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by: Andy

New year. New you. New resolutions and new excuses to cheat on 'em.

But this time, we're giving you extra motivation to start the year off right.

Announcing the first-ever Modelhub video contest - #SEXERCISE2019!

The theme is sexy self-improvement, whether that's physical, mental, or otherwise.

Exercise can mean lots of different things. It can mean pumping iron and building your muscles. It can mean studying to exercise your mind. It can be yoga to improve your flexibility.

Upload your hottest #Sexercise2019 videos for a chance to win some amazing prizes.

PLUS: You might have noticed for #JOI2018 that many of your videos were featured on the front page of Pornhub Premium.

Your submissions to this contest, and all our future Model Program contests, will now have a chance to be featured on Premium, which means a huge boost in Viewshare revenue for you. Remember - Viewshare pays about about 50-60x more than regular free videos.

Just another way we're helping you make more money and have more fun, every single day.




Your video must be themed around exercise or self-improvement. Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

- Personal trainer roleplay

- Sexy yoga poses

- Student/tutor roleplay

- Stopped for a quickie while going for a run

- Tantric self-pleasure meditation

- How many squats can you do?

Your imagination is the limit! Just make sure it's on-theme.




3rd Place - $1000 USD

2nd Place - $2000 USD

1st Place - $3000 USD

All winners will get a chance at being featured on the front page of Pornhub Premium, which gives a huge boost to Viewshare earnings.




- Winners chosen by a panel of Modelhub judges, based on quality and creativity, as well as performance metrics like sales and previews

- Your video must be for sale on Modelhub, with Premium Viewshare enabled

- No free-to-view videos

- New uploads only (cannot re-use old videos)

- Multiple entries are allowed!

- Must contain the tag SEXERCISE2019

- Inaccurately titled, tagged and/or categorized videos are not eligible for the contest

- Contest runs from Dec 6, 2018, to Jan 6, 2019


See all entries here: 




All Comments(134)

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vesper lynd 5 months ago

thats great i love to workout and suck dick at the same time . cum for protein

tsemmalove 5 months ago


Nevminoze 5 months ago

love! such a protein shake

HunchoMeh 5 months ago

Sounds Good

TeenSerenety 5 months ago

Good thinking!!

squirtqueen_69 5 months ago

protein is GREAT ;-)

StarrLabs 5 months ago

I'm not a fan of it being judged on views, for users who're new or don't have a large following it can be off putting but ah well we're gunna try anyway it'll be fun

alicatty 5 months ago

thats what I thought but if you saw the last contest the winners weren't the highest at views so it brought confidence to continue participating in these plus the free promo for the premium is great 

NattyCat 5 months ago

We for sure take all of it into consideration! We love new talent and seeing creative ideas - the team all watches every single video posted for contests without looking at the views or scores first to narrow down lists. Effort, quality, creativity these are all factors we count. 

StarrLabs 5 months ago

Quality over quantity of views. I know quality has something to do with it but it should be everything. Someone new to pornhub could have an amazing idea, spend hours and hours making a video and editing to make it the best they possibly can but because not a bunch of people see it from their following that could be a decider in if they win or don't even get recognised. I would've thought competitions would be non biased so everyone has a equal chance.

godchota 5 months ago

So what do you recommend?

NoTabuu 5 months ago

I think it is bad idea as well... very discriminating

LolloLara91 5 months ago

Our video for the contest  https://it.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5c09ca02e6409

tsemmalove 5 months ago


MsStacy08 5 months ago

Nice. I will try my luck again.

Selene Siren 5 months ago

mmm cant wait to downward dog on some upward dick

Miles303 5 months ago

So what’s up then

vesper lynd 5 months ago

haha. ill try that too

YingTakingYang 5 months ago

I want to enter but, every contest it seems like the popular content creators win over the small fry even with good enough content.

alicatty 5 months ago

heres my video let me know how it is, small channel. working on getting a guy for my next video submission anyone in cali https://www.pornhub.com/chat/index?to=603797671

JayBeretta 4 months ago

Hi Ali, I pm'd you

Lizzi19 5 months ago

Where in cali? Message me.

alicatty 5 months ago

Here number 2 https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5c0ce4257826d Really need a costar in Cali though girks please let's win this

Wicked Fellow 4 months ago

Do you have any idea when you are going to announce the winners? We are all anxious over here. ; )

Gabby Monroe 5 months ago

Posted my After workout FUCK FEST video thats never been on pornhub! enjoy the deep discount also, its one of my Orginal Best sellers! now here on Model hub enjoy! and good luck to everyone ! https://www.pornhubpremium.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5c0dc1776bd22

Oral Creampie 5 months ago

Yeah, i love Sexercise ♥ Great Contest. I think like Vesper, more Cum, more protein

TeenSerenety 5 months ago

Great minds all do!!  need all the energy you can get!

