhub; if you’ve enabled Custom Videos, there’s already a button for your order form:

Images courtesy of Korinna

But you should consider mentioning it in your bio as well. Try something like this:

“I’m ready to do anything you ask for – order a custom video with the button below!”.

You should also consider adding a card (a static frame with text written on it) to the beginning or end of your free videos inviting your fans to order a video. If they just finished enjoying your content, chances are they’ll be more likely to order something.




Now that you’ve got some traffic coming in to your order form, it’s time to tweak the variables until you’ve maximized your revenue.

What you want to do is modify one aspect of your order form at a time, and see what effect it has on sales.

For example, try raising or lowering your base price to find the sweet spot;

Let’s say your base price is $100, and you get one customer per week. If you change it to $60, but are able to get two customers per week, your overall weekly revenue is now $120 instead of $100. You have to consider what you’re paying yourself hourly, of course, but if you’re simply looking to maximize the money coming in this can be a great way to do it.

Also try playing around with the description at the top, different extra services, and pricing for all of your add-ons.

Just try changing one thing at a time and record the results – even a negative result is good, because you learned something.

The name of the game is Drive Traffic, then Optimize. Focus on one thing at a time, and get as many fans to your order form as you can, and you’ll be golden.

What’s working for you? Let us know in the comments.


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AlmondBabe 2 months ago

Sweet tips! Now how do I fix that bug where 35% of the payment goes missing?

wheels602 1 month ago

Lol that's an unfixable bug.

red-painful 2 months ago


husband-fist-wife 2 months ago

That is a good question!

SexyBustyGirl 2 months ago

brett 2 months ago

Don't give me a heart attack like that

hardrockkhmer 2 months ago


Ruby singh 2 months ago

Hit me up if u interested :p

NastyTaurus 2 months ago

Lol I know right

Fitteenbabe 2 months ago

Ill collaborate with you Ruby

Ruby singh 2 months ago

How about collaborating with me for a threesome in ur mext

AlmondBabe 2 months ago

Issa joke ily pornhub

Lil Kiwwi Monster 2 months ago

Driving traffic is the most important step of the game. PornHub has the best platform for amateurs to upload their own clips and now the best platform for custom orders. Unfortunately, they have been the worst at driving traffic to amateurs. If you featured amateur content on your front page, like you did AAA production companies and stars, then you'de have alot more backbone to stand on when telling us "traffic" is the key. Help us with traffic, and we'll sell more custom videos.

TeenDesire18 1 month ago

hey @NoTabuu I love following instructions and pleasing my customers so if you wanna be satisfied.. you know where to find me

NoTabuu 2 months ago

It is all nice and I wish you to see better where your traffic comes from... but all that thing with custom videos depends so much on models... and unfortunatelly I have to say on 1 good experiene I have 5 bad! Even though I create GIF of how I imagine that... I receive something different, or in most of the cases nothing... for two custom vids I'm waiting now more than 3 months! promises promises. I'm telling you girls, think twice before you offer custom, or you will ruin this for everyone!

Lil Kiwwi Monster 2 months ago

There is a lot of complicated advertising and work an amateur model can do to drive thousands of hits to their profile. With a few clicks, a large platform can drive millions.

Sophie James 2 months ago

It makes business sense for them to feature videos they don't have to pay out on I have mentioned this before about only featuring verified videos or content partners made no difference, Pornhub is a business to make money

MsShynie 2 months ago

So many models compain about featured yet NOTHING is being done about it.

Chill Mi 2 months ago

I totally agree, but I think it's not their fault, they link what people prefer to watch on the front page. Seeing a couple of amateur videos there every time though.

VeronikavonK 2 months ago

you right!!

deepandy 2 months ago

this is useful information thanks!

brett 2 months ago

Custom videos fill a person's wants and desires, they cannot get something like that for free.

msutopia 2 months ago

Useful infirmation but not much people want pay for some that can get for free

VeronikavonK 2 months ago


vortexonline 2 months ago


Cupidcouple69 2 months ago

we are couple making videos and looking for fun girls and couples to have fun

BlackxRose 2 months ago

Can I upvote this? Lol, I've been filming custom videos for 8 years now, totalling somewhere probably in the thousands at this point. I am just SO excited to have another venue to personalize fantasies!!! I LOVE all of the unique scripts and attention to the little details that make this so incredibly FUN!!!!!!

MariLewdVi 2 months ago

Thanks for info!I think it will be very useful for new models.

