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by: Andy

Fan Clubs have been around for over two months now. Are you using them to their full potential?

To get an inside look at what’s working and how to increase your subscriptions, I took a look at some of our top earners, the tactics they’re using, and what they have in common.

Now I’m passing on those lessons to you.

Let's break it down.



The obvious place to start – how much should you be charging for your fan club?

It’s not a cut-and-dry answer, but there is a rule of thumb:

The more you include, the more you should charge.

As you know, there are lots of things you can include in your Fan Club, like:

- Exclusive photos

- Exclusive videos

- Fan-only discounts on your for sale videos

- Text posts

- Messaging

- Custom perks

So if you’re keeping it simple, and just offering a discount and messaging, try a lower pricepoint, like $5-10/month.

If you’re offering the full package, you can push it up to $30/month or more.

And if you’re somewhere in the middle, try pricing your Fan Club around $12-15.



The easiest way to get new subscribers is to make sure people can find your Fan Club!

Try linking directly to your Fan Club instead of just to your profile.

On Modelhub, just add /fanclub/ to the end of your URL, like this:


On Pornhub, add this extension to the end of your URL: ?becomeafan=1

It should look like this:


By linking directly to your Fan Club, you're taking one more step out of the signup process. The easier you make it to sign up, the more likely people are to subscribe.



For your fans to justify the monthly cost of your Fan Club, you gotta keep ‘em engaged.

We’ve seen Fans unsubscribe when they don’t think they’re getting enough for their money.

This means posting new content regularly, engaging with fans through text posts, and answering messages.

If you wanna keep your subscriptions, make sure to give your fans their money’s worth. Try to engage with your fans in some way at least once a week!


Something Special


The biggest draw for your Fan Club is exclusivity – the thrill of finding something that’s not available anywhere else.

So exclusive content is one of the best ways to get new subscribers, and to keep them subscribed.

Think about what you’ll offer in your Fan Club that’s special – that’s only in the Fan Club and nowhere else.

That might be videos – you could make every third or fourth video you produce exclusive to fans.

Or it might be messaging – maybe your Fan Club is the only way for your fans to interact directly with you.

You might also consider giving your fans early access to your videos – make ‘em Fan-exclusive for a month or two, then release to the general public.

Whatever it is, make sure it’s something special, and make doubly sure it’s not available somewhere else – especially not for free.


Acquisition vs Retention


In marketing, getting a new customer is called Acquisition. It’s super super important to get people in the door as new customers, new buyers and new fans.

But even more important is Retention – i.e., keeping a customer around. This matters most in subscription business models, like your Fan Club.

Don’t sacrifice one for the other. Both are important. But if you’re wondering where you should be focusing your attention, consider this:

To attract a new customer takes time and money. You need to convince them that you’re what they want to spend their money on. They need to be ready to pull out their credit card and enter their info. They’re looking at the thousands of other models out there and making their choice of who to subscribe to. There are a number of hurdles in your way.

But to retain a customer? They’ve already decided that you’re what they want to spend on. You’ve already captured their attention. They’ve already entered their payment info. The friction of retaining a customer vs. acquiring a new one is much, much lower.

So yes – make your fan club enticing. Make it worth signing up for. But above all, make it worth staying subscribed to!

Ok, that’s enough for today. Let’s recap:

1. Set a price that makes sense for what you’re offering

2. Post new stuff often enough that it’s worthwhile for your fans

3. Give ‘em exclusive stuff they can’t get anywhere else

4. Keeping a customer is easier than getting a new one

Keep these in mind when you’re building and maintaining your Fan Club, and you’ll be off to a good start.

We’ll follow up with expert-level Fan Club tips soon, so stay tuned for more marketing advice!


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Naughtysoulmates 6 months ago

Thanks! We only offer Snapchat through our 'fanclub' and to what we think is a great price. 4,99$

PoundPie3 6 months ago

We've been including a free membership to poundpie3.com included with PornHub Fan Club. Only 4 takers but they always message asking how to get Free access to the website.

PoundPie3 6 months ago

Thank you for the great advice! Nice to know what is working for other models

PoundCoupl3 6 months ago

Sophie James 6 months ago

Absolutely good tips hadn't thought about the possibility of charging for messages but maybe a low price to answer messages and engage is a good idea thanks Pornhub

Arwen Datnoid 6 months ago

YES! Please~ It works well on iwantclips~

ItalianBlowjobs 6 months ago

This was very Helpful, thanks for posting it

strawberryy92 6 months ago

im confused anybody wanna help me ?

kinkycouple111 6 months ago

We’ve found that having your snapchat as part of the package attracts a lot of people too. Make your snapchat awesome and people will stay. It’s so easy to just snap a few photos or little exclusive videos that are just for them and it will keep them interested

torontogaykink 5 months ago

thanks for the snap chat advice

Jonny Apple Seed 6 months ago

Im a new user and i downloaded my first 4 videos. I dont know about fan club yet. But im familia with snap chat. I need tips on how to get started

Salixxx Katz 6 months ago

So I will install Snapchat

AlmondBabe 6 months ago

Great idea! Thanks for sharing

Kandie Kayne 6 months ago

Thanks for posting this! I’ll be sure to keep this in mind when creating new content!

