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by: Andy

We get a lot of questions about the basics of how to sign up for the Model Program, and how earning money on Pornhub works.

So we've created a refresher guide for How To Make Money on Pornhub.

If you're already a seasoned Pornhub Model Program veteran, you won't need to read this article.

But for the new faces in the program, and those who are interested in joining, this should clear up a ton of your questions.

If you still have questions, check out our Helpdesk or send us a message

Sign up to our Model Program and upload your content to start making money today. Top models can make over $40,000 USD per month!

How Do I Join?

All you need to do is sign up for a FREE Pornhub account and get verified by the Pornhub Admins. To qualify for payment you will also need to submit two pieces of valid Government issued ID for you and performers in your videos through our secure and private system.

For more on signing up, check out our helpdesk.

How does it work?

Once you've successfully joined our Model Program, there are a few different ways to make money. Let’s break them down:

  1. Free-to-view Pornhub Videos

The most common and popular way to earn money on Pornhub. Upload your videos to be viewed for free on Pornhub, and you’ll earn a (substantial) cut of the ad revenue generated by your videos. The rate you get paid depends on the performance of your video (views + ratings). For an example, the average RPM ($ per 1000 views) for 2018 was $0.64. More details on uploading Pornhub videos right here.

  1. For-sale Modelhub videos

Pornhub’s sister site, Modelhub, is the world’s fastest-growing adult marketplace, letting you sell your videos at any price you choose. You keep 65% of the sale price. Read more here. You can also choose to make your video viewable for free, earning ad revenue, but restrict downloads to paying customers (or just make them undownloadable altogether).

  1. Pornhub Premium

When you upload a for-sale video, you can check off “VIEWABLE ON PREMIUM” to make your video available for Pornhub Premium customers as well. Pornhub Premium pays a per-view rate just like Pornhub does, but at a much higher rate (about $45/1000 views).

  1. Fan Clubs

You can create a subscription service for your content, at any price you want. Include stuff like exclusive discounts, photos and videos, text posts, messaging, and anything else you can dream up (as long as it’s legal). You keep a full 80% of all Fan Club revenue! Read more here.

5. Custom Clips

Now you can take custom video requests directly through Modelhub and Pornhub. Set up your form, choose exactly what you wanna offer (and what you don’t), and start getting paid requests from your fans. Just like your for-sale videos, you'll keep 65% of the sales. Read more here.

6. Tips

Your fans can tip you directly on your Pornhub or Modelhub profile, and you keep 80% of any tips you receive.

Ready to get started?

Join our Model Program!


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DuBarry 1 year ago

) I sincerely wish all models from the wonderful site PornHub development and great success !!! ♥

Maskdl 2 weeks ago


Latinbonbon 1 month ago

Check out my 69 days of blowjob challenge!!

iLovePayne 1 month ago

Thank You! We just uploaded our first video so come join us

BigCock Damager 2 months ago

Ty . Check my latest videos )

phantomcouple69 2 months ago

Thanks.Come and check our videos 🥰😍😘

KyngYosh 3 months ago

Thank you mate

GingerLovesAnal 4 months ago

Thank you dear! Feel free to check out my profile, I fucking love anal!

Khatt Marley 4 months ago

Thank you! Likewise! Check out my Profile everyone, Thanks!

TheWoodlandElf 5 months ago

Thank you ❤

deeterminator 7 months ago

please check out my profile everyone

Sasha Grein 7 months ago

thank you sooo much)))!!!

SluttyKatie69 8 months ago

Check out my videos guys! Watch me get fucked like a good little slut xx

Smoke dog 1 year ago

Well help me do dat then it all starts with a view

blackiscz 1 year ago

Wait I don’t understand... when my video have 1000 views I earn 0,64 $ ?

Succubus Sin 1 year ago

Should I expect my account to be banned for not being afraid to speak up?

Succubus Sin 1 year ago

PornHub deleted my comment that got over 100 likes and over 20 comments. Censorship much

Blue Bunny 1 year ago

Thanks sexy xxx

JessicagreyXx 1 year ago

Sayian95 it only took a few days for me personally.

JessicagreyXx 1 year ago


Sayian95 1 year ago

How long did it take you to get verified

Ginger Ale 1 year ago

It is great that you add more and more ways to earn, but it gets more and more difficult to get promoted (featured). I can see clearly that new profiles (a few months old) with a dozen of videos or so get promoted more regularly, than older ones, with hundreds of quality vids and regular updates... Unless you were extremely lucky to get into the ‘star’ category. It would be fare if PH give their loyal and hard-working models better chances to be promoted and have sustainable growth.

GingerLovesAnal 3 months ago

How can you actually see whether your Videos are promoted? I have no idea what to do to get more views.

uncutmex 1 year ago

Total fucking awesome you joined 4 years ago no wonder you have 4.5 million views without being featured. But good job still!

uncutmex 1 year ago

They feature my videos all the time. Have had my profile for over a year.

MollyRedWolf 1 year ago

totally agree .. with you and with the comment from BeckyTailor. well .. we will wait for the porn hub to make a tutorial, in which there will be information on how to promote your videos to the top, or create a loyalty program, like on bongacams. they use CamScore (or, alternatively, a rating that pushes you up if you work hard)

brett 1 year ago

Age of someone's account does not factor into a video getting featured. However older accounts tend to have more subscribers which leads to more views.

Total Fucking Awesomeness 1 year ago

Couldn't agree more. I see videos getting featured that were uploaded by a brand new user with a handful of 30 second videos....but our videos which have been viewed over 100,000 times on some of them have never been featured. Worked hard to get over 4.5 million views without ever having been featured.

BeckyTailor 1 year ago

Hate to say this but we are probably all wasting our time saying any of these things. I have several videos that probably should be featured. One I have is over 100,000 views and 90%+ and has never been featured. My husband has one video on his page that has over 250,000 views with over 80% ratings and has NEVER been featured! I don't consider myself a big name on here, even though others may disagree with me. But it's still discouraging to hardly get featured like we should.❤

unknown 1 year ago

Its really discouraging honestly

Lexi Anne Garza 1 year ago


CurvyDaddy 1 year ago

I agree, for me it has become impossible to have a featured video although they are now better and score more initial views and likes than when I started (and I got a few featured then)

Ivy McNea 1 year ago

If you are trying to post on PH thinking that you are going to get rich quick, you are incorrect. You are posting videos on the world renowned FREE porn site. Y'all should be grateful we even have the opportunity to make money from a free site. They are simply stating the how you are able to earn more money but it doesn't mean that you are going to. Getting ill over them taking "your" earnings. They have to make money to keep this place up and running to give you a place to show off. Love y'all

Lina Emilia 3 months ago

I agree

IchibanDan 3 months ago

Defintiely glad to be here. I just enjoy doing this and if I happen to meet a partner and/or make some money from this too that'd just be a big ole cherry on top!

Pornika Bhabhi 5 months ago

Yes you are correct lvy

baldbabey 1 year ago

Well said Ivy!

Ivy McNea 1 year ago

Well you and a few billion other people can't all get featured at once. We all make amazing videos, it doesn't make mine any more special than yours. You want to make more, do more. You don't work a sales job and get paid for showing up. That's what we do here is sales, you have to sell yourself. It's not up to PH to promote you, that's up to you. I believe they are grateful as they pay us for being here. You buy a raffle ticket you aren't guaranteed to win, you currently are in a raffle....

