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by: Andy

TL;DR: You make more money from tips now.

Tips are one of the best ways for models to make extra cash on Modelhub.

Your fans love you, and we know they want a quick and easy way to show that.

We also know that you work hard, and you deserve access to as much of your money as possible.

That’s why we’re excited to announce that we’re increasing tip payouts, effective immediately.

From now on, tip payout is 80% on Modelhub and Pornhub. That’s the highest rate in the industry.

Reminder that we also pay out the industry’s best rate on video sales, including custom vids: 65%.

So if you want to direct your fans and clients to the site with the best payouts on tips AND video sales, you know where to send 'em; right here on Modelhub.


Your content. Your brand. Your tips.

Keep more of your money. You earned it.


All Comments(502)

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RINNYsnow 5 months ago

Now if I can just get a tip lol

Justin Frost 4 months ago

I’ll give you a tip. But just the tip haha

ziplock305 4 months ago


SlimThickRaw 4 months ago

I was telling my husband the same thing. Lol

Manelace 4 months ago

Hi!please support my videoshttps://rt.pornhub.com/model/menelece!! :3 1111

SophieSapphire 4 months ago


Gabby Zamora 4 months ago

How much do you earn here in pornhub did u earn 1k dollar or not

Sibhon Cox 4 months ago

Me too Girl! That’s funny I was just thinking the same thing!!!

unknown 4 months ago

Lol I feel you on that.

sexxythicksteph 4 months ago


OnlyLein 4 months ago


SexyLexiLoveshertattoos 4 months ago


LexxxiAndLogan 5 months ago

Send your tips this way https://www.pornhub.com/model/lexxxiandlogan

Bi love 5 months ago

I started charging for cam sex and then they tip me for it

Juicy kitten 5 months ago

Facts same thing I said lol

Thebandlord 5 months ago

Lmaooo I know right

celestial_fluid 5 months ago


Phoenix Eden 5 months ago

I know right?

YingTakingYang 5 months ago

Thebandlord 5 months ago

How do u add the tip button ?

honeyblueyes 5 months ago

for real lol

homemadehornygirl 5 months ago

Nice one

ROLD_GOLD 5 months ago

Same here

RINNYsnow 5 months ago

I know right...wasnt expecting that lol

HerLittleSecret 5 months ago

hahaha all this replies

msutopia 5 months ago

no one not tip me

Ur ghost 5 months ago


Titofukit 5 months ago

Nobody fuckin tips lmao

Ruby Talisman 5 months ago

I wouldn’t mind getting tips but sadly no one tips

mj_porn 5 months ago

That's awesome!

RINNYsnow 5 months ago

All these comments is not making it look hopefull ill see that 80%... Challange accepted

CySky 5 months ago


Couple cumsx 5 months ago

Lol! You’ll get one soon! X

Ivy Lou 5 months ago

Me too babe

Some Random Macho 5 months ago

Same here. It' s going to be several years before I see anything lol.

vortexonline 5 months ago

i am too

Succubus Sin 5 months ago

Yeah, the guys here pinch pennies

Lady WOW 5 months ago


Caramel Boob Bae 5 months ago

That part

needsumnewpussy 5 months ago


Sweetandloving 5 months ago

The struggle lol

Remi Reagan 5 months ago

Haha right

horny_cousins 5 months ago


Shiny James 5 months ago

Me too

Bad Girl Bunni 5 months ago


YourCuteEvil 5 months ago


Queen Ann 5 months ago


unknown 5 months ago

Haha me too

Persephone Pink 5 months ago

Next problem is how do we get members to tip us haha

Danny Labito 3 months ago

I just put “leave a tip” ok all my free vids

SweetBranch 4 months ago

in the same boat lol

Epimp 5 months ago

One idea would be to add a 5 second watermark or intro or outro on some videos randomly, asking viewers to tip. It's not much, but really most viewers don't even know tipping is a thing!

Bad Girl Bunni 5 months ago

Now if we could just get a Modelstore to sale panties & such!!!!

Metal Girl 4 months ago

Oh yes!! Really Good idea !

Selene Siren 4 months ago

that is a great idea Milani!

Sierra Miller 5 months ago

Yea would be great, and a safe wishlist

honeyblueyes 5 months ago

yes this would be great

Goddess Sadie 5 months ago

That's actually a really good idea!

PoundPie3 5 months ago

That’s great news! Gotta say it was a bit upsetting to only get $50 from a $75 tip...so happy to hear this. Thanks!!

Tina Fontaine 4 months ago

A client said he sent me two $40 tips, but they never showed up on my earnings. WTF

Carmen baby 4 months ago

How do you get a tip option on your page I’m lost...? Lol I want tipped.