SexySuArt 2 months ago

If someone wants to make a collaboration with me write me a message

Succubus Sin 2 months ago

Thanks for the info, but acknowledging everyone’s grievances about featuring improvements would be great.

emmanuelmichael 2 months ago

Really helpful. Thank you pornhub

Alex CUM 2 months ago

“I’m ready to do anything you ask for – order a custom video with the button below!”.

fulloffantasies 2 months ago

Put in options for per-minute rates. This whole nickle-and-diming over every individual thing is too much for some people to be bothered with and it makes it difficult to integrate into this system. Also I tried to change my options months ago but they're not registering for some reason. The new prices I set show up fine, but when you click to order thru my profile, the old prices I removed months ago are still there.

NattyCat 2 months ago

Hey! Sorry to hear you're having issues with the system, would you mind sending me a message with what used to be the prices (or email models@pornhub.com )

Choclitt-King 2 months ago

I Figured This Was What It Was I Guess Its Cool

Sexy Submissive Milf 2 months ago

This is very exciting!!

naturalbabe 2 months ago

Thx for info!

Hardcorepassion69 2 months ago

Cheers for the info

glassofwaterplease 2 months ago

Great post, Thanks

Salixxx Katz 2 months ago

I just got my first CUSTOM Video order for my Sloppy Bj-s two days ago.. I WAS SO EXCTED!. The guy tried 5 times to place an order. Later on PornHub let me know that his card was rejected. WHAT A PITTY! He seemed so interested and excited. Now same video I put on sale for the same price it should be over Custom Video order. Now that I am getting close to 0,5 MIL views hope to get more orders. Your advices are definitely useful, and I will obey every one of them. Kiss, Salix 3

Salixxx Katz 2 months ago

Thank you @NattyCat for your kind reply. I did reach Support immediately, it took them more than 48hrs to investigate. My video is now online, I took me 48 hrs to publish it, and yes it was a hard work! he didn’t come back to buy it...I think I lost my first customer ...and 64$

NattyCat 2 months ago

Hey! Our billing service is designed to protect both you and the customers. That means making sure no one is getting scammed or that there is enough funds to actually go through. We don't want you to do all that hard work of making a full custom video and not getting paid. If you think this customer is an exception, reach out and we can check what's going on. Keep on doing the good work and can't wait for your first goal!

secretmix 2 months ago

Love giving our fans custom vids!!! We have found our kik subscribers purchase the most!!!

Letty Black 2 months ago

Helpful information, thanks!

Chill Mi 2 months ago

Thanks, gonna try it. Maybe you have some tipps on how to drive traffic to the page as well?

NattyCat 2 months ago

Check out our previous blogs on how to Market your business:https://www.pornhubpremium.com/blog/6281

Darling Rosette 2 months ago

Thank you!! I've been wondering how to direct link to my order form. I wonder if the PH developers can give us access to the parameter on the Pornhub side as well? That way folks who focus on free videos while also offering custom videos can still drive traffic primarily to their Pornhub profile. Overall, I've been loving and appreciating the updates

Andy 2 months ago

It works on pornhub too!

Pornstarr vonni 2 months ago

Fans keep asking for custom vids , might have to see wats good

baldbabey 2 months ago

Love these tips!!! Thank you for supporting me, everyone!!!

Mia Plchik 2 months ago

Great idea I´ll try it!

VeronikavonK 2 months ago

metoo !!

Ruby singh 2 months ago

Thanks for the tips. Ily ph

Sweet Bunny 2 months ago

Thank you for this great information!

Maximus Shye 2 months ago

Nice to know thx

Oscar20xxx 2 months ago

thanks for the tips x

Carly Curvy 2 months ago

Love it!

Big JuD 1 week ago

I'm new an also new to my area in Hertfordshire. I wanna preform but don't no anyone. Is anyone in the surrounding area an clean an friendly wanna fuck a physical appearance an attraction please inbox me. Average dick eight point five inches. I say it excatly how it is. Bring a tape measure an suck my cock. Single for two years now wanna be active let's go

lov3r_little_pussy 1 week ago

Great article! I can't wait to start.

Kimberly West 1 month ago

Some good info , definitely learning as I go along and always really helpful tips from the comments as well especially for newbies like myself☺

Jess Candylove 1 month ago

Am still new to pornhub. Please follow me for incredible content

nymphomansex 1 month ago

Hello to all the beautiful ladies of ph I am new here and I’m trying to make as many friends as I can so if you ladies don’t mind send me some requests and I will follow you back

Carmelbutterfly 1 month ago

I need some sexy lady friends

Carmelbutterfly 1 month ago

Hello my new ph family I’m new here and I’m looking for friends to share my sexy body with so Ladies and gentlemen please send me your request and don’t forget to subscribe and follow

mrmrscumzalot 1 month ago

Mauh!!! Love you all

KING AND CREAM 1 month ago

Can someone please help me delete my account how do i go about it ?! I don’t see the option in my settings

caseynjosh 1 month ago

Come check out our videos and give us your feedback and request a custom video we would love to make your fantasies become reality

Jefferson Dee 1 month ago

Can't believe my step sister could ride me like this. https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5bf7b4ff7c076

xMixMo 2 months ago

Hi, thank you for good info..