Succubus Sin 1 year ago

PornHub has been advertising themselves as quick rich lately, they can’t be upset when people realize it doesn’t work that way and get discouraged.

ilovethehub 1 year ago

Well said!

Hottie2Naughty 1 year ago

Hi pornhub fans!

Antoniofabiano 2 months ago

You little slut, don’t you like my cock then 🍆

mysteriousmike1 1 year ago

Well hello xx

Huggy 1 year ago

I need a partner

Nofaceman11 1 year ago


Dani strong 1 year ago

Remember what Joe Dirt says its not about what you like its about the consumer! Make porn that people are watching. If what your doing isnt working try something new anything ells is insanity. Between add rev, video sales, and custom content ill make close $1K this month. So thanxxx pornhub without you id have to get... "A REAL JOB"!

Succubus Sin 1 year ago

A chunk of us already have real jobs because PH doesn’t pay well

radicalpainslut 1 year ago

great, thanks so much for the info! Would you also be willing to write a blog on how videos get promoted, and what we can do to get them promoted? Up till now it seems pretty arbitrary... one had a promo and got 15K views in 3 weeks, the others don't and stick while all my videos are 90%+ rated... (Yeah I make awesome content.. if you're into BDSM humiliation and pain (I AM)

White lightning 1 year ago

Most of mine are 100%. I just started n I’ll make better ones once it gets warmer out!!

radicalpainslut 1 year ago

thank you @nattycat!

Pornhub Nat 1 year ago

Hello! You can read how to get featured here:https://help.pornhub.com/hc/en-us/articles/223721327

Pixie Nixie 1 year ago

"and you keep 80% of any tips you receive" That's not right! You take from my 100 dollars 25 dollars.

unknown 1 year ago

What u mean?

White lightning 1 year ago

No $20 from $100. $25 would be 25% to hub n 75% to model

Pornhub Nat 1 year ago

The changes will be visible on the next payout!

Pixie Nixie 1 year ago

@NattyCat Well, that's bad luck I missed this change for something like 3 days?

Pornhub Nat 1 year ago

Hey there - the tip out percentage has changed to be 80% instead of 75% check out this post that talks about this change:https://www.pornhubpremium.com/blog/7311

Kaira Nisha 1 year ago

I recently got a message that it changed to 80% and thats right now, at least at my profile, ph can be buggy sometimes

Tionna Tease 1 year ago

Love this!! Please launch a Modelstore next!! Ready to take my profile to the next level!!

unknown 1 year ago

Send friend requests daily, stay active and post regularly, take advantage of the promotional options like Twitter etc., look up the statistics on here and see what is popular and what people are searching for, be active in the community. Another thing... Great lighting, camera angles, clear audio, and videos longer than 5 minutes really hit. 10 minutes and above with more than one position is great as well. Always do your homework and stay on top of the latest trends.

JePenne and Frostberry 4 months ago

Cheers for the tips, one question though: how do friend requests help apart from people subscribing to you automatically if they don't untick the box? Also there is a chance you will be flagged for spam, right? If you friend me and I accept, will you see my stuff on your feed as well? Cheers

MoonRidersWorld 4 months ago

agree on this! Started the channel on March 2020, is about one and half month, channel total views about 46K now, keep it going all pornhubers! much love!

unknown 1 year ago

I've seen the same exact thing Lexi. Plus.. if you look at their views on that video there aren't that many. I've buckled down and started selling customs etc because I've never been featured either

Lexi Anne Garza 1 year ago

Ive seen so many models (same models over and over) with clips and i say clips because there not videos of 2-4 min being featured all the time!

Kaira Nisha 1 year ago

Its hard work but then you u definetly can make money, but its not easy money like some people think, especially at the beginning. You have to love it or it wont work is guess, if u dont like it anymore you Will have a hard time on here, goodluck! (I am no pro but u can ask me if u are new here and something is not clear, i dont mind to help u out a bit)

unknown 1 year ago

I uploaded many videos and I m verified user. Bt I didn't join model program. Can I earn with videos which I upload?

MissAres 1 year ago

Love this!

xlkyng 1 year ago

Well put.

Sonnyxp 1 year ago

I agree. It can be very discouraging posting your private life for the world to witness, just to see nickles and dimes in your earnings. But consistency is the key to accumulating more money. Being authentic and transparent also helps

unknown 1 year ago

wow reallyyy?? $40,000 a monthhh??? what am i doing wrong omg

MsShynie 1 year ago

Lmmfao they a lie. Very few even seeing a couple thousand! And I'm friends with all the fellow BIG NAMES.

unknown 1 year ago

Lmfao I haven't even broke 5 dollars yet on my ad revenue. I need to post more

Lady Lucifer 1 year ago

Fuck I wish

MissAres 1 year ago

Right some one tell me the secret lol

youmakemesquirt 1 year ago

Lol, no kidding eh

unknown 1 year ago

i already sold my soul i think,, should i re-do the ritual??

Keri Love 1 year ago

hahaha right??!

Mira Lime 1 year ago

you need to sell your soul to Satan

Sexy Jill 1 year ago

Pornhub is amazing. Their support is so good and although there have been a few technical errors with payment calculations they do eventually sort these out. I love posting videos for everyone to enjoy and it's great that I get a little bit of income from doing it. Keep up the good work pornhub!

Queenmilf 1 year ago

I agree I've been posting videos on pornhub years before they started paying me for them . I regularly get between 50 and 75 a month and have for several years...

unknown 1 year ago

Work hard. Nothing comes easy...Unless you get super lucky hahaha

xlkyng 1 year ago

Love the paid program. Its has to be the best. I've scouted around. And those other amateur sites really doesnt do it like the hub does. There has been mishaps here and there. But for the most part. Its the best around.

nketsi 6 months ago

Dude I've been watching your videos masturbating to them for years I really love your dick

CanSCan 6 months ago

I'm new here guys , say hi to me

Duke Wayne 1 year ago

https://www.pornhub.com/model/duke-wayne Small-time amateur, check out my channel. Any tips at increasing my following would be awesome.

House Keeping 1 year ago

any woman lookin for a boyfriend hit.my inbox....

PervertCoupleUA 1 year ago

The main key - you just need to enjoy what you doing and filming. Because if you are concentrated only on money than maybe you'd better search other options on earning it. We are not top porn kittys ^_^ ... Usually our videos filmed by "calculator" lol but not by good HQ camera & have no great scenes and Spilberg scenarios hah, but we enjoy what we're doing and hope u are also (;

Nicky Mist 1 year ago

I am glad to be on PORNHUB Thank you !

biancaNboo 1 year ago

Excellent stuff! ❤ come check us out xoxo

Lady WOW 1 year ago

Why our videos with 1K+ likes DO NOT GET FATURED? WHY? WHY WE SHOULD WAIT until other "amateurs" with under 100 likes get featured every day?

xlkyng 1 year ago

I have no idea how it really works. But. We have over 20 of our videos have been featured. Some do great and some dont. But just because it gets featured doesnt mean its going to do well.

