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by: pornhub

The Big Titty Goth Girlfriend trend has been fun to watch go viral, especially for us former freaks who were teased for our goth aesthetics in high school. But we’re feeling a little monogamous today, so there can only be one big titty goth girlfriend on Internet, and we’re giving that title to BigTittyGothEgg! You know her, you love her, you want her to be your girlfriend. We chatted with the bite-sized babe about her rocketing success, the liberating power of content creation, and yes, we address the mystery behind her stage name!

Tell us about your start in the industry. 

I began during the pandemic in 2020. I had been working full time at Target and was going to college for oncology. I went on a temporary leave from Target to avoid getting sick from covid. During that time I randomly decided to make a Tiktok account and make a video to kill time. I was surprised when it did well, so I just kept making them. Eventually I started getting asked “do you have an Onlyfans or more content to see?" With overwhelming demand I decided to start making adult content for fun. After being on TikTok and Onlyfans for about a month doing mostly lewd content, my following exploded from a single TikTok involving my height being compared to my fridge. I started making content on Pornhub to have a place for my fans that couldn’t afford/didn’t want Onlyfans content. Pornhub still serves as a great way for me to connect with my audience and get some free content out to them. I have only been a solo performer for about 2 years but I have tons of fun, especially with the funny community on Pornhub and their goofy comment section.

What’s the story behind your unique stage name? What do you prefer your fans call you?

My fans can call me goth egg, bigtittygothegg, Leah, or Lee. The name originally started as my TikTok username and it was a play on “Big Titty Goth GF” though I eventually had to shorten it to Goth Egg because Tiktok doesn’t accept the word Titty hahaha. The word egg means nothing and it was just a silly name I came up with. I didn’t expect it to stay, but I’m happy it did.

Is Big Titty Goth Egg a character you play or are you one in the same? 

It’s just me, not a character. I put as much of my own personality into my content as I can. Leah before becoming Big Titty Goth Egg was very shy and this industry has brought me out of my insecurity and shyness. My work ethic has definitely come in handy and I feel like a much better version of who I was when I began.

What did you find difficult in the beginning? Was there anything surprisingly easy?

I didn’t have much access to the internet growing up because we couldn’t afford it, so having an online job was a massive learning curve. The biggest challenges were cameras, editing programs and keeping up with the massive volume of fans. Everything has gotten much easier over time and I’ve learned so much! The most surprisingly easy part was my online personality, I didn’t have to hide who I really am and I still continue to get so much freedom to be who I am and speak my mind.

You seem to have blown up overnight. What do you attribute your success to?

Tiktok is where I blew up, and I think it’s mostly because of the timing when I joined.  Being a busty goth girl definitely catches attention because of all the memes about them and my height is always surprising to people as well (I’m 4’10”).

How has your perception of the industry changed since joining?

I never realized how much work goes into producing video content. I have a ton of respect for those who go into this industry, and have also gained a better understanding of why people join it in the first place. The industry isn’t nearly as scary as I had thought and there are tons of amazing people who are always willing to be a friend and lend a helpful hand.

Have you learnt anything about yourself since starting this journey?

I have learned much more about my values and have proven to myself that I can think for myself. There is a lot of opposition and negativity towards adult performers but being true to yourself is very important. Before joining this industry, I wanted to be doctor so I could help those with cancer, and hopefully financially support my family and friends. It’s a blessing that at 22 years old I can support everyone I love and care about in my life. Donating to charities, helping my friends and family, and having time to work on my artistic skills and fill myself with knowledge is something I could have never even dreamed of at such a young age. I am very grateful to have a job where I can follow my moral compass, help others around me, and have a choice in learning any skill or topic I want!

Tell us something about yourself your fans would be surprised to learn.

I have only ever had sex with two people in my life, both of which were long term relationships. Most people think if you’re in this industry you must be sexually active or promiscuous but I’m very reserved in regard to who I am intimate with. I didn’t know much about porn or anything like that prior to starting. It’s very nice being able to work solo and within my comfort zone.

