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by: Andy

Hi friends! The weather is getting colder, so we're gonna warm up with a brand-new Model Program contest!

Pornhub Model Program contests are an excellent way to get more views and exposure, and win some major cash prizes - plus some fun extra goodies.

This time, the theme is Massage. We wanna see you get creative with this theme - it could be a sensual massage at home, or a massage therapist roleplay!

Get the oil, start the "rainforest sounds" playlist, and upload your best massage video for a chance to win.

Note that only free-to-view videos are eligible for this contest.

The contest runs from Nov. 16th to Dec. 16th, 2018.

Let's take a look at the prizes:




3rd place – $200 - 100$ Pornhub Apparel gift card

2nd place – $500 - Vibrating Butt Plug – 200$ Pornhub Apparel gift card

1st place – $1000 - Virtual Rabbit + 8 Point Underbed Bondage Kit + 300$ Pornhub Apparel gift card


Rules and requirements


- Winners chosen by a panel of Pornhub judges, based on quality and creativity, as well as performance metrics like views and likes

- Only new videos are eligible

- Free videos only - no for-sale Modelhub or Premium Viewshare videos

- Must contain the tag MASSAGE2018

- Inaccurately titled, tagged and/or categorized videos are not eligible for the contest

- You can enter as many times as you want

- Contest runs from Nov 16, 2018, to Dec 16, 2018



All Comments(288)

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RussianNerdGerl 6 months ago

Thank you very much for what you are doing. You give millions of people to enjoy the video and enjoy each other. In general, the site brings people from all countries together, we can communicate with each other calmly. Thank you for everything pornhub. :***

Candy Camille 5 months ago


Porn Killer 5 months ago

Fuck Yeah!

your_boy_eric 5 months ago


Mc Eclipse 6 months ago

Check that hot

Selene Siren 6 months ago

This contest is right up my alley!! Can’t wait to see the entries I’m getting and giving all the massages I can get

TeenSerenety 6 months ago

PornHub Model Service is Second to NONE! They take such good care of us!

Jupiter Jamez 6 months ago

I give a great massage in case theres any takers out there looking for a partner !

Thepussaylover420 5 months ago

Ill give you the best massage of your life

Gkvne 5 months ago

Lets be partners

lov3r_little_pussy 6 months ago


shely81 6 months ago

Ok let's start massaging !!!!

Gkvne 5 months ago

K lets meet up i have a long hard cock that needs a good massage

sauceboiRicky 5 months ago

I'm ready

Slut Killer 6 months ago

Let's start

TeenSerenety 6 months ago

I can't wait to peruse this Contests entries! Better than binge watching Shameless!

Blaklie Ryne 6 months ago

Mmmmm. Who wants a massage!

sauceboiRicky 5 months ago


Big613 5 months ago

Baby let’s massage each other I want my hands to satisfy every single part of you!

Chocolate snicker 5 months ago


lov3r_little_pussy 6 months ago


Oralie Heart 6 months ago

ryheme 5 months ago

Can u be my sex partner I’m lonely number 352 426 4972

Diana Daniels 6 months ago


Miss Fluo 5 months ago

We are in!

NoTabuu 5 months ago

Nobody understands that

Miss Fluo 5 months ago

Don't understand why my vids not in the playlist..even if I followed all the rules

Lindsey Love 5 months ago

This was such a joy to film!! Enjoy! https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5c0de8860fe8a

Idmir Sugary 5 months ago

hello, has anyone problem with earning tab? there is no earning for free videos in my

Assassinjoker 5 months ago

What results ?

Df1longnine 5 months ago


Roshana888 5 months ago

Mmmmm interesting

unknown 5 months ago

Our competitive video https://rt.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5bf449e0cb0da

Passion4him 5 months ago

Need someone to do this with

Thepussaylover420 5 months ago

Lets do it

Thepussaylover420 5 months ago

Ill do it ill give you the best massage let me know

Passion4him 5 months ago

Just need a partner

sauceboiRicky 5 months ago


hung8107 5 months ago

right here

PornHunter25 5 months ago

Man! I wanna get a massage now!

Latte Angel 5 months ago

Hey everyone,Just posted a foot fetish Kawaii oil rub massage be sure to check it out

BlasianFun 5 months ago

Looks like it's time to start brainstorming! good luck everyone  

PrincessAmanie 5 months ago

I better start taking massaging lessons!

