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by: Andy

The holidays are supposed to be a time of joy, of sharing, of love, and of family.

But for many of us, that's not always the case. 

For some, it's a reminder of things that are difficult. Of relationships that aren't what we wish they were.

I've always thought that you have two families - the one you're born with, and the one you choose. For many, it's chosen family that truly understands us and makes us feel welcome. 

With that in mind, in the spirit of the holidays, of giving, of chosen family, and of welcoming, we'd like to invite all of our models to join us for dinner on Christmas Eve.

As part of our partnership with Pineapple Support, we are hosting model-only dinners in a number of cities across North America.

If you're in or near one of the following cities, please send us a message at xmas@pornhub.com. Don't wait to RSVP, because spots are limited. 

Toronto | Tampa | Los Angeles | Las Vegas | New York

Love to you and models everywhere this holiday season. Come join your second family.

Please note that these events are open to models only. There is a comprehensive screening process in place to ensure that only Pornhub Models are able to attend.


All Comments(233)

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BexxyLynch 6 months ago

Sounds like a great idea! Pornhub community is a family!

PussKatKilla 4 months ago

Indeed inbox me or call me anytime. I also sell shoes for fet life ig at FetLifeNightLife or DVBoutique

Succubus Sin 6 months ago

Have they messaged back anyone with details?

Ricketts82 6 months ago

Truer words have never been spoken

Slut Killer 6 months ago

Unfortunately don't have some Europe city, so half family can't come :/

Lady WOW 6 months ago

USA and Canada ONLY No EU

Milky_Jayy 5 months ago

Anna ber 5 months ago

Very very sad

CCLocked 6 months ago

We noticed that too in the mail they said "around the world" and listed the same North American continent cities...

Kern Ostrova 6 months ago

Feel free to create a local event by yourself whith others models (Invite them only trhough their verified profile in the aim to avoid non models), it could be great for networking.

Big_Boobs_Fucker 6 months ago

Very bad :/

shely81 6 months ago

nice idea ..... But unfortunately far from me !!! if I had done so many millions of views and consequently so much money I would have come ..... I wish you a year full of success in this our family .... stellar kisses❤❤❤

Ellie Idol 6 months ago

I'd love a Seattle or Portland dinner! I know a lot of models here in the PNW.

ashw00fy 5 months ago


bdub2351 6 months ago

PNW would be great!

Jessica Neal 6 months ago

Very true that would be lovely for a PNW dinner

PNWman206 6 months ago

Like me

Evan Meadows 6 months ago

Let's do one then!

BlowjobSlaveGirl 6 months ago

Christmas time is the best time of the year! Thanks pornhub and happy holidays!

PrincessAmanie 6 months ago

This is why Pornhub is amazing #LoveBeingPartOfPornhub ❤❤❤

Epimp 5 months ago

That's gonna be fun as hell! Hopefully Vancouver makes the cut next time, or Seattle. 

Rai Blue 6 months ago

This is so wholesome!

BBCnATX 6 months ago

YOU are so 'Hole'some lol

Solazola 6 months ago

Eh( only USA (((

Roshana888 6 months ago

Only Usa

Andrea GabriXXX 6 months ago

USA and Canada ONLY No EU

Dreeko HungLow 2 months ago

This is going to be a ball. From PornHub community to yours we love your ALL.

Amaya Johnson 5 months ago

Merry-Christmas ()

Wicked vixen 6 months ago

RSVP / Los Angeles / I need a ride from Hesperia CA! Carpool any kind

Hershey cage 6 months ago

I would love to come sadly I was and a pedestrian hit and run left my left arm broken

Lizzy Lovelace 6 months ago

I wish I was in one of the cities I would definitely attend.

Jacob Style 6 months ago

My heart meter filled all the way up reading this ❤

The Magdalena 6 months ago

Awww that is so sweet!

Armuni 6 months ago


Greyson Maxxx 6 months ago

A great idea! I would totally go however I would need a bit more time to arrange flights and what not.  Next time a bit more notice, a few more locations, and not quite so close to the holiday. I do think we should more events like this though as it would be nice to meet some people who aren't quite so uptight as dating and finding co-performers has been a bit of struggle as of late.  Thanks again Phub for being awesome! Much Love! -Greyson

DennisTheNudistxxx 6 months ago

holiday dinner and an orgy ? sounds like fun

Jenny Pink 6 months ago

Merry Christmas for ALL!!!

