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by: Andy

It’s officially cuffing season. Prime time to get cozied up with your boo (or, if you’re like me, with a pint of ice cream) and stay out of the elements. But nothing warms you up quite like some hot lingerie.

That’s why we’re excited to announce our latest contest - #VDAY2019 !

This contest is all about intimate moments; specifically, moments spent wearing intimates.

That’s right – the theme for this contest is Lingerie.

We wanna see your hottest Lingerie videos. The rest is up to you, but make sure lingerie is incorporated in some way to be eligible to win.

This is a Modelhub Contest, meaning only For-Sale videos are eligible to win. (In case you need a refresher, instructions are here)

This contest, and everything Modelhub does, welcomes everyone to participate. Just because it’s lingerie-themed, doesn’t mean men or non-binary folks or anyone else can’t participate. We invite one and all to show us your hottest boudoir looks.

Along with a chance to win some amazing prizes, your submissions to this contest, and all our future Model Program contests, will now have a chance to be featured on a Pornhub Premium Playlist, which means a huge boost in Viewshare revenue for you. Remember - Viewshare pays about about 50-60x more than regular free videos.




The only thematic requirement for this contest is that it’s gotta contain lingerie in some form.




We’ve partnered with Belle de Nuit, who you may recognize from our blog, to give away some incredible lingerie prizes.


3rd Place will get $300 store credit at Belle de Nuit

2nd Place will get $600 store credit at Belle de Nuit

1st Place will get $1000 store credit at Belle de Nuit




- Winners chosen by a panel of Modelhub and Belle de Nuit judges, based on quality and creativity, as well as performance metrics like sales and previews

- Your video must be for sale on Modelhub, with Premium Viewshare enabled

- No free-to-view videos

- New uploads only (cannot re-use old videos)

- Multiple entries are allowed!

- Must contain the tag VDAY2019

- Inaccurately titled, tagged and/or categorized videos are not eligible for the contest

- Contest runs from Feb 1, 2019 to Valentine’s Day (Feb 14, 2019)


See all entries here: 



All Comments(162)

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msutopia 2 weeks ago

Oh. I need new lingerie

Desireteen 1 week ago

As soon as i seen the contest , i check the store and want to make a wishlist but seems that store is not working for the moment . Hope will work for the winner ! Good luck everyone , hope the winner to be ...... Meeeee !!!!!

Jessica Neal 2 weeks ago

Someone else said Rhiannas line was comfy

Chibi Marshmellow 2 weeks ago

I just sorted a few of my pieces. I thought ud share the tip to try Walmart during this season. I have 3 pieces from there. Also Rhianna's Savage and Fenty line I like too; true to size.

Sasha Bikeyeva 2 weeks ago

It is very good that there are discounts for us!

Andy 2 weeks ago

Check out our sponsor, Belle de Nuit! They offer a sex worker discount https://www.belledenuit.co/pages/sex-worker-discount

naughty1414 2 weeks ago


WIFEANDI4U 2 weeks ago

Good luck to all the participants.

Sylvia Chrystall 2 weeks ago

Luck is not counts there. Just sayin'

amatuerpovcouple 1 week ago

Posting last night's lingerie and foxtail plug session today

maryvincxxx 2 weeks ago

Another great contest ^_^

Red Fox 2 weeks ago

This will be my first participation in the competition, I hope that support me!)

Oksifootjob Yesterday

When are the results of the concourse?

alicatty 1 week ago

How can we see if our video is on the playlist if only premium can see

alicatty 1 week ago

@nattycat I posted my video for this and half my tags are gone now is my video not in the running

NattyCat 1 week ago

Finalists promoted on premium will be announced with the top 3 winners as well

AssetsAppreciation 2 weeks ago

It’s no secret that I really love lingerie, I wear it in all of my vids … super stoked for this contest!!