Kaira Nisha 1 year ago

I dont understand the system either today a video of me got finaly featured but it was one of my baddest vids, so didnt get a lot of views extra, well 15k or so im happy with, but a better video would get me alot more i guess

The Cream Machine 1 year ago

I’ve been featured twice in the past 5 months. It’s not about what YOU think of your content, it’s about what the audience wants. If your work is not so appealing it simply won’t get the view/rating combination that leads to a feature. Don’t be discouraged, try new things. Be yourself but be creative. You have to appeal to the viewers taste.

The Cream Machine 1 year ago

Thanks for the assurance, but it wasn’t necessary. I’m fully aware of the dynamics. I never said anything remotely close to commmending them for a job well done, I have my own grievances with the site; they just don’t include complaining about how well or poor the next person is doing on a poem website. If it’s really that big of an issue for you, which it very apparently is as you’ve been on the thread for the last 2 days - then go to another site.

Succubus Sin 1 year ago

I can assure you there are people with higher quality & bigger audience than yours not be featured. I can tell you now my s**t is appealing. It’s easy to say “nothing is wrong you’re doing great PornHub!” When you’re benefiting.

unknown 1 year ago

The money is honestly in the the modelhub and pornhub premium views... it doesn't take long to get 1000 views on premium videos and make $45 compared to the $0.67 for 1000 views that is earned from ad revenue on a free video. Should be a no brainer that models need to charge for their content if they want to actually earn money here and guys are going to have to get used to it!

MariLewdVi 1 year ago

Great! Lets try to do our best!

Allupinthatpussee 2 weeks ago

Go watch my new video and shoot me a request maybe we can meet up one day 😉

Anann Wright 1 month ago

Check out my Pornhub profile, I’m new in https://www.pornhub.com/model/anann-wright

Arsenal123410 1 month ago

hi anyone up for collab videos im in london lets make some money 😊😊😊

babiqueen 3 months ago

Thank you by the way for all the assistance ❤!!

babiqueen 3 months ago

All of the information sounds amazing... but I don’t get featured and I do have HD, week rated 90%+ and good amount of views... I guess that the algorithm promote in verified models faster because they doesn’t get paid.. is that true?

Cum Princess Clara 5 months ago

Can anyone tell me is there any benefit to writing in the 'description' section of my videos? (below titlebox in video settings) it has a 1500 word limit which is a lot of writing space. Does this affect where you show up in search results or anything like that?

Stage couple69 6 months ago

Check us out guys ❤

Mixxen Hallow 6 months ago

Can I also get an add from all you lovely people?

Kestrelo 6 months ago

♥ We will try these wonderful benefits. Whish you all success ! ♥

ryan2h4l 1 year ago

How do you get paid money

SexyBatCouple 1 year ago

how do i complete my profile ? for example the weight the tattoo...

Holly Halftone 1 year ago

Shoot me a DM with anything you'd like changed and I'll help you out!

JessicagreyXx 1 year ago

Hi! I’m new here. Been around for about a month. It shows I have made a few hundred dollars. I should just get a check in the mail right? I haven’t had a video featured yet. And someone said on a blog that only featured videos get paid??? I’m like pretty sure that’s wrong... but now I’m worried because no one in the comments said anything different

JessicagreyXx 1 year ago

Ok thanks so much Andy! I’m glad to know it comes on the 3rd week, thanks so much for the great information. I was pretty sure it must have been bad info, but I read it on a Pornhub blog threw google. So I wanted to be sure it was bad info. Thanks again for the help! I’m still learning the ropes hahaha

Andy 1 year ago

Hi Jessica! All videos uploaded by verified models are eligible to earn money, featured or not. Not sure where you heard that but it's definitely incorrect. Your first payout will be coming in the third week of March, by check in the mail

spreyandprey 1 year ago

Anyone in the dmv wanna make s vid?

Da Real Mr Amazing 1 year ago

I see some ppl complaining about s**t when they have over 1M views... hell im still tryna get 1000 lol

Emma Rae Little 1 year ago

In the beginning, every video we posted got featured. We used to get $2500+ every month... Now it's been about 6-8 months with no new features and our payout this month is about $300...just hoping one day it'll get better but...

tonyb87 1 year ago

I'm verified but have not been sent out a check yet.

Pornhub Nat 1 year ago

Hey there, the payments are made monthly and only when you've reached a minimum of $100. If $100 is not made before the end of the month, the amount carries over to the next month. You can check your earnings here: https://www.pornhub.com/model/payments

kmodel 1 year ago

Great advice, thanks for the motivation and tips!

unknown 1 year ago

i think getting featured to helps alot

Fetishss 1 year ago

those who are really trying to be presented and achieve success in the porn world that we come from below. we do not win anything they even take us

furystrikesback 1 year ago

Idk. Almost everything I do gets featured, and I'm 400 away from a 50k subscriber varsity jacket. So idk how folks with 100k views aren't getting featured. I'm not the skinny and fare skinned girl people often times associate with what's being prompted here. However, 47m views later let's me know that it's possible. Don't lose faith, work on building your fan base and footage up, and keep pushing. I hope pornhub brings you guys big payolas in 2019

furystrikesback 1 year ago

thanks sweetheart @Searching Siren. i have some more heat on the way asap!

furystrikesback 1 year ago

@Succubus Sin just bc i joined then doesnt mean i was active the entire time, nor was i part of the model program the whole time. a vid i did this summer is at 646k views so i still do numbers. i started out doing numbers in the model program. sometimes a million in 3 days. so my success here isnt everyone elses. its definitely not based on my time here. its more bc i can squirt 54 inches lmao

unknown 1 year ago

long time fan

Succubus Sin 1 year ago

You joined 6 years ago. Serious difference from most of us.

Hardcorepassion69 1 year ago

Getting featured is a task to takecare as well

Fellow Uncos Newboy 1 year ago

I just released a 2 hour solo-male jerk off video, with me simultaneously talking about everything going on inside my head while I jerk off. I hope it brings tips or 1000 views, so I can get $0.64. Yeah, that would be cool. I call these episodes, "Jerking With Frank." lol. I thought it was funny. And, its entirely, uncut. Watch it and jerk with a friend. Allow me to inspire, and bring meaning to your next alone time.

SlugsOfCumGuy 1 year ago

I tried to make it on YouTube, but it's an absolute circus over there now. So glad I decided to brave the naughty world of Pornhub instead! Thank you Pornhub!

Ada Sweet 1 year ago

Thats a nice help! Now lets do some content to make ppl enjoy!

MrMrsFuck 1 year ago

Hi everyone! So we have joined in December 2018. We made 4$ in december, then 7$ in january and this month we have over 50$ made. We are constantly looking to improve ourselves and would appreciate if anyone out there can give us some helpful feedback? Thank you, love you all!!?

JassKitten 1 year ago

Promote on twitter and reddit

CasalAventura 1 year ago

@MrMrsFuck in the beginning it was so for us too ... but when the income grows and after reaching its first 100 dollars everything becomes easier, we are doubling every month ... it is not easy it requires effort and dedication...but it is worth!

tsemmalove 1 year ago

thank you Andy

xlkyng 1 year ago

Hey. Can we get a premium going for monthly subscriptions. Like 3months 6, 9, 12. Would that be possible? That way. We as models can control our flow of revenue. And. Give the subscribers more to look forward to.