When you’re not working, what can we find you listening to, binge watching, or reading?

I listen to lots of different genres and have a huge appreciation for music. I primarily listen to rap, EDM, metal, alternative, and indie, but I really enjoy switching between a wide variety. I watch a lot of YouTube, Mike Tyson Mystery Team, Rick and Morty, and anything else that is fun to unwind to. I also love anime and some of my favorites are Mob Psycho 100, Erased, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Food Wars, Spy Family, and HunterxHunter. I still have tons of animes I want to watch and always love to hear suggestions from my fans :)

What porn cliché is so overrated?

I think the most harmful porn cliche is the idea of a “BBC”. It creates an unrealistic expectation for men who may already be struggling with confidence in their size. I think it harms just about everyone too, being a black man with an “average” dick size may be trumped by the fact that someone is expecting a “BBC” because of how porn portrays it.

What advice would you give Models who have just joined or are thinking of joining the industry?

Try to make sure you always have someone you can talk to. This type of job can be overwhelming and detrimental to your mental health if you don’t take the time to get away from it and notice that a lot of the negativity is fake. I have good friends I can talk to when I get too overwhelmed or if my confidence is taking a blow. Try to make sure you have a good support system and stable living environment because there can be many negative emotions surrounding this type of job in your real life, such as family and friends opposing it.

What’s next for Big Titty Goth Egg? Have you consider studio work in the future?

I don’t think I would like to do studio work in the future, I have an amazing time working by myself in the comfort of my own home and I love doing the camera work myself. I may include a partner in the future, though I am waiting until I find someone I’m very comfortable with:). Other than that I’m not sure whats’ next, I try to keep the future open and always have fun with what I’m doing. I may be joining twitch or something like that in the future to get to interact with my audience more and I’m super excited!

Plug any projects you want to share! 

Check out my videos on Dick Size and how to handle insecurity surrounding it! I do lots of fun Q/A on my Instagram stories and give out lots of advice so be sure to check it out sometime! 


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lovestheass 8 months ago

I am such a huge fan of this amazing lady. I can’t count how many times I’ve watched her work. She is incredible. Great job! It would make my year if she liked my comment. I’ll be watching more here soon.

Anna Mole 8 months ago

Wow! Amazingly beautiful and sweet girl with an outstanding appearance!πŸ§‘πŸ’œπŸ’›

Bigcock13_1995 8 months ago

Absolutely beautiful no words to say ❣❣❣❣❣

Coitus00Couple 8 months ago

Great interview pornhub! Congratulations on all your success Big Titty Goth Egg!

Katya_Kennedy 8 months ago


Dominant BBC 8 months ago

I've watched @BigTittyGothEgg blow up from TikTok since day one. I remember when she got braces. Your success/journey has been incredible to watch. Keep shining 🌟

ManicMina 6 months ago

Fantastic interview! I'm a bit new here, but I love that alt girl are getting attention as well. I definitely agree about the issues of dick size cliches! A dick is only as good as the person using it and I have known plenty of guys with larger sizes that didn't know how to satisfy a woman lol It's nice to see other creators who recognize the issues with cliches like these.

Tony pipesyer 8 months ago

I think as long as it’s looked at as set it will be true to itself but if it gets trendy then it’s lost it’s magic

Jreppin769 8 months ago

Mike Tyson mystery team is the best show on earth besides Rick and morty PS for all the lames that don’t know lol

inzolia 8 months ago

I just love this model spotlight articles 🀍 feeling like you get to know a model much more in the way they talk and answer those questions And Leah is super charming and smart person 🧑

Olly178 6 months ago

Hi everyone

HerNBenjamin 7 months ago

Actually worth reading not going to lie me and my partner are quite new to the screen definitely found some interesting points in this article!!! Very well put together

fatsloverph 7 months ago


Mrplazza 8 months ago

I am such a huge fan of this amazing lady. I can’t count how many times I’ve watched her work. She is incredible. Great job!