Nevminoze 6 months ago

hell, sorry I can not attend !!! insanely upset !!!! waiting for a video report from dinner! girls - good rest! have fun for me)

Lauren King 6 months ago

So cute

Everything Hentai 6 months ago

This is great, but next year we from EU would love to join, happy holidays everyone!

Jennyfer And Tony 6 months ago

Great, but România

Devin and Brandy 6 months ago

Lovely but unfortunately not in a city near us!! :-(, happy holidays and happy New year to all lovely models!!!! Devin and Brandy love us all!!

lolo11981 3 months ago

how about Leeds UK?

ladderboy bbyGz 3 months ago

I want to collaborate on some videos how do I go about that?

unknown 3 months ago


amant_de_classe 4 months ago

looking for a model dinner meeting in Montreal, Quebec to make amateur model friend an be able to do video with her

PinkMangos 4 months ago

Pornhub is the best

Longan Teak 4 months ago


jasontsims8 5 months ago

New blog please check it out. Make sure to follow as well. #euchre #SundayMorning #SundayMotivation https://t.co/RDTehw5lKw

Lucy von Trapp 5 months ago

Anyone in dallas??

Onehundredway 5 months ago

I miss New York so; please invite me on the next get together.

Milky_Jayy 5 months ago

I love what they do and host for us.

Danny Labito 5 months ago

Did anyone show up though?

KnottyFuckers 5 months ago

I wish I had seen the Email in time This was such a sweet gesture.

Alexanikol 5 months ago

Hi, watch my videos please

SmallTimeFilms 5 months ago


Mel Johnson 5 months ago

Sounds like a nasty lil plan pornhub

CozyFetish 5 months ago

Include Europe & Asia next time

JahFreakyTV 5 months ago

Would Love A Dinner In Pennsylvania (Harrisburg) Area

bigdickchas 5 months ago

Add me on Snapchat @kxngbbc

JennFizz 5 months ago

Actually, Charleston, SC is growing like a weed... put that on the list next year & COUNT ME IN!! Happy New Year to ALL, across the country!!

Modck 5 months ago

That's whats up

mrbeffey 5 months ago

New York it’s lit

Amy Maid 5 months ago


Donofphx 5 months ago

Add me to watch my videos

Ricky Rammer 5 months ago


pablobhoy1967 5 months ago

There one in uk? More specifically glasgow

TheSweetestP 5 months ago

Should of been one in Atlanta! Let’s put it together

xxxAvery 5 months ago

aww  i missed out definitely going next year though 

Stefff Lisa 5 months ago

They didn’t come to our city

Captain Napkin 5 months ago

Don't forget to bring a napkin

transman20 5 months ago

Dino called me a Kent

transman20 5 months ago

The landlord called me makayla weeks ago. His name is haung. So friend can come if she wants too.

farta1982 5 months ago


Linna-Orlova 5 months ago


r666ie 5 months ago

Just became a model I would have attended

SexManBenji 5 months ago

I’m from Columbia,Sc. I ask that everyone subscribe me and add me. Please and thank you family.

Irish Brian Ivey 5 months ago

I think this awesome!  Love to see something in Houston

Bigg dickk 5 months ago

Sounds gd

Mystic Vibes 5 months ago

Need to host events more often, and include more locations in USA and abroad. Kansas City, Missouri in da house! Need a dedicated event planner? Contact me

Fetish Dolly 5 months ago

Hey sexy bitches! When can we do a fetish party?!

Sean_Ray 5 months ago

Wish it was out in San Antonio!!

Anna ber 5 months ago

We are far from USA

Kingconda11 5 months ago

Need one in Atlanta

VIPMasks 5 months ago

You have to add Latin America cities next year...

ExoticCpl 5 months ago


Anabel mia 5 months ago

Merry Xmas

BigEasy86 5 months ago

next year more cities and countries. Houston, Texas

Remi Reagan 5 months ago

Wow I love that y’all did this! Wish I would have read this before.

