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by: pornhub

Last month we wanted to see your squirting skills, and we’re still drying ourselves off! Whether you’re a solo superstar or synchronized squirt swimmer with a partner, you delivered! Keep reading to see who cracked the top 3, and don’t forget, the top 50 videos will get featured on the homepage!

1st Place wins $3,000:  Your Naughty Dick Crazed Girlfriend Squirts All Over Your Dick and Can’t StopChandler Knight

2nd Place wins $2,000:  Squirting with a big toyEvaKeks

3rd Place wins $1,000:  First squirt vídeo!sexcouple1703

The top 50 videos will be featured on Pornhub's homepage in the next few weeks! Payments will also be added to next month's payout. To see who made the cut, click here and select "Splish Splash" from the drop down menu.

June’s Viewers’ Choice contest is now up and running! This month's theme is compilations!

Click here for more info on Viewers' Choice and how to participate.

The winners are chosen by votes, so be sure your fans know how they can help you win and get featured!

Thank you to all the Models who participated in the contest!


All Comments(139)

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Tracy is Xi 3 weeks ago

Only I read that one of the rules of this contest is the video has to at least 7minutes?? There is one video in the top 10 is less than 7minutes🤔 hmmm interesting 🤔

Total Fucking Awesomeness 3 weeks ago

Rules are rules....

Asianpussy0102 3 weeks ago

@JACK Sob as you said, so why can't the participant just choose a one which is above 7minutes if it's so easy? I can understand that if it is a contest, of course it should be absolute clearly about the rules or requirements. It can have the exception but on the condition of all the models who join this contest know it. Otherwise there is simply unfair to other participants.

Tracy is Xi 3 weeks ago

@Jack Sob That is totally fine if you think rule doesn’t matter for you. I am asking this not for me, I already said so. You would know it if you are not blind😊 it’s for all the models who respect the rules, who put their effort to the contest.

Jack Sob 3 weeks ago

Seriously? 11 seconds? I understand it's the principle of the matter but seriously...1 or 2 minutes I can understand but 11 seconds, the model could've literally just added end credits or something. Maybe, instead of using your energy on regulating entries for barely breaking the rules, use it to promote your content and get more votes to win. Disqualifying someone else wont help you get the votes you need to win next time, but focusing on improving your content & promoting can, just saying.

Tracy is Xi 3 weeks ago

@Aurora Watson Thank you for your answer❤However first that one is not 7 seconds missed. It’s 6:52 including 3 seconds of ph introduction. So it’s 11 seconds less. Second How many other rules are also flexible since this length one can be flexible? It’s kinda important for all the models who are putting effort to join this contest🙏🙏

Aurora Watson 3 weeks ago

hi there! so you're right, one of the requirements is that the video submissions do have to be 7 minutes long. However, we do give all Models some wiggle room when it comes down to just a few seconds, and in this case, it's 7 seconds. We love that Models participate in these contests!

CumCraver42069 3 weeks ago

i agree

Moodlightcouple 3 weeks ago

Exactly.. you can buy votes for yourself too I was told by a winner

VeronikaLovely 3 weeks ago


forbiddenlove2022 3 weeks ago

In the first two hundred there are like 30 vid under

Tracy is Xi 3 weeks ago

Anyone or PH employees can tell us or know why that less than 7minutes video in the top 10 is an exception? Or it’s just a mistake? It really doesn’t matter for me. but if the rules don’t matter, what’s the meaning of the contest? If PH even didn’t check the basic rules and approved the one clearly doesn’t for the contest , what else would they check ?

Eelet 3 weeks ago

Yeah I've come to realize that there's absolutely nepotism involved with how videos are screened, uploaded, and chosen for contests

SexysPijaosIndians 3 weeks ago

hello we would like to be part of your community, and that you come and watch our first video rich unfaithful latina sucks it, see in SexysRichKids

Total Fucking Awesomeness 3 weeks ago

Yup! I actually contacted Pornhubs mods over this issue and they assured me that the videos that didn't meet the requirements would be removed. I guess Wet Kelly is an exception...