ItsLucyBaldwin 5 months ago


LittleReislin 5 months ago

Great news! Thank you for your work!❤

PervertCoupleUA 5 months ago

We got tips... News nice. But promt payouts - that is what much more needed than all thig playing with %s +-. Cause even if ok understand check delivery of paypal formalities... But we use Verge (crypto) and time of 3 full week of waiting payout after each month unexplainable (especially with quick wide crypto rate jumps)...

unknown 5 months ago


Lizomy 5 months ago

That's awesome!

RicoCruz 5 months ago

Where my Cali freaks!!

terranceg91 4 months ago

Brittany Lynn 5 months ago

Thanks PH and MH! Much love

Loren Love 5 months ago

Put it in me, just the tip XD

BuxxomRose 5 months ago

thank you so much PH!

Mona Charm 5 months ago

Thanks to the excellent PH team for everything you do for the models❤❤❤

Danika Mori 5 months ago

No dubt Pornhub is the best. It would be even better if it worked for custom videos too! Please make a direct link to the Custom Video's feature if possible, it would be easier to share a direct link where people can order it! Thank you

ItsLucyBaldwin 5 months ago


lassydevitt 5 months ago

Danika I looooove all your vids

Danika Mori 5 months ago

@Andy Great thanks! I was not able to see the url opening the feature

Andy 5 months ago

Hey Danika! You actually can link directly to your custom vid order form - you just need to add ?customvideo=1 to the end of your url, like this:https://www.modelhub.com/danika_mori?customvideo=1

KiraMarvel 5 months ago

Thanks !! ♥

Selene Siren 5 months ago

Yes! Thank you PH

SlaveWray 3 months ago

That’s awesome— I’ll make a video for anyone who tips me!!

laikaanal 4 months ago


laikaanal 4 months ago

Omg nice news)

Dick jockey 4 months ago

Great i cant wait till try it out

Lust God 4 months ago


Breigh00 4 months ago

Real talk tho

Zebrafuxx 4 months ago

Damn 80% of $0 is still $0

mremmanuel1 4 months ago

Hw can I see my earning on pornhub

Hershey Blacc 4 months ago

Thanks so much!!!

Brittany Bling 5 months ago

Send me a tip ddress: https://www.pornhub.com/model/brittany-bling

Lera Zavetsky 5 months ago

Tip donators won’t regret it

muzic79ed 5 months ago

I need all the money I can get so this is great! Plus the next best thing to money is fucking the nice tight pussy, or ass on my gf. Getting paid to cum in her mouth is pretty sweet too. We will post vids frequently asap.

MsStacy08 5 months ago


Edging4you 5 months ago

Tips for my tip

Jenny Pink 5 months ago


Twothornedrose 5 months ago

So awesome! I'll definitely be directing more fans here when they want to tip now!

regen34 5 months ago

Hello everyone, This is a very good news, but i don't know how to put "send tips" button haha! Someone can help me?

NattyCat 5 months ago

Hi there, it's automatically already on your profile on both on Modelhub and Pornhub.

That_ChiGuy 5 months ago


Alex CUM 5 months ago

I like this more about being a model every day.

Mila Loves 5 months ago

I’m so thankful I moved all my content on to pornhub and modelhub ♡

JennyDoll18 5 months ago

Pornhub: The Best Site in The World

Agatha Dolly 5 months ago

Perfect, thanks!♥♥♥♥♥♥

Vivian_Rose 5 months ago

Thx guys, your awesome. Love Pornhub

Lexi Aaane 5 months ago


Toniemonroe 5 months ago

Tip me !!!!

Mandy Flores 5 months ago

Thanks for all you guys do!

theasiancumdump 5 months ago

lol ive never gotten a single tip

MadamIvana 5 months ago


notthefakegesu 5 months ago


Luckyasshole 5 months ago

Thanks to the PН team for the good news

alicatty 5 months ago

That's amazing, thanks pornhub

Sweet Bunny 5 months ago

Great news! Thank you Pornhub Amazing work as always.

2daballz 5 months ago

Love it.... Subcribe to me

AlanAndrewSaunders 5 months ago

Lol nice

Shiny James 5 months ago


Cum_Panties 5 months ago


lolyamateur 5 months ago

I want more..That"s!

kinkycouple111 5 months ago

Thank you xx

Solazola 5 months ago

That's great!!)

NorthWestCumShot 5 months ago

AWESOME!!! Someone come test the Tip on my page

Jjlala123 5 months ago

Great news check out my videos guys

APM713 5 months ago

Dope shit!