Miss Susan 2 weeks ago

Gotta turn on the camera NOW =)

Laruna_Mave 3 days ago

Please, add my video in playlist https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5c649e243c879

Laruna_Mave 3 days ago

I have a video for the contest, waiting for you ❤

alicatty 1 week ago

I added the tag but now I looked at my video and half the tags I added are gone ??? Pornhub can you help with this https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5c5751cacc9e8

YourCuteEvil 1 week ago

We have already done Made for you 10 wallpapers in 4k on a new video. Link to free download on our page and under the first photo in the photo album.

Naughtysoulmates 2 weeks ago

I have now entered the competition! So much fun Share what you think

ChelseaVegas 2 weeks ago

Uploading mine right now!

Silvia Queen 2 weeks ago

We will be entering this contest for sure!!

Alex CUM 2 weeks ago

to take the camera and record, to win the best

Naughtysoulmates 2 weeks ago

Fun fun! We love Valentines day!

PoundPie3 2 weeks ago

Oooo yay!!! Happy V-Day to us all!

Kandie Kayne 2 weeks ago

Amazing! Now I need to shop for new lingerie lol

Andy 2 weeks ago

Check out our sponsor, Belle de Nuit! They offer a sex worker discount https://www.belledenuit.co/pages/sex-worker-discount

Triboulet 2 weeks ago

Very cool contest!

Flint Fredstone 2 weeks ago

I think I might have to enter a submission for this one lmao ... but just maybe

April Slides 2 weeks ago

This will be fun

Sweet Bunny 2 weeks ago

Another great contest! Thank you Pornhub!

Kate_Star 2 weeks ago

Very good!

XavierKingVII 2 weeks ago

Loving how inclusive pornhub is of all genders/sexualities!

Miss Vulpine 3 days ago

Does my video qualify? It was uploaded on the 14th https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5c65f74240d2a

Emma Lovett 3 days ago

Oh boy I hope I made the deadline :

Benny Pucks 3 days ago

Can we still upload today?

WetKelly 3 days ago

Hello, i have a video for the contest and i don't see it here. Can you put it please? Thanks,.

Andy 3 days ago

Hey Kelly, the system is a little slow today but it will get added, don't worry!

Yummy Couple 4 days ago

we shot a video today! so.much.fun and super happy you're doing this contest where we live, it's warm enough to film outside on VDay so she got her lingerie a day earlier to show you here it is (if you wanna watch and have premium) https://www.modelhub.com/video/ph5c64953fa6f36

School_Skirt 4 days ago

пlease, add my video to playlist) Thank you!https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5c6444edd8819

Sasha Bikeyeva 5 days ago

Add my video to the competition playlist! Thank you Kiss!

Candy pants 6 days ago

love this idea!

Jennyfer And Tony 6 days ago

I need a beter cameraman ....

JayJadeMoon 6 days ago

Our video is coming later today!! Everyone be readdddy

HisKarma 6 days ago

The website doesn’t have very attractive clothes and have basically one model ??? Weird

alicatty 1 week ago

How do I know if my video are in the playlist???????? I have two videos and have no idea how to tell like the other contest

NattyCat 4 days ago

It's on it

alicatty 6 days ago


TripleDfilms 1 week ago

need that price wifys birthday the 15 lol Good luck to everyone else videos are for sale #VDAY2019

hairyfantasies 1 week ago


King Cure 1 week ago

i got a box full of lingerie, but no models to work with lol

TeenDesire18 1 week ago

Hm, isn't this a little bit unfair for the newer models? I can't really sell so much because I don't have the traffic of an account with 50-100k subscribers, so this is only getting the rich richer. Am I wrong? Just a thought, good luck everyone I hope you all have some juicy fun doing these!

Secret Muffin 1 week ago

yes! I'm thinking about some nice scenario for this competition

FitNSexi 1 week ago


finaoren 1 week ago

Awww... Lingerie! I will participate! Unfortunately saw it pretty late

NattyCat 1 week ago

Contest is still running until February 14!