Thepussaylover420 5 months ago

Ill give you an amazing massage! Need a partner let me know

hotcouplelovelysex 5 months ago

this is our first contest. Hope you like it! https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5bfc176ed7848

Sweet Bunny 5 months ago

I'm really happy about this contest! I love giving massages

gemwhite 6 months ago

Maybe .........?!?!?!?

Miss Chula 6 months ago

Love it who wants to play

sauceboiRicky 5 months ago

I do

Natalya Nova 6 months ago

Let's get it on, then!

santi881081 6 months ago

Wow exelent

Sylvia Chrystall 6 months ago

Great. Where we can see the submitted videos of the contestants?

Ourdirtylilsecret 6 months ago

They will post them here on this blog soon

Fede Lagorda 6 months ago


Pixie Nixie 6 months ago

Thanks so much!

bigdickForrest 6 months ago

Can guys do this ? I wanna do this!!

SavannahFox69 6 months ago

I am all in baby!!

Thepussaylover420 5 months ago

Ill give you a damn good mAssage !lets be partners

Jenny Pink 6 months ago

Sexy good contest!! mmhhh delicius massage!!!

SexyBitch1019 6 months ago

Very interesting, indeed. Lol imma pretty lil' psycho, so I'm probably entering

TheFucketList 6 months ago

I’ll be entering

SweetSexyCouple 6 months ago


Chelsea Wolf 6 months ago

Heck yea sign us up! Now if only hubby I can ever find the time to make a scene with me

squirtqueen_69 6 months ago

GREAT THEME! Perfekt ;-) 

Veronika Charm 6 months ago

Yeah  I love massage

vortexonline 6 months ago


MsShynie 6 months ago

Great I'm going to make a few I'm ready to make 2019 my huge come back year!

JustUsSexy 6 months ago

Wow this is gonna be fun! Good luck everyone.

notthefakegesu 6 months ago

Also for chinese with happy ending?

rayolina 6 months ago

in the video, you can only massage or you can continue?

Sia Soon 6 months ago

We continued!  hopefully it counts! 

Sia Soon 6 months ago

We just filmed one today!! Can’t wait to enter it!

Sia Soon 6 months ago

Ours is posted!!! check it out!  https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5bef10671f3b2

unknown 6 months ago

mmm love massage)))

DolceWet 6 months ago

Let’s do it!

Agatha Dolly 6 months ago

oh great!!!

TeenSerenety 6 months ago

Thank you PornHub For always providing us with new ways to Improve our Revenue!

Fly Tetas 6 months ago

Natalya Nova 5 months ago

Fuck! Just posted mine today. Hope it gets reviewed by the team in time...

Nikki_BBWBanks 5 months ago

Nothing hotter than an oily massage!

Tsunidae 5 months ago

I entered very late, so if anyone wants to give me some views to get up there that’d be awesome. The video I entered is a girl-on-girl Massage oil music video and its as artsy as it is hot.  Here’s the link! Tinyurl.com/GOLDFESTXXX 

Tsunidae 5 months ago

If anyone is curious, I entered a girl on girl porn music video for this contest.  Check it out!

losprimosbang 5 months ago

sound good

Craven Moorhead 5 months ago

Oh shiiiiiiit

Nutella Black 5 months ago


Samoan_Papi415 5 months ago

Any ladies or ts in the Bay Area? 


https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5c132c459d416 new video please check it out 

daddyscamille 5 months ago

This contest is amazing!!! I love Pornhub so much!! 

msutopia 5 months ago

Done Hope u like our video

kipkurui360 5 months ago

I'm already working on it

kipkurui360 5 months ago


Putolunasexyl 5 months ago

Facebook message

ashlynn shea 5 months ago

I am in! Thank you for opportunity to be a part of this hot massage2018 collection of Adult Videos. What a great way to create content for both platform as well as models. So many reasons why. That’s why this newbie amateur goddess is going to make her first ever video like this using her role playing and teasing skills to dominate this competition. Lol. One can only hope. Thank you again. 

Milky_Jayy 5 months ago

Interesting. For me being a brand new user, I’m liking the contest/incentives for creativity. Subscribe and share and I’ll return the favor lovely folks. Be blessed. Be safe. Be kinky

Thepussaylover420 5 months ago

I needa partner any girls in new mexico hit me up

Thepussaylover420 5 months ago

Hell yeah i give amazing massages any girls in new mexico let me know !

Omega kink 5 months ago

 I gave great massages! Any London volunteers?