Foxy Farrah 2 months ago


KarinaBi 2 months ago

How I can get a tip button? And can I change the "Tipping reasons"?

playm8kayt 2 months ago

How do you collect money from your paid videos ?

nymphomansex 3 months ago

Hello to all the beautiful ladies of ph I am new here and I’m trying to make as many friends as I can so if you ladies don’t mind send me some requests and I will follow you back

Carmelbutterfly 3 months ago

I will suck the tip

Bronxbarbie 3 months ago

Tip me

Carmelbutterfly 3 months ago

Hello my new ph family I’m new here and I’m looking for friends to share my sexy body with so Ladies and gentlemen please send me your request and don’t forget to subscribe and follow

caseynjosh 3 months ago

Come check out our videos and give us your feedback and request a custom video we would love to make your fantasies become reality

Danny Labito 3 months ago

We love when our job takes our money

Jefferson Dee 3 months ago

Can't believe my step sister could ride me like this. https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5bf7b4ff7c076

Maria Vertigo 3 months ago

i,m creating content fro 3 months now and still no tip...))

sexykylie 4 months ago

How can I get the tips .How do I get this added

Breezygemini 4 months ago

Latino223 4 months ago

Latino223 check me out, today I uploaded my first porn video

travisgoku 4 months ago

Damn I need to get tips I am broke af LMAO

Coquetish 4 months ago

Lmao. Tips? when all this porn for free. Even if someone really wants to they can just say screw it and move on. Lol

Purrfecta 4 months ago

How do I add that button, please?

Sexymintz 4 months ago

They should Make a better app

wetmouth23 4 months ago

Tips would be nice

Abub367 4 months ago

I wish support my account

tboner132hard 4 months ago

Well I still have it. Its coming back thank god

tboner132hard 4 months ago

Hey everyone I'm new well I've had account for a year but I was on tumblr before it went south

lauriabug420 4 months ago

How do you begin with tips?

jiggloxsuave 4 months ago

Check out my videos

paraplegicpussy 4 months ago

How do I even get the tip button on my profile? lol

NattyCat 4 months ago

your tip button is already enabled! you just won't see it on your own profile, since you can't tip yourself.

MandM2829 4 months ago

Hey follow pornhub members we're new here. We were wondering if this is worth doing far as posting videos and getting paid for them?

unknown 4 months ago

Sounds Good To Me lol

leoz30 4 months ago

It’s good but how

NattyCat 4 months ago

your tip button is already enabled! you just won't see it on your own profile, since you can't tip yourself.

Fuckit6916 4 months ago

How do i even get the tip payouts set up

BigDickkkTaee 4 months ago

How do it get people to tip my BBC tho?

King X O 4 months ago

Any suggestions on getting more tips? New couple to PH just learning ropes!

ReignOfFire 4 months ago

I wanna get tipped thru PH but my fans just tip my cash app lol I never get a chance to see if it works

Shadowdademon 4 months ago

How do i set that up

NattyCat 4 months ago

your tip button is already enabled! you just won't see it on your own profile, since you can't tip yourself.

BloodMidnightRayne 4 months ago

How do people give you tips

unknown 4 months ago

Great new

unknown 4 months ago


boltonguy 4 months ago

i need to make some new videos as none of current ones aren't worth a tip

EviesRandomStuff 4 months ago

Pls tip ur content creators... Thanx

MASKSHOOTER 4 months ago

Who tipping

rhiank2018 4 months ago

Check out my latina vs bbc video

Couplesfuck82 4 months ago

Someone should tip us ill we will do whatever you guys wanna see

vfourvendetta 4 months ago

Please I need help

vfourvendetta 4 months ago

How do you delete your porn hub account all in all for the past several months I've been attacked 9 times because of it at my own home I've been contemplating suicide for three months now cuz all the destruction it's caused me an my family

NattyCat 4 months ago

Please email models@pornhub.com

Iftsou 4 months ago

Any freaky women on here in or near Memphis???

wavyfluid 4 months ago

Just the tip

NicoleStone1211 4 months ago

Please tip me

Kvng Deuce 4 months ago

Any females want to collaborate? Text me

juicygirl2323 4 months ago

Yes I need all the tips

BayBangers 4 months ago

Tip us someone

Capri Cummins 4 months ago

Who actually gets tips our have people buy your stuff cause they don't on my profile lol even though they "love" my work. Not1 member in the fan club. Lol

kandybaby69 4 months ago

I need my tip lol wher do we start

TabooSexing 4 months ago

Never got paid yeah but hey

Drivexxx 4 months ago


Dscrillionaire 4 months ago

Hey Im uploading new content if anyone interested.