The Cream Machine 1 year ago

I second this.

Andy 1 year ago

this sounds like an interesting idea, can you message me with more details of what you're looking for?

DasieyMae 1 year ago

Love pornhub amateur model! Thanks for everything.

baldbabey 1 year ago

Thanks, fans for supporting my videos!! Thanks, pornhubfor allowing me to share content!!

Dominant BBC 1 year ago

My most popular video so far: https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5c30ed5041a6e Comment what you think, any tips?

shely81 1 year ago

OK in the meantime follow me and look at my content ❤❤❤

Dominant BBC 1 year ago

I'm about a month I to the model program and there's quite a bit if this I didn't know, this is awesome thanks

Petite Alexis 1 year ago

Awesome! I've hit 3.5mil in 6 months, I can't wait to see what I can gain in this upcoming year. Thanks for the new info 3

Kaira Nisha 1 year ago

Thats a good job! Wish i had that skill, gotto check out your profile now and learn

Claudia Class 1 year ago

Get rich, or die trying

Sylvia Chrystall 1 year ago


Flint Fredstone 1 year ago

Shameless Self Promotion -https://www.pornhub.com/model/flint-fredstone :-

LittleDevil4You 1 year ago

something has happened, there are no more views

Pornhub Nat 1 year ago

If you're having any account issues, reach out here:https://www.pornhub.com/support?amateur=1

ZaraKaram 1 year ago

We love the amateur program! We already have 186k video views in less than two months!

Chelsea Wolf 1 year ago

Heck yea lets make some monies sexies

Keri Love 1 year ago


daisiesandhalos 1 year ago

Thank you for the helpful reminders!

Harlowe Blue 1 year ago

Thank you for everything pornhub! The traffic here simply can’t be beat, I love all the updates you’ve been adding and really think it will help all of us verified models and pornstars. Modelhub is an amazing addition to the pornhub community! Keep working hard everyone! Try not to get discouraged! Focus on your brand and your content and the fans will come!

brett 1 year ago

Thanks Harlowe!

unknown 1 year ago

I agree 100% with the complaints ,I risk my family and friends to seen my videos and I only earn 300€ for over one year of film making.. WE NEED TO BE PROVIDED FROM PORNHUB SO WE EARN MORE SO WORTH THE RISK AND TIME WE SPEND FOR THIS ☺

Fetishss 1 year ago


Milky_Jayy 1 year ago

Thanks for the tips and Info. PornHub community! Let’s support each other!! Subscribe for subscribe. Let’s check each other’s content out!! Share my profile. Follow my IG Officially_MilkyJayy

MissAres 1 year ago

40,000 a month would be nice

Sylvia Chrystall 1 year ago

Nope but in your dreamz

QueenTweet 1 year ago

It's all about views my lovesCheck me out https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5bab1d30217e3

PetiteMama 19 hours ago

Hey just starting out me and my girlfriend check out our profile plz

kayleexxx24 3 days ago

ive just join let see how far this takes me am seeking subscribers and fans for my fan club

Yannie16 4 days ago

I'm trans I want to be a model how?

KathrynArevalo14 4 days ago

I want to apply as pornhub model but i dont want to show my face.. is it possible?

Pinaybee 5 days ago

Im just starting here as a model hope yall peoplle show me some love and support

BigCock Damager 1 week ago

Check me out girls , give me support for more high quality videos

KarterClaraxx 1 week ago

Thank you for the pointers!

DeluxeKitten 1 week ago

Can someone explain to me for sale videos and custom clips a bit more in detail? Please and thank you ❣

blackqueen3307 2 weeks ago

Does anyone know how to delete this account? I don’t have the delete button and support won’t get back to me

blackqueen3307 2 weeks ago

Does anyone know how to delete the account. I don’t have the delete button and support won’t get back to me

SrilankanSuper 2 weeks ago

please help me to submit my ID's which is not printed in english.

SrilankanSuper 2 weeks ago

My trying to submit my ID's but those are not in English because the government do not print identity cards of our country and i can do nothing with that. I don't have driving license yet and i don't even have a telephone bill to prove my identity. Can you please understand this problem and help us to verify our ID's which are not in english. Please do something like translating our ID's to english because otherwise we cannot join the model programme. Highly appreciate your help here!

Emile Malone 2 weeks ago

Just joined the model program!

Fucks2much 3 weeks ago

You make a lot more with views from paid videos it’s a huge difference

Fucks2much 3 weeks ago

I just think you should belt down and produce good content on the regular basics https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5f4d5af499e02

Ophelia Oral 3 weeks ago

Just starting out and I am wondering if it is more profitable to post free videos or paid videos. Love to hear your opinions

womgirl 3 weeks ago


womgirl 3 weeks ago


womgirl 3 weeks ago

i'm very hot

Victoria Hazel 1 month ago

Subscribe to me and leave me a tip if you like what you see💕

comeonnow001 1 month ago

That was helpful

jpjuegos93 1 month ago

Any suggestions on payment method? Its hard to do it here in the Philippines.

rian_Sur 1 month ago

Has any one made decent money with either free or premium videos? what's the address. is it worth it? got offered and need advice. !Thanks!

Willy Thrust 1 month ago

Would love it if PH made available some tools or tips to drive traffic to our ModelHub/PH pages.

Simbacoletto 1 month ago

We are new to Pornhub! Watch me get fucked

Hotgirlgags 1 month ago

New sugar baby here! Just uploaded my first video of this tight pussy getting fucked. Come join me

Bigwelshcock93 1 month ago


Lactating_Fox 1 month ago

Hey why does my video say zero net sales

Tropictwink14 1 month ago

Can’t wait for people to see me

Poppybunny 1 month ago

I'm so excited. Just started my journey here.

HotTurkishCurves 1 month ago

Great info! Come check out our new videos @hotturkishcurves

mellyrashad 1 month ago

Any females in Maryland bmore wanna do a video

Latinbonbon 1 month ago

Check out my videos!!!! Hope you like them all 😘

Lenux06 1 month ago

Can I still get a money here after I uploaded my video without seeing my face? And do I need to pay for that, if ever I will upload my vid? Enlighten me guys TIA

BoneyardBoy 1 month ago

I've been on PH since October of last year and I have yet to be able to sell a single thing. I've done coupon promos, I offer a fanclub and custom videos, interact with the people that come into my inbox on a daily basis, but none of them want to actually buy anything off of me. A few of them really like my free videos, and I encourage them since I get ad revenue, but some people just want to chat for free and I think they all have the impression that pornhub is not a sales type of site. They ex

19daddy89 1 month ago

Great read

Peachy Alice 1 month ago


Kathy the best 1 month ago

Hi pornhub fans

Kathy the best 1 month ago

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Boywithclit 2 months ago

New to this ftm trans looking to be successful

Daddycreampiesme 2 months ago

We keep 65% revenue? That's not a lot

Codjoi 2 months ago

coming soon

EroticGoddessASL 2 months ago

Thank you so much for providing these information!

swingercoupleNluv 2 months ago

Hello Pornhubbers. We recently joined and looking for a 3rd person in Texas to make some exciting mfm or fmf videos.

unknown 2 months ago

Its a rip off 63 pence for a 1000 views

Hottie2Naughty 2 months ago


Antoniofabiano 2 months ago

137 premium views so this is why I’m not getting paid!

suisanna 2 months ago

Hm..I love sex and Pornhub Premium is for me probably... I'll try it..If you want to see me, my contact info is in my profile. See you there guys..