SluttyBunz 5 months ago

Hell yeah

Gkvne 5 months ago

If you are in the denver colorado area lets do this

69kingqueen 5 months ago

Sounds pretty fun...

Ashley19 5 months ago

sounds like fun 

prettyevil 5 months ago

I asked to add my video to the massage contest playlist few days and everyone ignore me. It's really sad because we tried very hard and made amazing video... https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5c0a662d77ceb

Tlahtoanie 5 months ago

Why You Never Became A Dancer

Octomohouse 5 months ago

I'm fuckkkkking!

Octomohouse 5 months ago

Yeah that sounds like the dickling swang in that pussy twang

Juicy_Secrets 5 months ago

niccceeeeee. when i get popular and all, i'll entry in the future

CollegeTwinks 5 months ago

Wow! Great response to our video so far. Thanks for showing love to Pornhub Gay Models.https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5c0322276a933

sauceboiRicky 5 months ago

Who wants to help me win gotta be in Long Beach Theo or willing to come my way

Kitty lane 5 months ago

XXXExotic2017 5 months ago

this is great

MilannaEmber 5 months ago

i need to massage my pussy)))

Thepussaylover420 5 months ago

I will if you want ill massage that pussy good

spanishmula 5 months ago


Selena Cutefootsie 5 months ago

Here a massage with pink paint hihi. Hope you Enjoy. https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5c0440c50d3ca

Roxy luv 5 months ago

I cant wait to seee your videos ladies and gents i love you all 

unknown 5 months ago

I want in ASAP!!!!

Brianna Avery 5 months ago

Shit i wish i had someone to do this with!

Thepussaylover420 5 months ago

Shit ill do it i can give one hell of a massage

LittleMissLara 5 months ago

nice contests

jhonrod_hardy 5 months ago

any girls in the bay area need a partner?message me

Julie_and_Jake 5 months ago


ctnwera210 5 months ago


adamgreen 5 months ago

Let’s get started!

Linna-Orlova 5 months ago

I love give massage ,,,, i maybe try ))))

DATmexicangirl 5 months ago

Anyone who wants to give a massage to this beautiful latina? I'll be waiting in my channel

Jac Cox 5 months ago


Sexy slim 5 months ago


TuffTx 5 months ago


Jayden dee 5 months ago

Who wanna give me that massage

Putolunasexyl 5 months ago


robinneww 5 months ago


Vivifbabyxxx 5 months ago

Can't wait to make this video and see others. Muwah!!!xo

BoyAndyLV 5 months ago

Cool, one of sites, that take care of visitors and users

Selena Cutefootsie 5 months ago

Here is our video. Hope you Enjoy it. https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5bfb0fc476b73

sexysushiroll 5 months ago

Time to began massaging

Tigang na ofw 5 months ago


jessiecarmen 5 months ago

here is my second video for the contest:https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5bf9d0d37a663

jessiecarmen 5 months ago

here is my video for the contest: https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5bf8860fbbe3a

ClaudiaChCh 5 months ago

Hey I wonder if someone from New Zealand has ever won a contest?

slanginbbc2 5 months ago

Who’s near Atlanta and tryna do this??

Miss Fluo 5 months ago

Hey Everyone! finally got my video online...check it out! https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5bf718b97dca1

Miss Fluo 5 months ago

Uploading my video now !  

Chocolate snicker 5 months ago

Let's come up together

Chocolate snicker 5 months ago

Who wanna make a video together

Adam Khan 6 months ago

well damn i dont have a partner and i give a great massage

mbowserjr 6 months ago

MASSAGE2018 Anyone in the MPLS area want to get in on this? I do! PM ME!

BlowCat 6 months ago

we may get on this one! Let's do it!!

Innocence and Smokey 6 months ago

Well played! A reason to get a massage and my dick wet! Thanks Pornhub

disabledaccount 6 months ago

Ouuuu Time To Make Some New Videos, Good Massaging , Everybody Go Check Out My Page, Almost To 200k Views 

Veronica Reid 6 months ago

When is cold, people need to be closer..hahaha. Let's have fun in bed!

Putolunasexyl 6 months ago

Good morning

LollipopTrip 6 months ago

Great idea, PornHub, we'll do it!

Dewsires 6 months ago

id even enter this and im a licensed to massage

JackTheFoal 6 months ago

who thinks that I CAN WIN ?