RIIGO_SUAVE 4 months ago

Im a new comer Bout to hit 3k views

Strictly Sofia 4 months ago


King Of The Damned 4 months ago

Agree With These Comments

Hippyassdrokks 4 months ago

Follow meeee

mrfuvkboi 4 months ago

Check out my page

S Grizzles 4 months ago

https://www.modelhub.com/mrhotrod check out me and the wife videos will be posted soon having a difficulty with the profile but some of our photos made it to the page..become a fan any requests message us and we will make whatever it is that will give you that relief that you need come by and relax and enjoy and be sure to hammer them likes, leave tips, and show some love....

gloriajean92 4 months ago

I'm new to this so I'm trying to learn also

Chelseachelsea300 4 months ago

Thats cool

Lavender Grey 4 months ago

well tip me $$$$$$$$$$$

benjamingamino 4 months ago

Like today I'll put the tip in too

Billie brute 4 months ago

Need to be creampied by a BBC or two

Billie brute 4 months ago

Who wants to fuck my virgin ass hole?

Pempemcream 4 months ago

Wow im feeling horny now

slxxxx18 4 months ago

no one's tips

Iwiltanuartistry 4 months ago

I'd love o make some money at pornhub. been here for 2 years haven't seen a dime??? whats with that? I've tryed for a year in a half that I would like my videos on all there sites... And can't understand why they haven't fixed it? I have a lot more videos I like to put here too... but can't get a awnser from them??? any help out there???? maybe a direct number???

Andy 4 months ago

hi there! once you've reached $100 or more in earnings, you'll receive a payout. the minimum payout is $100. right now you haven't reached that amount so that's why you haven't received a payment.

Netertniji27 4 months ago


RIIGO_SUAVE 4 months ago

So how or when do we get tips ??

Thomas Wreck 4 months ago

Just started so that's great news, perfect timing.

Rhodarrah 4 months ago

Hey guys, I'm new here! I only have a few videos up, but will be making more! Cum watch one of my videos at: https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5c6ad23164967 Thank you!3

RAWOREO 4 months ago

0 tips

Draco digz 4 months ago

Give me a tip

unknown 4 months ago


Netertniji27 4 months ago


BEN in CHLOE 4 months ago

Great thanks Modelhub

Ocgtez 4 months ago

check out my videos and tip me

Violet Sugar 4 months ago

I’ve gotten tips but I haven’t seen any money in my account

XxXTwistedPlatinumXxX 4 months ago


Bianca Rose 4 months ago

. Like me then Tip me off and I can keep on doing what I was born too doo hey you can even buy my sexy wet underware and sniff all my flueds while you get big and hard on maby your wife can use theme and get horny too . So please send me a tip i can keep on doing what I like and I hope I please you , your wife or maby your fantasy so what are you waiting for send some tip please https://www.pornhubpremium.com/model/bianca-rose

Candy pants 4 months ago

The tractor 4 months ago

How can i start cam sex?

SexyLexiLoveshertattoos 4 months ago

I’m glad

TheBeautyTheBeast 4 months ago

Well that's nice, thanks pornhub;

Yummy Mama 4 months ago

How do you know when you get a tip? there isn't a tip section in the earnings to show you.

Andy 4 months ago

it will show up under "Modelhub earnings"! You can click the Modelhub Earnings button then click Sold Services to see all your tips

unknown 4 months ago

How do I do this or charge for vids/ pics? I’m really new to this so any advise would be much appreciated

NYCDEEPTHROAT 4 months ago

Haha I wish I got a tip

kevinshane 4 months ago

Love to get tips

lexismiles 4 months ago

So how do we get them to tip us?

Sierra Miller 5 months ago


RJ13V 5 months ago

If only we could bring our followers from Chaturbate...

gerzonrivera 5 months ago

Hiii can i??

HungLynch 5 months ago


Damian Dark 5 months ago

Sounds good hopefully I’ll get some fans soon

Subby Bunny 5 months ago

patiently awaiting a tip lmao

Mallory K Cumplay 5 months ago

okok nice...now to start earnin

laikaanal 5 months ago

what's going on here?

Brasci_Fantasy 5 months ago

How too I get my tips if I have tips

XtraSugar 5 months ago

If only somebody would tip me....I need some new toys

DawgzOnTop 5 months ago

Check out my video and pics! Would love to be fucked deep in my tight ass while a girl watches!

unknown 5 months ago

Over 650,000 views 20 videos and not one tip.

LexxxiAndLogan 5 months ago

Send your tips this way https://www.pornhub.com/model/lexxxiandlogan

WatchMeXXX 5 months ago

Nobody love me yet

Teddithegoat 5 months ago

Hey guys come Tip us lol...

my_story 5 months ago

Give me my tips ))

Jonny Cash 5 months ago

Does anyone know how to set a fan club up tips etc I’m also thinking of a livecam

Inkfit 5 months ago

How do i get a tip bar to appear

NattyCat 4 months ago

you already have one - you just won't see it on your own profile, since you can't tip yourself.

