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by: Andy

TL;DR: We’re introducing Monthly and Annual Modelhub Awards. Check the new page here.

As you know, the Pornhub Model Program gives out awards each month and each year to celebrate the hard-working, talented models who rise to the top of the program.

And since selling content on Modelhub is just as much work, it deserves just as much reward.

That’s why we’re super excited to announce the Monthly and Annual Modelhub Awards!

Starting this month, we’ll be awarding the following prizes:

#1 Earner - $1000

#2 Earner - $500

#3 Earner - $250

#4 Earner - $200

#5 Earner - $150

#6-#20 Earner - $100 each

That means if you’re in the top-20 sellers on Modelhub for any given month, you’ll receive a cash prize, added directly to your payout.

We’re also choosing four Top Newcomers every month, who will receive $500 added to their payout.

That means new models who don’t already have a huge following also have a shot at winning cash prizes.

At the end of each year, four Annual Winners will be chosen to win the following prizes:

#1 - $5000

#2 - $3000

#3 - $2000

#4 - $1000

To be eligible to win an Annual Prize, you have to have won a Monthly Prize at some point during the year.

That’s all you need to know about Modelhub Monthly and Annual Prizes – go out there and start hustling so you can be our first winner!


All Comments(191)

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MsShynie 5 months ago

Yay Modelhub would work better if pornhub worked more like Facebook. Pornhub needs a share button. We also need our model Hub videos posted in their own section with previews. And when people search our names it needs to list ALL our videos not just the ones with our names in the titles. And we need the friend request limit took off when you're verified you should be able to add as many people as you want. Put a modelhub section on our profile with our description of what we offer when you join.

Queen Ann 4 months ago

Porn Hub the best team.

Thebandlord 5 months ago

Is model hub and Pornhub the same thing ?

brett 5 months ago

You can share videos to your stream from the video page. Also when I search your name I get pages of your content. Also your paid videos are shown on your profile on PC and mobile and when you search your name.

MsShynie 5 months ago

Like add modelhub videos above the paid videos section on our main pornhub pages. Also we should be able to post our modelhub videos like we can our paid & free ones to our main profile so people can see the preview & choose to sign up or now as well.

MsShynie 5 months ago

And I get how the search engine works now but it would be a lot better if when you typed the models name all our content comes up so they don't have to take the steps to go to our profiles ive had people say so you only have a few videos because when they search my name only them few pop up our names should be like major pornstars and show all our content.

MsShynie 5 months ago

modehub threw our page its a extra step that loses buyers. If our videos were listed like our paid ones with a description of what all services we offer when they join our fanclub people would be more opt to buy ive had none pornhub people tell me they couldn't find my fan club stuff or it was to frustrating to find or they didn't get to see what I offered.

MsShynie 5 months ago

And what I mean by a share button is that people can share you content onto there own profiles like other social media platforms I know you can share them onto twitter & things like that im meaning if I make a post people should be able to share it to there own fans on here. and by model hub section I mean when I go to my videos or my profile I want a section just for my modelhub content even on mobile where it shows what ive uploaded & the video preview for it right now people have to go to

MsShynie 5 months ago

YES!!! The youtube idea is a GREAT one! That way our subs see our content 1st also maybe add a notification button so those who want to be update that we post can be!

Onehundredway 5 months ago


Jasper McMaster 5 months ago

Hell, I'd settle for a YouTube style system where when one of my viewers comes onto the site, they see I have new content.

Dae Dream 5 months ago

Honestly, I get what you’re saying. Someone who looks like me most likely will NEVER win in a sea of gorgeous women and couples. Like solo males are at the bottom of the totem pole on here unless you look like Tom Brady or Timothy Chalamet, but I mean I can try I guess

unknown 5 months ago

Exactly what StellaAndSterling said - it feels completely random! We need this to work for those of us with just a few thousand subs or less, instead of the people who are actually living from their millions of billions of views - who'll be featured over and over again because their next upload will automatically gather a huge following.

