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by: pornhub

Time to gather your hottest snippets, use those mad editing skills, and show your fans why your compilation video deserves to win! So pick your own theme and capture your best moments for June's Viewers' Choice compilation contest!

Take note that our Model contest winners are based on fan votes, so be sure to promote your videos and encourage your followers to participate to help you win one of the top 3 cash prizes. The top 50 videos will also get *featured on Pornhub's homepage. 

Keep scrolling to review the contest rules to be sure your video submission meets the requirements. 

Monthly Prizes

1st Place  win $3,000

2nd Place wins $2,000

3rd Place win $1,000

Top 50 videos will get featured on Pornhub home page

Click here for more info on Viewers' Choice and how to participate.


Contest Rules

1. Videos must be submitted by June 30.

2. The content must be thematic. If your content is not on theme, we will remove it. Non-thematic content will also be disqualified from being eligible for the top 3 prizes.

3. Videos must be at least 7 minutes long. 

4. Videos more than 1 year old are not eligible.

5. Any evidence of fraudulent behavior will lead to removal of contest entry, without ability to resubmit an entry in the same month. Repeated offense may lead to more significant consequences.

6. The top 50 videos will get featured on the homepage. *However, if the video you entered was already featured and ends up in the top 50, it cannot be re-featured. 

7. If your video submission does not meet the requirements, it will be removed from the contest. 

If you need a refresher course on Viewers' Choice, click here.


All Comments(141)

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HellHare 1 week ago


inzolia 5 days ago

This month I'll be watching and enjoying πŸ’¦ hopefully soon I also will participate in monthly contests πŸ‘πŸ”₯

Ginger Rose Cutie 1 week ago

Love it too!

dicassexuais 1 week ago


SweetDarling 1 week ago

Great !! I just hope for a healthy and fair competition ;3 I will definitely try to reach the top ranks in June since this month I'm 4th and really doubt to rank up over some certain channels... πŸ™‚

Alice Wonder 6 days ago

I agree! πŸ’ž

SweetDarling 1 week ago

Exactly Shyla but don't waste time answering to @bigtallman, he made that comment with his main account to delete it and re-post it with a secondary account, so brave !!! and since he mention the model chat (ph discord) I knew he was banned from there due his extreme toxicity.

Shyla Nervous 1 week ago

quality of their work versus the ones who uses bots!

Shyla Nervous 1 week ago

Are you talking about @EvaKeks @horny69rabbits or @sweetdarling?Either way, they all legitimately have a reason to "bitch" over coming in 4th when they hold the top Place all month. I vote for her and I get frustrated when she loses because she is a really sweet person! SweetDarling as well... sweet is in her name!!There is a big monetary difference between placing in the Top 3 versus coming in 4th afterall! Plus they also work hard and there are models that use Bots.You can tell by the

bigandthickman 1 week ago

O the model that enters every month and wins is bitching because she got 4th place. O nice, she's also is the same model that accuses the hard working people that take the top spots, of cheating and using bots to win. I've seen the model chat, and here saying it.

Ladyking0612 1 week ago

Good luck hun

Molly Pills 1 week ago

Yes! Some of my favorite moments all in one video? This is gonna be a lot of fun!

kjamesc5 3 days ago

πŸ‘€Can't wait!

Tommy Rayfast 1 week ago

How exciting! This will be fun 😎

Dee Love 1 week ago

Ooooh interesting...

GraceElla1 1 week ago

Wow nice I wish everyone contesting good 😊 luck πŸ€

Shyla Nervous 1 week ago

Personally, I know I will NEVER win one of these... But it would be nice to see @horny69rabbits @EvaKeks win FOR ONCE!!! She is always at the #1 position, but then loses the last day. So frustrating for those of us who vote for her!!!

LadycreamyPr 2 days ago

wich me luck

Lola Colombiana 3 days ago

Why can everyone participate except me ????

SodoLila 6 days ago

It's okay honey

maisarab 1 week ago


VeronikavonK 1 week ago

wow nice. i want win someday some of those rewards

Zxvnaj 1 week ago

I like you baby I fuck you I fuck your ass hole

Robby Strokes 1 week ago


renimasks 1 week ago

Sounds fun but i feel this contest feature needs more work

Sce857 1 week ago

So-so. Who will win and receive the main prize.

Ladyking0612 1 week ago

Could be you, never no. Good luck

AgathaHarris 1 week ago

Good newsπŸ”₯

Zeusadite 1 week ago

Hell yeeahhhh so innn

Coitus00Couple 1 week ago

Good luck everyone!!

