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by: Andy

Black Friday is tomorrow.

It's the biggest online shopping day in North America.

That means your fans will be online, with their credit cards out, ready to buy.

So make sure your Modelhub for-sale content is ready for them, too.

As you know, modelling is a business like any other. So you should take cues from big businesses (that make BIG profits) for your marketing and promotion.

If you want a piece of the action this Black Friday (and Cyber Monday), consider running a discount on some of your videos.

However - discounting isn't for everyone. It's a business strategy that can be extremely profitable if used well, but don’t feel obliged to discount your videos if it's not part of your strategy.

If you choose to run a discount, try these promotional images we made for you (click to open in a new window).





When posting these, make sure to write in your tweet or Instagram caption that you're running a sale, what kind of discount your fans can expect, and link directly to your Modelhub profile (or even a specific video).

Here's an example of what your tweet might look like:

What kind of discount should I run?


There's lots of different ways to run a sale, but here are some guidelines that will help you decide:

- Don't discount everything. Leave one or two best-selling videos at full price.

- Discounts under 30% are not as effective. Consider discounting between 30-50%.

- Try doing a lower discount on Friday, then raising it for Monday. That way, you'll maximize sales at a higher price, then anybody who was on the fence will scoop it up at the lower price.

- Consider putting your least-performing video at 70% off or higher - that way, you can advertise your sale as "Up To 70% Off." Studies show that consumers are more likely to visit your store if they think there are discounts as high as 70%. HOWEVER: your videos are extremely valuable, so don't over-discount them. Don't put more than one video at a discount this deep. Make sure to maintain the premium feel that your videos have.

- Remove the discounts promptly after Cyber Monday. Your fans need to learn that when you run a sale, that pricing is only available during the sale.

- Remember, you don't have to offer a discount at all if it's not part of your strategy.


How do I set up my discounts?


Adding a discount to your videos is easy. Once you've uploaded a For Sale video to Modelhub, just visit your Video Manager to add the discount:


All Comments(34)

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DuBarry 3 weeks ago

) I live on the other side of the globe, and I don’t have "Black Fridays". I always have "White Sunday" )   But, if you talk seriously - thanks for the information!

TeenSerenety 3 weeks ago

Pornhub Model Support is so Amazing! i wish i would have thought of doing this sooner! lol

sexxxerciseph 3 weeks ago


Loren Love 3 weeks ago

Pornhub, please make an option to discount multiple videos at the same time to streamline the process and also keep track of all videos you have discounted. Something similar to other clips stores with an overall summary of : Your Prices; Discounts and maybe Start and End dates. You guys rock!

Andy 3 weeks ago

Awesome idea. Thanks for the feedback!

Alex CUM 3 weeks ago

As always Pornhub worrying about the welfare of us models

teacher_of_magic 3 weeks ago

What exactly do you need to do in Video Manager to set a discount?? When I set a lower price in Video Manager, the price changes in Modelhub without the discount symbol. What am I doing wrong?  discount only for videos uploaded only for sale?

teacher_of_magic 3 weeks ago

When will you be able to put a discount for video download only?

Andy 3 weeks ago

Sorry for the confusion! I just added a screenshot to the end of the post. You can view it here, also: https://bs.phncdn.com/misc/discountoption.png 

Molly Pills 3 weeks ago

I'd like to know the step by step as well. great point.

Loren Love 3 weeks ago

I will definitely be discounting for Black Friday

Pixie Nixie 3 weeks ago

Nice move!

LittleHer 3 weeks ago

Marketing rules

LunitaLove 3 weeks ago

Thanks for another update PornHub. Gona add huge discounts right now

Paco and dolls 3 weeks ago

это превосходно

Molly Pills 3 weeks ago

This is a great post and definitely motivating. I'm going to take these tips and run with them. Let's see what kind of results it can garnish. Thanks PH!

Ezada Sinn 3 weeks ago

I really think is a super bad idea to offer discounts for porn. If you go with this trend clients will always expect a discount and will not buy as much between the "special sale" offers.

Andy 3 weeks ago

I totally understand this perspective, and running a sale is not for everyone. That said, lots of premium brands still run sales while maintaining their luxury feel - even Gucci goes on sale sometimes! Discounts should only be used if it's part of your overall strategy. Good advice - thank you, Mistress_Ezada!

mobifcuk 2 weeks ago

After black friday, there would be cyber Monday?

JPDeadly 3 weeks ago

Awwe We Missed this I got to make sure to keep up on these! 

Zky_Blue 3 weeks ago

Hay forma de anunciar o promocionar mi perfil? 

Carly Curvy 3 weeks ago

Love it!

Nevminoze 3 weeks ago

thank you for reminding!!!!

MercuryAndMars 3 weeks ago

check out my page for good content 

Searching Siren 3 weeks ago

Videos are on sale babes

Sarah Fox 3 weeks ago

Check me out guys!! https://www.pornhubpremium.com/model/sarah-fox

Remi Reagan 3 weeks ago

Wow this is incredibly knowledgeable info, thanks PH!

Greyson Maxxx 3 weeks ago

Thanks for the support and images! I wish I would've known sooner so I would've had time to get content up.  Either way thanks for the tips as I'll for sure be ready by next black friday haha.

JayXToys 3 weeks ago

Most videos seem to be priced low anyway but this could definitely help in bumping sales

LITOGCOUPLE 3 weeks ago

awesome post! we gonna start on it right away! thank u so much for this!

NymfoIndo 3 weeks ago

To bad we can't do this for videos with a download price (the free to watch but paid to download video's) though, would not have minded to put a large discount on them tbh

SexySpunkyGirl 3 weeks ago

Thanks for this. It’s very precise & helpful information.

prettyevil 3 weeks ago


Kate_Star 3 weeks ago


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