Nutella Black 5 months ago


xlkyng 5 months ago

O and i have a share button underneath every video. I share videos sometimes when i use the desktop version.

xlkyng 5 months ago

Thats strange. Everything your requesting. I havw already. Did PORNHUB not give this stuff because your listed as a pornstar and not a model. I have my own section where my model hub videos are and a section where my fans only are. My modelhub videos have a preview button on them.

AlmondBabe 5 months ago

I agree with the friend request limit!

Jollapr 5 months ago

I agree with this. Also, the commenting system can be better. If we could have threads it would be awesome.

Miss Susan 5 months ago

Agree, we can already tell which models are going to win. Hope they take your opinion into account

brett 5 months ago

Hey Shynie, there is a share to stream button on video pages under "Add to". Also when you search your name example "MsShynie" the second result is your video without your namein the title. Username/stage name is a ranking factor for search. Not sure what you mean own section for modelhub videos, there is already a section in the sidebar on pc or on the main page on mobile. Let me know if that helps.

JoshandLeena 5 months ago

Completely agree!

prettyevil 5 months ago

That's right!

StellaAndSterling 5 months ago

I agree. It's hard to advertise yourself, it seems like an all lucky kind of algorithm to get any sort of following. We need more rewards for people who dont get a million views a month lol

MsShynie 5 months ago

And models ALL models should be featured more often. Contest can't be fair if every model doesn't have the exact same chances as the next. Also add a modelhub section on the main page with video previews and people would be more opt to buy. I know many people don't even know what modelhub is/ what we offer when you join or what videos/pics we have to offer. Be great if we had a whole section on our profile that displays our modelhub content previews and a lil sexy description to entice buyers.

MsShynie 5 months ago

Going but some never get there feet off the ground! We should also be able to have a say in which videos get featured I know which of my videos I want to see go world wide & which would bring me the most fans/income so why shouldn't I have a say. Its easy to see im not the only one who feels like this so something needs to be done about the system. Aint no way models shouldn't be featured in yrs or worse NEVER! That's not fair nor right.

MsShynie 5 months ago

People literally quit pornhub because they have never been featured I used to get featured ALOT but then you changed the system not a single video of mine has been featured in over 2 yrs that's ridiculous! And I know for the people who never got featured its got to be frustrating because they never got the chance to get the fans in the 1st place. Ive legit been doing this alone w/ no help from pornhub for 2 yrs now! and its flat out aggravating but I love pornhub & I love my job so I just keep

MsShynie 5 months ago

At @Unknown if that was the case I would have been featured with in the last 2 yrs and I haven't been and I know plenty of models who haven't been either. Or have NEVER been.

brett 5 months ago

@Helena, subscriber count does help video viewership by the views your subscribers will contribute but it is absolutely not a factor for videos to be featured. Everyone has the same chances.

Selene Siren 5 months ago

@kinkycouple111 agree. Some people do get lucky, but a lot of the videos that do get featured are really good quality and you can tell there is time invested into it. We Love Pornhub

Helena Creek 5 months ago

Having features as well as these contests a little more spread out through the population of pornhub models would really be nice... Even though theoretically everyone has the same chance, the truth is that I see a lot of the same people featured over and over again. And why is that? Well, money of course. Featuring established people with a lot of followers is just more lucrative for PH. They are a business after all. I guess all we can do is hope for a lucky breakthrough :/

brett 5 months ago

Hey Shynie, like @kinkycouple111 mentioned, getting featured is completely equal for every model. Everyone has the same opportunity and chances.

vesper lynd 5 months ago

yes some of us waited so long to get even one of our videos featured

Sasha Bikeyeva 5 months ago

I also agree with these words!!!!!

kinkycouple111 5 months ago

I agree to a point. However, every model has the same chance of getting featured so it is fair. The most popular, highest-rated, most viewed, most commented videos get featured and that just makes sense. I am aware that the algorithm is not perfect, but that aspect of it works fine.

AlmondBabe 5 months ago

I love some healthy competition wish everyone the best!

Selene Siren 5 months ago

good luck

Sweet Bunny 5 months ago

Wow, sooo happy! Thank you Pornhub! You're the best

Sasha Bikeyeva 5 months ago

This is great news today! I love you all!

