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by: pornhub

Whether you know them as MisterandMister, the Original Twink Pups, or Eric & Bastion Hendrix, this top-ranked couple have big plans to shake up the adult game.  Find out how they’re celebrating pride this year and the best part of making content together in this edition of Model Spotlight.

How did you get your start in the industry? Do you consider yourselves pornstars at this point? 

Due to Covid and the rising costs of living, we started webcammingvwhich resulted in what we do now. Read question 6 for our perspective on what a pornstar really is.

How did you meet? How long have you been together? 

We met online. Bastion thought Eric was a catfish. After a month of facetime daily, Bastion moved across the country. We married 8 months into dating. We are approaching 8 years, although it feels like many lifetimes!

How has your dynamic as a couple changed since becoming adult models?

We used to hide who we were. We learned through time what respect is, and how to communicate appropriately. We don’t react to life - we observe and decide when to take action. Most importantly we listen to each other and follow our hearts.   

How are you celebrating Pride this year?

Loving, together in faith. 

Are there any porn clichés you find annoying? What is a porn clichés that actually checks out?

We would say a cliche that we find annoying is the argument of whether amateur artists should be considered pornstars. For example, on pornhub, we are considered an amateur account. But the true definition of a pornstar is someone who is famous for filming porn….many people in many places all over the world know who we are. We have the fame, yet we are considered amateurs. We have millions of views & eye-catching scenes. We find it annoying that there are a lot more obstacles in the way simply for us to receive the “official check mark”.


courtesy of MisterandMister

What has been your favorite part of making content together?

Not having a boss, we work on our own time, with each other, and we get to make money with our dicks lol

What advice would you give to other couples thinking about joining the industry? 

We honestly advise don’t do it. Enjoy your love and privacy. Your children and friends and family will not take this lightly. It’s a decision you can never go back on. You will no longer have a private life unless you build your business that way. We took a bigger risk showing our faces, but it paid off. However, our livelihoods suffered greatly from it. We would never tell someone not to try something but understand there are consequences for everything in life.    

What advice would you give to other couples exploring their sexuality?

Be honest, the truth will set you free. 

Tell us something about yourselves your fans would be surprised to learn. 

We read our Bible every day. 

What’s next for MisterandMister? What projects can we look forward to from you?

We love kink, we love sex and we especially love porn! We are extremely proud to announce we are coming out with a new Porn Website! That means all of our content will be gone by the end of the year!  We purchased and own HendrixPlayhouse.com and are launching our website on Halloween! We have been secretly working on this new site for the last several months. (filming, talent scouting, and developing our new website as we speak!) We are the first exclusive domain for genders and races of all types. At Hendrix Playhouse, we believe you have every right to fulfill your sexual desires. We are the inventors, innovators, and creators of Pansexual Porn and we invite you to follow our journey. Sex is a natural and healthy way we express ourselves with body positivity. We are dedicated to producing not only quality content, models & scenes - but also top-rated content in the world! 

Think of this as we are giving out one golden ticket to our Playhouse. We are already making improvements to the new site, but most importantly we want to invest in our models. Given an investor jumps on this opportunity, we can then fully invest in our business, our models, and upgrade our equipment. Customers are our biggest focus! Our customers are relieved of stress, potential health issues & the need for certain fantasies to be fulfilled. We also encourage sexual self-exploration. Often our customers inform us they never were exposed to sex outside of what was considered “normal” heterosexual sex. Our company allows customers to feel no judgement and a sense of normalcy with coming to terms with their sexuality. Customers also orgasm to our content.  Eric, being a military veteran combined with Bastion’s experience as a national advocate for foster children, propelled us to where we are today.  When this opportunity came to us, instead of us pushing for it, that’s when we realized we were successful. In life, if you are good at something and you enjoy doing it, and you make money from it - now that is truly living the dream! 


Keep up with MisterandMister on Instagram: theoriginaltwinkpups



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Cherry Lips 9 months ago

I hope you have good luck in your projects. 😘

MisterandMister 9 months ago

Thanks so much pornhub for the opportunity and to our true fans! We are having so much fun connecting with you all on our other platforms. Thanks for the kind words of support. Keep looking to truth in this world- tomorrow is never promised and it certainly is not going to be like today as today was similar to yesterday. Love each other and God! 🙂 keep the faith!