Sidney Sita 5 months ago

I'm so sad I seen this so late

Benjamin William Biegel 5 months ago

CYAN Relief... Booklist.U.S...r

mrandmrsphantom 5 months ago

This would be amazing for us.

Lryka 5 months ago

Thank u for the invite but not way to get there. Merry christmas

xxxtonoxxx 5 months ago

That is great

Kelsyboo 5 months ago

I agree

Terry Collins 5 months ago

Tons of Chicago models i flipped through hundreds of pages looking at them

danitykills 5 months ago

Wish this was open to more areas !(:

MrSmith30 5 months ago

Everyone in Texas should link up. Wats up hit me 713 309 9926

JustTwinky 5 months ago

Aww just heard about this, would have drove to Tampa from Atlanta!!

blacksteal69time 6 months ago

Sounds like a good fun idea maybe next time in the Dallas Tx Or Houston Area Happy Holidays Folks

Rebelcougar 6 months ago

Too bad y'all don't have one in Texas

LaMariposa22 6 months ago

Las Vegas 5hrs from me

BabyGazelle 6 months ago

I wish we could've made it We're out in Reno so it's ways away from vegas. I love this though! 3

Melody Rose 6 months ago

I wish i could so badly!!!

Alex Krain 6 months ago

we need Dallas!

Big Haus 6 months ago


EvanNAlyssa 6 months ago

Would love one somewhere in Texas!

Puma Moore 6 months ago

Happy Holidays to you all 3 

KittyxVicious 6 months ago

Only Toronto for Canada? That's rough as we are not solely represented by one city. Would like to see Winnipeg Canada on this list some day.

DTX JAY 6 months ago

Ugh Y’all Need To Have Dallas

Young Nymph0 6 months ago

Hope I meet a nice HOT date in NYC. Ladies hit me up

Kristal Ass 6 months ago

It is a great idea. Next year it will be possible in Europe ?

YourFavoritedBd 6 months ago


Bonnie Bowtie 6 months ago

wish there was one local! id definetly go!

Gee nasty 6 months ago

Come have it in South Carolina

briannalyn 6 months ago

Sad.. Minneapolis wasn't on the city list

BamaD_ixon 6 months ago

And look at me wayyyyy in Alabama ugh

vedalove 6 months ago

Can you guys book a dinner in minneapolis

BlackAndAverage 6 months ago

Anyone in the Tampa area?

Jay Sav 6 months ago

Add me family

LuckyJohn 6 months ago

Where the NY models at ?!?

Sexitreatz 6 months ago

Uggghh have it in Atlanta next year please or ATLEASE a NEW years Eve party

Wicked vixen 6 months ago

Bad ass!

rxr2017 6 months ago

Any one for London?

floppy joe 6 months ago

We need one in the Midwest!! Indiana

Super Mc Nasty 6 months ago

I am happy to attend the Tampa Party , cant wait to meet fellow models and have a nice night with like-minded folks. Thank you Porn hub

Succubus Sin 6 months ago

Have you gotten details? They aren’t messaging anyone back

prettykitty69690 6 months ago

I love this idea SO MUCH. I’m glad ph is doing this! Just sucks it’s so far from me. If I had the extra money I would so come, hopefully next year. Great event.

Ricketts82 6 months ago

I’m in the uk most here are brexiting not fucking

Bang Boogie 6 months ago

Richmond Va ?? Dmv ??

FrankNewbieSpanker 6 months ago

Is Dolly Little gonna be at one of those parties? Be cool if we had an indication of who is going. Should I stay in or go. Is it clothing optional?

kingbun22 6 months ago

Sound great

BBCnATX 6 months ago

Great idea, a chance for models and REAL people to meet! Would love to bring some Texas magic to these events . - Mike

Thatpuertoricankid 6 months ago

Girls add mee

Succubus Sin 6 months ago

How long until we can expect an answer? And the date?

MiDju_Show 6 months ago

I am ready to participate in the organization If in the territory of the EU

unknown 6 months ago

This cool but I`m from Latvia. Want to this can be worldwide! 

MiDju_Show 6 months ago

Oh gods, why there are no such events in Europe, I think it would be very symbolic to hold in the Czech Republic or Budapest! I am very disappointed, I have no opportunity to get there, but I dream about it!