Salixxx Katz 6 months ago

Nice content! Good work! Keep on!

xxblkvikingxx 6 months ago

How to i increase my subscribers?

justjosiecats 6 months ago

Awesome sauce

MadamIvana 6 months ago

Great tips:-)

Selene Siren 6 months ago

Thank you! Got a few tips we'd like to implement now

sfsb217 6 months ago

And they are???

Alex CUM 6 months ago

Thanks for the good advice Pornhub

potter011 6 months ago

thanks pornhub

Salixxx Katz 6 months ago

This is awesome! Thank you I will use this advices

Goddess Sadie 6 months ago

Thanks Pornhub for the tips! Maybe one day I'll start a Fan Club myself...

Molly Pills 6 months ago

Is anyone out there making substantial subscriptions? I have been working to build my channel and am having decent attention but I still feel like I’m missing that breakthrough moment. Am I just being impatient or is there a tactic to spreading the word about my new videos? Sorry if I’m posting this in an annoying way I’m just really trying to succeed.

AlmondBabe 6 months ago

we have the same problem with subscribers

Salixxx Katz 6 months ago

Good luck! I am working hard as you do, it’s a serious job! Keep on!

Arwen Datnoid 6 months ago

I am so happy you guys brought in fan clubs! I have so much fun stuff planned for Mine~

sfsb217 6 months ago

Please share????

AlmondBabe 6 months ago

Love this thank you!

Flint Wolf 6 months ago

Pornhub has the most extensive fan service package of any site I've seen, the only thing missing is a store for fans and non fans to anonymously pick out some junk either from the pornhub store or pornstar themselves.

MihaNika69 6 months ago

These are useful tips) Most of them I already knew, but the lesson the article is informative. Thank you PornHub that helps model to develop.

jamaculent 4 months ago

AAAYE! Alright @Andy my black pleather cap you see on my thumb is actually off right now for your research and contribution to the Hub Family.... That was the best and most insightful tips, suggestions and much needed guidance.... Your the man!

Teddybearprincess 5 months ago

I want to adjust my subscription price and what is being offered but I don't see an option to do that under my fan clubs tab?

kayoputinho 5 months ago

I’ll try that!

unknown 5 months ago


candy4312 6 months ago

Thank you!

LysergicErotic 6 months ago

This was some good information, I’m going to apply this stuff a.s.a.p.

Gigi_96 6 months ago

I need help mag me

MissLady666 6 months ago

Oh this is really good!

filmesdesexo 6 months ago

how i do to subscrible in fan club?

slxxxx18 6 months ago

Thnx for the tips and information

Filthy G 6 months ago

Thanks for the info...


Pretty cool might have to give this a shot

bobbykey777 6 months ago

thx pornhub!

Moniq Tits 6 months ago

Great idea! Thanks for sharing

bbcanddabunni69 6 months ago

Thanks for the tips

vanillachocolate69 6 months ago

This is a nice blog post. Nice to see PH opening up many different avenues for revenue.

sfsb217 6 months ago

I agree. But be careful surfers know what big paysites offer so you price point to high and don't offer STEADY NEW CONTENT then where is the value?

ArcaneEyeAm 6 months ago

Thanks for the heads up!

jodybabyleg 6 months ago

I don’t no what to do with my page

PinkClit 6 months ago

Very interesting and useful

Olivia Cooper 6 months ago

Thank you for the great tips!

SweetHoneyJuice 6 months ago

Interesting article! Thank you PornHub!!! I agree that you need to do unique things for the fans, so that they are sure that you always have such content that they will not see anywhere else!

sfsb217 6 months ago

So you shoot special content for the members?How many views do those videos get? I think the trick is offer things that make it unique. Or shoot a B Role at every shoot and put that in Fan Only..

humsislove 6 months ago

Thank you for the first timestruck me Thank'sFan Club

Paige Summers 6 months ago

Thanks for the tips! I will be doing my best to up my fan club in any way possible.

sfsb217 6 months ago

Exactly but how does one do that? Typically "Fans" and or members would get MULTIPLE updates daily or at least one a day. With say 4-6 picture sets and maybe 3-4 movies. Its called a members area. Here those features are unlocked once the "Fan" becomes a paying fan. But if a Surfer/Potential Fan can see 5TB w/ 20 plus years of STEADY DAILY FAITHFUL updates at a big pay-site for say $24.95 well then just price accordingly and remember no one Model or couple can compete with that.