SwitBaBu 8 months ago


sexsexzack 8 months ago

Wow follow me ❀

AmSecret1 8 months ago

I think that you are going places in this industry and I can see that you have your heart in place and your Head screwed on straight..πŸ€‘πŸ€‘πŸ€‘πŸ€‘πŸ₯‚πŸ₯‚πŸ₯‚πŸ₯‚πŸ’΅πŸ’΅πŸ’΅πŸ’΅πŸ’΅πŸ’΅πŸ’΅ get that money πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’° baby

DickForEbony 8 months ago

Amazing ❀

Mr and Ms CHAPMAN 8 months ago

Good luck on the new season of your life in a way of what we haveπŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°



ANARCHYLUiS 8 months ago

🌚Great story

TomaStevi 8 months ago

Perfect modelβ™₯

PsyhoAngel 8 months ago

She has an amazing body! she was able to reach heights, turn the heads of thousands of men and women! i like solo masturbation performers... you really are a star

Katya_Kennedy 8 months ago


TITO1234567890euge 8 months ago


Sam Vann 7 months ago

Living in Destin, FL _ lets make a vid

Analthermometer 2 weeks ago


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74742247 1 month ago

So sexy

DaddysShowGirls 2 months ago


juvenalpulvm 2 months ago

still looking for a matuer friend to have fun and enjoy to have the same things in common

juvenalpulvm 2 months ago

im intrigued to your article,have alot of fun and me

hairscotsman69 3 months ago

Love your article

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TomaStevi 4 months ago

Perfect girlβ™₯β™₯

Mistress Esme 4 months ago

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Uzuru111 5 months ago

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Silky__Smooth 5 months ago

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Silky__Smooth 5 months ago

Another great performer!

fr1endisback 5 months ago

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PsyhoAngel 5 months ago


StepMomsPussy 6 months ago

We love your content it's great how anyone can post on PH it can be a lot of fun, I am 55 but still having fun here.

Zonus 6 months ago

Hey there 😘

Thenugagamage 6 months ago

Amassing ❀️

Thenugagamage 6 months ago


Venus et Vulcanus 6 months ago

Congrats! Hope we will be one day also highlighted!

Corybbc00 6 months ago

My modeling on screen is amazing because long fat workout for women is better than watching my favorite fans waiting for just one more time

Corybbc00 6 months ago

Nice to hear from you how much are you feeling us touching here pornhub corybbc00 members fan can help build a pornhub TikTok green and role play without unexpected response

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PaisleyPeaches 6 months ago

You look amazing- Great interview!

Humbl3is 6 months ago

I've just recently once again decided to join again and want to do this type of job. I'm also worried if family and folks will oppose this decision and start to hammer me down. Talking to someone will help me with mostly of what I go through with my current life and job. The current job brings a lot of stress now.

RichardCranium614 7 months ago

Not the take any credit from this absolute unit of a woman either. Great job keep it up!

RichardCranium614 7 months ago

Any ladies from the Columbus Ohio area that want to be photographed or make a video? Or if not comfortable just to meet me to talk about life?

Mister Victorious 7 months ago

I didn't realise this post would be so wholesome!

westcoastwhat 7 months ago

Wow, haven’t been at it very long, crazy. When the timing is right, the timing is right I guess …as well as having all the physical elements of course lol

SEGZYMONO1 7 months ago

Wow . Amazing speech. Your speech really motivation me.you're so sweet.

MS GRACEY 7 months ago

"Being a busty goth girl definitely catches attention" ehem! but i think not enough for me

Sam Vann 7 months ago

Open to host

Tarzan 7 months ago

I actually read this in it’s entirety w/o skimming through it which is rare for me! Your blunt honesty is refreshing, touching on the fakes the importance of mental health & some form of outlet for that. Well said keep doing you

Dominants351 7 months ago

Very nice

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ConnieMilk 7 months ago


Ztwink 8 months ago

Come watch my videos ! You’ll definitely be glad

rappar238900 8 months ago

wow your so beautiful

Mia Raven Reign 8 months ago

Big titty goths are the best 😜 tits and tats πŸ†πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦

liusqi 8 months ago

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Cat Woman 1979 8 months ago

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Alina Rai 8 months ago

Big tits are good, especially when they are real)

Zahirox123 8 months ago

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69yourqueen 8 months ago

Go girl.