Haze Desire 2 months ago

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Lily Danny 2 months ago

Recently joined the Model Program, those are willing to join or starting new it's a way of earning but its rather slow if u get earning from free videos. Most of the people here are looking for free stuff, so if anyone loves ur content then ur lucky. Good luck everyone and enjoy fapping❤

Lickable91 2 months ago

Having fun and making money at the same time...win win 😉 check out my videos 🤤🤤

juicychrsty 2 months ago

I cant can't figure out how to make tags HELP

Figabertodefiga 2 months ago

What about candid videos? How would I monetize an account that does candid videos?

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USE2ABUSE 3 months ago

Thanks for all the info. I have a few ideas. Gonna take some time to cultivate but it's an awesome opportunity.

JadeExclusive 3 months ago

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Thank you so much PornHub we love you

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LadyUltraViolet 4 months ago

Good luck everyone!

Liljrm159 4 months ago

Please help me and my girlfriend grow in this industry we’re up for anything and if you have any tips feel free to dm

Ian Sparks 4 months ago

All of a sudden I can't subscribe or add any friends. I don't have very many to begin with since I am just starting out. How can I fix this? I read I could be marked as a scammer?? I am not, just looking for people to follow.

Grxxvytwxshxes 4 months ago

I’m excited to get started

Abm91 4 months ago

Does pornhub only pay for videos uploaded for a month? Say my video gets a lot more views in June than in May, will I still be earning from it? Thanks

Peachyyqueenn 4 months ago

wow very helpful thank you! quuite new to the model and love getting paid just to fuck hehe xx

littleslut69xxx 4 months ago

Awesome Is there any tips for getting more video views? I used to get 20k now I'm lucky if I get 20 🤣

Katelynn Heart 4 months ago

once you reach 25k subscriberts, what's an average weekly monetary income?

GingerLovesAnal 4 months ago

If anybody has further questions about becoming a model or the programme, just contact me! And don't worry, you can make money while staying anonymous! Nobody will see your face

Elea Erotic 4 months ago

New model alert 😘😏😉

Porn Lauderdale 4 months ago

Very helpful stuff 😊

youngreek 5 months ago

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Mixed breed15 5 months ago

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Mixed breed15 5 months ago

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GrownInHome 5 months ago

Can anyone answer if having a premium account makes any difference in the availability and outreach of videos we upload?

Deepstatedeep 5 months ago


oxyeagle 5 months ago

I wish everyone good luck..

Breaking Straight 5 months ago


JassieX 5 months ago

Thank you 🥰!

unknown 5 months ago

Awesome info. Please check out my niche content. Hope y’all enjoy it. Please comment and let me know what you want to see next!

Latinasian25 5 months ago

New couple here

mypawg 5 months ago

how do I make my profile have a few to subscribe?

MLoako143 5 months ago

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Nbabyxox 5 months ago

Can’t wait to get a new set up and a great working mic. xo

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Pornika Bhabhi 5 months ago

I am new on pornhub and i am so happy with it getting my profile so much hits feeling like a 🌟

Mr Joystick 5 months ago

Good luck everyone! I'll like, friend and subscribe to anyone who will do the same for me! Lets all help each other out

whiteSword007 5 months ago

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So we only get .69 cent every thousand views...or .69 every view?

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unknown 6 months ago

I hope I'll start doing good one day, ain't complaining so far tho😊

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ThePinkPawg 7 months ago

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debipuria 7 months ago

Hi actually where the option of withdrawal earning

Chino Licks 7 months ago

I have the tip feature on Model Hub but how do I activate tipping on Porn Hub profile?

Sasha Grein 7 months ago

Yes, but how to get a lot of subscribers and video views?

suziwitdauzi 7 months ago

Watch my dildo rub and fuck my hairy black wet pussy!

PussyDestroyer7916 7 months ago

Hello FAM, I need help on writing the *Initials* its giving me headache, thanks

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unknown 7 months ago

Thanks for the info!

Pinay Videos 7 months ago

I tried to post my video without showing my face, and my video was demonitized. Is it allowed to earn money without showing my face?

BallLickClarva 7 months ago

Interracial couple here having regular hotel filth. Get us to $100and we will release an ANAL scene

Sweetmxo 8 months ago

Come check out all my photos/videos of me doing naughty things! Gotta start getting those views if it takes 1000 for 0.64$ lol

LonelyMeow 8 months ago

As a Model, is it possible to set the video FOR SALE only for the streaming and not allow any download? I can't find any answer and it happen that they download my videos before and post it illegally in the Country I blocked....and friends saw it :/

demlies 8 months ago

is difficult here in ghana unless i travel to free country where i can do what i desire i may got kill in ghana

demlies 8 months ago

i really wanna join the club buh how do post video people may not like it

Michelle Dichelli 8 months ago

I hope we will get featured... Check out our first two videos ever made :*

chasajxxx 8 months ago

I filled everything and when i click proceed to ID uploaded, nothing happens

SluttyKatie69 8 months ago

Wanna see me get used as a fuck toy?! Take a look at my profile 😈xx

SpicyMelanin 8 months ago

My profile isn’t showing tips yet and I’m getting frustrated

FeelsGoodDude 9 months ago

RickRim 10 months ago

youporn, is a site from pornhub as well.. do views i get there also count for the pornhub payment?

PornCriticthe3rd 10 months ago

blueface baby

dubstep420 10 months ago

Any ladies in Central Alberta that wants to make a vid together?

Mack daddy J 11 months ago

I'm already a top model but still haven't seen any sort of check mailed to me or anything

Tie Red To the Bed 1 year ago

How do I make money on PornHub if all my videos are animated? I keep getting demonitized because I do not follow the model program rules. Is there a way?

PinayBoobs 1 year ago

Thanks for this! We're excited to upload loads of videos soon

littlebubblebeauty 1 year ago

Great info for newcomers! Thanks

ChanelFrost 1 year ago

i love pornhub 💖💖💖

LovaAshlee 1 year ago

how do you know when someone has tipped you?

horny_guy_11 1 year ago

Hey Guys Lets Try To Do Our Best....Any One Chat With Me Plz Replt....

unknown 1 year ago

It also helps to have 80 or so girlfriends who love to hookup on camera, especialy for Modelhub and Premium Viewshare.

Mia khalefa 1 year ago

my account got 35k view and the earnings are 0.35$ only why ??

Lolafunny 1 year ago

How do I set up the tip button?

BlondePussyCat 1 year ago

I'm trying to upload my ID documents but I keep getting a reply that theres an issue . Anybody have an example of what I need to upload

unknown 1 year ago

I want to become a pornstar. Hmu! Kansas city area anyone??