Salixxx Katz 5 months ago

I would like my work to be recognized

Mia Plchik 5 months ago

Porhhub is now more modern, than before. I like this page

lolyamateur 5 months ago

Nice competition ,everyone"s success!

Alex CUM 5 months ago

At last I won a prize as a model, I already smell it

Red Fox 5 months ago

We have only been here for a couple of months, but I feel that we will win the victory, because we are great! The main thing is to believe in victory

Sophia Dove 5 months ago

I've only ever uploaded my videos without charging anyone. Does the earnings from views on these videos count or is it just the sold content (videos for sale etc)? Sorry if the answer is obvious I'm new to this adventure

Sophia Dove 5 months ago

Thanks @NattyCat, I'll have to save up some more if I want to play with the big contenders thanks again for replying x

NattyCat 5 months ago

Hi Sophia - welcome to the Pornhub community! For this contest, it only considers the items in Modelhub (paid videos, fan club subscriptions, tips and custom videos). You are still eligible though for the Pornhub monthly contest. For more information on that contest: https://www.pornhub.com/model/halloffame

TeenyGinger 5 months ago

Are January's top 20 getting awards? Or only February?

NattyCat 5 months ago

You’re too quick we were just finalizing the final touches. We’ll be posting the January winners on a blog tomorrow. Keep an eye out!

unknown 5 months ago

Money, competition, money! How about some community features instead of all the greedy stuff? Like functional tagging, a stream people will look at, more effective featuring algorithm, maybe a chat, something that isn't just "OMG $$$"! We'd really like that.

brett 5 months ago

Can you message me more details about those issues please.

Ivy Aura 5 months ago

this made me realize i don't know my MH rank and i just checked it and it made me really want to push into the top 5, this is a great incentive thank u daddy

brett 5 months ago

You're welcome

Ourdirtylilsecret 5 months ago


brett 5 months ago

Andi Ray 5 months ago


Lo Li Lo 5 months ago

Nice! Thank you!

Sophia Smith 5 months ago

Um....curveball wouldnt it be fairer to reward those who upload the most clips/put in the most work? This only rewards the ones already making the most money....

brett 5 months ago

Uploading more clips and putting in more work will certainly increase sales and will have models end up winning the monthly contests.

msutopia 5 months ago

Hope i win some prizes

Miss Fluo 5 months ago

sounds good!! https://www.modelhub.com/miss-fluo

Nick and Nicole 5 months ago

Sweet, got a special video coming very soon for valentines day!! we're gonna smash it and keep delivering content for everyone

brett 5 months ago


unknown 5 months ago

Please watch my videos and enjoy Thanks.

Mario Bruce 5 months ago

Are these contest for the Gay and Bisexual categories also? THAT would be AWESOME!

NattyCat 5 months ago

Open to all! In fact the top 10 included a gay couple this month!

Maskedassassins 3 months ago

I hope we win soon

MistressRoxy 3 months ago

How long till you announced March top newcomers

nymphomansex 3 months ago

Hello to all the beautiful ladies of ph I am new here and I’m trying to make as many friends as I can so if you ladies don’t mind send me some requests and I will follow you back

Angle-D_mistyick 3 months ago

Im in

pistolcrystallynn 3 months ago

Omg I’m so excited I wanna win a prize so baaaad! Just got on modelhub so we will seeeee!! Thanks modelhub for being badass!

Penny Largo 3 months ago

Such a good program!

caseynjosh 3 months ago

Come check out our videos and give us your feedback and request a custom video we would love to make your fantasies become reality

kool26 3 months ago


unknown 4 months ago

This is great. But can't understand if we can also partecipate to special monthly contest.... thanks

gingerlove2212 4 months ago


realsofiagomez 4 months ago

i cant figure out how to sign up every link is broken or brings me to the blog

MistressRoxy 4 months ago

Glad I signed up, it's so much fun

wetmouth23 4 months ago

If only i could be the one getting that 5000

kayoputinho 4 months ago

Its my first month experiencing pornhub, got lots more videos to come, let’s see how my first month goes...

unknown 4 months ago

Thank you

rhiank2018 4 months ago

Check out my latina vs bbc video

Illinoisbrownsnake 4 months ago

I hope I win

mrfuvkboi 4 months ago

I feel like it’s kinda hard starting up

Onehundredway 5 months ago

That’s a thing.