Shyla Nervous 3 weeks ago

7 minutes is a big rule and they will delete that video and others in the Top 100 that are under that the second half of the month.

Tracy is Xi 3 weeks ago

Here is my experience I would like to share with you. First I want to say I am satisfy with what I got( 557 votes, rank 28) and thanks for all the friends who voted for me. It’s not easy at all. Last month I wrote to my friends everyday to chat and of course also tried to get votes. Several voted for me more than once.They are so nice and they recognized my video and give my video very positive feedback and rich deep comments. I believe that I also annoyed some people and I wan to say sorry.

Total Fucking Awesomeness 3 weeks ago

We finished one place ahead of you. Tbh the contest is basically rigged. The only reason we have entered any of the contest is to try and reach the top 50 to get our video featured. We've been on here for like damn near a decade. We have almost ten million views and have never had a video featured. Pornhub has an agenda and even though we have several videos with hundreds of thousands of views, those videos have never been featured.

Saliva Bunny 3 weeks ago

I don't believe in contests — a massive waste of time. "Vote for me! Vote for me! Please!" People spend so much time on this shi*. There is no need for a contest for an excellent, authentic product. Instead, believe in putting all energy into creative content and being a better self version every day. Cheers! 💋

Techi_02 3 weeks ago

the truth is that you are right

EvaKeks 3 weeks ago

I am grateful to all my favorite fans for your votes!❤️❤️❤️I adore you! 🤗🫶🫶🫶🫶

dakote 3 weeks ago

Fbacker 3 weeks ago

Shouldnt have even been top 10 honestly rigged 👎

Ryz_The_Fay 3 weeks ago

You Really Should Have Gotten First!

ActionxPriska 3 weeks ago


Shyla Nervous 3 weeks ago

Wish it was 1st Place... But so PROUD OF YOU GIRL!!!!

Priyalini 3 weeks ago

Don’t know how the 1st price video they have judged. Nothing special like a winner. 👎👎👎

Aurora Watson 3 weeks ago

The winners are only based on votes, not views.

Total Fucking Awesomeness 3 weeks ago

The third place video contestant told me they had over 1200 votes after only a week into the contest. That video had like a 47% rating and less views than mine. Yet I was 27 and they were 3

Total Fucking Awesomeness 3 weeks ago

It's based off the number of votes first. If there is a tie in votes, it then goes to # of video views. But I can assure you that the top vote getters certainly had votes bought for them. I also suspect that they bought their own votes with a second account.

Hoffmann Diary 3 weeks ago

I'm totally agree with you)) From contest to contest I've watching a terrible horror movies in winners ))

Carhomer 3 weeks ago

1st place was the only great video that placed in the top 10. 2nd was ehh and 3rd was absolutely terrible. After seeing your content tho, that was pretty terrible in itself. So you are 👎 terrible

xblackmambaph 3 weeks ago

That 3rd place was spamming inbox.

Asianloverism 3 weeks ago

mThat video got only 15 "likes" in total. Their account’s votes Conversion rate is extremely high. We can never know how could this couple achieve it but it’s really interesting. The pity thing is even this couple got the second place in the March contest and third place in the May. But it clearly shows that these prize and featured opportunity didn’t bring any traffic for their account, because their account total views is only 219K.

Hoffmann Diary 3 weeks ago

Ha-ha! Third time I've watching a contest results and... I'm scared. I think, it's totally undeserved winners. You can disagree with me, but there are much more better videos, that deserve it.

Total Fucking Awesomeness 3 weeks ago

Could not agree more! But since it's all based on votes... I guess I need people to buy some votes.

horse2387 3 weeks ago

Thanks to those that voted for my video. Tbh, these contest's are pointless. The same winners monthly. Most of the videos are repeated every single month and aren't even on theme. Yet still allowed to stay in the contests. It's pretty annoying for those of us that listen to the rules and do the work.