Best4fans 8 months ago

Love this! Shes on the right path! Respect and love to you darling

Rafaelito1996 8 months ago

Me gusta mucho

luxxie6 8 months ago

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Dollemotion 8 months ago

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Relationship69 8 months ago

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QSnBD 8 months ago

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GOODWOOD19873 8 months ago

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LilToxic999 8 months ago

She’s queen forsure

Lil daddy foxx 8 months ago

One of the best interview

Dick Harperd Jr 8 months ago

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ggdiggi69 8 months ago

good look Go Go Go!!

M3bsex 8 months ago

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Jace Sanchez 8 months ago

She’s an anime lover and Mob Psycho is one of her favorites I think I just fell in love 😍😍😍πŸ₯΅πŸ₯΅πŸ₯΅

Kerry Tyler 8 months ago

You should always be in the spotlight.

EnchantmentLife 8 months ago

Nice interview im A biG fAn of her$πŸ’―

ColombianazoHUB 8 months ago

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The_PornDirectory 8 months ago

Congrats on the spotlight @BigTittyGothEgg

Jacobcousteau 8 months ago

Sexy lady

Ganja_Mama420 8 months ago


Macbhet Ceven 8 months ago

love it

x666421 8 months ago

But she’ll never have a boyfriend who cares about her…

Arkila1 8 months ago

I love those titty

Wersatileboy 8 months ago

Eş cinsel ilişki video olurmu?

Benypowers 8 months ago

Hello follow me pleace I love😘😍

Hello Im Thab 8 months ago


TheQueenhot0754 8 months ago

Es bellΓ­sima, la amo

Gift000009 8 months ago

One love

LucyHotGo 8 months ago


Dek n kei 8 months ago

You did absolutely wonderful you’re amazing I was a huge fan once upon a time but now I just want to be just like you not just to make this too long I’m new and I just follow your footsteps hopefully we can meet sooner than later great job congratulations yourself on your success

Darecki1000 8 months ago

next level!

BigCockaPump 8 months ago

How about spotlight a straight male for once ?

BigCockaPump 8 months ago

Who did she suck off to get a β€œ spotlight”. Shine it on some amateurs who need it perhaps

Elduquesoo 8 months ago

la mejor:&

prettyyprincess 8 months ago


Evar2322 8 months ago

Woow nice

ActionxPriska 8 months ago


Bototo26 8 months ago

Beautiful and amazing lady try my pinoy cock.....

Missplayboy 8 months ago


BiggGucci100 8 months ago


Sly Devil9 8 months ago

You are so right about the clichΓ© that we face in this buisnes. I’m just starting out and let me tell you promoting my brand has been interesting πŸ˜‚β€¦ every girl you approach thinks your a pervert or a strung out junkies tryin to get high! AND THEY ARE HATERS! Look the reason I faced that humiliating situation over and over is because I AM GOING TO HAVE A CAREER HAVING SEX! Of course they looking down on us. We have escaped the matrix! BIG TITTY GOTH EGG! Hey Beautiful Thankyou!

redbeard2640 8 months ago

It probably doesn't mean much, but you've made my day many times

Ganja_Mama420 8 months ago


1371995 8 months ago

Meow is there any pussy 🀀

Jaymoneybills 8 months ago

Love it and don't stop I hope you fallow your heart and find your place. And u help the neck one up

Candy Glow 8 months ago

So Awesome πŸ’œ !!!!!!

Watchyousquirt 8 months ago

I love all your videos and after reading this I am truly amazed at the person you are. Positive vibes much love happiness and joy..

QueenMaggie690 8 months ago

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Neha Kuwari 8 months ago

Neha Kuwari I am such a huge fan of this amazing lady. I can’t count how many times I’ve watched her work. She is incredible. Great job! It would make my year if she liked my comment. I’ll be watching more here soon.