Thebandlord 5 months ago

Can you guys tell us how we did on our first vid , kind of shy lol https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5c61ecbe52a4d

LilDgetitdone 5 months ago

Let's go Modelhub

OutfallingSex 5 months ago


Christopher cummings 5 months ago

You guys better watch out . When I get started there's need to madness. Let's go have some fun

unknown 5 months ago

yeah, love all the extras prizes pornhub

Dix Normous 5 months ago

I wish there was more like a Facebook style where you can have an actual thread of the community

Cattie Candescent 5 months ago


Onehundredway 5 months ago

Onehundredway liking this

Remi Reagan 5 months ago

Awesome! I love everything PH is doing with the Modlehub platform!!

Wet Kelly 5 months ago

I am happy that i was the One to REPRESENT ModelHub! Who knows maybe this year i am lucky

AManAgainstMany 5 months ago

I completely agree with @daedream

Ella St Roman 5 months ago

Great news, thank you!!

Secret Muffin 5 months ago

Just joined PH few weeks ago and looking forward for the competition wish to get featured soon

Atlantagooddick 5 months ago

Hell ya follow season in session

Omar Adonis 5 months ago

Wow this is amazing!!! I believe I mentioned something about this in the feedback forum a while ago and you guys made it happen! Great company you guys are!

MISS DRAVEN 5 months ago

Awesome, can't wait.

twofaced22 5 months ago

I'm new. Hoping I can win some prizes. It will be invested in more videos xoxo check me out leave a like and a comment

PoundGame86 5 months ago

I gotta put in that work then

Rosestorm32 5 months ago

PornHub killing it for the community once again!

unknown 5 months ago

cool prizes...

ExXotic Couple 5 months ago

Check us out! You won't be let down

vanillachocolate69 5 months ago

This is an awesome system for an already awesome idea!

letmeseethebooty 5 months ago

Just here to spread some ass cheeks. Lol! Good luck to all

BossDonPleasure 5 months ago

Finally lol we might have a chance ...❤

MissAres 5 months ago

I love a challenge

unknown 5 months ago

check.me you

Dae Dream 5 months ago

@Miss Susan said it best to be real. It’s not rigged per say, it’s like fanstasy football basically except it’s sex workers and this is Pornhub. They should make a draft like a Fantasy pool of Fantasies, then we could ALL make some guap. Gambling is a little more fair than our algorithm, and that’s okay, things are never perfect, but we can always improve.

Dae Dream 5 months ago


PinkMangos 5 months ago

I honestly hope everyone has a equal chance of winning something like this. Hence i dont recieve millions of views each day and I would love to enter in contests like the Valentines Day theme but it discourages me to even give it a try considering im not a “Popular “ model :/ but I wish everyone the best ! Hopefully things evolve with time on Pornhubs end to satisfy there models

vANALik 5 months ago

Если этот пост наберёт 100 лайков , я выложу как парень кончает мне на попу

Carly Curvy 5 months ago

Love it!

lemod6 5 months ago

nice chance but with the bigs of ph i think is too hard for the "normal" member....

CreamyDanielle 5 months ago

Wow! That sounds awesome!

BEN in CHLOE 5 months ago

wow thats great

xlkyng 5 months ago

So how do we win. What is it based on? Sales? Or views ? Or what. I like how pornhub does this. They make contents. But. They never give you tell you how they choose the winners. If its based on how much you sell. Hiw do we know they arent purchasing their own videos themselves.

NattyCat 5 months ago

Heya - monthly winners are based on sales (video sales, tips, fan club subscriptions and custom videos).We do not allow self purchase or other fraudulent behaviors.

vesper lynd 5 months ago

wow that's really great I hope to win big just like the top performers good luck to everyone. suck on !

montsita 5 months ago

Gracias, pero me hace el efecto que nunca ganaré !!