MamiandPapiXXX 5 months ago

Cum watch me swallow some hot cum

vesper lynd 5 months ago

we think alike

Pixie Nixie 5 months ago

Nice article!

sfsb217 4 months ago

Hi @HollyZ, please add our video for the Sexercise2019 contest, Thanks, Marie & Shadow - SFSB217https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5c2c4068cbc27

Jenny Pink 5 months ago

Super new contest sexercise!!! Yes! I want see you flex me??..hihih hot squats! 

CollegeTwinks 5 months ago

Dean and I can't wait! Humble suggestion would be to offer the same contest but have a #GAYSEXERCISE2019 version with smaller prizes. If the straight first prize is $3000 the gay could be $300 and you'd still get a ton of submissions since us gay models would feel like we have a better chance of winning and or/getting exposure! Either way, love the contests, thank ya'll for everything you do for models! Its unreal

Roshana888 5 months ago

I will try.

Candy Camille 5 months ago

I´m so excited about this! Good Luck to all the models!  Here is mine i hope you enjoy it!  https://es.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5c0ddd821c2de

Gabby Monroe 5 months ago

My second entry into the contest is my Naughty Sisters working out video!  Double the pleasure double the fun ! https://www.pornhubpremium.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5c0dc34f0d761

MsBigBootyBaby 5 months ago

This is amazing!

Baby Leelee 5 months ago

This will be my very first time getting in on a contest ! Yay ! I’m excited to make you all wet & cum ♥ and see how well this goes !

YourClitBestFriend 5 months ago

Any Women in the DC/Maryland that would like to tackle this with me?

MamiandPapiXXX 5 months ago

Cum watch me swallow some hot cum

furystrikesback 5 months ago

game on! i'm going to show out like i always do. 

Golden BabeX 5 months ago

A great thing to join!

Ashley19 5 months ago

Sounds like fun can't wait to get started 

DuBarry 5 months ago

Klass! This is very tempting 

BambiJean 5 months ago

Fun!! I can’t wait to get sweaty!

Billie brute 5 months ago


Leolulu 5 months ago

Amazing!!! Already slidding into my best yoga pants ;D

pervertstories 5 months ago

Ill do 200 squats for it

DarkWetDreemz 4 months ago

Even if we don’t win totally had fun participating in this unique great contest, plus I had a real workout going my video!!!

Eliza Beets 4 months ago

how do i upload to the contest?

knowunX 4 months ago

this sounds super fun

Sweetandloving 4 months ago

https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5c24548950bd7 We just made our video! Hope everyone likes it!

School_Skirt 4 months ago

Hi, who can I write about a video? I participate for the first time, uploaded a video, and I don’t know if I did everything right

Da Only Fuknoly 5 months ago

What about twerking?

ashlynn shea 5 months ago

This sounds like a blast. My toys and I will have fun.

Joze kiko sanchez 5 months ago

I will be doing this with sum great videos no disappointment

msutopia 5 months ago

Great. my cute fat boy need some workout and sex

Luna Moonuh 5 months ago

https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5c102ebe65e89 Here's my video guys! Tell me if you like it

Luna Moonuh 5 months ago

My video is up guys! I really hope I win because i did this all on my own!

Natalya Nova 5 months ago

A little dissapointing to read that you consider metrics. I'm new, just in and for sure won't stand a chance against other users with big followings

NattyCat 5 months ago

Don't be dismayed!  Like I said below: we love new talent and seeing creative ideas - the team all watches every single video posted for contests without looking at the views or scores first to narrow down lists. Effort, quality, creativity these are all factors we count. 

Bianka Swool 5 months ago

So happy to Publish this video but sad is only on sale hhaha 

LollipopTrip 5 months ago


Liam Howell 5 months ago

i really like this idea, let's have fun doing what we like most

NataSweet 5 months ago


XxXTwistedPlatinumXxX 5 months ago

I have many favorite things craving sucking cock and working out both them combined leaves so much room for lots foreplay fantasy roll playing....

tsemmalove 5 months ago

Anonymous Stopped for a quickie after  gym

Bae Westt 5 months ago

This is dope,I already have workout content waiting!

