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by: Andy

It's time to announce the winners of our #MASSAGE2018 video contest!

The theme of this contest was, appropriately, massage.

We saw all kinds of massage, and all kinds of entries - from reiki and cupping, to physiotherapy roleplay; you name it, someone made a video of it.

And our job was to narrow all those amazing submissions down to just three. It was a difficult job, as always, but we diligently sifted through all of your beautiful videos, and here are the winners:

Third Place: $200 cash + $100 Pornhub Apparel gift card


Third place goes to:

POV Teen Girl Massages & Rides For A Happy Ending - MattieDoll



Second Place: $500 + Vibrating Butt Plug + $200 Pornhub Apparel gift card


Second place goes to:

Teen Babe Gets a Sensual Massage and a Creampie - MASSAGE2018 - NoFaceGirl


First Place: $1000 + Virtual Rabbit + 8 Point Underbed Bondage Kit + 300$ Pornhub Apparel gift card


The grand prize goes to:

Naughty Babe With A Surprise Inside Her Gets Satisfied By A Massagist - Cherry_Grace

Congrats to our winners, and to all of you who entered. Thanks for making this one of our best contests ever!

Stay tuned to the blog for our next contest.


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Sweet Bunny 5 months ago

Congrats to all winners!  

my_story 5 months ago


Cherry Grace 5 months ago

Thank you all! Many kisses!

EvaSashaHub 5 months ago

Congrats'! Love your artistic videos and you look stunning!

MadamIvana 5 months ago

ok, perfect

PrecumX 5 months ago


stuice1 5 months ago

I wanna be gangbanged help me

Nevminoze 5 months ago

Thank you all) it was nice to watch you) sorry I did not participate, my skills are modest ((((there is something to learn

Big_Boobs_Fucker 5 months ago

You did really good job! Congrats guys!

Fuck_asshole66 5 months ago

We love videos like this

joncarter958 5 months ago

Congratulations to all the winners!

crybabyxxx 5 months ago

Deepthroat contest ;P

EvaSashaHub 5 months ago

I like the challenge!!

Selene Siren 5 months ago

Wow you’re all so sexy!! Congrats!! Especially loved NoFaceGirl’s video as always

EvaSashaHub 5 months ago

Yeah! definately one of my PH favorite couple too.

mrlora 5 months ago

Roshana888 5 months ago

Congrats guys!

LazyCookies 5 months ago

Perfect videos, omfg O_o

CollegeTwinks 5 months ago

Wow! Love that pornhub chose the first place based on quality and creativity not just views. Would never have seen it otherwise. You guys rock

EvaSashaHub 5 months ago

That is impressive and very motivating. I am definitely participating in the next contest!

Cherry Grace 5 months ago

Thanks a lot

9inNail4u 5 months ago

Congrats to all winners

Jenny Pink 5 months ago

Good job good contest! ❤

Mia Queen 5 months ago

congratulations babe !!  @NoFaceGirl !!

NoFaceGirl 5 months ago

thank you love!!! xx

Alex Lee 5 months ago


unknown 3 months ago


Real Home Fuck 4 months ago


Veronica Reid 5 months ago

Congratulations, super work! You are the best!!

Mrs32G 5 months ago

Congrats to the winners. I'm going to have to submit something for the next contest.

Summer knight Skye 5 months ago

Congrats!! U all did so fucktastic!!

unknown 5 months ago


Tabs Freshdk 5 months ago


Savagetri 5 months ago

Congratulations everyone

Afnuke 5 months ago


DutchSissySlaafje 5 months ago

Congrats for all the winners out here you all did a very great and good job❤❤❤

nativepassion 5 months ago

Good stuff

Big Haus 5 months ago


Spicey Wifey 5 months ago

A+++ Nice performance!