Ireland Cross 5 months ago

I'm in! Who wants to see some pussy?

unknown 5 months ago

Hello! I am a beginner model, and I am very pleased with this announcement. I would like to hope that this competition is much more honest than the elections to power! Thank!

Marvelous_Hazels 5 months ago

We're really new to this and barely even know how to work modelhub sigh

NattyCat 5 months ago

Hello! Welcome to Pornhub Community. The best resources for how to grow on this site is for sure other models, otherwise we have a blog where we post interviews with models on what works for them, marketing help blogs and other tips. You can read here:https://www.modelhub.com/blog

AnimeshinClub 5 months ago

I'm in!

Nicky Mist 5 months ago

I am also agree , but tell me some hack how i can increase more sells on modelhub ?

JaynaLove69 5 months ago


Carmen Valentina 5 months ago


candycherry7 5 months ago

It's good to know !

Molly Pills 5 months ago

Is there some important practice, tactic, or model secret that I am just not doing? I am all ears and will definitely incorporate good advice. Sorry if I come off as a complainer or ungrateful ... It's just been a big step to decide to do adult full time and am hoping that it pays off ya know?

NattyCat 5 months ago

Hi Molly! Welcome to the PH community Check out our blogs - our team publishes marketing blogs and interviews with other models so you can see what works for others. Check them out:https://www.modelhub.com/blog

Molly Pills 5 months ago

This is all good and fantastic but what of the models that are relatively new and don't have the following that some of the more vetted models do? My partner and I have been at it for about six months with four of those months being heavy focus on PH and though we are grateful for the results thus far, we are hoping to really see some larger strides being made. I put a lot of attention, effort, and focus on pornhub specifically and feel like my views and subscribers has been slowed greatly.

Maawad1 5 months ago

Very good

DasieyMae 5 months ago

Def a top new comer less the two weeks at 4.7 video views and 2.6 subs

unknown 5 months ago

WOW!!! $$$

MrFrez Pipez 5 months ago


OutfallingSex 5 months ago

hell yea

Veronica Reid 5 months ago

Every prizes are very good motivation to work, but pH is place to have fun, feeling free and meet new People. Don't forget about have a sex pleasure, good time!

Agatha Dolly 5 months ago

It's great.

FranPie 5 months ago

Omg! That’s great!!

Men xss 5 months ago

It must contain all features of Facebook.

Men xss 5 months ago

Pornhub must act like a Facebook.

alicatty 5 months ago

Yes hopefully I can get on that list

NorthWestCumShot 5 months ago

Ugg I need to find more paying customers :/ I had a regular but he quit PH just my luck.

Real Home Fuck 5 months ago


Stunning Shan 5 months ago

Love it

Babygir27 5 months ago


Tony Caliano 5 months ago


secretmix 5 months ago

Good luck all!! So many sexy people!

bellaboobear 5 months ago

Newbie here

Brickbabe 5 months ago

Soo coooool! Thanks PH!!

unknown 5 months ago

Lets get this goin

LenaLouix 5 months ago

Cool! ❤

Chloe Climax 5 months ago


HerLittleSecret 5 months ago

Its heere

Mrs32G 5 months ago

Very cool I'm excited to see if I can make the newcomer list.

JoshandLeena 5 months ago

I am ready to be reviewed

Jearrybuck 5 months ago

well, let´s do owr best, good luck!!!

Jearrybuck 5 months ago

how to participate?

Andy 5 months ago

Anybody on Modelhub is automatically entered! It's based on sales and performance.

ipash25 5 months ago

Hell yes

Jearrybuck 5 months ago


Lee Lee Baby 5 months ago


sexinthestax 5 months ago

This sounds like fun, good luck everyone!

Jinkers and Brady 5 months ago

Fingers crossed ino we are new but hopefully people like me and my girl (big brady) love us all ❤❤❤

skinnymanbang 5 months ago

I’m Skinny Man Bang follow me

RoyMoa 5 months ago

Thanks!! Great!

denysa and alex 5 months ago

yes good concurs for model porn

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