Wetestpussyuno 6 months ago


knoxklan 6 months ago

I can’t wait until my husband gets here thank you pornhub (;

Porno Mafia 6 months ago

Xaxaxxa... I should charge massages of my cock... Girls' love it

Putolunasexyl 6 months ago

Let’s start

Silver Fox 6 months ago

I’m gonna do it and it’s gonna blow your mind

LoveBanaxy 6 months ago

This is our hot massage video. https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5bf31d9680d2b

szmeetandfuck 6 months ago

有没有在深圳中国的美女 一起完成计划 DOES any girl in shenzhen CN to complete it?

DanielC248 6 months ago

Who wants to make a video with me?

Professor_GAIA 6 months ago

this is interesting. 

Putolunasexyl 6 months ago

Let’s start

Putolunasexyl 6 months ago

Let’s start

Putolunasexyl 6 months ago

Let’s start

TheMaddyRose 6 months ago

Thank you! So excited to film this & see what everyone else comes up with!

maryvincxxx 6 months ago

Nice idea ))

Lost Girl 6 months ago

i love it

Willow Lynn 6 months ago

This is gonna be fun. Thank you

bak2blak 6 months ago

Check me out

BDE_Couple 6 months ago

This was a really fun contest to shoot a video for. Check our video to see how much we enjoyed it for yourself! https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5bf1f89c9eccd Can't wait to see more of these videos. 

Ourdirtylilsecret 6 months ago

Uploaded ours a few days ago! Enjoy!!https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5bef7074b9ded

Lil_KittyTheory 6 months ago

thanks for this competition! I am going to keep hands busy! 

Dr icelandic 6 months ago

If anyone is looking for another model I'm free

Thepussaylover420 5 months ago

I need one ill give you an amazing massage

Bella Maye 6 months ago

This makes me a little excited bring it on

Raven Heart 6 months ago

Oh this sounds fun! I cant wait to get dirty and lubed up!

southsidetrixie 6 months ago

Seems like a good reason to.get a massage with a happy ending

Miss Liss 6 months ago

Let's see if the brazilian massage is good hahahaha

RedmintSam 6 months ago

Fuck yes. We are a couple of fucking massage freaks.

Dri_Sexy 6 months ago


King Kooda 6 months ago

The best sex every time is after a massage

Irina Vega 6 months ago


Sven B 6 months ago

Let's make video's !!!!!

MomDoesNotKnow 6 months ago

Cool, great theme for the video, this month will be a lot of naked bodies in oil)

Johnny Tattoo 6 months ago

Sounds Great to me!

Hustle_trees 6 months ago

Las Vegas?

SlimSonya 6 months ago

lets do it guys

Glitch Witch 6 months ago

I wonder what a good solo massage video would be...

TeenyGinger 6 months ago

Foot massage?

coraline_reine 6 months ago

Wow! I love contests, I will definitely participate! Thank you, Pornhub

daddy_lucifer 6 months ago

MrBlackDragon41 6 months ago

The themed contest i think are great for folks to step out and show their creativity

Heather Deep 6 months ago

I am going to see if we can make a cool video for this and win! Stay tuned :

sweetcoupe 6 months ago

Нужно будет сделать что нибудь интересное )

Stella Ruivinha 6 months ago

I loved it, I'm going to record a very hot video, I'm already excited

Zky_Blue 6 months ago


Thepussaylover420 5 months ago

Hello i needa a partner ill oil you up an give you an amazing massage

jimp61 6 months ago

I absolutely LOVE to give massages. This would be right up my alley. Just need a sexy young lady(s) to make a video with. Any volunteers? 

Lizzi19 6 months ago

Any girls in SoCal want to meet up and make some videos?! Message me.

Luigi Hernandez 6 months ago

any Vegas or LA Ladies want to Submit??? 

ExplicitXXXRell 6 months ago

How do I search up contestants in trying to see what everybody Doing with this Contest..

ExplicitXXXRell 6 months ago

I'm new to model program and I already love what y'all doing for us this is amazing site!

xXxJTxXx and lil miss Ally 6 months ago

Ever since me and my man made our account I can't keep him off me

CaramelBootynBBC 6 months ago

Very nice

IsheS 6 months ago

I am looking for a masseuse

Thepussaylover420 5 months ago

Illl give it too you let me.know

KittenDaddy 6 months ago

I’m so down!

CletusAndQueesha 6 months ago

Oooh! Excited about this one. Can't wait to see all the entries. 

Wet Kelly 6 months ago

Cannot wait!