UnfamiliarGirl 1 week ago

New lingerie bought! Video filmed, now I need just a little edit and I'm done with first contest movie .

the_vicious_vixen 1 week ago

My first contest

Callisto Morgan 1 week ago

Just uploaded my 2nd entry; Dancer In Lingerie Cums With Hitachi At The Peep Show Booth!

gemwhite 1 week ago


DragonQPudding 1 week ago

Good luck to all

Bigtallman 1 week ago

Lets see if for once a solo male performer will winner or at less get close to winning one of the contests!

Nanopapi 1 week ago


Summer Stokes 1 week ago

I’m so excited to post v-day videos, this is a great contest. Pornhub plugs

my_story 1 week ago

Let's gooooooo!!!

Leina Vit 1 week ago

This will be my first contest !

Callisto Morgan 1 week ago

Uploaded my 1st entry for this contest with a Little Space theme! Can’t wait to film my 2nd entry this week!

PixxxieDust 1 week ago

I guess now is as good a time as ever to have a little personal fashion show! ♡

Breezygemini 1 week ago

Cataleya24 2 weeks ago

Good luck to all the participants

jackjackovich174 2 weeks ago

Хелоу Есть кто по русски говорит?)

AmandaHoles 2 weeks ago


goddessgotass33 2 weeks ago

Good idea.. I have something to do this week

collegeluv 2 weeks ago

good luck everyone! cant wait to see everyone lingerie!

CozyFetish 2 weeks ago

I wanna see foot fetish videos and I’ll buy

Goddess Sadie 2 weeks ago

Sooo excited to participate; hopefully I can shoot my video for it soon enough! Let us know where to find the playlist if you make one, btw

His slave 2 weeks ago

Does a matching bra and panty set count, or do you need to be wearing something else, like a babydoll or a bodysuit?

kinkyfeet18 2 weeks ago

I've entered my video. It's a striptease showing my morning routine and Valentines red lingerie xo

Liam Howell 2 weeks ago

i think i need a lingerie, lol

YourClitBestFriend 2 weeks ago

Any Ladles in MD/DC wanna collaborate for this contest?

Tim Blunt 2 weeks ago

any girls in san diego area and want to film a scene send me a message!

Pleasure Addicts Couple 2 weeks ago

I am wet with pleasure that I will finally get to keep my sexy lingerie on for more then 5 minutes of the video.

Yanah Blayze 2 weeks ago

I need that Facet PIECE ASAP

Beree Sweet 2 weeks ago

Lets be woman that motivate other woman “WE RISE BY LIFTING OTHERS”

Teencatwife 2 weeks ago

хороший конкурс)

710couple69 2 weeks ago

We will give it a go most likely!!

Finesse G 2 weeks ago

We should win

Ripley Rider 2 weeks ago

I don't own any not like I'd win anyway.

Zebrafuxx 2 weeks ago

Ooh, I might have to break out something special for this...

moonxxxx 2 weeks ago

Guess I’ll take my shot

vanillachocolate69 2 weeks ago

This is a fun idea! Can’t wait to get to work!

Pettit_Looloo 2 weeks ago

I will try...

Panda Baby 2 weeks ago

Just ordered my Vday lingerie last night because I knew this would be coming up. I’m new to this all and cannot wait to experience it all.

vANALik 2 weeks ago

Очень хорошо написано

1GoddessXena 2 weeks ago

I’m excited about this contest I have not participated, however I am eager to participate

1GoddessXena 2 weeks ago

How do you add premium viewshare to videos?

Big boa 2 weeks ago

Where ma fans

Big boa 2 weeks ago

I need a model

Big boa 2 weeks ago

O yea where yall at

MamiPapis 2 weeks ago

I hope everyone come to check out our videos now because the ones for the contest are gonna be 10x better

Tahlia Raven 2 weeks ago

Groovy ♡

d1n8r 2 weeks ago

What do you folks want to see me wearing?

Gigi_96 2 weeks ago

I need to find plus size lingerie

Kween Good Vibes 2 weeks ago

Ooh.. this is going to be fun

NastyTaurus 2 weeks ago

Time to.get me some new lingerie

plumkiss 2 weeks ago

Yeah!!! Their lingerie is sooooo gorgeous. I’m definitely entering

JoshandLeena 2 weeks ago

Let's do this! The price is ours!