KeStacks 5 months ago

Show love to my videos

RedNVanna 5 months ago

Great news

unknown 5 months ago


Christiana Cinn 5 months ago

Thank you Porn Hub & modelHub! This is a perfect Valentine's Day gift for us!

RavenBigAss 5 months ago

Wow Amazing

unknown 5 months ago

I am so new at this

LatinaPlay 5 months ago

I just want a tip haha

Dirty hindi 5 months ago

Pooor ........my money is withheld always...any poor reasons

NattyCat 5 months ago

Hi there, reach out to models@pornhub.com if you have questions regarding your account and earnings

Bumble Bree 5 months ago

But no one really tips anyway...

SexMiner 5 months ago

i got a problem on my settings

NattyCat 5 months ago

Hi there - reach out to models@pornhub.com if you are having issues

BigTwizted 5 months ago

Tip me

StarrLabs 5 months ago

Sweet! I don't get tips but I'm happy that all the other people making porn is getting more for their work

savannah savage 5 months ago

This is wonderful! I cant wait to get my first tip!!!!

Laila Delight 5 months ago

wonderful! this means a lot as a performer, keep giving us good reasons to stick around please.

Stebo Flex 5 months ago

Kinda hard to even get a tip dont ya think..

OmarTheThick 5 months ago

This is HUGE!!!

TinoFernandezCH 5 months ago

Follow Me

Thebandlord 5 months ago

What’s the biggest tip you guys have gotten ?

Tatiana Rose 5 months ago

Shit I agree with rinny

Msmysteeq 5 months ago

What's a watermark amd how do ya add it?

BlackxRose 5 months ago

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sweet!!

Victoria Blanco 5 months ago

Spoil Me even on pornhub

SweetAndLows 5 months ago

Tip me and buy my premium snapchat my babies. You wont regret it hehe

The Real Asstronut 5 months ago

follow me

iclapbuns 5 months ago

Subscribe for subscribe I’m new let’s all make this money and FUCK Lol

TDOGG7 5 months ago

Tip me up

Dirty white girl 5 months ago

Ya no tips fer this girl

Chocolate Legend 5 months ago

Yeah tip me

annacbt 5 months ago

Uma boa notícia...

2muchFlyD 5 months ago

Tip me lol

9ija19 5 months ago

thats cool, i love it

Noelia42 5 months ago

I love Pornhub !!!!!

Law Reaper 5 months ago

Me nice, even bein paid for what I have up would be better

lucker25 5 months ago

good job thnx

LuciousLexxi 5 months ago

How do I get onto live cam modeling

LoverMom69 5 months ago

To my fans who tip me, you will receive a special dedicated video.

Scarlette reign 5 months ago

Go on my page and tip me fellas or ladies

Anna ber 5 months ago

I would appreciate any value, event one cent

Amelia Sin 5 months ago

Thank you! 5% less of fans hard earned money going into the "void." It's a win-win!

Horny sandee 5 months ago

I'm new to this where do I go to check my earnings

NattyCat 5 months ago

Hi and welcome to the pornhub community! you can see your earnings by going to:https://www.pornhub.com/model/payments or by going to your settings then clicking on earnings. Hope that helps.

Mandi Rose 5 months ago

Needs more tips lol

DartBoyz 5 months ago

view my videos

misslixxx 5 months ago

Bring on the tips baby

BeckyTailor 5 months ago

Awesome, thank you ❤

prinncessK 5 months ago

Now send me tipsss hahah jk (;

Eva Nova 5 months ago

Whos gonna be my first tip donnor ? heheheh

unknown 5 months ago

I wonder if there are many people who actually tip

FattyWet 5 months ago

Yay about time lol...next step is getting people to actually tip.

Zenni P 5 months ago

Some oneCare To Tip Me!??? Lol

Satarra Amy 5 months ago

Yay now there will be no cutback

Big boa 5 months ago

Can i get a tip

Big boa 5 months ago

Damn can i get a tip

Edshy91 5 months ago

Don't count me out, I'll lend a hand support when I get paid. Awesome work.

epiclovr 5 months ago

How do we get the tips

Finesse G 5 months ago


Reina Mysterious 5 months ago

Sending tips to verified members that'll finger this comment! (Until 12am EST)

Juniorgetsit 5 months ago

How do oil put the tip me feature on my account

NattyCat 5 months ago

Hi there, it's already on your account, it just doesn't show up when viewing your own account.