RIDGELIFE 6 months ago


ashlynn shea 6 months ago

Wish I was closer

Yummy Couple 6 months ago

oh, nothing in Europe? Would love to attend but thx for the great idea and have a lot of fun!

Jupiter Blue 6 months ago

What about for new years eve?

kiss1couple 6 months ago

No EU? 

roguep32 6 months ago

Sounds good I’m n Denver come on by

Ms Julia 6 months ago

Awesome that Toronto is on the list! Way to go Pornhub

AngeliqueSage 6 months ago

Interested! Happy holidays

TS Phoenix Jones 6 months ago

Jacksonville FL hmu

Gundy2000 6 months ago

Nice Cool beans

Zaddy Zlandre 6 months ago

Man wish I could be there happy holidays beautiful LADIEZ from Wisconsin

vesper lynd 6 months ago

sounds like a good time

MemoBigD 6 months ago

Whose going to the L.A one ?

Chris Sabre 6 months ago

I hope it comes to my city! I'd gladly help out with any preparations for a dinner here in Calgary.

Gothic Inferno 6 months ago

too bad i'm in Louisiana

J-Gizzle69 6 months ago

Thanks in advance in Merry Christmas sexy lovers

J-Gizzle69 6 months ago

All right who's in Denver let's get this party started leave a comment if you're in Denver I would like to create and help me organize a Christmas Eve dinner!!!

Athena Asher 6 months ago

haha that's amazing! you guys are so rad! Happy Holidays!

GrownAndSexii31 6 months ago

Thanks for the invite PH, but I don't think I can make due to my distance (Atl, Georgia). I appreciate anyway and hopefully the next time it'll be closer to my location. Merry Christmas to you all though!!!

MyPerfectHarem 6 months ago

We'll see you at the Vegas Xmas Eve Dinner!

soulbluesdaddy 6 months ago

I will be there

Poosoo Chan 6 months ago


No1sKing 6 months ago

Can't wait to see everyone in Florida and the surrounding areas in Tampa!

Succubus Sin 6 months ago

I’m in LA~ So I will consider.

unknown 6 months ago

Anybody here From Dallas, Texas? PM me

unknown 6 months ago

Happy Holidays Everyone!!!

0-Cockblocks 6 months ago

When is the date and time for the Dinner in New York!?

Param Asr 6 months ago

I'm really appreciate

3xvideos 6 months ago

I can't make it, I have to work holidays but Happy Holidays to everyone.

Perdolino MeZokh 6 months ago

I'l have a good drink praising you people here in Russia. Love & Peace for us all next year!

Dani Dragun 6 months ago

This is such a sweet idea!!! I wish I could attend but I'll be there in spirit

Purple Rayne 6 months ago

I'm going to attend in Tampa hopefully

RedmintSam 6 months ago

This is the kind of support and interaction that proves (to all the haters and disbelievers) that pornography and all the indulgences of the natural human form can be respectable, acceptable, and enjoyed. We believe amateur porn especially can be beneficial for everybody because it proves that you don't have to be a size 0 or be built like John Holmes to have good sex and that regardless of image or body type it's candy enjoyed by all.

vANALik 6 months ago

Спасибо , как всегда очень интересно и познавательно !!!)))

Kevin Brandt 6 months ago

San antonio texas here. 4074882999 for christmas link up?

FarahMoans 6 months ago

Such a nice idea, wish I could make it to Toronto

Lucifers Anjel 6 months ago

So just toranto Tampa list Angeles last Vegas and New York huh ...damn

Miss UniQueen 6 months ago

This is absolutely lovely! Can't wait to read more about it and maybe one day you will try it in European countries!

Red Fox 6 months ago

Sounds very cool! But, what a pity that I am from another country (

unknown 6 months ago

Awesome idea pornhub

msutopia 6 months ago

So sad that i so far

King P 6 months ago

I wish I had a way to get to New York but no vehicle

Arabian Boobie 6 months ago

Ugh, I wish I could come but unfortunately I am Egyptian

MsStacy08 6 months ago


DaSexAddicts 6 months ago


Layla-And-Ash 6 months ago

How is Chicago not on that list!?! Hopefully next year

n301_XXX 6 months ago

It would be pretty cool to get one in the UK or Ireland in the future 

unknown 6 months ago

Shame im not based near new York could I still attend even tho I dont live near?