Deluxxxman 3 weeks ago

Wow it's very very cool ! Congratulations 🎉🎉🎉👏

TwistedFantasy77 3 weeks ago

Congrats to last month's winners! 🎉 Good luck to June's contestants! 💖 Be sure to ✅ out our entry! 💦😘

Nartydine 3 weeks ago

Chandler knight for the win 🏆

Noisecanc 3 weeks ago

Yes 🙌

Jennyfer Queen 3 weeks ago

congratulations to all this contest was so wet💦💦💦💦🥰

Jennyfer Queen 3 weeks ago

thank you very much you are also the best❤🥰💋💋

2rickylicious 3 weeks ago

You are my winner 🙂

AnGelya G 3 weeks ago


Leydisgatha 3 weeks ago

Parabéns aos vencedores 🎉

NickNastye 3 weeks ago

I'm still wishing PH would make a contest for the biggest home wrecking whore award for me lol😝😝😝

Shyla Nervous 3 weeks ago

Uncalled for @2rickylicious... Your videos are not exactly Citizen Kane!. I am a huge fan of @NickNastye content!

2rickylicious 3 weeks ago

your humor is just like your movies. just boring😂

Shyla Nervous 3 weeks ago

Hehe!!! Me too 😀

Total Fucking Awesomeness 3 weeks ago

Can someone explain how the second place video in June's contest is even in the top? First, it's less than a minute long... And second, there no way that video has over 1,000 votes already unless they purchased them on their own from a second account...

Neoscooby 3 weeks ago


Escorpiao89 3 weeks ago


Arkcocker 3 weeks ago

Chandler is always the best 💦💦 most deserved

Carhomer 3 weeks ago

She deserves it, puts so much effort into her content and you can tell

TrulyRoger69 3 weeks ago

Congratulations 🔥🔥🔥

Techi_02 3 weeks ago

Fue mi primer concurso en donde le puse todas las ganas, quede en el puesto 19, gracias a todos mis seguidores por el apoyo y la confianza!! Felicitaciones a todas las participantes!!

klwn22428 3 weeks ago


carsex93 3 weeks ago

Ojalá algún día gane un premio, mientras tengo que encontrar alguien que me de duro para hacer videos

Daskinny 3 weeks ago


inzolia 3 weeks ago

Congrats to winners 👏🤍😘

YourDailyPleasure 3 weeks ago

Congrats to all ❤

brunocripmodels 3 weeks ago


Sex4Hot-Cum 4 days ago

I am a sex worker. I recently opened a pornhub account. This website is one of my favorite sites. I want to upload my sex videos to this site regularly. But I can't upload. Can anyone help me?

TBoneOnRye 1 week ago

Great stuff..

sexyricota 1 week ago

Great, I love this platform. I also upload rich content

QMonte214 1 week ago


publicerection 1 week ago

What is the URL of the page where the "Top 50" videos are posted, not the page of last month's contest entries?I have never confirmed the existence of that page.

yejsusenbaby 2 weeks ago

I'm lovin 'it...

Luciferloveland 2 weeks ago

Luciferloveland comment like add share and subscribe 👅💋🇨🇦

KarismaWetBanks 2 weeks ago


marcrosa 3 weeks ago

excelente concurso

LaLuneDeluxe 3 weeks ago

Searching for Friends on here 🥰 the Contests are Amazing!

Sub_princess22 3 weeks ago

Congratulations 😘

Cfn daygo 3 weeks ago

Her shii fat

Viper99901 3 weeks ago

Fill your addict void with constructive positive outcome,

SoSpacedOut 3 weeks ago

Splish Splash

Celine Ivy 3 weeks ago

New to all this..

VK TORRS 3 weeks ago

El vídeo es genial , solo deberían seguir las reglas del tiempo del vídeo !!