SissybabyandMommy 1 year ago

Check out my new abdl sissy baby page please give feedback and new ideas ????????????

unknown 1 year ago

Hugs & high 5's to all! I'm almost to my first payout in the model program, it has been fun so far and I plan to stick with it. Like a few others have said, it takes time and consistency.

afrosubmissions 1 year ago

FaceToFace69 1 year ago

Hey pornhub

336BBBJFUN 1 year ago

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Dark274 1 year ago

Glad to be here, lets make some money!! Any females in Nc link in with me.

nymphomansex 1 year ago

Hello to all the beautiful ladies of ph I am new here and I’m trying to make as many friends as I can so if you ladies don’t mind send me some requests and I will follow you back

Carmelbutterfly 1 year ago

How do I get more friends and subscribers

SinLouis2 1 year ago


Carmelbutterfly 1 year ago

Hello my new ph family I’m new here and I’m looking for friends to share my sexy body with so Ladies and gentlemen please send me your request and don’t forget to subscribe and follow

unknown 1 year ago

Help!!!! Support your boy !! I won't disappoint, I'm a good actor and an excellent pornstar

jsfinest 1 year ago

hello PH first few weeks wish me luck

caseynjosh 1 year ago

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Carmelbutterfly 1 year ago

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Smoke dog 1 year ago

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Vivifbabyxxx 1 year ago

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blackiscz 1 year ago

Wait I don’t understand... when my video have 1000 views I earn 0,64 $ ?

DeziNicole 1 year ago

Anyone want to help me set up my hubtraffic!!??? I don't know where to start. I just want to link my Instagram that's it!! can someone help explain or something to get through this.

MyPornXL 1 year ago

Hey i m Max White from MyPornXL and i do porn/I love my Job

Sophie Bloom 1 year ago

Thanks for the info!

SexwithMilfStella 1 year ago

Good info, thank you for posting it!

mysteriousmike1 1 year ago

I think I've joined watch and like my videos please please

blackiscz 1 year ago

Wait I don’t understand... when my video has 1000 views I earn 0,64 $ ?

avaleahpr 1 year ago

Nice post, I'm new in here!!

stullaricky69 1 year ago

How can make money from doing what I love are it's only for ladies????

Pornhub Nat 1 year ago

nope open to every one. Visit www.pornhubmodels.com to register

unknown 1 year ago

How long does this usually take? I'm just starting off made my first model hub video today, I plan on making lots of videos and taking lots of pictures as well!

unknown 1 year ago

Message me if you want to do a meet up for a video!

Aeon Angel 1 year ago


Blacc Dynamite 1 year ago

Check out my page

Sparky Sparks 1 year ago

To good to be true. Lol

Wood Dr 1 year ago

Trying to learn the ropes x

Twalker92 1 year ago

I need someone to partner up with.

Princess_Poppy 1 year ago

I love pornhub so much and the community, if you keep active and interact, put out great content and work hard you will do well. Good luck to all models, you are all amazing

ryan2h4l 1 year ago

How to get paid money

Nancy2211 1 year ago

hey, i got a mail saying "It was removed because no performers in the video are shown in the verification images, or IDs, associated with your account" but it was me, i just cant show my face bcoz i m a muslim form bangladesh. what should i do, plz help..

Nancy2211 1 year ago

hey, i m having a problem. so, when i uploaded my video in sale, the price option is not showing. why is that. how can i set the price of my video..

BbwBabygurl_Daddy 1 year ago

I’m a new model wish me luck

Headgoddessxxx 1 year ago

I can’t wait to make that one video or videos that get me featured again one day.

HDGames 1 year ago

Good luck everyone!

Succubus Sin 1 year ago

Wow PornHub deleted my comment

CapricornKing 1 year ago


Tara Fernandez 1 year ago

Does anyone here know how to sell used underwear through pornhub? I know I can make videos but how does a client pay for a pair of panties? Does pornhub provide shipping (I doubt it, but..)?Thanks ladies

Pornhub Nat 1 year ago

Hi there, we do not offer a physical store yet. Something we're looking into but not something we provide at the moment.

Tara Fernandez 1 year ago

Thanks for the tutorial

Angee Lee 1 year ago

Thank you for this! I am new to pornhub feel free to add me I reply to all messages

MarsyCoxx 1 year ago

Please you guys check my content I plan on becoming the best out there and thanks to those who reads this I’m taking request

MysticLynn 1 year ago

Everyone complaining about the way they pay.or feature. If you don't like it go to a site where you sell your clips at the price you choose and stop complaining.

Dreaming Pothead 1 year ago

Sammyda4th 1 year ago

How do I go live?

Autumn Raine 1 year ago

Damn, y’all check me out! I wish I got as popular as y’all (:

Original Honey K 1 year ago

You can not make 40,000 a month lol I believe that's a lie to get people to sign up. I have a mill views and only made 1000 dollars in 3 years. I got paid every 5 to 7 months only 100 dollars.

brett 1 year ago

Keep working hard, building your fanbase and trying new things!

Choclitt-King 1 year ago

$40,000 a month is a lot ... Hell I'd Be Fine With $4,000 a month even $3,000 a month would work for me ... I'm just saying lol

brett 1 year ago

Keep working hard, building your fanbase and trying new things!

callly1234 1 year ago

new to this everyone go view my profile subscribe or add me.. like an comment.. tell me what i need to improve with and stuff, everyone go take a look at my profile ☺☺

Go to see more 1 year ago

The more video viewers, the less advertising revenue, is there a mistake in understanding this?

wetmouth23 1 year ago

New to the site and would love to start making money money would definitely motivate alot of women to do more and more things like videos pictures web cam

unknown 1 year ago

Any female amateurs want to collab?

MariLewdVi 1 year ago

Hey there pornhub fans and models! Wish you all spend your time with pleasures♥

FattyWet 1 year ago

Join the team! If you need help inbox me

torontogaykink 1 year ago

hey, thanks for explaining how i works better. im new at this... also looking for any twinks for collabs, heck even younger girls (i cant believe i said that, lol)

ThomasOfficial 1 year ago

Based on all of these comments, it seems quite difficult to make money on here so my question to fellow verified users who’s been on here for a while is, is posting videos on pornhub in hopes of a little cash actually worth it?

xXloverCoupleXx 1 year ago

Just started out on here, some videos up now but soon will be posting lots of teen videos, check me out and message me for requests and what you want to see https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5c7c814cc931e

Gissel Matz 1 year ago

Me encanta esta forma de hacer dinero, aunque no sabría como conseguir tantas vistas en mis videos

AemkeMagnus 1 year ago

If I upload a video before the verification of my documents will it be counted for earnings?

Holly Halftone 1 year ago

Yep! And if you need videos you uploaded prior to joining verified just DM me

Rapid-Girl 1 year ago

i cant load the website is https://pornhubmodels.com/ down?

CletusAndQueesha 1 year ago

Tea was spilled. We are tired of ya'll featuring the same lil skinny white girls.

CocoCreams 1 year ago

Who’s going to be in Miami 13-17th?

NastyTaurus 1 year ago

Same videos get featured all the time every month. I post new videos twice a day and I post pics. And it seems like the payout money doesn't add up to the veiws I get.

MiaBSins 1 year ago


AlinaAndrey 1 year ago

Сегодняшнее видео было прекрасное)

Olga_Sunrise 1 year ago

I like this information.

unknown 1 year ago

Looking to collab with someone for no face scenes. I have camera equipment, will send photo to those that inquire.