Belleniko 5 months ago


Baked4breakfast 5 months ago

Rodney57 5 months ago


Cunnilingus_King 5 months ago

Now thats GOOD NEWS!

Nick and Nicole 5 months ago


LiliAsh 5 months ago

Great !

Goddess Sadie 5 months ago

Excellent news! Good on you guys for using your website's popularity to make it the platform with the best conditions! I'm loving what's happening with Pornhub

Regan chance 5 months ago

Only if I can get tipped.

wickedtung 5 months ago

Now if I could just get a tip

unknown 5 months ago

I have basically blocked most people who subscribe because it seems to be a free service ...maybe in Japan it is easier

Big_Boobs_Fucker 5 months ago

tip? I never see that before haha

Lyra lavender 5 months ago

How about you pay us every month or every 2 weeks . some of us don't wanna scrub fucking toilets anymore....if I make 4.44 for that month just pay it out. You guys make a shit ton of money anyways ....

Ezada Sinn 5 months ago


jellyheaven1 5 months ago

Never received a tip

ThePixeyPrincess 5 months ago

Amazing! Had my first tip last week !

LunitaLove 5 months ago

Nice news! Time to do some naughty things for that gentle people who tip me

lightskinT 5 months ago

Any females in Alabama

The tractor 5 months ago

Thanks lol

QueefyCock 5 months ago

Now if I can just receive a tip it’d be great lol

MrJAE 5 months ago

Now let the fun begin

SilkyPies 5 months ago

I never leave anyone that tips me empty handed

NataSweet 5 months ago

Amazing news!

French Emilia 5 months ago

Great !

Alisa Lovely 5 months ago

great news!

Athena Asher 5 months ago

helll yea - you guys are the tits!

couplesexfuck 5 months ago

Thanks for the tip. I need a tip now!

HerLittleSecret 5 months ago

yey!! Now everyone can help us buy a decent camera hahaha. XD

luis253 5 months ago

is this for streamate, or just videos on PH MH?

NattyCat 5 months ago

Hi there - this is only on PH/MH - Streammate is our partner/affiliate but not a part of us so we don't control their payout rate.

Lilly Red 5 months ago

Who has received a tip before? Do you mind telling us how you managed to get it? Lol who do I gotta suck off around here...

luis253 5 months ago

first dibs

Candy Samira 5 months ago


BinxBlu 5 months ago

Send me a tip I'm tryna see something ..lol

Wet Kelly 5 months ago

Great news.

Fitteenbabe 5 months ago

If only i got one freakin tip lol

sexcouple69 5 months ago

We just wanted more money for views and for paid content.

Miciax 5 months ago

Secret Muffin 5 months ago

That's great news! *

Joey D 5 months ago

I only have four videos up and my old profile had like 80 and ive still never seen a tip or anything!

Ourdirtylilsecret 5 months ago


MissRedkitty 5 months ago

This is the tip I need

unknown 5 months ago

Anyone ever got a tip?

Lady Taurus 5 months ago


luvmeesumazz 5 months ago

Can’t even get my first payout ?... I’m already at $212,000 views at only $81.00 dollars as pay out ?? Can’t even make our first hundred ? Really disappointed ..

HollyZ 5 months ago

The average RPM (rate per 1000 views) is $0.64 - with the launch of Modlehub you can also earn through for sale videos, viewshare, and a fan club! I'd recommend branching out into these areas and experimenting to see what works best for your account. If you need any more advice just DM me!

Nasiah 5 months ago


bbcanddabunni69 5 months ago

Great news

PinkMangos 5 months ago

Thats great!

sinfulheaux 5 months ago

This is awesome

SweetAndLows 5 months ago

If only people would tip me now hehe

Jc5660990 5 months ago

Never got tips before I think people just watch the video jerk off get they bust off and close the internet browser , but if anybody wanna watch my videos and tip I’ll return it to at least test it out , follow me on ig as well @Jay_malemodel

King Kooda 5 months ago


labatiba44 5 months ago

Nice one

turkishjuice 5 months ago

i love pornhub

Cambodian Nightmare 5 months ago

HMU Ladies

Erica Sins 5 months ago

One tip would be exciting.....for sure i guess we are on the ground floor to greatness

sweethoney101 5 months ago

Nice who is going to give my first TIp ... Come check my videos out

Olladick 5 months ago

Only if I knew to post my videos for sale lol

fulloffantasies 5 months ago

You just upload like normal and instead of selecting "public" you select "for sale".

Cream Queen 5 months ago

How about increased ad revenue payouts lbs

Cream Queen 5 months ago

But thanks anyway.