KATO CUMSHOT 9 months ago

My favorite team on the internet it’s a pleasure hope u cum to some of my videos lol love you guys

KATO CUMSHOT 9 months ago

I really want a 3 some with you sweet creamy holes

Sub_princess22 9 months ago

Congratulations guys 😘

inzolia 9 months ago

A new porn website sounds interesting, wish you all the luck with that! 🤍 Big opportunity and big risk to take at the same time 👏

Stonergurl222 9 months ago

Congrats lovlies !

Jeidy Di 9 months ago

Pure love

Darecki1000 9 months ago

I Hope you have good Łuck in your projects!

Goddess Taylor Knight 9 months ago

"Not having a boss" Sounds like you boys might be in need of a Boss! DM Me! 🙂

KrimeScene26 9 months ago

Can u help me get to tha next step in my pornstar career.. I'm a beginner n don't know whr to start ... lol 😂

Goddess Taylor Knight 9 months ago

DM me! I fucking love draining every $; bet you do too!

MJayHard 9 months ago

You guys are just incredible! Awesome to read abit more about you. All the best xxx

Annalee Blue 9 months ago


Dave and Eno 9 months ago


mefantasy 9 months ago

You guys are brave and cool! Good luck with everything!👏👏👏💥💥💥

PsyhoAngel 9 months ago

Yes, it's really hard to become a porn star in our time without having something special, be it even money ... because with money everything is possible! and of course you are a male couple 💑 same-sex families always have to hide, especially if the country is not rosy)))) even straight people have a hard time here... but you managed to create your own business! well done! I wish you success ! New porn stars!

homemouse 9 months ago


Maddgic Myke 6 months ago

How do you enter a contest on pornhub? I just can't seem to find it

Gay interacial 6 months ago

Very nice

Jakeg7656u 7 months ago

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Sex4Hot-Cum 9 months ago


chinainfertile 9 months ago

Can’t wait to show this to my best friend! I believe he secretly struggles with being as open as he could be. Thank you!

AmyCos 9 months ago

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DemonSexual 9 months ago

So fun not having a boss and to just have fun thank you

Bunnylibertino 9 months ago

Parabéns vocês são fantásticos 👏👏👏

DaisiTheDutchess 9 months ago

Hey guys, good read. It’s neat to read about other peoples experiences. Good luck in your future endeavors 🍀

Luciferloveland 9 months ago

Luciferloveland comment like add share subscribe 🇨🇦👅💋#1

VK TORRS 9 months ago

Ohhh yeah!!!

slaveputita sex 9 months ago

No les deseo suerte si no todo el éxito del mundo un abrazo mil bendiciones 🤗🤗🤗😍😍😍

KATO CUMSHOT 9 months ago


Cat Woman 1979 9 months ago

Congrats 😊

erenteen 9 months ago

Gg bro❤😘

Missplayboy 9 months ago


Lion Gray 9 months ago

Really cool story^^I hope I can do the same to be porn star!_)

Klavers123 9 months ago


Cushionsx 9 months ago

Congs 😘

The Juan Dream 9 months ago


SheGonnaSquirtOnMe 9 months ago


QueenMaggie690 9 months ago


Nbrunzal27 9 months ago


couple-on-a-trip 9 months ago

who doesn't like porn, don't let him watch it 🙂

renimasks 9 months ago

Wow brave guys! Best of wishes!

Candy Camille 9 months ago



O lord

Priyalini 9 months ago

World should reject gay sex. It’s against the nature of world 🌎 👎👎👎👎

Priyalini 9 months ago

How ever You guys doing good job. I mean the natural thing. Man made for weman. Weman made for man. ❤❤

MisterandMister 9 months ago

You just sound uneducated. Educated yourself

jennajuliatossavainen 9 months ago


Sophilovely 9 months ago

Congrats guys ♥

Michael_0999 9 months ago

Слава Украине🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦

Olly178 9 months ago

Hi everyone pronstra

Carly Curvy 9 months ago


Win456789 9 months ago


Danina93 9 months ago

CongratsCheck us out

Ricky222299 9 months ago

Hot 🔥❤

DoctorGasm69 9 months ago

congratulations on both, lovely couple! ❤

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