Veronica Reid 2 weeks ago

Very good. Thank You for new contest

MILFnMrMuscles 2 weeks ago

This should get fun!

Ellie Dawn 2 weeks ago

Its probably time to use lingerie from my photos



Sam rack 2 weeks ago

How does make content with other members?

EmmasSexLife 2 weeks ago

Cool can’t wait to shoot the video:*

Bigtallman 2 weeks ago

Quick question! Would a male thon be considered lingerie? If it is I already have a video in the works for this!

Kika Pessego 2 weeks ago

Need to take out my brand new lingerie from the closet :p

mzhyde69 2 weeks ago

@Sasha Bikeyeva we do?!

ShyOne6666 2 weeks ago

Nice, guess ill be making a video

LadyVampX 2 weeks ago

So excited! getting my lingerie ready x

PoundPie3 2 weeks ago

I love having my lingerie ripped off during sex.

Molly Pills 2 weeks ago

Happy VDAY you sexy sexy Sex Workers. XXX3

Molly Pills 2 weeks ago

OMG this is going to be so much fun! I’m get dressed up all sexy and make a movie!!

Carly Curvy 2 weeks ago

Love this idea!

MeAndMyKinkyGF 2 weeks ago

We will easy win this one! #VDAY2019

Nick and Nicole 2 weeks ago

Watch this space!!!

Starjasmine 2 weeks ago

Oh, this is something I definitely want to be a part of

FleeceClover 2 weeks ago

Wish I had some lingerie. I totally would do this.

Sasha Bikeyeva 2 weeks ago

I love so much underwear! Great contest! to cook something hot! Thank you PornHub and ModelHub!With warmth and love Alexandra!!

mindovermatter1230 2 weeks ago

Oooooooo ❤

minttale 2 weeks ago

Вау ! Круто :3

antros2009 2 weeks ago

O mmmmmm

Bryce Brandy 2 weeks ago

Guess I'm pulling out my lingerie this time!!

JessicagreyXx 2 weeks ago

Sounds like I’m about to break out the good lingerie

HourPorno 2 weeks ago


Secret Muffin 2 weeks ago

Looks exciting

Callisto Morgan 2 weeks ago

Yes! Love this contest theme! I have a few ideas!

MsShynie 2 weeks ago

Hmmmm ... So many ideas ... Subscribe to me everyone. We all need to follow & support each other!

Nutella Black 2 weeks ago


needsumnewpussy 2 weeks ago

Any females in Chicago (Southside specifically) wanna take on this contest with me? Hmu

ChelseaVegas 2 weeks ago

Yay! I'm all about lingerie

ReeseMarie 2 weeks ago

This is awesome!

Babie Cakes 2 weeks ago


LionnaBest 2 weeks ago

Круто),Мне как раз нужно

MilaniMinx 2 weeks ago

This is perfect!!

PinkMangos 2 weeks ago

I want to definitely try this

MsStacy08 2 weeks ago

Nice. I'm in

Devin and Brandy 2 weeks ago

O this is gonna be fun!!

cleverin79 2 weeks ago

All for sexy lingerie !!!

Nicky Mist 2 weeks ago

Thanks for contest, #VDAY2019 with Nicky Mist don't miss ...

quickjobs 2 weeks ago

Let’s go VDAY2019 !!!

explicitsexgoats 2 weeks ago

Omg im such a noob but i would like to try this out... what should I do?

denysa and alex 2 weeks ago

interesting, we are at the first experience !!

Red Fox 2 weeks ago

great idea! will need to remove something

KyAn00 2 weeks ago

This will be fun !

Nevminoze 2 weeks ago

I could not participate last year, I will try this

hotyoungandthirsty 2 weeks ago

Lets get this show started lol

Goddess of Anal 2 weeks ago

Can't wait!!!!

alicatty 2 weeks ago

Yes this sounds like found , just need to find some lingerie and a girl to film with

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