Cream Queen 5 months ago

Only fans only takes 15%. So that was a lie Pornhub

fulloffantasies 5 months ago

No they were sneaky... see, they didn't say "highest" they said "best." One's subjective enough to not "technically" be a lie.

Cream Queen 5 months ago

I have no problem in that area lol thank you Pornhub

Chelsea Wolf 5 months ago

Oh well that is useful information

Karma Dickins 5 months ago

Awesome. I was wondering why my tip money was disappearing


hopefully i get a few tip for my videos and my picture i love my fans just as much as they love me

Ty Forson 5 months ago

Check out our page

curvycumqueen 5 months ago

Make it rain baby!

SlugsOfCumGuy 5 months ago

I just got tipped last night for the first time! Talk about timing lol

Voluptuous V 5 months ago

If you like what you see tip me and I’ll make a video just for you https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5c5fdba71e2d5 Like and subscribe

MaleModels 5 months ago

That's so cool! Now i just need one to test out.lolThx PH u rock!

Horny Nicky 5 months ago


Asswurx 5 months ago


exorotic113 5 months ago

hope i could get soon..

Trixy Kumz 5 months ago


PrettyPinkInside 5 months ago

Damn only if I got tips

NastyTaurus 5 months ago

Thank you, I was wondering why I wasn't getting the full tips

KeoniSega 5 months ago


disco4roughneck 5 months ago

Rite on..lets make some money

Bigg Chieff 5 months ago

Tip me I’m trying to see something

QueenOfTheKloudz 5 months ago

Waiting to get approved, signed up yesterday. CANT WAIT

Sabrina Sin 5 months ago

Good news for the one dude that gives me tips lol

vANALik 5 months ago

Хорошая новость , спасибо

RoxxyBby 5 months ago

I hope my fans tip me lol

XavierSKYE 5 months ago

First need a payout lol

unknown 5 months ago

You know what that means.... video request for tips!!! Kinda wanna try something extra freaky!!!

Wonder Twins 5 months ago

Awesome. Thanks pornhub. Making porn becomes even better. https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5c621487743aa

CasalAventura 5 months ago

Wow... great!

Dclovers 5 months ago

Thanks PH

DrakeHemingway 5 months ago

Thank you so much for this information! Truly. You and everyone else here are good peeps. Thank you for blessing me with your time and consideration. Let me know if there's anything I can do for you, my slutty loves. Much love. Adios...

evastive 5 months ago

Отлично! Спасибо!

unknown 5 months ago

Thank you! 3 xoxo

Koo Fox 5 months ago

Just put the tip in and see how it feels, ya know?

Emoney2210 5 months ago

Know can me tip me please

Brooklyn_BJ_Lover 5 months ago

Not bad, but I only have Pornhub not Modelhub, will my account still be eligible for tips and ad revenue? I'm still fairly new to this.

NattyCat 5 months ago

A Modelhub page is automatically created when you do one of the following: create a fan club, have videos for sale or for paid downloads. Otherwise you are still eligible for tips and ad revenue if you are a verified model even with free to stream videos. Hope that helps.

Sunny skies 5 months ago


Matix and Elara 5 months ago

That’s great news! Now if I can just get some traffic on my page! Lol

kingbun22 5 months ago

That's great news

unknown 5 months ago

this is great

NelliBell 5 months ago

Let me see it! Thanks

realDownTownRich 5 months ago

Ohhh yyyyeeessss. Uploading a new video in a few hours.

Arif Khan 5 months ago


babyyykittennn 5 months ago

yay ^.^

knoxklan 5 months ago

if I can even get one that would be great news ! Lol

Morgana Moonstone 5 months ago

This is a fantastic update for thosw who actually get tips

Nurse-Hopexxx 5 months ago


Keri Love 5 months ago


Hot_Mess_Jess 5 months ago


Ss Ant 5 months ago

Lol I’ll make new videos everyday if I can get tips

Tokyoberlin23 5 months ago

Very good news!

W3ttkitty69 5 months ago

Ok Can sumone tip me

Shaveh Metzitza 5 months ago


kitkitten 5 months ago


Cumtonic 5 months ago

Thank you PH!

kitkitten 5 months ago

Little Leo 5 months ago

New to this add me

MeAndMyKinkyGF 5 months ago

Can someone tip me? Look my anal videos

My_Little_Secrets 5 months ago

Goog new everyone =)

xlkyng 5 months ago

Great Move. Much Appreciated

Wet-N-Hard 5 months ago

You guys are the best, thanks!! ❤

PinkClit 5 months ago

Wow that's cool!