DravensBody 1 year ago

Check my profile out..like and Share..will do the same

unknown 1 year ago

Not to mention when the views began to drop mysteriously last year, that really discouraged me a lot. I had downloaded more than 100k of reproductions, and only now I was able to reach them again. It discourages you a lot, you do not know how to stand out! Support amateur pornography as it should be !!!!

unknown 1 year ago

They should give more space to the verified models! And not doing so much promotion to porn stars who already have their niche and already earn money that way. The instagram of pornhub only posts porn stars, and amateurs? Where do you promote them? Considering that they abound in quantity. And if you promote verified models, they are always the same, and they have MILLIONS of views and subscribers.

DL FuckBuddy 1 year ago

Hey wish everybody success comment DONE and I’ll watch your vids amd subscribe and you do the same for me

Fey Johnson 1 year ago

Uploader what is that is that the person filming or?

TenderRose 1 year ago


Young_Moose 1 year ago

I'm just here for the fun

Milkslut99 1 year ago

Good program

Billie brute 1 year ago

I just need a sexy chick instead of meth hoes

xxwhipzxx 1 year ago


Gigi Ryder 1 year ago

Aspiring model trying to make more content, please check me out and subscribe if you like or comment if you have suggestions!

HairySadie 1 year ago

Good luck to all newcomers, and may the rest of us flourish and be successful!

Geverina Home 1 year ago

Yeah boys

Beelzebudd 1 year ago

Check out my page (:

Erin Marie 1 year ago

You guys should download my video

mulemandick 1 year ago

I am trying to make money..

769665846 1 year ago

am inready to

Manelace 1 year ago

Oh! Thanks Pornhub 3 I hope everything will work out

Nancy2211 1 year ago

How do i unlock the tip thing. plz help

Pornhub Nat 1 year ago

Hi there - it's automatically unlocked for everyone, you just can't tip yourself from your own account therefore you wouldn't be able to see your own tip button. Hope that helps.

AbbyRoberts 1 year ago

wow that sounds cool thanks for this blog

Butterflymeplease 1 year ago

Hey fans

Savage Beauty 1 year ago

I’m having issues with my modelhub, it’s not letting me sign in and I tried having an email sent to me on several different occasions for confirmation and I’m not getting anything. Did you guys delete my modelhub? I’m not very happy right now, how am I supposed to gather fans/viewers/subscribers if I’m not able to promote on there as well?

Pornhub Nat 1 year ago

Hi there, nothing is missing on your MH page https://www.modelhub.com/savagemamikayYour MH page is user facing, you can't do anything in backend there, it's all on your PH page. Reach out to me if anything is unclear

Gia Rose 1 year ago

There used to be a science to it. The algorithm was reliable. However, Pornhub has that same mentality that Myspace had, if it isn't broken, let's fix it. Always making changes, not always for the better. Unfortunately, we verified amateurs suffer as a result. It's unfortunate, but that's the way it is.

brett 1 year ago

Almost everything we've done the past 2-3 years is for models.

furystrikesback 1 year ago

shoutouts to yall who came to my page after reading my post, and showed me some real love instead of those with some bullshit to say. i appreciate yall for real. #thebaddestsquirterinporn

Candy Carmel 1 year ago

So can somebody that actually got paid tell me how much was their first check??

brett 1 year ago

The minimum payment is $100, once you pass that threshold you will be paid mid month.

unknown 1 year ago

Maybe if you made the social features better and focused on them instead of $$$, we'd all be able to get in touch, find each other and watch each other's stuff. Oh, and better search algorithms!

ghetto901 1 year ago

I agree yet I'm still figuring it out myself . My account is frozen I have to start over

couplesexfuck 1 year ago

Yeah, would be great to be featured!

Mr Puffa 1 year ago

We need a "looking for collab" option. That way it is easier to find the next video materials. It would also blow up the porn community, in a very good way.

Holly Halftone 1 year ago

Great suggestion! While this is not currently available you can use the search here to find other verified users in your area:https://www.pornhub.com/user/search

Gost2016 1 year ago

Кто нибудь подскажет а обязательно делать видио платным что бы премиум подписчики его смотреть могли?

Fuckitwedo 1 year ago

I agree verified models should be featured at some point

Sir Plantain 1 year ago


Gost2016 1 year ago

Что бы твоё видио показоно было на премиум его обязательно надо делать платным?

Holly Halftone 1 year ago

Чтобы воспользоваться премиум-просмотрами, вы должны загрузить свое видео на Modelhub и включить Viewshare

unknown 1 year ago

check me out

harley et shadow 1 year ago

we love pornhub

prinncessK 1 year ago

Helpful!! Thanks! (;

unknown 1 year ago

In the meantime we can support each other ♥♥

Tasty D 1 year ago

I’ve been on here for awhile now and still haven’t made anything

ipash25 1 year ago

Hi Amuture porn hub friends follow us

MaxFlamer 1 year ago

thanx Pornhub, i make 100.000 USD per month

MaxFlamer 1 year ago


ipash25 1 year ago

How did you do that

MySweetSlut 1 year ago


NorthWestCumShot 1 year ago

I'll take some exposure. Also use my referral link everyone! https://www.pornhub.com/model/referrals?referral=113174051

802 XXX Studi O 1 year ago

As stated by many below... we see new profiles with little to no followers being featured every day. Doesn't seem fair when we spend 20 times more time, adding people, than having fun making vids.

sosa365 1 year ago

I think we should get 0.50 for each view

Fetishss 1 year ago

lies and very big earn 40,000 a month hahahhahahahahahah If you can, I beg of anyone who can advise how to do it, please explain it to me.

sconnieguy 1 year ago

Any tips for solo males, specifically?

Fetishss 1 year ago

that's not real 40,000 a month hahahah, I think it's wrong to lie, that money is only earned by powerful companies that can afford good models and have professional content creators, professionals in the editing of videos, but the most important good and good models, which are u great money to pay them, to accept to show their face and much more I have experience in the subject and it is not easy to earn 100 dollars a month imagine earning 40,000 a month hahhahahahahah, you could win it but havi

unknown 1 year ago


Horny Nicky 1 year ago

Now only If we could get some tips

brett 1 year ago

Keep checking the blog, we add tips!

Horny Nicky 1 year ago


theperverstype 1 year ago

How much do i got if i upload homemade videos ??

Pornhub Nat 1 year ago

You can find out more information about the program here:https://www.pornhub.com/partners/mpp

LittleLustyLatina 1 year ago


bambo1000 1 year ago

Who got PayPal though? Haha hmu

Jenny Simpson 1 year ago

Models may have more views and earnings,if PX can set watermarks.There are people stealing content andpost it freely or for a fee.I have often found my videos on the net.

Holly Halftone 1 year ago

As an exclusive Pornhub model we can get stolen content removed from other websites for you just send us the links! Additionally if there is content on Pornhub uploaded without your permission we can transfer it to your account along with views/earnings. Please DM me!

ExoticCpl 1 year ago


Gost2016 1 year ago

А как сделать что бы и для премиум аккаунтов видно было что то я найти где флажок ставить не могу

Pornhub Nat 1 year ago

Привет! Вы можете увидеть этo информацию здесь:https://help.pornhub.com/hc/en-us/articles/232026387

Veronica Reid 1 year ago

It is a very good programm to earn extra money, but only some, maybe the best models earn tousands of dolars pro month..