Taylormade4one 6 months ago

I'm in ready to get creative with the massages

nativepassion 6 months ago

Watch these vids I enter

xxPrincessDollyxx 6 months ago

Будет очень гарячо!))) Я в деле

Putolunasexyl 6 months ago

What you up to do call you call phone

Lovely Haley 6 months ago

I have soo many ideas!!!  

LustTaste 6 months ago

Cool ❤ I love massage

NataSweet 6 months ago

OMG!  I love it! Check my video massage!

Freken Pussy Snork 6 months ago

Interesting models

savagepaine420 6 months ago

Could use a lady to make a video for the contest.

Alex CUM 6 months ago

To think to see what happens to me this time.

Starraxx 6 months ago

Do double dildo action

Daisea 6 months ago

oh hoohh 

alicatty 6 months ago

Starting now

Rosiebitsxx 6 months ago

Is solo massage an option haha?

n301_XXX 6 months ago

i should really try to take part in more of these competitions 

Couple real sex 6 months ago

Ok, we will try our best...

Kendra Luv 6 months ago

I appreciate you!

moagly1 6 months ago

DeeFeng 6 months ago


Hershey Blacc 6 months ago

Bring me that oil!!!

Ashley Diamond and Diamond King 6 months ago

Ashley is very excited for this video we can not wait this will be fun!

SheZ91 6 months ago

Ohhh! my back ...

couplesexfuck 6 months ago

Yes... better get that oil and cum out then!

LITOGCOUPLE 6 months ago

nice contest idea! very interested to see what everyone cums up with!!

Remi Reagan 6 months ago

Oh fun, I already have. Great idea for this one!

Jamirandken 6 months ago

Mmmm, we may enter.

crybabyxxx 6 months ago

Just don't make the mistake we made on out last video!!  LOL We accidentally misspelled 'Massage" and put "Message"...  Good luck to all of the contestants!! 

Carly Curvy 6 months ago


Kristy Juicy 6 months ago

Oh massage yummy yummy

BuffBunnyGirl 6 months ago

Any local girls wanna get to gether and kill this

Whaiced 6 months ago

I'm in

NaughtyCouple_420 6 months ago

ooo we had a massage video before i knew about this ohwell gives us reason to do another

blendedxxxcouple 6 months ago

FUN! I'm creative,Defiantly gonna upload massaging my girl and her amazing ass creatively of course

Jennyfer And Tony 6 months ago

today start the masage

ExoticCpl 6 months ago

let go do this 

Sweet Bunny 6 months ago

Hmm, interesting contest!

Ivy Aura 6 months ago

i wanted to get a real massage to help my back but i guess now i have to get a porn one

Thepussaylover420 5 months ago

Ill give you an awsome massage need a partner let me.know

PornPonchVeronch 6 months ago


WetCouple1996 6 months ago

Lets get a nice massage

QueenTweet 6 months ago

Should be fun

vesper lynd 6 months ago

Make more contests for us amateurs.

vesper lynd 6 months ago

I can give a good asian massage. Its gonna be messy

blondejob 6 months ago

Okay let's do this!

Da Only Fuknoly 6 months ago

Can I massage myself?

Thepussaylover420 5 months ago

You can but lets be partners ill give you greatest massage

Da Only Fuknoly 6 months ago


Kjuicie 6 months ago

I may give this a shot first contest....hmmm

QueenofDisorder 6 months ago

Massage time! I'm sure my boyfriend will enjoy this

JennyDoll18 6 months ago


DaSexAddicts 6 months ago


Ivy McNea 6 months ago

Mmmm I love massages!

secretmix 6 months ago

Eeek!!! Daddy is gonna love this one!!

Jessqueensquirt 6 months ago

Sounds like Fun!!!

Elaine Marley 6 months ago


NorthWestCumShot 6 months ago

Awesome! cant wait!

Jessqueensquirt 6 months ago

This sounds like fun!!!

Sophie James 6 months ago

Good luck everyone x

Ourdirtylilsecret 6 months ago

oooh cant wait to enter this one!

highlyBlessed 6 months ago

xlkyng 6 months ago


Devin and Brandy 6 months ago

O this is just fun!!! Can't wait to get oiled up!!

Selena Cutefootsie 6 months ago

Nice. Going to make one soon 

AprilEighteen 6 months ago

Finally! A contest for me

Brickbabe 6 months ago

Sounds like fun!!

my_story 6 months ago

Ok, we are on it )

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