Nicky Mist 5 months ago

Tips is nice way subscribers keep the channel alive and improve every time better

Frisky Kitty Kat 5 months ago

Send me some tips guys I’ll give you my Snapchat

FranPie 5 months ago

Someone give me a tip so I can test of this is true!!

ComerZZ 5 months ago

I love pornhub

Carly Curvy 5 months ago

Love this!!

Agatha Dolly 5 months ago

Woow super ❤

Mrs32G 5 months ago

Sweet. A little late but still great

Lady WOW 5 months ago

Hey! Than you PH team! I love this feature. I have a quick question. When will be available "share" vid and GIF option? I saw it on some amateurs pages but it is missed on my own page Do you test it or what?

NattyCat 5 months ago

Hi there! Just checked and you have both on your profile - in fact you have already 53 GIFs created.

CumCravingGinger 5 months ago

That is great news!!! Now I can get more money to support my cum addiction!!!

vanillachocolate69 5 months ago

That is awesome for those who receive them!

pinklilpoppy 5 months ago

Awesome! Sweet of you guys

georgenmissy 5 months ago

show me the $$

AngelMoans 5 months ago

awesome ! (:

Caramel Boob Bae 5 months ago

Nice send me tips

needsumnewpussy 5 months ago


Jane Brown 5 months ago

This is great news, thanks

KittyBeGood 5 months ago


realgfsxposed 5 months ago

Cum over and tip me. Maybe ill give you the tip too

Jessica Stardust 5 months ago

Appreciate it. Can we back date that two days lol

SliphCo 5 months ago

If someone wants to tip us to get a better camera, it would be awesome, anything helps!

JessGetItWet 5 months ago

its so hard to make tips on here o wow

JessGetItWet 5 months ago

if i can just get a tip

SexyBustyGirl 5 months ago

Thank you for your work!❤

Miss Ivy Ophelia 5 months ago


Sweety Sub 5 months ago

that's great

Nevminoze 5 months ago


Chloe Bunni Buns 5 months ago

Power to the Pornhub ✊

Remi Reagan 5 months ago


Stunning Shan 5 months ago


KinkyDogs 5 months ago

Good! ;P

Ireland Cross 5 months ago

Send me a tip and you'll get a naughty pic in return

BEDGASM 5 months ago

So exciting! Thank you PH

DoggySlayer 5 months ago

subcribe me

AlanAndrewSaunders 5 months ago

Pornhub thanks.

denysa and alex 5 months ago


Lee Lee Baby 5 months ago


OutfallingSex 5 months ago

Tip us

King dick 5 months ago

Come check out my account

daisiesandhalos 5 months ago

Oh shoot! That's an excellent deal!

unknown 5 months ago

never happen....even eith my old account @CplNextDoor !!!!

Claudia Class 5 months ago


MissAres 5 months ago

Great news

Onehundredway 5 months ago

I need some tips myself

Mi420Lovers 5 months ago

Me too.......LOL

Bella Rosa 5 months ago


Lo Li Lo 5 months ago

Who will Tip me? I want to check )

MyGayRoomate 5 months ago

Woooo! Time to start uploading even more lol

anitaliciperu 5 months ago

Gracias por la informacion

madred38 5 months ago

Thats awesome

littlelaces 5 months ago

Good news !

Angel_And_Devil 5 months ago

Thank you sooo much for thiiis

AManAgainstMany 5 months ago

Lets Work

Z ox the great 5 months ago

Sweeet thank you!!!! And to the fans, thank you couldn't do it without you!!

unknown 5 months ago

Good news!

SelenaMori 5 months ago


unknown 5 months ago

check out my sexy page ladies and gentleman

unknown 5 months ago

that's awesome

Candy pants 5 months ago

fuck yea!!

TeenDesire18 5 months ago

Great! I've never really gotten tips but I'm very new so I guess they'll come with time

Sophie James 5 months ago

Awesome thank you

JessicagreyXx 5 months ago

That’s what I’m talking about!

Innocence and Smokey 5 months ago

We’re still waiting for money a fan sent us. He received a receipt saying the payment went through but we never received it. Nobody has emailed us back either in regards to this matter.

Andy 5 months ago

Hey, submit a ticket here and we'll help you out:https://www.pornhub.com/support?amateur=1

TightCouple 5 months ago


unknown 5 months ago


unknown 5 months ago

That is awesome

FitNSexi 5 months ago


Ms Rotate That Booty 5 months ago

Awesome !!!!!!!!!!

DasieyMae 5 months ago

Finally lol

mrspink 5 months ago

That's Great News

DickForLily 5 months ago

great )

Mpcouple 5 months ago

Thank you so much

Bunny Cum 5 months ago

Thats awesome Big thumbs up xxx

Nutella Black 5 months ago


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