Fellow Uncos Newboy 1 year ago

Ah, I'm glad you put that out there. I have had my content up for 5 months and have 11.3 thousand views and $7.64 sitting in my earnings. Maybe I'll get my episodes going one day, and maybe I just keep my day job.

MechanicalVampire 1 year ago

How worked thisalgorithm of featuring?

LustTaste 1 year ago

Amazing program! We love PH ❤

Keith stone 1 year ago

Hey everyone

Onehundredway 1 year ago

I would love for some ya to get paid for bringing new people to the sight; it’s not everyday you get some one who’s ambitious.

unknown 1 year ago

Thank you pornhub!

KinkyDogs 1 year ago


Jessica Stardust 1 year ago

I’ve made $154 in two weeks. I agree on the features. I’m learning how to market this site on other sites

vANALik 1 year ago

МММ снова изменения ...

Pornhub Nat 1 year ago

никаких изменений! просто информация для вас

unknown 1 year ago


DsntMttrs 1 year ago

I've made some videos but I didn't earn even 1 dollar :c Maybe my videos aren't interesting enough, but I like to make them.

unknown 1 year ago

Awesome! Check us out

Bootyful Becca 1 year ago

I'm new and I'm going to have to get my fan club started. I would like to be featured one day. What's the criteria?

Pornhub Nat 1 year ago

Welcome to the PH community! Definitely check out the help desk for all PH and MH info, otherwise for featuring:https://help.pornhub.com/hc/en-us/articles/223721327

gman95757 1 year ago

Very useful info! Love sharing our vids but heck if we get tipped or paid for loving what we do.. even better!!

unknown 1 year ago

Thats pretty intersting, how videos cen get featured? Sure will help me to get some more views!! I saw amateurs from 1 mo growing faster having just 2 simple videos!!?

Lena Squirt 1 year ago

That's a very interesting, but i think news models should appear in fatured should appear so that we all have an opportunity Thanks

Zoee Queen 1 year ago

Subscribe to my channel babes

Lexi Anne Garza 1 year ago

Always the same models getting featured! Ive been consistent for the past idk how long and hardly even get a feature! Ive uploaded at least 15 videos in the past 2 months and no feature and trust me, its good quality stuff we upload! So give a chance to other models as well!

lightskiny 1 year ago

god bless our journey

unknown 1 year ago

Thank you so much ! I had just wanted to know how much the revenue was .

troysayso 1 year ago

How I upload on here

Dabae Salvo 1 year ago

I’m just here to fan my big black cock and cum all around PH

Skye Stone 1 year ago

Speaking of this if anyone wants to check out my videos and show some love that would be great

Noell_e 1 year ago

thank you

Sexy kitty 1 year ago


Delicious Delilah 1 year ago

Is there a way to boost your video views without spamming links everywhere? Maybe I should make business cards and drop them from a building or something.

xlkyng 1 year ago

Tags. Your tags are more impprtant than they seem. Try using more popular ones and see if that helps.

Andy 1 year ago

here's my intro to marketing for models!https://www.pornhub.com/blog/6281

unknown 1 year ago

Thank you for breaking this down for everybody! I'm glad it's more up to date as well, every one has been having completely different answers for our new comers. I'm happy to be a part of the PH family!

unknown 1 year ago

Thank you love

xlkyng 1 year ago

Happy to have you.

Aline Teks 1 year ago

Nice tutorial for me starting :p

xlkyng 1 year ago

Good luck

antxonete 1 year ago


CandyAssss 1 year ago

New rules! Support your amateurs!! Check out my page loves ❤❤

xlkyng 1 year ago

Will do. You do the same.

PoePiper 1 year ago

All good to know now

Jenna Blue 1 year ago

Thanks, I didn't know about the higher rate paid for PH Premium views on for sale videos, I may have to start adding some pay videos in that case !! X

xlkyng 1 year ago

Sometimes it van take a long time to get that 1000 views. Just be aware.

unknown 1 year ago

Post all your sexy videos on my page so I can watch and comment

Sarah Stretch 1 year ago

Good info thanks

krisnpat 1 year ago

shave_metzitza 1 year ago

Thank you. You guys are amazing!

MechanicalVampire 1 year ago

Great, i will make nice vids

Fellow Uncos Newboy 1 year ago

My video counts go from 4000 to 3000 often, if someone wasn’t messing with my video counts I wonder if I would have more money by now. BTW, I wonder if these statistics are different for people with penis and people with vagina. Though, not everyone likes solo-male-masterbation and that’s what I do.

Fellow Uncos Newboy 1 year ago

Yeah, I suppose you're right xlkyng. Except the gay community really loves my work. I wish more strait girls were gaga for my cock. I have 2 hour videos of me jerking off, those might bring tips.

xlkyng 1 year ago

Solo males doesnt appeal to the masses. But. There is market. Dont know if you want to go that route. But its always better for couples or 3sums or orgy lovers. Its just what the masses want.

Duke Wayne 1 year ago

Anyone looking to do a collab?

Hildegard More 1 year ago

¡Oye! No te pierdas mi nuevo video, míralo, disfrútalo, compártelo, déjame muchos "me gusta" y suscríbete a mi canal. Videos y nuevas fotos cada semana, ¿te lo vas a perder?www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5c708607dfdc1

SexFitBody 1 year ago


laura_logan 1 year ago

Hi fans!!!

collegeamatuers 1 year ago

Give our channel a look at lovelies

SlutSpank 1 year ago


Demonkiba 1 year ago

Hi everyone

Nini_Divine 1 year ago

I need Money !!!! lol

SlimThiccGoddess 1 year ago

This definitely helps us!

Campercult 1 year ago

leave some likes and post on my stream

gysot468 1 year ago

Cool thanks for the info.

Bunssss 1 year ago

Everyone follow me

unknown 1 year ago

Check out my videos and tell me what you like (:

torontogaykink 1 year ago

hey, im gay and jealous of some of your vids. you are both hawt

RoyalFlesh311 1 year ago

Great! The more views the better! http://Pornhub.com/users/royalflesh311

Ms Felony 1 year ago


Kodak Kay 1 year ago

I just uploaded my first video 2 days ago and would appreciate any tips / advice!

ScarletFitXX 1 year ago

Don't be shy , come on and share some vids with us!

youthfularousal 1 year ago

Who want help our page?

Mary Margarita 1 year ago

Love it!

BreezyAnnnna 1 year ago

Help my views out. https://www.pornhub.com/model/breezyannnna

Mrs Wetholez 1 year ago

Need those views baby

Kate Utopia 1 year ago

Nice article. But i cant earn much money when other model give thumb down each other. Can u pls fix it?

Damian Dark 1 year ago

Now that article explained a lot thanks Pornhub

TeenyPanda 1 year ago

Thank you!

unknown 1 year ago

Thank you! Visit our page if you enjoy interracial love and a nice booty

Angel Stone 1 year ago

Mira Lime 1 year ago

not bad.but I would like more statistics like YouTubeand I don't need anything else

brett 1 year ago

Working on them

Devin and Brandy 1 year ago

Being verified 101

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