Cosmo Couple 8 months ago

My pussy is hot

MiDju_Show 8 months ago


Lion Gray 8 months ago

Interesting article. I am also developing my channel and fansly. I hope that my work will be appreciated))

Hetflix 8 months ago

Russian big tits πŸ€—

Myvirginkey 8 months ago

Nice i like you

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JustInYoHo 8 months ago

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BustyGoddess25 8 months ago

True beauty

PazDavid97 8 months ago

This is amazing

BlaqHulkSmash 8 months ago

Nice!! Been a fan for a while. We joined around the same time 😘 Glad to se the glow up!!!

sonic8522 8 months ago

Great interview. She seems like an amazing person thats extremely down to earth. Hope she continues to have great success now and in the future!

Stella Arty 8 months ago


Joe_dirt25 8 months ago

Check out my page

Candy Camille 8 months ago

soooo beautiful and sweet

4EverFriday 8 months ago

Lots of respect for you ☝

SophieHasTroubles 8 months ago

She's really sweet πŸŽ‚

Little Blondage 8 months ago

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TonyaTheTease 8 months ago

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Digitalbathk 8 months ago

Nice story 😊

Fawkes Rayne 8 months ago

Love the QandA from our favorite big titty goth gf!

MulatBi 8 months ago

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Ivyy Haven 8 months ago

Love her... this is a great little interview! πŸ™‚

Richi Tello 8 months ago

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Evaandprince 8 months ago

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Crybabycos42 8 months ago

Ah amazing congrats literally my favorite creator

Succubus Sin 8 months ago

She is adorable.

HeDaddy1 8 months ago


Carly Curvy 8 months ago


femboy_irani 8 months ago

excellent !

SexwithMilfStella 8 months ago

Love her, such a hottie! So how does one get featured here? Fo I need to apply some place or something?

LTC-GREG1 8 months ago

I am such a huge fan of this amazing lady

Erotic Art by Softapproach 8 months ago

Amazing quality. Love this girl.

Ji9215 8 months ago

Precioso texto πŸ’‹πŸŒΉ

Aleksa Tuti 8 months ago

Cute wonderful girl. Hope she will become an example for many girls who also find it difficult to start their journey in this industryπŸ§‘πŸ˜‰πŸ’ͺ

Ottavioplus 8 months ago


Lottie Blue 8 months ago

Amazing, πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ’‹πŸ’‹

DOPPA LATINO 8 months ago

hay que disfrutar el porno 😊 chicos y chicas y hacerlo bien asi traeremos mas gente

Cosmo Couple 8 months ago

I need you hot Model 😍

dennyscobar1 8 months ago


Eddiemac6262 8 months ago

Im a master at giving oral....I love the feel of a pussy for the first time....Ill kiss your lips and slowly make you wet....slip my hand under your panties ..just to feel your wetness....slip a finger inside and feel your muscles grip it...Get on my knees and pull off your panties with mysterious mouth...then taste your sweet honey...slowly suck on your furry lips and sucking your clit....until you explode in my mouth....bend you over and put just the head in.and let your muscles pull it in....

tootfarangi1997 8 months ago


LolaRoseBlows 8 months ago

A beautiful woman and so down to earth! Excellent interview. I love reading about how other models got involved in the porn industry.

Jamaican_adventure 8 months ago

Please watch our vids and subscribe new content will be released every week

Tony pipesyer 8 months ago

It’s dope keep the scene alive

bisexcouple family 8 months ago

what are the different ways to enter the business.....

YG Blessed 8 months ago

Amazing ❀

coffee_with_milk 8 months ago


WikkiNikki 8 months ago

ΠšΡ€ΡƒΡ‚ΠΎ πŸ‘

Julia Aerelius 8 months ago

Wow. She is unique πŸ™‚

Mia Alexis Queen 8 months ago


Calicartel88 8 months ago


mawert4 8 months ago


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