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by: Andy

Model Citizens is our Pornhub Model interview series, where you get a chance to learn a little more about the models you love to watch - from their opinions on the industry, to their favorite song, to how they got their start.

This time, we chatted with DaddysCamille. Read on for her take on what it means to be an adult star in 2018:

Let’s start with your story – how you got involved in the industry, and how you got to where you are today.

It was honestly by chance. I was a party in Miami when I ran into a representative for a Playboy company called PlayboyLive. It is what started my career. As far as where I am today, I feel as if I'm just getting started.


What’s your favorite category of video to film?

It's a tie between sucking dick and twerking. 


You’re very active on Twitter. How important is social media to your business?

I feel social media is almost essential to anyone in this field whether you are pornstar, cam girl, Pornhub content creator, or director/producer. 


What advice do you have for models who are just starting out?

Don't put so much pressure on yourself and don't get discouraged if you're not growing as fast as you anticipated. Do as much studying as possible and stay true to yourself when it comes to making your content. 

Don't be afraid to go outside of your box.

What’s the best way for your fans to support you and other models?

I feel fans can support us by buying our content, subscribing to snapchats, tipping on their favorite Pornhub videos, subscribing to fan clubs, following on social media, and sharing content. It is also highly appreciated when fans are polite and encouraging. 


What’s your favorite song right now?

"Moonlight" by XXXTentacion 


What do you like to do outside of work?

Honestly, I'm kind of reserved. I like to stay at home and binge watch shows. I also like reading, drawing and playing video games. 


What is your camera/equipment setup?

I use a Logitech C920 HD webcam with my laptop, and iPhones. 

"We're actually normal people who do normal people things."

What’s something about being a porn model that most people wouldn’t think of?

That we're actually normal people who do normal people things.


What do you wish you had known when you first started making content?

How much dedication is truly required and that it's okay to not get it right the first time.


Is there a scene you’ve always wanted to film, that you haven’t filmed yet?

I would like to do girl/girl or boy/girl/girl. I enjoy both men and women. 


What’s something simple and inexpensive models can do to improve their videos?

I suggest models using Fashion Nova and other similar companies. Don't be afraid to go outside of your box and try things you've never worn before. It's all trial and error. Even using different wigs and watching makeup tutorials on Youtube for new looks. 

"I just personally prefer to make my own content and be in creative control."

Would you ever film with a professional studio? Why or why not?

Yes!! I have with Greg Lansky's Blacked.com. I had a good time, but I just personally prefer to make my own content and be in creative control.  I have social anxiety so working with strangers can be overwhelming for me. 


Who are your heroes, both in the industry and in the mainstream?

Abella Anderson, Abella Danger, Teanna Trump and August Ames (RIP). As far as mainstream, I've been heavily influenced by the SoundCloud culture since 2015. 


What’s your biggest goal for 2019?



Any projects coming up that you’d like to tell us about?

I don't want to speak on anything yet, but I am definitely working on A LOT more content! :)


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CatherineLiveStyle 3 weeks ago

Here, too, it is customary to leave stupid comments to promote your page? let me with you!

MamiandPapiXXX 1 week ago

Cum watch my videos! Promise I won’t disappoint

Ronny Stone 3 weeks ago

I love the sexy videos you post. You nailed it in the blog, we are all normal people and do normal things. We love to have fun and express ourself in any way we feel like. Be healthy and keep it up!

dreichwe 3 weeks ago


Molly Pills 2 weeks ago

Girl, same af. Especially on binge watching shows. Anybody out there love Star Trek the Next Generation or The Office? S/O Dwight.   Love the mix with your art and pics Daddy/s Camille. Super cutie.

MamiandPapiXXX 1 week ago

Cum watch my videos! Promise I won’t disappoint

Molly Pills 2 weeks ago

I see you have great taste Andy!

Andy 2 weeks ago

TNG is my favorite show of all time

Kate_Star 3 weeks ago

You are super!

Pixie Nixie 3 weeks ago

Very sexy lady

PrecumX 3 weeks ago

Congrats, you are amazing!

Daisea 1 week ago

you are beautiful aF!!!

MamiandPapiXXX 1 week ago

Follow me!! Cum see how good I suck my mans dick

MamiandPapiXXX 1 week ago

Cum watch my videos! Promise I won’t disappoint

Kitty muffin 1 week ago

Hello cum play with me

Oskarfucklady 2 weeks ago


claudio1783 2 weeks ago


top-brazzers-Al 2 weeks ago


top-brazzers-Al 2 weeks ago

Круто )

Scarlette Fawkes 2 weeks ago

Very encouraging, it's more a lifestyle than a job haha

Feelz100 2 weeks ago

Follow me for the best African amateur porn

KittenDaddy 2 weeks ago

"Growth"Agreed Congrats

candycherry7 2 weeks ago

She's so hot !!

Huge tits steph 2 weeks ago

thank you for all u do n congrats I inspire to have a channel as great as yours someday

LA FAM 2 weeks ago


KarismaKova 2 weeks ago

Pretty girl ❣

Tree Dong 3 weeks ago

My 2019 goal is growth as well. You never stop learning and you never stop growing.

DeepPussyHunter 3 weeks ago

Nice babe, very hot and gorgeous!

The Emperor 3 weeks ago

Thanks very much

shabbz07 3 weeks ago

jizzyjaz69 3 weeks ago

I was worried that I don't have the right camera, but she uses a webcam and iPhones. Thanks! Any advice for male models?

CreamyDanielle 3 weeks ago

So hot! ❤

Beata Tomczyk 3 weeks ago

so hot and sexyyyyyyy

Nevminoze 3 weeks ago

Thanks) all as one, maybe something new? a breath of fresh air???

RedRamy 3 weeks ago

Top hot!

secretmix 3 weeks ago

Gorgeous! Hayes and I would love to film with you!

MS FOUNTAIN 3 weeks ago


BaddGramma 3 weeks ago

All the best beautiful! 

Molly Kane 3 weeks ago

Awesome advice .! Xoxo

ExplicitXXXRell 3 weeks ago

Coolest story EVER!

Adam Khan 3 weeks ago

good read

Bunnicita 3 weeks ago

Great interview!!!!

unknown 3 weeks ago

I would give him a good fuck

Black Snake 3 weeks ago

So fucking hot. Would love to fuck her with this bbc

Dakota Skys 3 weeks ago

alicatty 3 weeks ago

Very sexy

LunaLaney 3 weeks ago

It’s great to see even the most out there people can still live normal loves

Manieczka100 3 weeks ago


jardbas 3 weeks ago

Woa she's so fucking pretty im out of words

Searching Siren 3 weeks ago

You are such a beautiful woman

marrieddcouple 3 weeks ago

sexy model , I am wondering a lesbian scene with y. 

HotCoupleTeam 3 weeks ago

Sexy girl

CandyMoon 3 weeks ago

nice baby!!!))))))) Hot!!

LollipopTrip 3 weeks ago


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