Toystest 6 months ago

12 hours flight....you are two far...its sad for other side of our globe

Milf972 6 months ago

Awww....y'all should cum to Arkansas!!

Amelia Skye 6 months ago

Need one in the UK x


Wish I could attend

unknown 6 months ago

No uk????

georgenmissy 6 months ago

Merry Christmas to all at PH...maybe Chicago next year

TheArabianStallion 6 months ago

Who's in Saudi Arabia? We can do Christmas dinner

LunaLaney 6 months ago

Pitty we are in a different country. Hope you all have fun!

Chibi Marshmellow 6 months ago

No midwest locations? Chicago or Twin cities?

sujay21 6 months ago

Anyone in Toronto wish to attend ?

kinky Jamaican 6 months ago

New York I'm mad excited!!!! LIT  

Dae Dream 6 months ago

Merry Christmas PH fam!

MikesHard619 6 months ago

Its so great to see a community come together like this. I just wish i wasnt so far away id love to come and mingle and get to know some of the other models happy holidays.

Pipe game 6 months ago

Way to go Pornhub, nice of you guys..

Carly Curvy 6 months ago

Love this! Wish I could make it!

MsShynie 6 months ago

Living in the Midwest NOONE EVER THROWS EVENTS NEAR US. It's low key frustrating. Half the country resides in Midwestern states so why should we ALWAYS have to travel to the coastal zones for ANYTHING.

Agent Orgasms 6 months ago

could have made one closer for us Mid Western people !! like Chicago ...

Real XXX Freaks 6 months ago

Cant wait to meet and greet and eat drink and be marry I'm new to this but with my business administration background I feel good about this. Come check me out... IT'S FREAKY FRIDAY AND ILL HAVE SOME PICKS AND CATEGORY WINNERS LATER THIS EVENING... Adding freaky sex stories and men hump day wendsday maybe if any women want to work with me its all promoting for us as a whole i figured maybe win some gift cards plus more

TingleTime69 6 months ago

Merry Xmas everyone!

BigDickBandit52 6 months ago

Why not in Houston Texas

xxwhipzxx 6 months ago


unknown 6 months ago


Andi Ray 6 months ago

StarrLabs 6 months ago

Would love to come too far unfortunately

PoundPie3 6 months ago

Nice sending you a message now.

creeddaking 6 months ago

I’m down thanks pornhub Nyc

needsumnewpussy 6 months ago

What about Chicago?

Big_Boobs_Fucker 6 months ago

Why don't have in EU? 

MaleModels 6 months ago

That is SO sweet and kind. ❤ PH rocks!

TightCouple 6 months ago

Cool, wish we were nearby

Chamos Brave 6 months ago

This is great would love to attend if I didn't have to work

JustinConrad 6 months ago

I'd love to but I'm nowhere near those cities. Happy holidays!

lifeishard95 6 months ago

Nooo why did I moved from nyc? That would have been awesome

Omar Adonis 6 months ago

Wow that's amazing!!! Wish I could apart of the Holiday Dinner. Enjoy it P-Hub Community! There's always next year right.

Oral Creampie 6 months ago

It's a great idea, to share great moments !!!! ♥

sexxxerciseph 6 months ago

I need to travel.

Mask Porn 6 months ago

We would of loved to come but we are in the UK. Hope everyone has a fabulous time

Karl Blanche 6 months ago

This is dope, can't wait to see what the turn out will be.

Flint Fredstone 6 months ago

Houston Street or below for the best of late night NYC    

BadBoyHamburg 6 months ago

Nice idea, but way to far from me

Anarkotrafikantti 6 months ago

good initiative but very few places

delpen 6 months ago

Gotta love Pornhub! Too bad we live in Sweden.. 

Brickbabe 6 months ago

Although not close to those locations, would love to attend!! Have fun to all that go!!

QueenCaliCat 6 months ago

How considerate! Thanks PornHub!

Alice Pepper 6 months ago

Would be nice if you support a new model and check my first video to make my holiday happy

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