Tokyoberlin23 6 months ago

Thanks for posting, very good to know what's working on this!

vANALik 6 months ago

Вау! Очень познавательно !!)))

Young_Moose 6 months ago

Tbh my girls are real life college females

Veronica Reid 6 months ago

Very helpfull post. I'm always waiting for new information. Have a nice weekend for everybody ;-)

Freken Pussy Snork 6 months ago


ArcaneEyeAm 6 months ago


MsShynie 6 months ago

Join mine today and see my never before seen sex videos

sfsb217 6 months ago

How many are there??

LoveAndFire 6 months ago

Good tips here!!

Vivian_Rose 6 months ago

Awesome info. Thanks for sharing

ashlynn shea 6 months ago

Thank you.

CustomKinks 6 months ago

Sorry if this is a dumb question, but Does it show how many Fan-Only videos we have when a non-fan views our profile? I keep noticing my profile says "3 videos" for my 3 free public videos, but i have around 8 Fan-Only videos. Just curious if potential fans see the actual amount. Thanks!

sfsb217 6 months ago

The surfer will see lock on Fan only vids and pics and it will say Fan Only Video. But why waste a Entire video on a few fans.??

Streetdogmox21 6 months ago

Thank you so much for your helpful tips. I’m definitely going to use them.

sfsb217 6 months ago

OK so all that i GREAT info. But where exactly is the back end as it were (members area) I mean you can load content and add special features but how do you know what the surfer sees. Is it just that the content you loaded for the fan club is just unlocked to fans. If that is the case then how do you add bonus features such as bonus content or links out to other things off network. Little confused on the entire process here.

unknown 6 months ago

I don’t think I’m that popular yet

Red Fox 6 months ago

This is a great article! And she really works! So, my dear, I will be glad to see you among my new fans!))

Damien Steele 6 months ago


Max Taylor 6 months ago

thanks, that's saved me needing to buy a dictionary.

Elamooor 6 months ago


Ms Utopia 6 months ago

Thanks for tips. I need do more videos for fan

ninjakitty1311 6 months ago

Great tips! Thanks for sharing.

MsStacy08 6 months ago


Shaveh Metzitza 6 months ago

Excellent! thank you

CasalAventura 6 months ago

Good tips!!!

NaughtyNaytalia 6 months ago

This is amazing advice thanks Pornhub!

Fawna Fuller 6 months ago

thanks aria

Cedeh 6 months ago

KingNKween 6 months ago

Awesome tips, thanks for sharing

unknown 6 months ago

Thank you!!

plumkiss 6 months ago

I’m worried no one would be interested but maybe one of these days I’ll give it a try

Bruce Venture 6 months ago

Perfect. Thanks!

Sophie James 6 months ago

Can we have a store where we can sell used personal items please ? x

unknown 6 months ago

How do you set up a fan club price - sorry, new to this place and I am Japanese. I uploaded images but not sure how the system works.

unknown 6 months ago

Hi, yes, I barely make anything because I am not good at marketing - but I am interactive. Thanks for the tips!

kittyC69 6 months ago

Thank you for the info!

porkapinai 6 months ago

Awesome thanks

TheOffice16 6 months ago

Nice insight on question we had thanks a lot

MeAndMyKinkyGF 6 months ago

Thank u

HeyAlexa 6 months ago

Thanks! Very helpful for a beginner like me!

AugustaRoller 6 months ago

I have 0 fans

HotErin20 6 months ago

Amazingly helpful, I had no idea where to even begin!

Buddah Luv 6 months ago

Very helpful, anyone in phoenix, Az (M) or (F) would like to record message me or (602)562-4789 -xoxo

Queen Ann 6 months ago

Great Thank you

jordany332 6 months ago


Agatha Dolly 6 months ago

Genial ❤

SexyBustyGirl 6 months ago

This was very Helpful, Thank you!

XxxmokerG 6 months ago

Thanks for the help

Hanzu939 6 months ago

thank you so much my friend¡!!so helpful¡!

Carly Curvy 6 months ago

Love this!

Greyson Maxxx 6 months ago

Thats great advice! Thanks for always offering helpful tips to us and giving us tools and a platform to be successful and bring about a new age of sexual liberation. Much Love! -Greyson

Flint Wolf 6 months ago

Great piece, fan clubs will be the main income of channels who decide to stay around long term and remain active. They're definitely the go to for career oriented adult actors.If you're running multiple subscription services, i recommend keeping Onlyfans and others like it around 9.99 a month, or less if you're new for the first month or two until you build subscribers. They are alerted and have to reconfirm when you raise the price. Check out my referral links Flint-Wolf.com/Models

ArtG69 6 months ago

thank you, very useful information ))

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