Slutty Nancy 2 months ago

hey, i got a mail saying "It was removed because no performers in the video are shown in the verification images, or IDs, associated with your account" but it was me, i just cant show my face bcoz i m a muslim form bangladesh. what should i do, plz help..

Slutty Nancy 2 months ago

hey, i m having a problem. so, when i uploaded my video in sale, the price option is not showing. why is that. how can i set the price of my video..

whitesocksule 2 months ago

I’ve made like a dollar for all my videos of lol

RavenBigAss 2 months ago


FrankNewbieSpanker 2 months ago

I charge too much, no one wants to watch me jerk off, unless they like 2 hour videos of me talking about hilarious things while I jerk off. I think I might have to put an advertisement it the back pages for a model, lol. So, far me and Little Frank Floppy have been tearing it up, lol.

becca_camgirl 2 months ago


comangel 2 months ago

Gonna give it a try

MechanicalVampire 2 months ago

Done! Time to check this thing

Jess Ryan 2 months ago

I'd like to offer a discount on custom videos to my Fan Club Members too, do you think you could add that option to our Fan Club please? Thank you

NattyCat 2 months ago

Great idea - we're looking into it

Cocoalooks 2 months ago

Thanks for tip I will put this into effect

red-painful 2 months ago

thanks ! 3

LustTaste 2 months ago

Hmm really?

MilannaEmber 2 months ago

wow, its cool!

Veronica Reid 2 months ago

Thanks for very good ideas kiss everyone

realCutiePie 2 months ago

Lovely tips! ♥

Ivy McNea 2 months ago

Thank you for giving us this needed information so models know how they can continue to sell more content! I'll have to go activate so people can begin requesting! It is very exciting to get more fans that can give you ideas!

Candy pants 2 months ago

Sexosama 2 months ago

Hey go check out my videos!!!

DarkWetDreemz 2 months ago

Love the custom video option! It's paid off so far! Thanks to PH for that. Would definitely love to have a better way for collaborators to link up other than the member search. Having a page that would allow us creators to see other models that want to collaborate and their preferences would be awesome. It would no doubt create more opportunityfor smaller amateurs who feel they are not getting any exposure and a chance for solidified channels to add variety.

Chuck Harding 2 months ago

Looking for attractive collaborators. Let's make 4k sing

Chuck Harding 2 months ago

Any attractive females in the Los Angeles area interested in collabing with a young attractive Male for a scene? I'm a great editor. Dm me. And yes love the custom perk

Dominant BBC 2 months ago

If someone wants to make a collaboration with me write me a message

Milani Minx 2 months ago

This is great however a model store would be nice instead of a constant over view of features we already have ...

LatinaPlay 2 months ago

I make custom videos, I really like it.

lovegay294 2 months ago

wao great.....

MsShynie 2 months ago

Nice and all but not enough people even see or know about these features to use them people have a hard enough time finding our pages. TBH.

TheGlobalX 2 months ago

Thanks for the tips! I have the custom video option set up with low prices, looking forward to getting some orders.

v0n2400 2 months ago

Watch our videos and like

kayoputinho 2 months ago


hardrockkhmer 2 months ago

y cancel link to FB

NattyCat 2 months ago

We did not cancel links - Facebook has very stringent no sexuality or sex related content you're welcome to try it out but most likely your Facebook links will be censored by them and banned.

Raven Heart 2 months ago

Really great informational tips. I will have to do this.

unknown 2 months ago

Thanks for this!

Pinkyboop 2 months ago

2 Thumbs Up!

ThinShow 2 months ago

who makes a collaboration with me to help me grow: c

NastyTaurus 2 months ago

Thanks pornhub

Buddah Luv 2 months ago


Carterbarger513 2 months ago

Thanks for the info

VeronikavonK 2 months ago

Sweet im ready to do some Customs!!

Gissel Matz 2 months ago

Gracias por la información

The Masked Devils 2 months ago

If a costumer wants to order a sc*t video... is it allowed?

NattyCat 2 months ago

As per the regulations,https://help.pornhub.com/hc/en-us/articles/360002736174 videos containing feces are not allowed.

SexxForYou 2 months ago

Действительно полезная информация

LongDaddy60 2 months ago

Some one send me a tip so I can upload this video of me getting head

cleverin79 2 months ago


Strapon Loko 2 months ago


Alena Rose 2 months ago

Really useful information thanks PH!

PinkMangos 2 months ago

Great info !

Nutella Black 2 months ago


unknown 2 months ago

thanks good to know

Mike Roth 2 months ago

I'm going to try this. Thanks

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