TomaStevi 1 week ago

WoWβ™₯ superβ™₯

Dirtylittlemilf22 1 week ago

Gonna have to work on some editing skills πŸ˜‹

Welldamnshit 1 week ago

Oo I wanna vote for someone but idk who yet, dm me if you want me to vote for you

YourDailyPleasure 1 week ago

πŸ”₯ I love compilations soooo much πŸ”₯

MatiasSalah 1 week ago

Hola, soy nuevo 🦁

BlondieandTaylor 1 week ago


Ladyking0612 1 week ago

Good luck everyone. Add me ill be verified soon and you will see raw uncut content. Get in the contest and win that money and congrats to who wins!!

MariahLoveCD 12 hours ago


CasalVorazBR Yesterday


marcdutz 2 days ago

Nice... Enjoying the moment, guys, I'm looking for a partnership to make new videos and streaming... Ask me if you're currently living in Spain. Into BDSM and fetishes,. Tysm.

Todor Moskov 2 days ago


Gorangers201 2 days ago

Oh I am definitely winning this lol

Sofia Ansari Hub 3 days ago

If I get 1500 Vote then what I'm get ? Anyone pls help

Tracy is Xi 9 hours ago

Your video( as soon as you are the top 50) will get featured after the contest finished. It could bring traffic to your account which means more views and fans for your account and video. You can get the prize 1000 πŸ’΅ if you are the number 3, 2000 dolπŸ’΅ for number 2, 3000 dollars for Numbers 1. So votes decide your rank😊

Dirty Love POV 3 days ago

Wow!! Brilliant! I want to participate with my girlfriend. 😈😈😈

Lola Colombiana 3 days ago

How can I participate? There's no option for me to submit my video

Pink Asian Doll 4 days ago

So many hot choices, where to start?

Nimphy Fox 4 days ago

Here we go!πŸ”₯

Freak Nasty Ivana Humpalot 5 days ago

Okay ima try this one

Explicit_Amateurs 5 days ago

We’ll be joining this months contest and putting a lot of juicy, sticky, dirty content for y’all . πŸ₯°

Lady Rae 5 days ago

Sounds fun

Dominant Devotee 5 days ago

This is great. I might have a chance for once lol

Fellow Uncos Newboy 6 days ago


ForestE7 6 days ago


Zack FIT 6 days ago

πŸ”₯πŸ”₯so good !!!!!!!!!!!!πŸ”₯πŸ”₯


Great πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

TeAMsaBOG 1 week ago


catherinelaurent 1 week ago

Love it ❀❀❀

SMmarky69 1 week ago


Blessed Couple Zero 1 week ago

πŸ‘‹Hi there! We are your new favorite couple! πŸ”žπŸ’¦πŸ“ Making real sex&love with hot wife πŸ‘„ Please support us❗

LOREDV69 1 week ago


Puertoricanboy1497 1 week ago

Hi everyone I am looking to collab or possibly cast in a video dm if you know anybody hiring male cast or to create content

Ginger Rose Cutie 1 week ago


dadog_type 1 week ago

Is there any Women that want to collab on a video dm let me know

Stranger488 1 week ago


FreeTheLyon 1 week ago

Hey check out my xxx video it’s sum wild sexy stuff

CoupleHW 1 week ago

great πŸ™‚ all love

Caledhg 1 week ago

CΓ³mo le hago

Ole horny rich bastard 1 week ago


Robbie OZ 1 week ago

Yes πŸ™ŒπŸΌ Pumped for this one

Big ass veteran 1 week ago

I need support and love to create something amazing for you guys

Big ass veteran 1 week ago

Please check my videos

Intanchan 1 week ago

Interested πŸ₯³

Bear Norman 1 week ago


KoolAid_69 1 week ago

So how do we submit our videos ?

VeeSnow 1 week ago

This is a great idea! I really prefer the competitions where it's easy for any of us to participate without stepping outside of our content preferences. No special squirting skills or creative repurposing of concepts to fit the theme required.