Aurelie Constantine 3 weeks ago


Eddie8069 3 weeks ago

any porn star that thinks they are ready mr ed is here ready

Jeidy Di 3 weeks ago


FireThing 3 weeks ago

Competitions are good. Additional incentive.

XZY707 3 weeks ago

Like and subscribe. I know the feeling.

XZY707 3 weeks ago

How can we get more views.

catherinelaurent 3 weeks ago

Love it ❤

MatchpointTX 3 weeks ago

Congrats to all y’all, Hope to win sometime

Bunnylibertino 3 weeks ago

Parabéns 🥳🥳🥳🥳

The Juan Dream 3 weeks ago


EmilyZaraOF 3 weeks ago

Sooo sexy

MulatBi 3 weeks ago

Come on girls fill up the whole PORNOHAB 💦💦💦

OwlLoko 3 weeks ago


Meed1234567890 3 weeks ago

I need 🍌

ArrestMe 3 weeks ago

..... 🙂

Mileto 3x 3 weeks ago

Todos pueden participar?

Danina93 3 weeks ago

Check out our videos

Cat Woman 1979 3 weeks ago

yeah 💋 🧡 🥰

Nancy Pineda 3 weeks ago


Nancy Pineda 3 weeks ago

Hola suscríbete en mi perfil

Markplenty11 3 weeks ago

I wanna do porn

Daydreamer1431 3 weeks ago


babykenzky 3 weeks ago

how with my partner my wife she is firstime i want money

lovestheass 3 weeks ago

You are all winners in my book. ❤

renimasks 3 weeks ago

I still don't fully get these contests...

Soles Soo Soft 3 weeks ago

If you like ebony footjobs i have a video that’ll blow your socks off or you’ll blow in your socks 🫠🥴

Longenough5151 3 weeks ago


Candy Camille 3 weeks ago

congrats to everybody!

dennyscobar1 3 weeks ago


Lena Luxxx 3 weeks ago

Please check out my content🔥❤

Jacobcruso 3 weeks ago

Posted 1,000 videos in the premium view share program that are not earning any money with 52,000 views.

The Juan Dream 3 weeks ago

good luck

kinganthonyking 3 weeks ago

Congrats to all the winners

Raynesszs 3 weeks ago

That sound like fun 💦🤗

Supervinito 3 weeks ago

Congratulations to all winners

Missplayboy 3 weeks ago


Carly Curvy 3 weeks ago


SexysPijaosIndians 3 weeks ago

Hii hello we would like to be part of your community, and that you come and watch our first video rich unfaithful latina sucks it, see in SexysRichKids

Total Fucking Awesomeness 3 weeks ago

When will the top 50 videos be featured?

OneTwoThreeCumOn 3 weeks ago

🪅🥂🪅🥳CONGRATS 🥳🪅🥂🪅

Brandon Ashton and Ally Addison 3 weeks ago

Awwwwww yeaaaa!!!

Kimchj 3 weeks ago

Great I will join it

Xtrade64 3 weeks ago

next us!

blue cherry blue 3 weeks ago

Congratulations to the winners!

2rickylicious 3 weeks ago


TheFirstAmateurs 3 weeks ago

Congrats to winners! Good luck to June's contestants! 💖

xsadgarlic 3 weeks ago


Moooteelandia 3 weeks ago


Netyboy 3 weeks ago


Silky__Smooth 3 weeks ago

👏🏼Congrats to the Splish Splash winners!💦🎉 I hope we can compete in one of these challenges!🤩🏆

Lottie Blue 3 weeks ago


Moooteelandia 3 weeks ago

Gracias 🙂

MrDeepupinyou 3 weeks ago


Jema2021 3 weeks ago

Muchas gracias

FuckBestHana 3 weeks ago

Grac 💦☂

Teen Close up 3 weeks ago


Auguscampeon 3 weeks ago


Joey Lee 3 weeks ago

Congrats everyone 😘

LilAlarie 3 weeks ago


FreakDistrixxx 3 weeks ago


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