Remi Reagan 5 months ago

Congratulations to the winners! Great jobs

kingbun22 5 months ago


Milky_Jayy 5 months ago

Congrats to everyone who had the balls to participate and make this site fun. Good job top 3!!

red-painful 5 months ago


red-painful 5 months ago

Congrats girls ! Awesome vídeos ♥✨ please give some Support,we are kind new here

Dshyplin 5 months ago

Congrats to everyone

Christiana Cinn 5 months ago

Congrats to you winners all of your videos are so hot makes me want a rub down!

SuperDrogo 5 months ago

super cool

dannythebeast6969 5 months ago

I'm Jelly....

Love Bunny 5 months ago

Me and husbunny are going to throw our hat in the ring soon on a PH contest.

dallasdaddy93 5 months ago

Congrats to the winners! Check out my video for a hot time

EstrellaAndAlex 5 months ago

Congratulations to everyone

CutieGingerAna 5 months ago


SBBW4U 5 months ago

Congratulations to the winners!!

FrenchDiva 5 months ago

Congrats !

BrazilianDaddyWolf 5 months ago

Pity I am solo, can't really participate.

Nica699 5 months ago

That's awesome! Congratulations

Olga_Sunrise 5 months ago

This is super, congratulations to all the winners, very good news before the new year! Well done.

Ourdirtylilsecret 5 months ago

Congrays to the 3 winners! Outstanding videos from everyone!!

Robert Heintz 5 months ago

Claudia Class 5 months ago


unknown 5 months ago


Keri Love 5 months ago

Congrats ladies!! xx

MiDju_Show 5 months ago

All the guys who participated in this contest, you did a good job! Congratulations to all with the end of this competition!

Naughtysoulmates 5 months ago

Congrats to all the winners!

Lena Squirt 5 months ago

Congrats guys

strawberryy92 5 months ago

congrats yall.

Chrissy Brooklyn 5 months ago

I hope y'all had a pleasurable time. Congrats!

LenaLouix 5 months ago

Omg @NoFaceGirl good job babe! So proud! Congrats to all winners though. Louix and I really need to start living in the same country, at least. So we can participate in all the hot contests! ❤

Roxykiss 5 months ago

wow, perfect

MsStacy08 5 months ago


Porn Killer 5 months ago

Congrats to all! Cool videos

VanessaWKush 5 months ago


Toystest 5 months ago

Wish somewhere in future....

Choclate Romance 5 months ago

Check out my latest video. Also have a massage videos

SkyB80s 5 months ago

Congrats Winners

Princess_Poppy 5 months ago

Loved these videos. Congrats to everyone

Mastermeat1 5 months ago

Congrats to the winners maybe I try one of these contested next time

Juvia Omen 5 months ago

Can't wait for the next contest. Congratulations to all the winners.

IslandSugar91 5 months ago

Congrats winners!!

DarkskinKen 5 months ago

Congrats to the winners



LuxuryAlice 5 months ago

Greyson Maxxx 5 months ago

Congrats all! Keep up the great work! Much love! -Greyson

PersuasionGod 5 months ago

Congratulations You Guys

Nawtvixion 5 months ago

All great videos. Congratulations to you all.

daddyscamille 5 months ago

Amazing!! Congrats!!

WildxxxRebel 5 months ago

Cool best of the best congratulations all!!!

MS FOUNTAIN 5 months ago


MsThicknessTX 5 months ago

I want to be in the running next year.

Msutopia Kate 5 months ago

Congrats, great vids

Nutella Black 5 months ago


Osaropac 5 months ago

Well done everyone!

Lonna87 5 months ago

Congrats everyone!!

Craven Moorhead 5 months ago

Good show

Annushka Tortik 5 months ago

Someone can make me erotic massage? My back is really hurt and pussy want to fuck! Congrats to winners

jessiecarmen 5 months ago

congratulations to all winners~

Hi from da other Side 5 months ago

Congrats !!

TingleTime69 5 months ago


alicatty 5 months ago

congrats to the winners well deserved

LunaLaney 5 months ago

Congratulations to the winners, there were so many submissions! Glad to be a part of this community

3xvideos 5 months ago

Congratulations to all winners.

Carly Curvy 5 months ago


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