Sexyc0uple69 1 week ago

πŸ˜ˆπŸ›πŸ˜± Que rico

ActionxPriska 1 week ago

C’est bon Γ§a! πŸ”₯πŸ₯΅πŸ˜

Missplayboy 1 week ago

YESSS πŸ‘„πŸ‘„πŸ‘„πŸ‘„πŸ‘„

Shottaworld 1 week ago

Sound fun😈

Jennyfeetlove 1 week ago

Coool πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

black_cock_wife 1 week ago


bodyhop01 1 week ago

now that's just watt we need


goodluck ❀

SaoryLove 1 week ago


Wilbert_Mousseau 1 week ago


Tumpaking 1 week ago

Gonna see what i can do

Bigtallman 1 week ago

Best of luck everyone that enters

Psaage98 1 week ago

J’aime ce site Γ§a montre assez de leΓ§ons aux rapports

Tommy Homes 1 week ago

Just wait till I get started, I’ll be at the top of all the contests and I will win cause I’ve got a dirty mind and I get real freaky!!! Just wait and see

Yourfreakscouple 1 week ago

Hope I win if not congratulations to whoever wins and good luck everyone

Fuckingbitch08 1 week ago


Mary sweet star 1 week ago

Good luck all❀

Ladyking0612 1 week ago

I wanna upload my videos but I'm still waiting to be verified πŸ™ƒ πŸ˜• until then message me and we will do business

Toy--Boy 1 week ago


Ladyking0612 1 week ago

Add me and stay tuned for raw content

Malentic 1 week ago

All I make is compilations. This contest speaks to me on a spiritual level.

Andi and John 1 week ago


Pornhub vibe 1 week ago

Greattttt 😍❀❀❀

weray_fucker 1 week ago

Good luck to everyone, I will post my sex tap soon

SiberianDoll 1 week ago


Auguscampeon 1 week ago

lets make it !

Jetsfan1983 1 week ago

I make monthly cumshot compilations after every month of video uploads.

Auguscampeon 1 week ago


ZimmermannCPL 1 week ago

An anal compilation really sounds like an idea that should work! I will love this contest.

BeachLove20 1 week ago


Gloss_Blow 1 week ago

awesome!! First compilation for us. This is exciting! 😘

SweatySacs 1 week ago


Killgoremount 1 week ago

Perfect. Good luck to everyone. Time to get to fucking. πŸ˜„πŸ†

sexe iraniii 1 week ago


D0m369 1 week ago

How exciting πŸ˜„

MonroeDaBarbie 1 week ago


lovestheass 1 week ago

Someone should make a Hot momtage. I’d record a bust to that.

Erotic Art by Softapproach 1 week ago

My PC is heating up while just reading this blog post πŸ˜… Starting to render my collection πŸ˜‚

angelssex 1 week ago

Hoping for a fair contest❀

2rickylicious 1 week ago

My video is getting so hot climate activists are blaming me for the global warming πŸ˜›

The_Dumpster 1 week ago

I hope this is a fair contest and as a new female "Model" with amateur videos only I'm hoping my account gets verified soon.I wish everyone participating the best of the best of luck and I hope you not just win but also have a amazing time doing so.Thank you to everyone giving me the inspiration to be apart of this amazing community of like minded adults.Get ready everyone ...this is about to get super spicy.My videos I will be making are all amateur wet creamy and super steamy!Thank you all!

Filipxx712 1 week ago


horse2387 1 week ago

Ok. This one sounds like it could be fun to edit together for all you horny bitches and dirty fucks. πŸ€”πŸ€” Before I get to work on it though, how about y'all go vote for my now present video for this months contest. You don't wanna miss out on my huge dick cumming a huge load handsfree. I promise you don't. Thanks in advance. 😘😘😘

ButterflyBunz 1 week ago

Nice !

Sub_princess22 1 week ago

Wish i could squirt! Still trying 😘

JuliaSQuirt 1 week ago

Wow, good!

Constantin Bujenita 1 week ago

Hello guy’s I’m new here I would like to know how to become a pornstar on this site

Sexygay294 1 week ago


LatinGuy507 1 week ago


Gina WAP 1 week ago

Ouuui How about a Backshot Compilation

FeetflixTV 1 week ago


Cat Woman 1979 1 week ago

great πŸ₯°

Ricky222299 1 week ago

Hot πŸ”₯

9645058 1 week ago

Sounds Nice, but Take Care With that Accounts Which His Only Viewers are Bots... IF you Can Take Care About that ,This Gonna be Spectacular!

Sugarlinaa 1 week ago

So Great πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

cindy hot star 1 week ago

Genial ☺

Princess Sloppy Rose 1 week ago


Alli Leigh 1 week ago

πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ can't wait to see such hot choices!!

Xtrade64 1 week ago

sounds like US .... lets Go baby!

Zoeey moon 1 week ago


MayaLis 1 week ago

Wow 🀩

Ace Ham20 1 week ago

πŸ˜‰ ok

Miralise 1 week ago


Ashleysoy 1 week ago


FreakDistrixxx 1 week ago

fun πŸ˜ˆπŸ’¦

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