Cindy Trann 5 months ago

m mmmmmmm

Sven B 5 months ago


alicatty 5 months ago

Is there any girl in southern California that wants to win this thing

JuanNShii 5 months ago

Oh yeah I love you fuck after Exercises, it’s the best time to fuck that pussy up‼

KittenDaddy 5 months ago

This is the one we’ve been waiting for

MisKitten 5 months ago

Let’s make video)

Rvrri 5 months ago

I'm ready!

dareu2makemecum 5 months ago

Well I need a girl to help me win

Frenchkhalifa 5 months ago

Great opportunity, I love my boyfriend's big cock! Ill keep it as xmas surprise for him.

LustTaste 5 months ago

what a great idea!!! love it!!!

Marlen white 5 months ago


Stefff Lisa 5 months ago

Maybe we’ll give it a try in the meantime subscribe to us

DaSexAddicts 5 months ago


kingQ1 5 months ago


Nevminoze 5 months ago

love protein shake - sperm

NelliBell 5 months ago

Coming soon..

Keira Silk 5 months ago

Time to break a sweat

LITOGCOUPLE 5 months ago

this is a great contest idea! dildo squat chair here i cum!

Goddess of Anal 5 months ago

good luck, everyone! 3

alicatty 5 months ago

When does the playlist get made

Shaveh Metzitza 5 months ago

Time to work out!

hotcocoalover 5 months ago

yay an aditionally good reason to excercise!

Purple Rayne 5 months ago

This is awesome prob wont place but going to give ot my all..lol

Billie brute 5 months ago

I'm up for some endurance training

heavenscentangel 5 months ago

Well I can't wait! I actually have some great ideas!! Sexercise2019!

RavenBigAss 5 months ago


Remi Reagan 5 months ago

Ohh this is gonna be FUN! and I have a great idea for it

Duke Morris 5 months ago

Gym action is one of my favorites!! This will be fun!!

Kathia Nobili 5 months ago

Great, just had some great pov fucking during 80's aerobic

Keri Love 5 months ago

well Mr. Love IS a personal trainer.. So I might as well

Kristy Juicy 5 months ago

And I liked this idea. You can come up with something interesting.

GRYADES 5 months ago


Princess_Poppy 5 months ago

Yeeeeeew let's get physical

Bigg dickk 5 months ago

That’s cool

plumkiss 5 months ago

Anyone want to help me stretch?

Duellisto 5 months ago

I wish

Sh3looksh3took 5 months ago

I do baby

Toystest 5 months ago


Bryoni pinkness 5 months ago

horny already....

thebadboy12 5 months ago

Sounds dope

Inkbaby 5 months ago

Sexercise is the best workout there is

kingbun22 5 months ago

Sounds Great

Carel and Ria Lucci 5 months ago

i'ts time to fun, i'ts time to streching!!

Longwood Hardstrong 5 months ago

Game on.... Fitnessfuckn

Alyssa Smith 5 months ago

So hot

Carly Curvy 5 months ago

Love it!

Oralie Heart 5 months ago

Yes! I will take part in this contest!  ♥

Abigail Mac 5 months ago


msutopia 5 months ago

wow, cool. We must take part in it!

TeenSerenety 5 months ago

OH NO!! This is the excuse i was trying to AVOID so i never have to workout! Guess NoCardio December is OVER!!

MamiandPapiXXX 5 months ago

Cum watch me swallow some hot cum

alicatty 5 months ago

Hell yeah I love these got tons of views on last contest

Kim Equinoxx 5 months ago

Nice contest =)

Sophie James 5 months ago

I love this idea this is just my kind of thing although last time I did a video after a workout I got myself a years nationwide ban from 150 gyms so maybe try outside this time  

QueenTweet 5 months ago


Marcelin Abadir 5 months ago

Порнхаб вы молодцы

squirtqueen_69 5 months ago

TOP!!! ;-)

Callisto Morgan 5 months ago

Yes! I think I’m going to participate in this content

xlkyng 5 months ago

Only paid ? Might be alot of people tied for 1st and 2nd place.

Solazola 5 months ago

Hurray!!! Fitness

Sweet Bunny 5 months ago

Wow. Great Content! 

Beautifu1Disaster 5 months ago

So who's going to film with me? I love this idea ♡

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